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1913_08_26 Build yourselves up (Tedi)


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Готов превод Назидавайте себе си - 26.8.1913-ИБ-71 / .: 26.8.1913-ИБ-71

Title: Build yourselves up

If God is with us.

Build yourselves up in your most holy faith and pray in the Holy Spirit.

All of you read this message of Judas, because it is very interesting. In verse 20 there is the word "build up", and this means to construct, which is equivalent with construction, as well as to cleanse your heart, it means to work it up, for someone to be there to help it. In the Bulgarian language there is a saying: "A house does not come about with one rock." And a person, if he thinks that he alone can clear his mind and to uplift his heart, rests on a false ground and understands life falsely. If a person works together with God - then yes. But a disciple can work with his Teacher only, when he has constant communication with Him.

The soul dies, perishes, the spirit falls, but does not die. The soul has a need of revival, the spirit has a need of lifting. The material and the spiritual world are the two poles in life, coming down from the spiritual world in the material and going up from the material world into the spiritual. This going down and coming up repeats itself eternally, because such is the unchanging law for the progress of humanity, for its uplifting, in order the people to get a progressive thought, namely to realize that everything, which God has created is good. In short, this law manifests with the self-sacrifice, and towards this virtue Love urges us. Without Love there cannot not be self-sacrifice, without self-sacrifice there is no progress, there is no progressive thought, there is not enlightement of the mind. If we only live in the spiritual world, we will not have any progress. We have to come down from the spiritual world and to enter into the physical, material wold, in order to raise ourselves spiritually. The lessons are learned and passed on the physical plan, as well as the exams are taken on the physical plane. On it all tasks get resolved, which a person has to resolve by his purpose. In the spiritual world we receive our purpose, the work, the occupation - on the material world. Coming down and going up, these are life and death, death and life. But in every life there is death and in every death there is life.

These angels, who have left the Heaven in the old days, they understand very well the occult laws, and for assurance of this you will see, that whenever a noble thought births itself in us, they immediately place opposite thought. For example say in yourself "From today I decide to follow God", they immediately realize and tell you "Wait to get old, put your state right and then you will do that more successfully". You immediately perceive the suggestion and you begin to resemble in such cases that young man, who, as he decided to go to the church regularly and went to church, the Devil met him and discouraged him from doing this, because he was young, and going to church was only for old people. But, as he got old, this young man went to the church, the Devil met him again and said to him: "Now you are old, where are you going, don't you see what you look like, stay at home, rest, this work is for the young."

Now, the question is why these angels try to divert the people from God's path. This is very clear, as we know, that when you have a good servant, you want to stop him in you, to serve you. You can check also another fact in life. Namely notice, that there are many drunk also in the society, but nobody says anything to them, while they are drinking, nobody says to them that they do not do well. But if some drunkard decides to follow God, they will compete to convince him that this is not the right path. I ask where were these people earlier? But these people are the same, who made him drink before. Yes! There is not a moment in life, when these angels to not be able to possess and to hinder. The intrigues, quarrels, strifes, these are not human things, because a person is not that lewd. Who brought the Romanians? - They. Who made the Bulgarians to fight with the Serbians? - They. They want to make you to withdraw from God's path. The odd thing is, that you also alone were beating the drum and you wanted to fight, you fought, but here are the consequences. So many years I fight so that I change this hypnotic state, because I see, that you are both serving these angels, and they beat you. That's why I said to save yourselves and to free yourselves from this slavery, which you accept not because you want it, but because purely and clearly you bribe yourselves. This is the way, by which the people on the earth commit treachery towards God and that the Devil comes and convinces you that all wealth and possible goods are in his hands. You perceive and you give in, when, as Christ you have to say to him "Get away from me, Satan!" Here's why you have to become used to discern these angels, because the hatred, the lie, these are not your things, but are theirs. The people sometimes perceive the workings of these angels and get deceived in such a way and that's how their fall happens. The human soul always longs for the Divine love, but these angels cannot do in any way the human soul happy, because they truly promise the good, but they do not do and do not give good. The human soul is a ground - an arena, and on this arena bad and light spirits work. We have to give place of the good spirits, because they are the ones, who will lead us on a good path. The entire heaven and all good spirits have an interest to save humanity. But you will recognize if you are possessed by a bad spirit - nothing else is left, besides to stare in the mirror and to look at yourself. Immediately you will find a change in your face from the hypnotic influence of these spirits. Never, but never stick to some thought very intensively, so that to be ready to sacrifice everything. Because it is not a secret, that if you give that much on a feeling and a thought, so that you are ready to sacrifice everything, in this thought or form lives either a good spirit or a bad spirit. And if you give in yourself on the influence of the bad spirits, the various hurtful states form, the illnesses and all sorts of ailments, which bring suffering also to your bodies. That's why namely in verse 20 from the read chapter: "To build up yourself in faith".

The crisis, which is gone through today, is a crisis for you alone. Because Bulgaria out of carelessness left itself to the hypnotic influence of the bad spirits, went too far, deceived itself; and God, in order to bring it to its senses and save it, permit this crisis. There is not a reason why to be perplexed and to be confused about this crisis. When God wants to save humanity from some upcoming and dangerous ulcer, He always takes some seeming goods and sends them in the space - sends the pigs in the sea, as Christ did, so that he saves the raging. And that's why the masters of the pigs are crying, of course, because in the fatness of these pigs they lose some carnal gain. But to you God says: "What does а person make use of, if he wins the whole world, but harms his soul?" Many are indignant, frown and say: "What a shame, Bulgaria failed, Bulgaria disgraced" - and so forth, in this spirit. Yes, I will say, God did very well, that He sent the pigs of this nation in the sea, so that to free its soul. And that's why, in order to save the soul of a nation, God can do everything - here's why to, God chased the pigs of the Bulgarians and sent them to Greeks and Turks. And the Bulgarians are crying, and crying now.

Naturally, they lose the gain from the pigs. But you free yourself from this development of the things, because God is coming and will come, and will find you what? Given in lust, that you have several houses, that you have taught your children, daughters and sons, how more skilfully to turn around at the balls and more chic to braid their hairs. What use of all of this for your souls? What does a person gain, if he gains everything, but loses his soul? Protect your souls! Have no illusions, because you are in the eleventh hour. Do you not place in your mind to live affluently on the Earth, until you are here. This will come, but by better conditions, and now there are not these conditions. Now are last times, hard and riotous times. Find me an example, someone of you, which in today's time to be loved duly by his sons and daughters. Find me subordinates, who to hold dear their superiors. There is not! But God is, Who comes to put in line and order and will put this line in quite ordinary and natural way. To you now, in the last hour, belongs to cut and throw away everything worldly and to prepare yourselves, because when your Master comes, not to find you, that there is not oil in your candlestick.

Some of you say: "You do not sympathize us!" Sympathy is, when you are barefoot, to put you on, if you are hungry - to feed you, if you are closed - to come to you. But more of this is redundant. The words are not valid, the deeds are which beautify. Love is the foundation. It is the base of everything, because it is one virtue, blind towards the mistakes and errors of the people, and does not take offence from anything. Even in the biggest mistakes of the people, it sees only the good. Read Paul in chapter 13 from the first message towards the Corinthians and you will see what are the qualities of love. This love we need it exactly mostly now, because the loss, which you underwent in material sense, may we make it up with God and He is with us, we have not lost anything. That's why learn not to be under the influence of the bad spirits. When a thought in your mind comes to criticize somebody, ask youself: Why to feed bad mood in myself? If you want to heal yourself and save from your daily deceits, do not join together with damned spirits and chased away from the Heaven. Christ did not come to help the spirits, but came to help the souls. From 13 years since I watch how these spirits throw into confusion the human souls and I see how skilful are they. That's why stand on the Christ's side, because I suspect a big danger for you to lie close. If God decides and puts your faith to the test and readiness to serve Him, you will feel so burdened, that some of you will not think much, to blow his brains out. But I ask you then, do you leave the battle field so easily? Many, when they are close together, say to themselves "If God does not help us, we will go into another direction. We will go in the Triple Alliance. We leave the Triple Entente. But this will be with disastrous weakness in you. This will not recommend you in the Heaven as people with a strong, solid character, character to whom the Heaven cannot rely on at the least, when we have to place ourselves in such a way, so that the Heaven to rely on us. All of this is not surprising. It is a weakness for the people to be bribed from the external things. And you, because you are in the eleventh hour, fill up your butter-dishes, in order to be able to wait for the groom. Truly, how long will you still live here? At the most you will live 50 years more. If we say, that all these years you do good, where will your souls be? When and after the passing of these 50 years, you become old, your body collapses and your strength leave you, who will help you? Do not deceive yourselves, do not rely on the temporary forms! These big and solid buildings, do you see? A stone over stone will not stay from them, that's how much is the evil, which is coming for the impious world. But all of this for you this is a lesson, which you have to understand and comprehend, and fathom, and to be ready to meet the God of Truth. The world will not understand, except when God comes. And if you, who you are with me, want to stay still in the world, I at least do not want to stop myself, but will go on my purpose. But for you as well is far more suitable to follow me. Because, I am telling you, for your souls it does not play a role who will take Kavala, neither who will govern Thessaloniki. These questions are external. You look at your souls, because the times are such, because there is a possibility to lose them, then what gain, if a person wins the entire world, but harms his soul? This is, what now God Jesus Christ says to you. I will close my speech with a little tale. Years ago in China lived Liao-yang, a person devoted to solutide, philosophical contemplations. The more he became engrossed into his philosophy, the more his things did not go well. He married, but also his wife started hating him because of his peculiarity - his silence and sulkines, and the situation ended to that, that they had to separate, because she was looking for a different life, joyous life, with amusements and pleasures. He allowed her to marry someone else, to be free. She married a rich dealer. At one time China is pushed and the chinese leaders saught Liao-yang for advice. Through his wise advice he became famous and rewarded from leaders and nation. Then his ex-wife goes to him and asked him to allow her to come back into his home, to forget the past and to live again together. He did not answer her anything, but he spilled a cup full with nectar on the ground, as he said to her if she is able to gather the spilled nectar, to put it back in the cup and to keep his purity. Of course, she was not able to do that.

That's how also Christ, when He comes, will tell you to gather this spilled nectar, but you will not be able to gather it.

I could leave you, that you alone to solve this rebus. But I explained it to you, because I wish the good of your souls and because I see,that the most of you in this relation your eyes are open towards the world, as well as the eye of the ox is always in the millet.

Beware, therefore, to protect your souls and Christ will help you.

The present word is given in the Sofia group through Mr. Deunov at 11th of August 1913, Sunday.

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