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1919_11_09 God has spoken (Elena)


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Готов превод Бог е говорил - 9.11.1919-НБ-255 / .: 9.11.1919-НБ-255

Title: God has spoken

"We know that God spoke to Moses, but as for this Fellow, we don’t even know where He comes from.” (John, 9:29)

"God spoke to Moses." Did the Jews know that God has spoken to Moses, this is a question. I'm saying: If x + y = 20, that means that x = 20 - y. What x and y are equal to, you will answer this question yourselves. It is not strange that God talks to people. There is nothing unordinary talking. A prominent professor from the university may talk to his servant. So what? The servant will say that this and that prominent professor has spoken to him.

Many of the contemporary people, men and women, say that God has spoken to them too. I'm happy that God has spoken to them, but He may have spoken to them as the professor to his servant in the university or as the professor to his students. These are two different situations. Therefore you shouldn't deceivе yourselves.

"We know that God spoke to Moses". By "Moses" in the wide meaning of this word we understand everything that is familiar to us. "As for this fellow, we don’t even know where he comes from" - this is the new for the world. Moses represents the old order in the world, that we all know. Christ is the new, that comes to the world and that we don't know. Doesn't the ox know his cowshed in which it constantly gets in and out? If you tell the ox that it may make some change in its cowshed it will object that it doesn't want to. Why wouldn't it want that? Because it thinks there is no greater thing than its cowshed. These are the thoughts of many scientists and philosophers. I take the word "scientists and philosophers" in the wide aspect, as general principles. I am not defending anyone or blaming anyone. In my opinion the people are equally precious, no matter if they do good or bad. They are the two unknowns x and y that equal 20. Calculate what equals x and what - y. The two values x and y are the good and the bad people, with which you have to work if necessary. No progress is possible without good and evil. This is how this matter is stated in nature, this is how I understand it too. It is another question how you understand it philosophically. If you complain against the evil, why do you keep it in yourself? If the woman complains about her husband why did she become his hostage? If a man talks badly about his wife, why did he become her hostage? Understand this matter generally, not in the narrow sense. A man can be a hostage to a certain believing too. Has he tasted the fruits of his idea or his believing? The fruits can be both good and bad. Both the good and the bad people love, both the honest and the dishonest love. What is the difference between the ones and the others? The difference is only in our minds, in our thoughts, by which we accept that some people are good and others are bad. An artist can draw your face and put several wrinkles on it, he can change your lines and tell you are a bad man. Is this truth? This is someone else's face, not yours. This is a creation of the artist. The same way a man can do whatever he wants with his body, but his soul is elusive, no one can touch it. It stays always Pure and virtuous. Whatever efforts the people make, the soul can't be caught.

"We know that God spoke to Moses." Moses is the visible, physical side of life. Who's that who has been in prison, who was hanging on a rope, who was beaten with a stick, who doesn't know Moses? Moses is everywhere. This Moses, to whom God has spoken is found everywhere. God has spoken to him, but he speaks as well. This means that whenever God speaks, the people speak too. Everyone, who has suffered from someone else says: I know Moses, to whom God has spoken.

"As for this Fellow, we don’t even know where He comes from." Countless temples are built all around the world on the name of This Fellow. Men and women from all around the world call themselves Christians - on His name. Some call themselves Baptists, others - Sabbatarians, others Orthodox and so on. Despite that get in the hearts of these people to see if inside is written the name of the Christ. Everyone says: "We know Moses, as for this fellow, we don’t even know where he comes from." The Jews say it right, that they don't know Christ, because you can't recognize the truth, until you taste it. Christ's teaching in a wider sense is a teaching of the experience, but not the ordinary experience. You will argue with me: We know Christ - you know the historical shadow of Christ. You know that once a man was born - Christ, from a Jewish origin. You have read the Gospel, you know Christ, but even this knowledge of the Gospel is not real. You know the shadow of the Gospel. If the men and the women knew Christ and the Gospel, their homes would have been organized in a completely different way.

I'm asking you: How do you explain yourself the verse where Christ says to love your enemies? How do you explain yourselves the verse, in which Christ says: If you don't deny yourself you can't be my students"? How do you explain yourselves the verse: "Those who love their father and mother more than me, they are not worthy to follow me?" How do you apply these verses?

In conclusion, all of you say: "We know Moses, to whom God has spoken. But, as for this Fellow, we don’t even know where He comes from." The question is how much do you know Moses. One thing is required from you: First you have to release yourself from Moses and from what God has spoken to him and after that you can deal with Christ. The contemporary Christianity is a Christianity in a Jewish nutshell. Everything that the Jewish people once did, now the Christians do it. Christ says: "You have heard that it was said, "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." But I say to you, Do not resist the one who is evil. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also." You'll say that the Christ's teaching is inapplicable in life. How comes that if anyone slaps me on the cheek, I would turn the other one also! If they grab you tightly and start beating you, like a real Christian, you have to become calm and silent, not to start crying for help, so that you show you're a hero. Can you bear that much? You'll imagine, that they are beating your shadow, your house from outside, not you. What will you do if they start beating you? You will pray, you will kneel, so that the fight ends. This means you know Moses and you are praying to him. Once Christ comes, you say: We are educated people, we have to criticize, so that we don't fall in delusion. You are already in delusion anyway. I would like to meet people, who are not deluded.

I'm not talking about the philosophy of the shadows now, I'm not reasoning the things. The mathematics is reasoning too. If I start reasoning everything in a mathematical way, how would you understand me? I will use the unknown x and y, with the equality a + b = c, but you won't understand me. All of this has a meaning in the live math. Once we come to it, I will sow a seed and, as it grows, I will call you to go through the actions accumulation, subtraction, multiplication and division, through which it has passed. After that I'll cease your attention to the more complicated processes that are happening in it: limits, functions and so on. These are mathematical arguments. Observe how the growing happens and get to conclusions, what the reason for the aspiration is of the plant to grow upward, why the leaves are opening and the fruits are hanging down.

When you study the growing as a conscious process, you'll say that here applies the law of gravity and others. Many are talking about that law, but they don't fully know it. For example, you know that the bodies attract, but how does this happen? I say: You can attract a body, only after you pushed it away. An attraction without a repulsion does not exist. The mother first repulses the fetus and after that she attracts it, so that it merges with her. This condition is called from the Hindus "nirvana" or the law of merger. If the law of merger haven't existed, the fetus wouldn't have merged with the mother and you wouldn't be coming to listen to me. You'll say that this is philosophy, it is not sure how correct it is. I'm saying that most of the contemporary people are dealing with wool breaking. Everyone you meet breaks wool - philosophizes. You are excellent wool breakers in this case. The world is full with wool and wool breakers. If you continue this craft you'll suffocate yourselves in the wool. What should be done? You have to spin the wool. The salvation of the people is in the spinning. I say: Believe in the spinning and you'll be saved - you and your home. Since two thousand years people always believe. Someone comes, wants money on loan and says: Believe me, I'll give them back. He takes the money and you never see him again. You give money and then you wonder why he hasn't give them back to you. I say: The power, with which you repulsed him is so strong that decades have to pass, so that you attract him again toward you. He is not a bad man, but hundred years have to pass, so that he comes back to you. Who will wait that many years? If you can't wait give small amounts of money, so that you don't think about them. The rich man says: I'm not stupid to give a lot of money at once. I'll give little amounts, a few leva only, so that they come to me often.

"We know that God spoke to Moses". I'll give you a story from the life of a young king. He lived in Egypt, four thousand years before Christ, when Egypt was in its blossoming stage. The name of this king is not important, I won't tell it. Accept it as an equation with one unknown. The king loved to go chasing, therefore he built a little hut in a forest, near a pasture, where a young and beautiful shepherdess grazed her flock. She was singing while doing this joyfully and carefree. She was often meeting the young king, but she didn't recognize him. One morning he stopped the young shepherdess and asked her: Can you bring me every morning milk from your sheep? - Yes, I can. She started bringing him milk every morning, from which he was very delighted. He noticed that since he was drinking from this milk, he started to become smarter. He decided to find out the reason for that and started observing the life of the shepherdess, the way she was gazing her sheep, the way she treats them and he learned a great lesson from her attitude. He said to himself: Once I go back to my kingdom, I'll apply her methods in the rulership.

The Bulgarians also want to change Bulgaria, but they don't know what methods to apply. They go to England, to the States, to France, they take some events from there for lifting up the Bulgarian nation. See, 40 years already Bulgaria is being ruled only with foreign events, without reaching the results it chases. It can also use the methods of the good old Bulgarian shepherds and shepherdesses, like the Egypt king. There is no need that the Bulgarians learn the laws of Moses, to whom God has spoken. They should have said: Although we know Moses, to whom God has spoken, and we don't know where this Fellow comes from, we will try His teaching. You'll say that for a trial you need hundred years. In my opinion one year is enough for the trial. By that time it will be clear if this teaching is correct or not. When Christ was teaching the Jewish people, due to political reasons they were pushing away His teaching and were saying: The Romans are a strong, cultural nation, we have to imitate them, to become as strong as them. As for the new teaching, which recommends not to resist the evil, to give the other cheek if they slap us on the cheek, this is far from us. We are practical people, we search for a fast way of work.

The Bulgarians accept the Christs teaching, but they haven't applied it yet. And they say like the Jewish people: The time of this teaching has not come yet. I say: The time has come. More than 40 years have passed from that time. - What will happen to us in the future? Imagine that you live on the North pole, where everything is in ice. Your houses are made from ice, you don't see water anywhere. If someone comes to you and tells you that you have to change your life, to make boats, with which you should travel, you'll object, that you don't trust it and you can't give up the life that your grandparents and grand grandparents have lived. I'm telling you to take measures, because the earth will go through a tremendous change. If you don't believe me, a day will come, when you will check my words. The sun will start shining stronger, it will melt the ice. Your houses will start breaking, the ice will start melting and you will start drowning. You say: What faith has reached us! This is not faith, it's the earth that has changed its way of movement, the sun rays are falling at right angle and melting the ice. You are living on the top of an iced see. If you get late with changing your life, soon you'll find yourselves on the bottom of the see. Now I'm telling you too: If you don't correct your life, the same is waiting for you. This is not a threat; this is the natural state of life. The Great wave, that is coming now in the world, is breaking the ices and turns them to water. In a thousand years from now not only the people will change, but the wolfs will stop eating sheep. They will get discussed from the meat and will feed with plants and fruits.

I take the words pears, apples, grain in their simple meaning, the way that the mathematics treats the unknowns x, y, z. When we come to the functions in the math, there the unknown X may be changeable, independent value. Such a value is for example the radius of the circle. The unknown y is a dependent changeable value or a function of x. When he grows, a man is a changeable value. If his character is stable we say that he is a changeable independent value. Whatever changes may happen inside of him, he deals easily with them. We say that the value y is dependent and changeable. Every person, who is not a master of his situation, he is the value y. Whoever rules himself, he is the value x.

When you accept a teaching or some ideas, you have to master their elements and apply them. If you apply them, you are the value x - independent changeable value, if you don't master them, you are an y - dependent changeable value. In the first case, the man expands, in the second - he limits himself. This is an abstract question, but it is as needed, as the sand they give to the duck is, so that it easily digests the food.

"We know that God spoke to Moses". When you meet each other, you ask each other: Has God spoken to you? Someone comes to me and says: God is talking to me, therefore I don't want to listen to anybody. - God speaks to the servant in the university, but after that he finishes the university and gets out of it. Did you finish university? - I didn't. - Well if you didn't then God hasn't spoken to you. Don't fool yourselves. When God is talking to us, like He spoke to Moses, we do both good things and mistakes. Everyone can test this. For example, a rich father is talking to his son and gives him funds to study; the son studies, but also makes a bunch of mistakes. The statistics show that the sons of the rich people are servants in university; they graduate and become scientists. If you ask why the world is suffering, we answer: The world is suffering, because God has spoken to the learned servants. I don't blame the learned people with that, but we have to understand the essence of the things, we have to understand the deep meaning of what is been spoken to us.

The Bulgarians have to be real Christians, everyone should search for them, like the violins made from Stradivarius and Amati are being searched till today. Three hundred and more years already have passed since the death of these masters of the violin, but their violins didn't loose their price. If you are masters in Christianity, then in three hundred years your violins have to have the same price as the ones of Stradivarius. He didn't make his violins from the material of the Bulgarian violins. The Bulgarian is making violins from a mulberry tree. He doesn't study the quality of the tree, the direction of its veins, he only watches for the tree to be dry and starts cutting. Stradivarius has first studied the quality of the tree, the direction of its veins, its thickness. It was important for him in which directions the veins go. Then he was paying attention to the thickness of the lower and the upper board, he combined them correctly. Only with this combination of the different components he dragged this wonderful tone out of the violins. There is a common line in the violin, where all the tones are merging. If you don't put this line at its place, the violin won't have a good tone. The good violin is the one which tone resembles a human voice. The violin represents the human soul with which the man works. In 300 years will it be more developed than today? You say that the soul doesn't have a form, but it can be developed. Who would you give it to: to Stradivarius or you will carve it yourselves? Give your violin in the hands of a good master, to God, so that He cultivates it.

The mother asks: What is going on with the child? What shall we do with it? - We'll baptize it, the priest will read to it, we hope it will become a good child. They baptize it, the priest reads to it, but it doesn't get better. The child doesn't get better neither with the baptism nor with the priest's reading. During the behavioral education of the child there are elements, that have to be kept. If they are kept, the child becomes a good one. The son who studies in the university as a servant says: Let us sacrifice for our nation, let's help those, who are on the battle field, but let's stay on the back side. Let's die for our country - This means: go to the battle field, we will be on the back side and we'll help you from there. I don't understand what this patriotism is. Once the people were fighting for Christ, there were Crusades. Now there are different movements: female movement, cooperative movement, social movement. I'm glad about these movements, they are refreshing the humans minds. On the base of these movements we can build a mill to grind flour.

I'm asking the current Christians, why they don't deal with the Gospel. They answer: Let's see first what decisions will be taken in the conference in Paris, then 'we'll deal with it.' I say: The conference in Paris won't decide anything important. If you are waiting for it, you'll remain bear foot and hungry. It won't take you to heaven. What will be decided in Paris is not your business. The important is what you have to do. Those in Paris know Moses, to whom God has spoken. As for this Fellow, they don't know where He comes from. You become cruel and you say, that the ones taking part in the conference are not right. Don't judge them. They are the one half of humanity, you are the other half. You'll argue, that you can't do anything, because you are not members of the conference. - You are not right. One grain was brought to the world, but it feeds the whole humanity. The apple and the pear didn't come all together neither. There was culture in the world that has prepared the land and grown the plants. - When did the grain come to the world? - If I open the archives of the nature and read, I'll see that an angel has brought the first grain in the world. Do you believe in that? This has happened 250 million years ago. - The world hasn't existed back then. We may accept this truth if we decrease the years and instead of 12 months we will count that the year was made from 3 months. In my opinion the years back then were longer than the current ones.

Do you know how the Earth was turning around in the past? Do you have an idea how long the days were? I won't dwell on these questions. The important is that the number 250 represents the basic law of Being. The number two represents a principle of the Holy Spirit and the number five - the principle of the human mind. Therefore 250 million years ago the grain was imported in the conscious world. It was growing firstly in the human mind, meaning in the human's brain. It was gradually descending from the conscious world, until it came to earth. And today we are using it, we know what power it contains. Despite that only a few know the real value of the grain. In certain cases the Bulgarian man would refuse a fresh bread for a roasted chicken or a roasted lamb. Until the war started there was always someone to say that he can give up the bread but not the roasted lamb. After the war everyone says: I'm giving up the lamb, but not the bread. Only after 250 million years of education and hitting the human brain, the people understood, that they can live without anything but the bread. This is the real philosophy, that the people reached. This is the only way that they will understand the verse, in which the Christ says: "I'm the living bread that came from heaven. Whoever eats me, he has life in himself".

"As for this Fellow, we don’t even know where He comes from". Not knowing is not an important argument. Not knowing doesn't solve the issues. Try Him and you'll understand where He came from. The fact that God spoke to Moses is true, but who didn't He speak to? I don't think there is another nation to which God spoke as much as to the Jewish nation. Many of the contemporary religious people say: Do you know that God spoke to me? Do you know that you have to be careful with me? - Do you know my friend, that the Jewish nation, to whom God spoke the most is also beaten the most? Every man to whom God speaks a lot, is beaten a lot. Have you seen this beloved daughter of her mother and her father, how much punishment she passes? - Why do they beat her? - Because she felt in love with a waster. Through the stick of the mother and the father God talks to her. The man has to understand the meaning for this fight. The young woman bears the fight, she bears, because she has an idea. She says: I don't want to walk anymore the path of Moses, whom I know. I'm starting the path of the unknown, the unfamiliar. We will kill you, you can't follow this path! A persecution begins against the maid. - Why does this persecution come? - Very naturally the mother and the father don't want to give her to the unknown and she suffers. Or said in another way: She is a student of the Divine school, from where they put her in a test, to check her love. I say: If they persecute you for something unknown, there is a reason. If they persecute you for something ordinary, you have to say it yourself: "I know that God spoke to Moses". Today all the churches state, that God spoke to Moses. The contemporary nations also support that. But no nation has accepted Christ yet. If Christ comes today among the people, just like that, they will drag Him from one place to another, they will ask Him questions, where He comes from, where He was born, how does He feed Himself and so on. What will Christ answer? He will answer: If the people really believe that God spoke to Moses, they would have also believed Me. But they don't believe in Moses neither.

Do you see this cloud on the sky at this moment? What does it say to you? You'll say like the scientists, that this is a cloud, made from the vaporization of the water. It is not only that, it is a living cloud. Its dark color shows, that it is a reflection of the negative scientific and philosophical beliefs. It represents the negative side of life. The lower or the inner part of the cloud is light and the upper part is dark. You'll say that this cloud hides the sun and this bothers you. You have to know that everything, that happens in nature is at its place. If the sun was always shining strongly the whole fauna would have dried out. And the other way around: if in nature there was only moisture, without any sun, the fauna would have disappeared again. All the changes in nature are at its place, they create conditions for the development of life. Therefore everything that happens in life at the moment is at its place, you shouldn't be angry. Now exactly in this era, the Bulgarian nation has the conditions to become cultural, to clean up its powers and to strengthen itself internally. It doesn't need money, because its earth is rich. It doesn't need foreign minds because the it has the mind in itself. It doesn't need foreign advice to work, because it is naturally hardworking. I don't neglect the cooperation of others minds and hearts, but of those who sincerely love it. The Bulgarian man suffers from overeating. If he eats less, everything will get on its place. When he eats the man should eat 20 bites and then he has to stop. When he buys land, the Bulgarian has to step out at least 2-3 meters from his land for the others, so that there are no argues. Today every Bulgarian wants to mow his meadows and to make them fields. Why does he need a lot of fields? - He had debts to pay. Don't be afraid of your debts, don't become a slave of the conditions. This is how that Fellow says, the unknown One.

The Jewish prophets were turning to the Jewish people with the words: Oh, Israelian, turn yourself toward God! Why they don't say: "Jacob, turn yourself!" The Bulgarians should change one of the letters of their name or the name of Sofia. Both Bulgaria and Sofia end with the letter "я" ('ia') - a dangerous letter. The Bulgarians are in the area of the letter "я" ('ia'). Due to the fact that at the moment this letter rules, the Bulgarians are talking about parties, eating, meet, butter. The letter "я" ('ia') rules whole Bulgaria, as well as Sofia. You live in Sofia without knowing what this word means. The letter 'S' means a law of reforms; the letter 'o' means conditions; the letter 'f' is dangerous due to its vibrations. If you don't believe that this word is dangerous, ask the Jewish people, who have lived with the pharaohs. You say that it is not important what name a person has. Get married to a woman whos name starts with the letter 'f' and check if it is not important. To reform Bulgaria, half of the Bulgarians have to change their names, new names have to be given to them, so that they don't create misfortunes. It is not indifferent what name the person or the animal has. Do you think that the names of the wolf and the snake don't correspond to their actions? If a peaceful and silent by character man pronounces for a month, several times per day the word 'snake', at the end he will definitely start feeling the vibrations of the snake. The contemporary people often talk about the devil, about the devil's stuff and without knowing it, they start perceiving its vibrations. The people think more about the devil than about God.

"We know that God spoke to Moses". There is the misfortune of the people, that they think too much about Moses, about his law. Once there is a crime, a theft or something, they immediately create a law against the theft. The chambers create different laws against the crimes. Down with the laws of Moses! Bring out those laws, that were written million years ago in our hearts and minds. Live by these laws and you'll see that the more free you are from the law, the more you will live. Believe in what can lift you up. Two people meet and they quarrel immediately. - Why do they quarrel? - Because they don't believe in what some scientists support. Why do you quarrel? Did you check this teaching? No, I didn't, but I think that I'm right. It doesn't work with thinking only. - I can't believe. He starts his belief: I believe in the One God Jesus Christ. - In which God do you believe? - My belief is the following: I believe in love and wisdom, that have created life. I believe that they have the power to recreate the world. I believe, that the living love and wisdom can change our life, our social order, our homes. Once we accept the love and the wisdom, the truth and the justice will come. Then angels will come from the sky to plant fruits in our souls. The religious ones expect Christ to come, to split the goats from the sheep; ones will go to the left, the others - to the right. This is what Christ has said, but do you know what the splitting is?

Once upon a time the heart and the mind were living together: the heart was on the left side, the mind - on the right side. Today they are separated. In the new age it will be the other way around: the heart will be on the right side and the mind - on the left side. Therefore, if you want to know if you are on the right way, check if your heart is in the middle. If it is on the left side, you are not righteous yet. Christ will put only the righteous in heaven, to whom the heart is in the middle. Are there real orthodox and evangelists, to whom the hearts are on the left side? You'll say that it is natural that the heart of the human being is on the left side. I don't have time to explain that the heart of the man is not on the left side, but the humans moved it to the left. This movement of the human heart is due to the man coming down to earth. Because the earth attracted him toward it, together with that his heart moved to the left. When a man starts lifting up, the heart's attraction to the right will be stronger. This attraction will dominate over the attraction to the left and the heart will stay more to the middle. Therefore think that your heart is more to the middle than to the left. Think about the heart, with which you serve to God. This heart is in the middle and your mind is in your soul. I don't talk about the heart that beats in your chest, but about that heart with which you serve to God. It is in the middle of your soul. When a higher being from the higher world thinks, your heart on earth beats. Each movement is a result of a human thought.

"As for this Fellow, we don’t even know where He comes from.” The unknown for us is the human heart, or the feeling and the movement. They define the quality and the power of the soul. Like the aroma of the flowers has a weaker or a stronger influence upon us, the same way our thoughts and feelings have a stronger or a weaker influence upon our soul. Tests were made with different colors of the plants, especially of the flowers and the conclusions were, that they have a different influence upon the man. Christ's students asked Him to give them faith and He answered them: if you have had faith as small as a mustard seed, you would have been able to move mountains. - Why Christ has used the mustard seed as a symbol instead of anything else? - Because the mustard seed produces blains. Therefore the human's faith has to be as strong to produce blains. I ask: Does your faith produce blains? - No. - This means that your faith is weak. If you want to increase your faith, in the positive sense, you have to use the blue rays of light - the bright, not the dark blue ones. They are able to increase the faith and to remove the melancholy in the man. When you don't think right, observe the sunrise and the sunset to accumulate the yellow rays.

Now you expect Christ to come to earth and to fix the world. Christ is on earth, among you and inside of you. I see Him. You say: What is this Christ? I see Him, but not like you imagine Him. You think that Christ sits on the right of the Father, with a halo and a white attire. Christ is among the people, they don't have to expect Him to come among them as a flashlight. It is enough for Christ to look you in the eyes to bring such a light in you, to make you heroes, to work for Him. I would like the Bulgarians to see that Christ, Who can bring the love in their souls. I would like the Bulgarians to see that Christ, Who can bring the God's thought in their minds so that they stop being interested of the devil. No devil exists. I deny the devil as an essential reality. Like a simple being and a relative reality the devil exists, but not as an absolute reality. For me myself I say: I'm not afraid of the relative reality of the things. People with relative essence are temporary, they don't have much of a value. Such a being is the devil, from which the people are afraid. The world, that God created was a relative reality in its beginning, therefore it is said that God created the world from nothing. In this relative mass, conditions were created for the real absolute reality to manifest itself.

"As for this Fellow, we don’t even know where He comes from.” Search for this unknown Fellow only inside of you and nowhere else. You haven't given the possibility of this Christ to manifest. You have accepted the law of Moses and when Christ wants to talk to you, you are closing yourselves for Him and you say that you don't want to listen to nonsense. When someone tells you compliments and insincere things, you are opening yourself for him and you are feeling happy, that he visited you. Moses also uses compliments. I don't believe in people, to whom God is speaking. If I tell you that God speaks to me, then don't believe me neither. But I tell you: God lives in me and I live in Him. If you don't believe in this neither, then better for me. I will go to another planet and it will be better for me there. If I talk to you now, I don't want to make you adepts, but I want to see what kind of people you are. I'm glad to talk to you and to say: Don't be afraid, one day you'll live with God too. This is what Christ says too. The time has come when God will get into the man and will start talking to him. This time is today. Whoever says that this time hasn't come yet, he doesn't speak the truth.

I say: God has already removed the stone from the tomb. Leave the prisons, prepare big windows for yourselves, prepare good roofs for yourselves. Live without limitations, without any laws. Only three are the laws that exist: the laws of love, of wisdom and of truth. This is what my God says, with Whom I live. This is how He taught me. This is how He spoke to me. Don't think that I waist my time. I work for myself. I paint and I play instruments - this is my activity. The music and the art is my constant activity. I haven't started yet with poetry, because the human language is rough, I can't use it. I don't want to use it. You say: Unfortunate Bulgaria! - Why is it unfortunate? - Because it was chained. I say: Fortunate Bulgaria! Release yourselves from these links, from these chains and from the people who don't speak the truth. Release yourselves from the contributions. - We need good people, to come from abroad. - You already have good people. They are among you, among your good shepherds and shepherdesses. I found enough clever people among you. Bulgaria is full of young women and men who will contribute a great work. Some people ask me, where will the good come from. I answer: The good will come from the earth and the conditions about the good will come from heaven. When the ice melts and the water covers the whole earth, the most beautiful flowers and fruitful trees will grow from its mud. - Where will the good come from? - From the worst people in the world. Another thing is if you believe in that. Write down these words and one day you will check them. You'll excuse me for talking like that. This is my point of view. Have the kindness to listen to me and one day you will check the truth. The best thing in the world will come from the worst people. The bad people are covered with snow and ice. When the sun comes, the snow and the ice will melt, they will make mud that will bring the greatest goods. These people will be the bearers of the most noble and sublime ideas; they will be the most selfless people. You will fix yourselves the world, the way you are - no one else can fix it.

The righteous ones say: Believe in God Jesus Christ and you will be saved, as well as your home and your nation. This law is half truth. I say: Accept Christ in your soul, work in alliance with His love and wisdom and you will be saved, as well as your home and your nation. If the Bulgarians ask me how they can rescue themselves I tell them: Accept Christ in yourselves, work with His love and wisdom, in the wider sense of the word, without any laws and limitations. If you expect the salvation to come from outside, too bad for you. Moses won't save you neither. He wasn't able to change the world. He only brought the Egyptians out of Egypt and he died in the desert. Moses didn't enter the Promised Land because he wasn't able to save the world.

Make space in you for the Holy Spirit, Who is knocking at your doors for thousands of years. You are searching for Him outside of you instead of inside of you. Hear His voice. Once you hear His voice, you will feel this trembling of the soul that lifts up and liberates. Then you won't criticize each other any more, you won't say John is this, Dragan is that. The names of the people are formulas, meaning conditions in which each soul can live and develop itself. In this sense John is an apple, Dragan is a pear, Todor is a cherry. The names are formulas with which the man can grow and develop himself. If you want to improve your blood circulation eat cherries. Christ says: "If you don't eat my flash and you don't drink my blood you don't have life inside of you". With this verse Christ expresses a great law that corresponds to the organic substances in us. Christ is in the grain and the corn and the barley. He is everywhere and in everything. When I take a grain I say: You, Who are in that grain, enter my country. I give you complete freedom, you can live inside of me without any laws. Apply your laws, live freely inside of me. When someone wants to visit me, I tell him: You will undress all your beliefs, you will give up your father and your mother, all the laws of your country and you will remain only with God. Then I will give you the best welcome, I will serve you, I will feed you well and when you leave, say: Thanks to that brother. Let God give him life and health! When I go to a visit somewhere I want to be accepted the same way. Only this way we can understand each other. This is the teaching, with which the people can understand each other. Nowadays it is been preached to believe in God. If you don't believe you'll go to hell. - Why do they preach like that? - For money. They will say that someonе has to be brought to a funeral service. And this is being done for money. This is not an insult. I say: Down with these delusions! If I have to make a funeral service for someone I will do it for free. Everyone gets what he deserves, but in another way.

Somewhere in the States there was a sect, which was acknowledging only the spirit. They were saying that the matter does not exist. According to them everything was spirit. An American broke his leg and called a doctor to cure him. It appeared that this doctor was from the same sect, that acknowledged only the spirit. The doctor examined the man and told him: Keep thinking that nothing has happened to you. Indeed, some time passed and the leg healed on its own. In a while the doctor passed to examine the patient and to ask him to be paid. The ill man said: Keep thinking that I have paid you. I'm paying you the same way that you healed me.

Lots of people act like that. They want money because they are preaching or hallowing oil. Why would you pay? You haven't seen neither the oil nor God, for Whom they are telling you about. It is true that the oil and the water have to be hallowed, but it is important what they represent. The water represents your life and the oil represents your thought. The oil is the nectar, from which the human thought comes out. The priest is the father, who has to enlighten your thought. This means that your oil and water should be enlightened. I don't want to become a priest. I am a passenger on earth, I'm interested in the life of the people. The people who think that there is no other life like theirs are strange. They don't have a clue about the other world, for which I'm telling you about. This is a world with a higher culture. The same way that the maid leaves her father's home, once she finds her beloved, the same way you will forget that you are citizens of the earth. The maid leaves with the boy and forgets her parents. This is a real wedding. Giving herself to the boy means giving up the old life. If the girl leaves with the boy and then they both come back to the father, this is not a wedding.

I would like that all of you to give up your beloved ones, who have peeled lots of skins. You know the story about the slave Stoyan, right? He made a contract with his master with the condition that whoever breaches the contract should peel two skins. The master was always peeling the skin of the slave. You'll tell this master: I don't have anything in common with you. You'll leave your old master and the living God will be with you. I'm not talking about the God of Moses, but about the living God, Who is inside of you. And if this, what I'm telling you right now is in liaison with what the living God in you is telling you, then accept it. If it is not in liaison, then don't accept it. - I am righteous. - And I want to be clean. When you talk to me and when I talk to you, I want to know what our relations with God are.

First of all believe in your God, Who talks to you and Who is unknown. Then you will believe your soul and then - your fellow neighbor. If you live like that then no one can lie to you. This is how I'm learning from my Master, Who is my priest. I gave you the equation x + y = 20. The number two represents the God's mother. This is a great number. The human evolution starts with it. You'll get to know God through it. Even Moses didn't comment this number. This number represents the second day from the creation of the world. And Moses stayed silent that day, he didn't say anything. As for the other days, it is said that whatever God makes is for good, and for that day Moses didn't say anything - neither good, nor bad. This is a day when the good and the bad reconcile. This is a day when the hatred and the love start holding hands. This is a day when the lie and the truth start living together. They get married. Do you know what means for the lie and the truth to get married? The lie says: From this day onward I will stay silent and I'll talk only the truth. The hatred, once married to the love, says From now on I will be the one to love.

"As for this Fellow, we don’t even know where He comes from.” This unknown speaks to the whole world, He speaks to you too. He will melt your houses and the ground that you are staying on will disappear. You'll find yourselves on a water surface. Therefore build yourselves a ship like Noah's or at least smaller and bigger boats. Once you enter the ship or the boat you won't need any animals. There would be a little boat for everyone and a little food enough for one person.

Be brave and decisive now and when you go back to your homes, tell your mothers: I'm not obeying to anyone anymore - mother, father, brother and sister, wife and husband, all the sons and daughters, all the servants and the masters. You can all rebel. Let the whole world rebel and say: We are all done with the teaching of Moses. We want to apply the teaching of That one, who we don't know and Who talks to us. We want to listen the living God, Who lives inside of us. From now on we want to serve Him.

Sunday Talks

09.11.1919 Sunday, Sofia

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: Elena_Ivanova (Елена Иванова)

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