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1917_06_10 Is it possible (Tedi)


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Готов превод Дали може - 10.6.1917-НБ-174 / .: 10.6.1917-НБ-174

Title: Is it possible

1. Lecture from the Master, given on 10th June 1917 - Sofia

"He told them a parable: Can a blind one lead the blind?" (Lucas 6:39)

Christ asks the question "Can a blind one lead the blind?". What is understood under the word "blindness"? Three types of blindness exist: physical, spiritual and mental. Physically blind is the one, who is deprived from the organ of seeing, needed for this world. In order to deal with the conditions of life, the blind needs to be lead by somebody. He cannot move freely from one place to another, he cannot do his things alone.

"Can the blind one lead the blind?" This question has to do more with the mental blindness, than the physical. Can the mentally blind learn and to lead other people? Who can lead the physically blind? - Only that one, who sees. The same law has an opinion also towards the spiritual, and the mental world. It is easily recognized on the physical world, who is blind and who is not, but try to say to somebody that he is spiritually or mentally blind. As much as you convince him in this, even if he is blind, you will hardly convince him. Why is he not convinced? - Because he does not realize the state in which he is. In this sense we distinguish three categories of people: in the first category are these, which does not know that they do not know; in the second category - who know that they do not know, and in the third - who know that they know. How and where these people are recognized? - In the society, when they clash with the surrounding ones and from themselves alone, when they come upon to their "I". There are students who think that they know a lot, that they are capable, that easily solve their tasks. As they see their ignorance, their teachers scold them, expose them, but they do not step back from their opinion which they have of themselves. And as they do not agree with the words of the teachers, big troubles come among them. Instead of convincing his student, that he does not know, the teacher has to give him one very hard task and to stay aside. The task will show does the student know, or does not know, is he capable, or he is not capable.

"Can the blind lead the blind?" In regard to the physical eye sight of the person, we can easily say that he is blind. Given how little does he see and how much more he has to develop his eyesight, we can bravely talk about for physical blindness. A person does not see even one ten million part of this, which is in front of him. Can you then think, that you see everything and you know everything? The same goes to the seeing of the person in the mental and in the spiritual world. The knowledge, which a person has about the spiritual world, do not compose even one hundred million part of this, which lies ahead to gain in the future. Many know, that they do not know everything, but few know that they know. From the last category you will find hardly 10 people on the earth, and in the Heaven there are only 24 old men, called wisemen. It is said in the Gospel that they sit around the throne of God. Who saw them? You will say that John has written for them. What do they do around the throne of God? They bow and serve. You will say that it is not correct a person to sit on one place and to bow. Here the word "bow" is used in the sense of serving. Only the wise and the loving can bow, namely to serve God in spirit and truth.

If he has come on the earth, a person has to work, to develop his eyesight in a broad sense - and in physical, and in spiritual, and in mental respect. This is one of the tasks, which he needs to solve. To see clearly in all worlds, this is the true culture towards which the people are striving. The vague and limited seeing is not seeing, but looking. For such people it is said, that they look, but they do not see. Who see clearly, they enter in a conscious relationship with the things, understand their language and talk to them, as I talk to you today. You listen to me, understand and think about my words, whether they are true by form, by content and by meaning. To see the things only physically, this means to see their form, to see them spiritually, this means seeing by content to see them mentally, this means to see the meaning of the things. But, a person has to see also in the three worlds - by form, by content and by meaning. This means external and internal seeing.

And so, the organ of sight, namely the eye has a relation to the human mind. A person has to have healthy eyes, in order to rejoice of a healthy and well organized brain. The intelligence, the reasonableness and the capabilities, with which a person manifests himself in the physical world, are found on the forehead. It is enough to look at the forehead of the person, in order to understand to what extent is he reasonable, intelligent, capable, observant, judicious. Someone looks at his forehead and says that he is very smart. How smart is he? I have done measurements of the foreheads of the Bulgarians and I found out that of height their foreheads reaches at most 6-7 cm, and of width 16-17 cm. In these measures the mind of the Bulgarian is moving. But, the importance of the things does not lie so much into their size, as in their organizаtion. It is not enough the forehead to be very high and wide. It is important the brain to be organized. The surface of the human forehead is little, but through it three worlds manifest: the mind of the physical world, the mind of the spiritual world and the mind of the Divine world. These worlds manifest in every person differently, because of this the people do not get along. That's why we say: As many people are on the earth, that many concepts exist. Some occultists divide the mind of higher and lower, namely "higher and lower manas".The higher mind is divided to higher observant, which takes the upper part of the forehead, it looks at things outside and inside. The middle part of the forehead is taken by the so called retentive mind, it perceives the outside and the inside impressions and stores them in itself. The lower part of the forehead, above the eyebrows, presents the lower mind, which we call observant, objective or impartial; it perceives impressions from the nearby objects and events. The three areas of the forehead complement one another mutually. They represent the area of the human mind.

"Can a blind one lead a blind one?" The blindness in any area, creates misfortunes and difficulties to the person. The physically blind one can reach in there, where he should not and to cause to himself a misery. The spiritually blind can cause himself some misfortune in the world of the heart, and the mentally blind - in the mental world. A person is not created blind, but subsequently has become such. There are many reason for his blindness: either his dishonourable and bad life in youth, or because of the bad life of his forefathers and ancestors. From the bad and distorted life the nerves lose their plasticity, the blood circulation does not happen correctly and on the optic nerve deposition is put, which hinders the correct refraction of the sun rays in the eye. By the physical blindness deposition is formed in the optic nerve of the eye, by the mental blindness deposition is formed in the brain and are hindering the correct perception of the thought. When the thought is not clear, a person feels a certain constriction in the brain, namely in the mental area. As for liberation of the person of physical blindness good and pure life is recommended, likewise a pure life is recommended also for his liberation of mental blindness. The blind one has to clear absolutely his body, mind and heart, no deposition to stay on his nerves. As He asks the question, can a blind one lead a blind one, Christ wants to know who has to lead and heal the blind. It is not enough to only lead the blind. Something else is hidden in the asked question of Christ. To lead somebody, it means to show him the way. Who does not understand the laws of the sensible nature, can he show the way and lead the others? The observations, which the scientists do on the human brain, show that many of the misunderstandings between the people can be avoided. If two people, a man and a woman make a family, they will either live good, or they will not - this depends on the structure of their skulls. If to one the skull on the back is flattened, and to the other it is strongly developed, they will not live good. One of them will feel and think in one way, the second in another. This disharmony in the feelings and in their thoughts creates misunderstandings and contradictions between them. If the woman is broad in her feelings and is in good spirits towards the people, the man will be dissatisfied and constantly will ascribe to her weaknesses which in fact she does not have. If the man is amorous and with broad views, the woman will not be content. The woman says, that the man is crazy; the man says that the woman is crazy, and instead of getting to know one another, they move away from one another. The woman says that the man is crazy, the man says the same for the woman. In fact, nobody has gone crazy, but they do not understand each other: the man thinks and feels in one way, and the woman - in another. Why? - Their brain centers are not developed equally.

Which person do we call crazy? - He who has caught for something, which the other people do not see. If the woman is blind and does not see, what her husband carries, she calls him crazy. If the man is blind, he calls his woman crazy. One of them, who is blind, the man or the woman, starts to ascribe to his beloved things, for which he has not thought about. They will accuse themselves in unfaithfulness, in cooling of the feelings and so forth. They in this way create their misfortune, alone they become a reason for discord and misunderstandings in between. The woman says that she thought her husband for an honest person, and he has got carried away in another woman. And the man also does not believe his woman. Is there something true in their suspicion? There can be something true, but there also might be nothing. If the man is in good spirits towards some woman, it can be his mother, sister, friend. He wishes them good and rejoices at their success. Is there something wrong in this? To wish the good of your close ones and to rejoices at them, this means to have real relations with them, in agreement with and the morality, and with the religion. If somebody has developed his clairvoyance, he will see things which the others do not see. What will be then his state? He has the right to talk about the blindness of the people. But what will you say, if the blind one talks about the blindness of the people? For the blind ones Christ says: "Can a blind lead a blind one?"

Therefore, the blind cannot have correct and wide comprehensions about life. The vision of the modern man is so limited, that he only just sees one millionth part from that, which exists on the physical world, with his spiritual vision he sees only just one ten millionth part of this, which exists in the spiritual world, with his mind vision he only just sees one hundred millionth part of this, which exists in the mind world. Because in whichever world the current person enters, his vision is limited. Rejoice that you do not see everything, because in front of you a wide world opens, with great possibilities for studying the boundless and great. When you go from one world to the other, you gradually go from the unknown to the known. Thousands and millions of years lie before the peron to study and gain knowledge. Do not lose heart, but take heart and seek the meaning of life. And life has meaning. The scientists make calculations and find that in the human brain there are three billions and 600 million cells, which work in the field of his mind activity. They have calculated that the entire worldly knowledge can be printed on the human brain in 90 books, as big as the Bible and there will be left free space for 900 more such books. This shows that to the person awaits to think much more and to study. If he thinks that he has learned everything, he is deceiving himself, he is in the path of his delusions.

A man to deceive himself, this means to be in the state of a mouse, which stands in front of a trap with dried meat and thinks how to take the dried meat without the door of the trap to tap and it to stay outside, free with the dried meat in mouth. After many going abouts, after a long strategy, it decides to place its muzzle in the trap, to take the dried meat from afar. It enters cautiously inside, takes the dried meat, but the trap quickly closes after it.

We are talking about the mouse that it is not free, that it enters easily in the trap, but also a man is not free. There are not absolutely free people on the earth, everyone is in the trap, everyone are tempted by the dried meat. As it enters in the trap and eats from the dried meat, the mouse starts to think and to ask itself: What happened to me? I will try now to get out of the trap. It touches here, touches there, everywhere it is closed. In the same state also the people are found. Until they do not have suffering, they do not think much. As soon as they come upon suffering and difficulties, then they start to think, to find a way to free themselves from them. That's why we say, that the difficulties and suffering incite the mind for activity. Through them a person gains experiences and correct comprehension about life. In order not to enter in the trap, or if it has gone in, to get out, the mouse should not be a mouse. Until it is a mouse, there will always be a trap for it.

Now the question appears: Who places a trap for the mouse? - The people. You will say that if they are placing a trap for the mouse, they are bad. There are not bad, but the bad in the mouse makes them to place a trap in front of its way. In order not the need to not arise to place traps for the mouse, it has to change its form and the way of its reasoning. So, until there are mouses, there will be traps as well. This conclusion is similar to the philosophy of Schopenhauer, who says: Until there exists a bad will in the world, the world will always be bad and the people in it will be bad. Schopenhauer is right for himself, but where from does he draw his conclusions? You will say that his philosophy is a result of his experiences. A man, who has suffered from his wife says: I know the women, they are bad. Where does he know them from? - From his wife. He has seen one woman and thinks that he knows all women. If a man knows several women, this does not mean that he knows all. There are bad women, truly, but there are also good. Not all women are similar to the mice. What does the word mouse mean in a wide sense? - A being, which likes to pick, to gnaw. Why does the mouse gnaw? - In order to blunt its front teeth, which are growing fast. In order for them to not grow too much and to hinder her, it gnaws and in this way gradually it erases them. Why her teeth are growing fastly? - Because it is an extremely greedy being. The greediness makes her eat everything which it finds in the trap. There are people, who possess some of the characteristics of the mouse. As they enter in a chest where the young lady has ordered her new clothes, the mice create holes, they gnaw away the clothes and lastly they go out. As they ask them why are they doing mischieves to the people, they say that God has created them in this way. As they are created, so they do. In order to blunt their teeth, they have to gnaw by all means. In my opinion, the mouse can also act in a different way, but it has to give up its greediness.

If from the mouse a different life is required, different acts, how much more is demanded this from a person. Every person acts according to his development. This is the reason for the great variety between people. They are saying about a general Washington, before he became president of the USA, the following case. In the time of the english-american war as he was walking around the soldiers, he saw how one junior non-commissioned officer was commanding 10 soldiers to lift on their shoulders one long heavy beam. The soldiers lifted the beam from here and there, but could not place it on their shoulders. They needed a small help from the outside, in order to execute the command of their chief. The non-comissioned officer yelled, he insisted to lift the beam. Washington, who was dressed modestly, approached the non-commissioned officer and asked him: Why do not you help the soldiers? - I am a seargent, answered with dignity. As he understood that nobody knows him, Washington got near to the soldiers and with them together he put his shoulder under the beam and that's how he helped to lift it. After that he turned to their chief and said: I am general Washington and calmly continued his way.

You will say that except between the military nowhere else seargents are found. There are seargents everywhere, in the families, in the societies. I take the word "seargent" in a wide sense - a person who waves with his stick and commands to the others. After the liberation of Bulgaria, a bulgarian decided to ask some light service, to rest a bit from the heavy slavery. He thought what kind of service to ask for. One day, as he was walking around town, he saw how one person stands in front of several musicians and waves with some stick. He raised and placed the stick, and they played. - Here is one light work for me - said the bulgarian to himself. I will go to some chief and will ask such a job. As he showed by the chief, the last one asked him: What do you want? - A job. - What kind? - To raise and put the stick, and the musicians to play.

Many of the today's people men or women, learned or uneducated, want to wave with their stick, namely to be bandmasters. This happens not only in the material life of the people, but also in the mental. Many writers, scientists and philosophers are seeking an easy way for becoming famous.They want to become famous in the world on another's account. Others to play, to carry the weight, and they to stand before them and to wave with their stick, to pass for bandmasters. Years ago, a famous american preacher read an excellent sermon, which appealed especially to one of the mediocre preachers. He succeeded to aspire to this sermon, rewrote it and soon he read it to his ... as his own. His ... were very satisfied and said between themselves: Such a sermon nobody has ever read until now. Only our preacher can read such a sermon. In the near future this sermon spread among the entire USA. One after the other the preachers rewrote it and everyone read it in front of his audience as his own.

You have to know one thing: The thing of another is always a thing of another. Do not think with another's mind, and do not look at the things with another's eyes. Everybody to think with his own mind and to look with his own eyes. The mind of every person has to be possibly more sober, more awake and clear, to understand truly and correctly everything, which is going through it. - Do we have to reject the mind of the great people? - Do not reject the great minds, but apply their thoughts, imitate them in their dilligence and perseverance. Mother or father, who can raise their children well, are able to raise a whole nation. They pass for great people and deserve imitation. They have eyes, see well and can lead the ones, who does not see and confuse their path.

"Can a blind one lead the blind one?" As He is going out from the physical blindness, Christ touches upon the internal, spiritual blindness. Fearful is the physical blindness, but more terrible is the spiritual. It creates great misfortunes to the person. Whoever does not have internal light is exposed to constant changes; as he does not know and does not see the reason of these changes, he is pushing in himself, like a closed bird and cripples himself. If some sensitive person goes into jail in between criminals, he will go out from there with heavy mood, with confused thoughts, without being able to help himself. He is wondering what has happened to him, why did his mood change, but as internally blind he does not understand that the reason for his bad mood is due to the thoughts of the criminals with whom he has been in contact. Every person is similar to a battery from which special rays come out, thicker or thinner. Whoever is not able to assimilate them, takes them in his organism like a difficultly digestible food, which produces headache or some other disorder. In such a case the bulgarians say that this person is brought misfortune. This is not no bringing misfortune, but he has come upon to these two streams with opposite energies, which are not harmonizing. Whoever sees well and externally, and internally, deal easily with such streams. From afar he sees them and feels and can avoid them. If he does not see them, he comes across them and carries their bad consequences. As he has come on the earth, a person has to study all conditions, in order to deal with them.The Earth is comprised of air, water and land. The present-day people study the conditions of the water and the air, to be able to swim like fish and to fly like birds. When somebody says that the conditions of his life are adverse, this is showing that he has fallen to live either in the water, or in the air. If he has learned how to swim, he will go safely from one shore to the other. If he knows how to fly, he will travel certain space in the air and will go down on the earth.

The task of the present-day mothers and fathers, preachers, teachers and social people is to scatter light in the minds and hearts of the people, to teach them how to swim and fly, namely to teach them of the laws, which govern the heart and the mind. With his heart a person is swimming, and with his mind is flying, going around the heavenly space. Whoever does not fulfill his duty, he bears responsibility for the ignorance and darkness, in which humanity is found. Whoever takes a high social status and does not fulfill his duties, he bears responsibility for the catastrophes in the world. This responsibility dates from the time of Christ until today. Another is the question if some of the leaders - mother, father, preacher or teacher confesses that he is blind. He frees himself of responsibility, but obliges to work for his own education and seeing. At the same time he obliges to free those, who he is leading, to leave them to see again by themselves. Left on their own, they will see again sooner, than in the hands of the blind leader. May everyone alone seeks the light. If the mother is stupid, the daughter should not stay at the same level. If the father is stupid, the son has to be smart. If the son is smart, and the father will become smart. This is a matter of time, but obeys the law of reincarnation. It is impossible a smart father to birth a stupid son. The son has to work on himself, to develop those brain centers which are not developed. This is accomplished with thought, with increased mental work. As he is working with his mind, a person feeds the cells of the brain and they gradually develop. Every morning as you get up from sleep say to yourselves: I want to become smart. This thought goes towards the brain and starts to feed the cells. If you do that the whole year, in the end of the year you will have a little result. Your mind will clear, you will understand the things correctly. Does not the same happen and in the schools? As they study different subjects, the students send more blood to their brains and with that they feed certain brain centres. Do not say that you are not able to think, but tell yourselves: I can think as a smart person. Every positive thought raises the person, and the negative - destroys and lowers the level of his mind. If the king's son and the son of a stupid father have equally healthy and well developed eyes, and the two children will see the things equally and will equally rejoice at life. Therefore, if your mind is healthy and well developed, you will have such comprehension for life, as those of the philosopher. To understand and comprehend life correctly, this means to rejoice at everything which surrounds you.

Many want to become spiritual, to gain internal knowledge. Nobody can become spiritual before he has developed his mind. Someone wants prematurely to understand the spiritual things. This is impossible. Why? - His forehead is low. He has to work on his mind, to lift his forehead and then he will be ready for spiritual science. The human mind is moving in three worlds - in the physical, in the spiritual and in the mental. Someone has closed only in the physical world, and wants to understand the spiritual things. Go out of the physical world, widen your horizon to the spiritual and to the mental, then you will understand everything that you are interested in. Can't I enter in a different house and from there to permeate in the higher worlds? - You cannot. The bulgarian proverb says: "The thing of another is not taken even on Easter." As he cannot realize his desires, somebody thinks that the fate is chasing him. The fate is not chasing him, but he is not thinking and stays blind in life. A person has to think about the good, the justice, the love and the beauty. What is beauty? - A flower which only is looked and smelled from afar. If somebody picks it, it immediately dries. Until the young man rejoices at the beauty of the lady from afar, she blossoms and develops well. As soon as he approaches her, she gradually dries. In this case, the young man acts towards beauty, as the spider with the fly. It is enough for it to fall into its web, so that it sucks it dry. After that the spider throws it outside. Try throwing a straw in the web of the spider, to see what it will do. It will break the threads of the web, will take out the straw and will correct his web. With this it wants to say that it does not tolerate useless things.

What lesson can you draw from the spider? To not let in your mind useless thoughts. If somebody throws a useless thought in your mind, throw it away immediately. You will say that the spider is deprived of all intelligence. The fact, that he can spin a thin web which the people cannot, shows that it is intelligent, that in it there is some reasonableness. If for the web certain degree of reasonableness is required, how bigger reasonableness is required for the weaving of the human thoughts. The human thought has to be free of delusions, in which people get caught, as the mice get caught in traps. It is not allowed to the person neither to deceive himself, nor the others. Every moment he is found in the face of God and bears responsibility for everything he is doing. In order to free himself of delusions, a person has to work on the development of his brain, to study its structure as well as the correlation which exists between the different brain centers. If between the brain of the man and the woman there is not harmony, they cannot live well. In order to get along and to harmonize, between them there has to be three points of contact: on the physical world, on the spiritual and on the mental. With other words, they have to have equally organized bodies, same thoughts and same feelings. This does not mean that they have to obey completely one to the other. Every one of them can be independent, to think and feel freely, but to get along, unity and harmony to be in between them. The man has to be encouraged by the woman, and the woman from the man, but everyone to keep his independence. Great can become only this one, who is stimulated by some reasonable, raised woman, namely by Love. Everyone who has been lead and stimulated by love, has become great. Read the lives of the great people and you will convince yourself in this. For example Goethe, Milton, Byron and others have become great thanks to the influence, which some woman has caused them. There are women, who influenced the man in a negative way, and others - in a positive. The first ones have repelled him, but with this have awakened more ambition in him to work, to become a great man, in order to deserve the love and attention towards this one, who is not interested in him. The second ones have encouraged and incited towards work and activity. Sometimes a small reason can incite the person towards strengthened activity, to accomplish this, which he wants.

Years ago in America an athlete became known with his power. One day, as he was doing his exercises a student passed by and said something about him. This offended the athlete and in order to revenge, he slapped the face of the student and knocked him down. The student jumped on his feet fast and dissatisfied and shame-faced went back to his home. On the way he was thinking how to revenge the athlete. At last in him the idea was born to trace back his life, to understand what methods he has applied to develop such a power. He aspired to these pieces of information and started to work hard on his physical development. After 5 years he was already able to lift a horse with a small horse with one hand. He went to the athlete and lifted him up high in the air with one hand. After that he asked him: "Do you know who I am? - I do not know you. I am that one whom you slapped on the face five years ago and knocked me on the ground. I remember but now I recognize you as my teacher.

As they fall in weaknesses, the people excuse themselves with God. They say that they are created like this. - They are not created like this, but work is required from everyone, to become strong, in order to deal with ther weaknesses. Everyone can, like the student, to work hard 5-10 years, to develop his power, to become a hero. It is not needed a person to become an athlete. It is enough to become that strong, that to overcome the hardships that the day brings. Work on yourself, to apply the Divine teaching in your homes, in order to accomplish everything, which you desire. - Why today the sons and daughters do not respect their parents? - Because most of the parents have neglected their mind. They work a little on their mind and stay back mentally. The mother and the father need to stay high mentally. Whoever has developed his mind well, he has conditions to manifest his high consciousness. Where the mind, heart and soul of the person are well developed, there already can be talked about high consciousness, for causal world. This is accomplished gradually, through consecutive work on the physical body, on the heart and mind, on the higher mind and lastly on the soul and spirit. That's how people become great and eminent. And the ordinary person can become great, but if he works on himself with dilligence and constancy. You will say that for this it is required listening, attendance of nice and rich talks and lectures. And this is good, but not enough. As he listens, a person has to apply everything which he has heard and understood. If you only listen, without learning alone and applying, you will know God such, who He is not. For those, who work and apply, God is good, loving. Towards them He sends his light side. Towards those, who do not work and apply, God sends his dark side. Without wanting, He punishes them, He leaves them to bear the consequences of their idleness. Is not it the same in schools? The teacher punishes the idle students, and at the capable and diligent ones rejoices. The idle student says that he is created like this. If he is working and studies the lessons regularly, he will see that he is not created like this. Everyone alone can correct his weaknesses and mistakes. And I do not want to preach to students, who only listen, without learning and applying. Whoever is ready to apply, to be useful to himself and for his nation, and I am ready to work for him; whoever is not ready to apply, and I give him up. Where from and how we will learn? - A person learns from three things: from the mistakes of the people, from his own experiences and from the knowledge and experiences of the great people. That's how you need to learn as well. In the morning, as you are waking up from sleep, do not think that you know a lot, but say to yourself that you know a little and that you have a lot more to learn. Only in this way you can develop and gain knowledge. Whoever thinks that knows a lot, and in fact does not anything, he is on a dangerous road. He always seeks the easy way. To take the stick of the bandmaster in his hand and only to wave with it. By every failure in life he will see the fault in the conditions, in his parents, in the society, and the least in himself. There is a certain fault outside of him as well, but in fact the main culprit for his failure is he himself. Seek the fault firstly in yourselves, and then in the others.

Work on yourself consciously with love and constancy. It is not important to build a house in several days. Build slowly, but soundly, do not complain from the neighbours, but use their good characteristics. Every person, every society, every nation has good traits, which deserve imitation. Do not seek the fault in your neighbours, but imitate the good, which they carry. The Bulgarians spent the slavery under the Turks and Greeks, but they gained something valuable - endurance. By this they learned something also from their oppresors. For the person it is important to learn. Under whatever circumstances he finds himself, he has to learn, to gain knowledge.

"Can a blind one lead a blind?" This verse is related as well as towards the individual person, also towards the countries and their rulers. Every ruler has to know the sensible nature laws, in order to know where he is leading the state's ship. Why did "Titanic" die? - Because its captain wanted to shorten the path and took a turn, which brought a surprise to him. If he had taken the known path, although with more go arounds, he would have reached successfully the defined aim. He thought that "Titanic" cannot drown, but was left deceived. Someone wants to make progress fast, to shorten the path of his development. And this is possible, but if the shortened path is cleared. Then it does not carry surprises to him. But, if it is not cleared, he better go about, to continue the time. Until the path of somebody is straight, free of obstacles, he walks ahead and does not think of anything. As soon as the path curves, he starts to think which direction to take. If the direction of the movement changes, you have to stop for a little while, to study the new conditions and then to continue. The greatness of the artist is in the crooked lines. If he is able to draw crooked lines, to put them on their place, he goes for a great artist. Whoever uses straight lines only, he is draughtsman, and not an artist. What do the crooked lines mean? - Plasticity, flexibility. The light is moving by twisted, wavy lines. So, nature as well uses twisted lines. Somebody says for himself that he is frank, straightforward person, does not like to deviate from his path. Has he tested himself, does he know what he will do in all cases in life? What he will do, if in front of him a cash box full of gold stands? First of all, he will look around, if there are people around him and when he sees that he is alone and nobody is following him, he will reach in and he will continue his path. He walked on a straight line, until he was not alone, as soon as he was left alone, he crooked his path immediately. To be straightforward out of fear, this is not high morality. The fear does not contribute anything. You cannot make the child to think through force. However you threaten it, the fear cannot make him a smart person. Only the love, as a internal impulse can make the person to think and work. It is an art a person to learn to love. That's why, namely, Christ asks the question: "Can a blind one lead the blind?" Only the loving can lead people.

It is time the present day people to love the Divine wisdom and Divine knowledge, in order to harmonize. Without this knowledge they will always have different understandings and desires, as well as different points of view for life. As they do not live well, the men and the women excuse themselves with their different understandings. This does not excuse them. It depends on them to perceive the new, Divine understanding for the things. The man says that the woman cannot think like him, that's why he places her at a lower step from himself. Until now the woman has worked more with her lower mind, but she starts to work already equally with the man and can perceive the new and to be its bearer. She has conditions for fast development. And from the man, and from the woman work is demanded. To hold in equilibrium their thoughts and feelings. As soon as they lose their equilibrium, they lose everything that they have worked and gained. The task for the present-day people is to work on their mind, to organize its powers, to put them in harmony. When the mind is developed correctly, the thoughts and feelings of the person are harmonious. He is feeling lively, strong, ready for work. The slightest disturbance of the activity of the human mind creates certain disharmony between the thoughts and feelings of the person. He is constantly tired and wherever he sits, falls asleep.

Many people do not succeed in their life and soon they fall away, because they exert themselves to solve their tasks in one day. This is impossible. That you are not succeеding to solve everything all at once, this should not throw you into despair and discourage you. My house burned down! - Nothing of that. If you are calm and you rely on God, your friends will gather and when they pray they will help you in God's name. Do not doubt in the help of the good and sensible people. If you are relying on their help, it will happen however you have thought it. To the smart people everybody is ready to help. How many poor and sensible childen have been raised, brought up and educated all from rich people. How many rich children have failed in life! Great spirits, great souls are there in the world, who have taken the task to help poor, orphans and suffering. As it is talked about spirits, the people are afraid of them, they do not want to hear the word "spirit". Some deny their existence. If you want to see sprits, observe the girls and the boys and see what kind of changes happen with them. You will see in their faces how the spirits in them change. Until in them the desire to love has not awakened, they are calm, with beautiful clear faces. As soon as this desire wakes up, their faces change and they become restless. Whoever is observant will see that through them many ancestors and forebearers go through, they are talking with the young ones, advise them to get married. They want to incarnate throught them, to come again on the Earth to complete their job. If you ask the girl and the boy for their state during this time, and they will tell you that something happens with them. They feel stretched, a sacrifice of some internal battle. If they marry and a child is born, the fight stops, their faces clear, and they calm down, they rejoice of an internal peace. Therefore, every internal fight in the man is a result of a presence of spirits in him, so the spirits fight in the man.

Can a blind one lead a blind one? As they do not understand the life of the spirits, the people say that those, who believe in their existence and know a lot, are dangerous, because they ruin the world. It is not so. The world needs true learned people. The stupid people ruin the world, not the erudite ones. Dangerous people are those, who think of themselves as erudite, without being such. The real erudite person is up to the mark in all his acts. Whatever promise he makes, he does it on time. He keeps his promise and always talks what he thinks and feels. If he says to somebody that he loves him, he has felt that, he is not speaking empty words. Somebody says to someone that he loves him, without having felt love for him. He says he needs to be religious, without having felt and understood what the religious feeling is. Strange are the religious people! They talk about things, which they themselves do not understand. Religious people have come to me with various intentions. One wanted to turn me towards God, and he himself had not turned. Another one comes to me, to test me, wants to know what do I understand under the word "salvation". Only that one can talk about salvation, who has gone down to the bottom of hell, between the sinful and fallen people, to see how are they living. The hungry, thirsty, sick, suffering, dying gets saved. It is funny a person to talk about things, which he has not experienced. As she births her child, the mother saves it. Without her it would have been abandoned somewhere. How many mothers have thrown away their children! When she carries the child to the end, the mother saves it. It is said in the Scriptures, that the born from God does not commit a sin. Therefore whoever makes a mistake, is not born from God. With this it is explained why some people are good, and others - bad; one are smart, and others - stupid. Initially the people came out of god and were good and smart. Some of them have fallen down and started to make mistakes, because of this they lost their goodness. They pass for bad and unwise today.

Today from all people it is required to be smart and good, to realize that they have come on the earth to work, оn one hand for the development of their mind, of their heart and of their will, on the other hand to work for the manifestation of their soul and for strengthening of their spirit. If he is not developing like that, nobody can lead the blind. Whoever wants to be useful to himself, as well as to his neighbour, has to say to himself: Today God fixes the world.He has fixed it long ago but we have to be sensible, to not ruin this, which is created already. Only in this way the natural order of things will come. If the skin of your hand peels off, leave it to dry up, to crust over. Nature cures on her own. If you scratch it constantly, the crust will tear up and below fresh meat will be left, to which every touching will cause pain. Do not pick things, but leave them to heal. You will learn of patience. God gives first an example of patience. He bears people, He waits for them to awaken, because He knows that there is something in them with a Divine origin. Because of the Divine in the person He bears. And you have to bear for the same, in order to help yourself alone in the path of your development.

Christ says: "Your heart not to be disturbed". If something disturbes you, think about it several hours or several days until one light thought comes to your mind. Apply this thought and be grateful that it has visited you. If light thoughts visit you without applying them, you cannot better your life, neither your relations with the people. Then from the sensible world will issue an order to take you up, to learn your lesson there. Until you do not learn it, you will not come down to the earth. Whoever wants to live long on the earth, has to solve his tasks correctly.

Can a blind one lead the blind? - He can't. In this way everyone has to answer for himself to work for his recovery of sight. Until he does not begin to see clearly externally and internally, nothing can reach the person, no culture. Today it is preached to you how to plough, how to root and in the future it will be preached that culture, which Christ brought to humanity - the culture of the Son of God, the culture of love. For this culture are needed people with open eyes, with open minds and hearts. If this culture comes to the earth, the higher consciousness of the people will manifest, Christ will inspire among them and everyone will live like brothers, like sensible people. Today Christ cannot come between the people. If he wants to come, he has to prepare his back for new whips. If he decides to preach, every sermon will have to be reviewed and approved in advance. He is waiting for other times, when the people become sensible and start to see, hear and understand correctly. Christ is not far away from the people, but they do not see him. He is behind the clouds. As they go away, it will become light and everyone will see Christ dressed in glory and magnificence.

"Can a blind one lead the blind?" Until a blind one is leading, no development can be expected. Think for the development of your mind, for the culture of love. Rejoice that light future and great work expects you. The world needs good mothers, fathers, teachers, preachers, judges, technicians and so forth. The world needs of all professions, but not of gravediggers.

Do the following experiment. Every morning as you are waking up from sleep, ask yourself the question: Am I good or am I not? Am I smart or am I not? If you answer positively, wish to manifest the goodness and reasonableness in their completeness. If you answer to yourself negatively, do not blame yourself, but start to work on yourself, to manifest what God has put in you.

Now I ask you the question: Do you see me, or you do not see me? If you say that you see me, I wish to you next year to start seeing, to see me even better. Your eyes and ears to open, to see and hear good, in order to understand what is right and what is not and to place every thing at its place in your mind and in your heart. This is what the new culture requires, which is coming already on the earth.

1. Lecture from the Master, held on the 10 June 1917 - Sofia

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