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1921_08_21 Correct Methods of Understanding (Nik)


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Готов превод Правилни методи за разбиране - 21.8.1921-СБ-377 / ...: 21.8.1921-СБ-377

Correct Methods of Understanding

Let us take the violin as one of the most common, one of the most perfect instruments. If we are asked what it expresses, we will say: "The violin is an instrument of harmony." Man's need to play, to express his inner feelings in a tangible, external way, has forced him to make this instrument. Let us now make an analogy and compare the violin with the human body. According to the same law, the human body is a necessity for the soul in order to be able to manifest in the external world - the body is created according to the same law. Therefore, when a prominent violinist has a well-made instrument, he is very attentive to it, to his violin, he puts it in its case, he keeps it very carefully. From what? From moisture, so that it does not get loose, does not get wet and the wood does not lose its elasticity. Sometimes he protects his instrument from great heat - so that it does not dry out and crack. So the musician tries to keep his instrument from two extremes: high humidity and high dryness.

It is the same with the body. The body is a tool that needs to be protected from both extreme moisture and extreme dryness. Where is the moisture? I will explain to you: it is in the excessive feelings that spoil the body. And excessive thoughts bring dryness, from which the body can also suffer. I will give you some facts. Notice how all the young girls, who at the age of 15-16 start playing their first music, to love, they start not wanting to eat and they lose weight. The mother wonders what is happening to her daughter - a lot of moisture is getting inside her. What should be done? The moisture should be reduced. You will close the box, you will put a little more fire than true Love. Because feelings bring only moisture, they are not Love yet. They are only conditions for the manifestation of Love. By the word Love I mean what life brings, and the moisture in the world, water, is a condition for the manifestation of life, because life cannot manifest without moisture. If there is too much moisture, it will also interfere, so only as much moisture is required as is necessary for the manifestation of life. Thus all our thoughts are seeds that need moisture. If we give them a lot of moisture, we will damage them, but if we also deprive them of water completely, we will still damage them. That is why we will beware of both extremes. Some say, "My heart is burning!" But what is it burning like - a candle or straw? Because there is burning which emits a lot of smoke, and there is a pleasant fire. The most pleasant fire is the one that gushes from the hearth, which we warm ourselves around. And sometimes the fire flickers so weakly that it cannot bring any benefit. And so, feelings are necessary as moisture for the manifestation of Love. While dryness in the mind is necessary to give space for growth. In general, the roots grow more downwards in moisture, but when drought occurs the branches grow more upwards, so the roots may overgrow and be damaged when it is very wet, and the branches may suffer when it is very dry. And this mutual influence between the roots and the branches affects the plant.

And so, your Love at first will consist in this - to have a little dew every morning. You will start with the dew drops. When you get up in the morning, the flowers should have a little dew and you will start with it. Sometimes we get up in the morning and there is no moisture on the flowers, no dew. This is already a sign of dryness. When there is no dew, these ratios affect the heart, mind and willpower. If you take the lower joint of the index finger, it corresponds to the stomach of the physical man; the middle joint of the index finger corresponds to the respiratory system and blood circulation, and the upper joint corresponds to the mental life of man. Therefore, the upper part represents the forehead, the middle part represents the nose, and the lower part - the mouth and chin of man. That this is true, you can check with your observations. All people who have developed self-indulgence, the lower parts of their fingers are thick, there are no gaps. Such people like to indulge. And all those whose stomach system is poorly developed, the lower part of their fingers is thin. The same law also applies to the respiratory system. When it is not in order, that also affects the middle joint of the index finger. If the lungs are properly developed and wide, the middle joint of the finger has a corresponding shape. And finally, if the brain is well developed, if a person is mentally well developed, then the upper joint of the finger is equally well developed. So the stomach builds the first phalanx, the lungs - the second one, and the mind - the third one. If you take a man's whole arm, his hand, it also expresses the same law. The whole arm can also be divided into three parts: the hand represents the mental, the spiritual man. The arm from the elbow down corresponds to the sensual man, in whom feelings play the most important role. Some old ladies take measure with the elbow - each measure involves feelings and thoughts. The arm from the elbow upwards represents the physical person. One should never measure with the upper arm. This part corresponds to the stomach, to the self-indulgence. If it is thick, the stomach is well developed. If the hand is well developed, then the brain is well developed.

So, in all things there is a certain ratio of parts, so nothing is to be neglected. You will say that you do not need a lot of mind. Well, if you do not need any mind, if you do not need any heart, then the external organs begin to deform. And when I say that your mind needs to be well developed, I mean that the front of your hand also needs to be well developed. As the mind is hidden inside the brain, when we look at our hand, it shows us like a barometer, what the true state of the brain is. If your little finger starts bending inward, this indicates that the centers of conscience, of the brain, are beginning to deform and are in an abnormal state. If the index finger starts bending, deforming, it shows that a person's personal feelings, the feelings of respect are beginning to distort. This man has hung his self-respect on a stick, he no longer keeps his honor and therefore his finger is distorted. If the middle finger is bent in one direction or another, it indicates a deformation of the moral feelings in man. And if a person's ring finger is bent, it shows that person's mind is being distorted. So the various states of distortion show us the states of the brain centers and the forces that work in the soul. So, when one or another finger starts bending, the Lord shows us that there is an internal deformation happening in us. What shall we do then? We should pray three times a day to straighten our crooked fingers. If your fingers start bending, your mind will definitely bend. That is why it is said that we carry everything written on us. And when an angel comes down, he looks at your hand, looks at your nose, looks at your face, your eyes, and he already knows what is your condition in the physical world. And if he knows what you are in the physical world, when he returns to the Invisible World, he begins his calculations and knows the deep reasons for all this. For example, in order for a person's little finger to be bent, this means that he may have worked in a wrong direction for ten generations - these are the consequences. So, by saying now that we must serve according to the law of Love, we must activate one of the greatest forces of our lives to correct our wrongdoings. That is why we must love, because only Love is able to shorten time and save energy, while giving the best results. If you follow the current way of upbringing, you will need at least ten reincarnations to correct one small mistake of yours.

We do not know ourselves - sometimes we consider ourselves very good, but when we are placed in unfavorable conditions, it is immediately known how good we are. What is anger? Anger is an oxidation, rusting - a person who is angry is made of iron. Therefore, the rust will melt him. But a man must be made of gold, to be a man of gold! That is why the old alchemists sought that great law of transformation of the elements from one state to another, until the state of gold is reached, which is a symbol or method of not oxidizing the body, but of being able to remain constant and unchanging, both in relation to oneself and in relation to others. This is the great science. Someone says, "I love the Lord, I will do anything for Him!" But at the slightest hindrance, this love evaporates. This is not love, this is moisture, it does not show anything yet.

It is important for you to know your weaknesses first, not to think of yourself as perfect and not to criticize each other. All of you who are here before me, are at the same level of development: some of you have certain Virtues, others have other (Virtues); one has certain mistakes, another one - other mistakes. Both your weaknesses and your Virtues are not the same, so you will have to unite all your Virtues, because we need a lot of Virtues, we need a lot of Love and when we unite, the weaknesses, the mistakes will disappear. These mistakes occur completely natural. I know their reasons, but I will not stop here to explain them to you. I will give you an example. A poor boy, an orphan from Macedonia, entered Varna High School to study. The director accepted him and gave him a room in the attic to live there. The high school students ate at the innkeeper Shishko. One day this poor student ran out of money, but because he was very hungry, he went to the innkeeper and told him:

- Hey, give me something from the first pot!

The innkeeper thought that he had got rich from somewhere and poured him a portion.

- Hey, give me something from the second, and from the third pot!

- The innkeeper poured him some of them too. The student had a good meal and was set to leave.

- Hey, you should pay now!" - said the innkeeper.

- I have no money.

- Well, if you have no money, why did you eat so much?

Shishko went and beat him up. The student went out and said to himself:

- I was beaten, but at least I ate 5-6 bowls of food.

Even with us, all our mistakes always come from such a necessity in life - the person is hungry, he wants to eat. So we have also eaten, eaten, and when we leave, we have nothing to pay with. The innkeeper says:

- Shell out!

- I have no (money).

Then he catches you and beats you up.

So does karma now - it catches you and beats you up, so that when you come to the inn another time, you know how to eat.

Beware of criticizing. Criticism is an itching - a mental itching. When you criticize, you say, "He is a rascal." Give facts, prove it! When I tell someone that he is such and such, I will look at his hand. If I see that his middle finger is bending, I will tell him:

- My friend, your finger has started bending, you like to stretch the truth - and you lie to yourself, you also lie to your brother, you also lie to your friend, you are not going on the right path; your moral feelings, your conscience have diminished.

- How so?

- Here, that is a fact. If your ring finger is bent, your mind is deformed.

- What shall I do?

- You will ask God to help you. Every day you will rub your finger and when it gets straight, you will call your friends and make a feast. As soon as your finger gets straight, your mind will also get straight.

Now, as I tell you this, it is dangerous because those of you who are critics will say, “His finger is crooked; mine is also crooked, but his is more crooked.” They also look at his little finger and see that it, too, has started bending:“ Mine is also a little crooked, but his is more crooked. ”This is not a philosophy, because if the one who has gone bankrupt and fallen to the bottom has a crooked finger, by the same law, my finger has also started bending a little, and I will go down to him. It is only a matter of time - I have already slipped and will go down soon.

Therefore, in the Divine Law, we must know whether we have set foot on a sound foundation - if we do not stand on such a foundation, it is not true life, but a life of slipping and improper development; it is Life only when placed on solid ground, so that there is no slipping, and this is possible only in the Divine Life.

Worldly people can exert great influence on us. They may cause us great harm under the law of suggestion. Now everyone wants to suggest that we are traitors, atheists, anarchists. No, we are not fooled in the least. Whether I am an anarchist, I read, I look at my little finger and say: I do not see such a thing. I look at my middle finger - I do not see anything anarchist either. I watch his fingers, he has such signs. Well, look at those who criticize us - all of them have a prominent belly. A man who reasons with his belly cannot enter the Kingdom of God. Reasoning is done with the tip of the finger, not with its base. The tail is put on the ox to defend itself, while the head - to show the direction in which it is going. We do not think with our stomachs and do not go backwards, but forward. The law is like this: when the mind is healthy, the lungs will be healthy; when the lungs are healthy, the brain will also be healthy - that is the correlation. Every Divine law goes from the bottom up. We cannot say that because we are good, the Lord is good, but we will say that because God is good, we are also good. We love. Why? Because God is Love and this Love is with us, and as such, it cannot act otherwise. We cannot say that God loves, because we also love. Some say of us, "They are not on the right path." No, we are on the right path because we love.

Do not allow any side thoughts! When your little finger gets crooked, when your ring finger gets crooked, when your middle finger, thumb, forefinger gets crooked, you are already a devil. Take those who portray the devil - how do they represent him? All his fingers are crooked. And so, every man whose fingers are all crooked, is a devil. The devil is a creature with crooked fingers. Crooked fingers show a willpower that serves itself, and by the devil I mean an image that serves its selfishness. This principle awakens in man - we get up in the morning, we think about ourselves; we go to bed in the evening, we think about ourselves. We all fight with this principle within us. The devil lives in us, God has placed him in us to serve us as a good servant, but once he begins to rule you - it gets dangerous. Keep him as a servant! You will tell him, “God has appointed you as a servant, it is not your job to give me advice. Come to work!” When the devil comes to you, put him in the fields - he knows very well how to plow and reap. He has taught the world to invent machines, to make steamships, he is an excellent worker, but if you leave him as a master, you will get beaten up. And if you put him in the servant's place, everything will be resolved - thus, by all the rules. He is very careful!

Now, in the New teaching, we want to say to the devil: “You are a servant, and Lord is the master, and you will serve like me. Come to work with me!” On one side the devil, on the other side - you. You wield the hoe, the devil wields the hoe, you see - the field has been dug over. And when you return, you will say to the devil, "This is the New teaching." You have to educate the devil. And he, being very clever, says: “Listen, why do this, come take on another job!” You listen to him, go around the world, accumulate karma and then say to the Lord: “Lord, the devil has lied to me!“ Do you know what the Lord will do then? He will smile at you - one never wants to admit that he lied to himself, but says that the devil lied to him. The Lord says, "All right, you will return to Earth and straighten this devil up!"

So, the first thing you need to observe in the future, is not to attribute to others what you do not know - for example, that someone was wrong. You will say, "But that is how I feel!" Do not rely on your feelings - out of a hundred feelings, only one is correct, while the other ninety-nine are not. And you can check every day that your feelings are lying to you. But intuition is something different - it is a divine law that shows what the relationships are. Intuition shows the relationships correctly - both ours and others'. Therefore, try to develop your intuition.

Let there be no self-condemnation among you! This is necessary in order to form a certain harmony among you. For example, I often walk thinking of something, I observe a fly, an ant, and I have not paid attention to someone, but you say, "Look, the Master is not paying attention to me." I want to find out the reasons for this, but you say, "You pass by us, but you do not want to pay any attention to us." So you should not think about God, you should not think, but you have to hold your hat in your hand and give greetings. It is good to observe this external etiquette, to be polite.

I would give you a way of greeting when you meet. Look each other in the eye with Love for 5-10 seconds and greet each other with a slight bow of the head - and this means: "My head is in place." The other one will also answer you with the same: "My head is in place too." The look has to be serious. Then, give him your hand and tell him: "Come on, good luck!" And you will leave. When our head is in its place, then our heart will be in its place, because God is the Head of Truth. In this case, we will try to be natural. You will say: "I am ashamed - how can I look him in the eyes for so long?" Do not look at him too much, look at him with Love for 10 seconds and say: "Brother, my head is in its place, I am sending you half of the Love that God has given me.” And he will tell you:“ Brother, my head is in its place too, I am also sending you half of the Love that God has given me." And when you meet on the second and third day, you will always greet each other like that, you will share this Divine Love and the harmony will begin.

Then, try to respect each other, young and old, because you do not know which of you is young and which is old. Some of you have lived longer, they have more experience, they are older - because man is not what one says, but what one carries and experiences. Suppose that I carry with me a bag with ten kilograms of gold and I do not tell anyone. While another one says, "I have so much and that much money," but gives nothing to anyone. I reach into the bag and give you one of those golden coins. And the other one takes money out of his bag and asks you:

- How much do you want?

- A hundred leva.

- Give me a bill of exchange!

The one who has taken the bill of exchange wants to discount it, to cash it, but I give him a gold coin and tell him:

- Go now to work with metal money, with funds!

Therefore, our every thought, our every feeling should be a metal coin, and time should not be wasted, but it should be used.

This year I will first give you a way to read the Bible. There will now be a general reading for everyone, and then - a special reading. Some will have a fixed prayer, some will not. However, everyone will be given general exercises, they will be mandatory. I will only give special exercises to some of you - do not be angry, because some of you are not yet ready to be given such exercises. Special exercises are voluntary, while general exercises are mandatory. Special exercises are not mandated - so it is in life: there is a general education for all, and special one is given only to those who have the means to go abroad to specialize. When someone wants special exercises, I will say: you do not have any funds, you cannot be sent abroad - you will wait until you acquire funds, otherwise the goal will not be achieved.

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