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1914_04_22 Thoughts of Mr. Deunov (Elena)


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Готов превод Мисли от г,н Дънов - 22.4.1914-ИБ-85 / .: 22.4.1914-ИБ-85

TITLE: Thoughts of Mr. Deunov

The soul possesses the entire thorax, but it abides in the pit of the stomach where one feels the pleasures.

The Spirit is in the head.

In the spiritual world they feed on nectar and it is one millionth part from what we consume here; therefore those here who are used to eat a lot, they are suffering when they pass into the spiritual world.

The Earth is one school and a place where the spirit gains power and experience. The one who lives well is a learned man, although he is simple, based on your understanding. Therefore we also need to learn to live well.

Whoever hurts us, he is veiled in something, so why should you be angry at him for his rude behavior or for not understanding you? The hardest thing is to tolerate. And the one who can be tolerant, he is a great man.

We go in front of God and pray to Him: "Give us this, give us that", but we are afraid to take the old sins that we hide from Him and with which we don't want to split off our shoulders. And to take them off we have to confess them to an old priest and God will enter in him, He will listen to us and He will take them off from us and afterwards it is possible that within a month we gain clairvoyance. The confession may happen in a quiet place where we imagine in a vision one of the brothers, God will also take over this brother and He will listen to us and release us.

Don't confess to young people, as it is possible that they are not strong enough to berry your sins and you may become a reason for them to fall. (Mr. Davidov told us a story that when he started believing and turned to God, he made a confession to priest Nikola from the Kodjabuksky monastry, to whom he said all his sins. Then Mr. Deunov said that he released himself, but he burdened priest Nikola and as he couldn't support the sins he fell and now he is in the position in which we see him.)

Man lives in the material world with his mind and his body, in the astral world - with his soul and in the spiritual world - with his spirit.

The spirits take over us in two types of ways: through yawning and through anger.

Those who take over us through yawning are not dangerous. (Once Mr. Deunov spoke with grandfather Sava Hadjidechev from Bourgas who afterwards passed away. Once during a standard conversation grandfather Sava yawned and started talking about Christ, the Gospel and the faith. He yawned a second time and turned on talking about the king, the army and the wars. He yawned a third time and started talking about the monasteries, the governance and the policy. He yawned a forth time and started talking again about the Gospel and the faith. It is obvious that the first spirit has been someone religious, the second - a military man, the third one - a politician and the forth one was the first one again).

In a moment of anger when the brain stops functioning in the man, the spirit is being pushed away, the body remains empty and in that moment a new spirit might appear who enters the blood and it has to be dragged out with force.

When clairvoyance is given to someone, he will see with semi-opened eyes some conical forms with a small ball on their top and curved in the shape of a comma, spinning in a circle, some of them white, others - black, these are two spirits - a white and a black spirit, who are fighting who will conquer us. It is better that we don't interfere in this moment in this fight, because we may become a victim, we should only help the bright spirit by praying to God that he would be the winner. In the end, when the white spirit wins, a bright matter will cover us and this is a sign that he has permeated us.

Once we eat gratefully we are using everything that we ate. Once we are happy with the cooked meal, if we make even a small remark to the woman that the meal is unsalted or soured, the "prana" disappears and we haven't used anything from it. If the meal is unsalted or not sour enough, praise her that it is perfectly cooked and get up and fix the taste yourself. The "prana" is the life energy that exists in every person, but in different quantity. If a man's cut heals easily, this means that he has a greater amount of prana. And the other way around - whoever doesn't have enough of it, his cut would heal slowly. There is a law, by which if you put your hand to a cut with any bigger size, it will immediately be healed.

Thank God when you eat, because he gave you the possibility to be satisfied and to gain new powers and to keep on with your life on Earth. Thank Him when you read a book, because he gave you the possibility to gain new knowledge.

Thank when you pick a flower and you smell it, because He gave you this pleasure. And thank, thank for everything!

The physical body gives us the rough material and serves as a scaffolding for building the spiritual body, with which we will materialize and dematerialize, once we pass to the spiritual world. If the soul in the physical body didn't manage to build a spiritual body, then after the death of the physical body it remains like an orphan, poor and it can not manifest, because it doesn't have a place to draw power from.

The spiritual world is like a mirage - when people get closer to it, it disappears from their sight, they don't find it and they say that there is no spiritual world. After several tests like this they become reasonable that the base of the things is somewhere else and they will come backwards one day, but not for the mirage, but for the essence itself. The same thing happens when we look at the things through mirrors.


9th of April, 1914, Bourgas

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: Elena_Ivanova (Елена Иванова)

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