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1921_06_05 The Angel Answered (Nik)


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Готов превод Ангелът отговори / Ангелътъ отговори - 5.6.1921-НБ-362 / ...: 5.6.1921-НБ-362

The Angel Answered

The angel answered and said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified." (Matthew 28: 5)

In conscious or rational life, each form evokes a corresponding idea. When we speak of an angel, an idea corresponding to the given form is born in our mind. When we talk about man as a form, it also creates in us a corresponding idea. So all forms of the physical world evoke corresponding ideas in the mental world that correspond exactly to the forms. However, this is not the case in the physical world. Poison can be poured into a beautiful form, and nectar can also be poured in it. The form does not always correspond to the content. In the Divine world it is the other way round: the content poured into the form always corresponds to its meaning. In other words: In the Divine world there is always a close connection between form, content and meaning. They are caused by each other under the law of association. Therefore, when we talk about a reasonable life, we mean applying of laws. They are observed only in absolute purity. - What is purity? - An environment in which forms move with the least resistance. The greater the resistance, the greater the deviation. This also determines the relationship between action and counteraction. That is why, exactly, our ideas and understandings about life are different. This is a great law on which the upbringing of the future generation will rest. No religion and science, no social system, no education, no culture can be put on a sound footing without an inner understanding of the laws of life.

And so, the fact is the form of things; the law is the content, and the principle is the meaning. So there is a connection between facts, laws and principles. However, there is no connection between facts and laws on earth. For example, a judge may convict a righteous person, despite all the evidence of his innocence. According to the letter of the law, i.e. on the formal side, the judge finds him guilty. That is why it is said that there are facts and forms on earth, but there is no legality. Many live by the law, only when it is in their favor. If the law is not in their favor, they do not obey it. The law is necessary for the rich person. - When? - When it comes to saving his money. This law is not necessary for the poor. These are two different understandings. For the rich, the meaning of life is in wealth. In fact, wealth is only the result of human activity in the past. The wealth of a nation shows its culture. The greatest wealth of man lies in his brain, that is in his mind. When he loses this wealth, the man says, "One can do without it." - You cannot do without it. The richness of thought is necessary. It does not lie in the bullion coins, but in the gathering of the forces that create forms and laws. On earth, the human form is preferred to all other forms because it contains the most energies and opportunities for a good and reasonable life. And if money causes brain damage and disorder, what is the use of that wealth? If wealth represents a cracked pitcher or a leaky barrel, what good will it do you? Whatever you pour into the cracked pitcher or the leaky barrel, it will definitely leak out. We do not need cracked pitchers and leaky barrels. As valuable as they are, I prefer a strong clay pot to a beautiful and cracked pitcher.

Now, let us go back to the question of forms. In the Divine world, every form is an emblem of a certain content, of a certain meaning. Each form implies a certain life. Therefore, whatever form you create on earth, you will enter the other world with it. In this form they will read how you lived on earth, not only in one life, but in all past lives. In the form you have made on earth, they will penetrate all the folds of your soul and, in the greatest detail, they will describe the story of your long life through eternity. Your whole life will be exposed like the palm of your hand. That is why it is said in the Scriptures that there is nothing hidden under heaven.

The angel replied to the women, "Do not be afraid!" Women are the most cowardly creatures on earth. There are no bigger cowards than them. Their delicacy, rationality is again due to fear. This is my subjective perception. This is the case with the woman's current situation. I do not mean the soul of the woman. The prisoner, while in prison, also lives in constant fear. The guard may come in at any moment and punish him. On the same grounds, the woman has reasons to be afraid. Therefore, when I say that living conditions are difficult, I mean: There are many prisons on earth, many guards are chasing you, the food is not good, parasites are attacking you, and so on. Life in prison is really hard. Expensive jewelry is often placed on the woman in this prison: rings, bracelets, silk clothes, a veil, a bouquet of flowers. All this is needed to put her in prison. Matchmakers, godparents, groomsmen move around her. As soon as she enters the prison, all the matchmakers, godparents and groomsmen disappear, they take off her jewelry, and the heavy door of the prison is locked. Only the two prisoners remain inside, and a guard walks outside to guard them. If you do not like this description, you will excuse me. I look at the forms of life as they appear now, not the future ideal forms. I do not dwell on your longings, on your desire to get out of prison, to freedom.

"I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified." As you can see, Christ was also imprisoned for three days. An angel had to come down from heaven, to open the prison door, to set Christ free. And when the women came to the tomb, the angel said to them, "I know whom you are looking for, but He has come out, he is no longer in prison." Do you know how many matchmakers went to heaven to ask Christ to come down to earth? They said to Him, "Do you know how much we love you? Come to us on earth. We will accept Your teaching, we will live fraternally and with love for each other." Christ believed their words and came down to earth. As soon as he came down, they put him in prison. Scholars began to go around Him, to challenge His teaching. Jewish rabbis, scribes, and Pharisees began to ask Him where He came from, what the purpose of His life was. Finally, an angel from heaven - the beloved of Christ, had to come down and free him from prison. The same angel comes down from heaven today, he wants to help those of you who are in prison. He has nothing to do with those outside of it. One day, when they go in there, the angel will help them too. The word "prison" is an abstract concept. The angel, this beautiful form, implies the intelligence that comes to help humanity. The angel is not just an outward form. It implies the inner contents of a certain idea that embraces all people. This angel knocks on all the doors today and says, "He is not here." This means: The meaning of life is not on earth. That you create countries, cities, make houses - everything is futile work! Life is not on earth, that is in prison. The prison is needed as long as the prisoner is serving his sentence. The school is needed until the student completes his studies. The church is needed as long as there are worshipers who go to pray. Do you think that in the future there will be no other forms, other systems, other methods of education? There will be new forms, systems, new methods will be adopted.

The previous lecture I talked about the two arithmetic operations - addition and multiplication. Now I am going to talk about the other two - subtraction and division. Subtraction is the reverse operation of addition. According to mathematicians, subtraction is an action in which the sum of two numbers - the diminutive, and one of the numbers - the denominator are given, and the other number, called the difference or remainder, is sought. Every new culture, everything new starts with subtraction. Those who apply the laws of subtraction must know not only the simple action of subtraction, but also those deep internal laws that transform energy, i.e. convert it from a state of addition to a state of subtraction. There is a thought in your mind that subtraction is a simple action. You say: "Who cannot reach into his purse and take out a few levs? Who cannot take something out of their barn?” True, taking it out is a simple action, but when it comes to internal subtraction, the matter becomes a little more complicated. You need to know how to subtract. A mother removes her child prematurely. She is said to have aborted. The doctor examines the woman and says: "She is weak, she cannot bear it, the child has to be taken out." - How will this happen? - There are special methods. If they cannot call a doctor, a midwife comes. She also has her own methods. However, both methods of extraction are unnatural. Nature knows how to extract. Every woman who has delivered with a midwife will bear the consequences of this extraction for up to four generations. As scary as it may seem to you, it is a fact. Nature does not allow its laws to be violated. It tells the mother strictly, "The extraction will only take place in the ninth month, in the ninth hour, in the ninth minute and in the ninth second." The ninth hour may be in the morning, at noon or in the evening - it depends on the rotation of the earth. If this hour coincides with the rising of the sun, the result of the extraction is one; if it coincides with the setting of the sun, the result is different. I am not talking about the ordinary counting of time, the way we count it. Nature has another way of determining time.

And so, every subtraction in nature takes place at a certain time, by a certain method. Whoever does not observe this time and this method, bears responsibility for this deviation. All human suffering is due to the fact that they do not obey the laws that nature uses in subtraction. If a worm enters the apple or pear, this fruit will fall earlier than the specified time. So if the fruit falls earlier, we say that there is some reason that has broken the Divine order of things.

By stating this fact, I do not mean forcing you to delve into your past and look for your mistakes, but to think about how to live in the future. The past is already chronicled. Even if you fill a whole barrel with tears, God will not pay attention to this. He is overwhelmed with crying and tears. You say that there is something in tears that redeems sin. - There is something, but if the tears flow from the depths of the heart. Otherwise, they do not redeem anything. A young man was caught stealing and they filed a lawsuit against him. The theft was small - only 25 levs. The lawyer, defending the accused, said: "Mr. Judge, my client is an honest man. He had no intention of stealing, because there was a large sum, 25 thousand levs, close to those 25 levs. If he were a thief, he would have taken the large sum, not just 25 levs." Listening to the lawyer, the accused started crying. The judge thought he was crying out of remorse and asked him: "Why are you crying?" - "I am crying because I did not see those 25 thousand levs. If I had seen them, I would have taken them too. You are judging me anyway, at least I would have shown that I could steal a large sum. What my lawyer is telling me is not true.” I say: If I were the judge, I would acquit the accused. He is a man ready to speak the truth.

Today's people are also like this lawyer, and everyone says, "I am not committing big crimes. My crimes and mistakes are small." - You are not telling the truth. Whoever commits small crimes, may also commit great ones. Tell yourself the truth: "I commit small crimes because I do not have the conditions to commit big ones." The accused says: “I am sorry that I did not see the large sum of 25 thousand levs to take it. I will lie in prison anyway, at least I could have 25 thousand levs at my disposal." The penalty for both 25 levs and 25 thousand levs is the same.

One must be honest. Some religious people say, "We are not like other people." - What are you? In essence, I do not see any difference between worldly and religious people.

The religious person says, "I do not charge as much interest as the secular people." - What interest do you charge? - Only 10%. - In my opinion, taking 10% interest is a crime. In which Divine Code is it written to take interest? Usury is a law of the earth, and you say you serve God. - When? - When you have an interest in something. When you have no interest, you take down the Divine law to the earth and say, "This is what God has commanded." I ask: Is this science, is it religion? The Divine law does not tolerate any change. It does not allow you to take interest from your brother. By "interest", "percentage" I mean that abundance that goes beyond the ordinary, beyond the definite. When the spring gushes out and goes beyond its limits, the surplus, the abundance that goes out, represents its interest. Man does not need the surplus. Nature also works with interest, but completely different from the ones that people use.

A Bulgarian from the Provadia region lent eight bushels of wheat to a Turk. By paying the interest on the wheat, ten years later the Turk had to pay the Bulgarian another 80 bushels. In order not to fall into the situation of the Turk and the Bulgarian, you must free your thoughts, feelings and actions from the crooked direction in which they are moving, and come to a true understanding of life. The future lives of your children, mothers and fathers, teachers and priests will be based on a true understanding of subtraction. The Bulgarian clergy also does not want to subtract properly. They have now convened a council, but even there they do not bring out the truth, which is why they distort the Divine law. I know what the outcome of their council will be. If they want, I can predict it. They must learn to subtract correctly on the ninth month, on the ninth day, on the ninth hour, on the ninth minute and on the ninth second. Only then will they know what the remainder or difference of the subtraction is. Each of you has to make a subtraction, to see what its power is. You say, "I am an intelligent person." Do you wonder what you know? Do you know why your face is round, why your nose is wide, why your chin is wide, why your lips are thick or thin, why your ear is small or large, why your hands are dry, etc. Do you know the reasons for this? They are hidden far away in your past. Therein lies the history of your development.

The features of your face can be read, the problems in your life can be solved in a geometric and mathematical way. If you draw a straight line over your eyes, a triangle will be formed upside down. The vertex is the beard. By the angles of the triangle you will know whether it is acute or not. You can calculate how many degrees each angle of the triangle is. - What does the size of the angles matter? - The sharper the angle, the stronger the fall; if the angle is obtuse, the fall is weaker. If you slide on planes with an inclination of 45 degrees or 70 degrees, on which of the two planes is the fall stronger? The inclination of the plane determines the speed of movement. The sharper the angle, the faster the forces act. If someone moves with such speed, they say that he is a person who sprouts where he is not sown. If you tie such a person to nine poles, he will untie himself again. These forces act in such a way that no barrier can be placed in front of them. Whatever is placed will be dismantled immediately. Woe to the one who stands in the way where the forces act at an acute angle. In order to avoid the contradiction that he will encounter, he has to transmute the movement of these forces from the physical to the mental world. The speed of movement of forces in the physical world must be small. That is why the Scripture says, "Be vigilant in your anger!" If a man's chin is pointed, he will constantly beat his wife. What will happen to her? When you see a man with a pointed chin, do not be in a hurry to say that he looks like the one I was talking about. You need to know exactly the degree of the angle. Measure first, then speak. Positive science works with exact numbers, not approximate ones.

"The angel answered and said to the women." What did he tell them? - That in the future one can not live with assumptions. You say, "In the future, if we improve our situation and provide for ourselves, we will be living according to the laws of God." - That is an assumption. The angel answers, "With the words 'if' and 'may', one does not live in the Divine world." One has to speak precisely in heaven, "I am good," or "I am bad." But you should not say that you may be good. To be good or bad, it is up to you, not the external conditions. Every individual, every spirit, who desires to be equal to God in power, in mind, in magnitude, encounters evil. God, as the Absolute magnitude, is One, there can be no likeness and equality to Him.

Thus, evil is born because of the desire of the human spirit to be equal to God in both size and strength. In this respect, one is like the queen who asked her husband to give her the right to reign for only three days. "Why do you want this?" - "I want to have this experience, to see what it means to be a king, to rule an entire country." At last the king agreed and granted her wish. Taking the rights and power within herself, her first job was to issue an order to hang her husband. If an unprepared man takes the kingdom and power into his own hands, he will destroy and kill his most sublime ideas in three days. There is no case in the history of mankind where a statesman or public figure has not been tainted, has not changed his ideals. - Why does this happen? - Because he wanted to be a great man. This is ungodly. In the Divine world, things are valued by the idea that is embedded in them, by the content and meaning of that idea, not by its size. Every idea, in itself, no matter how great, does not take up much space and area. That is why it is said, "God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble." In other words, God looks favourably on small forms and destroys those who want to embrace the world. This is a law you can check in your daily life. If a person desires to make his body larger than that provided for in the Divine plan, great misfortunes will befall him. And vice versa: if he wants to become smaller than what was determined, misfortunes await him again. Be content with what is given to you. You will be neither bigger nor smaller. If your desires expand excessively, your thoughts and feelings will expand excessively. This premature expansion will cripple you and make you unhappy. - What should we do? - You will find this desire, prune it off and say to it: "I pruned you off because you expanded and took on bigger dimensions than you should, and thus you are torturing your younger brothers."

Today, all men and women suffer from excessive desires. What shape, what size and what height would you give to your good friend? A good man is nothing but a rational number. His dimensions are precisely mathematically determined. They do not deviate by a hundred millionth of a millimetre from the dimensions God has ordained. His height, face length, number of hairs - on the head and eyebrows, everything is mathematically accurate. If one of these measures is violated, it shows that this person's desires are distorted.

Now, speaking of rational life, I understand the proportions between its forms and organs. This proportion corresponds to the content of this life, and its content - to its meaning. Do not think that beautiful shapes are created easily. It takes billions of years. Matter for beautiful shapes is taken from the stars and planets. It takes millions of years. When I say that the stars are very important for creating beautiful shapes on the earth, many consider this a simple job. They say, "This is futile." - For them it is empty futile, for us - meaningful. For us, people's sighs are real things, we hear them from thousands of miles away, but for the deaf they are unreal, distant things. This difference is due to hearing: some people have highly developed hearing, others - poorly developed, or do not hear at all.

The angel who came down to earth to help Christ and all mankind rolled the stone from the tomb and said to the women, "I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified." By "angel" I mean the higher human mind. You have to be smart and reasonable, but not as the world understands. Be wise, like the king who lived 12,000 years ago next to the king, who commanded any of his subjects to take out their right eye when visiting the king. I spoke to you about this king in my last talk. Now I will tell you about the other king, who was a great sage, an adept of the secret sciences. His palace was designed so that all his rooms magically moved in all directions - back and forth, left and right. He had a special clock with which he determined the direction in which the rooms moved. This happened when guests came to him. He invited the guest to one of the rooms and watched how the clock hand changed. The movement of the hand determined the direction of movement of the room, and the movement itself - the direction of the nature of the thoughts that excited the guest. If he thought of doing a good and noble deed, the room also moved in the appropriate direction. This is a law.

Go in the nature, to check this law there. The rooms of nature move according to people's thoughts. If they think evil of someone, the rooms of the houses move to the left. By the clock of nature, God determines the thoughts of men. The angel sitting on the clock of time, defines human thoughts as good or bad by the movement of the clock hand. It matters what thoughts a person feeds their mind with. Today you are also in this palace. The room you are placed in is moving. The external clock determines the direction of your thoughts, as well as your future destiny. It depends on the person himself. Everyone alone, according to the clock of time, determines their own destiny. You say, "This is a terrible thing!" Scripture says, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom."

The angel replied to the women, "The One you are looking for is not here." This means: The reasonable in life that you are looking for is not here. It is not in what you are thinking now. It cannot save you. The angel must meet you on the way and tell you, "Jesus, whom you are looking for, is not here." From that moment, the real spiritual life begins for you. Without this meeting, no matter how much you read the Bible and the Gospel, you will not achieve anything. How many of you are willing to sacrifice for this angel? How many of you know why Christ came to earth? You will say that Christ came to save mankind. Do you know the inner meaning of salvation? Someone fell into the water and was rescued. - This is an external salvation, in form. Salvation is threefold: salvation in form, content, and meaning. When one is saved in three ways, only then can they understand life; only then can they grow and develop properly.

"What is required of us?" - To get in harmony with wildlife, to adjust to its laws. I am talking about living nature as a form that adjusts things. Outside of it, I do not know who could adjust them. Once you understand nature as a Divine form, you will find the Divine content in it. From the content you will penetrate into the Divine meaning. There are no contradictions in the Divine form, as in the physical forms.

I will ask you the following question: Why do the flowers you grow in your gardens have different colours? Some are red, others - blue, others - yellow, white, pink. In my opinion, each colour is a label in which the contents of the flower are hidden. When you buy something, they put a label on the packaging of the item for the contents of the package. Nature does the same. The colour of the flower is a label on which it is written the quality of the flower, its origin, history of development; why it came down to earth, what it should do, and how it will end its life. Each colour of flowers has a different content. Red says one thing, blue says another. They have the opposite meaning. Flowers have a healing power. It is good for the anaemic to grow red flowers. The colour red contains a magnetic force that tones the human nervous system. If someone is disillusioned and discouraged, let them start growing blue flowers. The colour blue will give them its excess energy and their faith will grow unnoticeably.

The disciples of Christ turned to Him with the words, "Master, give us faith." He replied, "If you had as much faith as a mustard seed, you would move mountains." Many quote this verse, but how many wonder what the mustard seed represents? It should be placed under conditions to grow. Only then will it show us what to do. The mustard seed will give its excess energy to tone the mental forces of man. Not only mustard, but all plants have the power to tone a person's mental life. However, they are only used by smart people. So beautiful flowers and butterflies are created for highly intelligent people, because only they can use them.

- How do people treat flowers? - Where they see a flower, they stop and start tearing the leaves, its blossoms, and then throw them away. The mother, seeing her child picking blossoms and leaves on the trees, rejoices and says, "My child has already learned to pick flowers and look at them." She does not know that this child, who is picking flowers today, will eventually cut people's heads off. The mother must say to her child, “No, my dear, this flower is your brother, an angel, who came to earth to do you a favour. You have to learn its language, to talk to it. - How will he talk to it? - By digging and watering it. By doing so, your children will improve, they will become good. Growing flowers is used as a method in the new upbringing. There are many methods for raising children, but I will not give them to you now. I will let God grind you. One day, when you seek the Lord, He will tell you, "Come to me, and I will give you new methods of work." - I know a lot of things, but I will keep them in my bag for now. I do not lend money, and I do not lend at interest. No matter how much you cry, I do not want to know. If you cry out of a desire to do God's will, I understand; if you cry in order to rob me, I am telling you that I cannot open the Divine Bank before you.

"An angel of the Lord descended, rolled back the stone, and opened the tomb." The same angel goes down to the flowers every morning when they bloom, and opens their buds. A woman says, "How happy I would be if I were in the time of Christ to see an angel of the Lord descend, open the tomb, and see Christ rise!" - Ah, woman, how many years the angel stops in front of the flowers and opens their buds! Have you not seen that? "I know what flowering is!" - You do not know. Flowering is a process that takes place in our mind and in our heart. It is a symbol that must come to life in your mind. I want you to start seeing, not to walk groping your way. You say, "I want to put my hand in the wound of Christ, to touch, to know if that is Him." - It is easier to open your eyes than to touch." In the time of Christ, things were done by touching, but now they are done by seeing. If I make you go out in the evening, to watch things in the dark, I am wrong. But when dawn comes, it is a crime if I do not tell you to go out, to look at the light, to see what you have not seen before. - What will you see? - The Great Divine World, which is revealed before your eyes. This world cannot be described - it must be seen. How would you describe a beautiful girl? You have to see her! The beautiful, the plastic in life is characterized by gentle, subtle vibrations. Beauty is an image of God. - Who brought the beauty of the earth? - The angel who descended from heaven. That is why angels are painted beautiful. I am asking: Have you met this angel? Some have met him. Did you go to the grave? Did the angel tell you that Jesus was not there? If he told you so, I am glad. So you saw the angel.

Now you need to take the second step. Where will you go? Go and tell His brethren that Jesus is not in the grave. Have you that that to the brothers? If you have not, go and tell your brethren that an angel has descended from heaven, rolled away the stone of the grave, and Jesus is not there. - Is it time we went and told them? - When God tells you to go, go and think no more. The sun is already rising! Down with all the misconceptions! Do not think that what happened to Christ has only an outward form. There is a certain idea hidden in every external form. It is enough to catch a glimpse of the beauty in order to perceive its vibrations, which will create good thoughts and feelings in you. Only in this way will man create an idea of God, of His essence. This means being ready to forgive all people, to say "goodbye" to this world, to say goodbye to disharmony. Then say, "I am not afraid of what people and society think of me. I am ready to do everything for this world! ”- Whom does this world depend on? - On the other world. This thought must penetrate your minds and hearts, create beautiful shapes. You say that someone is virtuous. - What is the shape of this man? What are his distinctive features? - He is good. - This is not enough. This is an approximation. We work with certainty and accuracy. You will say that this person is good because he has such and such traits, actions, thoughts and feelings. It is not easy to describe and define things. You say that some great Master of the past preached some teaching. How has it been passed on? Some have passed it orally, others have recorded it, still others have translated it into foreign languages. It is good to read this Master's books, but in order to understand them you must go back to the time when He lived, understand His condition when He conveyed His thoughts.

So, it is good to read what the Master has said, but it is better to listen to Him as He speaks. It is good to read the book of nature, but it is better to listen to what it says. If you cannot listen, it is good to understand the meaning of what she said. Therefore, if you describe a good person, you will describe them accurately, with all the details of their form and features. A poor man went to a banker to ask for a loan and said, "Sir, look me in the face and tell me how much money you can give me." The banker looked at him carefully and said, "I am giving you a thousand leva." So the poor man instilled confidence in the banker for a thousand leva. You give only ten leva to one, only one lev to another - they inspire so much trust in you. - Is the inner trust real? - It is real. It is based on certain laws. One knows by intuition whether the debtor will lie to him or not. You say, "I knew this man would not return the money, but I will forgive him."

It is said in the Scripture, "There is nothing hidden." Every broken promise, every bad thought and every bad feeling is imprinted on a person's face. His face is constantly roughened, deformed, until he completely loses his human image. This happens not only with the individual, but also with entire societies and peoples. Do not try to destroy a beautiful Divine thought. Even if it costs your life, stand on the side of Divine thought. Advocate for the Divine ideas. Divine thoughts elevate and resurrect man. Whoever loses or destroys a Divine form or idea gradually degrades, until at last he loses all human form. The Egyptians call this state "transmigration", and the Hindus - reincarnation, i.e. transition from higher to lower form. Whoever does not keep the Divine forms, hinders his own development. That is why the angel came down to earth, to teach people how to live, how to make sense of the forms of things. It is not enough to get married and have children; it is important to make sense of both marriage and childbirth. Marriage is the right combination of mind and heart in order to create beautiful shapes. That is why the Scripture says, "What God has joined together, let not man put asunder." This means: Give conditions to the Divine to manifest and develop.

Enjoy the beautiful forms without conquering them. If you try to conquer or possess a beautiful form, you are breaking God's law. By conquering forms, you deprive people of them. It is not allowed to possess a good that is available to all. Do not impede a person who makes an effort to ascend. This is not morality. If you see someone ascending, leave them free. Do not throw mud at them. By throwing mud at your neighbour, you roughen, you erase those fine, delicate features that nature has placed on your face. Bulgarians has a custom of sharpening their axe on the fountain basin. Whoever passes by the fountain bends down to drink water, sharpens his axe on the basin, and continues on his way. Then they wonder why the basin breaks down so soon. That is what people do to each other. When they see someone ascend, they immediately say, "Let us try the axe on him!" One sharpens his axe, another sharpens his, a third one - until finally they say: “"We do not know what happened, but this man's basin has broken down." This is not a philosophy. Never sharpen your axe on the fountain basin. You can let the cattle drink in the basin at most, but not sharpen your axe. Today, everyone is wondering, why are people ruined? Because they sharpen the axes on each other's backs. Men sharpen their axes on women's backs, and women - on men's backs. It does not take long, and you see both the woman and the man broken down. You are not allowed to sharpen your axe on a man's back! You are not allowed to sharpen your axe on a woman's back! This is the backbone! It is the most tender place. The biggest concussions take place there. Magnetic, vital energy flows along the spine.

The angel replied, "Do not be afraid!" This angel wants to teach you to protect all that God has given you. Protect your brain, lungs and stomach! You have no right to allow selfish thoughts and feelings to pass through your eyes. It is enough for a selfish thought or a selfish feeling to pass through your eyes, so that your eyes get spoiled and your nose gets distorted. You say, "May Christ come to save us!" He came to earth and told people that they should love one another. They replied to Him, "We have love, we have tried love, we know it." Both men and women say, "We have already tried love. And Christ has come to preach love to us!” I am telling you: Do not spoil the beautiful forms, which God has created. Use the valuable content that is embedded in them. Use the power embedded in these forms for your own good, as well as for the good of your neighbour. Do you know what the man and woman given to you represent? You say, "This is a man!" I will give a bonus to the one who can determine exactly what a man is and what a woman is in form, content, and thought.

There is nothing more beautiful than the form of a man and a woman. There is nothing more beautiful than the form of flowers, butterflies, and all living creatures. If you take away the form of a living creature, nothing will be left of it. It is enough to see a small shape of a flower or a butterfly to rejoice. Each form hides a great content in itself. When two women meet, let each one say to herself, "Something Divine in content and meaning is implanted in my sister." What do they actually say about each other? They look at each other suspiciously and one says about the other, "I know what she is." - Do not look at the external form! The external form is an announcement that you should not pay attention to. Focus on the content of the form - it is valuable. The value is in the mind and heart of man. You cannot know each other until your minds, hearts and souls come into contact. To know man means to connect with his mind, with his heart, with his soul and with his spirit. The mother has to give birth for a long time until she gets to know her son and daughter. The mother says, "I gave birth to a child." - This is not enough. You must know your child, come into contact with his mind, heart, soul and spirit. That means to give birth to a child. Then the angel will meet you and say to you: “Woman, your child is not in the grave. You met Christ and got to know the Divine world. You also meet this angel. You say, "We know this angel, he is good." - These are your male and female angels. While they are young and in love, people call each other angels. Before they are married, the young man and the maiden say about each other that they are noble, good. Once they get married, all nobility disappears. There are no angels among the married. You say about someone, "This man is great." - How long is he great? - Until you get to know him. Once you know him, his greatness tumbles. It is said in the Scripture, "This is eternal life, that we may know You, the One, the True God."

Therefore, the meaning of life lies in knowing the soul.

"The angel answered." - Where is this angel? - He is standing in front of the people and saying: "Study all forms. Study their content and meaning." I am not talking about the external forms that change. They are temporary. If you are a clairvoyant, you will see that under each external form another new, beautiful form is being prepared. From your current faces I judge the future ones. Your current faces are transient, as the state of the cocoon is transient. The future faces are seen in them. Be careful not to mutilate them. In the future, the hair on the moustache and beard and the hair on the head will be replaced with new, thin ones, like the thinnest and finest silk. - What do hairs represent? - Laws. When a man wants to beat his wife, let him grab his moustache. Thus he will connect with these laws and give up his desire to beat. Today's men shave their moustaches, not to be caught by the law. With or without moustaches, they cannot evade the laws. Shaving does not help. Everything in nature has a purpose and meaning. Each hair contains energy in itself - electricity or magnetism. Some people ask me why I wear my hair long. The reason is simple: for health. Long hair retains more electricity and magnetism. By cutting one's hair, one loses this energy. I do not approve of cutting hair. It is good for the hair to reach in length at least the lower part of the ear. If it gets above this part, you will experience the bad consequences of short hair.

For cultured people, nature has set the following rule: Men should wear short hair, not above the lower part of the ear; women should wear long hair - maybe also short hair, but not very short. Hair is related to health, while keeping the head and neck warm. Because the woman has overtaken the man, she entered the spring earlier than him, so she threw away her beard. As soon as she felt the warmth of spring, she found it necessary to get rid of her beard. Under the current conditions, a man cannot do without a beard and moustache, just as a woman cannot do without hair. In the future, they will both have only hair. So the man will also throw away his beard and moustache. Today, however, for a woman to be without hair, it is equivalent to a man being without a moustache and beard.

Now, strive through your life to ennoble your thoughts and feelings in order to perceive the finest thoughts and feelings of the exalted beings. Man is required to work - to ennoble his rough nature in order to perceive the delicate and subtle vibrations of nature. People need to understand each other. Here is the meaning of life. That is why Christ came to earth and rose again. Resurrection implies entering the Divine world, i.e. connection with God. While on earth, man goes through three phases: rising - entering the physical world, revival - entering the angelic world, and resurrection - entering the Divine world.

The angel answered. What did he answer? - Man needs knowledge, not on paper, but knowledge that rests on deep experiences, on living faith, on a connection with God. Only God teaches man. I want God to say one word to you every day. Now I will tell you a secret: What I have told you so far is only a preface to what I will tell you today. It is as follows: God speaks only once in 24 hours to the human soul. I will not say which is this moment. You will find it yourselves. In a round of 24 hours, not only God speaks to man, but all angels, all exalted beings. In these 24 hours, each person is given one second to say their word. When God speaks to people, most of them are asleep; when the angels speak to them, they sleep again; when the lower spirits speak to them, they are awake. Then bad things and crimes happen. It is important to be vigilant when the Lord speaks to you. He will tell you only one word - the greatest good for you. If you do not understand this word, you lose everything. If you are not ready to accept and apply it, they will put you to sleep. Then God will speak to you once in a hundred years. Whether you want it or not, then you will hear Him. That is why the day has no meaning for you, because the Lord will speak to you. As the sun rises, you should expect this great moment. And as you carry out your work, you still have to look forward to this great moment. What greater good than that - to hear the voice of the Lord? All suffering, all diseases and hardships will disappear. There is no more solemn moment for man than to hear the voice of the Lord, of the great essence, that does not change or alter. God sustains all living things in the world. The voice of God is quiet and meek. This is how the ancient prophets heard Him, and this is how you can also hear Him.

I say: In 365 days of the year you have 365 occasions for the Lord to speak to you and you to hear His voice. However, few have had the opportunity to use these opportunities. You have had occasions of angels speaking to you, but not of the Lord. There are some to whom the Lord has spoken, but they are few. The divine life does not consist in fasting, in tormenting the body, in distorting the human mind and heart, but in absolute harmony. You will eat without overeating; you will sleep without oversleeping; you will dress without excess. Remember: Man has come to earth to hear the voice of the Lord. No one in heaven can hear God's voice. If the voice of God could be heard there, no one would come to earth. Even exalted beings strive for the earth with the sole desire to hear that voice. They are ready to suffer, to be tormented, just to hear God's voice. Suffering develops man's hearing, so that he can perceive even the most tender vibrations of God's voice. You also used to be in heaven, you knew many things, but you have forgotten everything. Now you have come again to earth, to the earthly school, to learn the art of listening to the voice of God. Life begins for you now. Not knowing this, you say, "Let's go to heaven!" Use the present day! God will speak to you today too. It is important how many of you will hear His voice and how many will fall asleep.

So, when you return to your homes, ask yourselves: Has the Lord spoken to you and how will you know His voice? Someone says, "The Lord has spoken to me." - Do not be fooled. If God has spoken to you, can you tell how He speaks? Love cannot be described. Its manifestations are numerous. When you say you love someone, love gets hidden. It does not allow you to stain it. If you love, say nothing about your love. Do you know what a beautiful form a pure, selfless love creates? The divine world is full of such forms.

I wish you all to hear today the word that God will say to you. The angel will meet you on the road and say: “Women, do not be afraid! He is not in the grave. Go and tell the brethren what you have seen." As you go and tell the brethren, you will meet Him in Galilee - the place of the mind. If you do not go to Galilee and live in Jerusalem, you are in the stomach, on a pilgrimage. Today all people are pilgrims. Samaria is in the chest - in the human respiratory system. Christ went either to Jerusalem, or to Samaria, or to Galilee. In Jerusalem, people get excited and ask, "Who is Christ?" In Samaria, they ask, "Where should we worship, on this mountain?" When they go to Galilee - in their minds, everyone will see Christ there.

Many say, "Let us make some money, let us go to Jerusalem." I say: Brother, you are still there. Whoever has gone to Jerusalem says, "I went with one devil, I came back with ten." - As long as you live in your stomach, it will be like that. The most important place in human life is Galilee, then comes Samaria, and finally - Jerusalem. Now I am also saying: Go and tell your brothers that there is an important second in the day when the Lord speaks to the human soul. Be awake to hear this word. Then go to Galilee, and there you will find Him.

A talk by the Master, held on 5 June, 1921 in Sofia

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