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1921_05_15 Explain this Parable to Us (Nik)


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Готов превод Изтълкувай ни тази притча - 15.5.1921-НБ-358 / ...: 15.5.1921-НБ-358

Explain this Parable to Us

Peter answered and said to Him, “Explain this parable to us.” (Matthew 15:15)

“Explain this parable to us.” I have taken a verse, the content of which is unknown. Christ has spoken on many topics, but what needs to be interpreted is not in the Gospel. The parable in question is not there. What is this parable? Mathematicians have the word here. They deal with unknown quantities, i.e. they reveal the secrets. Give a mathematician the most mysterious questions, and when he works on them for four or five months, he will always make something. Whatever numbers you give him, he will always combine them in some way.

Peter answered and said to Him, "Explain this parable to us!" I am asking: What is the most important parable for you at the moment? If I ask a young maiden the same question, she will answer, "The most important parable for me is who will love me." If you ask a young man what is the most important parable for him, he will answer like the maiden. If you ask this question to the mother, she will say, "The most important parable for me is what will be the child that I will give birth to, a boy or a girl." The one who is preparing to become a professor will say, "The most important parable for me is whether I will be able to become a professor." The doctor will say, "The most important parable for me is whether I will become a prominent doctor." The priest will say, "The most important parable for me is whether I will reach a high spiritual position." Every person has a parable in life, which they resolve themselves. And you, who are listening to me, also each have a parable.

I will consider only one parable - the most important one. In my opinion, the most important parable is life itself. How it originated, what was its beginning, who is its mother and who is its father, how has it developed, etc. You will say that God is the Father of life. - That is right, but God is a far-fetched idea. You are focusing on something closer to life - your situation, which you anticipate every day. If you are in the military, you think what will happen to you when war breaks out. First you examine your rifle, your sword, so that you know what condition they are in. The success of the war depends on the condition of the weapons and cannons. These are mathematical quantities that one works with. What will you find out from the numbers 502, 516, 869, 634, 739 and 604? You will say that this is a play. Kids also have fun writing numbers. Do you know how many bones the human body is made of? According to some, their number is about 280. Bones do not represent the whole body, but only part of it. Muscles also make up part of the weight. Bones and muscles, however, do not represent the functions of the human body.

From a person's skull you can tell what he was like: man or woman, stupid or learned, honest or dishonest, patient or impatient. By placing a lighted candle in a person's skull, you will read on it like on a book. By the skull, you will know the whole life of the man who lived thousands of years ago. By the skull, it is known what death a person died from. In the future, when people learn to read the skull, they will learn all the secrets. Then people will be more silent. And whether you are praised or reprimanded, you will always be silent. It does not matter what people think of you today; it is important what they will think in the future, when they will be able to read on the head, on the face and on the hand. Studying these sciences, you will come to the conclusion that the cells of the human body are alive. And when a person dies, they do not rot, but pass from one place to another: some become part of the minerals, others - in the composition of plants, and still others - in the composition of animals, while some - in the composition of the human body. Someone plucks an apple from the cemetery, washes it well and eats it. Then he wonders why his mood has deteriorated. - Very naturally, he has perceived some elements of the body of one of the great dead. So his discomfort is due to the discomfort of the deceased. By your disposition or discomfort, you can tell what that person was. So, if you are asking why you suffer, I am saying: Today's people suffer from the thoughts of their predecessors. Their thoughts are not scattered in space, but are materialized and make up the organisms of minerals, plants and animals. Many of the thoughts of past humanity are an integral part of parasites, microbes and other lower plants and animals. There exist about 16 thousand microbes, some of which have not been well studied. These microbes are the cause of various diseases: tuberculosis, typhoid, plague, cholera and others. Diseases are the result of the thoughts of scientists and philosophers who followed the path of the black brotherhood. Knowing this, do not think that evil can disappear by itself. Evil and good are continuous. You say, "Let us destroy evil!" - This is impossible. To understand evil as a force, not as a manifestation, you must know the laws of rational nature, as well as those of psychology. Have you studied evil as a force, as a feeling, and as a principle? Many call evil by the word devil and ask, "Where did this devil come from among us?" - Why are people dissatisfied with the devil? - Because he makes a man work, but never works himself. When he enters among people, he confuses all their affairs. He is a money-lender, he gives money with high interest rates and he does not want to know how this interest will be paid.

The devil is able to shave even the child. That is why he is called the first teacher of mankind. He is the master of all banks. Is there anything wrong with that? Banks serve people, lend them money. They pay interest on the money, but at least the wheel is spinning. The banker sometimes fleeces his client - it means nothing, but sometimes he helps him. Whoever has entered the path should stop dealing with the devil, should not think that he is bad. So the devil is bad and you are good. You have to study the forces of evil, to harmonize them. Use only those that are in harmony with you. Do not be afraid of the forces of evil, but work with them to turn them into positive ones.

It is said that a person gets sick from a lot of thinking or a lot of studying. - It is not true. Throughout my research, I have not had a case of a person getting sick from thinking or learning. If it is a matter of wrong thoughts, of special experiences, one can get sick; right thoughts, however, lift the human spirit. If you are in Don Quixote's position, you may go crazy. If you are in Sancho Panza's situation, you will be healed. Don Quixote is a man with highly developed personal feelings. He thinks he knows and understands everything: science, art and politics. The world is full of Don Quixotes and Sancho Panzas. If this were not true, the world would have to be in perfect order. Wherever you turn, you will always meet a Don Quixote. He is a noble, pious man, but without a deep understanding of life. Sancho Panza is extremely naïve. He is ready to follow Don Quixote everywhere, hoping to be saved someday. He awaits his salvation from Don Quixote.

Today I have decided to answer all those who expect their salvation from man. This is a misunderstanding. Salvation comes only from Love. It is a force that transforms everything. Whoever achieves it, enters the realm of reason. Where there is Love, there is reason. Love is expressed through right thoughts and feelings, through noble deeds. Therefore, when Love visits you, it is good to measure your nose, neck and arm. If your thought improves, your nose gradually lengthens and narrows; if your feelings intensify, your nose widens and shortens. And finally, if your actions become more noble, your will is strengthened. This affects the chin, it gradually takes shape, it acquires a more beautiful shape.

You say, "We are not interested if the nose lengthens or shortens." - You have to be interested, as the engine driver is, whether the steam pressure in the boiler increases or decreases. If the pressure is higher than it should be, the boiler will burst. The benefits of knowledge are great. If you know these things, you will easily straighten the curvatures in your life. When you know that you cannot widen your nose, you will try to elongate it. Your thought will come to the rescue. If you do not have the opportunity to elongate your nose, you will seek help in your feelings, you will try to widen your nose. This means making a mental change in your life. In this way, one can avoid many misfortunes. When a mother gets angry with her children, her nose widens. Instead of transforming her condition, she widens her nose. She takes a stick and beats the child. This is not a correct solution to the problem. Have you watched your children cry? If you have not watched, why did you get married? Why become a father or a mother, just to give birth? This is also how fish give birth. Then you pass for scientists and philosophers, you think you will go to heaven. Do you know that when you go to heaven, the first question they will ask you will be, "How do your children cry and how do they clean their eyes?" If you say that you do not know, they will immediately bring you back to earth to learn what you do not know. This means straightening your mind and heart, i.e. to learn to think according to the laws of the mind and to feel according to the laws of the heart.

Peter answered and said to Him, “Explain this parable to us." - Which parable? - The parable of a life that resolves all contradictions and misunderstandings. This parable explains why people do not accept the Word when you preach it. Christ replied to Peter, "Contradictions exist because people's noses get wider than they should." They get wide at the expense of elongation. When an artist paints a person's nose, he can elongate it, he can widen it - it does not mean anything. Everything is possible on paper. However, what is important, is the living nose that is constantly changing. Why does someone's nose curves to one side or the other? - There is a reason for that. - Why is the pig's nose turned up? - Because it likes to dig. Those people who dig or delve, they raise their hands. So the pig also likes to dig, but with its nose. Birds of prey have their beaks curved downwards.

Now, as I speak to you like this, I do not want you to draw erroneous conclusions, but I do say that every strongly negative feature is marked on your nose - its length or its width. This is marked not only on the external shape of the nose, but also on your thoughts and feelings. Whoever reads thoughts and feelings, knows in what mind and in what heart they are born. Every thought produces a certain effect on the human mind, and every feeling - on his heart. This is what Christ's words mean: "There is nothing hidden in the world." You say, "What are we going to do when we enter the spiritual world?" - You will study your thoughts and feelings for thousands of years. And once you have studied them, when you see their pros and cons, you will study the reason for it. You will finally be sent back to earth to learn other things. Some preach an easy way of salvation, for Christ to come and remove all the sins of men. They are like those maidens who are looking for a rich man to dress them nicely, to walk them - in short, they want a comfortable life. Such are the ideas of many. A comfortable life does not solve the problems. It provides a bad future. Every life carries both good and bad conditions, and those who do not understand this make their lives worse. Whoever thinks only of himself will inevitably make his life worse. He says: "Today I have to think of myself. Tomorrow I will think of others." No, you have to think for yourself every day and do a little good. There is a program that determines how many good deeds you should do per day and how many people you should help. If you do not follow this program, there will be some gaps appearing in your life. If you help people, they will also help you; if you do not help them, they will not help you either. This law is true both for the individual and for every society and every nation. In every home, in every society, in every nation, in every race, as well as in all humanity, there is one common soul that encompasses the individual units. Common souls are grouped into one common whole. If you say this to outside people, they will think you are doing nonsense. For the one who cannot calculate, calculation is nonsense. However, this is not the case for the one who knows how to calculate.

Now, I would like a person, who has the same thoughts and feelings as mine, to come to me and we try to draw simultaneously the same object from nature. If there is not a relative but an absolute unity in our understandings between us, our actions will also be the same. So if a person's thoughts and feelings are right, his actions will also be right. This is a law in which there is no exception. You say, "I am right in all my actions." - You are right in the present moment. If you are right in the present moment, you will always be right. And vice versa: if you are not right now, you will neither be right in the future.

A Hindu gave an apple seed to his youngest son, telling him, "Son, look what this seed contains." The son took the seed, boiled it, and said to his father, "Father, I boiled the seed, but nothing came of it." The father gave another seed to his second son, for him to examine it. The son ate the seed and said to his father, "Father, I ate the seed, it turned out to be a little bitter, I did not understand anything else." Finally, the third son received an apple seed. He sowed the seed and said to his father, "Father, I have sown the seed, and in time we will see what will come of it." Therefore, give the person a seed to see how he will act. One will boil the seed, another will eat it, a third one will plant it. Few people plant the seed. The son who planted the seed, only he understood the power that lies in it. The seed is the unmanifested tree. For the same reason, I say: Every thought has to be sown, to grow and bear fruit. How is the power of a thought known? - By its brightness and nobleness. Whoever has bright and noble thoughts, is able to love his enemy as well. You may have planned to commit murder, but if the Divine Love visits you, you immediately become polarized. Murder does not conquer things. Murder does not resolve the issues. What will you gain if you open a bottle containing poisonous gas? The poisonous gas needs to be thickened, to be turned into a liquid and then processed. Evil must be thickened, but not expanded. This is a law.

Today's European nations are in the phase of destruction. They are not applying the teachings of Christ, but the old teachings of the distant past. War is a remnant of an old belief. Idols are remnants of old beliefs. This is the old culture, which appears in new forms. You say, "We are fighting in a new, modern way. Therefore, we are cultured people." In America, they use electricity to kill people. In France, they cut their heads off.

"Explain this parable to us." Those of you who are still asking this question, they must first ask themselves what this parable is, what the main task of this parable is. - The parable is life itself. Where does life come from? You will say that life comes from Love. Are you connected with this Love? It gave birth to life millions and billions of years ago. Life is not being born today. If the wheat grains are destroyed, they will no longer exist. If the cells of the human body are also destroyed, they will not be born a second time. They were born millions of years ago. Everything is created under special conditions that do not repeat themselves. Moreover, we cannot create these conditions. Every thought, every desire is created at a special time and at a special combination of conditions. And there is a special time for Love. The woman says, "One can feel love at any time." - No, you cannot. You can feel, you can adjust at any time, but to love in such a way as to get transformed, to free yourself from all instincts, to tame the wolf, the tiger in you, this is not always possible. What irritates man and awakens the lower in him, is not Love. It is the distorted human life that is now manifesting.

As I speak to you, many want me to tell them a secret. I can only show you the door to the secret, but you will find your own way. Bulgarians say: "Show him the door, he will find the barn himself." Who cannot find the barn is not ready for work.

So, think about the two dimensions of the nose - its length and width. I have not talked about depth yet. - What determines the length of the nose? - The right thought. - And the width? - The right feelings. If you connect properly with the great law of Love, which works in the whole universe, your nose will have the necessary length and width. This means to be in harmony with the great harmony of life, with all the stars and planets. If your nose widens properly, you are in touch with all beings of Love. Whoever is connected with Love, never does evil. You say, "We are completely entangled, we cannot understand what is required of us." - And that is good. Unless you become entangled, you cannot recover. See how the trees intertwine! There are trees whose roots - their head, is ten meters deep in the ground. Sometimes a person buries himself deep in his difficulties and cannot see until he passes through them. When someone has great suffering, I say that his head is buried in the ground. Once he is free from suffering, he takes his head out. In order for the forces to manifest in your body, you have to sink deep into the matter. Therefore, the true spiritual life in man will manifest only after he is buried in matter and then resurrected. Very few understand the spiritual life. They say, "Spiritual life is like air and wind." - It is not like that. There is wind only on earth, but not in the spiritual world. What do the winds show? That there are stupid people on earth. Gaps, which produce winds, are formed between them. Therefore, when the winds blow and the trees bend, I say: Stupid people reign. Everything can be expected from them. Their car turns in all directions, like Nasreddin Hodja's car. They have no morals. According to them, the right belongs to the strong. The moral of life is in eating and drinking. As you live, you have to be rich and strong. If someone hits you once, you hit them twice. This is the philosophy of people with empty heads. There are such people everywhere. They cause suffering to all. The only thing that can fix people's lives is sanity. When there is a lull and the winds stop, we say that smart people are reigning.

So, if you think that today I have a desire to make you adepts and followers of my teaching, you are on the wrong path. I want you to say after thousands and millions of years that the teaching I am preaching to you is right. The true belief is only the Divine one. All human beliefs have certain shortcomings. However, human language is not so flexible and plastic as to express the Divine. Nouns and verbs are often not put in their place, according to the rules of grammar, and people derive from my words things contrary to what I have said. They say I speak against the priests. I speak not against them, but against all the false beliefs which make men miserable; I speak against all the false beliefs that cause wars; I speak against all the crooked beliefs that cause atrocities in life. Peter answered and said to Him, "Explain this parable to us." Do you know what modern people look like? In ancient times there lived a black magician, who set himself the task of capturing the human soul when it came out of the body and closing it in a new form. For his experiments, he chose Egyptians of high origin. For this purpose, he made statues from a special substance and, when the moment of a woman's death was approaching, he put her soul immediately in its new form and wrote: "Here lives the soul of a princess." Thus he locked the souls of many men and women in new forms. He kept them locked up for thousands of years, but he could not make them work. To this day, people are still trying to capture the souls of their loved ones, to make them work for them. They can do anything, but they cannot make them work. You can work, but voluntarily, through the law of Love. No one can force you to work. It is a delusion to think that you can force a person to work. Not only that, but some think they can force Love to work for them. That is impossible. Work is the result of Love. Whoever wants to learn to work, must accept Love. Once you acquire rational life, you enter Love. However, if you fall into an unreasonable life, you will experience anguish. I am asking: How did you enter your bodies - freely or by force? If you change your nose, your face, you have entered your body voluntarily; if you cannot change, the black magician has forced you into these artificial forms. Therefore, if you ask what causes evil, I will say: Evil stems from the fact that people are slaves to their passions. And the passions are nothing but the black magician who closes souls in artificial forms. That is why sometimes the man is wayward, angry, furious, shouting; sometimes the woman is wayward. To this day, people still serve this black Egyptian magician. As you entered the artificial forms made by him, did you ask the Lord whether to enter or not. - You have not asked Him. You will be honest to tell the truth.

A wealthy merchant met a young man who was complaining about his wife. "I got married, but I am not happy. My wife is constantly tormenting me. The merchant took pity on him and invited him to live together at his home. The young man abused his hospitality and disgraced the merchant's daughter. After this dishonest act, he fled. That way the world will never get better. Evil increases evil, good increases good, Love increases Love. These are laws that operate both in nature and in life. In Love, you will expand and ascend; in lack of love, you will shrink and descend. The only thing that can save you from evil, is Love. You will live wisely and you will know that Love reigns everywhere in the world. I am not talking about your love, I am not talking about love between men and women, nor about love between friends; I am not even talking about brother-sister love. The Love I am talking about is special. It works in you too, but you do not pay attention to it. When a bright thought visits you, it is Love, however, it soon disappears. As bright thoughts pass through you, you are deceived, you begin to feel like deities. Make no mistake! The Divine is strong, powerful. Where is your strength? You say, "I am a learned man." - Where is your knowledge? The Divine man has Love in his soul. Whoever has no Love, is a black magician who can close the human soul in an artificial form at any moment. Do not be afraid. Old forms must be destroyed. That is why death comes. It will destroy all bodies turned into automata. Therefore, death brings liberation to all imprisoned souls.

"Do not kill!" This means: Do not kill the soul that has entered a body and works according to the law of Love. However, if a soul has entered a bottle and has become a slave to someone, I say: Break this form. The principle is as follows: Never destroy the dwelling of a soul in which God lives and which works according to the law of Love. If you kill such a soul, God will not forgive you neither in this world, nor in the next. If you break a bottle with a soul locked up, you have done good. If a soul that works according to the law of Love dies, we have to cry; if a soul locked in a bottle dies, we have to rejoice. The free soul is not destined to die, but sometimes it becomes a sacrifice for the upliftment of humanity. Do not kill a soul that loves you and works for your good. It is a crime to kill an ox that works all day in your field. In the future state, people will be punished equally for killing a man and an ox. This requires a new morality, a new understanding of life. The good souls who will come to earth to work in the name of Love, will not strive for high positions - kings, bishops, patriarchs, ministers, but will be good mothers and fathers, good teachers and priests who will work selflessly. When these souls take over, the world will get better. Apply the new teaching and do not expect Christ to come, so that you live happily. When He comes, He will break all the bottles, all the automata. The graves in question are those locked souls who have been waiting for years for the time of their resurrection. Until now, the Orthodox have been debating whether they will be resurrected with their old bodies or with new ones. - There will be no other body than the one you are now living in. The soul will follow the path of the Divine, the path of Love. The woman, when seeing her husband, will not ask for money, as she does today. And the man will not ask his wife for money. Now they think only of money, they call each other "darling" as long as they have something. These are two people locked in bottles. These are two souls locked in bottles. While they are against each other, they are dissatisfied, they want to separate. When they separate, they suffer for each other. No, you must have the same attitude towards the person when he is with you and when he is away from you. This is what true Christianity requires.

Today, everyone is arguing about their faith and beliefs. One thing must be known: man creates beliefs, but they cannot create man. Man has created many things, from which he himself suffers today. Therefore, do not cry over what you have created, but change it. Do not pray to your works, but change them. The human spirit is able to change all the beliefs and systems that it has created. Therefore, one can change one's life alone, be resurrected, learn the truth. You say, "Are you right, or not?" - You will answer for yourselves, whether my words are true or not. - "We are very hot!" - What should you do when the sun is shining brightly? You will go to work. Today I am speaking to everyone and asking you: Are you free souls or not? Are you free citizens of the Kingdom of God, or slaves to someone? Do you have a free religion, or the religion of the ages, which enslaves souls. Decide which Lord you serve: the Lord of truth or the Lord of the cross? If I come to you and you rob me, I know who you serve. If I come to you tired, jaded, and ask you to receive me into your home, I will know whom you serve. If you say that you are indisposed and have no space in your home, I already know which God you serve. You may have right beliefs, but your actions toward the jaded and unhappy person will determine who you serve. It is important how you act at that moment. The prophet Ezekiel said, "One good deed erases all bad deeds." And the opposite is also true: One bad deed erases all good ones. It is said, "He who has fallen, let him see that he rises." Do you have to cry that you have fallen? Get up and continue on your way! So, if you want to be comforted, apply the great law of Love. Use this law! You can never touch the sun, shake hands with it, but you can always use its light. You can never go to God, you can never talk directly to Him, but you can always go to His Spirit. Going to God means merging with Him, forgetting everything earthly, losing everything, and awakening in the Divine world. Are you ready for that? - "I am not ready." - Then go to the sun on the left and when you get tired, come to me. Now God has released you on earth. Do you know where you will be next time? The earth has passed half of its way. It has half the way left. When it gets there, the bell will start ringing. Then you will go from one train to another, you will carry your luggage. Where will you go? Wherever your eyes see. You say, "God is good." - I am glad that you think so. Do you hear the voice of Christ? Do you talk to Him, or do you assume that you hear Him? Your assumption may be like that of the suitors who go to the maiden and start praising the young man that he is good, handsome, noble.

A young Turk was forced to marry a girl, whom they recommended as very beautiful and good. After the wedding, she asked him, "Who should I show myself to?" - "To whoever you want, but not to me." She was so ugly.

Now they also tell you about Christ, that he was good, that he saved people. And you, after all, will marry not the Christ whom your soul expects, but the one whom people recommend to you. Many Christs and many Virgin Mary's exist. The world is full of such Christs and Virgin Mary's. One is the true Virgin Mary. I know her, she is excellent. There is one God in the world. There is one Christ. Make no mistake. Everything else is a reflection. The soul that is placed in you is God, this is Christ, this is the Holy Virgin Mary. That soul is imprisoned today. Can you release her? She often moans and cries, but when you do not understand her, you say, "We need money!" She says, "Enough is enough, you do not need it anymore!" - "No, more, more!" I am not saying that wealth is necessary, but the real wealth is in the present, in the present moment. Be rich at the moment. Know that when you are sleeping, eating and working, you are rich. Do not think about tomorrow. I wonder about today's people! A friend comes to you whom you have not seen for years, and instead of feeding him you worry about tomorrow, not to lose anything. Feed your friend and do not think about tomorrow. God will not leave you. With our irrational lives we cause ourselves suffering. You have everything - a wife, children, houses, money and you are still dissatisfied. What else do you want? You want to be rich more than you can bear. Whoever is truly rich today, will always be rich. Therefore, be rich today, be content today, accept the truth today. You say, "What you are telling us is beyond our reason." So says the one from whom you want to borrow money. He scratches his head and says, "I will think about it!" - No matter how much you think, you will not think of anything. As I am watching you, I see your dissatisfaction and distrust. You say, "This man wants us to invest in his bank at high interest rates." - I do not want anything from you. Try this thing! You may doubt as much as you want. On earth, any doubt is allowed, however, we can test ourselves. Try the teaching and whatever you accept with your mind and heart, it will be true for you. What is true on the inside, is also true on the outside. If you do not trust yourself, you cannot trust others. If you love the Spirit, you will love others. - What does the Spirit represent? - When you are drowning and someone saves you, that is the Spirit. - What is love? - If you are hungry and they give you food and drink, this is Love, this is a manifestation of the soul. Believe in the Spirit, Who has brought you out of the water. Believe in the soul that has fed you.

"Explain this parable to us." - What is this parable? - The life that resolves all contradictions and grievances.

We will turn dissatisfaction into a virtue. The student is dissatisfied that he does not know his lesson. - He will learn it. The maiden is unhappy that she is not beautiful. - It depends on her to become beautiful. If you are satisfied, go to work with your loved ones, to show them how you have become happy.

So, change your nose. If you can elongate it with at least one hundred millionth of a millimeter, you have achieved a lot. This is genius. This can happen in both the mind and the heart. You are required to reasonably elongate and widen your nose. Only then will you get rid of misunderstandings in your life.

Therefore, if you elongate and widen your nose by one hundred millionth of a millimeter, you will achieve the whole. What work can a nose that is elongated by one hundred millionth of a millimeter do?

Imagine that you are pouring water from a barrel on the ground. - Will this water do any work? - No, it will do no work. The water will be spilled, it will form a path - nothing more. It is another matter if this water is poured into a lake. No matter how small the amount of this water, it will still add something to the lake. A certain amount of energy will flow into it. For the same reason I say: The energy that is transmitted to the nose with its elongation, no matter how small, it will flow into the whole body. It penetrates it, but does not spill out. Doubt is an infirmity of the mind, while envy, malice - of the heart. These infirmities have to be thrown out of the person, same as the water from the barrel is poured directly on the ground. Those who cannot free their hearts from hatred are slaves to the black magus. Life is toying with them. The same goes for the mind. It also has to get rid of its infirmities.

So, at the center of your life - your mind, the water must be pure, crystal clear. No impurities are allowed! You need to know the depth and size of your lake - the heart. Then, the Divine energy that penetrates you, will elongate your nose by one hundred millionth of a millimeter. From the point of view of calculus, not only the length and width of the nose can be calculated, but also the volume of the whole human life. Do not say that these questions are not for you. - Why are they not for you? - We are old now. - The devil is old because he does not want to work for others. Anyone who says that he does not want to work, is one of the black brothers. Whoever wants to work in the name of the great Love, in the name of the Great God, is one of the white brothers. - "We are stupid, we can not work." - There is no stupid person among you. Break with that thought that limits you! - "How are we going to live in these difficult conditions?" - What conditions? In the bottle? - Do not be afraid of anything! Love is a force that melts all barriers. Put this thought into yourselves, in order to help yourselves not only individually but also collectively, and say, “We can live according to the requirements of Love and we can explain this parable ourselves. We can continue and widen our nose by the same magnitude."

Write down the motto: "Warm heart, fresh soul, bright mind and strong spirit." When the mind is bright, a man is freed from limitations. The strong spirit creates and recreates things. Say to yourself, "My heart is warm, my soul is fresh, my mind is bright, my spirit is strong, because I live in the law of Love, in which there is no change." This is the new rule of life. If you say that to yourselves, you will immediately solve your problem. Do you know how much this rule costs? - Not less than 25 billion. There are people who have worked hard for 20-25 lives until they learn this formula. You say, “Simple task! We know these things." - This order, in which the words "warm, fresh, bright, and strong" are given, you have not known until now.

Now, when you return to your homes, apply the new rule. When women apply it, it will become easier for men; when men apply it, it will become easier for women. When mothers apply it, it will become easier for children; when children apply it, it will become easier for mothers. When teachers apply it, it will become easier for students; when students apply it, it will become easier for teachers. Let softness be brought into the lives of all people. This will indicate that you have applied the new rule. If you say that you have applied it, I will ask you: Has it become easier for you? - "No." - So you have not applied it. Those who do not apply the new rule will pay one percent interest on 25 billion. Come on, let me reduce it - one thousandth. I can reduce it further - one millionth. No matter how small the fine, you will still pay something.

So, you have learned a new rule, but if you do not apply it, you will pay a fine.

Talk by the Master, held on 15 May, 1921 in Sofia

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: nikolaysan (Николай)

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