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1921_03_06 Faith (Nik)


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Готов превод Вярата - 6.3.1921-НБ-349 / ...: 6.3.1921-НБ-349


(Sunday Talks, 06 March 1921, 10:00, Sunday)

Beinsa Douno

And now these three remain:

faith, hope and love.*

My talk today will be about the second principle of human life- the faith. I take the word "faith", as we have no other better word than that. I take it in the broadest sense and make a distinction between faith and belief. In faith, there can be no contradictions. It excludes any doubt. However, beliefs allow half doubt. You may believe that you will become good, but you may also believe you will become bad; you may believe that you will live, but you may also believe you will die. Today, people always get elevated, suffer and die from beliefs. The world is always full of beliefs. All scientists and religious people teach only beliefs. But this belief has neither brought the expected salvation, nor liberty, nor knowledge, nor love, because it is a belief. I am not saying that belief is bad, but it is only a preface to faith.

I will touch on faith from four points of view, namely: I will consider it as a subconscious aspiration in the heart, as a conscious feeling in the soul, as a self-conscious power in the mind, and as a super-conscious principle in the spirit,
or scientifically speaking, as an aspiration in the subconsciousness, as a feeling in the consciousness, as a power in the self-consciousness and as a principle in the super-consciousness. Now, keep this interrelation. I will speak on the issue as a matter of principle. I do not intend to defend any limited cause, nor any limited doctrine. My aim is to speak the truth as it is.

Faith is a principle of the human mind. So, the beginning of the human mind is faith, or in other words, the mind is built on the foundations of faith. Faith connects the human mind and intellect with the harmony in nature, and gives it an impetus to develop and study the laws of Being. Now that you are listening to me, be so kind as to put aside all your prejudices for just one hour. Not to throw them away, but to leave the backpack with your beliefs and delusions aside until you are relieved. When you finish listening to me, put it on your back again and leave. I do not mind that. Otherwise you will look like that Bulgarian with the heavy load who was overtaken on the road by a carter. The carter, seeing how heavy the traveler's load was, offered him to get into the cart. The traveler got into the car, sat in it, but did not take the load off his back. - "Take off the load, my friend, and put it aside in the cart", the carter told him. - "I do not want to bother you", replied the passenger. - "No, you do not bother me, but yourself. My wish is for the load to come off your back. I accepted you and your load to rest equally. There is plenty of room in my cart for both of you." When we get into the Divine Cart, we must take off our burdens and rest.

Therefore, each of you who wants to have an enlightened mind in any aspect, who wants to explore nature in any field, must strive to get in touch with the living nature, must have faith. I am not one of those who say that we should strive and develop in only one direction. Philosophically speaking, all directions create one true direction, which is the Truth. That is why we must strive in all directions, because from the point of view of faith all directions are good. In some of these directions may come suffering, but it is a way of redemption. When this suffering comes upon us, it shows that in the past we have broken the Divine laws, the harmony of the Divine world, from which violation evil was born in the present world. And as we do not understand, we constantly ask ourselves what is this evil? If you cut an electric wire from an installation in which there is a constant flow of electric current, and catch it with your hands, do you know what will happen to you? This wire is safe as long as it stays still, but if you cut it, it becomes dangerous. If you are standing on a sewer pipe, you are in a safe place, but if you decide to drill a hole to see what is in the pipe, you will get hurt and will have to run away. Why? - Because you have drilled a hole into the pipe and the flow of water has shifted, it will flood you. Modern people are interesting. They, like young children, carry chisels and say: "Let us drill into the pipe, either here or there." When danger comes, they say: "Run now!" Some chemist-professor stays in his laboratory, holding a retort, experimenting; then the retort bursts, the liquid spills, the professor runs away, everything goes wrong. I say: This professor has drilled into the pipe. This is not the only way to explore, there is another way.

When you want to tone your mind, to purify it, you must definitely bring faith into you. Someone will object: Nothing happens by faith. - Everything happens with faith, and nothing happens without faith. As long as you have faith, your mind will be healthy, strong, ingenious, it can do anything. The moment you abandon faith, your mind will split, cracks will form in it, and you will be lost. Do you know what happens to such people? - They start a job, they work for an hour, get desperate that their work is not going well. Faith comes again, they resume work. They work for an hour, then leave it again.

And so, in the world, some people work, others stay in cafes, twiddle their thumbs, do not work. They have lost faith! What can you do with these people? Put faith in their minds and they are saved. I will give you an occult story that you should always have in mind when reflecting on faith. In ancient times there was a king's son who fell in love with a maid, who was very smart, intelligent and beautiful. He decided to marry her. The girl was very happy and said to herself: Now my life has meaning. This prince will give me everything I have ever dreamed of. She imagined that she would have wonderful palaces with many rooms, where court ladies would serve her.
Indeed, he made her a great palace, and also promised her everything she had dreamed of, but when they got married, he told her: Please, I do not want any maids in my palace, so that they do not remind me of your low origin. You will clean this palace yourself and will arrange everything.

When faith appears in the human mind, the mind will tell you: I do not want any maidservants in my palace. Who are these servants? You know nothing and you say to yourself: Wait, let me see what a certain author said, what Kant said! Kant is also a man like you. He may have expressed some very good thoughts, but you should not rely on him. What did Kant say in his work "Critique of Pure Reason"? - He said things were unattainable. This is 50% true. For a person who has faith, everything in the world is achievable. Therefore, it depends on faith whether things are achievable or unattainable. Faith encompasses time, and time is a process of the Divine mind. It is a measure of Divine harmony. Faith determines the ratios of tones, the combinations within this Divine harmony. It also determines the correlation of our thoughts. Every thought is a tone in our mind. And if we have faith, all our thoughts will form one majestic Divine harmony.

And so, faith must start from the heart, in your subconscious - there must be focused this bright ray of reasonable aspiration. As you go to bed at night, put the following thought into your mind: the faith in which I live will bring Divine harmony into the aspirations of my heart. Lie down with this thought, with full confidence in your subconscious. Do nоt philosophize, do nоt think about the consequences. When you sow a grain of wheat in the ground, do not think how it will grow. It will do its job on its own. If you sit next to it and think how it will grow, whether it will grow or not, and you start digging and burying it, you will ruin it, hinder it, interfere with its development. This is how some people perceive a Divine thought, but begin to reason whether it is Divine or not. Let this thought grow in your mind! Do not touch a thought until it grows, it starts to develop, blooms, bears fruit, and the fruit ripens. Until then, one cannot tell whether it is Divine or not. One cannot know the Divine truth that is embedded in it. This thing takes time. Time is an expression of truth. Where there is no time, there is no truth. Lying always shortens time. Anyone who borrows money from the bank with short terms, does not fare well. They change their loans every three months. In modern thought, all teachings have short deadlines. We do not believe in the short term, but only believe in the long term. We consider the long term as a rounded movement of energy within the soul.

The second manifestation of faith is, as a feeling in the consciousness. This means: at some point you feel that your thought cannot be a thought until it is projected into the material world. This thought must take the right form, because the right thinking is nothing but your thought having the correct match with the laws in which you live. If your thought does not get the right shape, it will look like an ugly woman, and we do not like ugly people. Therefore, ugly forms produce a disharmonious impression in our minds. Beauty is a quality of thought, so the thought in us must be beautiful. If you do not feel that your thought is right, you will start checking it with other people, but that will take you to the other extreme. Why?- Because they may also be in the same condition. Then how do you check if your thought is right or not? Therefore, the first thing to keep in mind is this: to believe that your soul feels things right. The soul never lies. In the human soul there is no lie!

The third manifestation of faith is in the power of thought. Your thought must have power. Inside it there must be movement and expansion, i.e. it has to be productive, you have to be able to do any work with it. You can experience the power of your thought. If your thought is correct and goes harmoniously in every respect, i.e. there is the right aspiration in the heart, the right feelings in the soul, the right expansion in the mind, then if you have some wound on your arm, focusing your thought on it will heal it quickly - in five to ten minutes or in one or two days, depending on the wound.

All the catastrophes that are happening now - in the public, in the political and in the scientific field - are due to this disorder of our mind, which has not put faith as a basis in life. We live with beliefs in the world. Where do all the catastrophes in the world come from? - They come from the fact that we have doubted God, the great law of Love, and we say that God is not Love and that man is wolf to man. But this wolf was created by God. Then, what philosophy, what meaning is there in life, when we call the most sublime thing in the world a wolf? And the wolf is a denial of love, a denial of faith. Therefore, any man can become a wolf. Once you lose your love, you are a wolf, a bear, a tiger, a fox, because these wild animals are the negative qualities of the great virtue that we call Love. And faith determines why we suffer. I say: You have lost your love, so you are a wolf. - How will I correct myself? - When you bring love into your heart, it will bring faith and you will rise, you will become an angel to serve in the Divine world.

Arm your mind with faith, not with beliefs, because beliefs are religious, pagan systems that appear as a result of past experiences. Modern religions are an attempt to uplift humanity. I do not condemn them, but I say that all religions have a desire to help humanity. And all the great Masters come among this humanity to raise it up, to help it, because they are servants of the great Divine law. But their followers have distorted this law, they have focused only on the outside, and thus distorted life. Thus they have created beliefs. A doctor comes and tells you: Believe in me, I will help you. He starts with one injection today, another one tomorrow, you spend a lot of money, but nothing helps. The priest comes and performs a funeral service for you. No, no, do not believe in such a doctor, but only in the one who carries love as a principle. If your doctor or friend carries this principle of Love in himself, let him in, but if he does not carry it, no matter if he is a teacher, a priest, a doctor, close the door for him, do not accept him, let him stay out.

As Scripture says, "Without faith one cannot please God." I interpret these words like this: without mind, without wisdom, one cannot please God. Which children make their parents happy? The smart, obedient children, right? A stupid, mischievous child does not make his parents happy. Everyone who brings joy and fun is smart. The smart sons and daughters, the smart friends, teachers, priests, they are people of faith. When you ask these people if there is an afterlife, they doubt it and say: Who knows? Science has not yet proven it. But who is more advanced: science or us? And who created science, did it create us or we created it? We are like the ancient pagan nations, who created an image like themselves, fell on their knees before their idol Baal and begged him: Show us where the truth is? So we have also been praying for eight thousand years for science to show us where the truth is. It will not show us anything. There is one science that we must rely on. It is the Divine science, the science of the human spirit of love, of which the second principle is faith. It is an immutable science, it does not change. Modern science is human, it is the science of beliefs, of hypotheses. But in the science of faith, everything is defined precisely, mathematically. Everything in it is precisely provided, same as in technology, same as in the body.

We say that the stomach is not intelligent, it works purely mechanically. No, it is an excellent chemist. By giving it the right conditions, it works much better than our chemists. In it enters uncooked, undigested food and it immediately secretes appropriate juices for the digestion and dissolution of food. After a few hours of work, the digested food passes into the intestines which keep what they need, and is then spread via the blood throughout the body. The lungs are not bellows, as some say, but they work by certain laws. Also, the brain does its job well. But we, the modern people, who think we are smart, intelligent, we do all kinds of nonsense! The husband, when unable to correct his wife, beats her up. The teacher, when unable to correct his student, expels him from school. The priest, when unable to correct his congregation, excommunicates them from the church, declares them heretics. The state, when unable to correct some of its subjects, sends them to prison, to the gallows. And all modern countries make special establishments for their guilty subjects. These are places of your nonsense, for which you will be judged! So it says above, in the invisible world. These are debts that one day will be paid. The various ministers and officials should not think that one day they will not be responsible for those hundreds and thousands of people they have imprisoned! No, heaven and earth will pass away, but not a single line of the law will change until everything comes to its original state. It has been so since time immemorial, and it will be so until the end of the age. And not only in Bulgaria, but everywhere.

As I speak of the end of the age, I understand the end of our nonsense and the beginning of the Divine harmony in the world, of that great thought of which I speak to you. And when we meet, then we will not ask: Are you a wolf or not? I say: Try my nails, try my teeth! If I have them, I аm a wolf, if I do nоt, I аm not a wolf. This faith, the noble, rational in man, does not allow you to have any nails, nor teeth. Nails - this is the wrong mathematics. When the wolf loses his love and cannot expand his thought, he stands on the road, waiting for a sheep to pass by, so that to catch it and eat it. Why does he do that? He says: Just as you gentlemen have the right to buy cans from your shops, I also have the right to buy a can from the Divine Shop, so I open and eat it. But in the Divine world it is forbidden to eat canned food. There are no cans there. According to the Divine law, when the wolf meets the sheep, he must tell her: I am very hungry. Can you sacrifice for me according to the law of love? If the sheep agrees, he can eat her; if she does not agree, he will wait for a second, third sheep to pass until one is found to sacrifice herself. If no sheep agrees, he will feed on roots. This is how the wolf lived in the olden times. I will prove this to you. It is not a figure of speech, but a great law. When the wolf stays hungry for seven or eight days, he says to himself: How stupid I am! Once I ate differently. He goes to the forest and feeds on roots. If he has never eaten like this, where would this thought have come from? So he lived under other conditions.

And now the Lord must leave us, the modern people, hungry for about ten days, in order to teach us that we can live in another way. We will go to the forest, will take out sweet roots and will eat. And you can also live this way. Modern doctors will explain to us what are the elements of canned food, what elements are necessary for our body and through what foods we will supply them. I am not against that, but it is not cultured. Keep in mind that any organic food that you eat, no matter how pure it is, always carries its own toxins and causes deposits. There is no creature that does not die when it eats organic food. And man has begun to die since he started eating such food, because in every organic being there is pure and impure polarization. Watch how the cat eats the mice. It catches a mouse and eats everything in it. If the cat, which is such a cleaner, ate properly, it would live much longer. It says: According to our science, I cannot delay and waste time, I am hungry, so I am eating you whole. So does the husband - he comes home from work and says to his wife: Quickly, I am hungry. If nothing is cooked, the wife is in trouble! This is no science. We need to start with these basic things in life.

Now it is up to you to become acquainted with faith as a principle, in order to understand that one of its manifestations which reconciles all contradictions in life. I will show you how contradictions occur. For example, two young people love each other. When love manifests itself as a principle, they are both ready to run away from home. I say: They are both heroes. When their first child is born and the mother starts breastfeeding him, she sees around her that the conditions are unfavorable and the love between them gradually begins to cool. Why? - Because they have not understood love in all its aspects, in its deep sense, that it must be maintained with reason. When a bird makes its nest on the branches of trees, it chooses such branches that are protected from even the weakest wind and storms. So the bird builds it much smarter than any engineer. It understands where the favorable conditions are for building the nest and lays its eggs there. But modern people say: We can lay our eggs without a nest, without good conditions. Indeed, they lay them, but then they go to hatch them in the "Obstetrics and gynecology hospital". This is the culture of cuckoos - they lay their eggs in an alien nest. Ask a naturalist, where did the idea in the cuckoo to lay its eggs in others' nests come from? Someone will answer: The Lord has commanded so. No, the Lord has not said that. There are many cuckoos, and intelligent ones, which lay their eggs in others' nests. Do you know the characteristics of the cuckoo? It chooses the nests of weak birds, so that when the cuckoo hatches, it being stronger throws the other small birds out of the nest. This is also what you do with your ideas. You throw away the other one, but yours is again a cuckoo one. Now try to understand what this cuckoo means. If you accept a Divine thought but it does not teach you how to put yourself in harmony with the Divine law of nature, if it does not bring love to people, what will it benefit you, what do you need this thought for? A thought can also bring you doubt. Therefore, without faith one cannot serve Love, without faith one cannot please the God of Wisdom.

As you read chapter 8 of Proverbs, from verse 29 onward, you will see that there is talk of wisdom, but here we are talking about faith.

When he gave the sea its boundary -

so the waters would not overstep His command

(the water, the sea, this is the modern world),

When he marked out the foundations of the earth

(by "foundation of the earth" is meant our bodies and all organic bodies),

Then I was constantly at his side and arranged everything;

and I was filled with delight day after day

rejoicing always in his presence.

Rejoicing in his whole world;

and delighting in the sons of


(This is not about the current sons of men, but about those who lived then in faith - the bearer of love.)

Now then, my children, listen to me;

blessed are those who keep my ways.

Listen to my instruction and be wise.

And do not disregard it.

Blessed are those who listen to me.

Watching daily at my doors,

waiting at my doorway.

For those who find me find life

and receive favor from the Lord.

("Those who find me" means: he who finds faith will find life. All doubt will disappear from him. The new consciousness will come into him, a new intelligence will ignite him and he will say: Now I understand the meaning of life. )

And whoever sins against me;

harms his soul.

All who hate me love death.

People nowadays say: We can do without faith. No, no, you cannot do with disbelief. I say: It is not beliefs that are needed, but faith. Disbelief and faith are two opposite poles, because the disbeliever can become a believer, but the man of faith cannot be polarized. Faith is related to the human mind, to the human intellect, while the mind is related to breathing. And because we are on the verge of a new evolution in the world, we have made an angle of 180°. The path we have walked since the day we left the Divine harmony is a path of descent. Now we are at the bottom and we start the other half of this circle, we have to pass another angle of 180°. This is the law of evolution, in which you will study things from the bottom up, and not from the top down as you do now. Only in this way will you have an experience much more real than the previous one and more accessible to your mind. Therefore, all Eastern doctrines must be verified from a new standpoint. The experiences of eastern and western peoples must be tested. Both are 50% true. And there faith will come in handy. Every thought and every science must be tested by experience and nothing must be taken for granted. Faith implies living experience, but experience does not happen in one way. If you want to check a musical play, you will find an experienced musician, not an ordinary one, and you will find out from him if this music is correct. If you want to understand the properties of matter, you will find a learned chemist who does not drill into pipes or make explosions, and you will want him to give you the first instructions on the great laws of matter. Matter, this is a reality. In its present forms it is transient. Therefore, if we rely on these forms, we are mistaken. Its current forms will pass into other forms that will be real.

Our current thoughts are also transient. All our current understandings are just a preface to that correct understanding which will come. With these words I do not mean that you are ignorant, that you do not understand things, but I only state that the reason for your ignorance is due to the fact that you have no faith. And faith is connected to your mind. Therefore, he who does not have faith cannot have proper breathing, because the mind is connected with breathing. Smart people breathe smoothly and harmoniously. A thought that affects breathing, is right. Observe a beautiful woman or man, healthy in will, heart and mind, you will notice the beauty and plasticity in their breathing! Whoever does not breathe properly, their thought is wrong. An author will write an article, starts thinking, exhales deeply, then breathes unevenly, gets up, makes a cigarette, walks around the room, sits down again, writes. The article is ready. Critics are starting to say: Someone wrote an excellent article. - He wrote smoke! The article itself is as true as the smoke of his cigarette. He wrote an article on how to fix society. Before starting the article, he says: Wait, let me cross myself! He crosses himself. No, my friend, the cross shows how to endure hardships. When you make a cross and say, "In the name of the Father," ask yourself: does my head know how to think correctly? "And the Son" - does love work in my heart? "And the Holy Spirit" - is the power of God in me? This means making the cross and reading "In the Name of the Father". The cross is something internal. Someone says: Let us cross ourselves. Yes, let us cross ourselves with our head, our heart and our power. As you cross yourself, say to yourself: Is the Lord of Wisdom in my mind? Do I have faith?

How does a person with faith differ from others who do not have faith? By whether he has fear. There is no fear in faith. Someone says: Let us call a doctor. If you call a doctor for fear that you are ill, you will die; if you call on him in faith as your brother, your friend, you will be healed. When you call the doctor with fear, the doctor will get scared and will say that the situation is dangerous, he cannot decide to the treatment himself. They call a second doctor, and he says the same thing. They call a third one, gather for a consultation, and finally all three of them say: "he will either heal, or not heal". This is similar to the situation of that gypsy who said: There will either be water in that valley, or not. Everyone knows such a science: "he will either heal, or not heal"; "she may be good, but may not be good." The old people say about the girl: We know she may be very good, but she may not be good. They do not say like the gypsy, for example, "it is either true, or not," but they say "it may be true, it may not." Someone asks: What do you think of my thought? - Well, it may be good, true. Not that it may, but it has to be true. And then we say: I do not know who will be saved. I also do not know who will be saved; I know who will enter the Kingdom of God; I know whom the Lord has chosen; all those who have faith know it. There is nothing hidden for the believer. There is something hidden, but when? Only in crimes, only they are hidden. Also, good deeds must be secret. In this world, both good and bad people have to hide. Why? Only evil can be hidden. The bad man hides from being caught and imprisoned. The good, the rich man hides, lest he be brought under the fourth article of the law, so that they may say to him: You are the enemy of the people, go to prison. Therefore, now the rich deny that they are rich, but in the past people boasted that they were rich, that they had money. Today, all the rich want to pass for being poor. Why? - Because there is the fourth article. This is not correct thinking, this is not a philosophy of life. The ox that plows in the fields and divides the furrows says: I am the one that plows. Yes, because there is the prod; and it is the plowman who carries out the law. And I think we have passed that teaching of the prod. Now is time for the teaching of faith.

According to the new teaching, everyone should try for themselves whether their thought is true. I will present my thought to my brother and let him perceive it. He will not ask me if my thought is true. Why? Because I have tested my thought ninety-nine times. Not only me, but people have been trying this great law for eight thousand years. And you can also try it. Today I am talking to you about faith. Say: We will live by faith. Instill faith in yourself and start working with it. Do not think about how people look at you, whether you are intelligent or not. Well, well, if you are intelligent, let me give you a problem to solve:

ai : a = bi : b = ci : c

What will you learn from this task? It is a task that determines the relationship of the invisible world to the visible. When a phenomenon occurs in the physical world, the corresponding phenomenon also occurs in the invisible one. Such is the law. When a person is born on earth, another one is born in heaven at the same time. When someone dies on earth, someone also dies in heaven. When a man dies on earth, for heaven he is born, i.e. for one man to go from earth to heaven, another must come to earth. They replace each other. There is a certain ratio between the magnitudes. Someone asks: Why do I have to die? - No, you will not die, but I say: it is decided for you to be born in the other world, and another one to be born on earth. You will say: We have listened to you so far, but we will not listen to you from now on. I do not insist that you accept this as a positive truth but as a symbol, however, you will check it and understand that there is a certain relationship between the spiritual and the physical world.

So, you will consider what is your faith in the subconscious, in the consciousness, in the self-consciousness, and in the super-consciousness. When all doubt, hatred, lies disappear from your soul and they come to the surface, say to yourself: No, I can no longer handle this magnitude. If you say so, it shows that faith has put its first root in your heart. Faith is connected with rhythmic breathing. That is why Hindus strive to breathe rhythmically, sometimes wanting to regulate their thought from the top downwards. While Western nations do not know this yet. They have an aspiration from the bottom upwards. It has been noticed that in people with tuberculosis breathing becomes fast, the rhythm of their breathing is short, therefore the change of energies in them is incorrect, which means that there is a struggle between faith and thought.

What causes tuberculosis? - Either out of fear, or out of hatred. Any girl can become tuberculous: take away her lover, deprive her of the hope that there will be another one and she will have a constriction, hatred and she will get tuberculosis. She says: I cannot live without this lad. There is the delusion. No, your boy is in your mind. He is your love. If the girl meets a person from the physical world who resonates with her, let her take him, but if she does not meet one, it is better for her to live alone. The first beloved of the heart is the mind. If the two of them fall in love, this is the right marriage. However, the girl says: This inner lover will not feed me, but the outer one will. - No, the outer one will betray you. You, men and women who have tried this law, who have been married, are you happy, have you resolved this issue correctly? - No. You are like the famous English reformer John Wesley, who married his beloved and three days later said: It is not worth marrying. And this was said by a great man, a reformer! The mind is the first lover. He will bring you light. This lover will find outward forms to express himself. Then the boy's heart will find its beloved outside and they will interact correctly. When the boy's mind interacts with the girl's heart, a good, true marriage happens in the physical world. But today every boy is looking for a girl and vice versa. He finds a girl, starts reading to her what he wrote. She admires that, he says: Ah, I am a genius. When the girl expresses her coveted feelings, he tells her: How naive you are! If he says so, for her to stay away from him, there is no rhythmic breathing in him. You will say: You will show our dirty shirts. - Yes, this water that is now coming into the world will show all your dirty shirts. What about when you dip the dirty shirts in warm water and boil them, does not the dirt boil and come out on top? Therefore, by planting the right thought in your mind, it will bring out all the flaws.

Do not think that my talk refers to your mistakes! But I tell you: if you want your life to be harmonious in the future, put faith in yourself, change your thinking and start making your past right. All our thoughts and desires, layered in you from a series of past existences, can be rectified only through the law of love in human spirit and through the law of human mind. When love penetrates from the bottom up, from the heart into the soul, from the soul into the mind and from there into the human spirit, there will be harmony, movement in two directions - two opposite currents. When two people shake hands, they extend their hands from two places; it is a movement in which there are two opposite currents at the same time. If the boy's thoughts and breathing are right, there is a correct flow in him, and if you are a clairvoyant, you will notice that a light will flow from his hand towards the mind. If the girl's feelings are correct, you will see a white, soft light coming out of her, surrounded by a very pale pink color. These two lights, of the boy and the girl, when they meet and unite, will form a Divine wave. What do these young people feel? They say: We are both ready to fight together in the world and to sacrifice ourselves. Then, in this situation, the old women will be resurrected. Because there are no old people. Old people are those who have lost that primary law of faith and they are starving to death.

Herbert Spencer said: “When the exchange of energies in the body happens incorrectly, a person grows old quickly and can die soon, but when it is done correctly, i.e. he earns as much as he spends, he can live a hundred, two hundred and more years”. I do not hold such a view, because the meaning of life does not consist in its duration, but in its rational application. Christ says, "I have come to give life, and that they may have it abundantly." Knowing how to combine the forces of our heart, soul, mind and spirit, we can do this to ourselves and to our friends. That is why Christ says, "If two people are gathered together in my name, they must have a common purpose." These are the people who need to have love. God is Love and all people move towards Love, but at the same time they want to be rich, happy, and this is based on certain laws.

So, breathing should be rhythmic. If you allow hatred or falsehood in yourself, your breathing will change. It is enough for a person to allow himself a hundred such thoughts and desires to cause an apoplectic stroke. The accumulation of these thoughts will affect the breathing, the breathing of the heart and life will cease immediately. Why? - Because this man did not think and breathe properly. They will send a commission from the invisible world that will say: This man did not think right. And they will finish him off.

Without faith one cannot please God, without faith one cannot serve humanity, without faith we cannot serve our neighbor, without faith we cannot serve ourselves. The day a man loses his faith, he is also lost. You need positive faith, faith in your thoughts and feelings, not in others' ones. I am not talking about the cuckoo's eggs. Which are your thoughts? - That, which is born of God is yours, it is common, not that which is born outside - it is a cuckoo's egg. Someone wants to make a big house, to give a big feast, but woe to the hens who will participate, who will suffer for this feast. This is everywhere in the world. One nation will become rich, but another will become impoverished at its expense. This is not right, it is not civilized.

Therefore, by perverting the law of faith, the nations degenerate. Whole nations, whole tribes, continents and races disappear. If people think like that for another hundred years, both the current race and all the peoples of Europe will get stupid, they will degenerate. When they degenerate, a new race will come that will put a new order of things. Therefore, the first thing is to make our thoughts right, to put faith in us. For now, we will leave the nations, we will let the law of evolution go its own way, but I do not want any fear to remain in your soul. Leave the fear out! Be afraid only when you sin, but when you do good, do not be afraid. We, modern people, only think about what will happen to us. Nothing bad will happen. He who sent us to earth, the Love that gave birth to us, which is the first thing in the world, will make us immortal. Our clothes can change, but this is not death. These are variations, this is singing, a Divine harmony of things. First, you need faith in order to change all your thoughts. At the first lesson, try your best to bring harmony in yourselves.

You have a certain painful condition, say to yourself: To correct this condition depends on faith, so I will change my beliefs into faith and will put harmony in my thoughts. Unite with all people and say: All people on earth are good, all laws are right, there are no exceptions. Death is something transient in the world. If you apply this law in your mind, it will not take more than one, two or three hours, or depending on the severity of the disease, a few days and your disease will disappear. In the same way, you can check if your thought is right. Try this law also when you have rheumatism in your legs. Do not rush to call a doctor, but check if with your thoughts you can shift the disease to your hand and throw it out from there. If you act through your faith, you will move the currents of your electricity and magnetism from one place of your body to another and your rheumatism will heal. Rheumatism - these are accumulated thoughts, obesity - these are thoughts again. A person who thinks a lot will start to feel a lot. This shows that in such a person the heart operates a lot. If someone eats a lot and does not work, he will become very obese and will soon call a doctor. Obesity is a sign that your thoughts and feelings are not right.

The same law applies to dry people. They are very active. No, everything should be in moderation. If a thought comes to you, do not stop it, but manifest it; if a feeling comes, manifest it. Work, do not give up work. Thus you will enter into connection with the great Divine law. If you meet an old man who has fallen on the road, and you are a student or a teacher, you are in a hurry going to work, you do not stop. No, stop, help him as much as you can. Or you see two children fighting, crying - stop, reconcile them. Do not beat them, but give them each one coin or, if you have apples, one apple. Advise them not to fight. And point out to them that they are brothers, that they are both right. Thus reconciled, these children will always listen to you. You will do a good job. But if you reconcile them and explain to them that they are not on the right side, they will not understand you. They are both on the right side. There is a lot of crying among you, religious people. What for? - For your sins. The worldly people, on the other side, cry that one of them has died. Students cry that they have failed their exam. The professors cry that they have lost their position. Everyone cries because they do not think right.

Try to bring rhythm and regularity into your breathing. If a right thought comes to you, check immediately if your breathing is done correctly. Every thought that gives impetus to your life is right. You breathe intermittently, but this is an irregularity that you have to get rid of. If you breathe like this, some misfortune will befall you. Notice that when you breathe incorrectly, your heart will pound, tremble from time to time. Such trembling also happens to the sheep of a shepherd when some misfortune is about to happen to them. If the sheep hurry and stop suddenly, the shepherd knows that it will not be a few hours and the misfortune will happen. If your thoughts and feelings run from one place to another like sheep, you need to be on duty, knowing that the thief is close to you.

So, faith is a living principle of the mind. Only through it will we be able to know all the secrets that are in the nature. If we know these secrets, we will be able to renew our lives. This will not happen in one, two or ten years, but it will happen within a hundred years. So, these two principles - love and faith, we must unite them. We must combine the power of the spirit, of the mind, of the soul, of the heart - as an aspiration of the heart in the subconscious, as a feeling of the soul in the consciousness, as a power of the mind in the self-consciousness and as a principle of the spirit in the super-consciousness, and in this combination will come the new thought that can renew us. And then you will notice that when two people who have such a rejuvenation meet, they can tolerate each other. And this is very natural, because both are negative either in heart, or in soul, or in mind, or in spirit.

There should always be harmony and complementarity, i.e. when the mind acts in the boy, the heart must act in the girl; when the spirit acts in the boy, the soul must act in the girl. Only in this way will there be complete harmony, complete combination. Wherever these people are, there will always be a union between them. If the same thought enters both of them, there will be disharmony, disunity. Every thought has a movement from north to south or from east to west. This represents man. Otherwise there will always be a crossover. These are forces of the heart, forces of the soul, forces of the mind and forces of the spirit. The forces descend from the mind to the heart, i.e. from the central nervous system to the sympathetic nervous system, and from there they enter the head. Where this entanglement takes place, a new impetus is formed.

Therefore, if you meet a person, be it a man or a woman, with whom your thoughts intertwine properly, you will feel a certain harmony and you will be born with either new thoughts or new feelings. If there is no such harmony between you, you will return home burdened, you will have a headache. This is not to say that these people are bad, but you should do otherwise. Will you wear white, light clothes in winter? Will you wear thick clothes in summer? When you go to a person who lives in the winter of his life, you will put on your thick clothes. When you go to a person who lives in his summer, you will dress in light, light clothes. You will consider where and when you go, and do not think that people are bad. There are no bad people in the world, in a positive sense. Bad people, in my opinion, are those who have a lot of manure and who rob at will. What are they robbing? - The good of other people. Good people are those who give, and bad people are those who take. The robber is standing in the woods, waiting for someone to pass. A man who has worked for three or four years to earn something and feed his children passes by. He takes his money, robs him.

So, there are two methods of robbery in the world: slow one and fast one. For example, you want to take a person's money. You start convincing him. You go to him the first day, you talk to him, he does not agree. You go the second day, you try to convince him again - he does not agree. You finally manage to take his money. He says: This man lied to me! The quickest way is that of the gangster: when you go to someone with a revolver in hand and he says: Take that, take it soon! In this way, no time is wasted. The fast method is harmful. All current people act according to it, they carry a revolver and say: Give me our money! You will work and I will rest. But it is written in God's law: We will all work and share the goods equally. Everyone will work as hard as they can, and no one should take advantage of anyone else. This is the law of faith.

Speaking of faith, I say that there are other beings on earth, much smarter, whom you do not see. I will now enter another realm where x : y = xi : yi. The last relation xi : yi represents the abstract world. These beings are smarter, more intelligent than you, they have mastered the laws that guide our lives and work among us. Whatever you think, whatever you design, they are among us. You are under their influence. You think about how to solve an issue. They struggle and they resolve it. Do not think that these people are shadows. They are real people, materialized, dressed in bodies. There is a way to talk to them. They are not shadows. In order to understand me better, I will give you a comparison. Imagine that I am in front of an anthill. Ants have a certain order of things, they carry this or that in the anthill. I place my cane in their anthill. There is immediately a loud noise among the ants. - Someone is upsetting their anthill. They say to themselves: There are some disturbances in nature, natural forces have influence. And these forces are my cane. Then I put my finger among them, an ant bites me. Imagine that an ant has the idea that there is some intelligent being here that is bothering it. Is it far from the truth? Therefore, in relation to these huge people that I am talking about, we are like ants. I can prove to you that they exist by putting their cane among you and by stirring you. You can try to see their cane. One day I stand in front of an anthill and fix the light with my magnifying glass straight in the ants' way. They go to the light, but when it burns them, they bounce. They say to themselves: What is this phenomenon? Something very bright, but hot. The ants surround me, they think around me - that is a whole concert. They wonder about this phenomenon. I tell them: This is me. Do you know me? Often these big people, the smart ones I call them, do to people the same way we do to the little ants. They have decided to fix the world. They have been given power from above, they have been given a plan, and now they will ruin the world. What these beings will bring, I call a new order and a new orderliness in the world.

As you listen to me now, you say to yourself, "If this is true, it is a big lie" - as the Turkish proverb says. If you have faith, you will make an attempt to make sure, but if you only have beliefs, you will say according to the Turkish proverb: "If this is true, it is a big lie." No, that is not a lie. So, let us get back to our idea.

This primordial intelligence that must come into the world emanates from God. From this original source now comes a new wave that people must accept. They say, "God breathed a soul into man." Now God is taking a new breath. God breathes once in thousands of years. You will understand the two principles - that God is an all-encompassing Love that envelops all beings, and that God is all-encompassing Intelligence. This Intelligence will manifest according to the nature of each being. There must be diversity, but there must also be this Divine harmony in all of us. Experiment with the teachings, make your breathing rhythmic, bring into your heart, soul, mind and spirit, as well as into your subconscious, consciousness, self-consciousness and super-consciousness the idea to see these beings, and you will see them. When you see these beings, you will find your teachers, your brothers and sisters. They are noble beings, and so elevated in their deeds, and so fulfill the teachings of Christ, that you have no idea of all this. When you visit their home, they will accept you as their younger brothers, they will give you the best reception, and will send you into this world to spread the new teaching. In your current state, with these minds, hearts and souls that you have, you cannot see them. Your sky is cloudy. The doubt you have shows that you cannot serve the faith of this Lord, Who is within you.

And so, without faith, one cannot please the God of Love. You are not yet inside your body, but you are outside of it. To the soul of a man, his body is just like a chair to a professor - he gets on it, teaches his lesson, stays for two or three hours and gets off. A man lives in his body only temporarily, where he also has a chair. The spirit descends into the body only for some time, for several hours and minutes, while teaching its lessons. But the soul is something great! Some people ask me: If it is such a great, large thing, how do so many souls fit into the world? A great soul is one in which there is intense, vast love and right thought. A soul in which there is no love, has no right thought, it is small. The point is not in the outer form, it is not in the large bottle. The saint can live in a hut, and the criminal - in a palace, but it is not the palace that creates the genius, nor the hut that creates the ignorance. Therefore, you have to change your thought in order to change the world. We have all collectively created our thought, our bodies, by distorting them. Again, we will work collectively to return to the original consciousness by uniting with this great law.

Today, the weather is clear, it is a witness to the fact that if we accept the new teaching, we will have this light. It testifies about me. I am happy and rich anyway, but you have to acquire this for yourselves and pass it on to your children, to your generation. But now your gloomy faces and gray hair show something different. I would like your hair to turn white, not out of fear, but out of love. When hair changes out of love, it takes on different colors. When iron is heated, it becomes bright, and when it cools - it turns black. Everyone whose hair is black should turn white. You ask: Why are we getting older? - Well, what about the burnt coal, it has to heat the iron, right? So, the energy from coal passes into the iron. That is why we need to bring some coal. Do not think that it is bad to have black hair. Black hair, black eyes show that these people are still in the shadows, the light has not yet penetrated them. Such people are not sinners, but they have stored energy that will manifest later. They expect to bloom and ripen in the future. While people with white hair show that they have bloomed and ripened. Love is the beginning of life. Thinking - it is the elderly man who has understood the meaning of life and therefore his head has started to turn white. Without faith, without this mind, you cannot serve God. I challenge the view that we do not need a lot of intellect and knowledge. No, we need a Divine intellect, Divine understandings. (We need) to understand calculus, biology, astronomy, natural sciences, and in all their interrelations. (We need) to understand how animals, plants are connected. Nothing in the world is meaningless. That is why we must get to love every plant, every animal, and pass on some good thoughts when we get close to them. Do not think that things in the world are bad. We have become the cause for them to get bad. That is why, we must know how to fix this world from the inside out.

So, start correcting your thoughts, your passions. There are passions that burn. I have often heard a girl say: He burned me. Yes, this current that the boy sends to the girl can be so strong that it will kill her instantly. A mother's feelings can be so strong that they burn the child. We need to know how to feel, how to think. Thought and feeling are sometimes so strong that they can resurrect someone. Feelings can kill and resurrect. They are both true. And now the forces of nature are subject to the human mind. If you want to benefit from this law, you must have faith and love, and God will give you a new way to check things out. Then you will say: My thought is right. But now (you say): There will either be water, or not. This is the faith of the gypsy. Apply love and faith, make an experiment and then you will understand the matter in more detail. I would start explaining all this mathematically, with modern algebra and geometry, but how many of you will understand me? Which mathematics professor was able to convince his students of the correctness of his theories? They study theories, many rules, but if they come to apply them in life, they do not know how. We, the people of the new teaching, know how to apply an energy to the organic life. When I say "we", I mean the White Brothers who live among us. I listen to them now, saying: Some of these students may become good and others - may not. Some of them will be disciples and others will be followers. If you accept them, they will help you and you will become bearers of the new culture, the new heaven and the new earth that are now being created. This new thought says to the world: There must be absolutely no lie in your mind. If you accept any hypotheses, keep them as such, but you must keep in your mind those truths that are absolutely proven. This work is done with faith. And you should know one thing: where you came from and where you are going.

Where did you come from? You say: I was born.

- Do you remember the date and time of your birth?

- No, my mother, my grandmother say that. I know that I am going to die.

- How do you know that?

- I believe.

No, this is not faith, but a belief. By focusing our thought, we know when we were born; we know when we will leave this world; we know where the physical world begins and how far it extends, we know where the spiritual world begins and how far it extends. Therefore you need an excellent mind, as in Christ.

In order to be pure, smart, sublime people, heroes in the world, you need faith through which everything is obtained. It is one of the qualities of angels. This quality should also be acquired by people. With faith begins a new culture. Apply faith and love now. They start with time. Time is a measure of Divine harmony, and harmony is the inner meaning of life. This is the teaching of the faith that Christ preached in the world. "If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will be able to move even a mountain." Believe, and you will be saved, you and your house." So, believe in your mind, which will influence the breathing that should be rhythmic, without any snoring. Assert your will through your thought, so that to make your life happy.

I will now translate you a story from Tolstoy. A king was given a grain of wheat as big as a hen's egg. The king ordered that the oldest man in the city be summoned to ask him if he remembered such a large grain from his time. They barely brought this old man, propped up on two crutches. The king asked him about the wheat, but he replied: In my time there was no such wheat. Ask my father. His father came, an old man propped up on one crutch, he saw the wheat and said: In my time there was no such wheat. Ask my father. His father came, a slender, good old man, without any crutches, he looked at the wheat and said: Yes, such a grain grew in our times, we ate it. The king asked this old man: Why do you, who are the oldest of all, walk so upright and without any crutches, while your son has one crutch and your grandson two? The old man replied: This is because this grain of wheat does not grow in them. And so, when this right thought grew in people, they walked without crutches, but when it was distorted - with one crutch, and when there was no trace of it - with two crutches. The king asked the old man: Did you buy it with money? - There was no money in our time - replied the old man.

So, I give you this hen's egg, this grain of wheat, the faith that people once ate. Accept it, plant it and live with it and you will have the best thoughts in your mind, you will be healthy, while the nervousness, the meaninglessness of life, the suffering, everything will disappear and you will say: Now it makes sense to live. It is good for us and for all humanity. The life of the Bulgarian people will be meaningful only when the faith manifests itself in its primary essence. Then you will understand those tasks that are now unknown to people.

Sunday Talks

06 March 1921, 10:00, Sunday

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