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1920_08_20 Necessary Conditions for the Disciple (Nik)


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Готов превод Необходими условия за ученика - 20.8.1920-СБ-304 / .: 20.8.1920-СБ-304

Necessary Conditions for the Disciple

Talk held in the Upper Room to a group of 72 women.

Absolute purity of the heart

Complete self-control of the mind and heart

You already consider yourselves as disciples of the Occult School or you want to be such. But the rules for the disciples in this school are different from those for the students of the schools here - the schools on Earth. When you enter one of the local schools, you will pay the fee and after completing four years of your lower education, you will receive a recommendation or certificate that you have graduated, and then you will move on to a higher course of your education. However, two things are needed for the disciple of the occult school.

The first condition is absolute purity of heart. This purity must be alive - just as alive is the purity of that spring, which is constantly gushing and cleansing itself. That is how I understand living purity. Do not ask yourselves, "Can I be clean, or can I not be?" This question should be excluded from your mind. Whoever wants to be a student, must be absolutely pure, to be a living spring. The Scripture says, "My son, give me your heart!" Therefore, in order for your heart to be pure, you must give it to the Lord - by the word Lord, I mean this great White Brotherhood, through which the Lord is now working in the world. These white brothers are the current teachers of all mankind - both men and women, and from now on you will get acquainted with them.

The second necessary condition for the disciple is complete self-control of the mind and heart. The disciple must control his mind and thoughts, his heart and desires.

Thus, absolute purity of the heart and complete self-control of the mind and heart are absolutely necessary for the disciple of the occult school. If you do not have absolute purity and complete self-control, no matter what they tell you, you will not benefit from anything, it will pass and go without leaving any traces in you. Those of you, who do not have purity and self-control, when they enter this school, will begin to think that they possess these qualities, and will fall into hypocrisy, will experience a burden that will hinder them.

Whoever enters here, must be clean - if they do not want to be clean, let them stay outside so as not to stain others. And I say that you all have the opportunity to be pure, because purity does not depend on you, but on God, Who is a spring. You must be brave and determined, not to be afraid - fear may come from the outside, but you will not accept it in yourself as your guest. If you are pure, if you have self-control, the White Brothers, the Heaven, will come to you and will help you.

Let these pictures, that you see here in the Upper Room, remain in your mind.

The first picture, the triangle, shows the original state of the human soul in God - this blissful peace, when it is still in Him.

The second picture with the circles shows the revival of the First Divine culture on Earth, when the White Brothers began to work, when man was innocent and pure. The inverted triangle expresses the Fall of man.

The third picture, in which straight lines emerge from a common center — some from right to left and others from left to right — shows the path of human evolution that women and men take in their lives on Earth. The woman begins her journey from right to left, while the man - from left to right. For example, a sinful man wants to correct his life - he starts from a straight line, goes backwards and reaches the position of a woman. As a woman he becomes very soft, seeks pleasures in life, and the Lord, in order to make the woman rougher, puts her in the other half, where she reaches the form of a man again. This man, if he gets very rough, starts torturing his wife, and is sent again in the form of a woman to be softened. If he also does not correct his behavior now, he will fall down.

There are descents and ascents in life. If you develop properly, you will have the opportunity to go through all the lines. So, when you become very soft, you will be sent back to Earth in order to harden; if you become very rude, you will be sent to Earth in order to soften. Softness and hardness are conditions under which one must develop. By merging with God, all suffering will cease and you will be neither a man, nor a woman - you will come to the point that when you wake up in the age, in the state of angels, you will neither get a wife, nor a husband. And since you are now in the spinning of this wheel, whatever you think and philosophize, nothing will save you.

And so, purity of the heart and complete self-control of the mind and heart are the two essential conditions in occultism. Without them, nothing can be achieved.

- Can these two states not be mixed?

- Well, a woman who does not work is always soft!

In the occult school, in the White Brotherhood, it is not allowed to think that you are anything more than other people, to think that others are ignorant and you stand above them. When you think you are above the others and they are ignorant, there will be others who will think the same of you; third ones will think so about the latter ones, etc. And in the end, you will get a number of ignorant people, and you will think that you are very literate. No, you are all under one denominator. You will get rid of the thought of greatness over others and you will know that every person, every soul has the opportunity to ennoble their life and their life to be pure. In your current life, you have enough time to do your work, and you will have one hour of free time to return home. But if during this time you linger hither and thither, you will lose all opportunities for work and a part of your work will remain unfinished, you will finish it in your future life.

Do not think that you, women, find yourselves in conditions that hinder you. No matter what conditions you are in, they do not hinder you. Once you are ready, the White Brothers will create good working conditions for you - just as they take the young bride out of the house, when she is ready. If you do not walk well on the road, someone will come to take you as a farmhand and harness you in the cart. In occultism, the one who gives you a lot - for example, money - he thinks the greatest evil of you, and the one who does not give you money, thinks well of you. After finishing all his work, the occult disciple says to his Master, "Thank you, Master!" And when the disciple has done his job well, the Master says, "Thank you!" There is no need for any salary, and one gratitude pays for everything.

So you have conditions to work. And if you want better conditions to be created for you, you will work, and the conditions will come by themselves. As students, you are now saying to yourselves, "Why did this evil befall me?" Such reasoning is not allowed in the occult school. The disciple must work, solve the tasks assigned to him, without asking himself why and for what. In the occult school, no attention is paid to hats and shoes. Be free and know that everything comes in time. You will not stay in the situation that you are in now, but do not think that everything can happen quickly. In this school, everything takes some time. The student Ivan says:

- I know my lesson.

Mara says:

- I also know it.

- Well then, come to the board and solve the problem!

He goes - silent. Silence is not a philosophy. Once he is silent, the job is done. The student says:

- But I think so.

- Then solve the problem!

Someone says, "I know occultism." Well, have you solved the problems of self-control, of the purity of your heart? You must solve them decisively and unmistakably. "Yes, but I am living in a sinful world." That does not matter to me - the world may be sinful, but you live as a disciple in the school, so you need purity of heart. I am not saying that your hearts are impure, but I am saying what the law is: for the slightest impurity, for the slightest stain, you will be expelled from this school for thousands of years. Practice these tasks, if you want God to bless you. But if you are looking for easier tasks - there are some too.

There are also women in the White Brotherhood, who completed their development millions of years ago. Today they are neither men, nor women - they are sent as great Masters and are guiding the destinies of all mankind. They know you, they know your life, and say, "I know you, sister, I know you." When I mention the name of one of you, they tell me, "We know her, we know her stories - she once did something." So you do not have to recommend yourself - not a single fact of your life has been missed. What would you recommend yourself with? You will say that you are better now. I am asking you: have you solved the problem of the purity of your heart, have you learned to control your mind and heart? If you do not have these two elements, if you have not solved these two tasks, they will tell you: “You are not ready yet; go to work outside, in the world, and when you are ready, you will come here."

Now I want some harmony to be created among you, I want you to do some serious studying, not to leave the secular world and think that you have sacrificed yourself. Let each of you stand in your place in the world, be pure, and practice the art of self-control.

And so, I want from you absolute purity and absolute self-control - without any exception! You will say, "But is that possible?" For the one who conjugates the verb "I can" - it is possible, but for the one who does not conjugate it - nothing is possible and he will go out. By conjugating the verb "I can" and following the two rules, you will not be deprived of anything - whether as mothers, as teachers, merchants, farmers, and everything will be fine for you. If you are pure, wherever you go, even in America, all your sisters and brothers will look at you warmly, will greet you brotherly. But if you are not pure, wherever you go - England, France, even Bulgaria, there will be a yoke for you everywhere. If you have purity of heart and self-control of mind and heart, you will be well received everywhere.

I want you to meet these White Brothers and not ask yourselves any other question, for example, whether you are doing well in the world, what Christ is like, what purity is, and so on. If you are not saved, offer your heart to God. A rich American woman loved a bishop and offered him all her wealth to marry her. He answered her, "Give your heart to God, your property - to the poor, and your hand - to the one who wants it." I am also telling you: give your heart to God so that it may be pure; give your mind to your teacher and your hand - to your spirit that guides you. Only then will you not be unhappy in the world. Once you have given your heart to God, your mind - to the one who teaches you, and your hand - to the spirit-angel who guides you, the problem is solved correctly. If you give your heart to someone, the money to this or that, and your hand to the one who does not deserve it, you will see what will happen - there is no need for me to teach you. So you, as disciples in the Occult school, should now have the humility that Christ had in the world, and be as obedient as slaves. If you are obedient - the White Brothers will help you, if you are not obedient, they will show you the door.

Do not think that you are already in the School - you are still outside of it. The inner School requires self-sacrifice, self-denial - something that you cannot do now. So, you are still far from the School. When you pass this exam now, the second and third ones will come - but the first one is important, the others are easy. You will create good thoughts and desires, you will learn from each other and you will not think that you are standing higher than the others. One stronger student can be a teacher to another, weaker one, and the stronger one will be taught by someone even stronger than him. Everyone in the world has one teacher.

And so, I recommend to you purity and self-control. You will learn this throughout the year. A little dirt will appear on the spring, some muddy water will come - I will not hold you responsible for this, but I will ask you: is the spring gushing, is there clean water in it, is the dirt pouring out? If it pours out the impurity - that will be good; but if the impurity remains on you, many servants will have to be engaged to work days on end to cleanse you- that will not be. Each of you has to clean themselves, because there is not so much money for servants.

21 August, Saturday

06:00 a.m.

"The Lord's Prayer."


May God's Righteousness is established on Earth in all its fullness.

So that it dawns on all homes first.

To inspire in the hearts of the believers the Divine fervor, so that they perceive it in all its glory, and apply it in all its beauty and fullness.

Bless the Lord, O my soul. (song)

The Path of Life. (prayer)

The Good Prayer.

20 August, Friday, 10:30 a.m.

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