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1921_12_25 Whatever you Bind on Earth (Nik)


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Готов превод Каквото вържете на земята - 25.12.1921-НБ-406 / ...: 25.12.1921-НБ-406

Whatever you Bind on Earth

"Truly I say to you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. (Matthew 18:18)

This verse is a trump card, the greatest trump card in the hands of the church and of the ministers, of the orthodox - that whatever they bind on earth will be bound in heaven; and whatsoever they loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Therefore, they say, "If you do not listen to us, we bind, but if you listen to us, we loose." I will take this wool to comb it a little on my carder and, like the carder who rattles, I will rattle it. Who binds? - The one who is strong. Who unties? The strong one again. That is right. But who is a strong man? - The clever one. And who is clever? - The good one. Therefore, the strong, the smart, the good man can bind and untie on earth and in heaven. But to tie what? - Now Christ has said this, but they take this verse and adjust it accordingly, as a merchant adjusts his accounts. He has two invoices: one for the real price that he bought the goods at, and another dummy invoice for the price he should sell them at. So there are two invoices.

Untie those who were bound of evil, untie the imprisoned; if you untie those bound on earth, they will also be untied up in heaven.

Connect someone with the good: the person who drowns in the sea, tie him with the lifeline.

Now in your philosophy, you take the position of that gypsy who is mentioned in an anecdote. What was that situation? When the wife of a gypsy fell ill, he started praying to the Lord: “Lord, I need this gypsy woman, who will beg, who will feed me? If you heal her, I have a mare, I will sell it and I will light a big candle for you with the money." And indeed, his wife was healed. True to his promise, he untied the mare, but also took out a cat, tied it to the mare's tail and took them to the market - the cat and the mare, to sell them both. A buyer asked, "How much do you want for the horse?" - "Sixty coins." - "And for the cat?" - "300 groschen." - "Why is that?" - "That is if you want them both, if not, I am not selling them." The horse is promised to the Lord, and the cat remains for the gypsy. He wants 60 coins for the mare and 300 groschen. So modern people often take both the cat and the mare, and sell them together. They are true, then, to the letter of the law. To the Lord - as He promised - He will light a candle for 60 coins. However, his wife will not get sick only once, she may get sick a second time. “Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” And these are the reasons - according to what we do on earth, they will do to us above, for that is exactly what the Lord does. Here is the law of cause and effect. The reason, it is a connection: if we bind something on earth, it will be bound in heaven, and if we untie something on earth, it will be untied in heaven - it is a consequence. If we bind on earth, it will be bound... Now, these words of Christ are a little abstract, aren't they? But abstract things, hidden things in life, they are pleasant. What is hidden is valuable; what is far away is pure. Close things, external things, they have depreciated. And when you want to express a grand idea, you say that it is great, boundless. Then your mind realizes the value of this idea.

Now we can untie and bind, but when? We need to understand these laws thoroughly. Because if you bind someone and after 100 years you bind yourself in his place, and if you untie someone and after 100 years you untie yourself, what do you get out of it?

When you study the law of heredity, you will see fathers and mothers binding and untying, i.e. they bring up their children well or badly, and they bind and untie themselves. Therefore, everything we bind and everything we untie in life will be bound and untied. You understand now. In order to make my point a little clearer, I will tell you: you have all studied arithmetic, you have dealt with the divisibility of numbers. How much is each number divisible by? For example, how many are the numbers from 1 to 10 divisible by? First of all, they are divisible by 1 and themselves. And then, some of them are divisible by other numbers as well: 4 is divisible by 2, 6 is divisible by 2 and 3, 8 is divisible by 4 and 2, 9 is divisible by 3. These are the numbers from 1 to 10. Have you considered the divisibility of the numbers from 10 to 100 - from 100 to 1000? You will say, "So what, if a number is divisible?" - Where a number is divisible, it is the weak side. Therefore, the weak side of 4 is the 2. The 4 - this is a man, right? He is resilient, rich, stingy, he gives nothing, does not care, beats the servants. But when a woman comes and divides him, all the wealth goes out of his purse. - He is divisible into two. Man and woman are symbols. Do not take this comparison literally. Man and woman are symbols of those laws and forces that work in life. Therefore, everyone should find out what he is divisible into. Those people who are divided a lot, they are called unstable compounds in chemistry. There is a constant connection and decomposition there - unstable compounds, you cannot rely on such a connection.

When Christ tells His disciples, "Whatever you bind...", He speaks to disciples who understand the laws of the kingdom of God and comply with these laws. "Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven." Do not think that you can bind something without the will of God, i.e. understanding those laws that work in life. You cannot eat anything that you want. I have listened to many heroes say, "I can eat everything." Yes, you can eat everything, but then there will be writhing. You cannot eat everything. You will eat only what you love and what suits your nature.

Therefore, we can bind and untie in life. But we can soften the conditions, untie our karma, it means that it will ripen, and we can also tie our karma. We can improve life, and we can make it worse. A person who has lived for 20 years can also ruin his life with one word. What does it cost you to bring just one small match to that bomb that was placed at home, to light the wick? A bomb is a force created against enemies, but this bomb may also explode among friends. And Christ says to His disciples, "Whatever you bind..." do not bind, do not set rules, as the Hebrew prophet says: "You tie rules on rules and you do not want to lift them with your finger," it is not about such rules. Now, in order to understand the thought of Christ, you have to return, men and women, to that pure, rational state from which man has departed. For 8,000 years, men and women have been moving away from Nature. And they are so far away now that neither the woman is a woman nor the man is a man. And if you today compared men, as well as women, to their primary original, do you know what a funny caricature you would see? Not only should the woman have a female form, and the man - a male form. No. What should be hidden in a female form? All the great virtues have to be hidden, all the noblest thoughts and feelings have to be hidden. The woman is the bearer of the most sublime in the world - of that tenderness which is stored in her. The woman can build and the man can create, but only what is reasonable. If you look at the workings of men and women, you will see how many women are women of Love, and how many men are men of Wisdom. The man has to keep repeating to the woman, "Do you know that I am a man?" Well, does the woman not know that you are a man? He says every day, "You must know that I am a man." What does this mean? When the rich man becomes poor, he talks a lot about his wealth and says, "Once upon a time, when my father was alive, we used to have..." When you lose things, you talk a lot about them. And the woman says to her husband, "You must know that I am a woman." - Well, what a woman? - "I am weak, you should not make me work." Well, no. The man says to the woman, "You must know that I am a man, I am the head of the house. And because I am a head, you should not push me." However, both the woman and the man are pushing.

I will now give you as an example a short story to explain my thought. But you will take everything I tell you, figuratively. I have taken this little story from American life, from an unpublished novel, an unwritten diary in which the heroine is Mary Clinton. That was the name of this young lady, the daughter of a professor, with a high education, noble in character. When she graduated from college, she met a friend of hers - because the colleges are mixed there - a young colleague named James. After talking for a long time about ideas, about friends, James fell in love with Mary. One day he confessed his love to her and said, "I cannot live without you, I want to kiss you." She asked him, "Have you not kissed another woman before?" - "One first cousin, I have only kissed her." - "Well, it is not a big mistake, first cousin; you will be able to kiss me.” He kisses her. A year later he finished college, but in the second year he married another rich girl. Mary wrote in her diary: "The one who kissed his first cousin and kissed me, married a rich woman." The second one who met her was named Richard. He also fell in love with Mary, and he also confessed his love to her: "I cannot live without you, I want to kiss you." She asked him, "Have you kissed another woman?" - "I had two cousins, I only kissed them." She thought, "It is not a big sin - two cousins; I was kissed by one, I can give something more of myself." And he also kissed her. But a year later he married a millionaire woman. And Mary wrote, "The one who kissed his two cousins and kissed me, married a millionaire woman." Finally came the third character, named Alfred. He also fell in love, he also confessed his love, and he also wanted to kiss her. Mary Clinton asked again, "Have you not kissed another woman?" - "I have not kissed any woman!" - "Well, I do not want you to soil your mouth with mine, because my mouth is unclean. I am not giving you a kiss." Now she did not know what would come out of him, because no woman had ever kissed him. She wondered. A year later, this Alfred wrote a poem in honor of Mary Clinton: he praised her - he became a poet. She wrote again: “The one who had kissed his first cousin and me, married a rich woman; the one who had kissed his two cousins and me, married a millionaire; and the one who has not kissed any woman - became a poet." So the first two got married, ended up with the material, but she told the third one, who had not kissed at all: "I have nothing to sacrifice to you, because two of them kissed me, and you have not kissed anyone." He became a poet, and Mary Clinton remained as an ideal in his mind.

Now all things on earth have their deep causes. Both in public life and in religious life, whatever we do has a reason. This reason can be real, it can also be fictitious. We may believe in God only to improve our situation. It is not a deep reason in us. We may sometimes profess disbelief, without it being deep inside us. Faith and disbelief, it is fashionable today. I have also explained it another time: when someone says that he believes or does not believe, I determine: you believe because you have not lost the object yet. You have a rich friend or relative, you expect an inheritance from him, don't you? You talk about him with sweet words. You believe in him, but one day, when he dies and leaves you nothing, you no longer believe in him. Why? - Because there is no object. The reason for our modern faith is due to money.

Christ says, "He who wants to bind and loose..." can only do so in two ways: through Love and through Wisdom - this is the idea that is not expressed here, in the verse.

Love always binds, it never unties. Someone says, "You are free, you walk like a bear," but you see a woman - you are bound. The maiden is also free, but when she gives birth to a child, she is bound; when that child cries in the cradle... love has bound her. But one thing is to be bound by a child, and another thing is to be bound by your money in the safe-deposit box! The child will cry, you will caress him. You can also caress the money, but they do not cry and they cannot talk to you. But the child is bound, so the woman is also bound, and they both always have responsibilities.

And who unties? - Wisdom. Therefore, when you send your child, your son, to school, what will he be untied from? - From those misconceptions about love. And the mother says, "My child's tongue is loose." But sometimes, when his tongue is loosened, the son becomes stubborn, wayward, disobedient. Wisdom has untied him.

Therefore, Christ says, “Whatever you bind with Love on earth will be bound with Love in heaven; and whatever you loose with Wisdom on earth will be loosed in heaven." So, someone tries to untie himself with Love and cannot, you have to be very smart, very smart. I have studied many cases. You know, there is one art, it is Love. Whoever understands this great law of Love, he is Divine, and whoever understands Wisdom, he can untie. In these two great laws are hidden the conditions under which we can build the future home and find our future friends. And not as the current states and societies are - look what they are. You can mathematically calculate how many years each country may live. The Russians say that the Slav is strong with his back mind. Therefore, the Slav knows how to bind, but does not know how to untie. If you bind all your friends when the enemy attacks you, who will fight for you? How will you bind your enemies? Hatred, it is another type of binding. If you quarrel with all your good friends, one day, when misfortunes come to your life, who will help you? So the language has to be altered - through the law of Love: when you bind your friend, there is a key, tell him: "I am binding you temporarily." But when you want to untie him: "You will unlock it with this key" - give him the key, do not say: "When I bind you, I will untie you." I would like those in the church to say that to their congregation or believers, to give them the key to untying themselves. The key to the untying is the Divine Wisdom. And if you do not give the key, then you do not believe in them, and if you do not believe in them, then you cannot love them. A person who does not believe in me, cannot love me. Others may say, "But you do not believe in me either." Well, what do you want me to believe in? - In you? If you sacrifice all your possessions for the poor, I believe in you. If you can live well with your wife, I believe in you. If you are a statesman and make good laws - to improve society, I believe in you. Can I not believe it? But if you enter this society and do not produce these results, then I have the right to doubt a little.

By the word "heaven", Christ means rational life. What you do in the physical world will be reflected in your spiritual life. If you untie, the same will be reflected in your spiritual life. The law is absolutely correct. If you think, "I have a house, money in the bank, an income of 10-15 thousand a month," your mind is free, you have untied your mind. Some will tell me, "I do not want to give my money in the bank, I will put it in the Divine Bank." Have you seen the door to the Divine Bank? We, the modern people of the new teaching, should not talk about things that we do not know. If you have seen this door, if you have seen this Divine building, that is good; but if you do not know, you will find someone to ask where the Divine Bank is and where the entrance is - from the south, from the west, from the north or from the east. Well, when someone comes to the city, he does ask: “Where is the National Bank? On which street, where is the entrance?”- people definitely know. But when we come to religious life, how much do we know? You will say, "This one wrote like that, another one said like that, we know who went and saw." Well then, these people have gone, they have seen, but have you gone? Someone will come to you and say, as the first lover went to this Mary Clinton: "I want to kiss you." - Have you not kissed another woman?" He will say, "My cousin." - "Well, it is not a big sin." He will kiss you and in two years' time he will marry a rich woman. If this guy had not kissed Mary Clinton, he would not have married the rich one. For mathematical reasons, I say that the second one who kissed her would not have married that millionaire woman, if he had not kissed Mary; and the third one would not have become a poet, if he had not met her. However, they both kissed her physically and the poet - spiritually. He kept the image in his mind and wrote a book, while the other two took wives and forgot her, the third one wrote a book because of her.

I am asking now: Does the image of Christ sit in the church? There are two kinds of Christians: some like James, others like Richard. The first one kissed his first cousin, Mary, and his wife; so he split into three women. The second one kissed his two cousins, kissed Mary and his wife; so he split into four women. And the third one did not kiss any woman. He became a poet. Now I am asking like this: Is the teaching of Christ in the minds of people, in its original purity? And after you go into the spiritual life, how do you imagine Christ? He will say, "Have you kissed anyone?" - "Well, my first cousin." Christ will say, "I can sacrifice something for you." The Lord sacrifices something: He will give him a rich woman, he will get married. The second one will come, these cousins are symbols: "Have you kissed a woman?" - "Only my two cousins." - "Well, I can sacrifice something for you." The third one will come and say: "I have not kissed any woman.“ Christ says, "I cannot give you a kiss." Now I know, you will say in your mind: "What has our teacher set out to do, where did he find such things?" I am speaking to you in your language. Kissing his first cousin, it is a symbol, transforming energy from heaven to earth, and from earth to heaven. These are all symbols. You should set out to study the history of the kiss: When did the kiss come to earth? What are the conditions for its use? I will not address this issue now, but it is a very important, psychological issue.

And therefore the kiss is a connection with the Divine world. When we want to connect with the Divine world, we use the kiss. It is the lowest thing in the Divine world. And if you want to deceive the Lord with your kiss, to sell the horse for 60 coins, and the cat for 300 groschen, then you will neither be able to untie, nor bind in the world. If you have difficulties now - you do have difficulties in life, right? - I want to direct your mind in another direction. You say, "Some things are possible, some are impossible." I say that for Love anything is possible. How is it possible? If you can love all people, anything is possible. Not just to love them like that, no, no; this feeling is the most sublime, the noblest, which has to develop in the human soul hereafter. The feeling of Love has not yet started to develop in you. When this feeling appears in your soul - I call it insight - a person receives such strength that he comes to terms with everything. And he sees no evil in anything, not only does he not see evil, but he is a master and can turn all things into good. He can connect and disconnect, he can bind and untie. And occultists say that he has become a magician. And this stick, which the magician uses, where does he carry it? Priests wear wide sleeves, and these are the sleeves of magicians. In this wide sleeve the magician carries his staff with which he performs his miracles. This wide sleeve shows that everything should go out freely, to be like an abundant spring. The sleeves of the priests are very wide but the legs are narrow. Why are their pants narrow underneath and not wide? I like secular people, I see culture in them: their pants are wide underneath. All external forms in man are due to certain changes that take place in the mental world; they appear first in the subconscious, then in the consciousness, and finally in the superconscious, but consciousness is a transient state. Once consciousness comes into you, you will see only your mistakes; when you become a conscious person, you will see and say to yourself: "I should not have done this, that..." Consciousness means a servant who must constantly deposit and withdraw money from his master's bank. Consciousness is a pack animal that is constantly loaded or unloaded. And they say, "He leads a conscious life." I say: Let us lead a subconscious and a superconscious life. This is life. If you put an idea in your subconscious, it will come true; if you put it in your consciousness, it will not come true. Make an experiment. Conscious life spoils: it is the one that carries the hammer and constantly crushes stones, prepares materials. And that is why occult science and smart people say that we should be silent, i.e. live in the subconscious, not to talk much. It is a philosophy - not to make your self-consciousness painful. Why? - If you become so self-conscious that you constantly self-condemn, you must know the law of transcending into super-consciousness. If you have made a mistake, there is nothing to dwell on. If the student who plays the violin makes a mistake, he will not leave his violin and shed buckets of tears. The teacher will say, "Hold your violin, fix your tone." And modern Christians are still crying, so you will cry too, but the Lord says: “Hold the violin and the bow, enough of these tears!” When you play a lot, then you cry. And now some say, "Let them cry." - Well, let them cry, but play and cry, do not leave the violin and cry, this crying is out of place. You neither bind nor untie. Therefore, in today's world, women should not cry. I said in one of my talks: a woman should not cry. How come? - She should not put her violin down and cry." She should not say, "Why did I marry this man?" No one bound you, you bound yourself. This man did not take you by force. Well, you travelled the world because of him, from Bulgaria to America. How many love letters did you write him: "I cannot live without you." You forced him to marry you, and then you say, "Why did I get married?" You bound yourself and you did well to bind yourself. Now you will learn the second process: to untie yourself wisely. Binding - what is binding? - When I put my finger on the violin, it is Love, after this small pause, we transfer one tone from one position to another, therefore Wisdom will come in to distinguish between the tones, to separate them, to put them in harmony. So Christ says to His disciples, "Whatever you bind (on earth) will be bound (in heaven), and whatever you loose (on earth) will be loosed (in heaven)." This is a law. And the prophets, whatever bad they foretold, it has happened; and whatever good they foretold, it has also happened. Now modern people are waiting for their salvation from science, right? Salvation is not from outside your mind, but from what is inside your soul. Well, you are all idolaters. Science is a great idol: one said so, another said otherwise, they gathered everything in one book and called it "science." And they say, "This science will save us." For nineteen centuries already, science has been saving us. So what will save us? Cannons, machine guns, and everyone says, "What a great science this is! It is a culture! There is a mind here." Yes, this is the culture of the gypsy who sold the horse for 60 coins and the cat for 300 groschen. So, in today's budget, let us say in England, how much is there? - There is one and a half billion for the state, and for the church they will allocate 50-60 million and that is the 60 coins for the horse. They praise the Lord: "Lord, we are lighting candles for you now." They spend whatnot on the military, but when it comes to a good cause, there are few of them there. And they say that the church binds and unties. Well, why did the church not untie the world war and not let it happen? It was powerful, wasn't it? But not only did it not untie, but the church bound things even more! If some hear me, they will say, "This is how the prestige of the church is damaged." But you yourself damaged this prestige, because you did not work with God's Love and God's Wisdom, you yourself damaged this prestige! And the One above, this Lord sees, He is coming now and will judge everyone. He will first judge the leaders, the priests, the bishops, the patriarchs, the kings, the teachers, the most prominent ones, but he will leave the common people, he will tell them, "I forgive you." To whom much has been given, much will be required of him. It is mot me who says this: And they do not believe, but they will all believe. Now I am also binding and untying. I am going into the world and I will bind, so that no one will be able to untie this knot! And I will untie, so that no one will bind what I untie! I will bind people to live in Love, so that everyone will see in the face of his brother a brother, for whom he will sacrifice everything. And I will untie it, so that not a trace of any lie remains. These are the words of Christ, I quote His words. This is what Christ said: “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations... and I will be with you unto the end of the world." It is happening now. Those are His words. He is therefore binding and untying. And if Christ lives in your heart, you will bind and untie together with him. You will learn the new law.

So, we must apply the teachings of Christ in our lives. This teaching is not for the heaven - you will be given other things to do there. This teaching is for the earth. Well, if we cannot live with Love now, how can we live in harmony in the other world? A Frenchman went to Africa and became a millionaire, he did not get married there, returned to Paris to his two cousins and wanted to find out which of the two he could live with. He pretended to have made a lot of money, 100 million, but then he lost all his possessions and money and got in a lot of trouble. His first cousin said, "You can stay with me." After living for a month, the cousin told him, "We cannot deal with your ill fate, go somewhere else." He went to the second cousin, who told him, "Come, what we have, you will also have." He lived there well for a whole year and said to his cousin, "I am not poor, I am leaving you heirs of all my wealth." When the first cousin heard, he came, but it was too late. This is how Christ tests us - whom he should leave his wealth to.

Christ says, "Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven." Put in the idea that each of you can bind and untie. You are all strong to bind. So watch over your tongue. First of all, your tongue, it is a terrible machine gun, the most terrible machine gun. I do not know a more terrible machine gun in the world than the tongue. Watch over this machine gun! And let each of us speak through the law of Love. When suffering comes, we will know how to untie this suffering, to see what the causes are. Let us untie them here, so they can be untied above. I can explain to you the causes of suffering, this can happen in a school. Your stomach hurts, does it not? If you have a stomach ache, put both hands on your stomach, and after 4-5 minutes you will have no pain. What happened? - You have untied: the pain is gone. You can untie by putting both hands together; this is done by virtue of a law: the cosmic current of Love passes through the left hand, and the cosmic current of Wisdom, of knowledge, passes through the right hand.

We now shake hands only with the right hand, and when we love someone, we must shake hands with both hands. And now we shake hands in an aristocratic way - with one hand. When we love, we must hold with both hands, to put in both Wisdom and Love. The divine has to be transmitted and to pass everywhere. So, Christ says, "Whatever you bind with Love will be bound." Because God is Love. And whatever you untie with Wisdom - the suffering of people - they will also be untied because God is Wisdom.

I want two things from all of you to distinguish yourselves: to be people of Love and Wisdom. Whoever does not bear these two great laws of Love and Wisdom cannot be of the new teaching. Someone will say: "I am weak, sinful..." No, no, we do not accept weak people. When you come among us, we will introduce you to a committee and ask you: "Can you bind?" - "I can." - "Come here, you are with us." Another will come: "Can you bind?" - "I am weak, I cannot." - "Get out! Can you untie?” - “ I am weak.” - “You are not for us.” A man who can neither bind nor untie is a dangerous man. You will look out for two things: you will be people of Love - to bind, and you will be people of Wisdom - to untie. This is what modern society needs. And if you bring in these two principles, I will reveal wonderful things to you. And we will be able to talk. I will ask you: Can you bind me? - "We can." Well then, I will let you tie me up, I will say that I am not afraid. You will all gather to bind me. Then I will ask you, "Can I untie myself?" You will say, "You can." And I will make a few movements, and I will untie myself immediately. Then I will say, "Wait for me to bind you now." I will test you like that, not to be cowardly: "Can you untie yourselves?" - "We can."

And so, we will bind and untie, and we will be free people, without any fear. Well, this is an important psychological law. Bind your brother with Love then, untie him with Wisdom and help him in good. This is the teaching that we must apply everywhere. And I would like you all to become poets now. Write a book. “Whatever you bind will be bound; and whatever you loose will be loosed. ”And that is why these forces of binding and untying are working in the world now. We untie ourselves from the old, we bind ourselves to the new. There is binding and untying. And the new life will be a life of binding and untying. I am translating now: it will be a life of Love, a life of Wisdom. When I meet you, I will ask you: is your daughter untied? So, is she wise? I will ask: Is your son bound? "He is bound, he is bound." I am glad. Can he bind and untie himself? - "He can." I say: Your home is a happy home because it can be bound and untied.

These are the words, this is the idea, the deep meaning that Christ has put in his words: “Whatever you bind with Love will be bound; and whatever you loose with the Divine Wisdom will always be loosed. " And I want those who are bound to remain bound; and those who are untied, let them be untied. That is, I want men to be always untied. I do not want to see a bound man. And I want all women bound. Then who has more? The man who is not bound has no rope, but the woman has a rope, and when she unties it, she has a trump card. Women are like a whip in the world: they untie their ropes, whip the world, so it is dangerous to touch the women. Bound people are dangerous because they have very powerful weapons. I speak in symbolic language: you should be women and men. And if my words were to be interpreted in years to come, theologians would appear and say, "What did Mr. Deunov mean by: 'The woman has to be bound and the man to be untied?'"

The bound man is a man of Love. He is strong. The untied man is a man of Wisdom, therefore the man must be untied and the woman - bound. And then there will be harmony and peace in the world. And you should be no longer the way you are now. I do not like you women: there are many women in male form. And there is nothing more disgusting: a man in female form. They are the most disgusting things in the world. Therefore, you should return: women to put on the image of the original Love, and men to put on the image of the original Wisdom.

And then know that the world will be fixed.

What you bind, women of Love, will be bound; and what you untie, men of Wisdom, it will be untied. These are the words of Christ. And, therefore, women in the world can tie everything, and men can untie everything. Everything is given in our hands. And therefore make this alliance: let men untie, and let women bind. Whatever you, women of Love, bind on earth, will also be bound in heaven; and whatever you, men of Wisdom, untie on earth, will also be untied in heaven.

This is the teaching that Christ preached; this is the teaching that Christ brings to all of you. I want you to be people of Love now! People - it is a Greek word, you have to invent a new word in the Bulgarian language. The present world needs a woman to know Love and man to be wise. Then your children, and your sons, and your daughters - they will also be like you. The son will be wise and the daughter will love. And Wisdom and Love, when they meet, will form the greatest vibrations in the world. They will change the culture, and when we meet, everyone will produce joy in others from afar.

Now think about these words, I have clarified them for you, but there is still much to be clarified.

"Whatever you bind, will be bound; and whatever you loose, will be loosed."

Talk, held on 25 December 1921 in Sofia.

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