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1913_12_10 Brave and determined (Tedi)


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Готов превод Смел и решителен - 10.12.1913-ИБ-76 / .: 10.12.1913-ИБ-76

Brave and determined

The Master read to us chapter 10 from the Gospel of Luke. He fixed on the verse "Mary chose the good part".

Mary, this word means "salty water". Christ in one verse says "If the salt renders saltless, with what will it salt?" The salt is necessary in life "Mary chose the good part". Do you know who is she? I will leave you to think and after that I will talk to you about that. When her sister complains to her, that she is not helping her, Christ answered to her, that she takes care about many things, and one is required, namely what Mary chose. With that he wanted to tell her, that the people for thousands of years have dealt always with these things and have not gained anything.

If you want to do good to someone or someone comes to ask you for something, keep this rule, as Christ has said "Let not your left hand know what your right hand is doing." And you are giving, without blessing and that's why you are eliciting anger in him and bitterness as he thinks that you are obliged. The hand is the most primary instrument in the human organism. Through it all the thoughts and desires form.

And do you know who is rich? - Rich is only God. The people are either servants or masters. If you know - you are a master, if you do not know - you are a servant. (An example for the impoverished wealthy man on an island, where his servant becomes his master)

God has sent every soul to develop and has determined its place. Everything, which you currently have, God has given it to you and you do not have the right to scatter (the example about the crumbs, which Christ ordered to be brought in)

Why a person is poor? - He is poor, because when he was rich has scattered, namely he did not know how to use the wealth, which God has given to him. After that God puts him in the position of a poor man in order to humble him, namely to not be proud. He gave someone intelligence and he did not know how to employ it, second time he sends him an idiot to learn from the others. You have come on the earth to cultivate the wealth given to you and to use it well. And you, as you are not keeping the Divine laws, you burden yourselves with useless things and you begin to resemble a boat, loaded up with useless baggage, which is swimming in the sea and during a strong storm can turn aside and drown with all of its burden, then you will find yourself naked. Such will be your condition when you get called for the other world.

Now namely you have to work and to form yourself a body, with which you will live in the astral world. Mary precisely chose the good part, she accepted Christ into her heart.

"The path is narrow" as Christ says, He understands to enter inside yourselves, to become masters of your mind, your heart, your soul and your spirit. The broad path - this is the world. And this world you have to understand it, to transfer inside in order to set. You have to understand life, what for is for example a horse, an ox and so forth. You would look at them with disdain, but they are in their place and they have a deep meaning.

A Christian has to be brave and determined and to have a noble and grateful heart in whatever position God puts him. I am telling you this, because you have to go through a lot of exams, which are coming for the world. Now the undressing of everything material is coming, so you as well will not avoid this. That's why you need more faith and determination. Through this path Christ has gone and all of his followers, you will go on it as well. Now you want Christ to come and fix the world, but He will come from inside.

Your heart has to open up and to start to do good by internal impulse, and not under constraint.

You want to create jobs for the poor. First, you have to prepare for them material. Now, when you are weaving, first you need a base and other things.

In the same way you have to work as well in life. The hill, which is moving from bottom to top, it takes up the matter which you have to process. The shuttle, which is moving from one side to the other, sends out this matter from the heart in the brain and back, where it gets processed and goes into the head, which represents the Divine world. The loom gives an explanation to life. It represents a cross and on this cross the cloth forms.

I look - you are wearing crosses, but these crosses have to come deservedly. Crosses are wearing also the soldiers, but they know, that they have shown heroism and selflessness. The suffering, this is weaving. And you, when they put you through suffering, it means, that they weave you in the astral world.

The upper part of the loom represents the head, the shuttle on the right is the mind, the heart on the left, so the mind and the heart has to unite, in order the cloth to be weaved. Everyone, who are faint-hearted, to stay at home, and those who will fight, let them have courage. I want, when Christ comes, to consider you worthy of work. He comes to look through the registers of the people and what do you think he will find written? That you have slept 8 hours, three times a day you have eaten and changed clothes and barely throughout the year you have done one good deed. For many of you bad has been written. And in your prayers you want always material things, and for your soul, mind and heart you are caring the least. You want some to do the will of God, but how will they perform it, as they are constantly fighting? You start here, and in the astral world you will be given greater work.

You have been sent to the earth to save at least one soul and now, when you are going to the heavens, you have to invite at least one of your close ones.

27th of November, 1913

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
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Превеждали: tea_kavroshilova (Теодора Каврошилова)

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