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1921_08_22 The Proper Development of Human Energies (Nik)


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Готов превод Правилният развой на човешките енергии - 22.8.1921-СБ-381 / ...: 22.8.1921-СБ-381

The Proper Development of Human Energies

Let us look up for just a few minutes and offer a warm prayer to God.

I will read you chapter 64 of Isaiah.

This is what one of the prominent prophets of Israel said several thousand years ago. Of course, this is an inner experience of the prophet. In order to be able to deeply understand the inner meaning of the words, in order to understand what the prophet meant, we need to have the same experiences, the same setting. Many of his words will seem so strange to us.

Why does the prophet turn with the words: “Oh, that You would rend the heavens and come down. That the mountains might flow down at Your presence." This is such a natural figure (of speech)! In Nature, when clouds and darkness have covered the sky and the sun's rays do not touch those little seeds and plants, what will be their prayer? You will say, "May the clouds disperse and the sun's rays penetrate those little souls, that are waiting for God's blessing!" In the same way, human souls pray for the heavens to be torn and for God's Love to descend upon them.

This morning we have to meditate on three sentences: "May Love reign in our hearts, may Wisdom be glorified in our spirits, and may Truth shine on our souls."

The first one is, "May Love reign in our hearts." So this Love, which has to reign in our hearts, will evoke a kind of energy; Wisdom, which has to be glorified in our spirits, will evoke another kind of energy; Truth, which has to shine on our souls, will evoke a third kind of energy.

I have three ordinary devices here (he shows) - one of them, the compass, is connected to the magnetic poles and reads the current of the earth's magnetism most accurately. So, it is sensitive to these energies and always points in the same direction. The second device, the barometer, is connected to another kind of energy, namely atmospheric changes. Whenever there is a change in the atmosphere, this device marks these changes. And the third device marks the flow of human energies that flow out from the right and left hand of man. When this device is grasped by our hand, its arrow shows what our energy is and in what direction it is moving.

So, these three devices determine the energies. Some that flow from north to south, others that manifest in the atmosphere, and still others - in the human body.

We should not hinder ourselves. We should not obstruct neither our heart, nor our soul, nor our mind. All the contradictions that arise in us hinder ourselves - doubt, hatred, all the contradictory feelings hinder ourselves first, and then all those who can be infected by these feelings. They are like a fire that can engulf everything. Negative energies are transmitted and the positive energies of evil are also transmitted. The good that we do is expressed in the good aspiration. In order not to stumble, we need to have faith, which is necessary especially for us. It will bring some peace to our minds.

For example, some misfortune happens to you, you will be disturbed and you will say: “Is not God just, smart, good. Why did He allow this to happen to me?” If you go through these sufferings, you will gain the experiences of these sufferings, misfortunes, disturbances, until you will come to your senses only after months, you will realize that the mistake is in you, not in God, and you will see that you are not on the right track. If you stumble on one road and encounter some obstacle, is God guilty for putting the obstacle, or you are, for not knowing the way that you are walking?

First of all, we should not disturb ourselves. When I say that we should not disturb ourselves, it means not to disturb our spirit and soul with such childish understandings. Whatever happens to us, we have to say, "Such is the Will of God." And not only say this, but feel it deep in our souls, think about it, realize that what has been allowed, is for our own good at the moment, and then to direct our willpower in that direction, in which the Divine Spirit wants to lead us.

Yesterday, when you made the selection for the Physical, Spiritual, Educational and Conciliatory Councils, you should have known that you need to have these councils within you. When we talk about the Physical Council, the Council of Labor, let everyone keep in mind and strive to keep our body in a proper condition, to renew it physically, because, as the Scripture says, our body is a Temple of God. We have to work on it physically - we will plaster it both outside and inside. If a brick falls here or there, we will put a new one in its place. When we talk about physical labor, we usually understand the things outside of ourselves. No, we must first understand them within ourselves. If we can apply this law inside us, to straighten our body, we will also be able to correct ourselves. But if I cannot correct myself, how can I correct others? Therefore, physical labor can only be used when we have a high spiritual consciousness. Then physical labor becomes a pleasant pastime for the spirit. When the spirit expands a lot and does not know what to do, the Lord sends it to work on Earth - for the spirit, this is the most pleasant act. All creative work begins with this act. The spirit rejoices in this creative act, which is born in God. Therefore, the physical, material world is a manifestation of God. What is hidden and invisible to us becomes visible. And in the visible world we have to see the Invisible, but we can see it only when we stare at things. When a poet takes a flower in his hand, he sees in it more than an ordinary person does. About this flower, a poet can write 10-15 sheets (of paper), and with the most beautiful description. But the average person, when taking the flower, will say: "This little flower has five petals, red color and a small, thin stalk - I do not know what it was made for." While the poet will sit down, he will describe this flower, he will make it like a living being, and as you read, you will say to yourself: "Where did this poet find so much in this little flower?" Well, then, what is the situation of the poet? Suppose you are standing on one side of a fence and I am on the other side, and I put my finger through a small hole. You push my finger, but you do not know that there is a man behind the fence. If you are an ordinary person, you will squeeze my finger a little and say, "I grabbed something soft, thin." You will push my finger back and it will be hidden. However, if you are sensitive, delicate, you will feel that behind this fence there is some special energy, something else, a living being that you love, and you will begin to describe this being. Such is the situation of the poet. He sees behind this fence what the ordinary man cannot see. Therefore, each of you will strive to develop in yourself the Divine consciousness, to develop your intuition and to see in all forms the Divine manifestations of the Living Lord of Love. When you look at a person, if you do not see the Divine manifestations in him, you will squeeze him a little and say: "There is nothing special." Similarly, if we turned to a butcher to describe to us what a man is, how would he describe him? He would find that the flesh of some of you is more tender, and of others - more tough; he will find that the meat of some of you is good for steaks and of others - not good. Such will be his description of man. And when evil takes over the world, we begin to have understandings like those of a butcher and say, "This meat is tough - it is not for steaks." This is not a reasonable understanding of things in this world, we cannot develop properly in this way. Therefore, we first need to understand the physical, unconscious energies that develop in our body and flow from Nature. They have a special kind of effect. We have to pass these energies through our body from top to bottom, left and right in order to renew it. These energies are transmitted through the arterial and venous blood from the top downwards and from bottom upwards, constantly circulating in our body. And in these physical energies there are other kinds of energy, which I call the energies of sensitivity. We need to be aware of energy not only as a physical manifestation, but also realize that each energy produces a kind of pleasant or unpleasant impression, because physical energy can either push us forward or stumble us. When physical energy stops you, it causes a shipwreck, but when it moves you forward, that movement is pleasant to us. For example, a train is moving from Sofia to Varna - if this energy is stopped suddenly, all passengers immediately jump out of the train. And when a kind of energy from the astral world stops, we feel in the cessation of this energy either a painful state, pain, or a pleasant mood.

The third kind of energies are in our mind. When they act, we think we have an expansion in our mind, but when that energy stops, we immediately feel as if an iron lid is being placed on your head. And then you think: nothing comes out. Why do these things happen? Because we have lost the key of Love. When we lose this key, misfortunes begin in the physical realm, the physical world, then misfortunes begin in the astral and finally in the mental world. But when the Spirit comes, everything in us comes to life immediately.

The spiritual energies of God, when He manifests, are physical energies to us, and our spiritual energies on Earth are physical energies to God. And what we call physical does not seem to have any direct relation to us. It is a manifestation of God. Every physical energy is a manifestation of God. God has put the deepest sense in the thing that we find has no meaning, and God finds the least sense in what we see as having the greatest significance. Then, when we are considered the most spiritual on Earth, God does not find any spirituality in us. I speak in human terms. Because we think that when we become spiritual, God will love us. That would be ridiculous! There is no need for God to love us for our perfection. Individually, He has no reason to love us, but there is an inner need in God to manifest, to rejoice in every being on Earth - to make them happy, to make them blissful and to give them form. And God has different ways and means for doing this, and when we do not understand them, we find them unnatural for us. But the unnatural for us is natural for God. So, what we call abnormal, is normal for God.

So, we will now proceed to straightening our bodies. Your bodies are distorted because when a certain abnormality comes to your liver, you feel some dull feelings, you cannot love. Then your body is not able to transmit your energy, so your whole body - your arms, legs will be cold. The feet will be like dry sticks, and whoever touches you will say, "There is no warmth in this man." Well, I am asking you: who likes to carry dry sticks? If they are for making fire - I understand, but we do not need dry sticks in life. Therefore, you should always have some warmth in your hands. If you do not have it in your hands, you will create the idea to acquire this warmth. You will create it mentally, saying to yourself, "There is a small disharmony in me, but I will correct it." This shows that you have sinned in Love. If your stomach is not working properly, it means that you have sinned in Love, in its first manifestation: you have eaten too much or too little. Sometimes people spoil their stomachs by eating too little, as some stingy people do, so as not to become poor, and sometimes, when they eat a lot, they overeat, and then take various medications. Some torture their bodies by depriving themselves of the food they need to earn money, while others overeat. Both of them spoil their stomachs. Everyone should use this energy as much as they need to sustain physical life. You will turn to God and thank Him for the food, for everything that He gives you.

Now we all need some physical development. The soul cannot manifest in a feeble body. Imagine that we only have some bones, some veins, and our eyes move in such a body! What beauty will this body have? Just imagine! Some say, "We do not have to be very fat." But what if we are very dry? Both of them are extremes. Therefore, we need to have beautiful bodies in which the Divine energy can manifest. Our faces need to be beautiful, plastic, so that they can express all our feelings and movements. Our movements, our walking have to be so plastic that when a person looks at us, they say: "This person is walking very well!" But some walk like a sailing ship - they stagger from side to side like drunkards.

The disciples of the New teaching must be different from others in everything. When someone meets you, they should say, "This person walks in a special way, he is neat, he is tidy." You are not allowed to walk hunched over like the letter "S". God does not like question marks. The world may look like a question mark, but we will look like upright trees. We will be so upright that the front of the face is parallel to our spine. As we walk, the spine and the face should form two parallel lines. This is the correct walking.

The first thing for all of you is to straighten your humps. Students in this school are not allowed to have humps. I will give you a method to know if you have a hump or not. In the evening, before going to bed, lean your back against the door and see the distance between your waist and the door. The greater this distance, the greater your hump. The distance between the waist and the door should be small. Once a distance of four fingers is formed, you already have a hump. It is able to change the energies of your minds. This energy will appear everywhere in our minds and you will not be able to think correctly. If your chest is tight, if you do not breathe properly, if you do not have enough oxygen, if you do not have this phosphorus energy in your body, an internal obscuration will immediately form inside you. Why? Because you have not walked upright. Justice and uprightness are connected.

When you come here next year, I would like you all to have smaller humps. Nowadays, modern religious people exhaust their bodies, until finally, according to this law, they become unhappy and die. In this respect, they are similar to Nasreddin Hodja, who wanted to wean his donkey from eating, but when he weaned it off, it died and then he had to go and fetch water on his own. I would not want your donkey to die.

"There is," says the Apostle Paul, "natural bodies and spiritual bodies." There is a natural donkey, there is also a spiritual donkey. The word ass may seem obscene to you, but it also means donkey, and the donkey is an emblem of the fourth initiation - humility. When you come to the position of growing up a lot, God humbles you and you come to the position of a donkey. They say, "He is a donkey." Whatever you say, they always call you a donkey, whatever you do, they will always say about your ears, "He is a donkey." This is an initiation in humility and patience. When we talk about the donkey, it means to humble oneself, to give up one's pride. You think that the donkey is humble. No, it is proud! When you let it go free, you will see that it is proud - it never stays at the back, at the queue, but always goes at the front. It shows: "I am a captain, I am leading." It has great ambitions. Therefore, in order for this donkey to return to its natural state, the Lord put it to great trials. This is our inner state. At first we think we have great talents, knowledge, and we finally say, "People are also right." We humble ourselves and begin to endure all insults. There is no teacher, no preacher, who has not suffered insults. So when you experience this condition, you will say, "I am now in the fourth degree of initiation - the donkey." When you see a donkey, you will ask yourself, "Have I experienced this condition of the donkey?"

You have to notice: Christ did not enter Jerusalem on horseback, but on a donkey. With this He says that people should not ride a horse, but a donkey. The donkey tells us that whoever does not learn this Divine law will bray like a donkey.

The second kind of energies are the energies of the heart and the energies of the feelings. As soon as the supply of physical energies is sufficient, the body is in a normal state, then the spiritual energies correspond to the physical ones, i.e. physical energies can be more easily transformed into emotional ones. When there is a mismatch between physical and spiritual energies, then our condition cannot manifest itself. Sometimes you feel that you cannot manifest, you have a sinking feeling here, in your stomach. Someone says, "I have lost my Love." No, you have not lost your Love, but your astral body is in an abnormal state. The reason for this abnormal state is as follows: when the thought enters your mind that a friend you loved has caused you bitterness, you lose all trust in him, this friend leaves in your astral body something like a poison that constantly torments you. You have to take this dead man out of yourself, out of your house. You will call all your friends and perform a funeral service for him. Once you take it out, you will cry for a while, but then you will be comforted and your soul will be relieved.

So, the disciples of the White Brotherhood must get rid of these dead images. You say, "He utterly insulted me!" With this, you already have a dead man to throw out. The more you keep it inside you, the more it will start to decompose, to stink. If you keep it, you will suffer. Do not think that if you keep a dead man inside you, you will hurt someone. No, you will not hurt anyone except yourself, because when the Divine Love does not come to you, you will begin to dry up - your roots will dry up. What are you going to do? You will call on the master of this dead man and say, “In the name of God's Love that works in our hearts, in the name of God's Wisdom that works in our souls and by the power of the Word of God that works in our spirits, may God forgive him!"

And now bury all your dead. But do not call others to bury them, do not call me to bury them, I will not come! Everyone should go to bury their own. Christ says, "Let the dead bury their own dead." And you, the living ones, will bury your own dead. Do not call anyone but one or two (to help). I do not want to hear about these dead. Someone comes to me saying: "Do you know how someone insulted me deeply?" Another one comes, complaining about the same. I say: enough is enough.There is nothing to talk about the dead! They will offend you, of course. A dead man cannot help but offend you. Every disharmony in our feelings, every bitter feeling we will bring to the surface - so that it goes to its master. These are the feelings of the devil. And we will bring in us the noble feelings of Love - let them fight the negative ones, but we must be free.

I will now give you a rule for your mental development. Students who start with the occult often stumble with their teachers. They begin to argue among themselves as to which teacher has told greater truths and which one has not. The Divine Truths can neither be greater, nor lesser. If you bring the thoughts of two teachers into your mind and start comparing which thought is more right, you are impeding yourself. You should always have only one Master in your mind. I will call this Master the Master of Love. Someone asks me, "Do you believe in Christ?" I say, "I do not believe in Christ." Well, what is Christ? Christ is the outside, he is the Master of Love. If you know Love, you will also know Christ.

Christ Himself says, "No one can come to Me unless My Father calls him, draws him." How will He attract him? With Love. Therefore, when Love attracts us, then we will also know Christ.

So, you will put Love as a philosopher's stone in yourself and you will only think about it. I speak of Love as a great principle that will remove all difficulties, will resolve all issues. Why? Because it brings harmony. When I speak to you now, at this moment, there is no harmony between you yet. This is partly due to the atmospheric changes that take place in you: there is more moisture in some, less - in others. The weather today contradicts our understandings. If we do not understand the law, we will think that there is some contradiction. How can we address this contradiction? You should reduce the humidity a little. Some of you have a desire to take more than they need, while others do not want to take even as much as they need. Those who have taken more should leave it, and those who have not taken enough, they should take what they think is necessary for them.

The prophet says: "Oh, that You would rend tear the heavens, that you would come down!" (Isaiah 64:1) The heavens in this sense show that Rational life, in which the Divine is manifested in us. Paul says that the veil, behind which these mysteries were hidden, has been torn. So these mysteries have become apparent to humanity. Earlier, when humanity was descending, Love was not as strongly manifested as it is now - there was no such Love. But because today we are at the bottom, with the greatest contradictions in life, with the greatest sufferings, that is why this Love is being manifested more intensely. God is now making a greater effort to help us than in the past ages. He waited for us while we were slipping up, and now He is sending us all His helpers to bandage those broken legs. Now some of you are leaving the hospital. There is no more going down. As you have fallen, you will now take the path of your ascent to God. The way of descending is the Way of Wisdom, while the way of ascending is the Way of Love. That is why the new phase, the new evolution, is a phase of Love. The path of Wisdom is over - it will be in the help of Love. It used to be the opposite, but now you must put God's Love as a principle on first place and obey all its suggestions and impulses in your soul, smoothing out, as much as possible, all the contradictions that are being created mentally between your brothers and yourselves.

"And that the mountains might flow down at Thy Presence, as when the melting fire burneth, the fire causeth the waters to boil, to make Thy Name known to Thine adversaries." (Isaiah 64: 2) Who are these adversaries? These adversaries are the same spirits who want to hinder your evolution. To make Thy Name known - it means the power of God to overcome. You are all victims. There are certain obstacles around you, difficulties of a physical nature, difficulties of an emotional and mental nature. There is no one among you who does not have difficulties. All of you - men, women and children - have experienced them.

When Love comes, it will manifest the Name of God. Well, when do we give someone a name? When we love someone, then we give them a name; if we do not love him, we give them a number, for example № 1, № 2, etc. In order to love something, we have to give it a name. The first name is Love. God's Love cannot come if we do not know the Name of God. And when we pronounce It, He will say, "I am here." You see someone on the street, you shout after him, "Hey, wait!" He keeps walking, he does not turn around. But when you call him: "Ivan, brother!" - he turns around. If you call on God as the God of Love, He will turn around immediately and tell you, "What do you want?" And you will immediately be relieved. That is why it is said that if we walk in the Path of Love, even before we ask for something, we will have it. The Lord will understand our desires that our minds and hearts long for, and He will give them to us.

And now, let me say a few words about the selection of the four councils, which took place yesterday. This choice will not be canceled, it will be a task that you will have to solve throughout the year. Do not be alarmed by it. For those of you who join the so-called Physical Group, the smallest task of the year will be to persuade three people to plant trees in their gardens. This is the least they can do. For those of you who are on the Spiritual Council, the least they can do is as follows - to find three people and convince them to make three mistakes in their lives. For those on the Education Council, the smallest task will be to find three people each and convince them to read three of the best books. And for those who enter the Conciliation Council, to find three people and reconcile them with three of their enemies. This is the task of these four councils of one hundred people each. That is clear, isn't it?

- It is clear - clear and definite.

This is the least you need to do. You will be able to do it, won't you?

- We will. But what if we do not find anyone with three mistakes, what shall we do? Should we supplement the mistakes with those from another person?

There will always be one person who has three mistakes. For example, you will find a man who likes to beat his wife; his second mistake is that he likes to talk badly about his friends, and the third one - that he is constantly dissatisfied with his life. You will find such people, be they men or women. You will definitely find three people. The smallest thing is the easiest one to do. Do not stumble, put in your mind the thought of doing this and you will do it. I am telling you, even if you have difficulties, they will not be such that you cannot overcome them. Do you know, if you reconcile three people each, what effect this will have in the world? Check where the right philosophy is.

Some people think that what they read in books is the same as when they read it in novels. For example, when a novelist describes the facts, are they really such as he describes them? No, they are not. Sometimes he gives them paraphernalia (unnecessary additions), presenting his heroine stronger than she is, the hero - too. All novelists have one weakness - that they do not present their characters as they are. And our saints are represented as they are not - their holiness is less than we imagine it. Both scientists and geniuses are not what they look like in our eyes. There are two extremes - we will either exaggerate or understate. We have not yet reached the state of understanding things as they are.

Each group will perform 900 jobs. The group of one hundred people that I will select, will create harmony. It will include the smartest, the best and the strongest in mind, heart and willpower. The thought will now arise in your minds: well, are we not good? The four groups were chosen by God, and I will choose this group. The four groups are higher, God chooses them, and I choose the rest, so they have to make more effort to be a candidate. They are the smallest ones, they are the last. Do you know what they will do when everyone in the other groups occupy their positions? Those who have nothing to do, take their violins and start playing. These people of harmony are the musicians who take their violin and - start playing here and playing there. They are the musicians, and the others, listening to them, say: "Let us give them something - they have played for us!"

I want to use the conditions, I want to use the influence, the combination that we have now. You cannot have the current situation another time, it is not formed in a human way. Let each of you take advantage of Nature. Utilize its freshness, beauty, fresh air.

I would like each of you to accept this Divine setting, Divine Love, and for each of you to go home rich. As for the other human things - they are secondary and tertiary. Once we have come here, let us be in contact with the Invisible world, so that everyone can leave refreshed, healthy, so that they can overcome the difficulties they will encounter on their way. May you overcome whatever difficulties you may encounter throughout the year.

- If I correct three of my mistakes, is it as if I have done this to another person and it is considered that I have to influence two more people?

The conciliators must first reconcile themselves and only then begin to reconcile others. The conciliator will be the first one, and the other three will be except him.

In general, there is now a small wave of disunity in all cities. It started like an itching from Sofia, it went to Stara Zagora, it is now in Sliven, going towards Burgas, approaching Aytos; in Shumen it has developed on a large scale - there is diarrhea there! These are psychic waves that are due to certain microbes and those obsessed with them look like those who dance tarantella - in Europe there is a spider that bites someone, the bitten person begins to dance in a special way and stops only when the effect of the poison ceases. So, when the devil passes, we start dancing, writhing, but when he passes, we say: "What have I done!" Well, the devil has eaten from us. Therefore, when he bites us, we will dance. It is preferable to dance, but beware.

Some of you ask, for example, why we should have leaders. It's like asking why we should have a head. When it comes to a sack, the healthy person is the one who has to pick it up. If this leader is just like a conductor waving a baton, I do not want such one, but if he picks up the sack, I praise him. If these leaders just raise the baton like conductors, be they men or women, I do not recognize them as leaders, but if they work hard, we will call them leaders. Every leader is from God. If it is from God, he will work, but if it is from the devil, he will only be waving the baton. If it is from God, he is the first one to sacrifice - he opens his purse. If he is not from God, he is like an officer who commands, "Forward, brethren, forward!" But when the battle comes, he hides behind the stones. If he says, "Forward, brethren," and he himself comes forward, he is a hero, but if he does not, he is not a hero. That is how I understand that the leader must act. He must be the personification of Love, Wisdom and Truth. If he has this, we will give him all the help, because he has been sent by God. Therefore, we will not hinder the one, through whom the Lord works, we will not attack him. There is no reason. God is working, not us. And so, now the misunderstood things have became clear.

- Only implementation is needed - God bless him!

It will, it will - it will be! I believe that there is no one among you who does not want Love to be in his heart - everyone wants it. I believe that there is no one among you who does not want Wisdom to be in his mind. I believe that there is no one among you who does not want the Truth to be in his spirit. Everyone wants that. And if we want - it will be! We desire, and the Lord desires. The Lord desires and will do it, and we - let us follow Him.

The Lord is walking in front of us. There is nothing to be afraid of. And we will glorify Him. He moves His Hand, arranges the world, and we will follow Him. Someone says, "Well, can I do this job?" You will do it! Why? Because the Lord precedes us. The Lord said to Moses, "I will go over before thee." So, do not ask yourself if you will be able to, or not. This work will not be done as we think, but in the best Divine way.

I wish that you all have healthy and beautiful bodies, that your hands are soft and warm, your hearts too, and your minds to be bright and flexible, so that you are always ready for work. Your willpower has to be like a saddled horse with a bridle, and when you become on duty, you have to ascend and do God's will.

I am ready to help all of you, no matter who they are. We will help all who want to do God's will, whatever they may be. Wherever they are, they are with us.

So, the Lord is greeting you and is saying that He will help you. Love Him, believe and hope in Him. During the year you will check, if my words are true or not.

Now let us go to breakfast - the Lord will entertain us, so that we enjoy some of the good that is before us.

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