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1920_08_22 Morning Prayer, 22 August and Work for the Year (Nik)


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Готов превод Сутрешен наряд, 22 август и Работа за през годината - 22.8.1920-СБ-308 / .: 22.8.1920-СБ-308

Morning Prayer, 22 August and Work for the Year

22 August, Sunday, 6 am.

"The Lord's Prayer."


For the prosperity of the Kingdom of God in us and around us.

For manifestation of the power of God through us and in us.

May the Lord remove all obstacles from the path of His Kingdom.

The motto.

Bless the Lord, O my soul. (song)

The Prayer of the Triune God.

The Good Prayer.

7 am.

Work for the Year.

The personal work that each of you will have this year, is as follows:

- You will work on your heart;

- On your mind;

- On your willpower;

- On your life and your health.

You will strive to be healthy physically, i.e. to have such health that gives you disposition.

You will strive to acquire the abundance of life.

You will work on your heart to elevate in it all the noblest feelings and desires.

You will try to bring the brightest thoughts into your mind and you will strengthen your will, to be firm and determined in all your good intentions, to do God's will without hesitation.

This is the desire of the Lord. If you listen to His voice and fulfill His Will, He will send His Spirit throughout the year and you will have all His assistance.

Those who stand in your way and hinder you, will disappear like smoke.

So, every good thought, every good desire, every good intention and every good action that penetrates your soul, your heart, your mind, believe that it comes from the living Lord; give it a place and you will have His blessing. Draw this power from life, as bees collect nectar from thousands of flowers - these hard-working bees are not ashamed to collect honey even from thistle.

The Divine Law is such: for the good man everything is good - for the bad man everything is bad. There are no two opinions on this. A smart and good man, when he takes a dirty shirt, will make it clean. How? You know: he will boil water and will wash it. But if a bad man even takes a clean shirt, he will make it dirty. How? You know how again.

The smart, good man, when taking undeveloped land where thorns and hawthorns grow, can make of it the best fertile fields. And even if you give the best garden to the bad man, he will ruin it.

Now the Lord is calling us to His fields, to His vineyard. This vineyard is overgrown with thorns and thistles, and if we are smart and good, we will dig it up and clean it. Do not think that this vineyard cannot be cleared today - if smart and good people work on it, in less than ten years this vineyard will thrive and bear abundant fruit.

Now be brave and determined, hardworking and industrious!

Work not for money, but for a smile of God!

Do your work so that when you go to God, He will give you a smile.

May God's smile be your salary!

This applies to each one of you. This is the material that you will work on yourself. Only by doing so, will you represent a healthy thread of the whole organism. As long as each thread is strong, these thousands of threads, gathered in one place and intertwined well, form a rope that does not break. But when each thread is weak, frail, no matter how thick the rope, it is no good. Because each of you represents one thread, each thread must be strong. And you know that ropes are needed. For example, to make a bridge, to harness a cart, you need ropes. Sometimes they also use ropes to hang people, but we will not hang anyone. The rope - it is a symbol of human faith.

By working in this way on yourself, you will already be prepared for that great Divine science that is now coming into the world. You will understand this Divine science only by being pure in mind and heart. It has existed for thousands, millions of years. The Lord does not transmit this knowledge in one way, but there are millions of ways in which He transmits it to every soul. From the knowledge that every soul possesses, He knows how much she can understand what He gives her, so He gives her as much as is necessary.

Christ says, "When the Spirit of Truth comes, He will remind you of all that has been said from the beginning of the creation of the world and what God has put into it."

Therefore, listen to this Spirit!

Today you will spend the whole day, divided into groups, men and women separately, of 72 people in each group.

You will scatter in different places in the yard and reflect on burning issues of domestic, social and spiritual nature to see how you can work best and what conclusion you will come to.

If some projects come to mind during these discussions, you will write them down.

You will discuss the issues amicably and in the broadest sense - as life manifests here, on Earth.

In the groups, you will be selected according to the law of freedom.

This distribution is temporary - only for today.

10-12 am.

The groups of men and women discussed various issues of a social, domestic and spiritual nature. Each group looked at the questions that interested them most. These discussions continued in the afternoon.

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: nikolaysan (Николай)

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