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1921_04_03 Proper Nutrition, as a Condition for Eternal Life (Nik)


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Готов превод Храненето, условие за вечен живот/ Правилното ядене, като условие за вѣченъ животъ - 3.4.1921-НБ-353 / ...: 3.4.1921-НБ-353

Proper Nutrition, as a Condition for Eternal Life

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you" (John 6:53).

If it was said, "If you do not eat, you will not have life in you," everyone would understand that thought well. However, the inserted words "unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood" hinder the understanding of this verse. The present life, viewed from a human point of view, consists of a number of contradictions. So, life begins with contradictions and ends with contradictions. Nevertheless, people do not dwell on them, do not take them into account and look only for the positive in life. This is the reason why they encounter great difficulties. And the young, despite the experience of the elderly, still do not pay attention to the contradictions and look for the easy way in life. In this respect, the children - the son and the daughter, represent a positive value, while the parents - the mother and the father, represent a negative value in life. In order to understand life, one must first deal with the contradictions. Only they force him to think. Sufferings, of whatever nature, make a person think. They have created today's culture, philosophy, poetry, science, and more recently - forced labor. Without suffering and hardship, compulsory labor labor does not exist. When they found themselves in a difficult financial situation, the Bulgarians created forced labor. The rich and the poor, having difficulty, fell into contradictions. This made them put labor into action. The poor man says, "Forced labor is a good thing." The rich man says: “Are we slaves that we have to perform compulsory labor? What kind of law is this? ”So the poor are a plus, a positive value, while the rich are a minus - a negative value. Now, I will focus on the issue of nutrition. For a person, to eat is the most important thing in life. There is no greater musical aria than eating. First they start arranging the table, putting plates, forks, spoons, knives, and finally they put the food. You can immediately hear the clatter of strings of violins, mandolins and guitars - a whole orchestra. Plates, forks, spoons, knives are the instruments in this great orchestra. It is an art to know how to play well, i.e. know how to put the spoon in your mouth and eat. It is also an art to know how to draw a bow on the strings of a violin to make something good come out. A woman is angry with her husband, she does not speak to him, she does not open her mouth to say at least one word to him. He says, "My wife does not want to open her mouth." - It is not true, invite your wife to the table to see how she will reach into the soup with a spoon and will put it in her mouth! She immediately opens her mouth to eat. The woman also says, "My husband has been silent like a log for a while, he does not open his mouth." - Put a meal on the table to see how he opens his mouth. - Why is he opening his mouth? Because food contains something valuable in itself. A positive truth is revealed through it. That is why life must be understood with all its contradictions, and the cause of these contradictions also has to be found. Behind every reason there is another reason, behind every consequence - another consequence and behind every result - another result.

Christ says, "Except ye eat my flesh, ye have no life in you." In this verse, the important words are "if you do not eat." I am adding: if you do not eat, if you do not feel, if you do not think, if you do not struggle, if you do not work, you have no life in you. I put all this under the same denominator. One of the sublime things is to take the spoon and open your mouth. They say about someone, "This man is an excellent philosopher." In my opinion, anyone who opens their mouth and puts the spoon in it, can become an excellent philosopher. Whoever does not open their mouth, cannot become a philosopher. A mother says, "I would like my daughter to become spiritual." - If she opens her mouth and swallows the contents of the spoon, she may become spiritual. "I would like my daughter to get smart." If she opens her mouth and swallows the contents of the spoon, she may get smart. Religious people insist that one should eat little. - These people are a minus, i.e. negative value. However, there is a difference between religious and spiritual people. The religious ones have not understood life in its entirety, the spiritual ones understand it. The rich support the idea that one should eat a lot. They are a plus, i.e. positive value. The religious person has understood life in one respect and the spiritual one - in another aspect. Mathematicians use plus and minus as two necessities in their calculations. In order to fill the bottle with new contents, you need to pour out the old contents. The minus shows an action with inside-out direction, and the plus - an action with outside-in direction. You take something inward, that is a plus; you throw something out, that is a minus. Opening your mouth and swallowing the contents of the spoon, is a plus. I am saying: you, like all rational beings, have to understand those laws of nature, which life in general is based on. You need to know why you are eating. According to some, one does not need to know why one is eating. - It is necessary. You finish eating and you say, "I do not need a spoon or a plate anymore." - You do not need them because you are full, but when you get hungry, you will look for them. - "I do not need science, I do not need faith." - You do not need them because you are full; when you get hungry, you will look for them. If you can resolve all the issues and controversies that arise around nutrition, you will also resolve the other issues. Have you ever wondered why hunger occurs, why you have a disposition for some foods and not for others? You will say that nature has ordered it that way. - This is not true. If you are a mathematician, you have to know exactly why one value is positive and another one - negative; why one value is larger and another - smaller. When students ask you a question, you have to answer them correctly. The student may tell his teacher that this is what is written in the textbook, but the teacher must be prepared to explain to his student what is written there. If the child asks us why we eat, should we answer with the words that God has commanded so? People suffer from explaining everything with the words, "Thus it is written," "thus it is said," "thus it is commanded," "thus it is prophesied." - Do you know what the prophet said? - "There are written laws." - Do you know why these laws were written? When the citizen obeys the laws, he should know why these laws were written. It is funny when a lawyer takes a case, but does not know under which laws he will defend them. You go to church and pray. Do you know why you pray? You say, "As I eat and drink, so I must pray." This is a quick solution to the issue. This is what many philosophers thought and how they solved the issues. And the issue of nutrition is resolved quickly. - "Why should we eat?" - It is so ordered by nature.

Religious people say that we must live well in order to inherit eternal life. - Is life on earth not eternal? You do not understand temporary life, and you are talking about eternal life. You do not understand yourself, but you talk about God. First you need to understand your life, your mind and your heart, and then you will talk about other people's lives and about eternal life. If you do not understand the things nearby, you will not understand the distant things at all. If you skip the things nearby, your math will be devoid of logic, content and meaning.

Now, as I speak, some of the listeners find that my speech is incoherent. I do not know which speech is incoherent, mine or yours. My speech seems incoherent, because I use two values at the same time - with plus and minus, but you use one of them - sometimes with a plus, and sometimes with a minus.

Therefore, you think I am illogical but according to me, you are illogical. Now I will ask you the topic: Why should we eat? Ask this question to your professors, priests, and preachers to see what they will answer. Everyone should think about the meaning of nutrition. I do not deny nutrition. On the contrary, eat, but abiding by all the rules of nutrition. You should eat like heroes. You say, "I do not know why I am not hungry." -You are not hungry because you are sick. The child says, "Mom, I do not feel hungry today." - Why does not he want to eat?" - Because he is a minus. Tomorrow, when he wakes up, he will say, "Mom, I feel hungry today." - He wants to eat because he is a plus. The mother wonders why her daughter does not want to eat. - It is very simple, her daughter has planned a date. She says, "Mom, I have an important date today, I do not have any time to eat." She has a guest, so she cannot eat. As soon as the guest leaves, she has a desire to eat. When a girl wants to get prettier, she eats a lot. She eats more butter to get fat; more meat to develop his muscles, and more carbohydrates to gain a clearer eyesight. The more she eats, the more she adds something to her face: she paints it red and makes it smooth. The girl is doing well, she knows how to paint her face. She uses nutrition to paint her house, so that her friends like her.

So, if you ask what life represents, I will answer: life is a collection of processes. Nutrition is one of these processes, the result of a great cause. One of the important incentives in modern culture is the question of nutrition. War, disputes and misunderstandings among people are mainly due to the issue of food security. Some philosopher writes books, always philosophizes about eating. The lawyer protects people, the professor teaches - everyone provides for their food. The materialists say: “The bread, grandma, the bread! It is the meaning of life.

I will continue my thought with an explanation of materialist views. This may be misunderstood by you, but in addition to many misunderstood things, let something else remain misunderstood. When a child is born into a family, the parents immediately deposit a certain amount in his name in the post office or in the bank for a certain period. Once the specified time has passed, they withdraw the money, together with the interest. A famous mathematician calculated the amount of five cents, given in the name of Christ at compound interest, would become from the day of His birth until 1880. He calculated that a huge number with 39 digits would be formed. The mathematician continued his calculations. According to him, the earth weighs 5,875 sextillion kilograms. If it were made of gold, the earth would weigh three and a half times its current weight, i.e. 20,562 sextillion kilograms. Its weight in gold, calculated in money, amounts to two billion times two billion English pounds sterling. The value of the whole earth, still, cannot be compared with the sum received from the five cents given in the name of Christ. So the price of the whole earth could pay off only a part of the capital received from the five cents. If every minute a golden orb as big as the earth fell from the sky, it would take 4,900 million orbs for 9,300 years to pay off the amount that the capital of five cents will have reached. - How is that possible? - It is possible. Mathematicians, when they have no work, they make similar calculations. Whether this is true or not, is another question. It is important that they come to the conclusion: small causes produce big consequences.
If five cents would increase to such a large amount in a certain period of time, how much greater would be the result of the larger reasons.

Knowing this, apply this law to nutrition as well. If you eat only once according to all the rules of nature, you will have favorable results after years, i.e. you will acquire great wealth. Many people today do not know how to eat. As you eat, not a single bad thought should appear in your mind, not a single bad feeling in your heart, nor any loss of spirit. When eating, you should not see any mistake anywhere. If you see the slightest mistake, it will give bad results after years. While eating, people often make small mistakes that cause them to suffer, they pay off the debts of their mistakes for years, and they finally die. You say, "We are free to eat as we wish." - But nature is also free to impose whatever punishment it wants. The Bulgarian government has issued a law on "compulsory labor" and all Bulgarians go to work - they comply with the law. Thus all citizens obey the regulations of their government. Nature also requires them to obey its laws, but people protest against them. Ask yourself, why was compulsory labor created?

Christ says, "Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you." This is a great mathematical problem in which there are known and unknown quantities, as well as positives and negatives. Some of Christ's disciples were seduced into the negative, others - into the positive, and they left the school. Christ said to the other disciples, "I do not speak literally, but figuratively. I am not talking about my flesh and blood, but about the Spirit, Who works. He carries life within himself." You say, "We understood one truth." - Do not be fooled, you have not figured it out yet. Have you seen what the wretched poor man mired in debt does? Since he is unable to pay his debts, he walks among rich people, bows to them, talks to them, but only thinks about his debts. He says that he is tired of poor people, he wants to get acquainted with rich people, to find money somewhere to pay off his debts. He knocks on a banker's door, but it does not open. The banker replies him from the inside, "Sir, I cannot lend you money. You are knocking on the back door, so please go back. Money is given only to the one who knocks on the front door. All the disciples of Christ who entered through the back door went outside. At that time, these students were few, but now they have multiplied. Today the world is full of disciples who have entered through the back door. They talk about heaven in order to have their sins forgiven, but how will that happen? It is a great science to know how your sins will be forgiven. The rich man, who lends money, wants a guarantee. He wants to know if you are honest or smart. If he does not trust you, he wants you to introduce people to guarantee for you. And God wants a guarantee from all people. It is determined by the human soul. When you give a word about something, you have to fulfill it. A person should have a broad understanding.

"If you do not eat, you do not have life in you." I do not deny the process of eating, but we need to know the way how to transform energy. When you have eaten, you need to transform the energy that you have received. If you do not know how to transform it, it will create a series of layers in your body, until one day your bottle becomes clogged and you say, "I do not know what is wrong with me, I have no appetite anymore, I am not feeling well, I do not feel like working." You call a doctor, you take a purgative, but your appetite does not return. This law is true not only in regards to the physical world, but also in regards to the astral and mental world. The law is the same, but the methods are different. You want to love, but a painful feeling has entered your heart and you say, "I cannot love, my heart is hardened." You want to eat, but you cannot. You say, "Some devil has entered me." - No devil has entered.

I am asking: how do you imagine the devil? Does he have a form, content and meaning? Is he a rational number or an irrational one? The incarnate devil is man himself. If you say that the devil has entered your belly, it means: You, the devil who has confused the laws, have entered your belly. The devil moves a lot, therefore he gets tired. When you realize that he is very tired, you tell him: "My friend, now you will rest." By "rest" I mean fasting. So if you cannot eat, you will fast. Fasting, rest, hunger are synonymous. The religious person thinks that fasting can save him. It is not true. Energy needs to be transformed. How does this happen? - Through fasting. Nature sends man some disease that makes him lie down for a while and not eat. As he fasts, his stomach gradually improves, his appetite returns, and he recovers. The mother is glad that her child has gained weight. I see that in time he will get sick and become as thin as a rake. Obesity is like an inflated bagpipe. As the bagpiper plays, it inflates to bursting. As soon as he stops playing, it starts deflating and emitting sounds like "pee-woo-woo". Then it inflates again and starts playing. The bagpiper understands the laws well. When he does not feel like playing, he folds the bagpipe, puts it under his arm and leaves. - Where for? - Where there is a wedding. There he will inflate the bagpipe and everyone will go around him. He will play, they will dance. This is how the exchange will take place. Scientists ask, "How are we going to play like that?" - You will play, of course. When one plays, another one dances. Then the first one dances, the second one plays. If one does not play and the other one does not dance, they will both fast, they will put their hands on their bellies, or their head in their hands, and will pass themselves off as religious. To dance and play correctly, it means to learn to eat and think correctly. That means folding your bagpipes and going somewhere else to play. What I am talking about today is important to you. If you do not learn to eat properly, you will become neither learned nor religious. A Turkish proverb says, "It has come as a calf, left as an ox." If you tell someone they do not know anything, they are offended. However, we know that we do not know. There is a philosophy of ignorance called "agnosticism." It claims that people know nothing. What is the philosophy of thinking you know nothing? Agnosticism, in my opinion, is the science of knowing how to empty the bottle. The emptying is a negative value, i.e. minus. When you empty the bottle, it will become "ugly" and you will start pouring something into it. So there are two philosophies: agnosticism, with a minus, and gnosticism - with a plus. Both are arguing over whether to drink blood or not. As you eat, you need to understand the deep meaning of nutrition, to understand why nature has imposed it on you. This seems ridiculous to you, however, I often use funny things to keep you awake.

A famous evangelical preacher gave a good, meaningful sermon. The hall where he preached was large and ventilated with many fans. They forgot to open the fans that day, which caused the air to deteriorate from the carbon dioxide formed during breathing. From the unclean air, people began to fall asleep one after another. Half asleep, they barely understood what they were being told and said, "That is right, you are right." Seeing this, the preacher shouted out, "Fire!" - "Where?" - "In hell." So when people are told about sublime things, they sleep. When they hear the word "fire", they immediately jump up and ask where the fire is. Now I am asking you again: Why has nature imposed eating?

Christ says, "I am the living bread that came down from heaven." So there is bread that is not living. It is an art to eat living bread, living food. People eat dead, contaminated food from which they suffer. - "Is it true that we eat unclean, contaminated food?" - Take some meat and put it under a microscope to see what germs there are in it. According to some doctors, even the most resistant germs already die at 100 degrees Celsius. No, there are germs that do not die even at 2,000 degrees. Therefore, it is not safe to eat meat that has been put on a hook for two or three days. Some germs, which bring their venom into the body and cause various diseases, have already developed in it. Contemporary medicine has made it impossible to deal with many diseases, especially neural ones. Doctors no longer know how to name them, so they give each new neural disease the common name "americanitis." A famous American doctor studied nerve diseases in America and came to a position where he did not know what names to give them. Every day he came across different variations of neural diseases and finally called them by the common name "americanitis". The mathematician finds himself in the same position, when dividing irrational numbers. He divides, divides and still gets a remainder. He finally says, "You get a certain number with a remainder." No matter how much this number is divisible, its end cannot be found. - Why? - Because the number is incommensurate. I will present a scientific fact that is as misunderstood as the example of the five cents given at compound interest for 1880 years. Imagine placing a small cell under a microscope that magnifies several thousand times. At this magnification, it appears very large. It has a stomach, nervous system and others. There is a certain strain of cells with 20 stomachs. The scholar who makes an observation, says: "If we assume that the cell does not represent one thousandth of the closed space of the microscope, but one meter, then each molecule of it will be one millimetre of its size, and its atom is one millionth of the meter". The same scientist calculates how many atoms are there in the head of a needle two millimetres in diameter. How long does it take to count these atoms? If we count one billion atoms from the needle's head every second, it will take us 250,000 years to count the number of all atoms, which equals a number starting with 8 and having 21 zeros at the back. What do we gain by counting all the atoms that make up the needle's head?

And so, the lives of today's people are nothing but a test of what they have done in the past. Your thoughts and feelings that you have are a test of your past life, but this is all so messy in you that you have no idea what comes from where and why. One day you are excited, the next day you are huddled, you do not know what to do; one day you are hungry, the next day - full; one day you are sick, the next day - healthy. When you do not know why this is happening, you say, "This is americanitis!" - you pass for a learned man. You say, "Modern science has resolved everything." - If it has really resolved everything, it has to show us how to arrange our lives. If sociology has resolved the important issues, it has to show how to fix relations between all nations and societies, how to avoid wars. Let a housewife come and explain to us how to extract butter from milk. Apart from churning it, can she get it in any other way? Why do they churn butter from milk? Why do they ferment milk? You will say that according to Professor Mechnikov, yogurt contains certain germs that prolong life. Have you checked this? You are using unconfirmed truths. When Christ says, "Except ye eat my flesh and drink my blood," He means the great laws of Being. Therefore, whoever understands God's Wisdom and eats according to all the rules of Divine science, they have life in themselves. Now I am talking about the issue of eating from a practical point of view. All mothers and fathers, all scientists, the whole society are looking for a way to improve their lives. This question depends on proper nutrition. Resolving all social and economic issues depends on proper nutrition. - Is this possible? - Of course, it is possible. If you know how to scoop with a spoon, how to open your mouth, you have solved many issues. You have to deal with your nervousness, with your drunkenness. - Why do the hands of the drunkard tremble? - So that to grow out of the habit of drinking. Nature deliberately relaxes his hands, so that he does not drink. He takes the glass of wine, and until he brings it to his mouth, it spills. He takes a second glass and also spills it. He says to himself, "Who is this devil that is torturing me?" He ties the cup with a string, but spills it again. He starts thinking how to deal with the devil. You say, "Let us tie the devil's hands and feet with shackles." - This is not the way to resolve the issue. You will complicate it rather than solving it. Therefore, when your food spills, you will know that some devil is bothering you. - What needs to be done? - Do not tie the devil! Your hands must be free! When you put the spoon in your mouth, you should hear some nice music. Break your bread by all the rules. Chew it for a long time, so that to absorb all the energy it contains. You say, "It is important to eat, even if it is not according to all the rules of nutrition." - I do not mind this, but the consequences of eating will also be the same. Christ says, “Whoever eats according to the rules of divine science, has life in himself; whoever does not eat according to these rules, has no life in himself." Let us eat in the new way: with a little bread - with the living bread coming down from heaven! Today's people eat a lot and still suffer from a lack of energy. This is the cause of various diseases. When the beams of your house start tilting, that indicates it needs new beams. If you see a hunched man, you say that he is old. - He is not old, but he made a mistake in eating. You have a headache, you have made a mistake in eating; your chest hurts, you have made a mistake in eating; your stomach hurts, you made a mistake in eating. If I treat a sick person, whatever his illness, I will say: My friend, you have made a mistake in eating. You must learn to eat right. - "We know how to eat." - No, you do not know.

Make experiments to see that my teaching is based on great laws. Set a goal for a week to be kind, considerate to all people; to eat and drink according to all the rules of nutrition. Then see what energy you will gain, what joy you will bring into your home. You say, "Let God fix things, there is nothing we can do." God bless the world! God has came to earth to fix things, but with negative signs. He has decided to empty all full bottles. He has decided to empty all the coffers in which wealth has been accumulated for years. He has decided to empty all the barns and sow the new seeds all over the world. How God will do this, I do not intend to translate into your language. If I translate it, your legs will start to tremble. I will not reveal the whole truth. It is dangerous to tell the truth to people. When you lead the coward through an abyss, blindfold him so that he cannot see where he is passing. If he does not see which way you are leading him, he will pass safely. And I say to you: If I untie the bandages with which you are temporarily bound, your hair will turn white. Your bandages still need to stay. - Untie them! - No, your bandages will stay until you cross the abyss. When you reach the other end safely, you will say, "This was a good journey." Now you will think about eating. The words of Christ: "Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you." This means: Unless you receive the Spirit and the Word in yourself, you will not understand the inner meaning of life. Scary things are coming, but you have to be heroes. The soldier on the battlefield also feels fear, but the debt to the fatherland forces him to be a hero.

A colonel told me about his heroism on the Thessaloniki front. He recounted: "The general and I were standing and watching how the battle was going on. It was a terrible battle. I was trembling with fear. The general asked me, "How are you?" - "I am very well. How about you, Mr. General?” - “ I am very well, too.” We were both trembling with fear, but we were passing for heroes. When the battle was over, the general turned to me and said, "Did you see what heroes we came out to be? All soldiers should be like that! ”- When a person enters life with ideological understandings, his teeth should not be chattering with fear. A man should know that one eats in order to live. A man's life must be directed towards the great, the sublime, and the beautiful. One should know why he is sacrificing.

And so, make an attempt to eat for a week according to the rules of Divine science. Eat in a good disposition of spirit, without any internal disturbance. Be cheerful and happy all the time. When eating, be cool, like Socrates. One day, when guests came to him, his wife began to rattle, to make noise. In this way she was expressing her dissatisfaction with the guests. They asked Socrates, "How do you put up with this?" - "Never mind, I often listen to my wife's eloquence. She is very eloquent, she produces thunder and lightning, and then comes the rain.” While Socrates was talking to his disciples, his wife was quick to produce the rain. She took a basin of water and poured it over Socrates and his disciples. He said calm and unperturbed: "Never mind, nothing can grow without rain."

People often come to me and say, "We have become bad, we are just criticizing each other." - Those who like to criticize and gossip, are postmen. They bring letters to people informing them that someone has died, someone has won or lost, and so on. The fault for the unpleasant news is not in the postman. He has been appointed by the "Bureau of Conscription" to deliver letters, for which I congratulate him. When he has done his work, he is free. And nature has imposed on man compulsory labor, as he needs to eat. Whoever does not eat according to her rules and laws, she punishes him. - How does nature punish? - Through various diseases: rheumatism, chest pain, neurasthenia and others. She says, "Until you learn to eat by my rules, you will always suffer." The husband brings home only wheat, and the wife gets angry. No, she has to say, "Never mind, we will get by with wheat. I will boil the wheat, I will add some sugar and we will eat deliciously." What should he do? He is poor, unable to buy meat, butter, cheese. You can make lunch even with one kilogram of wheat a day. And the next day you can also make do with wheat. When people understand each other and help each other, they can live well. Today people struggle and suffer because they do not want to eat the flesh of the Son of Man and do not want to drink His blood. This is the reason why they have confused the laws and do not know which law to follow. There is now a great struggle between the higher and lower animals. One day, however, people will connect with rational nature, they will understand its purpose and the great contradictions in the world. Until then, there will be diseases, suffering, wars, contradictions - it is impossible without them.

Today's people want to reconcile the present with the future. That is impossible. They can only agree on their final results. Therefore, everyone has to receive the Spirit, the Rational Will, the Word. This means understanding the law of why we have to eat and how to eat. I study this question, I observe how and when animals feed; how and when people eat. From my observations I make mathematical calculations, and from the calculations I judge about future people. I do not reproach people, but I study the laws of rational nature. When the poor man visits the rich, I know why he is doing it. He is looking for a way to pay off his debts. Based on this, the ignorant seek the knowledgeable, the sinners seek the saints, the sick seek the doctors. These manifestations have their reasons in themselves. This way you can check your thoughts and feelings. Thoughts and feelings are alive, not dead, as some people say. Therefore, when you start eating, you should invite your thoughts and feelings and should say, "Come on, my servants, my friends, let us all eat together." The master should sit down to eat with his servants. Make this attempt to see the result. Only then will you become stronger, healthier, more resilient. And when a suffering comes to you, you will know how to turn it into joy.

Now, when someone gets sick, they immediately call a doctor. However, if they are ill and cannot pay the doctor, they are angry that he is not giving them a discount. The fault is not with the doctor. Doctors are teachers of today's humanity. In order not to need a doctor, you have to learn to eat properly. No matter how much money your doctor asks from you, he is still not paid properly because he wants to teach you how to eat correctly. In this respect, both spiritual and worldly people are under a common denominator. In the future, people will have to learn to eat properly, so that there are no sick and hungry ones. Nature does not tolerate hungry people because they spoil the spirit and mood of those who are full. When someone is eating, there should be enough for everyone. Filling up should be for everyone, and emptying should also be for everyone. The current revolutions are nothing else but the result of many years of improper nutrition. Now God is saying to the poor, "Go and throw out the rich, to take their places." In two thousand years, when I come to earth again, I will balance the accounts between rich and poor. This is a law. If you cannot eat right, the revolution will come inevitably. It will happen in the head, in the lungs, in the stomach - everywhere.

Christ says, "Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you." If your thoughts, feelings and actions are not reasonable, the bad consequences in life will come. This is the philosophy of life that can be applied. Try this experiment for a week. Whoever does not do that, will be judged by nature. It will sentence him to two thousand years of slavery and put him to work in forced labor. - What does forced labor represent in a person's mental life? - Nothing else but sickness, hardship, and suffering.

So, people's understanding or misunderstanding is due to the way they eat. Nutrition solves all issues. If an enemy comes to your home, do not chase him away, but feed him well. This is what the Gospel recommends. It is said: When the enemy comes to your house, if he is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him water. If you are rich, give to all who need it. If everyone does that, there will be joy and happiness everywhere. That is why Christ says, "Except ye eat my flesh and drink my blood, ye have no life in you." Christ gives his flesh and blood, i.e. everything that he has. People say, "Christ gives everything, but we do not give." - If you do not give, your life will be full of positive and negative values: you will get sick, you will suffer and you will struggle. So it will be for those who do not give. Those who give like Christ will have life in themselves and will enjoy the fruits of the great teaching. When they listen to me speak, many say, "Say whatever you want, we will do what we know." - Do whatever you want, but you will pay. The simplest teaching that you can apply right now is the teaching of proper nutrition. I am advising you all to go down to the teaching of nutrition, not to think that you have already entered heaven. No one lives in heaven yet. There are no pious people yet. - "He is a religious man." - His signboard says religious on the outside, but inside him there is nothing religious and pious. - He believes in God. - His signboard is like that on the outside, but there is no faith inside. You say, "I have great faith." - Then lend me a thousand leva. - "I cannot lend it to you, I do not have it available; I do not lend money without a guarantee.”- Your faith has not yet reached a thousand leva. They want a hundred leva on loan from another person. "Oh, I do not have it now." - If he says "oh," you will know that this man has no faith.

Enough lies already! Stop lying to yourselves. Do not say what is not; say only what it is. Men with men, women with women, brothers with brothers, sisters with sisters, speak only the truth! Tell the truth to yourself too! You are not telling the truth because you are not eating right. Your stomach hurts, you moan. At that time, a friend of yours comes to see you. You say, “Get out of my sight! My stomach hurts." - He could barely find an hour of free time to visit you out of love, and you are chasing him away. I tell him: My friend, your stomach hurts because you ate unclean food. Be careful not to upset your stomach, so as not to ruin your good relationship with your brother and friend. Improper nutrition spoils good relations between people. Apart from proper nutrition, I do not accept any philosophy. Eat according to the rules of nature. Only in this way will the questions of life be resolved. Think about nutrition, the same way as I think, I apply the rules of nature and observe what results I get. You also try to make experiments.

When you get out of here, remember the words that I have told you: Eat right! When you take a boiled potato in your hand, say, “Brother, you will excuse me for taking off your clothes. I will send you for a walk in my stomach, in my lungs and in my heart. You will not be well there, but as you pass through me, you will enter the bright side of my life, you will understand what my mind and my heart are. We will give each other a brotherly kiss there." You will do the same with the apple and with the pear. As they pass through you, you will kiss again. As you finish eating, you will be thankful for the visit that you had at lunch. Anyone who hears you talking to potatoes and fruit will say that you are talking to ghosts. Say, "I talk to the food that comes into me, I thank her and give her a kiss. Then I ask these guests not to tell anyone what we have talked about." When you eat and your brothers and sisters go to the other world, they will say, “People have already learned how to live and eat right. They deserve that we visit them."

Make this little experiment that I have given you today. If you succeed, it will strengthen your faith in future experiments.

A talk by the Master, held on 03 April 1921 in Sofia.

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