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1920_01_22 Meekness and humility (Elena)


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Готов превод Кротостта и смирението - 22.1.1920-ИБ|ООК-266 / .: 22.1.1920-ИБ|ООК-266

TITLE: Meekness and humility

Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, because I'm meek and humble in heart".*

I'm asking you: which word is the most important one and the most meaningful one for the hungry person? - "Bread". - Which word is the most important one for the thirsty person? - "Water". Which word is the most important one for the ill person? - "Health". - And for those who study? You answered well to the first three questions, but you couldn't do it for the last one. Why the bread is the most important word for the hungry person? The same law applies in life; therefore I want to help you to understand all the words the same way that you understand the word bread. When you pronounce the word "bread", immediately in your brain appears the power that it brings, the life that it contents. So, the bread is the most important word, not only because it satisfies the hunger, but it also brings the necessary to the person to keep going on his way. Which is the word in the spiritual word that matches the word bread?

You are getting prepared for work in life and therefore it is necessary that you understand the meaning of the words. All of you here were students in different classes, some of you even in high schools and you know how the teacher consistently unveils the first letter, the second one, the third one and then the rest of the letters, then he teaches you how to combine them, then he unveils the numbers, combines them and so on with the other disciplines. The words play the same roll on earth and once you understand their inner meaning you will see that they are magnitudes. For example if the teacher tells you to divide the number 10. To which numbers you can divide it? To 2, 5 and 10. But if you divide it to 2, 5 and 10 will your proportions be the same? If two men split 10 leva each one of them will take 5 leva, but if five men split them each one of them will take 2 leva. If ten people split them, each one will take 1 leva.

From the point of view of the earthly life, you would rather have 5 leva, instead of 2 or 1 leva, but in the spiritual world the number one is always preferred: it has a higher meaning, higher value than the number 5. Let's assume that your father has left you a heritage of 5 kg of grain in the barn and 1 kg of sown grain on the field - which one of them would you choose if you have to split it? Once you think for yourself, for your own good, you will have the 5 kg in the barn, but if you think about the others too, then you will prefer the one kilo that is sown on the field. The important one is the one that is sown on the field. Therefore the contemporary women should learn how to sow. You know how to sift flour, but it is already ready, grounded, you don't know how to sow grain on the field, neither you know the time it requires - when it should be sown. Therefore I'm leading you to the great inner law, which is like the first yarn of the sock. How do you learn your children to knit socks? First they have to make one loop, then a second one, a third one, a forth one and so on, and they are connected and they are forming a small circle, then they go up and start forming the rows one after the other. The knitting is a whole form of art. And you are asking if there is a meaning for the man to knit a sock. Yes. The meaning of life is also in knitting - the live knitting. Some people think that if they visit our school they will be given everything ready for them. No, they will have to make the loops first. The scholar has to learn how to knit, and that one, who doesn't learn will have to buy the ready socks from the market. But if there are stores in this world, in the spiritual world there aren't any, there you can't buy from anywhere. And if one doesn't know how to knit, there he has to find someone who knows how to knit and also who loves him so that he knits these socks for him. There the socks are being knitted. If you don't have anyone to love you, you won't have any socks. There is an analogy between the earthly and spiritual life, you understand this yourselves. When you were children you were joyful, happy, but once you started to get old your mood was lost. Why? Because you gave the earthly life a higher value than it actually costs.

On a trade language this means that you buy a house for one million leva, but due to the reason that the prices are changing you are selling it for 100.000 leva, this means that you loose 900.000 lv. In this case this is a loss. You evaluate highly the earthly life and you are ready to give everything precious for you for it, you are ready to sacrifice your mind and your heart. This is a big mistake. I don't say that you have to despise this life, but for everything you should give as much as it costs. For example the one, the two, the three, the four, every number has its own value; but if another division comes where the one starts being divided on smaller pieces, same for the two, the value of these numbers will decrease even more. As for the earthly life you have to learn its inner meaning, meaning the life of your consciousness. In what stays the power of this inner life? Let's say you think that you believe in God and you pray, but you don't have even one positive experience that God is listening to you. Sometimes it happens that you pray for something and your prayer is being heard, but sometimes not; then some doubt arises in you if you are being heard and you have no positive experience to know why sometimes you are being heard and sometimes not, meaning you don't have the experience of Moses, who had a strong belief. Why was his teaching so powerful? Because he had taught about one God that he knew. He had always said: "This said the Lord". You are Christians, you believe in Christ, I'm asking you: how many of you have experiences by which you know Christ, not as he was on earth, but as he is now? And this experience is necessary and you should strive toward it. And to gain it you should have a great humility in your soul. Why do you need the humility?

Christ says: "Come to me, as I'm meek and humble in heart". What do you understand by the words "meekness" and "humility"? A meek and humble person doesn't understand that he has to become a bridge for everyone. No. The meek and humble person is not the weakest, he is the strongest, who doesn't do any harm and the smartest, who never allows negative thoughts. Many of you understand that you make mistakes and you get sad about that; but to avoid them you need two qualities for your heart - meekness and humility. And you gain them during the biggest tests and the hardest times in life and not during a festive life. You don't gain them in the stores, neither in the schools nor in the churches. You will ask me: then where do you gain them? I will answer you with a comparison. If the steal asks you where it can gain light and warmth how will you answer it? In the fireplace where you need a blower and a blacksmith. Now I'm driving your thoughts toward this low, so that you change your point of view regarding the things. Where stays the fireplace in the man? In the heart. Is your fireplace ready for work? The human heart is not as simple as the steal's heart, because you forge precious thoughts on it. You need coal for it. The coal can be either wooden or pit coal. Do you also need the same for the heart? Yes. The contemporary technicians use electricity instead of coal and they receive it with the help of different acids. Can you bring this earthly fire in your heart? How do you form this energy? The love is the electricity that transforms our hearts, therefore it should be let in. I'm asking you: which is the coal needed to warm up the stomach? The food. So, the wheat makes the coal for the stomach. Which is the coal for the lungs? The air. Which is the coal for the human brain? The thoughts. Lets apply the same analogy for the spiritual life, so that we understand it. Can there be fire in the fireplace if there is no air? "No, it can't". Then which is the air for the spiritual life? The thought. So we have to let it in us, so that there is fire.

When a person wants to produce inner heat, needed for the creation of what he wants there should definitely be a running thought. You know from your experience what the the blower produces on the outside. The thought awakens through five channels and these are the five senses. Lets assume that you live in several rooms where the air is not clean and these rooms are interconnected with special ventholes; than if the dirty air gets from one room to the other will your condition improve? No. You have to bring fresh air in your rooms from the outside, from the nature. This means that if you like to fresh up your mind your thoughts should come directly from the Divine world? The contemporary scientists can compress the air, they can make it to a liquid and then to solid state, so if you take a compressed thought the way that you understand the laws, you can transform it to a liquid and then to an air state and this way you would learn how to think. If you don't know how to transform the state of your thoughts then when you take a solid thought it will hurt you. Therefore The Apostle Paul says: "The solid food is for the strong ones". Which one of you knows how to transform their thoughts? Very few. Your bigger brothers will work for you. You watch how fine they work on you and you say to yourselves: "This is dark work, it is not for us, we are noble, we are born for more noble work". No, this is where you start from.

Assume that sometimes you are being tortured from a desire of yours that happens often and therefore you have a ball laying in your heart, which painfully shrinks. What is this ball, how does it shrink your heart? What is the shrinkage? The contemporary science says that the bodies shrink from the cold and they expand from the heat. Therefore once you feel that your heart has shrunk, I'm telling you that you have negative desires and thoughts, such as: hatred, jealousy, resentment and so on. This hatred may be in your conciseness, you may see it, but it can also come out karmically from your subconsciousness and you don't know the reason but you feel your heart shrunk. From this shrinkage of the heart often the navel may unroll. Many of you suffer from unrolled navel. I don't think it is pleasant when someone's navel is unrolled, and therefore the Bulgarians are trying to roll it. I will explain you what means the unrolled navel. You know that when the baby is in the mother's venter it is feeding via its navel. When you feed your children with a feeding bottle once it opens the child can not be fed. Now you are thinking: "Shall we deal with the navel now, that's easy?" The biggest sufferings of the people, I'm telling you are laying in the unrolling of the navel: once your navel unrolls spiritually this person is not normal, there is some anomaly in his feelings. The rolling of this stomach brain is nothing else but putting his power in an active state, meaning so that is becomes positive.

The Solar knot serves mainly to the human magnetism and the brain serves mainly to the electricity. These two flows are crossing each other. A movement starts on the place of this crossing. Those who suffer from neurasthenia feel a specific budding from top to bottom and this is from the molecules of the electricity that are crawling on their nervous system. Once they interrelate with the magnetism, one immediately feels a certain heat that is unrolling from the bottom to the top. After that the neurasthenics feel again a certain cool down, then again a heating and so on. During these rapid changes the person gets a flue. In the spiritual world these rapid changes are not accepted. There should be a balanced exchange between the head and the sympathetic nervous system or the solar knot or putting it in another way - on the musical language, there should be harmony between the mind and the heart. The heart functions through the stomach brain and the mind functions through the nervous system. All spiritual people who want to tone themselves can do that because there are certain ways of toning the brain and the sympathetic nervous system. This toning is necessary because if the wires of your nervous system are not prepared your thoughts and your feelings will not be transferred correctly to the outside world. The nervous system can become so sensitive that the slightest push can cause some pain. With every push or with every unpleasant look you will be exploding. The unpleasant look is nothing else but electricity coming out of your eyes. The electricity of the thought is the strongest one and it is not being regulated directly from the human will. You should learn how to regulate your eyes. When you look at someone the invisible world should send their blessing through that look. In all the people that want to learn there isn't a desire to give, but to receive. Their eyes are not like pipes through which they send water, but like pumps. You don't need this. The exchange should be balanced - you should give as much as you get.

The living nature never tolerates the fakeness. If it gives you 1 kg of wool it will tell you: that much will get lost during washing, that much will get lost during spinning and you will remain with 700 g of pure high quality wool, this means that 300 g are lost. If you loose more from these 700 g it will ask you where this wool is and it will show you that you are being sloppy. A woman can make a whole suit from these 300 g. If you don't succeed today this is because you are throwing away too much of the wool. A feeling comes to you and you say: "Oh, this feeling should leave, I'll take another one". You throw away this and that and then you go to your living mother and she tells you that you don't have 700 g of wool but only 300 g. This is due to the fact that you don't have that humility and meekness in you that Christ had. You come with those concepts of past glory that you had on heaven. But no, you are no kings daughters here. For Christ it is said that he became humble when he came in a servants form and semblance of human. You came to this world many times, now you came to study, but so that you learn you have to understand the basic laws that God has put in life.

I will give you this basic thought: the laws won't change according to your desires, no matter if you have the knowledge or not. No matter if you are rich or poor, if you have heard it or not, the living law doesn't excuse anyone, it doesn't change cause of anyone. The way that you do good is one, it doesn't change. From the Divine world it is required that the relations we have between each other are pure - nothing more, nothing less. Your relations should be as of the baker to whom was given first quality wheat and based on the law he knows what purity and what clarity this wheat should have, but he takes part of it, hides it and puts a lower quality instead and spoils the bread. You often practice this art, meaning that you are spoiling the nice feelings that God gave you and you mix it with bad ones. But from the invisible world they often revise you and if they see that your bread is mixed, they punish you ruthlessly. God is fair towards all actions. When we do mistakes unconsciously he excuses us, but when we do mistakes consciously he keeps us responsible. All of you want to study, to follow the God's will, but I'm asking you: why don't you start? You say: "I don't know". The unknowing is not absolute, you know many things. You have to strive from what you know to what you don't know. If you compare a lower animal with the human there is a big difference: it needs a long time to get to know the basic elements of life, because there are elements that should be possessed in every life. In first place, as a rule, you should know how to save energy and to live time. You hardly supply energy. You see this in the different ill people, like neurasthenics and so on. The power that God gave you you have to live it smartly. I'm not imprinting you the thought to save it but to live it smartly. When a person is healthy he never looses his energy. But when you start making these inner gaps, the energy starts running out of you itself and then you start looking like a broken vase. Do you know what people are doing with such a vase? They are putting wax on it or other stuff but it is temporary. I don't want you to reach the state where your cracks are being glued with wax. Christ says: "Come to me, as I'm meek and humble in heart". When a man learns this art - to become meek and humble he will notice in himself a certain process of rejuvenation. The meekness and humility are a method of healing different disabilities.

So, during the first lesson make your foundation with these two elements: meekness and humility and let us see which one of you will get a prize. When a student has mastered the art of sewing, of drawing, of playing different instruments and whatever other art, there is a test of how he has mastered the teachings; you will be tested the same way. I'm talking about the meekness and the humility, because many of you think that you can go without these qualities. No, they are the foundation of the earthly life, you can't make a single step forward without them. You can't teach any secret or any art without meekness and humility - they are the capital. It is said: God opposes the proud and gives his blessings - the conditions for development, to the humble ones. It can be proved with statistics that all the great scientists that have given something to the world and that have done something for the good of humanity, that brought it a step forward, were humbled and meek people. It is said for Moses that he was the humblest among the people back then. His students were putting all their mistakes on his back and he has supported that. They have killed people saying: "Moses said so". Moses was telling them to root out their mistakes and they were saying: "The men and the cattle are easier to root out then the mistakes".

I will lead you to a situation, so that you think about it. When you observe the sunrise you are watching East and you are observing if there is some change on the horizon. If the sky is clear the change is sharper; if it is cloudy, foggy, you will see the change more difficult. If you want to see if there is a sunrise inside of you which direction will you turn? Which direction is your East? Find where is East, West, North and South and where is your zenith? I will ask you something else: where is your tropical belt? When you go back home, try thinking deeper about that. Make the following experiment. The children or your husband irritate you - it immediately gets dark for you - you have an evening inside of you - go out and check if your sky is cloudy or it is clear, if there is a storm, a thunder or it is clear and still. If your sky is clear, there is a little light but soon it gets lost then it becomes dark for you, it becomes night - this shows that you are not waiting for the sunrise. What is your method when your mood changes? You have to pay an installment of 10'000 leva, but you don't have money, your mood is dark; a friend comes and gives you this amount - immediately it gets bright for you - the sunrise comes. Another example. Sometimes you are in a difficult situation, you start praying, immediately you get a little hope, like a bright ray that slowly but surely starts glowing brighter. You follow where this feeling comes from. These things are happening almost everyday with you, but you don't observe them. Try to allocate the place of these occurrences. Some of them look like this Bulgarian that passed close to a draw well with two water buckets hanging on the rope; he dropped the rope in the draw well and watered his cattle, but when he was leaving he figured out he needs rope for his cart and he decided to cut the rope of the two buckets, he finished his work and left. Soon after he passed again through the same place, he wanted to drink water, but he saw that the buckets are missing and he thought: "Hm, the buckets are not here". This way the people destroy themselves their own happiness - they are cutting the rope of the buckets and then they are wondering why the buckets are not there. I'm making a comparison. The two buckets are the meekness and the humility. Without these buckets you can't water your soul. The rope that keeps the meekness and the humility is missing. The next time that you come to me I want you to put the rope on its place, no mater where you will take it from, you may buy it. You may doubt the success and you may say that you are old, let your daughters learn. Every mother says that: "Let my daughter learn, this is not for me", you won't do anything like that. 8000 years you are laying on your daughters. Your real daughter doesn't leave you. If she leaves you she is not your daughter. A son that leaves his father is not a son.

God's blessings come with the meekness and the humility. A house that has these qualities has health and power. You have to keep away from bad thoughts, from anger because they will take away your power. The bad people know the way to take your power out of you, like the niggers that are hunting elephants - they cut the muscles of their legs on two different places and the elephants fall on their knees. A person should have a shield against the bad characters so that he doesn't loose the power that God gave him. Therefore the Writings say: "The bad societies destroy the good habits".

In this school first you have to learn how to create art, to be carriers of good thoughts, good feelings, that you create a harmony among you.

Then a lot of the knowledge will come naturally and the light will spread. When I look at you I see that everything in you is mixed up. This shows that your buckets are not connected with a rope.

So, as a first rule, you will place yourselves this task to be meek and humble, but not as like you have understood it up to now, but meek and humble about endurance and power. Some say: "I became meek and humble, but everyone attacked me". No, the meek and humble person supports everything with dignity and his mind becomes more flexible. You shouldn't irritate people. You often make jokes but if someone smarter and stronger appears you become irritated. You should know that: "with whatever measure you measure, it will be measured to you". I don't say that you are bad people, but you have too much salt, you have oversalted the dish. What is the cure then? Put more water in. Sometimes you put more peppers and you become more spicy. What is the anger? Peppers. The peppers are a good thing, but you shouldn't put more than needed from them.

What do you do when a ball appears on your heart, when you have some pain? A friend of yours comes, you start complaining to him and in a while this ball disappears. You have given this ball to your friend. He goes somewhere else, tells your story and transfers your ball. And so this ball keeps circling around until it goes back to the first person from which it came out. This thing that you do is not a science. It is correct to share your pain only with the man who will understand you and will heal you or you should go in a deeper state of thinking or start praying. This way the ball will disappear. You will start working and the art will come to you itself. I know three types of people: the first type are meek and humble when they are in the society cause of fear, the second type - when they are in church, because the veneration
requires it, the third type - at home. You recognize the meekness and the humility at home. They correct all the mistakes. I think that the law of love can't work if you are not meek and humble at home. When you get in your room where no one bothers you, there you will learn this art. The meek and humble person never stands out in the world, he always takes the last place. It is good that a man takes first place in the truth, in the love, in the virtue, in the wisdom, but if he wants to take a first place in this world, he will loose the art to be meek and humble.

Christ has said: "If any man desire to be first, the same shall be last of all". That one who is first in heaven remains last on earth and the other way around. I would like you all to be first in love, in truth, in wisdom, in justice, in meekness, in humility, in mercy. This way Christ has started the first school 2000 years ago, but afterwards it was corrupted. The first Christians had a direct message from the spiritual world. You can't be spiritual until you have a tight connection with the invisible world. Only then it will get clear to you, you will see how the people are living there. For now you have only glances from the other world and you study it the way that some study life - circling around the museums and the old monuments. They see some birds, animals, but they are dead, this is not the other world yet. Once you get there you start studying the life of these birds, how they live, how they reproduce and so on. When you get in a tight connection with the spiritual world, then you will rejuvenate and you will become strong. In the Gospel this is called "a new birth" for which all kinds of definitions are given. The new birth means rejuvenation - means that you will be able to live both in this world and the other world or to say it another way to know how to transform the energy of the physical world to the spiritual world and the other way around.

Keep working on meekness and humility because there is no better thing than that, to be in a society of meek and humble people. When you put the meekness and the humility as a milestone you will be able to remove all obstacles, difficulties, troubles that you meet in the society, in your homes or wherever else. You have the meekness and the humility in yourselves, but up to now they have been sitting in your barns in a potential state, now you have to drag them out on the field and to sow them there. Some of you are meeker and humbler because they have more moisture. And those who are the harder lumps on the field, they have no moisture. And some don't have any meekness and humility so even the love come to such person it won't do anything, it will dry him, it will make him to a smoked meet. To understand love you have to pass through the meekness and the humility. This is the law. That energy that comes from the sun has to pass through the moisture first and then it will transform. I can transform the ordinary love of anyone, even the greatest beast since I feed him regularly, if I give him some wine. But this is the animal state of love, this is not that love that we are striving to. If someone takes your food, if he insults you, this ceases your love. You have to have the same attitude toward everyone that God has toward you: for so many thousands of years you make sins in front of Him and He hasn't changed His attitude. The meekness and humility are the shield, the protecting tools that push away all the troubles. Imagine that you are in a modern fortified fortress and the shrapnel that attack you from everywhere are bouncing away; you are not worried because you know that the shrapnel don't fall inside and you are waiting for your enemy to finish all his munitions.

This is what humility is. A person comes to you to insult you, but if you are humble he will say: "I'm not angry any more". If you are a meek person you will change the mood of your enemy. If you can't do that this means that you are not a meek person. The meekness is a gift for the man - there's nothing to study about it; you have learn it when you were sheep or caws and cattle, when your wool was taken, your meat was taken, when you were working all day on the field and in the morning you were looking at your master pleased and smiling. Now you have to awaken all these forms from the past in your consciousness, this meekness that you have from the old times. The modern clothes that you wear now are not as comfortable and as hygienic, therefore when you go back home you put your old clothes. Put the faith in you mind and know that for that one who believes everything is possible. That one who has no meekness and humility, only he can't make an achievement. You have to keep your dignity as a soul and to be insulted when you tell a lie, when the hatred gets in your heart, when you make nonsense and so on.

Don't insult anyone, because often in you there lives a noble spirit, you may insult him and after when you look for him he won't be there anymore. If there is something that disgusts me the most it is a man that insults. I'm putting such man in the last place in life. The most unpleasant thing for the spirit is when the people are insulting each other. Tie this devil or at least put him to work. So the humility tames the greed in the man and the meekness is the arm against the anger in the man.

You have to form groups of two, three, four, not more than ten people and you should choose such that you are in harmony with. Don't gather only tiny or only fat, but one tiny, one fat. Two tiny or two fat have the same mindset. Or to gather one with a pear face and one with an apple face. When you group up based on your tempers the magnetic flows will be able to circle correctly. The best is that you always remain lined up like that. This is necessary for the inner rejuvenation of the organism. Afterwards I will tell you if your choice was right. A person shouldn't only study, but his brain should always rejuvenate. Only this way you will gain true knowledge and you will become positive people, because you are not such ones now. If you are put to persecution, to tortures, how many of you would last? I will give several exercises to these groups. But for this there should be created a harmony, so that the laws of this matter are tested. Along with that will go the faith. Whoever has doubts won't succeed and therefore he shouldn't waist his time. Everything here happens by the law of the freedom. That one who follows it will be blessed from God. That one who has no doubt and who gets in the school to learn, he will remain till the end and that one who has doubts he will leave the school very soon.

If you place the meekness and the humility as a foundation you will be able to do anything. The rejuvenation will come only this way.

(A talk given in front of the female students of the occult school of the Universal Brotherhood of Light on the 22nd of January 1920, Thursday)


*Mathew 11,29

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