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1915_02_-3 Wish strength, have faith (Tedi)


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Готов превод Искайте сила, имайте вяра - 3.2.1915-ИБ-112 / .: 3.2.1915-ИБ-112

Title: Wish strength, have faith

The event is late with two years - the beginning had to be year 1912.

The current wind from northeast carries something new.

They will catch the Antichrist - the time has come - there is no postponement. One of his legs is in Romenia, the other in Greece. He is like a big octopus - in order to free ourselves, his leg has to be cut.

Bulgaria will be last in the fire. The karmic things, if there are to be undergone, it is not possible to be passed on, if there is not - the fire will go round us. Whoever can withstand, he will stay, the others will go - they will watch from there, from afar. 1914 carries the freedom of the homeland. It carries freedom. You wanted it, right? It decides the balkan question. These sufferings are nothing.

There are more terrible things. These things are not from now - they are prepared from thousands of years - now are played. We have to carry - we should not say, that we can't. Whoever has carried the cross, will not carry it a second time - the cross is carried one time, and not two.

Since two days the northeast stormy wind opposes to the earlier southwest and says: "We do not want you."

A person to want abstract things, he has to have a glass in camera obscura, as in the photography, in order to accept the light. Without a glass it is not possible to be printed.

The year 1913 raised, violated the international law, and 1914 imposed the Divine law and entire 45 years the liquidation of the national law will continue, so that the Divine law sets in. When God came on the earth, He pays 50% because of the people and these last - only 50%. He makes an amnesty 50% - in half. The people did not reform themselves and the things did not change, and the heavy events had their way. Now if the people pray all, it will shorten and will go into a shortened form.

The number 13 is a number for the spiritual world.

21st January 1915, Wednesday, Bourgas

The Master talked in the home of P.K. Stoycheva

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: tea_kavroshilova (Теодора Каврошилова)

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