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1912_03_31 What means faith? (Elena)


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Готов превод Що значи съдба? - 31.3.1912-ИБ-48 / .: 31.3.1912-ИБ-48

TITLE: What means faith?

Mr. Deunov has read the First Chapter from the first epistle of Peter. The text was verse 17 upon which the following thoughts were shared.

"The righteous ones" from God's home are all those who have kept the God's will during all their reincarnations. What means faith? To judge the right of one person. But this word also means a definition of the things - to define the attitude of the people, that they have between each other and the quality of one thing, by clarifying what exact work it may accomplish. Each one of you should find a place in Christ's body. The karma is the first understanding of the faith. For example I have justified someone - he has to return it back to me. Following the thoughts above and when we answer the question what faith is, we unknowingly stand before the truth that, to be able find the right answer we should know first that the process will come where we will be tested. So, first of all Ararat is in front of us, meaning we have to find a harbor for us. We are in the flood and the first place that we have to find is a mountain on which we can stand. The second stage is the forest of Moriah, where we should make a sacrifice to God. The third step is Sinai, where the God's law was given. There it will get foggy, but the law will be given. The forth step is Tavor, where Christ has transformed. And the last stage is Golgota. One must pass these stages during his spiritual development and should think upon them. Jesus Christ is the One Who has this alchemical power that was given to us, so that we can successfully pass through these stages. And what concept do you have about Jesus Christ? You should only ask Him, so that you have the right concept about Him. The power won't come in us until we start judging ourselves. Therefore we shouldn't complain when we are put under test, because we have voluntarily went to the "competition". In the current times we have the greatest conditions to get closer to God and to become rulers of our faith. And to be a ruler means to be beyond the karmic law. Work, work: you should work best for God for another 15 - 16 years and after that you will welcome Christ either here or in the astral world.

18th of March, 1912, Sunday

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: Elena_Ivanova (Елена Иванова)

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