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1912_07_16 He will come as a light (Elena)


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Готов превод Ще дойде като светлина - 16.7.1912-ИБ-57 / .: 16.7.1912-ИБ-57

TITLE: He will come as a light

Once Mr. Deunov has read parables 30 and 31 he explained:

The worst mistake in us is that everyone wants to moralize the others, but I have already said it before, that no one should preach and talk about what he hasn't tried. It is a question for a man who can not live on earth if he can live in heaven, because if a child can't walk at home, it will be even more difficult for it to walk in the wide world. The first thing in us is that everyone should taste God in himself. We should go around each corner of the world to find Him, because if we wait for God to find us, we are completely wrong. When the sun rises all the moles and lizards should go outside, to search for it and to find it if they want to take advantage of it, otherwise the sun will pass away and will go down. Therefore we firstly have to search for God. It depends on many conditions in the world to spoil the truth, but we have to be smart and to filter the same way as the sand filters the water - once it passes through a clay soil it will be more muddy. The important words are: "Do not add to God's words". How should we understand this? We shouldn't think about it as that priest, who thought that the breads, with which the Christ fed the people were as mountains. We should learn neither to exaggerate nor to minify, because both are sins. If you exaggerate you will have a shortage of your things and if you minify you will have an overage - in both cases we will suffer. Once your brain fills with more padding it will cause you pain. The brain is only for the necessary and the useful things. Don't pay attention to the people's weaknesses, such as how much money was stolen from someone or how much crimes were made from another one. This is not your business. Why should we load ourselves with people's weaknesses to suffer?

The world is made to serve to God and God will be the one to fix it. The people's weaknesses are as the human's shit. Once you see it, don't dig in it, because it will start smelling, so instead of digging in it put it to a plant, that will drag the needed juices which you can't use out of it.

Let's go back to that position in which God has placed us. We should take this woman, for whom we read in the final verses of chapter 31. And if you get married to this woman who represents the wisdom, you will lift yourself up, but if you get married to the silliness, you will drawn. Therefore everyone wants to get married to the woman of wisdom, who will place order and power in us. We need to have a bridge to pass from this world to the other one and we need material to make this bridge and this is the wisdom, Christ, for whom you have to think about instead of simply accepting him as a metaphysical person. At the moment He is greater than He was two thousand years ago. Everyone preaches about Him and talks about Him and indeed He will come as a light. Then we will have satisfaction, much greater than the one we have from the sun. When Christ comes, He will teach us and we will understand what these political events that are happening at the moment mean. What relation does the contemporary materialistic person has to the Tree of Life? First of all you have a king, ministers and a whole nation. What can the king represent? Think about that and I would like to know to what and how you will compare him? All of this is a tree with roots, branches and leaves. What do the blossoms represent? Let's think deeper, so that we understand our relationships and then we will develop ourselves correctly. Now you have a lot of material, but everything is messy inside of you and therefore you need a system, you need an order. Call for Christ and He will teach you how to take advantage of the materials that you have in hand. An English philosopher, who's composition I possess says for himself that he was so week in maths that he would have thought of himself as of an idiot if he was feeling himself the same way in any other matter. It is interesting to know even how you understand me at the moment. Some of you for example take the letter, the logic, but the human logic is sometimes different than the logic in heaven. Everything on earth and in the earth is messy, and it is made this way, so that it makes us think about it. So it means that these messy things are a puzzle for us. We often see good and bad people mixed up. Why? It is not reasonless, because we have to think and to see where exactly the problem is. We have to know in life where the problem is, the same way like my watch has stopped a few days ago and I couldn't understand where the problem is, but once the watchmaker saw it, he told me that the wire inside has broken, so the core machine couldn't work. The human life is exactly the same: something gets messy in you and you immediately loose you good mood and your bliss. This way we learn that we can also immediately fall down. We can be bad today and good tomorrow.

This is why everyday we have to be in connection with God and to pray to Him to teach us and then once He teaches us, to follow what He has told us. We shouldn't wait to become smarter to talk to the world. You are wrong in this because you will never get smarter this way. I know for example Americans, who came in Bulgaria as missionaries and who were saying that they will start speaking Bulgarian once they learn it well. But they never learned it. And those who made mistakes in speaking, but kept on speaking, soon they learned how to speak. Actually we shouldn't spare our efforts to make good. I want this thought to remain in you, because due to this reason of the ignorance among the brothers, the ambitions and the critics among each other are born and so on and therefore instead of helping each other with the knowledge that you have and that is been given to us, we are killing each other. The knifes that are given to us, instead of using them to help each other we use them to kill ourselves.

You are telling yourself: "If we don't do anything now it will remain to be done in the next incarnation". Well, but the next incarnations are for lifting up toward God instead of falling down. The incarnation is a way toward God and if you don't do the God's will, then you are simply degenerating and next time you will find a bigger suffering. There was a Bulgarian during the Turkish slavery who didn't want to pay tax, but once they slapped him once, twice, three times and when they came up to fifty slaps he cried: "Hold on, stop, I'll pay the tax!". Often this happens to the people, but we shouldn't say "I can't", on the contrary, we should always say that we can, so that we don't wait like that stubborn Bulgarian to be beaten.

We often blame the children that they are in shit. But the child will be cleaned up from its mother. But when a grown up person gets dirty, this is bad. It is a big mistake to stare only in the physical cleanliness and dirtiness, because the soulful ones are more important. And when you have let one bad thought you should know that you have felt to the situation of the dirty child.

Another big mistake that the spiritual people make is when they think they don't have any more obligations towards the world, because you should remember that you can't stop* (cease, terminate, stray) from your obligations in the world.

And I will say it once again: find wisdom and this wisdom is Christ, Who is on earth. He will correct all your life and He will flatten all the matters that are stumbling you. Apply this experience that you have because of Him, start using the distaff that is given to you. You need a garment that should cover the conditions in which you will come the next time and therefore you have to watch out now, so that you drag the subtle energy for the garments, that will be made for you for your next incarnation. Don't think that God will take someone else's wool for your clothes. No. You have to make the fabric with your own distaff, so that you are dressed up with it for the next time.

I'm telling you all of this so that you know it and that you help me, so that I help you; because if you help me I will help you too, but if you stumble me I will stumble you too. If you kick me, I will kick you too, if you beat me, I will beat you too.

3rd of July, 1912, Sunday

cease, terminate, stray; the antient usage of the used verb.

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: Elena_Ivanova (Елена Иванова)

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