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1921_08_22 The Proper Use of the Mind, Heart and Willpower in Life (Nik)


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Готов превод Правилното употребление на ума, сърцето и волята в живота - 22.8.1921-СБ-383 / ...: 22.8.1921-СБ-383

The Proper Use of the Mind, Heart and Willpower in Life

I will read to you the second chapter of Exodus, verses one through sixteen.

It is often noticed that both in Bulgaria and in America and everywhere else, where large gatherings of five to ten thousand people take place, there will inevitably be at least a hundred people among them who will be sleeping. Sometimes the most pious, the most zealous people sleep. The famous American preacher Moody had a large hall in Chicago where he gave sermons. Sometimes he invited prominent preachers to give sermons on certain topics. So he once invited a famous American preacher to say something about the devil. At the same time, Moody went around the city looking for listeners for this sermon to fill his church, but by the time he returned, the sermon on the devil was over and he failed to hear it. Others who heard this tale told Moody:

The preacher spoke very well.

I'm sorry - said Moody - I, who wanted so much to hear something about the devil, could not attend.

But the same preacher went a second time to speak on the subject. Moody said to himself:

This time I will hear about the devil!

In the evening Moody got his belly well filled up with sausages at home, but when he went to listen to the tale of the devil, he could not bear the great weight in his stomach and was the first to fall asleep. The first time the devil contrived by making him go and gather listeners for the tale, and the second time he made him eat sausages from which his stomach would get heavy, he would fall asleep and thus not hear the tale. And when he was asked how it happened that he did not hear the tale again, Moody replied: "Do not ask - the devil tricked me with sausages!"

So now there is in our life a false situation to which we succumb, and which sometimes deprives us of many benefits. For example, you go to a person, and he not only does not arouse any thought in you, but you even start falling asleep while with him. What is the cause of this sleepiness? Sleep exists in Nature as a state of rest. After having worked for a long time, we remain alone in the evening and begin to think we need to rest, we get out of our consciousness and let others preach to us. Another time, after eating our sausages, we fall asleep, and the Lord enters His house and begins to work. But sleep is also due to other reasons, namely that the brain energy is diverted to another path. The brain energy that serves to produce our thoughts can be diverted in the same way as any gardener diverts the watering gutter. And if you are with a very dry person, he will often divert your watering gutter. Then you will be sleeping, and he will be watering his garden. I observed something similar in an evangelical church in Varna. A father and his 22-year-old son attended meetings regularly, but the son kept falling asleep as soon as he sat down. His father constantly scolded him: "You are such an ox, such a cow, you fall asleep when you come to a meeting, you do not think what people will say!" The son promised that he would not sleep in the future, but then, as soon as he sat down, he kept falling asleep again. One day, however, as never before, the son was cheerful, opening his eyes, listening intently, and looking at the preacher; he looked at his father and he was sleeping. The son then asked him, "Father, what is this thing? Today my devil has entered you."

When people start sleeping a lot, it indicates a state of passive disharmony. A proof of this can be seen from the following example. Two people love each other. When one speaks, the other one carefully listens to him. Then the other speaks and the first one listens. They talk well because their energies are exchanged. But one day they quarrel. One of them starts sleeping - he cannot listen to the other. So, they have both changed their position. The energy of the first one is diverted in another direction. Therefore, two people who do not harmonize should not be together, they should avoid each other or we should put one of them to sleep. People who do not love each other either should not get together or should live far away from each other. When Moses spoke of stealing sheep and donkeys, these things produced dreams.

In order for a person to be alert, awake, his consciousness should always be awake, his mind should be perceptive. His heart and mind should be clear of any side influences. There should be no side feeling in his heart and mind, no side thought to control him. Once such a thought controls him, he will inevitably succumb to one influence or another.

You need to know that the modern world uses hypnotism. All institutions, starting with the military, the judiciary, schools - one of the most commonly used tools everywhere is suggestion, hypnotism. Somewhere it is applied in a lighter form, somewhere in a stronger one. All people today are doing God's will not out of consciousness but out of fear. It, the fear, is this water that is released into the mill wheel, it spins it and it grinds the flour. Tr-tr-tr - the flour is being ground. And when we get angry, we say in the same way, "Tr-tr-tr, you should know that I can grind flour." In all these cases, we win nothing. When we are in a hypnotic state, those around us benefit from it, and we pay. Therefore, in true spiritual development, the student of the Divine School, who wants to develop in himself all his mental, volitional and emotional forces properly, these must be present in his body. Then a surplus may appear in someone and from this surplus, but only from it, they can give. But we never have the right to waste the capital of the forces that God has invested in us. And anyone who tries to bet with this capital outside, pays dearly for this mistake. When we say we have to sacrifice something, it means sacrificing only our surplus. I would like you to understand what I mean by surplus. Once I plant a tree and pick some nice fruit from it, I can sacrifice the fruit, but not the tree itself: I will choose some of the nice fruit and will sacrifice them. When I say that a sacrifice is needed for something, I mean that you will make a sacrifice from the abundance, from the best of yourself, and not from the least. The rich man can make a sacrifice, while the poor one cannot make any sacrifice.

Thus, the law of sacrifice is binding only on the rich, but not on the poor. If you want your mental life to develop, you have to understand this law. There is a danger among the disciples of an occult school or a fraternity that their minds and hearts will develop abnormally and that their minds will atrophy. In what direction? Our energy may be directed to the spiritual world in form and content, but its purpose may be purely material. I will tell you about one such case that happened in Germany. A beautiful countess went to see a prominent young German preacher, she repented and he baptized her. For ten years she became the most zealous disciple of this preacher. Everyone wondered how this had happened. Finally, the preacher said, "This is my companion who will be able to help me work successfully." And he married her. But as soon as she got married, her spiritual aspirations disappeared and she said, "I am tired of this life, I want a secular life, I want to go to concerts, theaters, balls." And after ten years, the preacher fell asleep - there were no more sermons heard. So Christ, Whom this beautiful girl was looking for, was in her mind, and now, when she got Him, she said, "I have nothing more to look for." Therefore, if you have a spiritual aspiration and your goal is material, you will slip. That is why, your ultimate goal should be purely spiritual, and let the methods, the means, be material. You should have absolutely no selfish desires about the goal you are striving for. There are students who do well for a few years and then are seduced. Why? They come here to acquire knowledge, to become teachers, and then to get paid. That is why they preach. If I become a teacher in order to be paid, my goal is material; if I become a teacher in order to have influence, my goal is material. But if my goal is pure, if I want to improve the lives of these people and their souls to rise for the Glory of God and leave their old aspirations in the background, my goal is purely Divine. Our lives are not expressed only now. What exists now is the beginning of a life, of a well-being that we have to try. One day we will meet in a different setting, we will meet in a world that is a bit different. Then your souls will not be like the present ones. Suppose we now encounter each other with horns, hooves, but have consciousness; one day, however, we will meet in a special setting. We will have no horns, nor will we have any hooves. "Why are we without horns, why are we without hooves? It cannot be like that.” We can do without horns, we can do without hooves. Human hands will be arranged differently.

So, one day we will meet in a different environment, which will be a hundred times better than the current one. We will meet again on Earth, but then the Earth will undergo a change. The second condition, in which the whole present world will come, will undergo an organic readjustment, the whole matter will recrystallize, everything will be modified. What do you think? Will we know each other then? We will know each other. We will watch this scene like in a movie. You will see that so many, many thousands of years ago, in such and such a situation, in such and such conditions in Tarnovo there were such pictures. You will ask yourself, "Was that really so?"
You will see this whole scene, then you will understand it more clearly than now, because along with this picture there will be other pictures that will give it meaning. Then you will not be a minority like now. But this will be in the distant future. You will ask me how you will be able to see all this. When the time comes, then you will understand. And children will have patience, because the present is a foretaste of the future. This future life is being prepared, it has not been created yet. And you will enter it as being welcome, you will be accommodated there. In the same way, when you come to Tarnovo, there are some people who have come earlier to meet you, to house you, to accommodate you and to take you everywhere. But then you will have a setting, more beautiful than the current one.

However, in order to be able to achieve that future, in order not to stop in your evolution, you must necessarily preserve your mental, emotional and volitional powers, you should be careful not to distort your willpower, not to rent it out doing evil. You should not give it to any of your close friends, nor to anyone else. No student of the White Brotherhood should give his willpower to anyone for committing a crime. Whoever gives it, there is great redemption for this sin. Then, no one is allowed in the White Brotherhood to rent their minds out for committing a crime for others, just as they are not allowed to commit a crime themselves. No one in the White Brotherhood has the right to rent out their heart, so that it serves as a snare for others to commit crimes with, same way as using their own heart for criminal purposes. These things, you have to keep them as rules. Laws are absolutely immutable, no one is forgiven. The one who transgresses them, will drink the karmic cup to the bottom and will be forgiven only when they learn their lesson. I am telling you this to protect you. You are entering a sacred realm where your mind must be sacred, your heart must be sacred, your willpower must be sacred, your soul must be sacred. And your spirit must be a sacrifice to the Living God. Then you will be disciples of the White Brotherhood.

No hesitation, no dispute! Absolutely no exception! You will say, "What if I do it?" When you have done it - something else. We are talking about what should not be, not about what should be. The mind will come completely in the service of the Good, the heart will come completely in the service of Love, the willpower will come completely in the service of Truth, and your soul - completely in the service of God's Wisdom. These are the laws that are written like tablets inside anyone who wants to become a disciple of the Universal White Brotherhood, in the morality of which there are no exceptions. And if you follow these rules in this way, God's blessing will be on your side and you will grow from knowledge to knowledge, from strength to strength, and your soul will gradually acquire those joys that you desire. But if you get defiled somewhere even slightly, you will lose everything. For example, many have said, "I do not need a Master, the Spirit speaks in me." He has not understood. The Spirit that speaks within us is one, but we will always need one another throughout all eternity. Whoever says they do not need anyone else, this is from the devil. Remember this. Therefore, they do not need the Living God. And whoever is born of God, they will always need others, because God also lives in them. And if one day you deviate from me, you will suffer, not me. You will immediately feel deprived of God and you will not be able to speak, you will lose your eloquence. This law applies both to me, and to you. Beware of this. You need your brother and he needs you. Why? Because the Lord lives in both and you have to listen to what the Lord is telling you. When you say to someone, "I do not need you," you are speaking against yourself, and when your brother says, "I do not need you," he is speaking against himself.But when I say that I need him, it shows that he is my brother of Love and I am his brother of Love.

This is the first teaching that you should have in your hearts, minds, souls and willpower, and you will put it to the test. It is an absolute truth, in which there is no exception. And we are doing everything here in the name of this Truth. If I am here now, among you, why is that? Some say, "I do not need you." Well then, I will be leaving. When the mother is no longer needed, she dies. The husband says to his wife, "I do not need you," and she dies. When they tell the father he is no longer needed, he dies. When they tell the son that he is no longer needed, he dies. When you say that you no longer need each other, you will all die. But when we all say that we need each other, this is a resurrection in Christ. Only in this way can we explain why Christ descended from Heaven to help sinners. Why did he descend? This is a great secret. If God feels the need to descend into others, how much more does this apply to us. So you will know that everyone needs each other, but you will not be intrusive. Everything should be done with Love. There is no need for me to come, grab you by the throat and say, "I love you!" It is clear. If I love you, what am I going to do? When you come to visit me, you will find a table ready, I will let you wash, I will give you a towel to wipe, I will guide you around my gardens, through my fields; and there will be kisses, and caresses. These are kisses and caresses! And if I do not love you - there will be no gardens, there will be no table, I will ask you how long you are going to stay, where you you are going, I will ask you if you have a room and I will tell you that I do not have time to walk you around. Well, is this Love? When working with Love, the doors are open everywhere and there will be prosperity; when there is no Love, we will find ourselves in a wrong state from all sides.

So, now we will open our hearts, minds and souls in the right way so that this great law can manifest and create a more favorable harmony among us. And then, when you meet, you will look at each other in such a way that when you pass each other, you will feel enthusiasm in yourself. Just one look will be sufficient. Love is like that - it transmits all its emotions, movements, impulses. If we create such an atmosphere, we will have good manifestations. Someone says, "Why am I not able to write?" Because you have no Love. Musicians, teachers, priests - all stumble. Why? Because they have no Love. If there is this harmony of Love, everything can be created.

I notice that many of you have entered the New Way, but they carry knives, swords, and after applying the methods of Love, they finally say, "Here we go now with knives, here we go with swords!" No, I will ask you all to come next year without knives, without swords - they will be left in the entrance hall. As long as you are in town and being walked around, you do not need any needles, nor any swords or knives. Women should not wear bun hairstyles and needles on them, and their hair should be let down. And long nails are not allowed because they are dangerous, but will be trimmed in a round shape. Your feet will be washed, not sweaty. You will all wear linen socks and linen underwear. This is symbolic. Linen clothes are the best conductors of electrical and magnetic energy. Under the current conditions, woolen clothes are the most hygienic ones, then come cotton ones, but the best are hemp and linen ones.

Now for this year I will give ten topics from different fields to all those of our friends who can write. These topics are as follows:

In Chemistry: "The Relation of Chemical Forces to Physical and Organic Forces in Nature."

In Physics: "The Relation of Physical Forces to Chemical and Organic Forces in Nature."

In Astronomy: "The Relationships of Solar and Lunar Energy to Terrestrial Energy and what is the Relationship and Influence of the Sun and Moon on the Earth."

In Mineralogy: "The Consciousness of Minerals."

In Zoology: "The Way in which the Transition from Inorganic to Organic Consciousness Takes Place, i.e. from the Consciousness of Crystals to the Consciousness of Cells."

In Botany: "The Influence that Plants Have Had on the Development of Human Life."

In Theosophy: "A Description of the Primary or Embryonic State of the Buddhist Body when Man Began to Fall."

In Mathematics: "The Fourth Dimension and its Relation to the First, Second and Third Dimensions."

In Occultism: "How Many Millions of Years Ago Came Man to Earth." Those who practice occultism should read all the conjectures on the subject and resolve the question on the basis of them.

Again in Occultism: "In what Place will the Sixth Race Appear."

These are the ten topics that you will distribute among each other. Let volunteers be found for this job.

If all these talks are successful, we will publish them in one collection. I want ten kilograms of honey from you! You will have a job for the whole year. Many of you know foreign languages. Let them read and collect material from everywhere, just as bees collect honey. I want one kilogram of honey from each hive. I want ten kilos of honey from the ten of them. I will remind you again. This year you will focus your energy. I have decided to sever all ties that hinder you. Let us leave all Divine relations alone to act in one way, and may God form a Divine organization based on the law of Love. When Love comes, it will organize us. Once we organize, we will be in our right place and will begin to act, to function as a normal Divine organism. Then your willpower, hearts and minds will work properly, you will not feel any constriction, the connections between you will become normal and pleasant. You will not feel any constraint, but excitement; there will be music and poetry. Then we will be able to climb to an altitude of 2,500-3,000 meters.

Now I recommend to both young and old, Love that never ceases. It flows out from a constant source, for which we will open a place in our heart. That is where salvation is. There is no other philosophy in the world. Let us not try to explain Love. No matter how we explain it, it is important to start expressing it. How are we going to express it?

Now young people need Love the most. The old ones have Love, but they have no strength to use it. Young people have strength, but because their Love is weak, they cannot use their strength. Therefore, the only thing we can do, is make the old ones young. Making the old one young is a great art. The best shot is all of you to talk about Love, but in a principled sense. As you talk about this Love, you will feel it in your mind, and in your heart, and in your willpower. At the same time, you will put in your mind the idea to ferment yourselves, so that your every action is fermented by Love. I often feel your condition. Sometimes I pass by you and my mind freezes. And do you know how? I have to make an effort, so that it thaws. Everyone can try this condition. You may often experience palpitations, headaches. These are abnormal states, deviations of Love. You may experience palpitations or feel pain in your heart. If I send you two opposite thoughts at the same time, you will immediately feel as if an arrow has pierced your heart.

You will beware, you will close your minds to evil. There is no way that you will rent out your mind. Your mind, your heart, your willpower and your soul will be dedicated to the Lord. This is the motto of the disciples of the White Brotherhood.

Whoever does so, they are welcome and we will open the door for them, but whoever does not do that, they will find the door closed. They will remain in one place and it will take them one hundred and fifty reincarnations to get out of there.

I recommend cleanliness to all of you - no other philosophy! Who is right, who is wrong - there are no right and wrong people in the world. We have decided to serve the Lord. We will enter, we will learn as the angels learn, and we will do His Will. We will listen to our older brothers and will learn from them. As they write, so shall we write; as they play, so shall we play. We will learn their spelling, their poetry, their arts, their way of dressing and eating - all their rules of life in general.

In the future, you will have to start feeling that you are disciples of the White Brotherhood. If it does not show in your life that you are students of the White Brotherhood, will they recognize you by some kind of signboard? Every brother should walk straight like a candle - there should be no hump!

The eyes of the disciple of the White Brotherhood should not be blurred, but Love and energy should flow from them, they should shine day and night. Let light flow from them. The chest should be open, convex, not so skinny. The face should be bright and cheerful, to show that there are Virtues in it. The mouth, the lips should be open. It has to be seen that there is life in them. Someone says of another, "What is he thinking?" He is not thinking anything! That is how I want the faces of all of you to speak. When people look at you, they should say that there is an idea in your faces. Everyone should say about you that you are special people. Try to be muscular as well, not to be afraid, so that when you grab your opponent by the leg, he will feel that you have caught him. You will all strive to be strong. And when the apostle Paul says, "I boast of my weakness," it means to be weak in evil, but strong in Good. Once you start something, complete it. Being strong means to control all our cells, to direct all our muscles at any moment. You should have elegance in everything. Your mouth should always be clean and odorless. If someone has bad breath in their mouth, they will say: "In the name of God's Love, in the name of God's Wisdom, let what smells in me disappear." With a suggestion, you will command your mouth not to smell, and one day the smell will disappear. You will also order your teeth not to smell, not to spoil. You will keep them in good condition, you will eat clean food. There should be nothing stuck between your teeth. This is required of the disciple of the White Brotherhood - to have absolute cleanliness. When the disciple has conditions, water, but does not clean his mouth, this is not allowed, it is a sin of his soul.

All this will bring new freshness to you and you will say: "Our mouth, the place of Love, should be clean."

Then we have to develop our sense of smell, our sensitivity, to be attentive to all flowers, to plants, to animals. For the disciple to be careful, it means to see on his way his younger brothers, the ants, and to make way for them, not to tread on them. This is for the disciples of the White Brotherhood. When the little woman-disciple meets an older woman-disciple, she will kiss her. When the young man meets an old man aged 80-100, he will kiss him and wash his feet. This old woman and old man will be so grateful that they will say, "These students are really disciples of the White Brotherhood." That is the kind of relationship you should all have. And you should do all this not by force, but by Love. If you have Love, do it, but if you have no Love and you do it by force, evil will be created.

The rest of the time until 12 o'clock, if you want, separate yourselves into groups of men and women, young and old, discuss there under the trees, exchange some important, essential thoughts and whoever can, let them give you some enlightenment on these.

And now sing the song: "Brotherhood, unity".

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