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1920_08_20 Morning Prayer, 20 August and A Measure of Correct Understanding (Nik)


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Готов превод Сутрешен наряд, 20 август и Мерило за правилно разбиране - 20.8.1920-СБ-305 / .: 20.8.1920-СБ-305

Morning Prayer, 20 August and A Measure of Correct Understanding

20 August, Friday

6 am.

The Good Prayer.

Reflection on the coming of the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Christ, in us, Who will enlighten us and reveal to us the deep secrets that are hidden in God.

The motto. (prayer)

Psalm 91.

The Praise.

Bless the Lord, O my soul. (song)

"The Lord's Prayer."

7 am.

A Measure of Correct Understanding

In order for the Divine Light, the Divine Life, to touch your souls, you must live in peace. This Divine life is now passing in Bulgaria, but its shores are crumbling, so at the edges they make it dirty, but at the base and in the middle it is clean. You should know that the Divine teaching will clean up everything, and therefore you should open a free path for it. You should turn religion into a Divine science of understanding.

A remark (from the audience):

- Yesterday in his talk, the Russian missionary said that our teaching is not from God, but from the devil.

- This is not said for the first time. What did the orthodox say about Christ? "This man has rabies. We know that the Lord has spoken only to Moses, He has not spoken to This Man. He is of the devil, His teaching is devilish. ”The Jews told Him,“ We know Moses, but We do not know You. ”But if the Jews knew Moses, they would know Christ — they did not accept Moses' teaching, they also could not accept Christ's. Because of God's Love we endure everything, we also tolerate every person.

Where did Christ teach putting icons in churches, burning incense? This is the teaching of Moses.

Some people ask you, "Do you believe in the Holy Trinity?" What have you, as Orthodox, understood by the Holy Trinity?

- The Holy Trinity is a manifestation of God as Father.

- A Father, in the full sense of the word, is only the One Who created everything, and such is only God. The Father can be neither one man nor a nation. There is only one Father in the world, and all the others are His sons. God is One. Christ says, “Why do you call Me good? Only God is good.” God is eternal, perfect, unchangeable, everything comes from Him, and no external cause can change His mood.

Someone says, "I believe in God." Well, if you believe in God, do you have His graciousness and His patience? If you cannot be gracious and patient like Him, your faith is external. If a lamb cannot display its mother's habits, it is not born of a sheep. What is born of God, is Divine.

Someone says, "I am a communist." Communism is a teaching of brotherhood, so every communist must fight for the rights of his brothers, he must uplift, ennoble them. But today, in the name of this teaching, they slaughter, hang, imprison. I do not understand such communism! Shooting, hanging, imprisonment are devilish, not Divine acts. Shooting in the name of God cannot take place. From God is all goodness, every Love. Then how can these people pursue such a Divine idea, but act in a devilish way? This is because, wanting to push their ideas by force, they follow a crooked path, not the Divine path.

These people now want to create something new, but it will be ludicrous if a prodigal woman, who has spent decades in unworthy homes, comes out of there and begins to teach people piety! It will be ludicrous if a person with leprosy starts healing others! He must first be completely cleansed of his leprosy, and only then he may touch others. I do not drink water from an unclean pot, nor do I want you to drink. And I recommend this teaching to you: do not drink water from an old, unclean pot, use new pots, new vessels! You can put water in everything, but not in an old pot. The saying is not true: "Do not look at the priest's life, but look at his rank." Priest, mother, father, they should all have pure hearts! This is the Divine Teaching. With your life, you will have to prove to the priests that they are wrong. When a louse enters our hair, we pull it out with the help of a comb and crush it on the comb, or we place it on our nail and chop it with the other nail. Leprosy must come out.

- How many years have passed since Bulgarians adopted Christianity?

- Bulgarians adopted Christianity in the year 864. So, it has been more than a thousand years. And in those thousand years, there have been one hundred and fifty wars on the Balkan Peninsula, so there is one war every eight years.

Some say of us that we are against the war. No, we are also for the war, but to fight without killing. We are fighting for the demolition of prisons and gallows. So, we differ from others in that what they tear down, we build, and what they build - we tear down. They kill people, and we uplift, revive them; they build prisons, and we tear them down. This is how people from the New and Old Teachings differ. Our program includes the destruction of all hospitals and prisons, of all chains and rifles. When the New Teaching is applied in the world, there will be schools even in the most remote places.

You will now start with the number 1,000 - the pass for all of you will be this number. You will try this pass and see through which door the number 1,000 can come. Only you, who are present here, will know the number 1,000. When you meet someone, you will ask him: "Do you know the number 1,000?" If he says that he knows it, then he is one of ours. So, we start organizing ourselves with the number 1,000. You will study the qualities of this number. What is the basis, what is the root of this number? The one, the ten, i.e. 103. I will now translate this law for you.

One has to go through two states to understand this motto. Water moves in a plane, in two-dimensional space, while water vapor, air - in a cube, in three-dimensional space. The number 1,000 indicates that one should be able to move like water and air. When the water reaches its limit and its movement stops, it has nowhere else to go, it will take another direction; this direction will be exactly at right angles to the first direction. This means that our current life has come to a standstill, it has reached the freezing point. The only movement left, is upwards - towards God. From the point of view of Heaven the direction is upwards, and from the point of view of the Earth we have to descend downwards. We are ice that needs to melt.

Now we are gathered here not to do our will, but to create conditions for the Divine Spirit to manifest through all of us - to become good conductors of the Spirit of God. If we are conductors of the Spirit of God, we have nothing to fear; if the Spirit of God is with us and always works with us, what will we be afraid of? Many may oppose us, but He will turn everything into good.

The first thing you will learn this year is silence - you will speak through silence. You will not argue with the priests, and when you see that they are saying untrue things, you will say to yourself, "They are not right." You will let them say everything bad, and then you will take baskets, load them with all their garbage and let them carry that themselves. You will tell them:

- We cannot carry your garbage - says the Lord, as it is written in the New teaching. - If you want to eat but leave the garbage to us - this New teaching does not accept that. We do not want to fertilize your fields, but we want to work on the Divine field. The earth is Divine, it is God's property and you have no right to it. And the church is not your property.

But they will say:

- She is our mother.

- She is as much yours, as it is ours. If the church is a Divine Mother, it is to me and to you; if you consider her your mother, that is another question - then she is only your mother. But when it comes to life, the church cannot be yours.

So, the Divine Church is a church for everyone; it can be neither your nor our property. Our idea is not the church, but the Kingdom of God. The Divine teaching does not say, "Seek the church first," but says, "Seek the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness." The Apostle Paul says, "You are the temple of God and the Spirit of God dwells in you?" Whoever does not have the Kingdom of God in himself, is not in the church and cannot enter it. So we have no reason to argue, but we will proceed to the Kingdom of God, in which God lives - once we find the Kingdom of God, we also find God. The modern church says, "We do not need prophets." And modern Bulgarians say, "We do not need a church." Bulgarians have a custom of extinguishing candles when the ballots are counted. When voting, candles may be extinguished, but when the ballots are counted, it cannot be done without candles. You will all try not to harbor bad feelings towards anyone and to completely avoid lying. You will say to yourself, "We have to love everyone." Love everyone, but do not share in their crooked thoughts, because whatever is crooked stays crooked. You will have your best will for them, but you will loathe their bad and wrong deeds. You will say, "Well, these people may be right." No, one cannot be both right and wrong. When you preach some teaching and in your soul you have the Great Lord, you are on the right side. When God is in your soul and you realize that you work for Him and in all your actions you take Him as a standard, you will say to yourself, "I am right." If you feel that you are not doing that, you will say to yourself, "I am not right", and you will start to correct yourself.

Also, consider those passages in the Old Testament that speak of Moses, who chose God's servants in the church only from among the Levites. Have you ever wondered why God did not choose His prophets from among the Levites, but chose them from among the common people? The Levites are ministers of the church, and the prophets are servants of God. So we acknowledge that the priests are Levites and we are prophets. They serve the church and we serve the Kingdom of God. Even today, the priests tell us, "Go back to the church!" And it is like saying to a free man, "Go back to prison!" Or telling a free ox, "Put on your yoke!" Suppose we go back to church - what do the priests promise to give us? Salvation. And do they themselves have this salvation? No. Then they will give us grace. And do they themselves have this grace? No. Then they will give us a clean life. And do they have a clean life? I consider them like those counts, barons, princes who do not have any money, but marry rich American women to give them their titles - the rich girl will marry a corrupt prince and will consider herself happy! Even the priests want to give us their titles now, but we do not need such titles.

So Christ teaches, "The New, Divine teaching is aimed at the coming of the Kingdom of God." He says, "The kingdom of God is at hand, go and preach to every flesh."

Priests consider us heretics, pagans, they call our teaching heretical. They say of us, "These people do not read the Bible, the Gospel, they are pagans, do not listen to them." I am asking: which Orthodox, which true believer of them has read the Bible and the Gospel as many times as you have? The priests prevent us from manifesting ourselves and thus want to prevent the coming of the Spirit, because He will reveal greater things to us, and the priests know that. The methods they use are the methods of the Black brotherhood. They want to convince us that whatever God wants to say, He will say it through the priests. This is not true. The Lord may also say something through the priests too, but He does not use them. We have the example of the Old Testament with the priest Elijah. He was a patriarch, but through whom did the Lord speak to him? Through Samuel. So the Lord does not speak directly to this high priest, to this patriarch, but through a child, through Samuel. Then where is the foundation? The priests say, "You are children, you are not anointed." Yes, they are right. A person may be anointed with oils several times and still not have the Spirit in him, or he may have the Spirit of God in him without being anointed. First, a person should have the Spirit of God in him, and then should come the anointing. You will keep this in mind.

Try not to be in doubt and ask yourself if you are on the right track. The rule is: if you live according to God's law and God's Love, you are on the right path - if you are at peace with all people, you are in God's, in Christ's way.

During the talk, a spider descended around us. The Master said:

This spider does not even suspect that there are people here. It should not be killed. Always keep in mind the idea that murder is absolutely forbidden in the New teaching - there is no dispute about this. Under no circumstances is murder allowed, even in self-defense; one who wants to be a member of the White Brotherhood, must not commit any murders. If he commits some murder, he is expelled from the Brotherhood, and in order to be accepted again, he must go through a series of trials until he is purified and acquires humility. With the killing of the first man, the Black Lodge was founded - Cain killed Abel; Cain founded the Black Lodge, and so Christ says that he was a murderer in the first place. And who founded the White Lodge? Abel, and after him came Seth. Two thousand years ago, Christ came to lay the foundation of the White Brotherhood.

- Why did the Russian missionary say in his fairy tale yesterday that the devil is a teacher?

- Everyone who preaches and supports murder is a teacher, but we do not support that teaching. We acknowledge the facts as they are. The devil exists as a factor, but why and for what - this is another question.

- What can we use as a trump card in our hands when they attack us?

- You will quote verses from the Holy Scriptures. For example, Christ said to the Jews, "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up." They answered, "How is it that we have built it in forty years, and He will only build it in three days?" They understood the temple, and He meant His body. Christ told them, "Unless you eat My flesh and drink My blood, you have no Life in you." They replied, "This man teaches us cannibalism, this is not culture, this is savagery." But by these words Christ understood His teaching, and the Jews took them literally - human flesh and blood.

The priests say of us that we believe in spirits. We will quote them the Gospel verse by verse, so they see that there is also talk of spirits and conversations with them. What was this man who appeared to the apostle Paul as a vision and said to him: "Pass through Macedonia and help us!" This was a spirit who wanted to improve the situation of his homeland, Macedonia. Was Paul not in communion with these spirits?

What worship do the priests talk about, is it the one in the church? This service, which they perform, was taken from the Greek church, and it is a performance that the Greeks did in the monasteries. No, there is another worship that the priests have never performed. So their worship is not the Divine worship that they preach and talk about. They say that Christ is God. If He were God, He would not say, “I did not come to do My will, but the Will of My Father, who dwells in me. I am the Son of God.

The priests condemn us for not going to church. The Samaritan woman said to Christ, "The Jews say they should pray in Jerusalem, we say we should pray in this forest, and what will you say?" Christ answered her, "So it has been until now, but a time is coming when the true worshipers will not worship in Jerusalem or in this forest, but will worship in the Spirit and Truth of their Father, and this will be everywhere."

I am asking: where are we inconsistent and who is inconsistent - them or us?

How do they understand the meaning of the word God? By the word God they mean a Being, Who rules everything. The idea we have of God is different. Christ said, "Why do you call Me good - only God is good." If we are not good, why should we consider ourselves gods?

As many churches as we have today, so many different interpretations are given to gospel truths, and this gives rise to controversy and hatred among them. A Russian tsar sent a written request to forty monasteries in Russia with a request, in whichever monastery the head of St. John the Baptist is located, to send it to him. Forty heads from the forty monasteries arrived. The king convened the Holy Synod and asked, "Do you know how many heads St. John the Baptist had?" "One head," they replied. "No, forty heads." The king led the holy elders and showed the heads to them. "Please remove these delusions," said the king, and sent the heads to their places.

- The priests ask us where we get the doctrine of reincarnation from, if we have any gospel of ours.

- You ask them where exactly it is stated in the Gospel that God is in three persons. It is said, "Go and teach men in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Spirit." It is written like that in the Gospel, and nowhere is it explicitly said, "Go and teach men in the name of the triune God."

Let the priests go anywhere in India to see that rebirth is actually proven there - there are thousands of children there who remember their rebirths. And in Tarnovo there was a six-year-old child who said to his mother: "Mom, I used to make shoes in Gabrovo." She replied: "Do not talk such nonsense!" There can be no two opinions in the law on reincarnation, but since I do not want to argue, I do not make an issue of it. And whether they accept it or not - it does not matter.

Remember that according to the Divine law of development, these people are necessary for us, like the shadow, to make the light stand out. Ask them what the benefits of suffering are, and they will answer, "Such is the Will of God."

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