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1919_03_30 The child grew (Elena)


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Готов превод Детето растеше - 30.3.1919-НБ-222 / .: 30.3.1919-НБ-222

TITLE: The child grew

"And the child grew and became strong in spirit and filled with wisdom" (Luke 2:40)

"And the child grew and became strong in spirit and filled with wisdom and the grace of God was on him." There are two conditions here: growing in spirit and wisdom and the God's grace. Who is growing in life - the child or the adult? - The child. Indeed, the growing is the main difference between the child and the adult. The child grows every day and the mother is happy, when she sees how a piece of meet becomes a big, strong man or a beautiful maid. During the physical growing the parts of the body should develop simultaneously. In this case it is said the the body is externally beautiful, strong and healthy. In physical aspect the spirit manifests in power and the wisdom - in plasticity or in strong bones and mighty muscles. So, if the bones are not strong and if they are easily breaking and the muscles are not mighty, then the man hasn't reached the wisdom, that Christ talks about. Those who don't understand the meaning of the physical growing in spirit and wisdom, they say that the meaning of life is hidden in the eating. This is not right. It is not enough that you only eat, but you have to eat with pleasure, you have to be glad both when you eat and when you don't eat; to be glad about everything that is given to you. If you eat and you feel unpleasant, you don't live like a conscious and smart person.

And so, the eating is indeed an important life issue, but a conscious approach is needed for it. Therefore all the parties, both in the past and today, are dealing with the eating at first place. Both the bourgeois parties and Bolshevism are placing the matter about the bread at first place. The rich one wants to have more ducks, more hens, more lambs, to eat and drink with friends, with relatives, to celebrate the day of the son, the day of the daughter, of the wife or the husband. Another time they are gathering for a feast, to eat and drink together in the name of st. Peter, st. John or some other saint. They will always find a reason to eat. The poor one looks how the rich one eats and drinks and tells himself: I would also like to eat in the name of some saint, I would also like to celebrate for the day of my children. In the end some hatred and argue appears between the rich one and the poor one. All the people have the right to eat, because they grow when eating and they gain the elements, needed for their development, for their life. Whoever does not agree with that, let him try to live on earth without eating and drinking. When it is being preached to the people that they should eat only a little, that there should be poor ones and reach ones, there is something venal in this. This teaching understands that the richness is a wealthy life on the back of other people. This is not right. All the people should eat without overeating. There is one thing that all the people understand the same way and this is the eating. Call a hungry, indisposed person in your home and feed him well. He will become well disposed, he will open his heart and he will listen to you. Whatever you tell him, he will accept it. He will accept the idea about brotherhood, equality and about God. While he is hungry, he isn't interested in anything. He denies both God and the moral - he denies all the great ideas.

Christ says: "The God's Kingdom is already close on earth". It is close, but it hasn't arrived yet. - When will it arrive? - When the matter about the eating or the bread gets settled. Some will say that the church recommends fasting. By "fasting" I understand work. Whoever fasts, he works actively on the field: he plows, he digs, he sows and reaps. When he finishes his work, he goes home and destroys the fasting. He says: Let me eat well. I finished a work and now I have the right to eat and rest. I fill well and I enjoy it this way. The eating is related both with the physical and the spiritual world. Therefore, the same way you eat with your stomach, you will feed your mind and heart the very same way and you'll thank that you have satisfied them. You'll accept pure thoughts and feelings, you'll assimilate them without overeating. This is the only way for you to understand that there is a close, unbreakable relation among the physical, the spiritual and the mental world. This is the only way for you to understand that the physical world is a shadow of the things and the spiritual and mental ones - they are their reality. The physical world is the external shape of the object, it passes through different changes, the spiritual world is the content and the mental or the Divine world is the meaning of the things. Their power hides in their content and meaning, not in their shape.

"And the child grew and became strong in spirit and filled with wisdom." The natural growing is the one where the man walks consequently step after step, the same way that the child passes from one grade to another, from one class to another. This is the way of the human development. Whoever tries to skip a step, he meets big troubles. The same the relation between the power and the human body is, the same is between the spirit and the wisdom. One is not possible to manifest without the other. - Is this comparison true? - Try it and you'll convince yourselves. Every man has the possibility to try and test the things himself. How will I prove you that an apple is sweet? It is enough that you taste it yourselves, so that you state if it's sweet or not.

Paul says: "There is a natural body and there is a spiritual body." By 'natural' body we understand the physical body, which is closely connected with the spiritual one, therefore the link between them has to be kept or in other words shouldn't be destroyed. The closer the connection between them is, the stronger a man is, both physically and spiritually. A physically strong man is the one who's nervous system is in complete order. The nerves in the human body resemble the strings of an instrument. The instrument is well kept if it falls in the hands of a master-musician. If it remains in one child's hands, soon it will be destroyed. Every man has a child inside of him, that is not able to think yet and therefore it makes mistakes and mischiefs. Once you know this you shouldn't ask yourselves why your strings are teared or the instruments are broken, but you should educate your child to grow in power and wisdom. A man is not able to grow and become adult and gain wisdom if he doesn't understand that he is a child that makes mischiefs and that has to be educated.

The contemporary people think that they are very cultural, that they are well educated and so on. Once it is about their grand parents and grand grand parents they think of them as of uneducated, uncultured people. Actually, the contemporary people are still only children that are growing, but they have a lot of work to do in front of them, until they grow up in spirit and wisdom. Until a man still messes up his father's matters, until he argues and gets angry, we say that he hasn't grown yet in spirit and wisdom. Therefore don't be angry to each other, but keep your connection with your Father. He teaches you how to live and to settle your things. What is right for the physical world is also right for the spiritual world. Never the less, there is a certain difference between the physical and the spiritual world. The creatures, who live in the spiritual world are following the Divine laws without any argues, but the people on earth don't obey these laws and they are in a constant contradiction among them. The things in the physical world don't go well because they are constantly postponed. In the spiritual world though no postponing exists. In the physical world everyone thinks of himself as of a smarter and more educated person that he actually is. In the spiritual world they have a clear picture about themselves and about their possibilities. In the spiritual world the schools and the families are better situated than on earth. - Are there also children and students? - Yes, there are. In the Bible it is spoken about God's children. - Are there God's children on earth? - No, there aren't. So 'God's children' means the children in the spiritual world. they study there and if they get their last exam - the matriculation, they are being sent to earth to be your children. On heaven they cry for them and on earth the people are happy that a good, noble and smart child was born. When it spends several years among his parents on earth it leaves again for the spiritual world. Then his parents are crying and on heaven there is joy that it finished its work. It came to earth to lift up his parents, to bring a new idea in their minds and then it leaves.

The contemporary world is caught from a new idea - the bolshevism. It is a Divine idea, but it is dangerous to be distorted. Every new movement, every new idea is Divine, but once applied, some human elements enter it - selfishness, egoism and so on that are distorting it. Don't be afraid from the Divine. But stay away from the temporary, the human that is based on the personal life. Don't be afraid that a certain movement will have big dimensions. It is determined what dimensions this movement has to have. Once it reaches them, it can't move any more. The pendulum of the clock is moving from one side to another, but its movement is determined from its length. Therefore the dimensions of the human development will reach those limits up to which a man will grow and receive the God's grace.

And Paul said: "We will pass through lots of sufferings until we enter the God's Kingdom and we receive the God's grace." He teaches this from his own experience and from the life of Christ, Who came to earth among the nation chosen from God - the Jewish nation, but the Jewish people didn't acknowledge Him. Their prophets predicted the coming of Christ as their Messiah, but they crucified Him. As a consequence for their mistake they bear sufferings until today. - What should they have done? - Accept the teaching of Christ. He taught them to live the right way, but they didn't accept this neither. What is said for the Jewish people counts for all nations. Every nation should accept the Christ's teaching, that brings a social, political and spiritual culture, that rests on the law of love. By "love" we don't understand the physical experience, moods and feelings, but something high, that goes beyond the possibilities of the physical man. Only the one who has overgrown the physical conditions is a master of himself, only he is the one who loves. None of the contemporary languages can pass the content and the meaning of the God's Love. To live with this Love means that in a moment the whole world reveals to you, with all its science, philosophy, art, music. Whoever lives in love, he grows and evolves the right way. To lose the love, that is put inside of your soul, this means to lose the meaning of life, to lose every knowledge and culture, all the music and the poetry in life. If this situation happens, the man loses the power and the light of his mind. He has nothing left to do, but to manifest the love. - How does this work? - By opening the windows of his heart and his soul. God has put the love in all the living beings, but they should manifest it. Make tests with the love, to see what kind of power it is. If you start feeling desperate and you start feeling abandoned from your parents, your friends and your relatives, don't search the reason outside of you, but forget everything bad. Open your heart for the people, for your close ones; look at them as of beloved creatures, that think the best for you and immediately your despair will be replaced form joy. - This is heard to accomplish. - Indeed, this is a test only for heroes, who can easily get out of the personal life, enter the spiritual life and widen. There is no arbitrariness, disagreement and contradiction there. Therefore if you want to exit the life of the contradictions, enter the spiritual world. This is the only way that you'll get to know the love and enjoy truly the life.

Therefore, when we talk about philosophy, about Christianity, about occultism, we understand the spiritual world. When we talk about the ordinary things, we are in the physical world, where tests are being made. - Isn't it possible without tests? - No, it isn't. The physical world is a testing school. Whoever has consciously passed through it, he enters and exits freely in the spiritual world too. He is in the position of a man who knows many languages. No matter among which nation he goes, he knows its language and he talks with the people there. - Where is the spiritual world? - Around us, same as the physical world. And both worlds are at the same place, but to understand them, the man has to have the corresponding organs. In the spiritual world there are houses, but from glass and therefore the light comes from everywhere. There are rivers there and seas, oceans, same as on earth, in the physical world. We make a conclusion from here that the physical world is created similar to the spiritual one. It is said in the Bible that the earth was unorganized and empty. For the spiritual world though nothing is said. So, it has existed before the physical one. Man has to strive toward the spiritual world, but he can't enter easily inside of it. He will have to pass through many difficulties until his foot steps there. The spiritual world is an absolute reality by shape, content and meaning. The physical world is real only by shape.

No matter how much it is being talked to the people about the spiritual world, they will get to understand it once they immerse in themselves. To immerse or to get inside of you means exiting the physical world and entering the spiritual world or exiting your home to go in the nature. By 'themselves' I understand the Divine beginning the man. This is the house of the man, that doesn't need protection. No one can enter your Divine house. - Why? - Because it is in harmony with the houses of all the people. From this point of view the man is a friend will all the people. Therefore, he has no enemies, to violate his house, to enter it. If you enter in a society in the spiritual world, you can pass through all the phases of the spiritual life and stop there. This is not allowed on earth. On earth all the things are split and everyone takes as much as his part is: the scientist remains scientist, the dumb remains dumb, the noble one remains noble. There are borders in the physical world, but there are no borders in the spiritual one; you can pass through all the places to evolve. All the people talk about brotherhood and equality without asking themselves where this idea comes from. It comes from the spiritual world. Only a few people realize that. Until a man is on earth and lives by the earthy laws, he is always in a hurry to finish his work sooner, not to lose his time.

"And the child grew and became strong in spirit and filled with wisdom." The white race or the contemporary people have to become strong in spirit and wisdom and to gain the God's grace. This is the only way for the God's Kingdom to come to earth. You'll say that the people today need other things, they are not interested in the God's Kingdom. Whatever they are interested in, whatever they need, they won't achieve it easily. - Why? - Because they use violence. They are stubborn, instead of hard, they are wayward, characterless. A man achieves his ideal only if he has a hard, unwavering character. The ideal should be achieved with meekness and humility. This means that the man should be plastic, he should use the favorable conditions of life. The humble one has all conditions to make his spirit strong. Therefore Christ says: "If you don't become like the little children and if you don't become humble, you can not enter the God's Kingdom."

"Growing and becoming strong in spirit and wisdom". By "spirit" we understand the Divine life, that organizes and transforms the materials for the human mind. So, a man reaches the Divine Wisdom, that gives conditions for gaining the God's grace needed for all the people and nations. The Bulgarian nation should grow and become strong in spirit and wisdom to gain the grace. I'm talking about the Bulgarian nation and not about the Bulgarian tribe. The nation is something internal and the tribe - external. And God turns toward the Jewish nation and not toward the Jewish tribe. The nation means the higher consciousness of the man, who feels himself a citizen of both the physical and the spiritual world and works parallelly for the physical and the spiritual. The true work is related with both worlds, because they are tightly connected between them. You say that no matter how a man works, the same is waiting for him - death. What is the death actually? You die on earth and you get born in the hereafter. You are born on earth and you die in the hereafter. Is this death? This is a change of the status. So, the man can simultaneously die and be born or he dies in one world and gets born in another world. It is said that a man gets born to die. This means he was born on earth and he dies in heaven, he's born in heaven and he dies on earth. - How should we look at life? - Like an infinitely large wheel, on which some are descending, others are mounting. Everything in life changes, nothing is static, unchangeable. And the spiritual world, that is organized, is changing externally, but its internal, essential lines are unchangeable.

"And the child grew and became strong in spirit and filled with wisdom." Christ takes the child as a symbol of the separate person, the nation and the whole white race. For a man to grow in spirit and wisdom means not to be deceived from the external changes in life. Cold and heath, light and darkness, truth and lie, good and evil, these are two necessary forces. All the contradictions also have two sides. And they are necessary. The necessity is a law, due to which a man can't make a choice. It is necessary that you descend on earth, to study and to suffer, to grow in grace and to be joyful. It is necessary both for the ordinary man and for the great spirit. It is necessary that a man dies, means to ascend to the other world, to be born there. The death and the birth are two necessities, which no one can deny. If anyone says that he is a great spirit, that he can't descent to earth, everything is lost for him. He is obligated to descend, to leave the good conditions and to fulfil the program that was given to him.

And so, the creatures of the spiritual world conjugate the verb "I can" and serve with it in all the situations of life. The people on earth conjugate the same verb, but in its negative form - "I can't". For the first ones the verb "can" is a necessity and for the second ones the verb "can't" is a necessity. Everything is possible for the creatures in the spiritual world, because they count on God and they work in His name. For the people there are both hard and easy things. They say for the hard ones: We can't make this job. The easy ones they treat with contempt. The hard things are Divine and the easy things are human. Whoever uses the verb "can" for thousand trials of his, only one gets unsuccessful, whoever serves with the negative form of this verb for thousand trials only one gets successful. This is a law that has an application in the science too. For example if one wheel is moving with one thousand turns in one direction we will have only one exception - that the wheel turns in the other direction. Therefore when we say that every rule has its exception we understand only one deviation of one thousand identical cases. Observe the movements of the parts of a machine to check this law. It is related with the physical world - the world of the three dimensions. If you put a wheel on a surface and move it, it will turn around its axis, but the surface will remain still. If the same wheel turns in the spiritual world, the surface will move together with it. In the physical world the car moves in one straight line or in one direction, but in the spiritual world it moves in four directions at the same time: east, west, north and south. You'll say that this is misunderstood thing.

When it is spoken to you about the spiritual world, you are interested on one side to hear something more about it, but on the other side - you don't believe in what you hear. For example what will you say if you see a train that moves simultaneously in four directions. Lots of hours and days are needed on earth so that you reach a distant city. In the spiritual world the traveling happens fast, almost immediately. If you need hundred years for a complicated work on earth, you'll need no more than a year in the spiritual world. The work conditions there are better and richer.

"And the child grew and became strong in spirit and filled with wisdom." This is the way that every man should grow. Only then the Christ's teaching becomes understood and it can be applied. It is not enough that you only strive toward the Christ's teaching. Conditions are needed for that. The first condition is that the man changes his heart and his mind, so that the new thing penetrates in them. When do the flowers blossom? - In spring, when the nature awakens, when there is more light and heath. It is not possible that a man always deals with religious, philosophical and scientific matters. Observe how much time in a day you have for such matters. It is not enough that you say that you are a merciful man, you have to manifest your mercy, you have to do some work with it. Never the less you have to keep the moment when the mercy works. Therefore God says: "Search for Me when I'm close to you." This means search for God while His Spirit and His Wisdom manifest.

Many expect the favorable conditions of life so that they start working. They are on the wrong way. You'll always work, so that you don't lose the favorable conditions. If you lose them, then the unfavorable conditions will come. During May all the flowers are blossoming, all the fruit trees. If one of them doesn't blossom, it has lost the favorable conditions and it waits for the next May during the next year. The other trees have fruits that ripens, but the late tree, even with favorable external conditions can't grow and can't develop. It passes through internal unfavorable conditions, therefore it suffers. It is devoid of inner energy. - How can we help such a tree? - By bringing it in another area, with conditions that are favorable for it. There it will blossom and it will follow the path of its development. This is a law that is related with the psychical life.

You meet a little girl, a poor and hungry one, with an exhausted body, with sunken eyes. People are passing by her, but on one pays attention. - Why? - She can't blossom. But a merciful man sees her and takes her under his patronage: he feeds her well, he dresses her with beautiful warm clothes, he spends time with her. Soon the girl gets better, she gets beautiful, she becomes joyful, happy. Whoever sees her stops and enjoys her. Very naturally the love has already illuminated this child and it blossoms and grows the right way.

Many things are being said about the contemporary people, they discuss lots of matters but in the end there will always be something that they don't understand. The non-understanding shows that they have fallen in a shadow. When the flower grows close to a tree it can't blossom - its shadow is too big. Therefore I'm telling you too: Don't stay close to rich people. Don't build big houses. Keep a distance from scientific people, philosophers and priests. When someone tells you to stay close to him, he wants to rob you. His wallet is empty and yours is full. He wants to take something from you. Once you know this, don't get close to him. He preaches about brotherhood and equality - don't be deluded from his words. Whatever teaching he preaches we are all equal in front of the love. We should all work and help the weak and the poor ones, who need our help. The contemporary people should talk in a basic language to understand each other. Someone needs help and you are talking to him about prayer, about God. What better prayer there would be than the rubbing and bandaging his leg? Sit close to the sick one, bend down and start putting his broken leg at its place. If he asks you why his leg has broken, say: You'll get to know your relative this way and I'll give God a chance to manifest through me. He tells me: Fix your brother's leg, so that his development is not stopped. The prayer doesn't finish with lighting up candles and chandeliers or in bows, but in the participation you take in your neighbor's life. If you meet a hungry person feed him; if you meet a poor person, dress him up. There is no better prayer than this one.

All the people today suffer from critics and dissatisfaction from each other. Everyone sees the mistakes of the other, but doesn't see his own ones. Accept the Christ's teaching, apply His love, so that you liberate yourself from the old habits of critics and judgment. Everything that man does has to be based on the love. When you do good to your close one, you do it to yourself too. This law has no exception. If anyone tells you that he is not in a mood to do good, he is limiting himself. With the good you are always in the mood, with the evil you are always indisposed. Whoever lives only for himself, he serves to the evil or the devil. Therefore put the devil into work. Tell him that he has the right of a guest only for three days. On the fourth day he has to go to work.

Now when we study the manifestations of the people we see one difference that is determined from the different structure of their heads. The brain is strongly developed in some people - they are intelligent, although the different centers of the brain are not equally developed in the different people. If the front part of the brain, above the eyebrows, is well developed, the man has an objective or natural mind, if the back side of the brain is better developed, he shows other types of feelings and capabilities. In some people the heart is well developed, they are extremely sensitive, warmhearted people. The different brain centers have different influence upon the man. Therefore some people are brain workers, others - philosophers, others - diplomats, politicians, etc.

"And the child grew and became strong in spirit and filled with wisdom." By "spirit" we understand the sensorial, political and social life of the man and by "wisdom" - the cultural and the spiritual life. When a man finishes his spiritual development, he gains the love. This is not happening at once. The man works for thousand years until he manifests his love. Hard and conscious work on the heart and the mind is needed for that. Such a person resembles a rich relative, who has collected money for years and wherever he goes, everyone enjoys him, because they taste his wallet. When he finishes his money everyone abandons him. No matter how disappointed he is he sees himself forced to go back from where he came from. This is the way that both the social and the religious people act. And his relatives are telling him: "Come on, go back from where you came from, to collect money again, to help the people.

A teacher is hired in a high school. In the beginning he is rich, full of energy, full of life. Everyone is happy with him, because they receive something. After working a few hears, his students rob him, he becomes poor, he sees that he has to quit teaching. In terms not to find oneself in such situation the rich man should leave his main capital aside, he shouldn't give it to anyone. On the same base I'm saying: When you open your heart for the external world, don't leave all your heath to get out. The world doesn't need your heath. No matter how much you give, nothing uses it. If you want to help your brother call him in your room to warm up instead of opening your windows, so that the heath goes outside. If he remains outside for you to warm him up, he doesn't achieve anything. The world doesn't evolve correctly, because it counts on heritages: this one bequeathed him something, the other one bequeathed him something else and in the end the heritage finishes, the benefactors get poor and the springs dry up. Once a spring dries up then both sides are suffering: first of all the spring itself and second - everyone around it. This is an important social matter that has to be solved correctly. One of the methods which can solve it is the following one: Every man has a field to work on. In future every one should work on his mental, heart or material field.

"And the child grew and became strong in spirit and filled with wisdom." Everything that grows in spirit and wisdom has conditions for development. The land must be cultivated and split in spirit and wisdom. And then if you are well-disposed you'll work; if you are indisposed you'll rest. Work is been required from the people and sincere desire to support the Divine work instead of stopping it. This is the only way that the world will correct itself. It can't be corrected only with talking. Don't be afraid of what is happening at the moment. There is something Divine hidden in it. Support the Divine, as for the human, the temporary, it will fall aside by itself. One can have its feathers plucked, the other can have his wings cut off - this doesn't mean anything. Aren't the leaves falling down in the autumn? Aren't the blossoms falling in the spring? This is the order of the things. Every nation has a certain mission that it has to fulfil correctly. A precise piece of land is given to every nation that has to be cultivated and ruled. No one has the right to rule another one's land and to enslave and torment other nations. The earth belongs to God and He is the only one that has the right to rule it. All the nations are God's servants who fulfil the will of their master. Whoever doesn't fulfil this will he signs his own sentence. It is said that God gives to every man and every nation according to their deeds. Everyone receives what he deserves. Teach the history and you'll see the destiny of the Romans, the Egyptians, the Babylonians and so on. Therefore the essential for the man is to grow in spirit and wisdom, so that he gains the God's grace. Strive toward the grace that comes from above, from the love.

How do we reach the God's grace? With work and study in spirit and wisdom. Learn all the teaching, all the philosophical systems and religions but hold on to the Divine in them. They are given from the conscious world, but by the time the people have distorted them. Today they are not what they have been in the beginning, when they descended from the Source. The task of the contemporary man is to purify them and to liberate them from the sediments of the past. Every teaching, every religion, everything philosophical system is a branch of the Divine tree. Therefore every branch has to stay on the tree. If you say that the tree can deal without branches, you'll fall in the illusions and the delusions of life. Give a whole cup of corn to a hen and check what it will do. Once it feeds up, it will through the corn around and on the other day it will expect another cup. But it remains cheated because it doesn't see any food around it and it starves. This is the way that many people act. Once they see themselves surrounded from different teachings and religions, they jump over them and once they feed up they through them around. On the other day they search for food but they don't find such. This way they condemn themselves to starvation. What does the squirrel do? It stores the extra food, same as the bees with the sweet juice. Every religious and philosophical system represents a blossom from which you can collect the sweet juice. Gather the sweet juice of all the blossoms inside of you and don't say that this or that blossom is not needed. Everything that God has created is at its right place and is needed. Whoever says that a certain teaching or certain system is dumb, useless, he will be called up to tell his opinion about that matter. And he has to know by himself why exactly something is stupid and what should be made with it. Many talk about the Christianity, about the socialism or the communism as edgy teachings that can't contribute with any benefit to the people. The conscious world listens their thoughts and it will call them to report in a few years, to tell their justified opinion, that was proved, so that they correct the mistakes of this teachings. You'll say that once their called above they die. This is a death for us, but for the elevated world it is nothing more than calling the man up, to give his report upon the important life matters. In conclusion it can be said that the people leave for the next world due to too much knowledge.

What did the first humans do, Adam and Eva in heaven? They gained lots of knowledge and they met a great adept who told them that there is still something that they don't know. They became interested of this new teaching and started to want to gain it. - What is the conclusion of this new teaching? That if they eat from the fruits of the forbidden tree, not only they won't die, but their eyes will become open and they will become like God. This teaching made them hesitated, they felt in doubt in the words of God and they disobeyed His order. After that God searched for them to prove Him why His teaching is not correct and to kick them out of heaven, so that they go in the world to study there. The Jewish people said that the teaching of Christ is not correct. Christ called them to prove this. Indeed when you read the history of the Jewish people, you see that they have passed through such sufferings that they never expected. For example when Tit conquered Rome, 60'000 Jews were crucified. This was the way by which the Jewish people had to prove that the Christ's teaching is not correct. Today the Bulgarian clergy together with scientists and philosophers say that the teaching that I preach is not right. Let them know that they will follow the same path like the Jews. They will be called up to give a report in which they should write their opinion. They will argue with me that I will be called up too. They will call for me but these ones will come too. Once when the Jewish people have robbed Christ, they crucified Him, today this is not allowed. No one today can rob or crucify Christ. Everyone who preaches the Divine teaching is unbeatable. The Divine teaching is inseparable. It existed in the past, now it exists too, it will remain also for the future. Therefore whoever has preached it, whoever preaches it today, he will also preach it tomorrow, this is not important. The Divine Spirit is the same in all the ages and years. Therefore no force in the world can beat it.

What is required from the contemporary man? To respect God, Who lives in every soul. If we don't love God, then we can't love anyone. He is one and all the living creatures are inside of Him. This is the only way that the people would get along and the world will fix itself. The Love will heal the world, not the non-love. The Love brings freedom and the non-love - violence. Wherever there is violence, nothing good comes out. What will you gain if you hang someone? Do you know which person you have to hang? When you go to the vineyard to cut the sticks you should know which sticks are to be cut. If you cut the ones that are healthy and full of energy, you are harming the vineyard and the whole society too. Woe to that vineyard person who cuts sticks that have two-three buds! This is forbidden. Woe to that person who hangs and kills his close one! Christ says: "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, who pervert the Word of God!" - What shall the people who go to the battlefield to fight do? They would solve the matter themselves. I say for myself that I'm against any kind of war, that spoils the people. All the misunderstandings, all the fights and wars that come up between brothers, between close nations are due to human inventions. There is nothing Divine in them. This is not a blame, but everyone should know how to fulfil his job, as a mother or a father, as a teacher or a priest, as a trader and so on.

Everyone should grow in spirit and wisdom. The task for each person, for all the societies and nations is to send a love wave to the whole world to help the humankind. Every man is a pump that waters the gardens. Many suffer from a lack of water. Where would the water for the pump come from? From the learned people, from philosophers, from the musicians and from the religious ones. You'll say that the religious ones are only praying. Through the prayer though they send water for the pumps, to water the dry gardens. When the wheat is ripe, the fruit will split equally among all the people that have sent water to the fields with their pumps. The wheat needs good thoughts and feelings, that we have to send toward all the fields. If we don't do this, we are spoiling our relationships as brothers.

Two brothers meet at the street: one is a lieutenant colonel, the other one - a simple soldier. The second one approached his brother and started directly talking to him without giving him the proper respect for a lieutenant colonel. He arrested him for 24 hours of strict imprisonment and told him: There are no brothers' relations at the street, they exist only at home. You have to know that outside of home we are like strangers. The brotherhood exists only at home, meaning inside the man, in his thoughts, feelings and his internal life and internal relations.

The contemporary people think like the two brothers. They say: God is up in heaven, not on earth. He doesn't exist. They think this way, because one of the two brothers is a lieutenant colonel and the other - a simple soldier. How would the lieutenant colonel think when he gets fired? An officer was telling a story that since he was fired, the people didn't give him the proper respect like in the past. He was telling to himself: John, you shouldn't be insulted that today when you have no officer's uniform only a few people respect you. Today they talk everywhere about officer's uniforms: you are a teacher, a boss, an officer, a minister - everyone respects you cause of the uniform that you are wearing. The uniform is the external side of life, we shouldn't be influenced by it. Therefore if you are an officer and your brother meets you, don't get insulted that he didn't pay the proper respect to you. Stop, tell him a few words and keep on your way.

What should the relations between the people be? How should they act? - Like the Russian general Kutuzov. One day he went to visit the regiment of one of his officers, who had the habit to go around his soldiers in the morning in a bathrobe instead of an uniform. Kutuzov knew this weakness of his and decided to give him a good lesson. He went to the officer and found him in a bathrobe among his soldiers, drinking coffee. The general greeted him, told him a few words, grabbed his arm and asked him to go on a walk to check together the condition of the regiment. The officer looked around, found himself pressed, but didn't have a choice. He went on a tour with the general and from this day on he was always strict in wearing his uniform. The general didn't make him any notice, but he corrected his behavior himself.

And so, if you meet a man, dressed in a bathrobe, or said in another way having deficiencies, don't talk anything to him, don't moralize him, but take his hand and walk him around. He will see his deficiency and he will correct himself. When Christ meets you, he will take your hand and he will walk around with you and you will correct your mistakes yourself. I have met many people and I still meet, but I can't say about anyone of them that he is naturally bad. But, there are moments in a man's life when something deep inside of him stops him from doing good. Often the outer conditions influence the man to manifest the good. For example a poor, warmharted young man married a ritch and beautiful maid. Due to the influence of her parents he changes his life, he gives up from God and descends down in the grosser matter. He loves God, but the fortune makes him blind and all of a sudden he gets off the right way.

Today both the religious and the secular people don't succeed in life - Why? - Because they don't understand right neither the religion nor the science. What does the religion present? It is a method for improving the outer and the inner life of the man, as well as ennobling the soul. Both in the religion and the science there is hidden a positive knowledge for a good life. When this knowledge is applied both the society, the family and the individual get better. The sheppard knows when his sheep should conceive, but the man doesn't know when to concieve a child. He says: It is not important when the child is conceived; the important is that it is born - it may be by its time or not in time, whenever God gives it. God gives everything, but you should keep the favorable conditions of the conceiving and the birth of the child. You have an idea given from God. You have to create favorable conditions for its manifestation. The correction of the men's life depends on the conscious work of the men. When the outer conditions of life get better, the inner ones will get better too. Therefore we say that in the future the people will work less than today. They will have time for brain and spiritual work. Then the question between the woman and the man will get settled right. Now they are fighting to be first, which one will be the ruler. There won't be rulers in the future - everyone will serve God - the only Ruler of the world. The man will leave the woman to manifest herself freely, but the woman will also leave the man to manifest himself freely. No man has the right to stop the freedom of anyone. In fact there should be respect and reverence among all the people. Every leading and public person has the task to keep the freedom of the citizens.

Now we come to the conclusion, but not to the end of the things. This is how the fishermen act. They throw from far away a big net in the water and once it fills with fish, they start pulling it. The more the net reaches the shore, the more they get closer too. When they reach the shore they take the net out of the water, to see what the conclusion is. They pull the net, but they remain surprised: a big net with very little fish inside. But there are lots of little fish swimming above it - sprat that doesn't enter the net. You'll say that you don't want to get into that conslusion neither. I wish you that the Divine remains inside of you, not the human; that the conclusion about freedom remains inside of you and not about slavery.

The word "conclusion" is related with putting a new beginning in life. I conclude means I make a contract with something new. The contract with the new contains the acceptance of the Spirit as a base of life and the God's Wisdom, with its light, would serve the people like the rays of the sun serve all the living beings. Then the real writers will come in the world and they will serve the Truth. The world needs real scientists, musicians, artists who understand the Truth and apply it. There are such people everywhere, there are in Bulgaria too, but there are no conditions for their manifestation. The nations can't value yet their gifted people. If a writer, a musician or a scientist gets sucsessful, his close ones and compatriots will knock him down the first. The society rises against me too, as well as the clergy, but they couldn't disgrace me. Why? I'm a deep sea. Whoever tries to enter inside of me will drown. I'm a big, full river that no one can stop. If you put a dam on it a flood will come that will drag away the dam and the water will cover the whole area.

The citizens of one American city decided to put a dam on the river that passed by the city, to separate a place that would freeze during the winter, so that they can scate. This was the way that they entertained themselves for 20 years, without thinking that one day a trouble may reach them. Indeed what happened was unexpected. During a big flood the dam was destroyed and the river covered the houses by the shore and two thousand people drowned. Once you know this don't make dams near your rivers, as a flood will come that will drag away the dam and the water will cover the whole area. Woe to the one who is under the dam. This is what mean the words that Christ said: "Don't fight back the evil". In other words: Don't fight back the Divine teaching that comes with a force from above. God settles and fixes the world. If it comes to the human you can oppose him, if it comes to the Divine you have no right to do that. You may have a specific opinion regarding the human things, but no one has the right to claim the Divine things. The Divine rules the world. It rules the nations, the societies and the people.

"And the child grew and became strong in spirit and filled with wisdom". This is the way that all the Bulgarians, all the nations all the white race should grow. Don't be affraid of what would happen with you. The future of the Bulgarian nation, with some small exceptions, is bright. The future of the Slavs is good. They will bring such culture that no one suspects. All the nations will gain from this culture. It will be a culture of brotherhood, equality and freedom. In the name of this freedom all the nations will unify but in the way that the big nations will patronize the little ones. Therefore I'm turning toward all men, women and children to support the idea that will bring brotherhood, equality and freedom among the nations.

And so, the fight between the nations should stop. Every nation should strive to become great in spirit, wisdom and love and not big in order to rule the small nations. Let everyone work in this direction, to libarate himself from the atmosphere that is now suffocating him and to tell himself: We can agree with one another, we can settle our lifes because God is with us, the spiritual world is with us. Whoever opposes the Slavdom to manifest itself, he won't have easy days. In the future all the nations will work for the Slavdom. This is what is said in the Divine book. The Slavs are ritch people. Their summer granaries, their bags will open for all the antions and they will say 'Brothers come to us, let's live in peace and accordance, in brotherhood and equality among us. This is what the new culture brings for the whole humanity. There is a new philosophy coming in the world. When you leave toward the hereafter you'll come back to Earth and you'll check yourself if my words are correct. While you are in the other worl, you'll read the programm that will be applied for the future.

I wish you to be happy and joyful. No sorrow, no suffering, no fear. A courage is requested from everyone. You'll have abundance in everything. All the dead people will get alive. We'll call for all the killed ones and the hanged ones from the hereafter. During not more than 100 years there would be no man in the world that is unjustified. During 100 years an order will be put in the world. The Gods grace will poor on top of you and your children.

Sunday Talks

30.03.1919 Sunday, Sofia

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Превеждали: Elena_Ivanova (Елена Иванова)

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