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1920_12_30 With the Word "Can" (Nik)


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Готов превод С думата „може“ - 30.12.1920-ИБ-339 / .: 30.12.1920-ИБ-339

With the Word "Can"

Knowledge is like fertilizer - if it is not adapted to man (the tree), it will burn him.

Every child should manifest itself where it has an inclination. Let the children get used to labor - to do their own work, personally, if they can do it.

In 25 billions of space we can accommodate 3,000 solar systems like ours.

Flammarion estimates that 29 cents of the time of Christ, calculated at compound interest, gives a number with 39 digits, which, if they were a debt, would be repaid in 9,000 years with gold the size of a ball as big as the Earth, which falls every 9 minutes.

A nation with God can do anything, because God is a great magnitude in which everything can. With the word "can" we attract all good conditions and success for work is guaranteed.

Poplar as a calendar

If the lower leaves fall first - winter is in the beginning,

if the middle ones fall - winter is in the middle,

if the top ones fall - winter is over,

if they fall evenly - winter is long.

8 am.

Revelation 19: 19-21

Birds = proletarians, Communists.

Chapter 20 = XX century = century of judgment on earth = century of destiny on earth, but not above in heaven.

Today's people are in the position of a donkey laden with salt, which entered the water, squatted, the salt melted, it came out of the water and roared with joy that the load was relieved. The second time it was loaded with wool, it wanted to cheat again. It squatted in the water, but the wave soaked and it could no longer stand up. Today's people are loaded with wool, and before they used to be loaded with salt. People squat due to small reasons. A grain in the foot of a great hero makes him lame and he puts the "knife in the scabbard". People are changed easily by small things.

2 pm.

There are solar hurricanes that emit huge energies 180,000 km outside the solar surface, and these hurricanes return to the Sun.

The moon has only one side to the Earth. What is on the other side is unknown. "This is a great secret."

In the future, the new culture will have to develop and discover many things. Communication with the Moon will be established.

There are cosmic currents to the Sun and the Moon and back to the Earth. When taking these currents, people will use them for travel.

Hens do not know there are stars. They only see the eagle above.

7:30 pm.

30 December 1920, Thursday.

Ruse, the home of brother Nikola Vatev

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: nikolaysan (Николай)

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