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1921_08_24 The Law of Self-sacrifice (Nik)


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Готов превод Законът на самопожертването - 24.8.1921-СБ-387 / ...: 24.8.1921-СБ-387

The Law of Self-sacrifice

Christ says that every scribe who learns about the Kingdom of Heaven is like a master of a house, who takes out of his treasure both new and old things.

I will read you Psalm 108.

When the psalmist sang this psalm, he was in the ascending line of his spiritual development, and began as follows: "My heart, O God, is steadfast..." This means - it is already placed on a rock. And as it is firmly placed on the rock, he has no one to fear.

"I will sing and give praise, even with my glory!"

As a poet he says to himself:

"Awake, psaltery and harp:

I myself will awake early.

I will praise Thee, O Lord, among the people

and I will sing praises unto Thee among the nations.

For Thy mercy is great above the Heavens,

and Thy Truth reacheth unto the clouds..."

So he expresses an inner experience of his. He has passed his exam. The psalmist speaks of that Lord of Love, of Whom we are now speaking.

By clouds it is meant here: our mental world to be embraced. These clouds represent the fact that thoughts should be embraced by the law of Love.

"Be thou exalted, O God, above the Heavens,

and Thy Glory above all the earth!

That Thy beloved may be delivered, save with Thy Right Hand, and answer me! ...

God hath spoken in His Holiness:

Moab is my washpot...

Through God we shall do valiantly

for He it is that shall tread down our enemies."

When these formulas are translated into the law of Love, into the law of Wisdom, and into the law of Truth, all united in one, these are weapons with which we now have to fight.

I will now talk to you about the law of self-sacrifice, how this law should be interpreted.

The Master is holding in his hand a lemon with a very regular shape.

Do you see this lemon? It has the brightest, strongest original color. It is a fruit of the mental world, which has sacrificed itself. Do you know where this being in this lemon comes from? It has descended from the Realm of Wisdom and is therefore clothed in this yellow garment.

Only Love can make a sacrifice in the world. Without Love, no sacrifice is possible. Sacrifice means that we give the best, the most sublime, the noblest in the service of God, to sacrifice it to work for Him.

Do you know what a coup this citric acid makes, when it enters our body? When a being is desalinated through sin, i.e. when his thoughts are no longer so active, his feelings and actions weaken, he needs this acid to awaken every potency. Therefore, in its primary manifestation, the Spirit inserts an acid, i.e. it first awakens the activity in all beings, and those who understand the law will manifest their activity, while those who do not understand it will get angry. The reason that excites man to action, is the Spirit who wants to manifest. We have to sacrifice our purest thoughts to God. For example, your sweetheart comes, whom you have been waiting for years. What do you think, which apple are you going to pick for her? The best one, the best shaped; you will wash it, you will approach your sweetheart tenderly and delicately, and you will offer it to her. Therefore, when the Lord comes, you will offer Him your best thoughts, because the thought is a fruit. Our thoughts become food for other beings, serve for their growth, just as the fruits of the Earth help our growth. And so, for God or for those beings from the mental world, we will sacrifice our best fruits. We will not lose anything. After receiving these fruits, they will sow in their gardens the seeds, that are hidden in the thoughts. And when our thoughts begin to grow in the angelic world, we become geniuses. This is a genius - when an angel sows one of your thoughts in his garden, you will become a genius. If your thought is sawn in an angelic garden, you will become an extraordinary person, but if it is not sawn, you will remain an ordinary person.

The same law applies to feelings. When we come to a world, we will have to sacrifice the most sublime, the noblest of our feelings. They will be the contribution to this living Lord, Who will manifest in one way or another. It can take the form of a man, it can take the form of a spirit, a seraphim or a cherubim. Whatever form He manifests in, we have to offer Him our noblest, most sublime feelings. And when these feelings serve as food for an angel, he will definitely sow their seeds in his garden and then we will become daring, rich. Man's wealth is hidden in his heart. That is right in the Spiritual world.

We finally go down to the physical plain. When a friend we love visits us, what are we going to do? We will knead some bread for him. The mistress of the house will take out the best wheat flour, she will sift it with her sieve, ferment it, knead it herself, bake it in her oven, offer it herself and thus express her love in the physical plain. And when he eats it, the friend will say: "Your bread is very good - it is perfectly kneaded, it is perfectly baked!"

And so, we are obliged, from young to grown-ups, to sacrifice a little, but our sacrifice should be made out of love. A sacrifice in which there is no love, is not accepted. If someone comes to me and says, "I want to express a thought that I have towards you," I will ask him inwardly, "Do you want to say this out of love, or to bribe me?" If it is out of love, I will sow this thought of yours in a garden, but if it is not out of love - keep it to yourself." Someone comes and tells me, "I will express an inner feeling towards you." I ask him, "Will you say it out of love, or to bribe me? If it is out of love, I will plant its seeds, but if you want to bribe me, please keep it for yourself." If someone comes and wants to express some action towards me, I will ask him in the same way: “Do you want to express this action out of love, or to bribe me? If it is out of love, I will take it and plant it in a garden, but if it is for the purpose of bribing me, keep it to yourself."

And so, in your minds, in the minds of the disciples of the White Brotherhood, there must be the thought that the law is unchangeable, and it has to be known that everything we do must be for God. If you have doubts in your mind about whether you should do what you set out to do, you better not do it. Do it only if there is no doubt in your minds, hearts and actions, but if there is any doubt creeping in, stop and do not do it, because not only will you not benefit yourself and others, but you will even cause harm. I would like every thought, every feeling, every action, whatever it is, whether in the physical, in the spiritual or in the mental world, to be done with love, to be permeated with love. If all our actions are permeated with love, then they will be accepted, they will be blessed. And if sometimes we fail materially, it is because we do not observe this law. If you do not sacrifice the material out of love, then whatever you are - a merchant, a farmer, etc., you will not succeed. But if for everything you do, you have in your mind and heart the thought that you are doing it out of love for the Lord, you will have a blessing in general - you will go to bed and get up with joy, you will eat and drink with joy, there will be joy everywhere. That is why I want all your actions to be amorous. And if you are not ready to do everything with love, refrain until Love comes. Whoever does not have love in themselves yet, refrain until it comes. If someone wants to give us something, to help us in any way, let them do it out of love. This is for his blessing. If he cannot do this out of love, he should better refrain, because some doubts may arise. For example, some friends come here, they stay for a while and when the the time comes to leave, they put some money as an offering, but then they say to themselves: "What happens with this money?" We do not even want five bucks from those who think like that. If the slightest doubt enters them, let them keep their money. Those who do not think like that, let them keep their money. Whoever doubts, let them not give anything. We will give him everything without money - we will feed him, we will pay him for staying. This is for you, not for us. What will money do for us in the world? Now they are a means, but we can do without that means. Do not think that we cannot. You will say, "Then how are we going to get together here?" Well, how are we going to get together? Everyone will bring their own bread. This is one way, and there are thousands of ways. I want to tell you: let the law of self-sacrifice take root in your souls. When you want to sacrifice something, do not rush, stop, ask yourself, put this question in your intuition, think and say, "Lord, I want to sacrifice for You out of love." If you feel the Lord smiling on you - sacrifice yourselves. However, if you see that His Face is serious, refrain yourselves. After a while, pray again and observe His expression. If he smiles, make a sacrifice, but if not - refrain yourselves. It will be the same as with Cain and Abel, with those Old Testament brethren who made a sacrifice to God. Why was the sacrifice of one accepted, but of the other - not?

Now we will begin in our lives with this new Teaching, with the Teaching of Love. All our actions must be permeated with love and whatever we do to each other must be dictated by love. And let no one be cheeky to say to anyone, "Do this for me!" I will never tell anyone to do this for me. This is not in the New Teaching. I am ready and I would rather do a job for you ten times, plow your field ten times if you're not ready for it, than make you do something for me. You have no right to say to anyone, "Do this. Do you have no love? What kind of a Christian are you?” There is no such teaching in our country. If someone in our country offers his services ten times, we will tell him, "Brother, if it is out of love, we are ready to accept it." If you apply this law, there will be no disputes among you. Where do disputes originate from? Now let us say someone was a leader in a city. "Why should he be?" Well, if Love has put him here to sacrifice himself - welcome! But if he imposes himself, we will tell him: "Brother, keep everything to yourself!"

I want all leaders across the cities to be appointed out of love. Are we not a brotherhood, founded on love? Two, three, four people come together - let them all compete in love. Suppose we have ten mechanics who have gathered to repair a broken car. One of them says, "I will do it." He comes, turns around, tries, he cannot fix it. He says, "I could not fix it." A second one comes - and he also cannot. A third one comes - the same. Finally, the tenth one comes to the car and fixes it. It does not matter if the first one or the last one will fix it. You wait your turn to show your craft, do not hurry: it is not a matter of hurrying. And then, we deceive ourselves: there is only one Master in the world, he is the Master of Love. He is One, do not think that there are many. One is the Great Master of Love, and all the other teachers are manifestations of Love. When we talk about the Master, we understand the Great Infinite Love, which is expressed in giving knowledge, wisdom, happiness and bliss to all beings on Earth. This being thinks every day about other beings, what shape He will give them. And every day He hears their sighs, thinking all day about how to improve their existence. This is the Great Master and we all want to be an expression of His thoughts, of His feelings, of His actions. I would like us all to be like that. And then we will all be disciples, we will all be masters. When? When He is inside us. We are disciples when we receive, and masters when we transmit some Divine Thought which He has conveyed to us. And after you pass it on, you are a disciple again, you go to receive again. To be a master means to express the Divine thoughts, the Divine Truth and the Divine Love before the world. Think this way, so that the thought does not arise in you in relation to someone: "Well, is he a master?" When Love speaks in him, we will all listen to him. Be it a child, be it a cow, be it an ox, be it a fly - when they are speaking, we will say: “The Lord is speaking through them.” If the Lord does not speak through them, then we will go, we will not listen to them. We will do our job without paying attention to them. You will say to such masters: “Wait, wait, I have a very urgent job to do. I have children, I have a wife, I have no time to listen to you.” But when Love speaks, you will say: “I am free, I have done my job, I am at your disposal.” And this is how you should also treat yourselves. You need to know when the Lord speaks and when the Lord does not speak. When the Lord speaks, we will say: "I am free, I have all the time at my disposal to do what you want." When the Lord does not speak, you will say, "I have no free time now."

I wish you now to smooth out through the law of Love all the obstacles you have across the cities, and not to treat me to judge you who is right and who is wrong. If there is someone to blame, it is all my fault. If the Master Who speaks to you is wrong, then I am also wrong along with Him. Such is the law. Did the Jews not say of Christ, "If this one is righteous, what has he got to do with the sinners, gathering the prostitutes around him?" Make no mistake - we do not yet know the deep relationships that exist in life. Do not be deceived by the external manifestations of man. Sometimes a person can make some mistakes, but do not deceive yourselves, you do not know why he does that. You do not know his condition at any given time, you do not know what his relationship with God is. You do not know that. We must reverently stop and wait to see what God is working. Our judgement about one thing or another, must be truthful, with love, as the Truth is not spoken in haste. It is not a sin that we are quick-witted, because light is also fast. And when I say to you to be slow, I mean to be slow in sin, but quick in Good. Slow in sin, but with lightning speed in Good, in Love, in Truth, with the greatest speed that can be put into action.

Now I will ask the leaders in the cities to start with the law of Love. Let them take the last places. Christ also says, "Anyone who wants to be first, must be the very last." May the strong in Love begin to serve everyone. You are a clairvoyant, aren't you? Well, God has given you this clairvoyance in order to serve others with it. How will you serve them? As a clairvoyant, I see that they want to tempt someone, to make him fall, so they put him in trade - this brother will tempt him, and the other one will tempt him. And you see him - already fallen. As a clairvoyant, I tell him, "Brother, the plan, the intentions of your brother towards you are not sincere, he has no good intentions. You should give up.” Or, two young people will get married - they are among the brothers and sisters, they want to live spiritually. But I, as a clairvoyant, see that they will not live according to God, and therefore I tell them:

- Do not get married. If you listen to me, do not get married.

- But are we not going to live according to God?

- If you do not get married, you will live according to God, but if you get married, you will live according to the devil.

For others, however, I see like a clairvoyant that if they get married, they will live well.

- Yes, but how - we have no money!

- If you get together, you will move forward. Get married, do not be afraid, listen to me!

We need to enter somewhere, in order to help each other. Such is the law of clairvoyance. Someone comes and asks:

- What are you?

- A clairvoyant.

- And what do you see?

- Ghosts.

What if I go to a city and see all the male and female dancers, white horses, black horses, ministers with nice hats, and tell this to a farmer, for example - what does he care? That some minister had such a bowler hat, that he wore such shoes, that he had such suitcases and brought this and that to Bulgaria? What does he care about all this? He is not interested in anything. But if I tell him that when he went abroad, this minister brought a lot of seeds from a fruit crop, he will say, "Yes, that is good."

I would like to use all the abilities that you have. I would like you all to talk to spirits, I would like you all to be clairvoyants, to see these spirits and to touch them. When Christ appeared to His disciples, they were frightened and said, "Is this not a shadow?" "Try Me," He told them. There was a pulse in Him. You say, "We will be like the doubting Thomas." I like Thomas. You say, "We should not tempt the Lord." No, sometimes we have to put our finger in His body. Some say, "Until I put my finger in His wound to try, I do not want to delude myself." We should try the wounds of Christ not with this physical finger, but with our spiritual finger, to get in touch with Him, to experience His past life. Someone says, "I want to know Christ!" "You can know Me," says Christ, "well." And He gives you such great misery, suffering, that your house catches fire on both sides. Two thousand years ago Christ suffered, and today he says to those suffering: "Behold, this is Me - I am in you now, this is what I experienced." Did you understand?

Suffering - this is the first phase of initiation. But you say, "No, I want it differently, I want to see Your resurrection!" No, first you will experience His sufferings and then, after passing them successfully, you will come to the Resurrection - to the Great Love. Then we will know Him. Our heart will open and we will say, "It is worthwhile for a person to live in God's Love and to serve the Lord." And in life you will be, as if you are living in the Kingdom of God. Well then, you find a friend, love each other, read together, cuddle, and when you live like that, is it not the same as if Christ lives in you? You live in harmony. Is this not God, Who lives in you? When you go from the first step to the second, you will come to see Christ in such a primary phase. But this does not always happen. There are only three instances on Earth where one can see Christ clothed in flesh. Christ will appear, take you by the hand, and say to you, "Touch Me - this is Me!" But this cannot always be seen. In the physical world there are only three cases in which Christ can be seen, but in the other worlds there are more cases. If you use them wisely, each of you will be able to see Him. Someone says, "I want to see Him!" Yes, but there is a need for sacrifice. Until you learn to sacrifice your best thoughts, your best feelings, your best desires, you cannot see Christ.

I will give you an example. Years ago, Christ went to the house of a priest in the form of an old monk, whom the priest did not love and did not want to receive. I said to the priest, "Listen, the monk is your brother, let him in!" The priest agreed and let him in. In order to test the priest, the monk said to him:

- I need money because I have to travel.

- "I only have five leva", the priest replied.

- Well, then, I will do without them, I can also travel on foot.

And he went out. I then said to the priest:

- That was Christ.

- Well, if that is Him, I have money. I will go to bring Him back.

Christ has come in the form of a monk, but as soon as the misfortune passes, after the self-sacrifice comes, this mask will fall and Christ will manifest Himself. Otherwise He will only pass as a monk.

So the Divine in the world is hidden in all forms and when we manifest our love in thoughts, feelings and actions, then It will manifest to us. Otherwise, It will be a distant secret for us and we will only sigh for Him.

And now, young and old, all the disciples of the White Brotherhood will act according to this law - absolute freedom in Love. Throughout the year we will try to send each other love thoughts. If disharmony appears somewhere, we will all focus our thoughts for blessing. Therefore, I want you all to have such a correct shape, as this lemon. I would like you all to be smart like this lemon. It is very clever! If you were as smart as it is, that would be good. It is modest, it does not speak. Its speech is alien to you. It tells me, "You will translate my thoughts to them. Tell them that the world we live in, lives in the law of Love, and I have descended among men by that law to observe and study their lives, and in time I think of returning to my homeland."

Now you will say, "Deep spirit!" No, that is the form. The spirit is hidden in it, you do not see him. Do you know where its spirit is hidden? If there are clairvoyants among you, let them see this spirit and let them see where he is hidden. You are all first degree clairvoyants. In the second degree you are guessing about clairvoyance, and in the third degree you are guessing whether you can be clairvoyants or not.

We will not have breakfast this morning. Do you know why? Because we think of having a fraternal lunch. Let us have more time to prepare the lunch, so that your senses are sharpened a little. You will spend the time until noon calmly, in reflections - about Love, about Wisdom, about Truth. Try to perceive all this. Whatever you think, ask for it so that you can perceive it. And whoever has any desires, should not be afraid to put them into action. Feel for the Lord! Do not hesitate to apply every good feeling, thought, desire and action, such as they arise in you. No matter - young and old, who understands what. Let each of you endeavor throughout the year to apply everything as it has entered, as it was born in his heart, mind and soul, and the Lord will bless him. And this spirit of the lemon says, "And we, all the spirits, will help these disciples, we will assist them!"

Throughout this year, you will not pay attention to what others think about you, but what you think about others. You will start with the first, the most important thing- to listen and perceive all the great thoughts, you will read good books, you will listen to the advice of your friends. You will use everything as a means of realizing those great thoughts and desires that God has put in your soul.

And I would like each of you, when you come next year, to bring a nice fruit from their mental garden, from their heart garden, from the garden of their soul, of their willpower. By bringing such a nice fruit each, we will welcome you and say, "Welcome, Disciples of Love!" And these fruits will show the degree of your development. Then we will exhibit them here, on earth, and in the other world, and each of you will accept their reward. What will be this reward? The reward will be that the Truth will light up and illuminate you, and you will be walking in the Path of Truth.

- Amen!

And now all of you, who have urgent work and can not wait after the fraternal lunch, are free. Their path is wide! We send them all our love, return to their homes and start living as the Lord wants. And those of you who are free, if they want to stay out of love, they can stay as long as they want - out of inner motivation. But do not let any of you stay with a selfish purpose - to finish eating the cream. No, the cream has already been eaten, leaving only the kefir. So, there should remain no thought of seduction, of doubt that there is something hidden from you. No, the hidden one is elsewhere - the hidden one is above, with God.

Sing a song! Let us sing the song by one brother of ours: "Arise!" (T/N: this is the name of the song) Let us sing it quietly!

All friends will spread in the yard, 2-3-5-10 people together, and you will exchange thoughts on Love and on everything that may come out of your soul. Exchange thoughts until lunchtime comes. Today's lunch will be an amorous one, so I want you to put all your love in it.

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