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1913_12_12 Everyone will be equated by the law of Love and Wisdom (Elena)


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Готов превод Ще се приравнят всички по закона на Любовта и Мъдростта - 12.12.1913-ИБ-77 / .: 12.12.1913-ИБ-77

TITLE: Everyone will be equated by the law of Love and Wisdom

Someone will argue with me "Can a man live without any wishes?" - I don't say that one shouldn't wish, but he should learn the great law in the wishes, which he should follow, meaning that he should check if what he wishes is good for him, for his closest ones, for the nation, for the mankind and then he should wish, because it is not important to create only temporary a living organism. You create the life of a child, but not even 2-3 years pass by and God takes this child from you. You are crying and you are wondering why your child has died. The reason for this are your wishes, the breaks of the smallest law, that have made you the smallest one in God's Kingdom.

And the word "small" means a weak person, who falls to all types of temptations, to all influences. The weak person doesn't have a defined sustainable moral and therefore he says "Doesn't matter how this life will be spent". Can you call a life the one of the pig, left in the pigsty, to whom the master brings the food 3-4 times per day? It thinks that there is no better person than its master and there is no better life than its own. I'm asking you what is our current life in regard to our future one?

A strong desire must arise in us to lift ourselves up as conscious beings and to fulfil this great Divine law in all its completeness, so that we can call ourselves great in God's Kingdom.

There are special commissions in heaven, who consider people's bills and actions. Whoever wants to get to know more about that, he should get deeper in the occult sciences. You can pray four times a day, but if you haven't thought or made any good in the past and you don't work now, if you don't water your garden, if you don't help people and animals, when you go to the afterlife, no one will look at you. Everyone who sees you will say "Let me check if you have put something in me, so that I help you." There is nothing put inside "Give me your overage". Yes, but in nature there isn't any overage. Such a person will be in the position of that king's son, who got engaged to a very beautiful girl, but got sick from an infectious disease and had to die from it. In that desperate condition he was praying to God to keep his life at least an hour longer, to be able to see his beloved one. Then God sent an angel to some desperate people who wanted to commit suicide and to die, to ask them: can they sacrifice an hour from their life, so that it prolongs the life of the king's son? The angel recalled an old woman who was often praying to God to take her life as soon as possible, as he was fed up of living in that many misfortunes. He went to her and suggested her to take her to the afterlife and she gives instead an hour of her life to this young fellow. She answered him: "Yes, once I wanted to die, but now I changed my intention."

When you have a wound, most often the cells that are the closest to it will suffer the most and the ones that are more distant will feel this condition of compassion only through reflection. When you suffer on earth the ones organically connected with you will suffer as well.

Often today in the contemporary society it is been talked about hell and heaven. The bad thing is that we dragged the hell and the heaven here on earth and we are trying it with its most fire and horror, as well as the heaven with all its beauty, as we please.

It is not important what I'm talking, but it is important that you apply that law, because everything that you see now will completely collapse, nothing from these laws will remain in ten years. This will be the end of this spoiled world with its current debauchery. A united Brotherhood will be created around the whole world, it will take away this slavery, rich and poor will be equated, scientists with primitive, everyone will be equated by the law of Wisdom and Love. This will be the new culture. Arm yourselves with this thought, be heroes and don't be scared of anything. You have served a lot to the devil. The people believe in him more, than they believe in God. Say: "From now on we will believe in the Living God, Who moves the world and Who decided to disband it." This is why he has sent his servants. And if you don't do that, the stones will become alive and will transform the world. It is written, the trees and the animals will rise and if you don't rise you will be the last in God's Kingdom. You will say that I'm a little rigorous. No. You will excuse me, but this is not rigor. I'm saying only, that your relationships as brothers and sisters are not such as God requires them to be. I'm telling you the exact truth. Leave your argues between you aside, because there is no reason for them. Lets turn to the great truth, that God is showing us and calling us for the great work. Put your heart and your mind now at work, to create a great wave of love in the world, that will put you into the path of consent and the great laws of nature and be sure that the future will be yours.

29 November 1913

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: Elena_Ivanova (Елена Иванова)

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