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1909_08_14 Greeting to all my brothers (Elena)


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Готов превод Поздрав на всички мои братя - 14.8.1909-ИБ-28 / .: 14.8.1909-ИБ-28

TITLE: Greeting to all my brothers

Peace to all of you! There I call on you among this nation to be witnesses and luminaries. I know you by name. All my efforts for a long time were to prepare you for the great work of God, to develop the powers of your soul, to open your mind so that you understand the mild ways of God. Great efforts are needed for that, which I made for your good, to rescue you from the hanging destruction.

This nation, among which you were sent from me is spiritually undeveloped. Don't be afraid, it has good germs. I want you to harvest the fruits of your work. Be even more joyful that God wrote your names in the book of life.

I was always present among you and I was always leading you. In the hard and sad times of your life I am close to you. Yes, The Great, heavenly Father wants your good. He is so great and gracious, He has poured every day His grace over you for your support. Listen to me today. You look grimly at the future, you often hesitate, you worry from the pressure of the exams and you often think that the evil is incurable and that God has stopped listening and caressing. No, don't put this thought in your mind. Is it possible that God, The Great and Gracious Father, forgets His children? But do know that His love to you and to this nation is greater than it was before. Your souls are precious in His eyes.

He has many children in this nation and therefore you are sent to help them, until they get stronger spiritually. My path in front of you is open. I am together with you in everything, I came to help you, to settle and live among you. I will pass through everything to make it for the good.

The destiny of this nation that you love is in my hands. I will act according to its behavior. Don't be afraid! I don't want to destroy you, but to build you. I came to destroy the evil, to take away the sin and the crime from the heart of these men. You already see my actions, my Spirit shows his power. I work and you will work as well, the way it is given to you according to the power and the will of your soul. You need more time. Pray to God and He will strengthen your week hope. You are often worried about you vital support. Don't worry, everything needed for your life is prepared. Is it possible that the one who sows doesn't harvest and the one who works, doesn't accept? All the earthy benefits are on your disposal, the best things in life God has left for you. When you fulfill his mild will everything else will be applied on you by itself. But most of all have more love for God and for your brothers and more clear hearts and sincerity. This is most pleasant to me. I want to see you every day and you to see me, but your souls are still week to support the heavenly light of my presence.

I should constantly manifest to you according to the condition of your spirit. Listen to me, my brothers, children of the Live God, the knowledge and the wisdom, which is sent to you is for your support. Speak the simple and clear truth. Are you ready to do anything for me or there is still something that stops you? I am ready to do anything for you and in me you have your best friend in heaven.

Your God Jesus

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: Elena_Ivanova (Елена Иванова)

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