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1918_10_27 The two orders (Tedi)


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Готов превод Двете заповеди - 27.10.1918-НБ-203 / .: 27.10.1918-НБ-203

Title: The two orders

"To come to love your Lord God.. To come to love your neighbour..."

From Mark 12: 30-31

The striving in the life of the beings is nothing else but impulse for manifestation of Life itself. In order for the sensible life to be manifested, object and conditions are needed. The object and the conditions show, that a person has to feel this striving internally.

Christ says: "’Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength." Expressed in this way the Love towards God, this understands manifestation of her internal meaning. A lot is talked about Love, but how do we have to love? In the today's society Love is manifested in different ways, but the purpose is still not gained, which we are pursuing. Normally, an object in the love of the girl is the boy; an object of the boy is the girl. They both love each other and think that as they marry, they will be happy. But it does not come out like this. Then the girl starts to seek the guilt in the boy, and he in the girl. Children are born to them, and they start to think that happiness will come through their children, but as she gained it, she is disappointed again. The disappointment is due to misunderstanding of Love.

The present-day people do not understand the Love neither by form, nor by content, nor by meaning. For a word to be understood by form, by content and by meaning, this means, it to produce certain action on the human mind, heart and will. If you hold an apple in your hand, you have a partial idea about it: what is the size and its form, what is her colour, whether it grows in Bulgaria or somewhere else. But what taste does the apple have and what is her power you do not know. There are two kinds of apples: one that are born on the Tree of knowing the Good, and others - on the Tree of knowing Evil. The first ones will be sweet or bitter, the second ones - cruel or merciful. From the person and from the case it depends which of the two traits will manifest. The fruits of these trees are like houses of sand, which the children make and destroy. As they become hungry, they go in their homes and say to their mothers: "Mother, we are hungry, give us bread!" After that they go out again outside to create and destroy their sand houses. Their mothers ask them: "Where were you?" - At work. Such is the understanding of today's people for life and that's how they live. Every day they build houses, arrange gardens and every day they destroy them. Christ defines how we have to love God and how - our neighbour. We will love God with all our heart, with all our soul, mind and strength and the neighbour like ourselves.

As the path of the human development is traced, we see that a person grows physically, heartily, mentally and as a soul. So, he goes simultaneously through four worlds: through the physical, where the body is developed; through the heartily, namely through the passions and desires, through the Mental, namely through the world of thought. The mental world we call also a world of immortality, of the conscious soul, of the human ego, when a person realizes that he is a separate individual. We also call the human ego a body of the Divine Spirit. Under strength we understand the human will, the higher manifestation of a person. The four worlds - the physical, Spiritual, Mental and Causal correspond to the four bodies of a person. The most known of all is the physical body, which consists of three covers. One of them is etheric, which goes out from the physical body at one-two centimetres. Through it the physical forces are going: electricity and magnetism. As we are dressing our physical body with thick or thin clothes, in order to protect it from cold or heat, so and the etheric cover is a healthy cloth of the physical body, which it protects from outside influences. The etheric cover is connected with another, called astral, which governs the passions. It protects the person for example from wrath, from the desire to revenge and etc. The astral cover is connected with the Astral world, called subconscious. This world is connected with the wide Divine world, from where it draws materials for construction of the internal or spiritual life of the person. The soul represents the true person, who builds, creates and makes things. As a person gathers materials for the building of the physical body, so the soul gathers materials for building its Divine body.

A person has to have a house, not only for guests from the physical world, but he needs a house for accepting of God. For the creation of a physical house not only beams, bricks, doors and windows are needed, but it has to be beautiful, healthful and solid. For the creation of the physical world a plan is necessary. On equal reason a plan is needed also for the building of the Spiritual, namely Astral and of the Divine house. The angels give a plan for this house. In this sense the suffering which a person goes through, is nothing else except demolition of his old house. The commission, sent from the Sensible world, looks through the house, does not approve it and gives an order to be demolished. Some houses are demolished to the ground, and others partially, according to the times and conditions. From centuries on the people constantly build and demolish, because they do not know what is the Divine plan, and cannot apply it. It is time already for the Divine plan to be realized. For the construction of their houses, the people use rocks, bricks, beams, boards and other materials. For the creation of their body, they use food, water, air and light. That's how and the people and the animals build their bodies. The experiments which the people do for construction of their bodies are a result of the human Spirit, and not of the Divine. Why? Because the works of God are perfect. For now in the world the people and the Angels are building. And the angels make mistakes, but less than the people. When we say that in every law there are exceptions, we understand the works of the Angels, who have not done exactly their calculations. Their mistakes are small, but yet they make exceptions. So that renovation is brought in the worlds, which the people are building, Christ recommends Love towards God. The love of the person towards God is determined by the connection with Him. The more correct is the connection, the stronger is the Love.

Some ask how can we love God, if we have not seen him. I ask: Everything which man loves, does he see it? Another one says, that until he does not hear and see the things, he does not believe. In fact, a person believes in things, which neither has seen, nor heard. Sometimes a person loves something only as he has touched it. How does the blind ones love? The blind one does not see, but as he touches an object, comes to love it. Often the love of the blind ones is stronger than this of the people, who see. In fact, which people are blind and which have eyes? Whoever wants to rob, sees better than the others. Such a person has to become blind, namely to turn his sight towards the Spiritual world. Christ says: "If the right eye is enticing you, take it out and throw it outside." With what can the right eye be replaced? With touching and feeling.

The people are unhappy sometimes because of their physical seeing. They look at things externally, and do not train the feeling, namely the internal seeing. For example, a boy meets some girl, likes her externally and gives effect to his feelings, without knowing her soul. Not a lot of time passes, he becomes disappointed in her and becomes unhappy. In this case, it is preferable to not have this eye, which can entice you. If you touch the person, you will understand him better, than if you see him. The touching understands reading the letter, which he carries. From the letter you will know everything, which is hidden in hidden in the folds of his soul.

In order to understand the person, you need to stare at the features of his face. Everything is written there. Otherwise, he can smile, to be kind, and simultaneously to to wish you ill. Somebody else can be dark, closed in himself, but is ready every moment to do you good. So, it is not important with what ink the letter is the letter written - with black, blue or red; it's content is important.

The girl and the boy can write a letter with nice ink, of beautiful, flowery language, and by content to be caustic. There are beautiful people, who bite, there are ugly, who caress. In the face of such a beautiful are written out greed, egoism, self-interest and etc. As you are developing your sight, hearing and your other senses, work also on the internal traits, for example sensitivity. The sensitive person can with one touch to the hand of the person to know is he good or not. As he touches the hand to some beautiful, but bad person, he feels unpleasant feeling, as if he has touched a bear.

Christ says: "There is nothing hidden in the world, which will not be revealed." Truly, if the sensitive closes his eyes and touches the hand of somebody, he can immediately say is he good or bad. The things are hidden till then when we do not see or understand.

Therefore, when it is said that we have to love God and our neighbour, this means to begin to see and to change our life, to enter in the new conditions. This is a natural striving of the human soul. Every person wants to be healthy, beautiful, sensible, and this is accomplished only by the conditions of the New life. Remember, the health of the person springs from his will, the happiness - from his mind, and the bliss from the soul. These are not forms, are not empty words, but real things, which we can apply and in present-day life. As we are building a house, we give it a corresponding style. We give a certain style of the school, not like a hospital. Christ determines how many elements to participate in creation of the human body: mind, heart, soul and strength, namely will. You cannot love God only with your heart, or only with your soul, or only with your mind, or only with your will; you have to love Him with the four elements. Firstly he will arrange his heart, and afterwards his mind and soul. When the soul is arranged, we say that such a person revives. In the spiritual world the person is represented in the form of an alive house, which talks and moves.

Three masters - sculptor, artist and magi united to do a work in common. The sculptor took a rock, whittled it down and from it moulded a human. The artist took his brush and put him colours, which revived him. The magi inspired him life, and the statue became an alive person, who started to talk. Does not the same happen also in the Alive Nature? From the organic and inorganic matter, the Great sculptor made the person, with his external and internal limbs. With his brush the Great artist brings in the stains - the red blood cells, and at last comes the Great Magi, who inspires breath of Life, and he becomes an alive soul.

The physical world, in which we live, is not organized, but has to be organized. How? Through Love. That's why it is said that a person has to love God. Without Love towards God there is no life. This is what we see in the young girl and the young boy. As they marry, their first job is to make a house. Why do they need a house? For the child who will come. The child is their God. Therefore out of Love towards the child they build a house.

Some people do not build houses. In this relation they resemble birds, which do not create nests, but lay their eggs either in another's nests, or in the holes of the trees. Nobody asks them rent, that's why they are carefree. Their state is not like of those people, who pay hundrends of leva rent for an ordinary room, similar to a pit. And this is what the present-day cultured people of 20th century do. You live in one such hole two-three years and after that you carry the consequences of this prison. And when you go out of it, you thank that you have become free of the landlords. And the landlords thank that they have freed themselves of their tenants. A person is freed easily from his external tenants, but what will he do when their child comes, their internal tenant? It cries every night, gets its way, wants this and that, and the mother cannot sleep, she is not free to go to bed. The child is crying and as she cannot calm it down, she wakes up the father, and he to be occupied a little with it. The father says, that this is not his job, the mother is obliged to take care of her child. This is not love towards God, this is lack of understanding of the great Divine law. Why does the child cry? Because it sees that he has deceived itself. It says: "There is no love in this world. I paid a lot, I received a little." But the mother takes it in her arms, bathes it, feeds it and as she satisfies its needs, it calms down and says: "Now I am content, life has meaning."

A person has tenants also in himself, which make him dissatisfied. Today the woman is dissatisfied, does not want to live. The man buys her something, cheats her. Tomorrow the man is dissatisfied. His wife makes a banitza, satisfies him. But, these are toys with which the people calm themselves down temporarily. The dissatisfaction does not have to be cheated, but has to be brought up. This is accomplished throught the application of Love. We have to love God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our mind and with all our strength. If the heart is not working, also the soul will not work. If the mind is not working, also the will will not work. This is the internal connection between the forces in the person, through which he is brought up. To bring up a person, this means, to put him in the Right path of Life, to be able to work on his own.

The people educate and self-educate, but they do not have results. Why? Because they have started to work firstly with their heart, after that with their mind, and have neglected their soul. In this, namely, the mistake of the current century lies in. The present-day people have not gone through the evolution of their soul, but only through the evolution of their mind and their heart. This is the reason why the people are dissatisfied. You cannot jump over one or several steps, so that you reach the top sooner. Whoever thinks that with jumping over of the steps will reach the top earlier, he resembles of philosophers, who carry out wrong conclusions for Life.

A philosopher liked to lay under the shadows of the trees and to cogitate. One day he laid under one tree, rested and fell into a deep sleep. As he woke up, it was already dark, it got dark. He said to himself: "Oddly thing, how soon it got dark! In the old days the summer days were longer." Another philosopher laid under a pear tree to rest and to cogitate about life. This was during one warm autumn day. As he was thinking, he raised his eyes towards the tree and saw that there were pears on it. Now he started thinking: "What great incongruity there is in Nature. This pear is so big, and its fruits little. The pumpkin is a small plant with big fruits. Could not God make exactly the opposite: to give to the pear big fruits, and to the pumpkin little?" As he was pondering on this question, he got carried away and fell asleep. In order to give him a good lesson and to free him from the wrong conclusion, God sent strong wind, which moved the branches of the pear and took down several fruits on the ground. One pear fell exactly on the nose of philosopher and made it bleed. He got stressed, touched his nose and saw blood. He immediately thought of his wrong conclusion and said: "Thank you God, that the pear does not have big fruits like the pumpkin. If one little pear was able to make my nose bleed, what would have happened with me, if on my head a pumpkin had fallen?"

And today's people think like this philosopher. They are staying under the pear and tell to themselves: "Why did God placed on our tree such small fruits?" If God had put a pumpkin on this tree, your head would have suffered. The smaller the fruits of your pear are, the better for you. You have many desires without suspecting that they are explosive matterials. Thank also for the small desires, because the Divine life starts with small quantities; if you realize the small desires, they become masters of the big ones. As he strived to realize his big desires, the person jumped over one step from the ladder of his development, because of which today the egoism, pride , greediness have got the upper hand in him. Somebody thinks that he knows a lot. If he knows a lot why does not he free himself from death? You will answer back that as he has been born, by all means a person has to die. This is true but not in an absolute sense. A house which is built only on four stakes, will surely fall, but it is not like this with the house which is built on a solid foundation. We see the same also in Nature. Plants, which have thin roots and branches, wither easily. But those plants, which have healthy, thick roots, stand up to big storms and winds. They are notable for long life. The idealists neglect the material life and say that a person does not have to strike his roots deeply in the matter. On the contrary, you will go down deep in the matter, in order to obtain those materials, out of which you will make use of in the future. The deeper the person goes down in matter, the bigger suffering he has and the greater experiences and lesson he derives.

The present-day people go back to the evolution of the soul, towards the degree which they have jumped over. In the future they will go through the evolution of Power. It is said that the Kingdom of God is not built on the mind or the heart, but on the Power. We have to love the person that much, in so far as our mind, our soul, our heart and our strength represent an object of Love. The Love, for which the people are talking, is determined by the material conditions of life. That's why often some say that they do not love people. For them this is natural. They love in order to take something. Who will sit under some dry pear? The pear under which you sit has to have not only leaves but also fruits. Who do they not love? Whoever does not have leaves and fruits on his tree. Such a person they call demagnetized, he is depleted, there is nothing for him to give. He passes for bad, for not understood person, but also the others who do not understand him, are not differing very much from him. Everyone is complaining that he is not understood, but he also does not understand people. It is not easy to understand the person. "To love one another!" - And this is not easy. But as hard it is to love a person, the easy it is to love him. If you give to a person something of your mind, of your heart, of your soul and strength, he will love you by all means. That's why God says that we have to love him, in order to receive something from him. He says: "Pick from the fruits of the Tree of Life, in order to be strong, to manifest the Love, Justice, mercy, gentleness and abstention." Only in this way can a person show his character, only in this way can temper his will. Whoever has strong will is gentle and humble. You will say that you do not want to be as gentle as sheep. The sheep is not gentle. It has softness, not gentleness. Great efforts has the sheep manifested until it becomes a sheep. It has been once a wolf and afterwards it became a sheep. Whoever wants to gain softness, Love, to feed himself with sheep's meat. As soon as gains these traits, he does not need such a meat anymore.

A person has to know what kind of food is necessary for the development of the mind, heart and will. The future science will point the path of the person also in this respect. The more solid the house a person wants to build, the more solid material he chooses. The same goes also for the body. The food which you are using, has to be healthy, pure, of good-quality. The health of the person depends on the food. Every food has to correspond with the development of the person. According to the degree of the mental and spiritual development, some feed with meat, others with plant food, and third - with fruits. It is important for a person to know how to eat. When it comes to the evolution of the soul, a person will feed with fruits. Until this time he will use meat or plant food and he will answer for every violence done on the alive beings. In the book of Life is written for every person how many birds, how much game, how much beef he has eaten in all of the years of his existence on earth, as in a boarding house, and will be forced to pay.

The suffering of the present-day people are due to namely the overeating and the indiscriminate eating. The mother of humanity - Eve, dared to eat only one time without permission from the forbidden fruit and paid a high price for this eating. Eight thousand years went by since she ate from the fruit of the tree for knowing Good and Evil, but even to this day this lunch is still not paid in full. The snake was telling her "If you eat from this fruit, you will learn all secrets in the world and you will become like God.'' She did not become like God, but learned a lot of secrets. But to this day is still paying for the knowledge which she learned prematurely. I want all people to prove with their lives that they are able not to sin like Eve. This means that they have learned their lesson and have correct the mistake of Eve.

It is said to love God with all your mind. With this it is underlined, that a person has to love God also with his thought. It is enough to direct your mind in the Mental world, in order to perceive these powers, through which you can love God. Can your mind understand the laws of the Mental world, you become a creator. Only in this way a person can make a character in himself. Therefore, if you want to be healthy, your will has to be connected with your heart; in order to be smart, your will has to be connected with your mind; in order to have correct relations towards all people, your will has to be connected with your soul; in order to have a steady and strong will, your soul has to be connected with the Divine Spirit.

Do experiments every day, to see if you love God with mind, with soul, with heart and with your strength. Imagine you want to do good to someone. You will strive in the Good the four elements to participate: mind, heart, will and soul. That one, to whom you will do Good, is an object; the way in which you will do the Good has to include the powers of mind, the heart, of the soul and of the will. Done in this way, it is a Divine good, namely you have connected with your heart, mind, soul and with the power of God. Think of Him as an absolute reality. As you connect with God, for a moment he can take you in his world, to see and understand what does Love mean. It is dangerous to enter in this world, because you would not want to go back to the earth. That's why the Divine world is closed for the people. When they are ready, and this world will open up for them, as today the physical world is open.

"To come to love your neighbour as yourself" - The second important order. It is not said to come to love the weak, but your neighbour. Who is your neighbour? Every suffering, who you meet on the path. To love him, this means to connect him with the mind, with the heart, with the soul and with the strength of God. Rejoice that you are in connection between God and your neighbour. Only in this way you will correct your mistakes towards him. Once you have offended him, enticed him or impeded him in his development. The suffering of your neighbour are conditions, which favour for his connection with God. And You will serve as an intermediary. Somebody has to give you a hand, to take you out from the water, in which you are drowning. Without suffering a person cannot find God. It is said in the Scripture: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish."

"To come to love God." "To come to love your neighbour". These are two orders, which have also a scientific and practical meaning for the person. How do you understand these orders, is not important; the important is to love. If you love, God will send a Teacher, who to reveal the internal meaning of love. Then you will not ask why you have to love God and your neighbour.

What will happen to you if you only love yourselves? Whoever you meet, you will always talk about yourselves. A day will come when your close ones will stop visiting you. Not only this, but whoever does not agree with your opinion, you will beat him on an equal footing. And every one will run away from you.

What sense there is to visit a person, who will you beat you up in the end? You will remember him on this and on the other world. As the person is remembered with the bad, which he has done to you, that's how he is remembered also with the Good, and the Love towards you. Christ has shown himself into the world, namely through the law of Love. You apply the Love as well, in order to show yourselves to your neighbour. It is not important to know what does Love represent; it is important to apply it. You make use of the sun light and warmth without knowing what does the Sun represent, from what elements it is composed and etc. The real knowledge lies in the Love. What sense there is much knowledge, if the man is beating his wife? He knows a lot, but does not know how to restrain his hand. And the women is going to church, listens to spiritual sermons, but when she comes back home, will surely beat one of the children. If they ask her why she beats it, she will say that she wants to put in place his mind, or to make him expess his love.

All people ask where do the suffering come from. It is easily answered to this question: the suffering comes either from the men, or from the women, namely either from the mind of the person, or from the heart.

A Bulgarian has a soft spot towards the wine. He was always drunk. Whatever he earned, always gave it to the bar keeper. One day his wife waited for him in front of the door with a stick in her hand - she was healthy, strong Bulgarian - hit him stronly on the hand and broke it. After that she helped him to enter inside and asked him:

- Will you drink again?

- I will not drink again.

On the next day he went to some healer to put into place the broken arm. He asked him:

How did it happen, that you broke your arm?

- Leave it, I fell badly from the horse.

The stick made him sober. This stick plays in the hands of parents, of teachers, of chiefs, of ministers and helps people to become sober. A person to become sober, this means to stop making mistakes.

Nature is using another method - with death. When she wants to make a person to not wrong, she sends death. When she pushes him with her hand, a person dies. They put it on the back, they fold his hands and carry him to the other world. The folded hands show repentance. A person repents and says that he will not make mistakes anymore. Some people as they die, they turn with the back up, they are ashamed to look God. Death teaches the person to live by mind, by heart, by soul and by will. As he passes through the zone of death, he will surely learn something. For a start he loses heart, but after that the forces of the mind, the soul and of the will come to him for help, and he takes heart.

What should be done today, in order for a person to get over the difficulties in his life? The only salvation is in the application of the Christ teaching. As he is applying, a person comes to knowing himself. That's how he understands with what capital he disposes of and what is lacking. The Christ teaching gives methods for dealing with the negative forces in himself. For example, hatred, envy are two negative forces, which are poisoning the human organism. It is enough to look in the spectroscope, in order to know what kind of elements or compounds you observe through it. By the light and dark lines in the spectrum you get to know the presence of certain elements. In the same way, it is enough to look at the lines and forces, which are working in the mind, heart, soul and will of the person, in order to know what feelings, thoughts and desires stimulate him. The suffering of the person show the degree of disharmony between the elements mind, heart, soul and will. As soon as the disharmony is removed, and the suffering disappears. As the water in Nature plays an important role for the life of the organisms - plants, animals and people, also the entering of the person deeper in the dense matter of life leads to degeneration. The water is necessary for the organisms in certain quantity. If its quantity increases, they drown. Protect yourselves, to not drown in Life.

Christ says to his disciples: "To love God with all the heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength. To love your neighbour as yourself." The people ask themselves: "Which God do we have to love?" - The visible. But, as the mother is invisible for the child until it is still in her womb, so for many people God is invisible and unknown. They are still in the womb of God, they have not come out of him. As they come out of Him, they will see Him, without knowing Him. A lot of time will have to pass, in order to see Him and know Him. Whoever says that He has seen God and knows Him, he is already born, has found his feet, has tried the gentleness and Goodness of his Mother. He believes in the existence of God. And all philosophers in the world to talk him out, will not succeed. He has experiences which cannot be neglected. For example, some person predicts one and the same thing ten times, and ten times it happens exactly like he has predicted. You will say that it can be some kind of coincidence. I agree that this also happens. What will you say, if a person predicts some things 999 times and there is no exception in his predictions? Nothing is left but to accept them for true and factual. God talks to the people and they say this, which have heard from Him. The said comes true. Do you believe then in the existence of God? A day will come when everyone will know God, from little to big. Then everyone will know the visible God and will not doubt His existence. Whoever doubts God, he has thrown Him out from himself.

New culture is necessary to present-day humanity. New, reasonable peace is needed to the people - peace, which to change their faces, to soften and ennoble their hearts, to bring more Light in their minds. To many people today the eyes are yellow. Why? The liver is disordered. To many people the colour of their face is black. Why? Because they live in darkness, under big shadows. As it is, they will be sick. The shadows of the big trees are dangerous. Somebody lives under the shadow of a tree, whose branches have grown from the money, from the millions of the world and thinks that he can be happy. I say: Brother, if you think that with the millions of the world you will be happy, know that in ten lives you cannot expiate the sins wihch you have done with these millions. Remember: the salvation of the person lies in the true creative work, in the true construction. This means to build his Astral body, his Mental body and the body of his soul. If there is no connection between the mind, heart and soul, the body starts to suffer. If the body is ill, the Spirit cannot manifest. - "How can we build? - As you come to love God with mind, with heart, with the soul and with your strength, and the neighbour as yourself. You cannot build without love.

Love brings materials, opportunities and conditions for construction. Whoever has learned to build for himself, he will build as well for his neighbour. As he meets someone suffering, he will not be rude to him, to call him a fool, but he will stop to work a little on his building. - "If he is poor and does not have funds, how will he help him?" - For this one, who wants to help weak and suffering, poverty does not exist. In my opinion, if the rich does not open his heart and his purse for poor and suffering, he himself is poor; if the poor man sacrifices everything, which he has for the good of his neighbour, he is a rich man. It is not needed to save the entire world. Plant one apple seed and leave it, it will work alone. Further there is someone to work for it. Be carriers of the New teaching, to become conduits between the people and the Angels, between the Angels and God.

What should you do if your heart is tight and does not open? You will connect with the heart of God and you will move by His pulse. Then you will free yourself from the illnesses of the heart. Many illnesses are due to the heart, of the impure blood. For example, venereal diseases, canker, scrofula and etc. are due to the heart. As in the bacteriological institutes, for scientific purposes, various bacilli are cultivated, by specific conditions, also in Nature there are hidden forces which are dangerous for the human organism. With his distorted heart the person works his way, namely, to these forces, puts them in his heart and infects not only his blood, but the blood of a number of generations after himself. That's how dangerous, incurable diseases appear, which poison the blood of the present-day humanity. In order to free himself of this evil, a person has to come to love God with all his heart, to use his heart for building of his body, and at the same time to help in the building of his neighbour. Whoever builds like this, he is invulnerable to all diseases. If you suffer from some dangerous illness, do not say that big misfortune has befallen you, but say: "Thank you God, that you have decided to clean me." From Divine standpoint the microbes, bacilli are brooms, with which the Sensible beings clear the unclean yards and houses of the people.

The time has come, today's people to apply the Divine hygiene. It demands of everyone new, pure life. Let all nations apply this hygiene and will see how many diseases will remain and how many death cases there will be. Let them keep statistics and compare it with the former. Apply the new hygiene after the war. You will say that this hygiene is against science. Not only is it not against science, but it includes the entire present-day science in itself. In fact, one science, one hygiene exists - it is the Divine one. The Divine medicine cures completely. If some medicine heals the diseases only 10 per cent, it cannot help you. The Nature alone heals 50 percent, a person heals 25 percent, so for the doctor 25 percent is left. If also cannot give this, where does his science stay?

We do not declare ourselves neither against science, nor against religion, nor against the country. We wish and the science, and the religion, and the country to become bigger, to make themselves bigger windows, more Light to enter. We want people to be free, to not have fear for their future. If a house is weak, you do not have to be afraid. A committee will come to check it. If it cannot withstand, they will throw it down and will build a new one. Every demolition understands new building, new try. Everything that happens in the world is for Good. As he builds a new building, a person expands and his mind, and the heart, and his soul, in order to perceive more from the Divine Love. He will learn to work, as God has worked and as he also today continues to work. Only with this state humanity can rely on elevated and advanced mothers and fathers, of sensible and advanced clerics, teachers, judges, rulers and etc.

Present-day people do not believe in the existence of spirits, namely of the Spiritual world. They want you to convince them in the existence of God. If they do not believe in Him, do not approve the way, in which the world is created, let them they become gods at least for their family. The man is one of the gods, the woman - the second one. Let them create immortal children, let them place their home on the base of happiness and present it for a model to all families. For 2 thousand years Christ preaches, but only just today his teaching is perceived as it should, and the people are expecting results and become disappointed and lose faith. Have you solved consciously tasks of the heart, to apply Love in its completeness? Have you tried to become sculptors of yourselves, to mould such an image, which to match the primary, created by image and likeness of God?

David has said: "My mother conceived me in sin." Here the word sin means darkness. What does the sensible people do when they are left in darkness? In order not to push themselves in the objects, which are placed on their path, they place their hands in front, testing the surrounding furnishings. These are people, who work with their soul. Here's why when you fall into darkness, do the same as well. Do not turn around your cane to one side and to the other side, but experiment with it, to not have some danger in front of you. Use today your cane to go in a higher state, to become a human-Angel.

Experiment to connect with the forces of the Sensible Nature through your mind, heart, soul and will. That's how you will understand the life of the minerals, of the plants, of the animals, of all people and you will learn from everything. If the first try comes out unsuccessful, make a second one, third and so forth. Do not lose heart, because God works in the world, in every alive soul. He unites them. He can do his job alone and without me, but as I am talking, I am accelerating your evolution. This, what you alone can accomplish in one year, with me you will accomplish it for a day. If someone says that he does not want to learn, that he does not need a Teacher, he is in the state of an animal. And the animal is wagging his tail during the whole day and does not want to know anything. But a person should not stop at one place; he has to study, he needs a Teacher. And I am also learning to wave with my cane but in a particular way. I will also teach you of this art. Wave your cane in the direction of the mind, heart, will and soul. When you are going in the direction of your heart, you will move your cane in a straight line; when you go in the direction of your soul, you will move it on a flatness; when you go in the direction of your will, you will move it in three dimensions, in the dimensions of the cube and lastly, you go in direction of your strength, you will move it in the center.

If you go in one direction, do not go back. If you perceive a Divine idea, give it firstly width, or length, after that - spaciality - width and length, after that three-dimensionality - volume - and lastly with the power of your Spirit, put in it content and meaning. This means a person to love with his mind, heart, soul and strength. This has Christ preached to his disciples - their soul to be filled in with Divine ideas, with Divine content, which to raise them. What does the sensible person do when he meets an animal which freely is wagging its tail? He does not preach to it, but directs it there, where there is good pasture and a clear spring. All people are placed in good conditions, to everyone is shown where there is abundant and good-quality food and pure water, but a few use the good conditions. Most of the people divert from their path and as they die, their close ones say: "He died, poor fellow, but at least he fulfilled his duties as a person" - He has not fulfilled anything. He built and destroyed, namely he lived in an old way. The new life understands new way of building. Christ gives the two orders to present-day people, in order to free them from the eternal destruction. Should a person do in the future like the scorpion, which poisons himself if it is not able to destroy its enemy.

I wish to all people to move on this straight line, by flatness, by the three dimensions and at last to merge with the Divine center, in which Divine content is infusing. That's how all people need to move, so that they build new homes, new churches, new schools.

I wish, every person to become strong by mind, by heart, by soul and by will, in order to use his power as for his good, so that also for the good of his neighbour.

Sunday Talks

27.10.1918, Sunday, Sofia

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: tea_kavroshilova (Теодора Каврошилова)

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