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1918_07_21 Joyful and patient (Elena)


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Готов превод Радостни и търпеливи - 21.7.1918-НБ-188 / .: 21.7.1918-НБ-188

TITLE: Joyful and patient

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, persistent in prayer".

Message to the Romans 12:12

"Be joyful in hope". The hope is a Great principle. It is one of the faces of the Holy Trinity. The Faith, the Hope and the Love represent a triangle: the Love stays on the top of the triangle and the Faith and the Hope - on its two sides. The Faith, the Hope and the Love represent three great worlds, for which everyone is talking about, but only a few know them. Some know only one of the principles, others - two of them, but only a few know all the three. In this sense we are talking about known and unknown values. One unknown value implies a second and a third unknown value. The words known and unknown are meaningful for some and meaningless for others. If it is said that a man is famous this means that everyone knows him. If it is said that a man is unknown either nobody knows him or only a few people know him. If people don't know him this doesn't mean that he doesn't have a content.

The physical world is known to most of the people, but the Spiritual and the Divine are known only to a few. There's an argue for the last two worlds it they exist or not. There are many logical and philosophical statements and denials for these worlds. And the more powerful the proofs for their existence are, the more powerful are also for their denial. This shows that the plus and the minus are two equal powers in Nature. As strong the plus is, as strong is the minus. There is no argue about the existence of the physical world, which is nothing but a reflection to the Divine world, because it is close to our eyes and to the other senses and we perceive it directly. We don't see the Divine world though, because we are shortsighted. How would you see this world, when you can't see small objects even on a kilometer. You have to be longsighted
to see the Divine world. When observing the planets the scientists are using binoculars, telescopes. And the contemporary philosophers are sitting at one place and just thinking over if God exists or not; is there another world, apart of the physical one, is there a soul and so on. This is a gymnastic for the mind. The Divine world is as real as the physical one. "How do you know that?" - I see. If I enter the Divine world with my dog, I will see everything that exists there; my dog won't see and won't get a thing. If I visit a lecture of a well known professor with it, I will understand everything and it won't get a thing. It will only be embarrassed of the presence of that many people and it will start barking. The fact that the dog doesn't see and doesn't get the things doesn't mean that they don't exist. Therefore if people don't see God and the Divine world this doesn't show that they don't exist. How would you prove the blind one that the Sun is shining, that there is a physical world? He will keep touching but not everything can be touched. Therefore when the people argue about the existence of God this exactly means that He exists. You can't argue about things that do not exist. Every single thing, for which you have some conception, close or distant one, it means that it exists, it is real.

There are real things, that exist temporarily and not forever. These are transitional realities. For example, the shadows of the objects are real only on sun or moon light, but not in a dark, gloomy night. So, the light has certain attitude towards the shadows, as they exist only through it. Once the light is gone the shadows disappear. The same relation there is between the light and the shadow the same is between the joy and the sorrow. The more grows the sorrow, the less becomes the joy; the bigger the joy is, the less is the sorrow - this is a law. So, the joy and the sorrow in Life are temporary, transitional realities. But there are realities that are eternal, absolute.

"Be joyful in hope". The hope has a relation with the physical world, with all forms, that create joy and pleasure to the people. The hope is something real for them. The mother is enjoying her child as it has a form. When she looks at its head, the nose, the little arms, the little legs, its dark hair, she is happy; there is something visible in the child, that she can touch. If you take away these things from the child it disappears together with them. Once the form of the child disappears, the joy and the hope of the mother disappear as well. The hope is a reality, that is visible for the physical world, the Faith - for the Spiritual world and the Love - for the Divine world.

With the faith the man lives in the Spiritual world, among the Angels. This world is not real for some people. They look at the Angels as airy, unreal creatures. In reality the Angels are more real than the people; the matter, in which they are dressed up is finer, cleaner and more resistible than the one with which the people are dressed up. What are the people dressed up with? With flesh, that is called mortal. It is thick, heavy. The matter of the Creatures in the Divine world, meaning in the world of Love, is eternal, immortal. When a man has hope, he has aspirations in himself and when he believes he lives.

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, persistent in prayer". This is needed for the everyday life of the man. Therefore the teaching, that I'm teaching you, holds a positive knowledge in itself; it is neither a scholasticism, nor acting. I don't judge neither the scholastics nor the actors, because they also have their purpose, but these are temporary occupations. Should we judge the children for building sand houses with water and thinking that these are real houses? The children are exercising through their games, they develop their imagination, but what will happen with the grown ups if they also play with sand and keep building such houses. They have already passed this period of their life and they should keep moving forward.

"Be joyful in hope". When we talk about Hope, we definitely have to also stop at the Faith and the Love. What represents the Love? This is a principle of self-sacrifice. God, Who manifests in the world is sacrificing Himself for the small. The Faith is a principle, that creates conditions for the manifestation of the sacrifice with the purpose that the Life manifests. The Hope is a principle, that covers the things in their forms. If someone asks me if he is Hope, I answer: if you have a body, you have Hope. "Do I have Faith?" - Put your hand on your chest and if you hear something beating, then you have Faith. Those who have a heart, have Faith. "Do I have Love?" - You will answer yourself to this question. This is a task, in which both values are known, only one is unknown. You will find yourself the unknown.

"Be joyful in hope". I'm adding: "Have Faith in Hope". The Hope contains both the Faith and the Love in itself. When you wake up in the morning from sleep, look yourself in the mirror and say: "Thank You, God, that the Hope is in me." What does the coquette do? Once she wakes up, she takes the mirror and says: "Will anyone like me today?" - Someone will like you if you have the Hope. It makes your face beautiful, calm, with proper lines. If your eyes are blurry, there is something unnecessary in your stomach. Once the doctor checks you, he will tell you to adjust your stomach. And I will tell you to adjust your Hope. If your face is pale, if your arm is stiff, if you have a strong heartbeat, you need to straighten your Hope, meaning you have to strengthen it. Every disharmony in the physical body of the man shows that its Hope has weakened. And the other way around: every inappropriate manifestation of the Hope creates a physical disharmony in the person.

"Be patient in affliction". It is hard to talk to the people and convince them exactly in this, to be patient in affliction. It is said about God that He is long-patient, but can a man be patient? Even more to have endurance when he suffers and grieves. No matter how hard it is, it is possible that a man is patient. If God is long-patient, than a man can be at least patient. There is no creature in the world, that has endured that much vilification, dirty thoughts and ungratefulness as God. Someone says for himself that he is patient. But he hasn't tested himself, he doesn't know himself. Once his patience is put into test, he will see that he has no patience. The patience is being tested only in sorrow and suffering, in hard times. A patient man is that one, who's mind, heart and will are in complete agreement. If one's mind goes to one side, his heart - to another and his will to a third side, then he can't be patient. And such man wants to know the God's secrets! This is impossible. Can God put His treasures in a drilled boat and start a voyage with it? And after all of that someone complains that God didn't visit him. How shall He visit you, when your boat is drilled?

There was a young man from one Bulgarian village who was constantly complaining to his mother that he is unhappy. I'm healthy, I'm brave, I can beat a bear, but what do I need this bare health for? I don't have any money, the girls don't want me. They are frightened from my strength, and from the lack of money too. What shall I do? One day he felt sick from a heavy disease, that kept him down for three whole years. He became so week, that he was barely moving. Once he lost his health, he started thinking correctly and he said to his mother: "Mom, I hope that God hears my request this time again and brings back my health, even if he loads me with stones afterwards. I don't want anything else but health. I don't need any money, I don't need girls - health is what I want".

Nowadays everyone wants bread, just like this sick fellow. You hear from everywhere: we want bread, bread is what we want! What is the bread? The Good, the Virtues in man. Wherever you have Virtues you have plenty of bread there, once there are no Virtues, there isn't any bread neither. So, in the Divine world the bread is connected with the Good, meaning with the Virtues. The patience, for example, is a Virtue. Therefore when you are sad, apply your patience to try its power and influence. Whoever doesn't apply his patience, he applies his woe, but it is a burden. The woe understands the law of necessity and the patience - the law of Love. Only the one who loves endures. He applies the powers of the mind, the heart and the will at once, so that he can transform the matter of the sorrow and to turn it into Joy. Only the patience is capable to turn the grosser matter of the sorrow into a finer one; this means to turn the sorrow into Joy.

"Be persistent in prayer".Why do we need the prayer? This is the connection of the human soul with the higher conscious world, from where the man receives his powers to keep the Life. One needs patience to pray constantly. If one gets sick, he immediately receives recommendations for a strong food and to lay in bed. For a weak stomach some wine is recommended as well. I would recommend to the sick person fresh air, patience and prayer. After that I will recommend him to unite the powers of his mind, heart and will, so that they work together and in agreement. "Is it possible to heal a man like that?" - Yes, it is. It has been like this since the creation of the world. And if it is not this way today, the reason is in the man himself. He has lived in such a way to disconnect the link between the powers in his body. To restore this link he has to pray and endure.

The prayer is a spiritual process. Same as the breathing in the physical world, the same is the prayer in the Divine world. So the prayer is a spiritual breathing or maturation of the Divine goods. When a man turns his heart toward God, he breathes the elixir of Life. Apply often the prayer, so that you see what ease will become in your soul. The contemporary people don't recognize God, they don't pray and once they get sick, they immediately search for a doctor. It is not bad to search for outside help, but search for it after you have tried some other ways. Once you get sick, first of all turn toward God, after that toward your soul and only after that toward the doctor. You are doing it the other way around and therefore you don't succeed. Afterwards you wonder why instead of some improvement your condition is getting worst.

The people nowadays are engaging in unnecessary reasoning if God exists or not; if He takes care about the people, if He loves them and so on. If God hasn't created the world and if everything that surrounds us is not His creation, then it can be assumed that He doesn't care about anything; but as the whole world is His, He takes care of everything and everyone. Both God and His helpers are interested in the people who are a part of God, although they create both joy and sorrow for Him. He bears everything, He endures and hopes, that a day will come, when His children will search for Him and will recognize Him as their Father. Until then they will cause Him great sufferings. Isn't it the same with your parents? You cause a lot of troubles and suffering to your parents until you finish your education and step firmly on your feet. Sometimes you don't want to study, they send you money, they are struggling to find more resources to fulfill your needs. Sometimes you neglect their efforts and you occupy yourself with some other matters instead of studying. There is a close relation between the parents and the kids, therefore the disgrace of the parents is a disgrace for the children too. And the other way around - the disgrace of the children is a disgrace for the parents too. Our mistakes and sorrows are affecting God the same way. God has to come to earth so that it cleans up from the mistakes and the dirt of the people, He has to wash His children and clean the whole World.

From the point of view of the Divine world, the contemporary people are still children, twelve years old, who can work more than that. Once, when people were very little children, two - three years old, God was extremely indulgent to them. But today, once they have grown up, they became 12 years old, the Divine law is being applied to them. They are being placed on the cross where they are studying the two diameters of the circle. Today most of the people are wearing the cross on their neck, but once the suffering comes from above they start crying. When the soldier wears a cross, he shows that he is brave. He wears the cross for bravery and he passes as a hero. Then why you, who wears the cross, meaning the suffering, why don't you be a hero? Wear the cross and be a hero! God gives crosses to the people who come on earth, before they deserved them; once they live a while they reward each other, they give each other crosses for merits and they are passing as heroes.

When I say that people are crying from the suffering, I'm not against the crying. On the contrary, those who cry deserve a praise. A person should start crying once he dries a bit, so that he soaks himself. Occasionally man should cry a bit, but crying all life long isn't natural. Laughing all life long isn't natural neither. Those who only laugh resemble a desert man. He lives in the desert where nothing grows. If I'm a stranger, I'd rather stop in the hut of a poor man, who cries at least once per week, instead of getting in the house of a man who only laughs and never cries. God acts the same way. He visits the sad one, the burdened one, the unhappy person. Why? Because he cries, he waters his dry flowers.

"Is it really truth that God has visited us?" - He has entered your hearts many times. He has visited you when you were joyful too. Once He leaves your joy disappears. Don't get disheartened. If He visited you once, He will visit you again. A Bulgarian saying says: "Where water has flowed, it will flow again". Why does your trough dries sometimes? Some brothers of yours, gardeners, have diverted your water toward their garden, to water their vegetables and fruits. Once they water their garden well, they let the water pour in your troughs again. One who has no water to give to the others, he has to rest, at least for a while. You had sorrow once, because a brother of yours diverted your water a little. Don't argue with the people, who make you troubles sometimes. Haven't you ever diverted someone else's water? The fact that you are joyful sometimes shows that you have diverted your neighbor's water and you are happy that you will water your garden. When you are happy you don't think that you caused trouble to someone. But once you are sad, then you start crying and thinking about that. In this case the people resemble to that Russian, who was saying: „Ест деньги, Христос воскрес; нет денег – смертию смерт” (If there is money - Christ is risen, if there is no money - death to the death).

"Be persistent in prayer." Why should you be persistent in prayer? So that you organize your mind, your heart and your will. What is the joy? A proper coordination of the powers, that work in your body. Same like the healthy machine moves calm, even, without any shaking and rubbing, the same way the man of the joy develops properly and harmoniously. The sorrow is the oil needed to grease the mechanical parts. We can't go neither without a machine, nor without the oil. So this means that a man can't live neither without joy, nor without sorrow. Until he is on earth, he will have both joy and sorrow.

The sorrow is inevitable. How can you cause sorrow and suffering to the creatures standing lower than you and want only happiness for yourself? Why do you kill the caws, the hens, the lambs and the pigs? The same way you kill creatures smaller than you, the same way you'll have to give your meat to others, so that they are happy with it. When they put the dead man in the grave, the little creatures jump on him joyfully that they have something to eat. They are happy with the nice food that came unexpectedly to them and they are eager to taste it. What songs and fun become around a well roasted chicken! Why shouldn't the same fun happen among the little workers - the worms, the underground workers? They disassemble the human body, they separate the bricks one after the other and leave only the bones. After that other workers - creators come, who start thinking how to build a new human body. They start collecting piece by piece, assemble them together and create the new human body.

The essential in the man, meaning his soul, is not in his body, therefore sometimes the man is not happy with his house - the body. He finds that it is missing some belongings. Many people are not happy with their life. Why? Because the satisfaction comes always from above, not from below. In order to be happy, call for the help of the Love and the Faith. Creatures from the Divine world will come together with the Love and creatures from the Angel's world will come together with the Faith. These creatures, together with you will fulfill your wishes and your Hope will be justified. The Love is related with the human soul, the Faith - with the mind and the heart and the Hope - with the will. Once you know that, apply the Faith, the Hope and the Love in your life, to see what the result for your life will be.

Imagine that you are unhappy with a thought or an action of yours. You are getting worried, frustrated, you get energetic and you start looking for someone to pour your anger on. If you are a father, your hand will be either on the back of the first or the second child and sometimes even to your wife. If you are a boss, you will knock with your hand on the table or with your foot on the floor. In both cases your work won't get better. Why don't you search for the reason for your dissatisfaction in yourself instead of searching it in the people around you? So the method that you apply is not correct. Search for another way to deal with your dissatisfaction. What is the point to use a medicine that worsens the patient's condition? If you have taken it for two - three days in a row and your condition keeps getting worst, change it with something else, that may improve the ill man's condition. You'll call another doctor, who will prescribe another remedy. You have the right to change the medicines and the doctors until the condition of the ill person gets completely improved. You should apply the same rule for yourself. You should change the methods of your work until a better result comes out. Why do you have to hit with a hand or a foot? The children aren't getting disciplined with hits and fight. Have patience for your anger to pass away and then instead of beating your child, caress his head and tell him a few sweet words. The anger is being transformed with work, not with hitting the table with a hand or the floor with a foot, neither with hitting other people's backs.

Many people are unsatisfied with their mistakes and say that they are sinners, that they are bad people. If this can improve a man's condition, if it can help him rise up, then let him call himself a sinner; but if it doesn't help him in any way he should never use such words. The methods which the people use during their self-discipline have meaning only if they bring the desired and expected fruits. If the old ways of education and religion haven't given any good fruits, then you should give up on them. Replace these old methods with new ones and expect their fruits. If you plant fruits and vegetables in your garden in a certain way and you don't have any good fruits, than next year you should apply another method.

Paul says: "If your life doesn't get better through Hope and joy, get into the sorrow and the patience; if you don't have a result even there, get into the prayer and the consistency." If someone has started from the prayer and the consistency and his life hasn't improved, he should get into the sorrow and the patience and from there - into the Joy and the Hope. This way he will definitely have good results. The creatures before us have tried this and they have reached positive results. You should try this too, to see that there are no exceptions in the application of the Hope, the Faith and the prayer as methods. If you apply only the prayer, this method has 50% exceptions, if you apply only the sorrow and the patience - it has 25% exceptions, if you apply the Love and the joy, there are no exceptions. The Love and the joy include the Faith, the Hope, the prayer, the consistency and the patience.

So, if someone complains that his things in the family or in the society don't go well and if he thinks that he is unhappy, that the destiny runs after him, let him get into the sorrow and the patience, and if he doesn't have success here, he should enter in the Hope and the joy; if he is still unhappy here, let him enter the prayer and the consistency. The sorrow and the patience, the Hope and the joy, the prayer and the consistency represent the three couples of threes from three different worlds. Most or the people are from the first world, they study the methods through which they endure the sorrow with patience. When you study the sorrow and the patience in the physical world you will lift up to a higher one, to study the proportion between the forms. Then you will understand why sometimes your face is pale and sometimes it is red; why sometimes your eyes have light in them and why sometimes they are blurry; why sometimes your heart beats harmoniously and sometimes not. This is a science, that you can learn only on earth. In this respect, the earth is a great school.

Now that you listen to this lecture, don't judge how i talk, but watch what I do. The power in the man is not in his words but in his actions. A strong man is that one who pays attention to the little things and he learns from them. When I see that two children are fighting on the street, I don't pass away from them but I stop to watch them and to translate everything that I see. It is important for me with which hand they pluck their hair, to which side they pluck it, with which leg they kick each other and so on. All of this has a meaning. It is not indifferent with which hand someone will hit you - with the right or the left one. These things are related also with me. When you study and observe the little things, you will reach an internal understanding of Life.

And then the verse where Christ has said, that if someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to him the other too, has meaning not only by letter, but also by spirit. This means: if you don't succeed in something with your mind, then apply your heart. And the will will be your target point. If you don't succeed in anything with sorrow and patience, apply the Hope and the joy; if you don't succeed even then, apply the prayer and the consistency. When some misfortune befalls you, don't grumble against it, but turn to God with the words: "God, teach me how to drag more butter from the sorrow and my misfortune." The butter represents the lesson that you can learn. What do you do with the fruits in the summertime? You prepare them for the winter through drying and boiling.

You'll say that it is easy to talk, but hard to stand the sufferings. It is hard indeed, the situation of the people who suffer. They are on a great fire. There are some homes where one day the woman is in the firebox and the man lights the fire, the next day it is the other way around: them man is in the firebox and the woman lights the fire. The woman begs the man not to roast her, the man begs the woman not to roast him. In the end the fire doesn't disappear. Until they don't become clean and they don't start shining the fire will be constantly fueled. Therefore thank God that he gave you such a man or such a woman, to clean each other. It is important for you to be happy, to endure and to be persistent.

Joy must come out of the Hope, patience must come out of the sorrow and persistency must come out of the prayer. Why should we grieve? So that we gain patience. Why should we hope? So that we gain joy. Why should we pray? So that we gain persistency. If you want to have joy, apply the Hope; if you want to be patient, accept the sorrow with joy; if you want to be persistent, pray. Pray not only for yourself, but for everybody. Those who think only for themselves won't achieve anything. When you enter the Divine world, among the Angels, then you will think only for yourself. Why? Because there everyone is strong, they don't need anyone else's help. Till you are on earth though, you have to think for the rest as well. If you are a servant you will think for your masters. If you get out of this position then you can think only for yourself. You are in the position of a master, who thinks first for himself and then for his close ones. Apply this and you'll see what a change will become in your life.

Some live on earth, but they think about the death, they are afraid that they will die. There is nothing scary in the death. To die means to think only for yourself. Therefore when someone says that he wants to live and to think only for himself, God immediately orders that he is taken to the other world. You will think for your close ones on earth and for your self; once you leave for the other world, then you will think only for yourself. The dead one doesn't think about the others. It is funny if the ox who is liberated from the oxbow
thinks about his master. It thinks about fresh grass and pure water. The dead one, who is liberated from the earth thinks about higher things. That one who is tight to the earth, he is not free even when he is dead; he doesn't know himself if he is alive or dead. Once the dead one has reached a position to think about higher things, this doesn't mean that he is selfish, but he wants to gain more riches, so that once he comes back on earth he helps his close ones. Till you are on earth you'll have to think about the others. Once you go to the other world you'll be asked if you want to remain with God or you want to go back to the earth. You will define your place with the answer that you'll give. This shows that a person can go freely on earth and not with force. Once you know that, no matter what troubles you have and in what conditions you live, don't complain. You have chosen this place, you have voluntarily come on earth.

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, persistent in prayer". If you don't succeed in the prayer, enter in the sorrow, if you don't succeed in the sorrow, enter in the Hope. Apply this rule for one month and if you have 50 percent result, you'll know that you are in the laws of Nature, because it helps with 50% in any case: in illness, in difficulties, in sufferings. Do the same as the Nature. If you help someone 50%, leave him to help himself 50%. Don't help anyone completely, 100 percent. If you thought to leave your daughter hundred thousand leva, give her 50'000 lv. Whatever you decided to help with, when you come to it, fulfill the half of it. It is noticed that the mothers lose the children they love the most. They want to give 100 percent from what they have and therefore God takes their children back to Him. A man can't live on earth and be 100% secured. God gives 100 percent and a man - not more than 50 percent. Some mothers kill their children with their huge Love. They feed them too much, they want to satisfy them completely. Don't saturate your children, don't saturate yourself neither. Be loyal to the Divine law, by which the little is being blessed like the big. When you come to the person - give 50%, when you come to God, give 100%.

The woman complains from her husband that she gave him everything, that she became his slave. There it is her mistake. And the man complains from his wife, that he gave everything to her, that he became her slave. There it is his mistake. God didn't send you on earth to become slaves. Everyone is guilty for his own slavery. Whoever doesn't understand the law, gives too much from himself and then he suffers, that he wasn't appreciated, he wasn't accepted the way he had to be. How do you want to be accepted? If someone smiles at you, bows at you, shakes your hand, is this a good approach? This is an outwardly kind expression, but not inwardly. The outwardly expression of the things is not always pure, sincere. The Turks though take the outwardly expressions as real ones and create their own troubles. If a woman smiles incidentally to a man, the last one thinks, that she gives him a sign and he is ready to accuse her. This is a misunderstanding of things. When the understanding is wrong, it is not Divine. Be awaken to observe yourselves, so that you don't fall in wrong actions. Release yourselves from the old habits, so that you listen to what God tells you from inside. When God talks to you, you feel inner Piece and calmness.

What is the condition of a man that is visited by God? It is similar to the sunrise. It is like you went outside early in the morning on a mountain peak and you observe the sunrise from there and you welcome the first solar rays. In this solemn moment of your soul, you kneel in front of God, you raise your eyes up and you say a thankful prayer to Him. "What will the people say when they see me kneeling?" - Leave the people aside. The people, this is you; these are the shadows of your consciousness, don't be afraid of them. If you look in too many mirrors, you will have lots of expressions, but the real expression is only one, the rest are reflections, shadows of the real expression. When you fall in a reverent condition, raise your hands up, pass through the joy and the sorrow, to see how God works and observes his creatures; how they fall and get up and how He corrects their life. Then get up in a higher world and see how He lives.

This means for a man to be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, persistent in prayer.

Sunday Talks

21.07.1918 Sunday, Sofia

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