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1921_05_22 The Bread and Living Energy (Nik)


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Готов превод Живата енергия / Хлѣбътъ и живата енергия - 22.5.1921-НБ-359 / ...: 22.5.1921-НБ-359

The Bread and Living Energy

And again He stooped down and wrote on the ground. (John 8:8)

"And again He stooped down and wrote on the ground". All great things are done in silence and in secret. Great questions, great thoughts and great feelings are born in silence.

Christ came to earth to perform a great deed. "He stooped down and wrote on the ground."

"And they brought unto him a woman caught in adultery, and when they set her in the midst, they said to him: "Master, this woman was caught in adultery, in the very act. Now, Moses, in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned. But what do you say?” Jesus stooped down and wrote on the ground with His finger. He was solving a great law, whether the woman should be killed and, if killed or convicted, how to do this. When He resolved the issue, he stood up and said, "He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first."

The conclusion we can draw from this conversation is that judges have to be sinless people. If you ask me why people suffer, why their lives are not going well, I answer: Because judges are sinful people. What good will a judge, who is bribed with money or public opinion, bring for his people? Can the nation, whose judges are corrupt people, prosper? - Never! Therefore, he who holds the office of judge, must judge according to the teachings of Christ. He has to be sinless. If the sinless man stones you, not only will he not kill you, but you will be resurrected. The stones will fall on you without hurting you. Now people full of sins come to power and, as they stone you, they hurt you. There is life in the judgment of the righteous; there is no life in the judgment of the wicked. If so, it is preferable that a righteous person judges you.

"He stooped down and wrote on the ground." Now, as I speak, I see that some are taking notes. Some write with a desire to learn, and others - to find something wrong, to catch me. They deliberately distort the facts. In my opinion, whoever says that he does not say the right things, is sinless, and I agree that he stones me. Whoever is sinful, let him shut his mouth and be silent! If the mouths of sinners are not silenced, the Lord will shut them up. If you do not believe that the Lord shuts the mouths of the people, go to the cemetery. You will see that all the mouths there are shut. For eight thousand years, the Lord has shut the mouths of all people. In this respect those who die are sinful; those who are born are righteous. I draw such a conclusion.

When He had raised Himself up, Christ said to the woman, “Beware that in the future you shall bring forth righteous and pure souls. If you continue to live as you do now, you will not end well. Try, woman, to bring forth pure souls, because both those who believe and those who do not believe have gone astray. Make an effort to give birth to something better." The good, the sublime, the noble are not born under conditions created with a cup in hand. It is not born in the courts when someone is sentenced to death; it is not born on the battlefield with a weapon in hand; it is not born in the diplomacy of people, nor in the intrigues between them. Under these conditions, children of crime are born; thoughts, desires and actions of crime are born there.

Christ said to them, "He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first." They knew the law, and one by one they got up and went out. If they had not gone out, they would have fallen to the bottom of hell. Everyone went out. - Of where? - From the inside and out. And you, according to the same law, when your Pharisees and Sadducees are grumbling against the harlot, tell them, "He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first!"

And Jesus remained alone with the woman, and He said to her, “Woman, where are those accusers of yours? Has no one condemned you?" - “No one, Lord.” And Jesus said to her, “Neither do I condemn you. Go away, and sin no more." Now your conclusion is: This woman is guilty; women always get into trouble, they are not good for anything else. When God created man, there were no troubles in the world. With the creation of the woman also came the troubles. That is what women's opponents say. This is a question. If the world had been left without women for a long time, there might have been more troubles than there are now. That is why the Lord said, "Let the woman come into the world, so that there are not many troubles happening." This is my conclusion. - How will you prove this? - How will you prove your claim? Things are proved only when the principles and values that determine them are the same. If you have the unknown x to varying degrees x, x2, x3, x4, how will we understand each other if, for example, I use x2 and you use x? These values are not the same. If I work with the value x3, the difference will be greater than x2; if I work with x4, the difference will be even bigger.

Today, all people - men and women - talk about morality. - What does morality represent? - An unknown value created only for the weak one. - Why? - Because when the weak one steals, he immediately gets punished; when the strong one steals, no one can punish him. If a lion enters the barn and picks up a sheep, you say: Good thing it did not pick me up. If a little troublemaker enters the barn and disperses the sheep, you will immediately take a stick to hit him and you will say, "If you dare, enter the barn again!" The present world is full of little troublemakers who are constantly being punished. Big tigers and lions are not caught by any law. And the people know this and say, "The law is for the weak, but not for the strong."

I say: The law should be for everyone - from the smallest to the largest. The law must be absolute and be enforced consciously by everyone, not through guards. If you use guards and pass for honest, I doubt your honesty. If you use prisons and pass for honest, I doubt your honesty. If there are no prisons, gallows, guards in a country and it is open everywhere, then I can say that there are honest people in that country.

Today you meet soldiers, guards everywhere, and then you say that you are cultured people. This depository of thoughts and feelings, of understandings and morals, what direction can it give to life? What inner meaning will you give to your life? What is the meaning of family? - To educate good citizens. - What is the meaning of the church? - To make honest and loving worshipers. - What is the purpose of the state? - To bring up good and honest citizens. One of the basic laws of Christianity is, "Only the righteous should be punished." When this law is understood, public life will undergo a major reform. - Who can be a teacher? - The capable, the learned one. The ignorant one cannot be a teacher. Everyone supports that. What should the priest be like? - Not only should he have knowledge and ability, but he should be absolutely pure and sinless. They say, “Do not look at the deeds of the priest, but listen to what he says; look how he is dressed." - The priest's robe is a human invention, there is nothing to look at it. Look at the nobility and holiness of man. You say, "Look at the man's hat." - What in particular will you see in his hat? It is another matter to see a bright human thought. Tell me a bright man-made thought. Why can a man not create such a thought? - Because he lives only for himself.

Human morality is created on the basis of selfishness. You say, "When I am fine, the world also goes well." Wherever you go - in churches, in homes, the same morality reigns everywhere. As long as the man brings home everything necessary, he is kind and dear, there is no one like him; when he brings nothing in, both the woman and the children scold him, they call him a fool, a simpleton. When he loses his money, he also loses his mind. Can the mind be dependent on money? They are a product of the human mind. Therefore, it is impossible for the mind to depend on money. It's funny to think that losing your money will make you stupid. Rather, the opposite is true: when you lose your money, you get smarter. While being poor, one never robs. When he gets rich, he starts thinking about how to earn more. Rich people gather and start gambling, robbing each other. Knowing this, God takes man's money away to straighten his mind. The woman says, "One cannot live without money." - Did your first mother have money when she gave birth to you? She gave birth to you without money. There was no money in heaven. A child was born to a poor clerk in Sofia. He said to himself, "What am I going to do with this small salary? How will I handle the new costs? Where will I get money for the baptism of the child?” However, the same day he was called and given a higher office. After two or three days, going to work, he found a banknote of one hundred levs. He took the money and was glad he had something to baptize his child with. The child lived for eight years. During this time, his affairs were getting better day by day. It so happened that the child became ill and died. From that day on, his condition gradually deteriorated until he reached the position he was in before the child was born. I ask: Was the child the reason for the improvement of the financial situation of the father, or the financial situation created the child? Today's people need children to bring light to human minds and hearts. Only in this way will they understand the great law of Love, which creates the good geniuses of mankind. The world needs good geniuses who create and form, not evil geniuses who ruin and destroy. And Christ stooped down to the ground and whispered, "Woman, from the revision I am doing, I see that you are not giving good direction to your children." Here the earth is guilty, so the Lord punishes it. I do not look at the earth as you understand it, but I dwell on its philosophical significance. If you want to know what is inside the grain or the acorn, you have to plant them in the ground to grow. In this way the earth will develop, it will create better conditions for the plants. If you can rise above the conditions of the earth, you will see that it is not as you know it. Those who say they see the earth are still at the bottom. Fish also see only water, but not the earth. In order to see the earth in its true state, you must come out of the conditions in which you live. Whoever lives only on the earth says, "Everything is on the earth." The fish says, "Everything is in the water." Which culture is higher: the one of land or the water? What would you think of me if I told you that there is another earth besides the one you know. You will say that I am missing something. The fish also do not believe that there is an earth outside the water with a higher culture than that in the water. When someone has something missing, it is said that they have a screw loose. - It is still needed for one screw to be loose. When the church's bell is ringing, the worshipers go to pray. It is preferable for the ocean waters to clatter and roar than to be quiet. - Why? - So that they warn us. Quiet waters are dangerous. I prefer the rocks to make noise, to warn us that there is an obstacle in our way. Silence, stillness are preferred when a person does good. According to occult science, silence is necessary until a certain idea is born. Once born, there must be noise, in order for it to be sown and grow.

Modern society needs a positive philosophy, a proper understanding of life. This will bring the necessary elements for our growth. You have come to earth not as guests, but as students of a great school, with eagerness to learn. However, everyone needs to know what to learn. The mother says: "Thank God, I gave birth to four children, I can leave freely, but I am worried about who will look after them after my death." The merchant thinks he has done some work, but he is also worried about who he will leave his wealth to. Both the minister and the priest are worried about who will succeed them. I ask: Is it important, from the point of view of the Divine world, to be a king, a minister or a bishop? Is it important to be a man or a woman? These are minor things. You say, "What should I be born - a man or a woman?" -This is not important. Whether you will have a mustache or long hair, this is a secondary thing. Parents argue about what the child should be, a boy or a girl. In today's conditions it is not easy to give birth to and raise a girl. Not only will you sell your daughter, but you have to pay for that sale. What a culture is that! Once upon a time, when a girl got married, the young man gave money to her father and gave clothes to her sisters. Today's people have turned things upside down.

Today, all people say, "We have to work!" - Why? - "We have daughters, we need money to marry them." - Marriage is also secondary. Think about the essential thing in life - Love. You will say that the essential thing is a mare's nest. It is not like that. When you find the essentials in life, you solve some questions individually, namely: where do you come from, what will you do, where will you go, what strength do you carry within you, how can you develop properly, etc. You say, "The mother creates the child, she takes care of him." If I told you that the opposite was true, what would you object to that? In my opinion, the child creates the mother, it forces her to work. Observe the manifestations of nature. You see a hen that is ready to run away from its shadow - she is cowardly. As soon as she has chicks, she immediately becomes fearless, it all bristles. It is enough for someone to approach her and she will attack him. Even the ox runs away from her. Where does this courage in the hen come from?

Here is another misconception. You say that only old people can rule. - Why? - Because they are smart. - Until now, old people have ruled, but have they fixed the world? Since they could not fix it, now the young people are coming to rule. The old ones say, "Ever since the young came to power, they have ruined the world." They want to blame the young for their own mistakes. No, the old people have ruined the world and they have to correct their mistakes. Do not take offense. In my opinion, the one who lives for himself is old. The old man says, "I used to do a lot of things, now I cannot do anything." He passes for a holy man, for a nobleman. It is true that his legs are no longer holding. Go back to his young years, there you will see how holy and noble he is! We are not deceived by the changes that happen to man. I ask again: What is essential in life? Few can answer this question. If you say that the mind is essential, you see that it is disturbed. Someone hits you in the head and your brain stops working: you cannot think right, you cannot reason. Where is your mind? Scientists say that in this case the brain cells are disorganized and one cannot think and speak correctly. So the thought is not the man. Where is the man then? Thought is a condition for the manifestation of man, but man is beyond his thought. You will say that man is in his heart and in his feelings. However, both the heart and the feelings change. The husband loves his wife, but as she gets older, he says, "I am tired of this old woman!" The wife loves her husband, but as he gets older, she says, "Let that old man get away from me!"
He looks at a young girl, twists his mustache and says, "Oh, this young woman!" Then he apologizes for joking. - No, he is telling the truth. There is no joke. When one cannot tell the truth directly, he tells it as a joke.

In the Russo-Turkish war, two Russian soldiers stopped in front of a fishmonger's to watch the fish. At one point they both looked at a big, nice carp. However, they had no money and could not buy it. They decided to quarrel, so that they could reach the carp. There was finally a fight. The fisherman looked at them laughing. One of them grabbed the carp and aimed it at his companion. What happened next? Both the soldiers and the carp disappeared.

You will say that this is a man's cunning, not a joke. Sometimes you make jokes when you cannot act right. Sometimes a joke ends with a trick. I do not admit any jokes. In that case, what is essential? If I say that the soul is essential, you will not believe. You do not have the experience to talk to yourself, that is with your soul. I am talking about positive science, in which everything has to be tried. - How can we talk to our soul? - This is the greatest science. If you can talk to your soul, you will learn great things. If you cannot talk, you will remain ignorant. The soul is the mother of man. Mother means "yeast" - that which has clothed man in matter. In fact, man has two mothers: one of spiritual origin and the other of material origin. The first mother is called the Divine soul, and the second is called matter. It creates all contradictions and delusions in man. By "Divine soul" we mean the state of nirvana. When you enter nirvana, you will forget all the difficulties and contradictions, you will be ready to bear your sins, as well as people's sins. Christ's words, "If you do not deny your mother," imply a denial of "yeast," which insists that she gave birth to you and is therefore has a right over you. She says: "You have morals, but you will listen to me, you will try to secure yourself. When it comes to your good, you may even commit a crime." The "yeast" mother does not raise her children well, she leads them in the wrong direction. How do mothers nowadays raise their children? A mother tells her daughter, "You have to eat well, to be healthy and red, to be liked by a rich guy and marry him. When you meet him, you will smile, to attract him to you." This mother does not know her daughter's soul. She sees her as a cattle that she wants to sell. You will excuse me for using the word "cattle." In my mind, it has a different meaning.

The letter "Г" ("G" in English) is a sign of eternity, that is Divine greatness. In the face of her daughter, the mother has a treasure that she uses in a wrong way. Is the master right to stab an ox with his prod? Can he not make it work for him in some other way? The ox bows its head and pulls the plow. The same ox, when hearing the hornet's hum, wags its tail and flees. - Why? Something buzzed around his ears. Now the newspapers are also buzzing, writing that the price of bread has risen. One kilo costs six leva, they say. Then they write that the bread's price has dropped to four leva. After a couple of days it rises again - eight leva. Should bread be sold? When God created the bread, He forbade people to sell it. A great curse hangs on humanity. - Why? - Because they sell bread - the great good in life. It is absolutely forbidden to sell bread and flour. After all this, do you have to ask why the world is bad, why people are bad? The first condition that must be met, is to give away the bread without money. There is no greater dishonor than buying and selling bread. In the future, people will wonder at today's people that they were such cattle, as to sell and buy bread. These are the cattle of the twentieth century. The first people, who abused wheat by selling and buying it, did not see any good until the fourth generation. Remember: Karmic law does not forgive. I am not saying that the new idea of giving bread away without money will be accepted suddenly. It is important that this idea penetrates the human mind and gradually makes its way. No memory should remain of the thought that bread needs to be sold. Bulgaria must be the first country to apply the Divine law on earth - bread has to be given for free. Only he can apply this law, who is absolutely pure and sinless. The sinner, not only will not apply this law, but will create an even worse one. So only the wise, the righteous and the noble one can apply this law.

Do you know how many women, how many girls have sold their honor just for bread? Do you know how many people have sold the sublime and noble in themselves just for bread? Then you say: "Lord, may it be Your will!" - May it be Your will, but may our will be done. You dress well, with nice hats and toppers, but your sisters rot in vice! They sell their honor for a loaf of bread! How will you justify this, you, fathers, mothers, teachers, priests, professors, kings? You will say that God has ordered things this way. This is a lie! Past generations have done this. Therefore, what people have done, people have to face it! We need to fix this. If someone has ruined their neighbor's house, smart people have to fix it! That is why the great impulse of Love has to enter everyone, and not just that we belong to some school and say that God is one way or another.

I ask: Is bread being sold in your city? - It is being sold: wholemeal bread is cheaper, white bread is more expensive. "We are cultured people." - If so, I have a special opinion of you and your culture. If this perception does not change, life in the future will become a hundred times worse than it is now. For a hundred years, only humans will degenerate. The falsification of bread, its mixing with beans, sand, lime will degenerate humanity. - Why do they falsify bread? - For profit. Everyone wants to profit from it. Religious people say: "This is not our job, there are statesmen who will impose the new law on bread." I ask: Is a cloud formed from a drop of water? Every drop has a desire to wash something, to irrigate the earth and to water the flowers, in short, to bring some benefit. Thanks to the thousands of drops, everything in nature grows and develops. Every man is a drop of water. Therefore, if you do not put your mind, your heart, your willpower and desire into work, what will happen in the world? It is written in the Scripture, "When you seek me with all your heart, I will appear to you." - What does it mean to find the Lord? - This means that the great law of Love begins to work in your souls. - "How will this happen?" Start eating the simplest food available to everyone, so that to create a wave that embraces all people. Only in this way will the world be healed. What is going on today? Some families spend a thousand or more levs for one lunch or dinner, others barely find 50-60 levs for dinner, and others go to bed hungry. Some put two or three meals on their table, but others - none. Then they will bring to court a hooker who sold herself for a loaf of bread. Then they ask Christ what to do with this hooker. Christ answers, "He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first."

You ask, "Who is to blame for this woman's fall?" - All of you collectively caused her to fall. Therefore, you have to make it right. This requires purity - to be absolutely clean! The teaching that comes from the invisible world requires from everyone not comforting, but absolute purity. When one acquires purity, he becomes powerful, strong, nothing discourages him. Purity brings health to the human mind, to the human heart and to the human soul. That is why the first hygiene, that is imposed on man, is the purity of mind, heart and soul. The new teaching recommends medicine for healthy people, not for the sick. The human world has prisons for criminals, hospitals for the sick, shelters for orphans and the elderly, but nowhere will you find places for healthy, good and smart people. Only now are small experiments being made in schools. If these attempts lead to good results -for all prisons, hospitals, shelters to be closed, we say that something valuable has been achieved. Now what does the sick person do? - He immediately calls a doctor. He touches the pulse - abnormal; the heart does not work well, the liver is upset. What is the cause of the general disorder of the body? - The bread. In the future, bakers have to be selected. A sick, sinful, dishonest person cannot be a baker. Only the good, the honest, the healthy person can become a baker. As he kneads the bread, he has to sing, to think well of everyone. If the hostess is indisposed, she should not knead bread. Indisposition is like leprosy. Do not bring this leprosy into the bread. If you are indisposed, ask your neighbor to knead the bread for you. You say, "Today, the bread is not well kneaded and baked." - Why? - Because you have set out to persecute the hooker and punish her." You do not care that bread and flour are being bought and sold. You say, "This is the order of things, established by law." Everyone has to resolve this issue alone for themselves. If you do not resolve it, there are other forces outside of you that will resolve it.

There are rational, intelligent forces in the world that have great power and activity. If you do not obey them voluntarily, they will force you. - How? - The same way as the dust is cleaned from the drum. Seeing that the drum is dusty, the drummer takes a stick and beats it hard. He does not stop beating until the sin has been removed. Now you are also on the drum. If you do not obey his laws, the drummer will start beating. When he beats several times, you will bounce away. When the law of Love comes, it will not ask you what you are and what party you belong to, but it will ask you: "Are you buying bread with money and selling it?" - "Yes." - "Then, off the drum! ” Kings, ministers, bishops, they will all be flying in the air! The Lord will say, "You have no right to sell and buy the good I have given you! You have no right to corrupt your brothers and sisters!” You say,“ I have special beliefs.” - Down with your beliefs! Only one law exists in the world - the law of Love. Should everyone not perceive the great Love of God? Should everyone not accept God's thought? Why not wish everyone good? Even if we want it, it will not come suddenly, but at least we will prepare for its coming. Everyone needs sincerity. A wife should be equally disposed towards her husband, both when he brings something home and when he does not. If she only calls him "darling" when she brings meat, bread, butter, then I say: Bang! - get off the drum!

I say: You women preach to all people that bread should be without money. This is what the Lord said originally. I will calculate how much bread Bulgaria needs and how many decares of land it needs to sow. I will be the first to work without money. We will plow the fields, we will sow them, we will reap them without money, so that the bread will be for all people without money. Let's all work to make the bread free. Is there anything wrong with that? Allocate as much land as is needed for bread. God is good for everything else. The Lord's Prayer speaks only of the bread: "Give us this day our daily bread." Now the newspapers are writing that the price of bread has risen to six and eight levs. Everyone is wondering what will be done next. I say: Instead of creating Article 4, create Article 10, according to which bread should be given for free. Let each citizen take a certain amount of land to work a little, so that the bread is given for free. Then they will not bring the hooker before us and ask, "Master, how shall we deal with her?" The answer is simple and clear: "Whoever is without sin, let him throw a stone at her first." I will quote a story to clarify the above thought. One king had three daughters with different gifts and abilities. The youngest was the most beautiful and virtuous one. In order to protect her from human gaze, her father always kept her closed. The princes from the neighboring kingdoms learned about this king's daughter and sent suitors to ask her for a wife. The father, advised by the sages in his kingdom, decided to test which of the princes was most worthy of his beautiful daughter, before answering the suitors. For this purpose, he chose several beautiful maidens from his kingdom, among whom he placed his daughters. All the maidens were ten in number. He ordered them to be dressed as servants. He smeared his youngest daughter's face with charcoal, so that she looked the ugliest. The princes came to check out the maidens. Each of them liked a different maiden, but no one approached the king's daughters - they did not pay them any attention. Everyone wanted a beautiful girl. They married their chosen ones, but things did not go well in their kingdoms. Before the selection took place, an accident happened to one of the princes. He was the wisest and best of them all. Out of respect for the maidens, he bowed politely to everyone, but, inadvertently, slipped and broke his leg. The girls, who were not of royal descent, fled, they did not want to be burdened with taking care of the sick. However, the youngest daughter of the king, who looked dirty and ugliest of all, immediately came to help him. She bandaged the prince's leg and said, "Never mind, this is a small misfortune." He said to himself, "This is the real daughter. I recognized her." Modern people also do not know the real king's daughter, because she is dressed in simple clothes and has her face smeared with charcoal. However, she will come to bandage your broken leg. Therefore, the three king's daughters must come among you. Everyone talks about love, but they do not have Love. Everyone talks about truth and wisdom, but they do not have Truth and Wisdom. I have asked many people: Do you know Love? "Indeed, our hearts have burned." I say, Love burns, but it does not scorch. You say: "I know what I have experienced with my sweetheart! I know how much my heart used to burn! ” - Is it burning now? - "It's not burning." - Your fire was fake. You have not tasted the Divine Fire. Chickens and lambs are not roasted in this fire. Fruits ripen in it, everything grows in it. The first attempt we made during the (First World) war was to familiarize people with the living solar energy, so that they meet the sun and use its early morning rays. The clergy has made a great fuss about this. I look at solar energy as living energy in which everything grows, blooms and matures. This living energy comes only in the morning when the sun rises. It does not come from the sun itself. "Where does it come from?" I will not tell you. - It comes from God. - "Where is God?" - Everywhere - above, at the front, at the back, but not below. You say that the enemy comes from everywhere. This is the case in the ordinary circle of movement, but living energy does not come from everywhere. Apart from living energy, no other living being descends in its path. Even the angels do not follow its path. It is a special energy. The clergy say, “Do not seek this energy in the morning in nature; look for it in the church. ” - In which church? - If the living energy is in the church, where is the life? Show me one church, in which the sick are healed and the dead are resurrected. If you carry Love in your heart, Wisdom in your mind and Truth in your soul, living nature will manifest itself in a special way.

Anyone can check this. - When are good and ingenious children born? - When the mother comes out just at that time, when the living energy comes down from above. When this living energy falls on man, great ideas are born in his mind. Good does not always come. Life also does not always come, except at specific moments when God - the great power - descends to earth. It is enough to absorb this energy only once, in order to use it for a lifetime. It is enough to see the face of the real king's daughter once, in order to say: “I have understood the meaning of life! I am ready, Lord, to fulfill Your will." Now, you read different books, someone has written like this, another one has written like that, they describe the different fields, they describe hell and heaven. - Where is heaven? Have you been there? The heaven that I am talking about is inaccessible to you. He who has bought and sold bread, cannot look into the Kingdom of God, i.e. in true heaven. His foot cannot step in there. When you go to the other world, you will see for yourself. It is written there, "He who has bought and sold bread, cannot step into heaven." This is a bitter truth, but a great one. This truth - eating bread for free - must already be applied to the earth. You are not allowed to sell bread to your brother. You are not allowed to buy bread from your brother. Eat bread without money, for free! This is the new teaching. If you apply it, you will receive the blessing of all the luminous forces that work in the world, of all the good people on the face of the earth. There are good people on earth, but the lists of their names are above. If you think that your name, as a good person, is written in a church and will be accepted above, you are wrong. These lists above are empty. Whatever society or church you are enrolled in, this does not apply above. It is important to be recorded in the book of heaven. Those who are recorded there are collectively called "children of God" - sons and daughters of God. They are ready to sacrifice for the good of humanity. There are many more blank sheets in the Divine Book in which your names can also be written.

Now, when you hear me talk like that, you say, "This man wants to set our hearts on fire." - That is the greatest thing you can hear. Write the words: Love, unity, accord. Love of God. Unity and harmony with God, Who is Love and loves all souls. Accord with God, Who wants to put order in the world. He made some of his children crystals, others he has put upside down - plants, others he made flies, beetles, fish, birds, mammals, and finally he created man who walks with two legs and thinks. Man is considered the crown of creation and says to himself, "I am not like other beings." - Wait, your head has also not come out of the dense matter yet. You also must become a living tree, with leaves, flowers and branches, to bear fruit and your fruit to ripen.

"He stooped down and wrote on the ground." What was he writing? - "You are still far from understanding God's ways. You are still far from judging your brothers.” And today Christ is writing again. The wife yells at her husband and says, "Lord, should I have married such a man?" Christ writes, "Woman, if you are without sin, be the first to throw a stone at him." The husband also says, like his wife: “Lord, why have you given me this ugly woman? Why have you not given me a beautiful woman? My wife has made me a martyr, she has ruined me." Christ writes, "If you are without sin, be the first to throw a stone at her." The teacher says, “Lord, why have you given me these bad, ill-mannered children? What is this destiny of mine, to entertain these cattle!" Christ writes: “If you are without sin, be the first to throw a stone at them.” The priest says, "Where have these worshipers, these hypocrites come from to burden me?" Christ says, "If you are without sin, be the first to throw a stone at them." Christ writes for everyone. Those who understand what is written, they get up one by one and go out. They leave the church one by one and only the hooker and Christ remain. The most honest, the most sincere, the noblest soul they brought to Christ was the hooker. Christ asked her, "Woman, has anyone condemned you?" - "No one, Lord." - "Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more." There was something sublime and noble hiding in that soul. Do you know how this woman got out of there? I will not complete my talk. It is up to you to draw the conclusion. For the clever one, even a little is enough.


Love is not bought with money, and not sold for money.

Wisdom is not bought with money, and not sold for money.

Truth is not bought with money, and not sold for money.

Righteousness is not bought with money, and not sold for money.

Virtue is not bought with money, and not sold for money.

Talk by the Master held on 22 May, 1921 in Sofia.

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