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1921_05_01 Resurrection of Love (Nik)


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Готов превод Възкресение на Любовта / Възкръсение на Любовьта - 1.5.1921-НБ-357 / ...: 1.5.1921-НБ-357

Resurrection of Love

Then Jesus said to them, “Do not be afraid; go, tell My brothers to go to Galilee, and there they will see Me.” (Matthew 28:10)

The modern cultured Christian world celebrates Easter. This year, coincidentally, there are two Easters. One is called Easter for the rich, and the other one - Easter for the poor. I do not know why the rich should have Easter. If they ask me why the rich have Easter, I say: The rich have Easter so that God can free them from wealth. The greatest evil for the rich is money. So the rich man celebrates Easter to get rid of excess wealth: if he is obese, his fat to be reduced a little; if his heart is obese, to get rid of some fat. Doctors know the effect of fats on the body. - Why do the poor celebrate Easter? - In order to eat well. Everything is good to eat! Easter is related to resurrection. Everyone wants to get free from something, to be resurrected. The poor want to free themselves from material slavery.

Now, in order to understand both Easters, you have to live with both the rich and the poor. It is an art to be able to live with both the rich and the poor. We are not interested in the question of how Christ was resurrected; we are not interested in graves. What is important to us, is the basic idea embedded in the resurrection. Whether Christ is crucified, whether he is in the grave, we are not interested. When he wants to get married, the lad does not care where the maiden was born and in which house she lives. He is interested in the girl and her love for him. The house is a secondary thing. However, the modern cultural world attaches more importance to the house and the cemetery than to the living people. According to the poor, this has its economic considerations. - Why do people serve Christ? - Because he gives them money, grain, bread. If Christ does not provide any budget for the priests, you will see that no one will serve Him. If He reduces some of the bread, people will stop going to church. And the poor, while they have some ideals, they also think only of eating. What unites all people is the common idea of the bread. That Christ came down from heaven, that He lived on earth, that He was crucified and risen, these are minor issues. The difference between people is that some seek Christ and others - do not seek Him. That is a question. "Even if it is true, it is still a lie," say the Turks. You will say that my words are strong. If you travel the world, you will come across this naked truth everywhere. I am not criticizing, but I am stating the fact. When I see a turnip, I say that it is 2 centimetres deep and 1 centimetre wide. If you do not believe, check.

- Why did Christ come to earth? What was His task? - To apply the law of living love, which resolves all issues: mental, emotional and social. When you apply living love, you will see that all people feel like you. They rejoice and suffer like you. All people have the same needs as you. When you understand this, you will sympathize with each person and you will be able to help them as well as yourself. This is a science that will be applied in the future. This is what humanity requires. What is going on now? Two people meet and say to each other, "Christ is risen!" What does this greeting mean? It is like a guest coming to you and you saying, "Welcome! I am glad you came!" - If he has come for two or three days, welcome! If for a longer time, then the matter becomes more complicated. You start asking him here and there, how long he is going to stay, how he is going to leave, etc. Our friendship has come to two or three days. If it lasts longer, the friendship breaks down. "Jesus said to them." The word Jesus is symbolic. It contains three great basic principles. One principle means a force that creates, transforms life and gives it a new direction. Jesus is a man who does not do ordinary things. He means the great Divine truths that put everything in order.

The second principle is living energy, which puts everything in order. It does not stab things with needles like those who study bugs and butterflies. It does not kill, but gives life to all beings. It is a force that preserves everything, or, as it is also called, the "law of Love." The third principle is the "law of equilibrium", which regulates all disputes and misunderstandings between people. Why disputes arise you know that better than me. They are a natural consequence of human life. In Bulgaria, in a small town, they made a bathroom. When they had to line the bathroom floor, the citizens were divided into two parties: some maintained the view that the boards should be smooth, planed; others maintained the opposite view: the boards should not be planed. For eight thousand years, people have been arguing about what should be the boards with which to line the bathrooms - planed or rough. Finally, they sent an inspector to resolve the matter. He said that the bathroom should be lined with one planed and one rough board. Thus both views were satisfied. Then whoever maintains the view that the bathroom should be lined with planed boards will step on the planed ones; whoever maintains the other view will step on the rough boards. It is important to have peace! "Jesus said to them." - Jesus is the man who contains the three principles in Himself. - What did He tell them? - "“Go, tell My brothers to go to Galilee, and there they will see Me. - Do not be afraid!" What is the reason for the fear? - Infidelity. Our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters have been cheating for thousands of years and continue to cheat, and today they do not trust anyone. You say to someone, “Is what you are saying true? Will you return the money you have taken?” If the fear has arisen from infidelity, the cure against it is Love. Fear is the most dangerous human disease. It is a trick, a weakness for the human nature. Most crimes are due to fear. Whoever wants to be a hero, must banish fear from his heart. His heart must be full of Love. - With what love? - Living, conscious love, not with love of potatoes or millet, as they call ordinary human love.

In the olden times wheat, barley, rye, oats and corn went to war, in order to free the world from slavery. Since they had to let one of them feed humanity, they decided to charge the millet with this service. They said to it, "In our absence, you will feed the people. When we return, each of us will take our place and fulfill our duty. " The millet asked them, "Can I let people make a pie from me?" They replied, "You become good enough for bread, do not think of a pie!" Someone talks about culture, about a pie. - He is not good enough for bread, but wants to become a pie. He has not yet rectified his life on earth, but thinks of heaven - what a pie there will be there. I say: First rectify your life on earth, and then think of heaven.

Christ says, "Do not be afraid!" - Why should they not be afraid? - Because He carries the new element of Love. - For whom? - For His brothers, not for outsiders. Today, I am also talking for my brothers, not for outsiders. Those who recognize the Brotherhood, are people of the new culture. Those who do not acknowledge It, are people of the old culture. If you want to find your name somewhere written in large letters, you will find it in the beadroll of the old culture. There is written the name of some count, prince, bishop, minister, preacher and others. However, you cannot find the man there. You say, "I am a teacher." - What subject do you teach? - "Mathematics." - How do you teach? - “We have ten basic numbers, from 1 to 10; I make different combinations with them, as traders do: I add, I subtract, I multiply, I divide, I extract roots." - However, there is a difference between one extraction and another. It is not the same whether you extract a tooth from a person's mouth, or you pull out a plant with its root and plant it elsewhere. Moreover, you can extract with pliers, or you can extract with a pickax. That is why I call the mathematics that people are now studying, an introduction to mathematics.

I say: There is a difference between the current science and the one that will come in the future. According to some astronomers, matter was originally in a dormant state. When it awoke, it began to spin and form living circles and spheres. Today they are studying these circles and spheres without mentioning anything about the Reasonable Cause that formed them. The movement that takes place in the universe is due to that Reasonable Spirit, who regulates and governs all forces. Only this movement is real, only it makes the world real. According to philosophers, there are two real things in the world: substance - the visible form of bodies, and essence - the invisible, elusive, which is hidden in these forms. People study mainly the form of things, they have not yet come to the essence.

And so, when we speak of brotherhood and sisterhood, we mean the substance of things, expressed in two beautiful forms. In the physical world, there are no more beautiful forms than these. Whoever wants to become as beautiful as an angel, must develop in himself the feeling of a brother and a sister. This is a law. I do not see brotherhood and sisterhood in your faces yet. Do you know what a brother's face is and what a sister's face is? There are no thorns in the area where the brother and sister live; there are also no gaps in the area where the brother and sister live. In the words used by the brother and sister, there is only one form, only one content - the idea, and only one meaning, or one sense. In brotherhood and sisterhood, words are not proven. They are strictly defined mathematical values.

What are people in the world doing? - They are arguing. If they are religious, they are arguing over who is a true Christian. When a new person comes among them, they subject him to tests to see if he can endure. - How do they know that he is ready and able to endure? According to the evangelists, he first weeps, repents of his sins, and then says he is ready to sacrifice for the good of mankind. If he passes through these phases, they accept him as a member of their church. The Orthodox man says he was born Orthodox. As is his father, so is he. This is closer to the truth. The duck hatches ducklings. The Orthodox man has to believe in the church, in the bishops, in the Gospel, in the ecumenical councils and others. The Orthodox are not doing well. I do not reproach them, nor do I ridicule them. In the Brotherhood there is no division between ours and yours, everyone is ours. There are no widows in the Brotherhood. In a nation with widows, there is no talk of brotherhood. And if there is talk of widows in a church, there is no brotherhood or sisterhood there. - What is the cause of widowhood? - The murders. Men go to war, where they are killed. Men were once widowers. - Why? - Because women used to fight then. So, when men are at war, there are widows; when women are at war, there are widowers. There are no brothers and sisters in such societies. This is from the point of view of Christian culture. There is no mention of the dead in it. Everyone there is a saint: saints in relation to the earth, but brothers and sisters in relation to heaven.

People have turned the world upside down and are wondering why their business is not going well. They have placed the saints in heaven, where there is no need for them, while the brothers and sisters are on earth. The brothers and sisters have to be above, to get the people out of the well. The saints have to be on earth, shining on people, showing them the way. Where are the Bulgarian saints? I do not want any dead saints. They must be alive, carrying their lighted flashlights. Now they want to convince me that there are saints on earth. How are the saints recognized? - They live according to the law of God's Love.

Christ says, "Go, tell My brothers to go to Galilee, and there they will see Me." Galilee is the place of the mind, where things are understood correctly. In order to go to Galilee, one has to be highly noble and intelligent, not like the wolf that attacks the sheep and carries them to its cubs. You may be offended by this comparison, but I cannot help but listen to the animals' complaints about you. When I meet a hen, I ask what it thinks of people. It says, "They are not true Christians because they slaughter us indiscriminately." - Is this true? - "Come and see what is going on in the chicken coops, see for yourself what I am saying." I meet an ox and I ask: What will you say about people? - "Leave it, there is no Christianity in them. When they harness us in the morning, they unharness us in the evening. From time to time they give us some hay. When we die, they flay our skin. This is terrible slavery. In Isaiah 77, it is said that whoever kills an ox, is like killing a man. The prophet Isaiah, who lived more than three thousand years ago, had higher morals than the present one. After all this, people say, "Christ is risen!" - Christ is risen, but not for your oxen, sheep, hens. Until Christ is resurrected for all living beings, for your oxen, sheep and lambs, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God. I take the words ox, hen, sheep in a figurative sense. Two thousand years ago, Christ said, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." There is something omitted in this verse, the whole of it is not taken. That is why I am adding: "You shall love all living beings, from the smallest to the largest, as yourself." There are living beings created by man - I am not talking about them. For example, parasites - lice, bedbugs are the result of human life.

Several American students decided to make a joke of one of their good professors. They collected parts of different beetles: a head from one, a leg from another, wings from a third one. They glued them well and formed a new beetle specimen. They took it to their professor, telling him, "Professor, we have found a special beetle, we do not know which species to classify it in." The professor took the beetle, examined it carefully, and said, "Young boys, this is the 'hoax' type, i.e. 'human invention'". The professor was not fooled.

Today's people have also made many "hoax" specimen and are passing them on as God's work. These are human inventions. Can you get into the position of each bug, to find out how it lives? What is the difference between man and small beings? You say, "The more work a living being does, the smarter it is, the higher it stands." From this point of view, humans consider animals to be simple, unconscious beings. Who has taught the spider to weave its web? Can a man weave such a thin web as the stupid spider? The spider's web is a remnant of a past high culture. The spider, at the lowest cost, still weaves its thin web. This represents the culture of the spider. I am asking: Where is our thin thread? The spider has sent its invention to the exhibition. What shall we send to the world fair? What will the Bulgarians send to this exhibition? What will Christians send? - They have nothing to send. I will be extremely grateful if you show me your invention, which you have prepared for the exhibition in heaven. How can Bulgarians, Christians, pay attention to those cultured, sublime beings who live in heaven? Today's people are arguing over who has manifested more, who has done more work on earth.

Still in prehistoric times, somewhere in present-day Asia, lived a poor man who was distinguished by his kindness. There was no better man than him. Because God was very pleased with him, one day he sent two angels to put a wreath on his head. This man spent his whole life at the roots of a tree in weeping and prayer. "Why did he have to sit by that tree?" What was the tree itself? This tree was unusual; it had a special history. In the distant past, when the culture of angels and archangels was developing, God sent one of them to earth in order to help people. As he descended to earth, the angel met a beautiful girl whom he married. Thus he forgot his designation. As punishment, God turned the angel into a beech tree with his head buried in the ground, to spend like that thousands of years, until he has learned his lesson. The poor man knew the story of this angel, and in order to atone for his mistake, he spent his whole life at the roots of this beech tree, weeping and praying. Seeing the efforts of this weak man, God decided to reward him. For this purpose, He sent angels to lay a crown on his head. Along the way, they met a beautiful girl and started arguing among themselves over who to put the wreath on: the poor man or the beautiful girl. Finally, they decided to divide the wreath into two parts: one half to put on the girl, and the other one - on the poor and holy man.

What does this wreath represent? - The crown of Love. To this day, this wreath is divided into two parts, so people's affairs are not going well. In fact, who deserves the crown: the beautiful maiden, or the poor man who cries and prays all his life at the roots of the tree to uplift the fallen one. All people have to work like the poor man who cried and prayed all his life for God to turn people's minds and hearts to himself. The intelligent, exalted beings, the angels, when they come down to earth, will always make some mistake. Then a poor man, a heretic, has to be found, weeping and praying for them to uplift them. To this day, the church still reads Basil's prayers to drive evil spirits away from the earth. However, their prayers do not help.

Today, two angels also descend to earth and wear a wreath. Because the church is considered the bride of Christ, they want to divide the wreath, all churches to get a share of it. This will not be given to them. If they divide the wreath, they will create a new dispute, new misunderstandings. You ask, "Which church does the wreath belong to?" - To none of them. The only one who deserves the whole wreath is Christ. He is alive. And now He is living on earth, but you cannot know Him. To see and know Christ, means to be permeated by His Love. Whoever carries Love in himself, gives the right to each of his younger brother to develop properly. Whoever he meets, he asks: "Are you building?" Remember: There is one law in the world - the law of Love. It includes one rule - you should never lie. This is what the law of Truth requires.

There is only one way in love - the way of Wisdom. Love brings only one good - virtue. Love uses only one law - God's justice. Now you are sitting around me and digging, you want to know if I am telling the truth, what I am, where I am from, etc. There is no need for digging. As you dig around me, you will also dig yourself. And if you dig, you will not find anything. I am not in this body. I am here seemingly. One day I will disguise myself and get away from here. Even if you meet me, you will not know me. You will ask where I am, but you will not find me. So it was with Christ. You ask, "Do you also know what will happen in Jerusalem?" We can also throw the white hair, get rid of this form, of all external forms. - We do not think of the world like you. In my opinion, all the forms that God has created, are sacred. To me, an ox is as precious as a man; a bird is as valuable as a professor. - "This is too much said." - In every individual, in every form, no matter how small, lives the Spirit of God. Whoever hinders this form or this individual, hinders the work of the Spirit. Therefore, when you stop in front of a tree, you will look at it with awe, without tearing its branches and leaves. As long as people slaughter cattle and are at war with each other, they can never love each other. Where there is no Love, there is no peace. For the new teaching, it does not matter who will rule. Let the rich rule, but not to kill, not to imprison people, not to slaughter cattle. Let the poor rule, but do not kill, do not imprison. All rulers should apply the law of Love. This is necessary not only for the external state system, but also for human souls. This is necessary for both families and individuals. The wife is dissatisfied with her husband and goes to complain to her neighbors. She has not known her husband. The husband complains about his wife. He does not know her, he has not opened the folds of her heart, to see what wellspring is hidden there. He has blocked her heart and wants love from her. Love is not demanded. It is a law: Whoever wants, has no Love in himself. You say, "I love you very much, lend me some money." - How much do you want? I am ready to give to you, as much as you want.

Christ says, "Go, tell my brothers, who are ready to apply my teaching on earth, to go to Galilee." So it is not said in heaven, but on earth. Indeed, if we cannot live in Love on earth, how are we going to live in heaven? Do you think that imperfect people will be allowed in heaven? If anyone goes to heaven, he will pass and leave as a stranger and will soon return. The greatest art of all is the art of loving.

Yesterday a friend came to me to ask me what to do with his sick sister, how to treat her. I told him: If your sister applies love, she will be healed. - How will I know, if there is Love? - If her hand has expanded a little, she has Love. This applies to everyone. If at least a microscopic expansion has taken place in your body, you have Love. If there has been no expansion, you have no Love. Christ speaks only to people who have Love. - Why? - Because they are awake. You all need to become brothers and sisters to each other, to speak only what is in your hearts, that is to be honest with yourself and your neighbor.

The President of the United States invited two prominent Indians to lunch. Among other things, they put mustard on the table. The younger guest spread mustard on his bread and, as he was eating, tears started flowing from his eyes. His companion asked him, "Why are you crying?" - I remembered that last year my father drowned in the Geranovo Lake. After a while, the second Indian ate the mustard. His eyes also filled with tears. "Why are you also crying?" The young Indian asked. "I am crying with regret that you could not drown together with your father too." That means not being honest. Today's Christians talk more about their difficulties, but not about the causes of their difficulties. The fault is not in the mustard. If your father really drowned, the reason lies elsewhere, not in the mustard.

Christ says, "Go to Galilee, there you will see me." - What does Galilee represent? - The place of Love. You will see it there. So Love can be seen, can be realized. When you see Love, that is when you see Christ, you will bear other names. The time of resurrection is coming! Christ was resurrected two thousand years ago, and now His disciples will be resurrected. The question is who will be resurrected and who will not be resurrected. The resurrection must come overall. Some want to convince me that they have already risen. I am asking: Have you seen Love? Are you ready to sacrifice for everyone? The wife says, "I have left my husband." - Of course, you are not resurrected yet. The husband says, "I have left my wife." - You are not resurrected yet." The resurrected one never leaves his beloved. He goes to the soul of his beloved and shares the truth with her. It is enough to say just one word, so that they understand each other. Only those souls who love each other, make use the truth. To converse in the Divine language, to speak the truth, this means to live in the law of Love. Today, the woman talks to her husband, calls him darling, but inside she wants him to go out as soon as possible, so that she is left home alone. As is her sincerity, so is her husband's one. These are the two Indian heroes who cry without saying the reason for crying. The woman says, "My marriage turned out miserable." And the man says the same thing. - Your unhappiness is not in the marriage, but in the sins you commit. The woman complains that she has given birth to many children. - And that is not the misfortune. The unhappiness lies in the fact that you do not know the Lord. He knocks on your door every morning to wake you up, but you do not want to get up. Someone has lost his wealth, suffering, crying, looking for the culprit. God has taken his wealth and says, "Let us see, is he going to recognize me?" Some bishop grows old, gets fired, and he suffers. He also does not know the Lord. After all this, people pass for believers; they pronounce who is a holy man and who is not; who is righteous, who has Love. This is not their right. Only God knows who is a believer, who is a saint, and who has Love. It is a law: Man cannot give birth to man. And when you multiply 2 by 2, you get four. The number four cannot just produce itself, another number will produce it. You say, "I want to love." - No, you cannot love. It is written in the Scripture, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength, and your neighbor as yourself." So, first you will love the Lord, and then your neighbor. Where will you get the Love, if you do not love the Lord with all your mind, with all your heart, with all your soul and strength? Love is not bought on the market. In the future, when you get married, you will ask your beloved: “My dear, have you loved the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength? If you have loved Him, He also lives in you, and I will unite with you." When two people come together, they will form a new number. - What is it? - The child. Do you then have to ask yourself, "Do I love myself?" Do you have to ask yourself if the stove is warm? Once you have lit the fire, the stove will definitely heat up. You say, "You should know I аm a little more peculiar person." - How is your peculiarity expressed? You are special because your purse is bigger, it collects more. (Bagpipes and trumpets were played in the next yard.) - Since we are talking about Love, let them play a little. You will have patience until they finish. They have not learned the art of playing. Their horns are buzzing a lot. This shows that these musicians do not have Love. Young and old, put the Love in yourselves, may Christ live not only in heaven, but in your souls, hearts, minds and will. Only in this way will you apply the new teaching in practice. Enough words! No one should ever criticize! Do not criticize neither your brother, nor your sister! Now I am not going to tell you "Christ is risen!" But I will ask you: Has Love entered into your minds, hearts, souls and will? To those in whom Love has entered their minds, hearts, souls and will, I say: Christ is risen, and Love is risen! Do not wait for the time to come, do not wait for evolution, do not wait for Love to come from outside. May Love come inside you! Only then will you be strong and beautiful. Once you learn to love, you will not grow old, you will be young, 33 years old. As you get older, you will remove your old skins. This way you will be constantly rejuvenated and you will live as long as you want. Let us be young in Love! This is the new teaching. Man is young was long as he loves; once he stops loving, he grows old. Man is learned as long as he loves; once he stops loving, knowledge is lost. Everyone can experience Love. Christ says, "Go, tell my brothers and sisters to go to Galilee, and they will see me there." "Where is Galilee?" - Do not ask, you are not there yet. One day you will learn where Galilee is. The resurrection of Love is coming! Now you will not say "Christ is risen", but you will say: "Let Love rise! Let the enemies, who hate us, scatter! Your present faith, your present teaching, is as follows: “Lord, let it be Your will, but let ours happen! Lord, let Your Love be, but let ours happen! ”I would say: Lord, let it be our will, but let Yours happen! Lord, let it be our love, but let Yours happen! These are the maxims that one can apply. For the one who has Love, no force can counteract him. This is a man with a new understanding. He lives in peace and light. If you have Love, you will marry your daughters in time, and the sons-in-law will go voluntarily and in time. Where there is Love, there is profit, there is knowledge.

Love is coming into the world. A great current is coming! Whoever is not a hero, should not walk on the shores, because the water will carry him away. It is said in the Scriptures: "The wrath of God is coming!" - For whom? - For those who do not have Love. This teaching is for today, for today's culture. The sufferings of today's people are more severe than those in the time of Christ. The solution to all difficult problems is in Love. It will come in real, living form and sweep away everything old.

Now I am speaking in your language, Whoever is ready, will be resurrected; whoever is not ready, will turn into water, i.e. will die. However, for the one who knows Love, death does not catch him. I wish you all to meet Christ even today. You are expecting Him in the future, but I want you to meet Him even today. To meet Christ is a great truth that is difficult to understand. There is a difference from one meeting to another. Once the lover meets his beloved and says: "It is not her!" - Why? - She is indisposed, he does not know her like that. That is why, when you meet Christ, be in good disposition. Be heroes! Carry your sufferings lightly! Only in this way will Christ know you, and you will know Him.

Accept and apply Love. Measure your hand to see how much it has expanded. Only in this way will you deal with evil. This means that Love penetrates into every home - among men, women and children, into every church. Without Love, both the big one and the small one will cry for the father who has drowned in the Geranovo Lake.

"Go, tell my brothers to go to Galilee, and there they will see me." These are the last words that Christ addresses to you, to go to Galilee, to see Him, to get to know the Love that He brings. He is coming now to resurrect you. This is the last day!

I wish you all to resurrect! I see that the stones on some graves are starting to shake. Christ is coming to roll away the stones. Many are coming with Him. Then He will say: “Lazarus, come out!” I congratulate you on the resurrection of Christ! I want you to go to Galilee, to meet Christ, so he tells you the password for the new life - the resurrection of Love.

Talk by the Master, held on 1 May, Easter, 1921 in Sofia

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