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1920_12_28 Three Laws (Nik)


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Готов превод Три закона - 28.12.1920-ИБ-337 / .: 28.12.1920-ИБ-337

Three Laws

In every commune there should be three laws:

Doing good in the name of God's Love - this is the spiritual world.

If you can do good for the well-being of your soul, and not burden it with sins - this is the Divine world.

For the well-being of your neighbor - this is your body. It must be strong. It is your ox, your cattle, etc. that you work with. You have to look after its interests as well. Your neighbor is the body. God, these are all goods, they should not be abused, otherwise all cash desks will be closed. We should not want what we do not need. Everything we want will be fulfilled according to our will - good or evil, according to our thoughts and desires.

10:15 am.

From a conversation with the Master in the home of brother N. Vatev

The Master tells the example: a king's son married a peasant daughter. He made a palace for her, but told her that she would have to sweep the palace herself, he would not find any maid for her so that she would not forget her origin. The peasant daughter - this is our soul, who has to serve herself, not be served. Sometimes the body does not want to go where the soul wants to go - this happens because the body is very shattered, excessively exhausted at work.

The donkey crosses some water or a bridge, if it is grabbed by its tail and pulled back. The donkey is the very stubborn mind, but because the tail is its mind, if it is grabbed, the donkey immediately starts thinking and giving way.

The human body is made up of billions of souls gathered together. They are rational beings and we cannot ignore their will, their opinion. Therefore, when we overwork an organ, its cells, the souls of that organ, get sick, they go on strike because we have abused them. The stomach alone has 10 million souls, intelligent beings that work for us, to prepare us mash, juices to absorb into the body and feed it.

We are now living our past life. In the future we will live our present life. What you sow will sprout, this is what you will reap. We are Christians. What is Christianity? - It is a liberation from our past life. Therefore, now we must sow only good seeds in thoughts, desires and deeds - heart, mind and will. Life has a high meaning, everyone must find this meaning of life. The best teacher in life is experience, but we must not forget to use the experiences of other souls. Humans can benefit from bees. Go to an apiary, stay with the bees, observe them, study their life with interest and you will benefit too much. There is great harmony, magnetism, they will convey healing to you through suggestion. Neurasthenia is treated there. Each of you should have 1-2 hives, to study them and draw lessons from them in harmony, with diligence.

Growing fruit trees - you get in the mood. Each of you should grow several fruit trees of different species. There is purity in the apple - there is no hatred there.

There is also a good side to trade. What you sell

to people - that is also what you will teach them, and you are preachers there. With the good merchandise, give good thoughts to people and they will think well of you. This is according to the new law, although the old merchant finds that this will give him a loss. In trade, it has to be remembered that large rivers - profits - are formed by small tributaries - small profits. Our friends should not trade in products that carry karma and are subject to spoilage. Any purchase and sale between our friends and in trade in general, even with people outside of us, have to be liquidated and balanced immediately.

The best trade is in production. Our friends should get to love beekeeping (10-20 hives), fruit growing, vegetable gardening and cereals production.

Our treatment of animals must be good. There will be a law in the future on the good treatment of animals and how much to load them. Motor plows and other new agricultural implements are already relieving animals from work a lot. One has to ask oneself, "If I am put to work plowing hard, will I be feeling well?" - Thus, he will find the right answer and apply it in his life.

In their quest to secure themselves, people steal from each other: the servant - from his master and the master - from his servant, and that is why harmony is disturbed. Bad life consists of monotony. Everyone should practice all the arts and work whatever they want, this is the commune. All evil is in self-interest. The former servant has to hold his place as the good servant. I liken the present man to the evangelical servant, who, as they were to deduct, reduce the debts of the debtors to his master, he made use of it and took the remainder for himself to secure himself.

The future man is like the parable about the hired workers who were all paid the same. One has to work a little, but with quality. A failure at the beginning of a job is a success at the end of the same job. It is better to start with failure and end with success. Thus began Christianity. The first Christian, Christ, was crucified, His disciples scattered and said, "It is finished with Him!" We have the opposite result: success is in the end.

The world will get better with giving. You carry on your back a bag of 80 kg of wheat at a distance of 10 kilometers, you carry it all the way, but you fall exhausted and you are done. Give half of the wheat to another one at the first kilometer and it will get easier for you. Give another 10 kg on the second kilometer, give another 10 kg on the fourth, another 10 on the sixth and you will go home with 10 kg, but healthy. And now, because people have not given voluntarily, it will be taken from them by force. The material thing is easily lost - the Lord gives it and takes it, but if we use it properly, it is not lost.

Knowledge is tried on earth, not acquired.

We must sow, not sell the seed; because the fields will be grassed and God will tell us that we have sold a lot.

When a man gives - he gives for himself, but he should give in the name of God, and not for himself, in his own name. Otherwise it will not be given back, but we will be beaten. God humbles people. Wilhelm (this probably refers to the last German Emperor, Wilhelm II), they say, is now cutting wood, not waiting for the Lord to take away his pride. Ferdinand (the second monarch of the Third Bulgarian State from 1887 to 1918), he has also humbled himself. He is crying for Bulgaria now, but it is too late.

The law of Moses is good. We need to know the laws very well.

Every seventh year the fields, the vineyard, the trees rest.

Every 49th-50th year is a jubilee year - it is a year of giving back. Everyone has the right of possession only 49 years, but on the 50th he has to return everything possessed.

The current commune implies the sharing of profits, not what has been acquired, and that is the sharing of labour from now on. What has already been produced is not to be shared - you will make a mistake. The finished product will be eaten. By eating what is already produced, people learn to be lazy. In the commune everyone can work their own craft, but their income should be paid into the general treasury of the commune. When a guest, a brother, comes to the commune, he will stay idle for one or two, at most three days, but on the fourth day he must choose a job and start working with all members of the commune.

In the new ways of living, one should not be a slave to labour, as it has been in the old ways. The old ways are going away irrevocably. One should be able to do the necessary work on their own. When a man does his work himself, he will not rebuke the workmen.

Where people unite and are in agreement, there is a blessing - the fruit is born in abundance. Then the work, when distributed among 20-30 brothers, is done more quickly. (The Master is probably talking about the commune in the village of Achlare near Ruse.)

11:20 am.

Where the land is fertile, there are magnetic nodes, and when you sit in such a place, you rest quickly. Where there are no magnetic nodes on earth, there is no fertility. The commune must be formed first in order for the people to be toned. Whoever comes there will rest, cheer up and start working.

11:45 am.

The pentagram is combined with the colors:

at the top in light blue - Truth,

bright red - Love,

bright yellow - Wisdom,

light green - Justice (the judge's table),

golden (ripe wheat) - Virtue.

Pink color is for love. One day I will take to describe the colors of the pentagram.

The colors of the pentagram correspond to the organs of the human body.

The light blue color is for the spiritual person.

The bright red color - for the heart, the lungs.

The bright yellow color - for the mind.

The light green color - for the gall, the liver.

6 pm.

Every child should be watched when born, what voice it makes, in what tone it begins its life. One starts with "do", another with "re", etc. This will show us what its life will be like.

8 pm.

In the evening a meeting of the brothers and sisters from the Ruse circle took place. Brother Nikola Vatev read the typewritten lecture "The Prayer" by the Master - "And you, when you pray, go into your secret room and pray to your Father, and the Father Who sees in secret will reward you openly."

8:30 pm.

Conversation between the Master, Vatev, Ilarionov and Sotirov on politics. (There is this great secret.) - The world will tremble at the political events and natural disasters that begin from 1921 onwards.

11 pm.

28 December 1920, Tuesday


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Превеждали: nikolaysan (Николай)

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