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1921_05_29 To Test Them / The Arithmetic Operations in Life. Addition, Multiplication and Exponentiation (Nik)


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Готов превод Да ги изпита / Аритметическитѣ дѣйствия въ живота. Събиране, умножение и степенуване - 29.5.1921-НБ-361 / ...: 29.5.1921-НБ-361

To Test Them / The Arithmetic Operations in Life. Addition, Multiplication and Exponentiation

"But this He said to test them, for He Himself knew what He would do." (John 6:6)

I will start the talk with a simple arithmetic operation - addition. Mathematicians say that if the same numbers are added, we have the multiplication operation. If the multipliers are equal when multiplying, we have the effect of
exponentiation. So in order for two people to come together in one place, they have to be different. If they are not different, they cannot come together. Addition and multiplication are two opposite processes. Multiplication comes from addition, and exponentiation comes from multiplication. When you want to resolve an issue under the law of addition, the parties to that action, or the addends, have to be different. In other words, you can never bring two men or two women together; however, you can always gather a man and a woman in one place. The Lord also starts with the addition. Since it is known that multiplication comes from addition, we say that children, when born, lead to multiplication. They are gradually multiplying. The children in the family have to be equal. Indeed, equal multipliers can only exist in multiplication. Then multiplication turns into gradation: 5 by 5 by 5 = 5 to the 3rd degree. We call this operation in life, raising a person to a higher degree.

Now, let us move on to the subject. Life, in itself, is a great problem that can be solved by addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We start with addition and multiplication. Then we proceed to the other two actions - subtraction and division. You have all studied these operations, but you have not penetrated them to see what great secrets they hide! When you learn to add, subtract, multiply, divide and exponentiate correctly, then you will understand what great secrets are hidden in them. You cannot multiply before you have added and you cannot exponentiate before you have multiplied and added. "He was testing them". - In what? - How they were living. Because all people strive for life, they are looking for a way to improve it. - How will they improve it? - Through food. Today, everyone supports the idea that you cannot live without bread. It is ridiculous to think that you cannot live without bread. If you are living, you can do without bread; if you are not living, you cannot do without bread. What does the statement or denial of a fact show? Stating a fact shows that it is in the physical world. Denying it shows that it is in the spirit world. Therefore, it is impossible for the same thing to manifest simultaneously in two worlds or in two directions. You cannot be good and bad simultaneously. I take the word "bad" or "evil" as a manifestation, not in the sense in which you interpret it. There is relative evil, there is also fundamental evil. What hinders a person is evil to him; however, the same can be good for someone else. You eat chicken, lamb and say you are fine. Ask the lamb if it is good for it when you eat it. How will you justify yourself? You will say that when you live, you must eat. One day, as you ascend to a higher level, you will realize your mistake.

"He tested them." Today, all people want to add, multiply and exponentiate - this is a natural aspiration for them. But when it comes to ordeals, no one wants to be tested. They say, "Everything is good, but not the ordeals." In order to make this verse clearer, I will tell you an occult story in parables or in symbols. - Why do I not convey it literally? - Because the truth, with its light, is unbearable for human eyes. It must go through a certain medium in order to soften. What this medium will be does not matter. It can be water, it can be air. As soon as it softens a little, it becomes tolerable for the eyes. In ancient times, 12,000 years ago, this is what the legend says - I speak according to legend, not facts, somewhere in Asia, lived an extremely pious king. He had a son who was very promising from an early age. All the sages and astrologers in the kingdom predicted that with his gifts and abilities he would bring great good to mankind. However, all this would be overshadowed by one event in his life. If this happened, the life and destiny of the young king would change radically. One day, after the death of his beloved father, the young prince went hunting. While chasing a deer to kill it, he stumbled, fell, and a dry branch entered his right eye. His eye was gone right away and he was left with one eye. In order not to expose himself to his subjects for his carelessness, he said that the sky favored him with great good - they took out his right eye and left him with only one eye - the left one. This was one of the great initiations that the chosen ones go through. All good people should have only one eye - the left one. He issued an order: Anyone who wanted to visit him and enjoy his favor, had to take out his right eye. This was considered a privilege. Therefore, every man at that time who did not have a right eye made a visit to the king. The day came for the prince to inherit his father's kingdom. For this purpose, they chose a beautiful princess as the prince's wife. They got married. One day, while walking in nature, a large stone fell from a rock and hit the nose of the young queen. Seeing that her nose was crushed, and she could not introduce herself to the citizens with such a nose, she decided to accept only those women who had a crushed nose. When they met men with one eye and women with crushed noses, they all knew that these were people who visited the king and the queen. To this day, we still notice in people a desire to brag about their shortcomings. Instead of looking for the cause of their shortcomings, they say that it is a privilege that heaven gives them.

Why do some men like to cut their hair short? In my opinion, this is a remnant of the past. One of the old French kings used to cut his hair short. Because he had a wound on his head, he deliberately cut his hair short, to show people that he is a hero, that he is not shy about anything. Some prominent men started imitating him by cutting their hair short. However, even in this situation, their good qualities are not visible. If you meet women today with flattened noses and men with only one eye, you will know that they have visited the king and the queen, in heart or mind. - When did they visit them? - As far back as 12,000 years ago. - This is not how problems are solved. You cannot solve the problems of your life with a crushed nose, nor with a removed right eye.

Now, I am talking about the conscious life that is nested in you. It has its origins. By "origin" of life I mean the form through which it has manifested. You ask, "Where did the form of life come from?" From the formless. So the formed derives from the formless, the named - from the nameless, the finite - from the infinite. So first the form appears, and then its name. When the eternal or the infinite determined itself, then the finite things appeared. - What is finite? - The shaped one. It is connected with the shapeless, with the infinite. The named one is connected with the nameless. Is there any contradiction in this? In my opinion, there is no contradiction. Everything becomes understood when it is shaped, named and limited. In this respect, earthly life is shaped, named, and limited, i. e. finite. By "finite", I do not mean that life on earth is coming to an end. These are philosophical thoughts that need to be pondered about for a long time. Many people want to enter the formless world. - This is a misunderstanding of life. If in the Lord, from infinite eternity, there is a desire to create a form, a name and an end of things, are we smarter than Him, to strive to become formless, nameless and infinite? It is madness that causes suffering to people. The desire of the people is, when they commit a crime, that it loses its shape, so that its name is not known and they can limit it. This is not life; these are anomalies, deviations from real life. These are small water droplets that deviate from the general course of life. I do not mind deviations. It is important to know that your life has come from the infinite. - What do the finite and the infinite represent? - Finite is what man does. Infinite is what God does. The finite things come from the infinite ones. Imagine that your benefactor puts in the bank a large amount of money in your name, and you can withdraw from it as much as you want. As long as you withdraw a certain amount, your business is going well. However, one day you commit a crime. Your benefactor tells the cashier, "Do not give this man any more money." Here, your aid becomes finite, i.e. it is terminated. - Why? - Because you committed a crime. When a man commits a crime, his benefits are suspended; as soon as the good ceases, suffering comes immediately. This means turning infinite things into finite ones. Everything that a person loses becomes finite. That is why, when one dies, one says, "It is all over!" What is over? - His life. From infinite, it becomes finite. - Why does a person die? - In order to give an account in the Divine bank how he used his life. You will say that you have the right to live, eat and drink as you understand it. - No, you have no right to live as you want. -Why? - You are not free. Only he is free who knows how to add, multiply and exponentiate correctly. And the mother is also free when she gives birth to good and smart children. Man and woman represent addition, children represent multiplication, and their development - exponentiation. So human development begins with addition, goes through multiplication and continues with exponentiation.

"But this He said to test them, for He Himself knew what He would do." Christ asked His disciples where they would get bread to feed these people. If you ask the current farmers where they will get bread from, they will say, "We will take wheat, sow it in the fields, and when it grows, we will reap it and put it in the barn." What will citizens say on this issue? They go to the farmers, measure a certain amount of grain and their business goes well. I am asking: Is there any other way of eating besides the one that people are doing now? - There is another way. In the future, people will take food directly from nature, as they take the air today. Then the food will not be ground, kept in barns, kneaded, as is the case with wheat. Breathing is also a process of eating. In one minute a person takes 20 breaths, i.e. accepts 20 lunches. - When will this happen? - When people learn to add, multiply and exponentiate correctly; when they stop bragging about their shortcomings. People often brag about their shortcomings and crimes in order to pass as heroes. Then they will look for a way to justify themselves, to plead innocent. - Why are they doing this? - To be released from any liability. They will say that society was bad, conditions were bad, generations were bad, and so on. Everyone is guilty, only they do not bear any guilt! The daughter and the son are dissatisfied with life and ask their mother: "Why did you give birth to us?" - "Listen, son, listen, daughter", the mother answers: "I did not give birth to you of my own free will. You made me give birth to you. You made me go to the horo (Bulgarian folk dance), to meet young men, so that someone likes me and gets married to me. You are the reason you came to this world."

Now you also ask the Lord why He created the world. I will answer you: You made the Lord create the world. And today you ask Him why He created this world. The Lord answers, "This world is yours. I created it according to your plan. That is how you wanted it, that is how I created it." Everyone you meet today says that the world was not created properly. - What do you want more? You want this, you want that, and when you are given everything you want, you are still dissatisfied. When I speak of this world, I mean the human world. Make a distinction between the Divine world and the human one. There is disharmony, contradictions, good and evil in the human world. To this day, you wonder why good and evil exist, why some people are good and others are bad. No one can force anyone to live well or badly. Everyone has voluntarily accepted the good or the bad life. You live badly because you find pleasure in this life. Is it bad for a wolf to eat a sheep? When the shepherd catches him and peels his skin, he says: If I knew that for one sheep they would skin me, I would eat grass. So when the day comes to realize your crimes and mistakes, you will say like a wolf, "If I knew I would be accountable for everything, I could have lived differently." Man is not the only factor in being able to act freely. So the finite beings who formed the finite forms, and the finite names are the cause of everything finite.

The present world is made only of threads and spools. You hear machines everywhere, "clank-clank". Many things are sewn with threads and then unstitched. Very naturally, they are made of threads. Human thoughts and actions, human morality are all threads. The woman says, "I live honestly and decently, I have morals." - Why does he live like that? - Because she has a master who applies the stick. The woman is afraid of her husband, the man is afraid of his wife; families are afraid of society, society - of the state, etc. Everyone lives fairly and honestly because there is a stick. This stick is not raw, but dry. I take the stick in a broad sense, as a symbol of those limitations that cause you misfortunes. Not knowing how to deal with your misfortunes, you encounter a number of contradictions.

Now Christ is testing His disciples. - With what? He asks them, "Can the world be created any other way?" The material world can be recreated in many ways. Then what is the difference between the physical, astral and mental worlds? From an occult point of view, each world is shaped by the laws that operate in it. Despite that, there is some connection between them. One of the qualities of the physical world is firmness. In the astral world, this quality is replaced by the intensity of desires. The stronger, the hotter a desire, the firmer it is. The same way a hard object may hurt you, a firm, that is an intense desire may hurt your heart. If you enter the mental or intellectual world, the firmness there corresponds to the strength or intensity of thought. The stronger the thought, the harder it is. Therefore, if a strong thought comes to you, it will produce the same effect as the solid object of the physical world. Therefore, when passing from one world to another, one must know the laws of the transformation of matter from one state to another. There is a certain resemblance between a solid object, a desire and a thought, but there is also a huge difference.

And so, things on earth become solid from the intensity of desires and thoughts. From this point of view, the hardest people are those who live only for themselves - the egoists. So the strongest force is the centrifugal one. It has concentrated all cosmic forces to work for man. When a hard man rules the world, he will create the greatest misfortunes and upheavals for humanity. All misfortunes stem from the law of the cosmic concentration of forces to one center, but in the opposite direction to the Divine center. This law is not in accordance with the law of God's Love.

"For He Himself knew what He would do." Christ took the five loaves and, according to the law he knew, multiplied them and fed five thousand people with them, leaving 12 baskets of leftover bread. I think that you, who are listening to me, would eat these five loaves and there would still remain 12 baskets of leftover bread.

Now, let us get back to the essentials - to life. Only through life will you find your soul, your mind and your heart. - Why? - Life will give shape to your soul. In order to know things, you need form. The formation depends on the law of development. When your soul develops, then it will become visible; when your mind develops, then it will manifest. The beauty of things manifests itself when they become visible. According to philosophers, some things are visible and others are invisible. They say that those bodies that can be touched, felt and perceived only through the five senses, are visible. It is not like that. Those things, that are perceived outside the five senses, are also visible. According to occult science, man has seven bodies; each body has seven senses. So 49 senses in total. If you multiply 49 by 49, how much will you get? If you multiply the resulting number by 49, how much will you get? This shows that the feelings and senses in man are innumerable. We want to bring them to a rational number with which to work and know them. It is said in the Scripture that man can know God as God knows him only when he develops all 49 senses. You may ask, "If we develop all the senses, are we going to be happy?" - That is exactly what I do not want. - Why? - Because it is impossible for a man to be very happy. Why would you strive for impossible things? If someone says he wishes you happiness, he is deceiving you. It is another matter if you want a warm heart, a fresh soul, a bright mind and a strong spirit - conditions for you to develop. Your friend should want you to grow, to progress in your development, but not to make you happy. And the mother should strive for her child to grow and develop properly, not to be happy. Today, children expect their parents to make them happy; parents expect happiness from their children. Servants expect happiness from their masters, masters - from their servants. This is a false, distorted philosophy. Everyone promises to give what they cannot. There is no form of organization or society that can make you happy. It can only serve you as a condition for growth and strengthening. You say, "We will be happy in the future." - That is possible, but in what world? If it is in the physical one, I doubt it. Therefore, as long as you live on earth, happiness can only be like a distant goal, but not like an object to be achieved. In the Divine world you can talk about happiness, however, in the physical world you will talk about achievements of the mind, heart and soul. Only then will you use the life that has been given to you. When a maiden wants to marry a young man in order to be happy, it is her visit to the king, who will take out her right eye. It is a privilege to visit this king, but one eye will go for this privilege. "How can I stay unmarried?" - If you want to marry your king, you must be ready to take out your right eye. Christ says, "If you want to marry your queen, you must be ready for your nose to be crushed." All the maidens who are married have one eye; all the lads who are married have crushed noses. Therefore, according to the law of heredity, all the girls who resemble their mother, are without a right eye; all the boys who look like their father, have crushed noses. You ask, "Why are we unhappy?" - Because 12,000 years ago a king's son went hunting and, chasing a deer to kill it, inadvertently took out his right eye. In order not to be ashamed in front of his subjects, he issued an order: “All good people should be with one eye. Whoever wants to visit him, must take out his right eye." Nature has adopted this thought, so to this day people are born blind with one eye. Christ comes to the woman and asks her, "Woman, why are you blind with your right eye?" - "Lord, my husband has taken out my eye." - It was a great privilege for you to visit this king, to bow to him. What did you gain from this visit?

Christ says, "If your right eye causes you to stumble, take it out." The woman must take out her eye before going to her husband. If she takes it out, she no longer wants to go to him. The man is a temptation for the woman. The fall of women is due to men. They corrupt women. And vice versa: "Women corrupt men." A woman cannot spoil a woman. So those who took out their right eye corrupted the women; those who crushed their noses corrupted the men. Do you think that the man, who takes care of the woman just to dress her and introduce her to people, is acting smart? He wants to brag about her, as they brag about a fat horse and thus increase its price. Despite that, all women want to be well dressed, to be liked by people. It is good to be dressed both outside and inside. I am asking: Has your beloved dressed his soul with Love? He can dress you on the outside, but inside you remain naked. I am asking women the same question: What have you done for your husbands? How have you dressed them? If you only care about their appearance, you are seducing them.

So, in the future, men and women will dress in the new forms that the universe is now creating. There are sewn new costumes for men and women who are preparing for marriage. Do you know what the new form is? Whoever has decided to get married should go there, buy a new suit, a new hat and shoes - in the latest fashion. When you bring them, you will put a new inscription. What will be the new inscription, the new name of these forms, is not allowed to say. Whoever wants to know the name of the new form and the new company, let them go to the priests, the statesmen, the teachers, the philosophers, the scientists, the theosophists, the occultists. By going around and questioning them all, he will find out which is the new company now formed in the universe. If they know, they will tell you how to find it. They know the following: Whoever does evil, can also do good. Whoever knows this world, will know the other world as well. That is how I reason.

Christ asked His disciples, "Where shall we buy bread to feed these five thousand people?" Now I am asking: What are we going to feed the people, who are starving today, with?" I say: Bread will not fix the world. Now we need wedding clothes from the new company. When mothers conceive and give birth to their children with love, then they will solve the great task of addition, multiplication and exponentiation. Only then will the employees of the new culture come. Only then will people understand what it means to be good, smart, fair and loving. You say, "It is a great thing to love!" I ask: Those who have loved, do they not repent of it? How many times has a man repented of his love! - Why has he repented? - Because his love was not what it should be. Where there is remorse, love is not real there. Love that cannot withstand all the trials of life, is not true love. It is a mood, a feeling or a temporary disposition. This is not the love that brings life. I am not saying you do not have love, but you focus only on the side effects of love, not on love itself. You dwell on the insignificant in life, but you do not dwell on the essential - on love.

"But this Christ said to test them, for He Himself knew what He would do." A great misfortune or hardship befalls you - it is important how you will resolve it. Everyone knows how hardships are resolved. Solomon says, “A soft answer is a consolation; a kind word gives comfort, but love, expressed in time, gives life." Can you always talk about love? Throughout man's earthly life, he is given only one year, one month, one week, one day, one hour, one minute, one second when he can talk about love or say the word "love." If you use this time, you will have all the achievements. If you do not use it, your whole life is lost. This is just a moment. Everything else is just preparation for that moment, for this second. If you catch it, you will have bread for five thousand people. If you miss it, you will have disappointments, doubts and contradictions in your life. I say: Friends, you have lost the great moment of love in your life. This is not an allegory, but a great truth that each of you can verify. I am not saying, which is this year of your life. It is not earlier than your 21st year, but no later than your 120th. So from the age of 21 to 120 you will count and calculate, like astronomers, to get the day, hour, minute or second when the comet of love passes in front of you, so that you see it. All great people have a desire to capture the moment of love. All mothers and fathers have the same desire - to capture the great moment of love. There is nothing better than going into a home and exchanging two reasonable words with the hosts - two words about love. What are today's people doing? They gather somewhere and start, "Babble-babble-babble-babble." As they disperse, everyone says, "My head hurts from talking. I am dizzy from the chatter." Both should have said only one word to each other: they to you and you to them.

Many of you pass for great philosophers and say, "Give us tools, give us good mothers and fathers, you will see what we can do." I ask: If you pass for geniuses and say that you have created many things, can you not find tools and good mothers and fathers? If you could force God to create a world according to your understanding, then you have to find everything you need yourselves. You wonder how it is possible to force God to do what you want. This is a philosophical thought. You can only force a person to do something for you, if he loves you. Because God is infinite Love, you can force Him to do something for people. Therefore, we have forced the Lord to create this world, and He says, "This is what my children want." - Why did God create this world like that? - Because he loves people and they wanted this world. You ask, "How will it be proved that God loves people?" - By the fact that there is evil in the world. Because He loves you, He has given you unlimited rights to manifest freely. This is the reason for the existence of both good and evil, but you will bear the consequences yourselves. So Love is known by the fact that it has allowed evil. - Why are people unhappy? - Because they have put Love outside, not inside themselves. When Love manifests in the physical field from the outside, evil immediately comes. Children love fruit. Looking at the apples on the tree, they start fighting for them, who will take more. If the brothers have a good, conscious relationship with each other, they will share the apples equally and will not fight for them. Four brothers will divide the apple into four. Therefore, when Love is manifested only from without, evil is born; when it is manifested from within, good is born. That is why some people resolve issues externally and others - internally. In the first case the result is one, in the second case - another. However, both are doing God's will. If you did not have love for the apple, there would be no dispute between you.

You say, "If the apple that Eve ate had not existed, we would have been happy until today, our hair would not have turned white." - What is the first apple? - It is the first fruit of life - the woman. She is the apple of discord. There are no men in today's world, they are all women. When the woman saw that she was alone, she wanted there to be men, so that she projects herself. That is why some people today are women and others - men. The present world is not going well because only the woman rules and the man has not yet come to earth. What we call a man is only a reflection of the real man. The current woman also plays the role of a man. In the future, when the real man comes, then the world will be fixed. You say, "Let there be no men!" - You have not seen the man yet. And the man is dissatisfied with the woman and says: "This woman!" You are also a woman like her. - "My shape is different." - Whatever the shape, the man and the woman are alike. This is the law of multiplication, but there has to be addition. With addition, the numbers being added are usually different. The man is angry and the woman is angry; the man beats and the woman beats; the man plucks the woman's hair and the woman plucks the man's hair. How are you different? This is multiplication. Where is the addition? Where are the first man and the first woman? Look at life philosophically. I am giving you a reason to think, not to follow some foolish philosophy, that the world was created that way. This world was created by humans, therefore it is called a world of illusions. I know the Divine world, I live in it. There are no illusions there.

You say that the world is transient. A transient world is only the one that is created by human thoughts, feelings and actions. Despite that, people call this world Divine and make an effort to study it. I say: This world is pathological, created by humans. According to Lombroso, this world is full of criminal types. It is not a rational world. Some say, "Let us study the criminal types!" - There is no need to study them. If you want to learn something, study healthy people. What is your moral? Why do man and woman get together? What foundation do they lay in their lives? The man says, "I love her." The woman says, "I love him." It's good that they love each other, but once they get together they become enemies to each other. As soon as they see each other, they pull out rifles and revolvers, and you hear "bang-bang!" all day long. If there is no shootout every day, you hear shootings here and there at least once a year, once a month or once a week. Then they say that God created both man and woman in this way. This is a pathological view, not a divine one. God said that a man should have only one wife and a woman - only one man. Today's men, however, have many women, and today's women have many men. This used to be matter-of-course once, but today it is not allowed! It is written in the Divine Law: "A man has only one woman and a woman - only one man." However, the man says, "My wife is a little ugly, I want a beautiful woman." And the woman says, "My husband is smart, but ugly, he does not have much money, I want a rich man." What kind of philosophy is this?

After all this, the teachers say, "Let us bring up the new generation!" - It is ridiculous to bring up a wolf. You can make him a shepherd dog, guard the flock, but one day he will steal a sheep. Teachers and parents nowadays raise children who are not amenable to upbringing. The church educates its congregation, but it is also not amenable to upbringing. Until the principle is applied in life, that a man will have only one woman, and a woman only one man, no heart and no mind can change. If she loves her husband, the woman is ready to sacrifice herself for humanity. If he loves his wife, the man is also ready to sacrifice for humanity. This is a woman! This is a man! This is the first couple that can make the world better. I hope you understand me correctly. Every woman, who distinguishes between the love of her husband and other men, creates the conditions for evil. Evil creates cracks in life, and cracks are the result of bifurcation. When thoughts and feelings are divided, one encounters contradictions and difficulties. Every bifurcation in love produces cracks in human life. I do not condemn you, but I even justify you. You are in the preface of life. Therefore, your marriage is also a preface to the future life. Christ said to the harlot, "Go and sin no more!" Now I am also saying to you: Go and sin no more. Do not get married, as you have married before. I say this not only to the old, but also to the young. You have to understand life as it really is. Once you understand it, you will properly resolve the important social issue of marriage. Only in this way will you work with God, be in harmony with Him, and know Him as He knows you. I am talking about today, not about the future. Now is the auspicious moment to sow this little grain in your soul. Do not miss the good conditions for sowing. Clear the weeds, sow the small grain and water it. As it grows, it will give you the right direction in life.

"This He said to test them." And now Christ is testing you. - "What should we do?" I solve this pivotal question as follows: A woman should have only one man, and a man - only one woman. And there should be no sign of jealousy in the heart of the man and the woman . You say that God is jealous too. This is your interpretation. Christ says, "Only the Lord is good." He is not outraged by anything. Spirits can also be jealous, but the ideal, the sublime, the Divine excludes all jealousy. The ideal excludes all doubt, suspicion, rudeness and violence. All people are in the same field and wonder what needs to be done. They are all aware that the current morality is in decline, that the current system is collapsing. All people must live in a divine way. According to this understanding, a man should not have one eye and a woman should not have a crushed nose. You will say that Christ also said that one should take out their right eye. - Yes, but Christ has set the condition "if". - "If your right eye seduces you, take it out. If it does not seduce you, it is better to enter the Kingdom of God with two eyes."

So, today's men will enter the Kingdom of God with one eye, and the women - with crushed noses. And you will be received there like that, but they will know the story of your life. It is better to enter the Kingdom of God with two eyes and a healthy nose, because the Divine requires everything to be in order. By "nose" I mean the human mind, and by "right eye" - the human heart. Not taking out your "right eye" means not hindering the development of your heart. - When does a woman remain with one eye? - When she loves for the first time. Then she is afraid to love. - Why? - She does not give her eye anymore. The one she falls in love with a second time, will want her to take out both her eyes. What is this love, I do not understand. "for He knew what He would do." - Not only must Christ know what to do, but we must also know what to do. I do not dispute that the Lord knows what to do, but we must also know what to do. Do not expect the Lord to fix the world alone. You also need to know what to do today. Everyone needs to know what their task is. Everyone needs to know what thoughts to allow in their mind, what desires to allow in their heart and how to act. You need to know what to do every moment. - We are ignorant, we know nothing. - How did you become ignorant? - I can make you ignorant in one moment and scientists - in one moment. When you enter my room, I will immediately turn off the lamp. You will walk around the room, but will not be able to find anything. Not only will you find nothing, but you will break and knock down everything you encounter on your way. This shows that you are ignorant. As soon as I turn on the lights, you immediately see things and know where you are going. You immediately become knowledgeable. So once you close the keys to your minds and hearts, you become ignorant. Once you turn on the lights, you become knowledgeable. You need to know how to believe and how to love. Do not succumb to philosophical delusions, but hold on to faith and love. You tell someone you love them. This is not enough. It is important what content you put into the word love. If you do not put anything, it is an empty word. When you tell someone you love them, that has to be true. When you say you believe, that also has to be true. If you say something, you have to stand up for it. This is what Christ is testing you for. He is testing me too.

Many doubt what I am saying. I read in your eyes and I see that you doubt. I say, Brothers, I also went through what you are going through. It is an art not to deceive people, but to live well. I am teaching you to live right. I am not asking you to believe, but I am asking you to check what I am telling you. If it is true, apply it. What I am telling you is essential. It has existed in the infinite eternity. The whole life rests on it. These are truths that are told not only by me, but also by many. Truth and Love are not a monopoly. They are available to all people, not just to one. Everyone can utilize them.

Now I am reading your mind and I see that some consider me a hypnotist. I cannot hypnotize because I do not have a mask, my face is exposed. If I want to hypnotize someone, I will take out my gun and say, "Give me your purse!" Then I will take my beard off my mask and you will not recognize me. The one who hypnotizes always wears a mask on his face. My desire is for you to have pure hearts, to develop spiritually, to enlighten your minds, and to strengthen yourselves from knowledge to knowledge and from strength to strength. As for happiness, I do not want you to be happy. Happiness on earth makes a person unhappy. If I enter your home and see that you have set happiness as an ideal, I will say: Take off this icon. Put another one in its place! - "I want to earn a lot of money, to ensure my happiness." - You will be happy with money! If you get sick and die, what do you need this happiness for? That means making futile efforts. Happiness is in the one who loves you. If you have a friend who loves you, he will never harm you. Friendship ensures happiness. That is why, you should do everything possible to get a friend who loves you, who is ready to endure at all moments of your life. This is everyone's task: to be a friend and to have a friend. So, take off the icon of happiness and, instead, put the following inscription: "Love requires a feat, courage and determination in life, for the upliftment of all brothers and sisters in the world." Apply what is written and see what result you will have. Then you will hear angels coming and going, singing and blessing you. These are not philosophical statements and reasoning, nor hypnotizing or enchanting. This is the great philosophy of life, the great truth that can make you happy, strengthen your spirit, enlighten your minds, purify your hearts, and make you citizens of the Kingdom of God that fills the entire cosmos. Once you put this inscription, the fear will come out of you. The wife will not be afraid of her husband, and the husband will not be afraid of his wife. They will know and understand each other. This is how the principle of Love works, which begins with the individual, enters the home, the society, the people and finally - the whole of humanity. This principle covers everything. It penetrates everywhere as light, air and water penetrate. There will be no substance left, no matter how hard and dense, in which this principle will not penetrate. It will soften even the hardest brains of scientists. It will soften all bones and muscles. This is not rickets, but it will turn the rough matter into soft and gentle one, the unreasonable into reasonable, the disharmonious into harmonious. Divine harmony will come among the people, so that they understand each other in mind and heart. I am asking: Do you all have the new inscription? Are you ready to sacrifice everything for the Lord? Are you ready to perform a feat for Love, not for one, but for all? If you are willing to sacrifice everything for the Lord, He will also sacrifice everything for you. Then the new life, the new people with new understandings, will come.

Now I am not preaching to you morality, but a pure and holy life. I am not talking about priestly holiness, I am not talking about teacher's holiness, nor about motherly holiness, but about a holiness that is not tarnished by anything, that John said about in the verse: "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it."

Morality that turns into darkness is not real. There is a morality that shines forever in the darkness, and the darkness has not overtaken it. Rise, you dead!

Come alive you, who have risen!

Resurrect you, who have come alive!

The Lord will be with you.

Talk by the Master, held on 29 May, 1921 in Sofia

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