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1920_12_31 The Whole Debt (Nik)


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Готов превод Всичкият дълг - 31.12.1920-ИБ-340 / .: 31.12.1920-ИБ-340

The Whole Debt

The yellow colour - Wednesday

The green colour - Monday.

The orange colour - Sunday.

The even sum is rational, it is a positive number.

The odd sum is irrational, it is a negative number.

Then you will not do the intended work.

From conversations with the Master

Present: Ilarionov, Vatev, Sotirov.

A man who is supposed to mix excrement with his hand cannot distribute bread - to everyone as intended.

The roots are the hell.

The branches are the paradise, the heaven.

The opposite is not possible.

Do not teach your children not to lie, but teach them to speak the truth. Your daughter has fallen in love with someone. Do not teach her not to love him, but teach her to love her friends or lads even more and her love for her beloved will dawn.

Do not mention the name of the evil and why God has given it. And say, "There is a secret here."

You will help a sick person - a bankrupt person - if you have capital to pay all his debt, not just a part of the debt - you are not helping him like that.

When you connect with a rascal, you will immediately feel despondent.

Priests and others cannot stop our teaching. It is a current to which they have to open the way, otherwise it will form a swamp, frogs etc. will be born and will pounce on them. Ordeals are mud that is thrown by the black lodge.

When considering, resolving issues between brothers, the law of Christ must be applied; if you want to decide according to the law of Moses, do not mix the law of Christ: either one or the other, but never both together.

Bad people are a channel in a society, in a nation. They are necessary for the impurities of the people, of the nation, to flow through them.

Men, love your wives!

Women, love your husbands!

Subjugation is the result of violence. It is a great condition for growth. The grain of wheat must be subjugated, enter the ground in order to grow, otherwise it will stay in the barn. When the ox is tied with a bridle, it obeys and gets led.

To be a servant means knowing the law of the movement of forces.

To be a master means knowing the great magnitudes - to work with them. Whoever has learned to command is not easily weaned.

The Master tells the example of that Turkish cadi, who, when he was fired, took 40 pots, filled them with water, lined them up by the wall of the mosque, sat on a chair, and when someone came and took a pot, he told them: "Leave that one, take this one." And thus the cadi was again a commander - a commander of the pots.

When the Lord comes and you do not pray to Him, He leaves. Whoever does not want to pray to God will pray to the people - the Lord will send them. If you do not pray to people, you will pray to animals.

The Master tells the example of a rider in the Varna region who rode his horse when going to the city. When some danger happened, he prayed to his horse: "Please, horse, go faster, because I will suffer, and you will suffer." Do not say that you will not pray, you will pray even to a child.

Prayer is a necessity. If the Lord has come to my house, should I go to seek Him in the church, with priests and bishops?

Development consists in "leaving".

The child is left to grow.

The tree is left to grow.

The man is left to eat, sleep, rest.

The louse does not leave the man, but stays on his back or head, where the best juices are.

The grain of wheat is left and it makes its way to growth.

When a person falls in love with "lice", they suck his blood. If evil were not inside the earth, it would not rotate. Evil, the forces of evil do the laborious work - volcanoes and other processes. This is the hardest work.

When the sun rises, everything comes out, but some hide: wolves, moles, owls, owls, bats, worms, etc. - the night culture.

Hardships are given to good people. People like to plough only the good fields, don't they? They do not go to the stony fields, but to the well-fertilized ones with a thick layer of soil.

They should trade with products that do not carry karma and should have production. They should become diligent, to have and acquire art. These instructions apply to our friends. The felling of living trees and their burning as charcoal by spiritually advanced people - it brings karma to them.

Purchased products should be sold immediately, there should be no retention. One should look for such products that are found, sought after and are not subject to spoilage, etc.

The "Slovo" publishing house should now be abandoned. It has limited activity. People have joined it for another purpose. It will be arranged, but later.

Every trade, work, production must have inflow and outflow - a crossover - for the world to see, but the hidden side of fraternal production must be a secret hidden to the world.

When the Divine law is applied, everything will come: wheat, honey, fruits, vegetables, etc. Then the spirits work there, the bees work, etc. Outside of this rule we have old feudal lords who have already gone bankrupt and only want to be masters.

We are not against marriage but we are against concubinage, (commercial) association in marriage, however, we are not against Divine marriage. Those who are married have no reason to marry. Whoever is engaged to someone, as Paul says, should not marry, otherwise they will become unhappy. Whoever is bound - karmic ties - should not get untied. Whoever is not bound should not be bound, i.e. should not create karma, not be associated with spirits, because he must give them flesh; but whoever has connections and pledges with spirits must give them flesh, otherwise he will suffer. We must not change the Divine order of things. With our mind we will hinder the Divine development of things and we will suffer. If the Lord expels your children - leave them; if He drives them close - do not drive them away.

Once a man loves, he is already married. A karmically bound person must marry in order to reproduce. We are ridiculous with our morals: pure on the outside but unclean on the inside; the pure one is disgraced by the unclean one; the rich one makes the poor one unhappy - such reasoning is ridiculous. Celibacy is by the black lodge: eating and drinking without bearing fruit. The Divine law is to bear good fruit. Marriage between the sick, the weak-minded, the corrupt is not allowed. Healthy people must get married in order to bear good fruit. A young man can help to support a maiden, a spiritual sister, to take care of her education, upbringing, and there it is, he has connected his heart with that sister.

The wedding, the baptism is from the priest, but the life is from us. One must free oneself from the law, from dogma.

1-3 pm.

31 December 1920, Friday

Ruse, in the house of brother Nikola Vatev

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

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Превеждали: nikolaysan (Николай)

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