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1920_08_21 Morning Prayer and Coming and Receiving of the Spirit (Nik)


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Готов превод Сутрешен наряд, 21 август и Идване и възприемане на Духа - 21.8.1920-СБ-306 / .: 21.8.1920-СБ-306

Morning Prayer and Coming and Receiving of the Spirit

21 August, Saturday

6 am.

"The Lord's Prayer."


May God's Righteousness be established on the Earth in all its


May it dawn on all homes first.

May it inspire the Divine jealousy in the hearts of the believers,

so that they receive it in all its glory and apply it in

all its beauty and entirety.

Bless the Lord, O my soul. (song)

The Path of Life. (prayer)

The Good Prayer.

7 am.

Coming and Receiving of the Spirit

The first condition for a student of the Occult school is to have an irresistible aspiration that does not stop at anything. This aspiration may be distorted, but this is a secondary thing. First of all, in the consciousness of your soul you must have a great aspiration to God. But what is God? When philosophers want to prove that God exists, that He is this or that, they are misleading people. God, this is the measure of things - through Him we know things, through Him we understand life, through Him we perceive Love, through Him we perceive Truth and Wisdom, as well as all other virtues. In general, everything that manifests, happens through Him. So when you think, God is inside you, and you think through Him. When you feel and love, you feel and love through Him. And after all this, what else will you think about God and what will you prove it for? As soon as we stop thinking about what He is, every feeling, every thought disappears in us and we feel an inner emptiness. Then we say that life has no meaning. Do you have the experience when you start picking on the love of a friend of yours, whether he loves you or not. What do you feel? If you pick on Love, it disappears. God and Love do not tolerate any criticism, nor any division. If a person begins to think about what God is, he loses Him. Thus, according to our structure, according to our language, we are called to study only what proceeds, what comes from God, what is outside of Him.

All manifestations of the soul go gradually. There are many methods for expressing our thoughts and feelings, but this does not happen indiscriminately. Observe how a small seed from a flower or a fruit tree begins to grow by sowing it in the ground. Does the plant's blossom appear before the seed germinates? No, it takes some time for the roots to go down. The roots are our material life, our body, which has to manifest first. Then in the aspiration of the grain there is a bifurcation, the stem and twigs of the plant appear, which are gradually formed and the buds appear from the inner being of this plant. From them, through a small opening, the flower appears, which is then fertilized. Some time passes, the fruit ripens and then falls to the ground. But you do not have to stop. This process takes place in your mind and in your heart. Imagine that this fruit is ripening - what are you going to do with it? For example, your child is crying, I give him a fruit and he begins to rejoice. Why? Because the process of development of this fruit is produced in the soul of the child and in your soul. Because of this fruit, the mother is happy, and so is the child. And then, when the mother thanks that her child has been given this fruit, this thought begins to blossom again and sets in the angelic world. Then you have a series of manifestations. Do you know how an angel feels when he is given fruit by his child or by any child's heart? You will ask, "Do angels have children?" Yes, you are the children of angels - you are little angels, like those little children who are born in their mother's womb. Understand this figuratively - you will not fully understand this truth today, but in a few billion years you will understand it, but not in its ordinary sense, but in the sense of what the human spirit is. Then the world will take on an accessible form for you, to reveal to you the inner side of this beauty, which we now see in its outer manifestation.

You often say, "I know this person." No, in order to know man, we have to see the fruit of his feelings; in order to know man, we have to see the fruit of his thoughts; in order to know man, we have to see the fruit of his actions. So, feelings, thoughts and actions are fruits. Because you do not see these fruits yet, there is an inner dissatisfaction in you. Keep in mind that when you reflect about Nature and want to develop properly, you should know that the human soul belongs to the mystical plants, and if some of you become apparent, they lose the direction of their lives. Every thought of yours, every desire and action of yours have to be born in secret - if they are not born in secret, this thought of yours, this desire of yours are not human. One of you may object, "Well, everything has to be revealed, hasn't it?" Only the fruit has to be revealed, and the flowering has to take place in the Divine world. When I say that everything has to be done in secret, I mean that while a thought, a desire or an action is being formed, they should live in the depths of the human soul and once it has been formed, then they should manifest in the physical world and become apparent.

Now you have to study the Gospel, the Bible, and use all the methods that are found in Living Nature. I mean, the thoughts of Christ and the Living Nature in their deep sense. For example, you read in the Gospels the thought of Christ: "If the eye offends you, take it out." Today's religious, learned people say that what we are saying was misunderstood. I am asking: is the thought of Christ, quoted above, understood? If you take this thought literally, you need to take out one eye and be left with only one. And when you are asked why you did this, you will answer, "Christ tells us to take out one of our eyes if it tempts us, so we have taken it out." I am asking you now: after you have taken out one of your eyes but the temptation remains, what have you gained? This shows that Christ's thought is not well understood. Christ says, "Take out your eye and the temptation will disappear." If you take out your eye and the temptation does not go away, then this method, which Christ implies and offers, has not been used properly. I put this thought of Christ in the following form, I translate it into the third degree. Suppose you are invited as a guest and you are treated to an excellent pie, but to the ignorance of the hostess the flour was a little spoiled, and so was the butter and cheese; you eat well, but then your stomach becomes heavy, you start writhing in pain. I say: take out this food that has seduced you. How does this work? Through purgative means. You throw the food out and say, "Thank God, I am relieved!" And another time, when you are given to eat such a pie, you say, "This pie is like the first one, I do not eat from it." I will translate this thought to you in its second degree as well. Suppose you are invited to listen to a famous speaker, preacher, or scholar in church or in a hall. He has cooked a pie and offers it to you, and you open your eyes and ears, perceive, listen, but when you return home, your mind and heart are disturbed. This man has turned your whole life upside down with his talk and says that what you believe in, is mare's nest. Then you say to yourself, "Why did I go to listen to him?" It is not a question of you going to listen to him. Christ says, "Take out your eye!" How? By vomiting the perceived thought that is bothering you. The law that works in this case is like this: a person who disturbs people's minds also disturbs his mind - a bad person cannot bring peace and joy in people's minds and hearts. The law is the same for the good man: the good, noble man, who is filled with Love, cannot bring sorrow and suffering in the souls of men. Therefore, Good begets Good in man, evil - begets evil, Truth - begets Truth, i.e. every reality has a reflection. Then how will you transform a thought that has bothered you? You will immediately say to yourself, "The truth lives in me, I have tried its influence." Put aside anything that does not uplift your feelings, thoughts and actions, that does not give impetus to your life, that does not give any growth and does not produce Divine action in you. Paul says this in another way: "If an angel from Heaven comes and preaches another gospel to you, do not accept it." When someone comes to preach to you about God, it means that the Love that God has had for you, and the manifestation of that Love has left you. But the gospel is a science that says that God's Love has not changed and does not change - it is always the same. However, you have to set your hearts and minds right, so that they are not dislocated, in order to always perceive God's Love equally. And that is why I am speaking to you on this subject.

Your mind must be clear and positive. How? I do not want to prove things. Whoever proves much always speaks wrongly. There is evidence that goes straight and consistently according to a mathematical law: when a proof is true, the machine that it spins works correctly - if it does not work correctly, the proof is not true. Suppose I prove to you that 2 + 2 = 4; what will you gain from this? What do you mean when I tell you that 2 + 2 = 4? This means that the father and mother can repeat themselves only twice: 2 × 2 = 4 or 2 + 2 = 4. This means that the mother can give birth to either a girl or a boy - nothing more, a third thing cannot be born in the parents' home. The law can be repeated only twice: the first time it will be repeated in a boy, the second time in a girl, and the number four will be obtained, which shows that the law is true. You can give a different interpretation, but what is the point of that? Therefore, when we speak of one, we always mean the primary cause that drives things to rational action. And when we say I, the one man, the one God, we have to understand all the reasons that drive things to rationality. When we say 2, we have to understand that force in the world that builds, that puts all things in harmony. The number 2 is the mother who gives birth, who brings up. Therefore, by working together, the father and the mother will manifest their results in their sons and daughters. If you ask me what God is, I will tell you that He is what we are - only through our lives, only through our thoughts, desires, and actions can we go back, in order to understand our relationship to God. The love we feel, is His Love; the thoughts we perceive are His thoughts created millions, millions of years ago. But all this is only a small reflection of the Divine, because we are not able to fully perceive Him. If the mother showed all her love for her child, she would suffocate him. Therefore, under these conditions, we prefer someone to love us less, because if he loves us very much, when he catches us, he squeezes us until he has exhausted us. The spider also loves the fly, but when it catches it, it puts its jaws and sucks, sucks until it sucks it out and throws it out. The spider says, "God has made a very good, very tasty thing!" Yes, it is good for you, but not for the fly. The fly, when it finds a rotten apple, puts its proboscis into it and says: "This is a very good thing!" And it is the same with carnivory.

All the evils in the world have always come from this misunderstood Love - attempts are made everywhere for Love. One day, when you begin to understand Love in a different way, your life will transform. And in order for this transformation to take place, you must receive the Divine Spirit. And you have already reached the stage of receiving the Divine Spirit in your superconsciousness. Do you know how to recognize when the Divine Spirit has come to you? Have you ever watched a daughter get angry with her mother and father - she retorts them, she does not respect them, she is capricious, and they wonder what is happening to her. But when she starts dating, when her lover comes, she becomes soft not only with her mother and father, but also with her brothers and sisters - they can no longer recognize her at home, she has changed so much. Her lover leaves and she becomes sour again. Her parents, her relatives, say, "We do not know why Maria is so sour." I say, "He has gone." All her discomfort stems from the fact that her sun has set. The next day he reappears at the door, she immediately rejoices, becomes cheerful, satisfied. So you often say, "We are somehow not happy, we are somehow not in the mood." This is because the Spirit is not with you. So, when someone asks me why he is in a bad mood, I tell him: the indisposition stems from the fact that Your beloved is not there.

Do you know how delicate your lover is? When the young man comes home and sees that the maiden is angry with her mother, with her father, that she cannot control herself, he goes outside. Now you maidens are very careful, you have such experiences and you say to yourself, "Let us show ourselves to our lover as right, good." Yes, but the Lord does not love these things because they are the cause of hypocrisy to appear. These are two states that God does not like - a state of personal selfishness and hypocrisy. Altruism, meaning the Divine, must appear in you. These two feelings - altruism and selfishness, they fight in man. You also experience these two states in your religious life. Therefore, the one to whom the Spirit has come, should not allow in himself any bad thoughts, desires or actions, no bifurcation. When the Spirit comes, He is that acquaintance of your, whom your soul knows and expects, he is your Beloved. You will not stop and ask what the Spirit is - you know Him, He is the most beautiful, the most exquisite, the most powerful thing in the world. When the Spirit comes, the soul grows wings and it says, "Everything is possible for me." When the Spirit leaves, the soul says, "I can do nothing anymore, it is all over." That is why Christ says, "Without Me you can do nothing." By the words without Me, Christ means the Divine Spirit. That is why Christ says, "My Father dwells in me, and I do His Will."

At this year's convention, I am speaking to you about the Spirit, so do not forget the following thought: if you are rude to your mother, father, brothers and sisters, your Beloved will soon be gone. In order for him to live longer in your home, you must necessarily respect your mother and father. That is why the Scriptures say, "Honor your mother and your father, that your life may continue." You ask me why you are sick - your Spirit is gone. As soon as the Spirit comes to you - the illness, the diseases disappear. When you are sour, indisposed, you will tell yourself the Truth: "My beloved has not come." Instead of the word 'spirit', use the word 'my beloved'. If you are sour, say, "My lover is gone." Every maiden wants to be liked. So, when the lad comes, she dresses nicely, adorns herself with ribbons, waiting. The same law also applies to the Spirit. When the Spirit comes, you have to be mentally disposed, to have a noble disposition in your heart and your soul. This is what the Lord wants from you.

This subject I am talking about now, is the foundation of your life.

Bad thoughts, bad desires form a dark, cloudy sky, through which the Sun and the stars cannot be observed. Therefore, in order to be able to see the depths of the beautiful Divine world, your inner sky has to be cleared. And if any negative thoughts come to you, your mind will stop, because the vastness of the mind depends on the clarity of human thought. Vices limit the mind - a person without vices has a vast soul and a boundless mind. If a man is narrow-minded, he has vices, but whoever has a broad, noble soul, he has taken out all vices. You all have to do this, because God wants you to be like Him - our Father is not narrow-minded and bigoted, He is not with a clenched hand so that to split the pieces when he gives, and therefore, when He gives, He fills the world. So when we want to be like God, we have to be generous - if we have a wide expansion of thought, if we can love everyone, we are like God. We will love everyone as much as they deserve - the soul that is more developed, we can talk to it about more important things. When we say that we all love, it is according to the degree of Love that lives in us. Love has many degrees. You can pet your cat a little, feed it, thus expressing your love for it. You cannot discuss the Pythagorean theorem with it, or the fact that oil is expensive, etc., because it is not even aware of these things. If you have a sensible, noble friend who is attuned to your soul, he will at once, straight away understand your situation.

So, we also have to adjust now. I meet many who are waiting for the Spirit to come, and they say, "The time will come when God will send His Spirit." When people prepare their hearts and minds, when they want to act rightly, the Spirit of God will surely come and speak to them with tongues of fire. Some say, "It was a long time ago, the Spirit descended only once." I ask: Does the sun rise only once, does it set only once? It has risen and set millions and billions of times, but you, not understanding God's Law, say that the descent of the Spirit took place in the distant times of the past, in the time of the apostles. No, this is also happening now - Pentecost is happening now too. Since Christ was resurrected, the Spirit has descended and ascended approximately two thousand times since then. The Scriptures say that the Spirit will not return until He bears His fruit. The Spirit of God descends every year and will raise those souls who are prepared to become His fellow workers. And once he raises them, they already have a broad understanding, they comprehend the world correctly and they say: "Now we understand the Divine life!" There are people who have not been able to understand this life for two thousand years. Some say, "How come the Spirit of God will not come to teach us!" These people do not understand the deep meaning. I am telling you: the Spirit of God is coming and will arrive soon. Your beloved is coming and you must wait for him; He is not a kilometre away from you, he is not even half a kilometre away, but only a hundred spiritual meters away from you. He may find some of you undressed, he may find you fussing with this and that, thinking about what will happen, how your affairs will be arranged, and so on. No need to worry, this world was created for us. Which world? The new world. The old world is leaving and we must all be prepared to enter this new world with new thoughts, feelings, desires and techniques. We must say goodbye to the old once and for all.

I will now share with you one of Christ's experiences: "When Christ had said this, He was troubled in Spirit, and said: Verily, verily, I say unto you, that one of you shall betray Me." Why was the Spirit of Christ troubled? Because one of His disciples would betray him, meaning it would ruin the good deed. I am asking you now: you, who are masters of your house, should you let this traitor disturb the Spirit of Christ again? We say that the Spirit of Christ was troubled, but that Spirit may be troubled even now. If you allow a bad thought in you, it is a traitor, it will trouble your spirit, you will lose your strength and thus you will be unable to work in the world. Therefore, you will not allow anyone to trouble your spirit and you will say, "I do not allow anyone to disturb my beloved."

As you read the Song of Songs in the Old Testament, there is also one such passage there.

You must now create for the Spirit of Christ, for your beloved, the best conditions under which He may manifest and create all the best. That is why Christ says, “When the Son of Man comes to earth, will he find enough faith in men to understand this great Divine teaching and to open their souls and hearts to this great Spirit, so that He does what God has wanted to do for thousands of years? ”And when you open your hearts, minds and souls to your beloved, then the best fruits, hidden in God, will manifest.

The Scripture says, "When I pour out my Spirit on them, they will prophesy and have dreams." It also says, "In the last days." What are the last days? The last days are the ones when the old world is leaving. Then your sons and daughters will have dreams, will prophesy, and so on. Then the newspapers, the teachers, and the mothers will prophesy. But because people today do not believe in prophecy, they say, "This is a lie, there can be no prophets after Christ." If the mother prophesies, they say that her prophecy is not true and that no one can prophesy today, and this happened a long time ago when the prophets lived. I say that in the olden times there was no prophecy, now there is one. All prophets foretell in the present, not in the past. They say, "The bridegroom is coming!" I do not say, "The bridegroom is coming," but I say, "The beloved is coming." Do not think that this beloved is only one - they are many and there will be one for each of you. These are millions of exalted spirits who have been waiting for millions of years to come to Earth. They say, "Let us see these little brothers and sisters of ours, who we have sent to Earth for so many years, what they have done so far." These spirits are our kindred spirits, our beloved ones. What brother or sister is not happy when they see their sister or brother, whom they have not met for millions of years? With what thrill our soul is filled at such a meeting!

And so, these brothers of ours, who have not come to Earth for millions of years, are now coming. These brothers are only a hundred spiritual meters away from us. You will ask, "How?" They are in front of us and above us. When the Divine Spirit comes, you will start with the great Divine science and the eyes of all of you will be opened. That is why the Scripture says, "And He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures." I say: God will open your minds to understand this great written book, in which you will be able to read the great words written on every sheet. By every leaf, by every branch of the trees, by every fly, you will read and you will be given the opportunity to understand the great secrets that you have not yet comprehended. This is the great Divine book that the Spirit will reveal to you so that you may become joyful and happy to be able to read through it. There is nothing better in the world than to know how to read from this book; there is nothing better than knowing how to eat the Divine Fruits. I will make a comparison to clarify my point: imagine that there are many good fruits in front of you, but your stomach is upset, your eyes and mouth are closed, and everyone around you praises these fruits. What will be your situation? There is nothing better than to open the book of Divine science and to read, to understand these Divine fruits! There is nothing better than reading the living Divine Word and seeing those great changes that God has made in your soul. We will pray to God to open our mouths. Which mouth? The mouth of our soul so that we can talk to Him. We will pray to God to open our eyes, so that we see all the beauty He has created.

The evangelists will say, "Let us see the word of God!" Where is the Divine in this book? For this Divine book, which is made of rags and written in ink, they say that everything should be perceived from it, as it is written. No, my friends, when you accept everything from it and it enters our soul and mind and is processed, only then will something come out of the Divine word. The Orthodox take one of these books, put it under the pillow, and say, "Salvation will come." No, take a verse from this book, for example, the verse God is Love, put it under the pillow of your soul - then you will grow up and understand what God is. I listened to an old lady say, "I kept this book under my head for a whole month and I did not learn anything." I told her, "Grandma, you will learn nothing like that." "Well how, son?"

I would like you to abandon your old ideas, the old methods that you used in life, so that to come to that great Divine science. Only the Divine Spirit carries the true knowledge, and when He comes, you will feel full of this Divine light and enlightenment and you will become very beautiful. Sometimes you are dark as black people, a little time passes - you turn white again, you get prettier again. This is due to a number of your lives, spinning on this Divine Wheel. You say, "Well, we have not become angels yet!" It is namely this blackness that has to be removed. And this will happen when this beloved of yours comes. Then your souls will become bright, joyful, you will grow in grace like a fruit tree, and you will bring fruits with which to feed your friends. How will you feed your beloved one? You will pick the best pears and apples, you will wash them and say, "Welcome!" Then you will talk with him sweetly, sweetly. Okay, let us say you do not have any fruit - what will you do if you have nothing to offer your beloved one? Then he will bring fruits, wash them, put them on the table, but your mouth is closed, you cannot eat. One thing remains: either there should be fruit in your garden for him to taste, or your mouth should be open so that you can taste his fruit. I want you to take these thoughts into account, apply them, and start thinking the same way. You say, "My beloved is coming, and I will go to meet him." Do not say this only in words, but do it in secret within yourself. If your mother and father are opposed to welcoming your lover, you will tell them, "Even if you do not accept my beloved, I will accept him, I will go with him, because he will be staying here for a while." And He says, "I am coming here for a while and then I will leave - I am not coming a second time."

Once you are in this school, the coming of the Divine Spirit upon you is necessary. If someone says that even without the presence of this beloved he can acquire some science, some deep knowledge, he does not speak the Truth. The Divine Spirit must necessarily come to you, because only He is the bearer of the true Divine knowledge, only He can enlighten people, only He is able to enlighten your minds and hearts.

I would like you to receive the Spirit from the inside first, because in that case you need two more witnesses from the outside. Your spirit is the first witness, I am the second witness, and you are the third one. In this way we make up a trinity.

7 am.

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