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1912_06_02 Children by heart (Elena)


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Готов превод Деца по сърце - 2.6.1912-ИБ-56 / .: 2.6.1912-ИБ-56

TITLE: Children by heart

The Book of Genesis chapter 15 was read from Mr. Deunov and the following remarks were made:

This chapter has its historical and mystical meaning. Abraham was childless. So is every soul - childless, before the Spirit appears. Canaan means that every men should conquer its own body. The goat in the story, is a sign for contradiction, the raw is Christ. Now during a short period you have to walk through the desert, so that you become rulers of the situation afterwards. And when you become rulers, the peace will be established and the peace will arrive. For now you are still making the bricks in the Egyptian land. The shelfs, these are your cards. Christ has to be the locksmith of your desires. He is the one to open and to close. Then you should have one Peter inside of you, a milestone. For now like Abraham you have to first grab the heifer - your soul, after that - the turtledove and in the end - the ram. This was Christ, that was talking to Abraham. And now the same talks to the men. A man that makes conditions with God is not a good man. I suggest you the pure childish faith, to become children by heart. A man should always be young by heart and should be old by mind. Prepare yourselves to welcome the goodness that God sometimes puts you in bitter pills.

20th of May, 1912

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: Elena_Ivanova (Елена Иванова)

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