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1921_08_21 The Four Councils (Nik)


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Готов превод Четирите съвета - 21.8.1921-СБ|БР-380 / ...: 21.8.1921-СБ|БР-380

The Four Councils

I am going to read to you the 21st chapter of Revelation.

Chapter 21 has a connection with the 21st year. Israel - these are all the sons of mankind. The twelve gates are for all races. The three gates to the east are for the yellow race, the three gates to the north are for the white race, the three gates to the south are for the red race, and the three gates to the west are for the black race.

As you can see, the mussels that formed these pearls were very large. Because now God is making a New Heaven, your old heaven will be destroyed - because this heaven is going away, your heaven will also liquidate your old understandings, convictions, beliefs; all this will go away and there will not be even a trace left of it. Do you know what situation you will find yourself in? You will be like that man who married a beautiful woman whom he only hugged and kissed; when she died, he kissed her again, but she was not there, she was gone! This is not Love, this is not Life - to lose touch with reality and live in dreams and illusions. Life is the greatest suffering - there is no greater suffering. You are like those passengers who travel through a desert and see a spring in front of them; they travel for a day or two, always approaching the spring, but it does not appear. Distant mirages that only affect your life! We often have such mirages - do not be fooled by them, this is a distant reality that has nothing to do with you. A small spring is preferable to a large spring, which in order to reach, you have to travel 400-500 kilometres.

Since God is building the new in us, He is telling us to beware of these illusions that deceive us. I will not dwell on illusions - you have enough experience for them.

Since I am calling this year a jubilee year, you have to settle your accounts - any give-and-take. To whom you have anything to give, you will return it and you will say, "Brother, I have something to give you, so take it." And if there is anything that you need to take back, you will take it, you will say, ”Brother, give me back what you have taken from me." Let everyone take what belongs to them! You will cross nine rivers but you will take what is yours. However, you should not to take your brother by the throat and say, "Brother, give me what you have taken!" Then say instead, "You also take me (by the throat)." By taking by the throat, I mean Love. Is not that how kids get caught? You should not to take him by the throat and shake him, but according to the law of Love you will catch him and say to him: "Brother, give me mine and I will give you yours and we will start the New Life that is coming." Each of you must personally liquidate his accounts this year if he wants to study, be a disciple, and understand the teachings of Christ in the future. He must liquidate his accounts. Someone will say, "There is time." There is no time! Once this year passes - you will lose everything. There is no time!

And this Jerusalem, which is already descending, these are the new bodies in which people will be clothed. Figuratively speaking; every day you will remove, you will take off these old clothes, these rags. You will try to take them off as soon as possible, to put on the new clothes, and then your soul will be in the New Jerusalem. Until we are dressed, while we are in prison, guards will be coming in to beat us. Can there be any bliss in prison - there is no Love in prisons. They will go to the prisons to do an audit, they will let you out from time to time for 5-10-15 minutes, for half an hour. And then you will go into the prison again. Everything is measured there. This is modern life - to be imprisoned. We are all prisoners: the priest, the judge, the teacher, the mother, the father - they are all imprisoned. Anyone cooking in the kitchen is imprisoned all day. The teacher is also in prison, and so are the students. The teacher is a big prisoner, and the students are little prisoners. The teacher teaches them the new culture. You will believe in God - but what faith is there in prison! The priest preaches, but what is in this sermon? Everyone is waiting for money - there is no faith in the church, it gives a blessing but wants money. This is a false teaching, it is all about money! These are lies!

I say: we will leave these prisons. And you say, "When we go to school, we will become scholars, and when we go to church, we will become pious." No, you will enter the school with one devil, you will go out with ten devils. That is right. When a child goes to school, he will go meek, gentle, and when he returns, he will be with his eyes open - he will know how to deceive both his mother and his father, how to steal from them. "My son is very learned!" Yes, he knows how to steal from his father. This is no science! The priest will come, he will sanctify oil, he will sanctify water - well, his own oil is not sanctified! A person who cannot sanctify oil for himself, how will he sanctify it for others? Let us not be deceived - God cannot send His blessing through impure means, through impure channels. Do not be deceived, if a preacher tells you that through him God is sending His grace. God always chooses pure means. When God had to send His Word, He sent His Son and through Him sent His grace. Some will find themselves saying that grace can come not only through Christ, but also through them. Do not be fooled - they are lying! This is the Truth. If someone says that God can speak through him, he is lying to himself - God cannot speak through you. Do you feel your situation as that of the Son? If you do not feel it, God cannot speak through you. Do you feel that when the Lord puts you to all suffering, you will be able to sacrifice yourself and say, "Lord, let it be Your Will!" If you feel this, the Lord can speak through you, if you do not feel this - He cannot speak. But for God to send pure, holy Love through you - this is not possible! It cannot pass through small and dirty channels. Therefore, the law is true - the New always passes through a piping made of the most brilliant, cleanest pipes. When God makes things new, He sends the best, therefore we must all be pure and holy. Do not be afraid of purity and holiness!

And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, "Behold, the Tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people, and God Himself shall be with them, and be their God."

So, the Lord must necessarily come and live with us. If we unite with Him, there will be no more marriages in the future like the present ones. The present ones are without the Lord. They have got married, but you see - the Lord is not there. The husband does not get along with his wife, nor with his children. The Lord is not there. And where there is no Lord, there is no understanding. When the Lord comes to dwell among them, the woman will see her husband and embrace him; when the man sees his wife, he will embrace her; when the children see their mother and father, they will embrace them. And there will be peace and joy everywhere. Therefore, the Lord must come to live among us. If He does not come, you will not understand me and I will not understand you. Do you know what to say when the Lord is not among you? "Well, let him talk!" But everything the Lord says is not fulfilled. And I will say, I also speak to fulfill my duty, but the Lord is not among us. And then the work is lame. Why? Because the Lord is not among us. We have plowed, we have sown, but the weather was dry, nothing has grown. We go to the field - it has not borne any fruit. However, when this living Lord comes among us, with Him we will finish everything, says the Scripture, and that inner growth will begin, and everything will happen without compulsion.

Now you meet someone and say: "He is a teacher, he will be appointed by law - he must have a qualification, he must have graduated from university." You are right. But when the Lord comes to live among us, there will be only one Master and this Master will be living in all of us. And when He speaks in anyone, we will listen to Him, we will recognize His voice. When this Master speaks, His words are definite, special, His voice is special. This Master speaks with the Word of Love. Do you know how strong Love is? When a person says a word to you with Love, how your heart opens and you are ready to do anything. And when someone tells you something without Love, you say, "Enough, enough, I understand that, I do not want you to talk to me anymore!" When someone talks to you with Love, you say, "Tell me one more word." Love does not say much, it says one word, but that word is remembered for years. It grows, develops, lives and brings its blessing.

The most important thing is to have this experience. The Lord is in your hearts, you know Him. Or do you want me to show you what He is like? You know Him, you have been to Him many times and you have returned. Sometimes you have felt the Divine staff of knowledge on yourself. How many times it has landed on you! How many times He has taught you and asked, "Do you know me?" You know Him, but you are in a hypnotic state. The devil has hypnotized you, and therefore you do not know the Lord. My goal now is to disenchant you, so I make reverse movements. When they want to do something with you, they stare at you. So does the devil, like the wolf - he catches you, looks you in the eye, and then shakes you. Then he enters all your limbs, takes a place in your brain, and says, "You will do this, you will do that." And you obey his commands. He says, "The Lord is not what you think, He has undergone a certain change."

We now make reverse movements (the Master spreads his hands aside and blows), and with each movement of the hands we say: "This is already a law" and according to this law we give Love on one side, and Wisdom - on the other. When we say these words and blow, the devil's threads are torn, there is a shaking in the person and he says: "Where have I been until now, where have I been?" So now you will ask yourself where you have been - you have been at the bottom of hell. Well, you all need to get rid of this hypnotic state. That is why I am telling you that you should work with Love and Wisdom, because they are God's hands. And you will start in a straight line. This is what I call purifying breathing - you shall project the willpower into yourself and say, "In the name of God's Love, in which there is no betrayal, and in the name of God's Wisdom, and in the name of His Word, so be it!"

There is no force in the world that can withstand this magic, this force. Thus all the foundations of the black lodge will be shaken and all its forces will be removed. Therefore, each of you will be trying to wake up.

I have seen someone - they come and give a peculiar look. This is not a good look. How do you, mothers, look at your children? How many types of look do you use? That is magnetism, isn't it?

- Depending on the disposition.

You have lost the first art! How careful we should be, in which direction we pull our hand! What attention is required! You can do some small experiments with yourselves to see how quickly these vibrations are disrupted, because outside of your physical body a person is clothed with his astral body, which is inside an etheric, mobile form, and when he runs his hand over it, he causes some shock there. Sometimes, as we are among people from whom malice emanates, these arrows of malice cause us some discomfort. This is because they have caused certain blows in us, which we perceive as pain.

The first rule when approaching someone is: do not rush to go towards them suddenly, but stop, raise your hands and say, “In the name of God’s Love and in the name of God’s Wisdom in which we live and move, and in the name of His Word, let all evil and every evil thought be scattered! ” (with blowing)

If you say this, you will notice that every evil thought, all the arrows and ammunition of your enemy will be scattered. He surrenders his weapon and says, "I surrender!" If you do not do this, if you do not prepare, you will be ambushed. Then come the doubts, the torments, the hatred, the malice, and then you say, "Something is suffocating me."

Now I want the disciples of the White Brotherhood to walk sensibly and use this weapon. I am giving you a law, apply it to anyone - whoever it is, you will always do like that.

- Should we do this in front of them?

No, from afar, as soon as you notice the enemy. We have the right to use our weapons.

The Scripture says, "Arm yourselves there." How? If they use certain forces, we will use others in opposition. You will do your exercise from afar - you will look up and do the exercise. Whoever sees you will say, "What is he doing?" He will not understand anything. This is just one way to focus your mind to counteract. You can also do this exercise mentally, but when the hands are involved, the impact is stronger - both our mind and our heart are involved.

- What about when we are very close to the enemy?

Then you will act closely, but these are exceptions - one case in 10,000. If your opponent comes close, it shows that he has already enchanted you from afar. If you put in the effort, you will see him in advance. It is like that in the spiritual world - whoever sees first, they win. The white brothers are strong in seeing from afar and taking action. When the dark ones see you first, they win. Sometimes we may lose the battle and retreat, we will correct our mistake. But that does not mean anything. Sometimes we will win the battle, but I say that we have to fight like men.

Now you will all unite and work according to this law of Love. You will put the law of harmony into action and it will begin to open your way. God's thoughts will come in you.

This world belongs to God, we are His servants and we will work for Him. Nothing more. We will not work for any church - neither Orthodox, nor Protestant, nor Catholic. We will work for the Kingdom of God. And if these churches also work for the Kingdom of God - they are welcome, we are with them! But if they do not work for God, I will not give them a single hair. One hair of my beard is more valuable than such a church. Our principle is to consciously serve the One who gave us life, the One who gave us everything.

We will not allow anyone to lie to us, enough lies! We and you, the churches, are servants of the Lord, and what you do, that you want to lie to us - it will not pass. We know these lies. Men and women dress up before they get married, don't they? The man dresses up pretending to be very noble, the woman dresses up pretending to be very noble, and then, when they get married, they say to each other: "Do not dress up for me, we know each other - that was before, but now we have got to know each other!" What to lie about - now the pure truth should come out so that we can be renewed, and then we will become disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood, we will become disciples of Christ in this sense.

We will not run away from the world now - there is no reason. Now the world is running away from us - once we had to run away from the world, but now the world is running away from us. They ask, "Should we live in the world, or should we run away from the world?" There is no need to run away - the world is leaving on its own. So the issue is resolved. Its time has come, the world is leaving us. "I am leaving you," - it says. "Well, good luck!"

I will give some suggestions for work during the year to those present here. You will choose the ones that you harmonize more with, because not only are you in the same area of development, but also your connections from the past are stronger. Start corresponding with each other. You will be developing three types of work: first - work in the physical realm, second - work in the mental world and third - work in the spiritual world. Let a practical method of work that will give results, not just a theoretical one, come out of you. Let two, three or five people gather to exchange letters on how to work in the physical realm: to plant orchards with fruits - apples, pears, vegetables and others. Or to establish small colonies, day care centers for children or small schools, as well as exchange thoughts on different teaching methods. Or to open inns; in general, to show your initiative everywhere. It is good to deal with young children - to take part in their doll games. Why not? If you cannot handle young children, how will you deal with adults? Each of you has something very valuable in their experience. You can create a general plan for the next year and everyone can make use of it. As I told you, during this year your work cannot last, we cannot say that we will do this or that. During this year you will settle your accounts, open your notebooks and say, "Brother, I have some balance left from your grandmother, from your grandfather - come and get it." The other one will write: "Brother, I have with you the balance left from my grandfather - I will come to get it." So you will write to each other and start an exchange and trade-off between yourselves. Then your consciousness will begin to brighten and your mind will start working. Let those of you who show the most initiative start something, so that both the younger and the older ones can all start working, as they start in life. First the young ones start, then the adults, and finally the old ones. When an old man is healthy and smart, even in his old age he can start writing something good, which young people will be excited to read. If he is not healthy and smart, but sick, he will only talk about his illnesses, he will say that there is no one to look after him, that his legs do not hold him, that his head hurts.

Spiritual work, however, consists in the following: you will gather in groups of 5-10-15-20-100 sisters in one group and you will pray for one of your brothers or sisters. For example, a brother of yours is suffering, you will pray for him and he will be helped. We will call this group the Counselors of the Divine Prayers. Men will do the same - you will set special days during which you will pray for a brother whose work is not going well in any respect. This is a collective method of helping. But now you say, "May God help him!" Well, when I want to do something, my mind, my brain, my legs, my muscles, my whole body have to take part, right? And when we ask something from the Lord, He also has to move, right? That is why we, being His limbs, will move. When the Lord begins to work, whether you are a foot, a claw, a hand, or whatever you are, you will take your place and work; another one cannot take your place. You will say, "Well, am I determined for this job?" Yes, you are determined. You will say to yourselves, "Lord, we can do Your Will." God's Spirit will give us some suggestions.

I will be very happy if some good things can come out of you. If I give you some things, as I have given you so far, I have observed, you look at them then say to yourself: “It is close to the mind, it is a good idea, but can it be executed? Let us leave that for another time.” And when the child comes out of you, when it is born, the mother enjoys it more and brings it up more easily. The foster child is alien, but when the child is yours, you will commit to it. Now I want each of you to commit to something, to give birth to something.

So, you will form three councils of one hundred counselors each - the Council of Physical Labor, the Council of Spiritual Life and the Council of Education. In this way you will distinguish which matters fall under the Council of Education, which ones are under the Council of Spiritual Life and which ones are in the sphere of physical labor. The latter is the most important. Do not deceive yourselves, but start working. The law of your current development requires you to start with the physical council - to start with the material, not the spiritual. This is necessary. The Apostle Paul says, "First with the visible, and then with the invisible." First we will arrange all matters that are close to us - the physical ones. And if we can arrange them, we will be able to arrange the spiritual ones according to the same law of development; when we arrange the spiritual ones, we will also arrange the educational ones. We will start with the physical matters. If there is a sister who worries about her sustenance, she cannot serve the Lord, she cannot be spiritual. In order to be spiritual, one should not be afraid. And if he is spiritual and afraid, he is not a great hero. Can you pray to the Lord when you are being beaten? There are few such people. Take the little child - when his mother beats him, he says: "Please, mom, do not beat me!"

Your first duty is to try to fix your work in the physical realm. You will create a job for everyone - if one of the sisters does not have a job, you will create one for her! Do not consider it humiliating among you that a sister is poor and ashamed to work and expect alms. We will do everything out of Love. One sister is poor, she will go to another sister who is wealthy and will tell her, "Sister, I will come today to do your laundry out of Love." And the other one will answer, "Sister, I will also help you out of Love." She will wash your clothes out of Love and you will open your purse out of Love. But now she comes to you, she starts talking: "I am poor, my husband this and that" - she complains. We do not have such a teaching, it is from the devil. One of my brothers is poor, he has no job - he goes to his brother: "Brother, let me help you in the shop!" And the other one, closing the shop in the evening, says: "Brother, I will give you something from what I have won, out of Love.” In this way we will try to put Christ's teaching into practice. You will sweat a little, but if you apply it this way, the Lord will say, "Because you sanctify My Name, I will bless you, I will go with you." And then there will be no woman whose husband is bad, there will be no man whose wife has not kneaded the dough for her bread, who has not washed her clothes - and everything will go well and will be blessed.

We now have to settle our affairs, we must work for ourselves for God's sake. Not only will one person work, but you will all begin to work, insofar as the consciousness in everyone is awakened; but not by force, each one of us will work consciously, out of Love. Each of us will consciously open his purse and help his brother out of Love, he will say: "Brother, let me do it out of Love." "Well, I will accept it with Love, but without Love I will not take it." This is the rule that I am giving you. Apply it, and your mind will create something. This rule will create small rules and by applying them in life, you will create a lot of things. When we get together next year, you will tell me about some things that will also make me happy.

In addition to these three councils, you will select another hundred people for the so-called Council of Conciliators, which will address all misunderstandings that arise in the cities. And when a small scandal breaks out for the first and last time, these hundred people will come together for advice and settle the issue. Then everyone will raise their hand and say, "In the name of God's Love, in the name of God's Wisdom, and by the power of His Word, let all devilish things disappear" (you need to blow) - and everything will be fine.

So, you will have four councils: the Council of Physical Labor, the Council of Spiritual Life, the Council of Education, the Council of Conciliators.

Each council will consist of one hundred people, men and women will be mixed. Each city can also make something similar separately in miniature, but these councils will be connected. And so there will be four hundred of you clerks, but without any salary, without any portfolio.

This afternoon, towards three o'clock, you will gather and select these four councils, so that they start work immediately. Of the 100 people, half will be men and half - women. They will also include young members - the young boys and girls should be 21 years old and above. They will be in stock, in reserve. They will replace the old ones when they lead the battle. You will put the old ones at the front and the young ones behind, because the old ones are hardened. When the young ones see a couple of battles, their turn will also come - they are already heroes.

- How will the selection be made?

You will figure it out yourselves - you know that better. Get together, do something and then tell me what you have done. I will agree with you and whatever you do, we will put it into action. And next year, if there is any issue, we will fix it.

And so, you will exchange thoughts seriously. Do not think that this work is very difficult. It is not difficult, it is good fun. Now no one will be left behind. When a hundred people come in, they will still do some work. You will write to each other during the year. We will have a council to bring harmony, and we will work throughout the year to create this Divine harmony, we will be sincere to ourselves, to our neighbors and to God. And then greater blessings, greater manifestations will come. There may appear among us people with greater abilities, with more open eyes, musicians, poets, with abilities in the arts, all areas will be included, everything that is Divine.

I would like all the misunderstandings that have existed so far, to be gradually cleared up. There is no need to stumble under the old Heaven and the old Earth, which are leaving. When you are left alone, you will be heroes. If you want, get busy making that choice right now. In order not to bother you, I will leave you alone for an hour, so that you settle your job. Well, what do you plan to do?

Each council will select ten people among you, who will be the permanent presence, so that the work can be done faster. When necessary, you will send the ten of them as an executive committee. Those who will join the Physical Work Council will need to have strong muscles and willpower. Those on the Conciliatory Council will need to have judicial knowledge and be reconciled themselves; those on the Spiritual Council will need to have more developed hearts, and those on the Educational Council will need to have a more developed mind. Conciliators are people of mercy.

(400 people were chosen by lot for the four councils.)

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