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1920_12_29 There is No Love Like God's Love (Nik)


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Готов превод Няма любов като Божията Любов - 29.12.1920-ИБ-338 / .: 29.12.1920-ИБ-338

There is No Love Like God's Love

This year I want the prayers to be performed entirely by Spirit, i.e. to be purely spiritual, not literal.

There is no crime that goes unpunished. Passion is equal to all feelings and abilities. Has anyone left his wife to see how it is to leave her and vice versa. Do you know that she can free herself from him or he from her only after four incarnations? Carnal love comes from eating a lot. The most auspicious hours for prayer are in the morning, before sunrise, and then, when you have sorrow, when you are put to the test.

Everything will be settled. The present will be a pleasant memory in the future. (Some brothers we only have as deadwood.) Sorrow is the good maiden. Joy is the beautiful maiden - she is changeable. It is necessary to educate the mind first, because it has corrupted the heart. Whoever commits a crime is a master. Servants never commit a crime.

The reflection on prayer is only to connect, to help each other, but the important thing is that no one can separate us from God, that no one can separate us from the light, that hardships can break us, but no one can separate us from the appointed path. Reflect on the sentence given to you: "There is no Love like God's Love." Love will make everything right. We canноt keep it. It is like light, no matter how much you cover it, it is elusive and is everywhere. When we think of it, it comes and goes, then comes again. It disappears with every bad thought. Love runs away from the whiff of anything negative. All the misfortunes that befall us come from people, not from God. When the Lord wants to punish someone, He leaves it to the people. It is best that you say for everything that happens to you, "There is no Love like God's Love."

29 December 1920, 5 am.

The Master, Vatev, Ilarionov and Sotirov.

Revelation 21 was read.

This chapter corresponds to the events of the 21st century. On a smaller scale it corresponds to the events of 1921.

The twentieth century is about destinies. The twentieth chapter of Revelation is repeated in the 20th century. There is nothing new. Everything repeats itself. Everything new - this has happened in the spiritual world. Here is just the application of the earth.

Forests - people - trees. When I run away among the trees, that means among people.

From an occult point of view, the earth has a cavity inside the center. Inside the ball on the ground there is another ball that is moving. Each ball has its own magnetic zone. The earth is the densest in its centre. There is machinery, a laboratory, mechanics that move the earth. The lesser mystery is there. Whoever gets initiated must descend to see. Few can descend. The others stay on top of it. Every year there are magnetic currents through which one can descend to the center. This is what the lyrics of the song refer to: "Let us go down into the abyss - let us put a banner" from the song "Let us go forward boldly". It is below the 13th sphere. Whoever falls, it is hard for them to come out. They remain for another evolution. The spirits that are now being bound will be brought in, placed there and the earth will be a barrier for them coming out. There are only vents, there is an angel with a sword on the door to keep them from coming out. A soul that comes out of the earth from there is in heaven. When someone says "Black Earth" - that is namely the abyss.

There is another barrier around us, a magnetic one, other people live there. If we leave for the sun, we cannot pass through this belt. The astral world is there. It is above us, but it borders this world, as the earth and water touch. This matter, when we go there, will be below us and will seem to us as ethereal. Water rests on solid ground - so does the astral world. We do not see many things on earth. There are places on earth where no human has set foot. People do not know the earth, but only partially know and are familiar with it. The land under the Pacific Ocean is hidden. People do not know it. It will come out with its virginity above the water. Now we have 5 continents, the sixth one will rise above the water and will be larger than the current ones. Some of the current ones will sink. Changes will take place on earth spiritually, mentally and physically. Russia has a future because of the North Pole. It is the holy land, where no one has ever walked and can never take over. Everyone who went there broke their legs. Changes will also take place in the sky - on the Sun, on the Moon, as well as on the Earth. This life is already going away, it is leaving to free space for the new life. There is now a reorganization of all matter on earth. There are huge magnetic currents from the Sun that are raising the continent and zoning it. This land is sinful, there is a lot of dirt, it needs to be washed. There will be large forests in Russia, in America, where no human foot has set foot for 4-5,000 kilometres. Africa was a continent of the black culture (race), it is part of another huge continent that has sunk. Black magic is a culture of this black race, which has sunk because of its sins - these are the lemurs. These were large territories. Atlantis is the yellow race. Now comes the same for the white race. Its continent is Europe. The black race was insensitive, they had no suffering. They have recently started to wake up. If you hit their arm with iron, they did not feel any pain. Atlantis was a race of feelings. The white race is a race of intellect. It will also sink. Here is the law of necessity. An entire continent will be submerged for the world to be saved. A new huge continent will emerge from the Great Ocean, and the current one will be the island of Europe. There will be one big island of the white race left. Part of Asia, France, Belgium, Paris are already sinking. After the digging of the Nile in Egypt, an Egyptian culture was created and the black culture in Africa was isolated. There is a project to flood the Sahara - it will be a sea and then cultural places will be created around it. The Sahara is below the sea level. Climatic conditions will change.

The human spirit must adapt to the new conditions of life. The magnetic wave that comes may burn the entire earth's crust - its surface. Spiritual people will immediately adapt to the new conditions, but the people of the world will not adapt and will wander, will run all over the earth, there will be no peace for them. This magnetic spiritual wave will lift the earth's surface over the Great Ocean but Europe - the continent of the white race - will sink.

10 am.

Not every person who harms us is an enemy. One evil is done for our good. And this man has not done us any harm, but good. Modern society has no measures for a permanent morality. It is better with birds. Falcons do not hunt birds when they are hatching. The wolf cannot eat the sheep before it opens its mouth. How far does the ownership of a coin extend? Metal does not belong to humans. Therefore, there is a limit to ownership. The criminal has a forked gaze, but the pure man has a focused gaze.

Conversation with the Master of a private nature

I was interested in my future activity spiritually and materially from now on, after leaving the military service.

For Sanka. Let her boil daisies (the fruit of thorny shrubs) together with basil blossom for half an hour and drink the water - a coffee cupful twice a day. There is a remnant of bronchitis and it will clear up. Clean air in the spring will help.

For Mary. She is moving to another age - she is fine. When her head hurts - her stomach suffers. When her stomach hurts, the brain suffers. It will pass. There should be harmony and songs.

1:45 pm.

Why do people suffer? Because the spirits up there have Easter. People eat animals, and animals turn into typhoid germs and eat human bodies, and thus take revenge. Animals wonder why there is suffering? The answer is: Because the people down on earth have Easter, New Year, Christmas, St. Nicholas, etc. And when people have fun and are the happiest, they give the animals the greatest suffering. And heaven punishes people with the same punishment: animals eat people.

8 pm.

Whenever the mind and the heart go together and agree, there will be good results. There must be faith. Well, everyone has faith, but it must be used wisely. A commune means cohesion. Peace cannot happen without sacrifices.

During the morning gymnastic exercises:

The movement of the arms is for the development of the heart, the chest. The concentration is for educating, strengthening of the mind. The performance of the exercises is for educating, strengthening of the will.

29 December 1920, Ruse.

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Превеждали: nikolaysan (Николай)

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