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1922_03_12 Listen to Him! (Elena)


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Готов превод Слушайте Него! - 12.3.1922-НБ-425 / .: 12.3.1922-НБ-425

TITLE: Listen to Him!

And while He was still talking, a bright cloud covered them and there was a voice saying from the cloud: "This is My beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to Him!"

Listening - this is one of the qualities of the real world. Listen the real, the conscious. In the physical world we notice three conditions, through which a man passes: one of them, purely mechanical, is a condition of movement only; the second one is a condition of feeling and the third one is a condition of thought. A man can move his leg without a feeling and can feel without a thought. The best condition is, when every movement is accompanied with a feeling and a thought. The conscious and the great in life is created in these three conditions, I call it the Divine, that, what puts meaning in life. When the contemporary people talk about the real, they believe in one thing and deny another. We always deny the reality of those things, that don't content the Divine in them. The seeds deny themselves alone. What manifests and disappears afterwards is temporary, therefore it doesn't matter if we support it or not, it appears and disappears by itself. You can't count on a thought of yours that appears and disappears; you can't count on an action of yours that is temporary. Because it will start resembling to this: often the American billionaires are making themselves the pleasure with ice palaces, in the north part of America and they give thousands of dollars for these ice palaces, they decorate them, but once the summer comes, this whole palace starts melting and disappears. Often we also build such palaces on earth. There are rich people now, scientists, but their building is made of ice. It is beautiful, but only during winter time. Once the spring comes, all of this melts down. And when some of you are asking: "Isn't this real?" I answer: it is real only in winter time, not in the summer time, as it disappears. When we tell the rich people that your fortune is an American ice palace, you'll say: "How comes, it is real". In winter time you can count on your fortune, but in summer time you can't count on it.

"Listen to Him!" To whom? - to the Divine inside of you. It is the one that builds the character. A man who deprives in every sense from it's Divine part, loses the meaning of life and he can't have any philosophy, he can't understand the meaning of life in any direction. And our contemporary life is determined from very small things or it can ruin our complete happiness cause of very small reasons. Our complete happiness, our complete security on earth is put on a spider web, on the thread of a spider web - this is how ensured our happiness is. And the scientists, the contemporary philosophers, even the religious people and the spiritual people want to convince us, that life on earth is something real. I don't have anything against that, it's real, but during winter time; while the child lives, the mother is happy, but the day that her only child passes away, the mother becomes unhappy. While the cash desk of the rich man is full, he is happy, but the day when his fortune leaves the cash desk, he becomes unhappy; the scientist is happy while the knowledge is in his head; but once this knowledge disappears, he becomes unhappy; the great speaker waves hand, while his voice is working, but once his voice stops working, he becomes unhappy. An example: the beautiful maid is happy while her face is beautiful, but once her face becomes ugly, she becomes unhappy. All the people's happiness lays on a spider web. They want to convince us, that this is the real in the world: to be rich, beautiful, scientist. I'm asking: which scientist up to now has kept his knowledge? Which mother has kept her children and for how long? Which rich person has kept his fortune? Which king has kept his rulership? Which beautiful maid has kept her beauty? You say: "Don't bother us with such things:. Yes, I may not bother you, but we want to say: "Listen to Him". To what? - the Divine. And when I quote this verse, someone will say: "He means himself". Not me! This Divine thing is inside of you, it is not outside; and if you think that the Divine is outside you don't understand the philosophy of life. The invisible world is the wide world, and this world that you see is a microscopical world. Have you sit to observe, under the microscope what life there is in a drop of water, if you increase it 2-3 thousand times, you'll see what little creatures there are in it; how they move, what development there is? And there is movement and those creatures have consciousness. If you ask them, they'll tell you that this is the business of their world. And in your eyes their world looks funny. When an angel puts a man under the microscope, because the angel has to put the man under a microscope - we are that big, that the angel should put us under his microscope and he has to increase not three thousand times, but several millions of times, so that we are visible for him. And then the people record, analyze, they write essays, dissertations for a philosopher in an academy, for a priest on the altar, for some interpreter of the God's Word, they write books and then they determine these qualities. And we, the contemporary people, we have a great opinion for ourselves, we think that we are close to the angels. Even during a preach everyone wants to become an angel. It is possible in the future, I don't deny this, but you have to pass so many tests until you become an angel!

Then "Listen to Him!" Those, who succeeded to become angels, they have the Divine in them and there is no bifurcation there if to act in a certain way or not. In their mind they have only one thought, one desire, one will to make the great, a will, with which they can do anything. Now we, the contemporary cultural people, we resemble to those little children who sit on the sea side and write. I've often passed by the Varna shore and there are young people there writing with sticks, everyone writes according to his development. I see somewhere written: "A-a, sweet is the love!"

But in a while a wave passes over and the written disappears. Another one has written "Money are needed in this world". I say: this one is smarter, but the wave comes and this also disappears. A third one has written: "Legality is needed in this world!" The wave passes and this thing also disappears. And everyone is always writing near the sea, but both for young and old, whatever was written, nothing has remained up to now. And I call the contemporary life a stormy sea, by which we are writing our happiness, always love letters, promises, we'll do this, we'll do that, but up to now no one has done what they had to do. When I say "no one", I mean the one, who lives close to the sea shore and not far away from it. They write during the whole day and I say: This letter does not last. When you loose your Divine thing, hasn't this wave passed over and erased your love letter? When your daughter passed away, when the scientist lost his mind, wasn't this same wave? This wave erases everywhere. Why? Because we don't listen to whom? To Him? What? - This, the Divine thing. Now I have to prove to every man if there is a Divine thing or not. Exactly the Divine is the stable thing, that Love that exists between two people, this is the Divine in them. While the Divine is inside of them, there is Love, there is connection. But in the day, when they come close to the sea and this wave passes over and erases it, they stop knowing each other. And how would you explain for example this: a gentleman comes and wants a loan of money, he says: "I'll give them back to you in 4-5 months, I'm a decent man, my father is decent, my mother is... But you can't find him anywhere in 6 months, you are searching for him here and there, but he has disappeared. I'm asking: why this man didn't keep his word? I say: the wave has passed over and erased his obligations. He says: "I won't give them to you, it is over, you can sue me if you want". And now everyone in the world is suing, there are judges all around, they are suing from thousands of years and the world is still not corrected; all of us we sit near the sea shore. Now I'm preaching you, because you also want to adopt the Divine thing and now that I'm looking at you, your faces are beautiful, I count you as inheritors, who are waiting once some wealthy relative dies for the testament to be opened. And everyone of you is very serious: "How much would be my part from this heritage?" And sits serious and man wonders what kind of philosophy he has in him? He thinks how much he will receive. Nothing else! They say: "He has great thoughts". A maid sits very serious and they say: "How noble she is!" And she thinks the same: how much her beloved one costs. The moral is there: How much it costs! Now, don't take offense. If you, the young ones, are put on a test, what would you do? Here are the old ones, ask them and don't judge me that I'm tendentious sometimes, but we have to look seriously to life, we have to resolve the issue properly based on this great inner law. This is why we came on earth.

"Listen to Him!" When the Divine thing comes in the man, it will resolve the issue. There's not much philosophy needed to prove the hungry man if hunger exists or not. Someone asks me: "Is there another world or not?" This philosophy is negative. "Is there God or not?" Sometimes it is funny for me to prove the hungry one that he is hungry. But he knows it himself! The only thing is: I'm hungry, can you feed me? The poor one comes, he doesn't have any money, the important question is: "Can you give me some money?" The ignorant comes, there is no need to prove to him that he is ignorant: "Sir, can you give me some knowledge, this is what is important in life". There is something that we are missing. Everyone knows this and while he misses this, the essential, he is unhappy, he is angry, he can't sleep, he is turning either to the left side or to the right side, he is discontent that he can't sleep. What is it? He misses the essential. The hungry one, who can't sleep, what does he need? He needs some bread. Give him a roasted hen and he'll sleep like a baby. I even recommend a roasted hen and a 6-year old wine. We also consume 6-year old wine sometimes. And do you know which is our 6-year old wine? It is the boiled water. We also have "roasted hens".

"Listen to Him!" Now, to clarify my thought, I'll tell you a little anecdote about a saint. There was a priest, called Hato, he lived long time ago, when the world was in a worst condition, than today's. He thought that the whole world is going toward destruction and he couldn't explain himself how God can support this sinful world, why doesn't He erase it and do something better than that. Every day he was praying that God comes and removes all these sinners and put order, so that the people stop suffering. But the more he was praying, the worst became the world. One day he decided to go around the city, with hands raised toward the sky and he was thinking to keep them this way until God fulfils his pray. He raised his hands, this was in the beginning of spring. Some birds saw him this way and decided to make a nest there. They started preparing the nest around his hands, checking if this would be possible. They circled and circled around and started putting straw after straw and they made the nest. During the whole day they were making their nest. The man, being a saint noticed that and said: "What would God want to tell me with these birds?" They made their nest on top of his hands and he started observing them. They've put some feathers and prepared themselves for work. When the neighbor peasants saw the man in this situation, they started respecting him more, due to his holiness that made the birds make a nest on his hands. But he kept cursing the people. They came and put milk in his mouth and afterwards he was again rude to them: "Go away, you sinners, you only eat and drink, the world suffers cause of you. The birds laid their eggs and began to hatch them. And he began thinking: "Doesn't the earth look like this nest in the hands of God?" He kept thinking this way. A thought started appearing once in a while to put his hands down and to throw the nest, but then he was saying to himself: "No, I'll keep my promise, I'll stand until the little ones get stronger, until they have their wings and start flying". And indeed he learned a lot from them and he understood why God doesn't fix the world. One day these chickens flew out of the nest and he felt pity. Now someone worries about fixing the world and I say: did you keep chickens in your hands, to understand why God supports it? We say sometimes that the world resembles a madhouse. This are our psychical understandings. This world is not a madhouse, neither it is one of the bad worlds: this is also not true. This world is a Divine nest, were little chickens are getting born. And do you know what these little chickens are doing? Have you ever observed swallows: the mother bird will often take the poo of the little ones in its beak and will through it outside. What a self-denial! And we, the contemporary people are only like the little chickens. The swallow stands higher than us in its development, it stands higher in its purity. The purity is needed for our thought and our desires have to be pure, so that our heart doesn't become unclean. Then all the will efforts come. "Listen to him!" You have to understand why the world is created. It is created cause of us. We are in this situation, in which we are at the moment, we can't be happy: our happiness will come in the future and it will come if we adopt another shape. And the shapes, that exist in the world are shapes, through which the Divine spirit passes. And the God's Providence will take care about everyone. If their house, their bodies are changing, this doesn't mean a change of their spirit, but it is a change of their bodies. When a starfish comes to shape its body, it applies all its possibilities, that are hidden in this shape. If it decides to pass in a higher shape, it will start living again. Therefore if the most learned among us enters the angel's world he'll start his life as a baby and he'll be as much of an ignorant there, as the little chickens are. Therefore we have to have patience to learn and to know what the real knowledge actually is. The real knowledge is only about this essential beginning - to learn how to love. Whom? The One Who lives inside of us. Can you always be ready for the One, Who lives inside of you, not to say a single insulting word to anyone? Can you, for the sake of the One Who lives in you not kill anyone? Can you, for the sake of the One Who lives in you, not steal anything? Can you, for the sake of the One Who lives in you, not to dishonor anyone? This is the negative part. And now: Can you, for the sake of the One Who lives inside of you, sacrifice everything? But when I say "everything", I mean that you give everything useless. And when these desires arise inside of us, we will get to know the One, Who lives inside of us.

Nowadays many people are visiting all the churches: the Evangelist, the Orthodox, the Catholic and the Mohammedan Church. But the contemporary religion is still in the vestibule of the temple. We look only at the outside. You say: "He is an Evangelist". What does this mean? Does he believe in the Gospel? "He believes, he is an Evangelist". But the belief in the Gospel doesn't make the man an Evangelist. "But he is an Orthodox, he believes in Orthodox". But the belief in the Orthodox doesn't make the man Orthodox. "He is a Mohammedan", but the belief in Mohammed doesn't make the man Mohammedan. When the Divine in us starts manifesting not only as a shape, but also as a content and meaning, then we start to understand what the Divine love is. When we feel this condition, every fear in us will disappear in this world and those vibrations will start trembling in a way that you haven't felt so far, you'll get the most insightful, the most clear mind. The contemporary religious people think that for a man to become spiritual, he has to become foolish. Which men become foolish? The people of the sameness. And when they want to hypnotize a person, they hypnotize him this way: they take a bright circle and start rotating it for a while and he gets hypnotized. And I say: the contemporary people are hypnotized by the money. The money are circling around them. A banker passes, he walks around, but there is a whole notebook circling around his head, he thinks about who owes him. He walks around, but it is always this notebook in his mind. You meet a scientist, he also brings some notebooks. You meet a theologian, who rote a novel and he brings it in his head. A philosopher created a new theory, he preaches that it is the most correct one, and it is the same with his head; another one made a new invention and here is the same thing. Everyone thinks that what they have, that enters the world will correct it. But when it enters it, it will destroy the world. Thank God that He didn't leave your invention to enter the world. You have airplanes, zeppelins and you say: "Well, this is culture". But when the enemies come on top, all of you hide in the ground and say: "Where did this evil come from!" Not only that they didn't correct the world, but they destroyed it. Something else has to precede.

"Listen to Him", the conscious has to enter in you and then great goods will be given to you. The goods are sent from God because of us. Paul says: "This, that you haven't dreamt yet and you haven't felt yet, this great thing is waiting for you..." When? Once this Love enters you and it actually doesn't enter, but it awakens. And some people ask me what is the Love? Well, how shall I explain it to you? Once upon a time there was a sheep that felt in love with a wolf. The wolf was an excellent gentleman, with mustaches: the wolfs have mustaches too. The mother-sheep told her daughter: "As far as we know the young men from this family end in a bad way with their chosen ones". "But I love him a lot." And once she got married, every day the wolf was tearing a small part of meat from her, until she became totally disfigured and started asking: "Why is my beloved one so cruel?" Because he is a wolf, and once he is a wolf, this is the ultimate selfishness, in which we live in the moment. Our century is a century of the wolfs. Now they can give you a great treat, but they will put a whole trap for you and you'll always pay with your life. Now I'm talking about you, about your homes, if you want to change, you shouldn't make any illusions, that you'll achieve this if you keep living the same way as you do now. But you'll say: "We are making an effort". No, no, you haven't made an effort yet. You'll make a great effort over you if you put your will in action in the hardest moment. What is this moment? An American made a bet to circle around the world, but naked and without any money. He makes a bet and he makes it. His friends take his clothes off and he was lucky to find clothes and money and he succeeds to circle around the whole world. I say: here is a man, who succeeded to turn in the worst conditions everything in a success. Therefore we, the contemporary people, we are not heroes, we are people without will. God says: "Will you circle around the world?" And there is a will in the man that can win everything and I call it Divine. And I say: once we place the Divine in us we can do anything, but in the moment that we lose that, the Divine in us, we lose everything. And if you want a positive philosophy, try the Divine in you and check if the Divine can change the world and turn the wolf into a sheep. Yes, it can. This, the Divine thing, turns a wolf into a sheep. The Bible says: "The lamb and the wolf will graze grass together." And when the Russian kings called for this Arabishapka, a Russian, they gave him this verse. They called him on a celebration and they asked him: "How would you explain this verse, can the wolf and the sheep live together?" "Yes, they can, you are the wolfs, I am the sheep and we can live together in a brotherhood." And he was right in what he said. When the Divine thing enters in you, who are greedy, we can give each other a hand, but once the Divine in you disappears, we won't have any common base and then this separation will arise. Then we determine only by this law the future culture of the sixth race. When I meet you, I'll look at you and I'll ask: do you have the Divine thing in you? We call it the sun of life. While the Divine thing talks inside of us, our mind and our heart are in a marvelous condition. Therefore those feelings - sometimes you have beautiful feelings arising in you - don't destroy them. Let's say that you have a poor man, who has a great opinion about you, he loves you, don't break this thread with him, meet him, he is a loving person. But then you say: "He is poor, he is less cultural". That little river passing through the garden, gives life to the plants. Therefore the Love in any shape - and I don't talk about the love of the shadows, don't get me wrong, because there is a love of the shadows - the real Love resembles a little river, that will bring something new in your life and your mind will become bright, your soul will become fresh and your will will become strong.

Who loves you? Only the one who, when getting closer to you, your moral feelings get stronger in his presence and both of you become joyful, only he is the one who loves you. But if you get an unpleasant feeling, then he had influence on you in the negative sense. Therefore he walks on the left side and the other one - on the right side. And now the Bible says: "Listen to Him!" For 2000 years, since Christ has descended on earth, I'm not wondering why the world doesn't believe in Christ, but why the servants of Christ don't preach His teaching. Even today, if you enter an Evangelist church, you'll hear much more talks about different authors, than about Christ. Christ is on a third place. And they say for Him: "Christ is the head of the church". Let's have one head, but now the Evangelist church has one head, the Orthodox church - another one; the Catholic - a third one. Well, how many heads should there be? Can a church with three heads succeed? It can't. And now they say: "The church has to have one head". But it already has a head, God has created it with a head, we shouldn't put a new head on it. The new heads that we put, spoil the churches. And I insist that now in the world there is only one head, it is the Divine. There is no other head. Cut down all the other heads. Some people, who are listening to me will say: "What will you say about me?" I say, what will God say about you in 60 years: "How many heads where there on earth?" And I ask: how many heads do you have? My teaching is a teaching of one head: to make the people free in every way, to open the cash desks of the people, to open the prisons. So that all the people live like brothers. This is not my teaching, this is what our Heavenly Father requires.

And now when there are wars coming, they say: "Can it be that there are no wars?" At least us, who have faith, we can go without wars. The world can fight as much as it wants. Two people are quarreling and fighting, one of them gave 10'000 leva, the other one doesn't give them back, they fight, they even call me. I say "How much does he owe you? - "10'000 leva". I take out 10'000 leva. I say: "Here you are, don't beat this brother, he didn't have any". And what will happen? The least I'll do is to get close to this waster to see why he doesn't pay. This is not a philosophy of life. I'll put myself on his place and I'll say: "Brother, I'm paying for him, don't beat him". And to the other one I'll say: "When you find yourself again in a difficult situation, come to me". I ask: if everyone places the issue this way, you'll say: "When all the people become healthy, how will the doctors feed themselves, who will pay for them, who will visit the church?" - "But the people don't go to church now". Please excuse me, I'm that direct, I ask everyone to excuse me, but what people talk in front of God is a theater, not Love. I understand a man being sincere, sincere in his soul, not having any back thoughts, this is what I understand by Love. When I get close to him, whatever he is, a man or a woman, to be so pure, to have all the felicitations, to act toward this brother the same way that I would act toward me. And this is the great law, that says: "As you want people to treat you, so you treat them".

And some are saying: "This is a beautiful teaching". It is beautiful, but can we apply it? And now everywhere in the world they are waiting for Christ to come. In the States, in Germany, they wait for Christ to come, to fix the world. Even here in Bulgaria they started waiting for Christ to come. Christ has come, He knocks on all hearts: "Love!" This is Christ - this consciousness inside of us. Christ has come, he knocks on the door and the angel says: "Won't you get up?" - "I'll sleep a bit more." - "You can sleep a bit more, but you are late". The people are late. And then they ask me what thing is the Love. The Love is a fire on 35 millions of degrees. And when this fire enters, it brings life and not destruction of life and your soul will tremble like an angel's soul trembles and everyone will be mighty with this fire. This fire breaks down everything, both churches and cash desks. This fire comes in the world! And if you don't get out, do you know what God will do with you? Sometimes I observe some ground squirrel looking from its hole, then it hides from the children, it looks again, then it hides again. Sometimes this children are smarter, they bring 2-3 buckets of water and they pour it in the hole and this ground squirrel gets outside through the water. Now God has decided to pour water in the holes of His children. You'll get out of your holes! And if a fire comes, then you'll leave your house. If a fire comes, both men and women and children will run out. And then you'll find yourselves in the situation of that rich American: when Chicago was burning, the whole city was in fire, everyone was running, a rich man took his cash box and told a worker: "I'm giving you 25'000 dollars to take out the cash box". - "I don't want your money". At the end the rich man left his cash box and left away. You'll leave your cash box and you go even beyond, a fire is coming after you!

"Listen to Him!" The Divine Word comes and it will melt both the hearts and the minds of the people, it will bring in the new. It is said in the Bible: "I'll give them a new heart". Why don't we perceive the new teaching? Not only that we say "new teaching" silently, but to proceed with the application of this teaching. Those farmers, who want to cultivate an agriculture, they start with some small experience. And I tell to all the Christians, who grew up in this country, that they can give a hand to each other and enter this Divine teaching. "And Moses and Elijah came", why did they come? They came to learn from Christ. And it is said in the Bible that Christ spoke about the sufferings, but He gave Moses and Elijah two lessons, because why didn't the world deliver the results that they expected with their teaching? Because, due to Elijah, 400 prophets had their heads cut and Moses placed a legislation and now it rules the world. And Christ told Moses and Elijah: until that great teaching of the Great God's Love doesn't enter, the world won't change and therefore He said: "I have to suffer", meaning that the Love that is in me, I have to give it to the world, to enter the human souls and the people start to live with the Divine Love. When Christ told this to the Old Testament prophets, his face became as bright as the sun.

I'm telling you, you are Moses and Elijah, but you say: "Money is needed, to give something to the church", you insure yourselves, therefore Elijah and Moses are with you. Aren't you a learned man, a lawyer, whatever you are, you support the old Testament of the things, well you are Moses and Elijah. Christ came and He told you: "This way your live will never get better". And if you understand, you'll say: "The same way that God sacrificed Himself for the people, the same way I can sacrifice myself for God" and then your faces will turn bright as the sun and your clothes will become white as the snow.

Now they'll come to interpret my words. Man will live the same way, so that the world will get right only when we die. You shouldn't do this when you are dead, but while you are still alive. This is a funny philosophy, when you say: "When we die". But when I lose my fortune, how shall I help the poor one? While I'm rich I can help - the healthy one can help - but when I become weak, how shall I help then? But my soul has to be full of Love and I should sacrifice this Love. This is the teaching that has been taught for thousands of years. This is not a teaching of violence, this is a teaching of the absolute freedom. And how great His patience is! He constantly says: "These children of mine will become smarter in the nest". He turns them, He caresses them, sometimes the thought of throwing them away passes through His mind, but He says: "They'll become smarter". And I believe, my brothers, that you'll become smarter, you'll become good. I believe, that your wings will grow and you'll fly up around this nest, you'll fly away to the God's Kingdom and not to hell. One day God will take all of you out of hell - the earth is hell - to His Kingdom, where His Love rules. Believe in this Love and the God's Kingdom will come! All of us we should be saved and we will be saved. Now some may quote the verse. But in the Revelation John says this way: "And I heard the whole creation to praise God". And if he has heard the whole creation to praise God, then all of us will be saved. But during the whole time there will be sufferings and one day all of us will get out of this fire and we'll enter the God's Love. Some of you are on their way out. Get out!

"Listen to Him!" The one that is inside of you, listen to Him. And when you meet a preacher, a priest, tell him: "Brother, do you listen to Him?" You'll tell him: "We are up on the mountain and Moses and Elijah are with us". And now they say: "He is excommunicated from the church, he is cursed". But Christ says: "No, Love for everyone". "All of you are brothers", this is what Christ says: "All of you are brothers", there are no heretics. Elijah and Moses are full only with Love and for Christ there are only brothers and sisters, although you are named differently. One day your heresy will disappear and only the Divine will remain in you. And why don't we start living this life, this conscious life and study the great philosophy of life - then we will become thousand times smarter than now. And in this land if all the Bulgarians decide to listen to Him, then honey and butter will flow. If everyone stops on this verse and decides to listen to Him, honey and butter will flow and all their debts and misfortunes will disappear. Now this is a real philosophy. Every nation, who has listened to God for thousands of years, has been blessed. He is the Great God of Love, as they have been preaching it up to now, the one who saves, the one who sacrifices Himself, who is giving us food and consolation every day in all conditions. He says: "Don't be afraid, your situation will get better". You have lost your son, your daughter, but He says: "Don't be afraid, your situation will get better!"

"Listen to Him!" Now I want you to get enthusiastic from this thought: to listen to Him inside of you. Once He enters, the issue is solved. Elijah and Moses will tell you: "Our teaching was up to now" but they will add: "Listen to Him". And the voice from above says: - which voice? - the Divine one: "Listen to Him" - what I have put inside of you, listen to Him, this Spirit, listen to Him! Some say: "This is a very simple teaching". Apply it everywhere, we won't go opening monasteries and churches. We'll form one church in our heart, there will be one altar, we will place this church in our mind and we will keep them pure, so that our bodies be the temples of the living God. The other, outer temples are easy to be built. Where shall we find God now? If you are not honest toward the one who loves you, if you cheat his love, how shall God manifest in you? Isn't it God the one who loves you? And who are you able to love? Isn't it God? Therefore the Love is the one that manifests one way or another. And they'll ask us if this is Love or not. The Love never thinks evil of anyone. The first thing is that the Love is the absolute good. I call it the absolute good in the world. God enjoys to see that all the creatures can live. I pass by an ant and I step to make a path for it. I may step over it, but no, I enjoy that it has its own life. It climbs and descends. I say: this is a brother of mine and if I respect the ant I respect more that greater brother. You say: "But these are ants". A mother says: "My child rips off the heads of the flies". And then? His head goes away too. "What shall we do, they attack the kitchen?" Clean the kitchens and the flies won't attack you. Put a plate or too for these little brothers. And now they'll put some sugar and a trap on top of it and they you have cleaned from the flies. This is not a culture! This is where all crimes start from. And then we wonder why God made the world this way. No, the flies also have their purpose. The flies, the ants, all the creatures make a great deal in the world. These ants, that make holes, do a great job. Everything has its purpose for us, no matter if it's good or bad from our perspective, it has its purpose for us, the "clever" people on earth. And so "Listen to Him!". And then in front of His face your heart will start trembling and when we meet the wolf, we shall look at it as if we look at a sheep and it will change its character. And when the wolf meets us and sees that we have "Listen to Him!" in us and it will say: "You are listening to Him and therefore I'll listen to Him too and both of us can live". And a "wolf", as we understand it now, is the lack of the Divine in us. Nothing else! This is a negative idea. And Mathew, who chronicles this idea says: "Up on the mountain". We are also up on the mountain. Someone says: "Am I there as well?" Today you are there, on the mountain. He says: "Let us make three tents here". Which are these three tents? These are the three churches: one is the Evangelist, the second - the Orthodox and the third - the Catholic. This is what some are saying. And everyone who is not in one of the three tents, they say, he is not a Christian. And everyone says, for example the Catholics: "The salvation is in our tent!" No, no tent! Peters says that and Christ says: "Peter, I should descend down to the earth, to sacrifice myself and to give my soul for the redemption of the world". No tents. Therefore, if you live in a tent, you are in the teaching of Moses and Elijah, but if you live without a tent, you are in the teaching of Christ, where the whole world is your home and therefore the Christ's teaching is not a tent, but it is a teaching of the absolute freedom. The anarchist, who lives in the sky, is on the right path. This is why we came, to learn what our rights are, how to listen and whom to listen and only then we can go back to heaven and be its worthy citizens. And until we don't accept that, we will live for a long time in the boarding house and we will receive love letters! And it will be said to you: "Son, you haven't finished yet and once you finish, come back, son, with your diploma". To all of you, who have finished the boarding house I wish you "farewell", go back to your Father and Mother and have a great feast.

"Listen to Him!"

Lecture, kept on the 12 of March 1922 in Sofia.

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Превеждали: Elena_Ivanova (Елена Иванова)

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