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1906_08_24 An annual meeting of the Chain, Varna, 1906 (ELEONORA)


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Готов превод Годишна среща на Веригата, Варна, 1906 г. - 24.8.1906-СБ-25 / .: 24.8.1906-СБ-25

An annual meeting of the Chain, Varna, 1906

Varna, 1906

On 11th August 1906 a meeting took place, with Mr Petar Dunov as a chairman, . The meeting took place in the house of the renowned spiritualist, Mrs Anastasia Dr Zhelyazkova and lasted five days.

Towards the old members of the meeting - Penyu Kirov, Todor Stoyanov, Petko Gumnerov12, Dimitar Golov13, Iliya Stoychev14, Todor Bachvarov15, Gina Gumenarova16, Maria Kazakova and Dr. Georgi Mirkovich (who died in his home town in 1905) - this year two new people joined: Mrs Anastasia Dr Zhelyazkova and Mihalaki Georgiev17.

The meetings took place in the morning from 8 to 12 o'clock and in the afternoon from 2 to 5pm and always started and finished with the Lord's Prayer.

First meeting, 11th August

Mr Dounov read Gospel of Mathew, Chapter 7, started with verse 7: 'Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened for you.' 18 After the reading, Mr Dounov got inspired from the God's Spirit and asked us if we could understand the words of the read verse.

In order to achieve something - he continued - we have to put our mind, heart and will in action.

The religion aims to teach us how to live. The Knowledge and the Wisdom are acquired one after the other through intense mental work. The conscious life comes from the white light - it is divine. This is the first sphere. The white colour corresponds to the seven other colours.

A person has five faces - four human and one divine. The human faces are in the legs and arms and the divine face is in the head.

The anger, fear and the passion are displays of human nature. They have to get cultivated as the anger gets transformed into activity (action), the fear - in prudence, the passion - into willpower. The Wisdom is acquired through many mistakes.

The radiant matter that is emitted from the human body, flows mainly through our arms and legs. This radiant matter in spiritualistic language is called fluids. It is an energy, which we can keep within ourselves in certain cases when we cross our arms and legs. If we get tired mentally or physically, we are losing a lot from that energy and then we feel a decline of our powers. This radiant energy forms a halo around our head, visible for the clairvoyants. The person's halo is the same as their character. The virulent person has a green halo, the cruel man - a red one, the wise man - blue and so on. The halo of the holy man is radiant, light yellow.

There are two centres in each - the mind and the heart - positive and negative. A harmony always has to exist between the mind and the heart.

Second meeting, 13th August

A Gospel of John 14:1-14 was read .

It has been talked about the space and the time, which was existing in the Spiritual world. We, here, on the Earth, are existing in a negative pole, and the positive pole is above, in Heavens -towards where we have to strive for.

It has been talked about God's characteristics. God is the supreme power, a crown which rests over an eternal Wisdom and intelligence. All the grace and Justice, which are represented by the Beauty, is in Him. The Virtue and the primordial Peace is in Him. God is Love which is above every creature; a secret which is above every science; a power, which is above every intelligence; a perfection which exceeds every understanding.

The third meeting, 14 August

10:13-21 from Daniel was read.

11:5-16 from John was read.

The spirit of Dr Mirkovich was present at the meeting and we had a chair around the table for him. The three Invisible friends, patrons especially of the Bulgarian people, and in general of the Slavdom, were present. These three friends are called by the name 'Vse'. In the room where our meetings occurred, there were three chairs in front of the ikons for these three Heavenly visitors. Upon entering the room, each of us used to bow in front of them and only then sat on their chairs.

'Vse' means Emanuil i.e. God with us and among us, who is teaching us - He is the Great Teacher and a Saviour. Michael is the warlord and Gabriel is the messenger. Perhaps these were the three angels who appeared in front of Abraham near the oak of Moreh* and promised him the future greatness of the people who was to originate from him - the childless one - because in God there is nothing impossible.

Gospel 41:3, Exodus 7:16, Acts 18 and 22:14, 15 was read.

The spirit of Dr Mirkovich spoke through P.K. Danov. The spirit of Dr Mirkovich greeted all of us and expressed a regret that he had not been working as he should when he was on the Earth among us: 'While I was on Earth I was considered a wise and a clever man and here I am like a young child.' He said that in the Astral world the spirits work and rest. Their job was to transform the rough matter and to create the visible world in which we live.

While alive, Dr. Mirkovich promised to manifest to Mrs Anastasia Dr. Zhelezkova. As she inquired, the spirit said that he has fulfilled his promise on the 13th of August, Sunday. 'I came to your place and you gave me a flower'. - said the spirit. And indeed, on Sunday, when all of us were on the upper floor at Mrs Zheliazkova's place, Dr Rashev came to visit. She gave him a flower - none of us has seen that. It seems like Dr. Mirkovich has manifested in Dr. Rashev and thus he has fulfilled his promise. The spirit of Dr. Mirkovich has said something to each of us and he ended addressing Mihalaki Georgiev with the following: 'Do not advice the wise man, do not become a bridge of the strong man, do not sell yourself for bread.'

Some of us asked the Doctor if he has appeared to the clairvoyants in the towns of Sliven and Tarnovo. Upon that occasion, a little argument among the people who were present, occurred. As on of the us did not allow me to speak, I (Dimitar Golov, editor's note) got offended and said that the one to speak is not him but Mr. Petar K. Danov who was silent. The face of Mr. Danov transformed and he got mad and said:

There is no Danov here, it is me, God, who manifests through his soul. You forget that the place where you are, is sacred. Shame on you!

All of us froze at place.

Fourth meeting, 15th August

After a prayer and a reading of the Holy Scripture, God gave us his last advices and directions through Mr. Danov. During all the time, several birds, which were perched on a tree opposite the window, were chirping sweetly. As Mr. Danov was listening to the birds' chirping, he said the following:

As God makes the birds outside joyful, he will make you cheerful too. Throw the worries out of your hearts as they are the ones that impede you from knowing the God's Wisdom. They are the grey clouds which keep the Heaven dark for you and you cannot see. The world is created for you and you will be his successors. All those residences and worlds expect you. They are your brothers. Learn to be as them, to live in Joy, Peace and Merriment. Never discourage, because there is nothing impossible for your Father. This year you will have great blessings. All that happens to you, God will transform it for your goodness.

I am the One who will transform and soften the hearts of this nation. You will have My presence throughout this year and I will bless all your affairs.

Accept the blessings of My Father now and always. Amin.

11. The home of the renowned spiritualist Mrs Anastasia Dr Zhelyazkova - the building, located on Stefan Karadzja Street - which was initially been left (bequeated) as an orphanage, later on it becomes a school for children with impaired vision and nowadays is a premises of the Odesos municipality in the city of Varna.

12. Petko Gumnerov (1864-1922) was one of the first students of the Master Beinsa Douno and was an author of reports from the annual meetings of the Chain. He was born in the village of Tserovo, region of Pazardzjik and ends his earthly path in Arbanasi, Veliko Tarnovo region. He worked as a clerk in the Supreme Court of Cassation. In the period between 1905 - 1926, in his home in the city of Sofia, 66 Opalchenska street, the Master lived and taught.

13. Dimitar Golov (1863- 1917) was one of the first students of Master Beinsa Douno and an author of the records from the annual meetings of the Chain. He was born in the town of Kotel and ended his earthly path in the city of Sofia. He had graduated Catholic theology in Rome, worked as a missionary in Africa, a teacher in Thessaloniki and a producer in Sofia. He was an owner of the literary magazine 'Chronicles', in which Ivan Vazov, Konstantine Velichkov, Mihalaki Georgiev, Anton Strashimirov, Tsanko Tserkovski, Marko Balabanov and others, have published. He managed the publishing of the Testament of the Colour Rays of Light in 1912. In 1905 the Master Beinsa Douno lived in his home in Sofia.

14. Ilia Stoichev was one of the first students of Master Beinsa Douno. He was born in Ugarchin, the region of Lovech, lived in the city of Rouse and later - in the city of Sofia, worked as a clerk.

15. Todor Bachvarov was one of the first students of the Master Beinsa Douno. He was born in the town of Sliven, lived in Sofia, an editor and a publisher of the Sofia magazines 'Motherland' and 'Light', author of the book 'Heirs of the Freedom' (1922), devoted to the work of the priest Konstantin Danovski (see The Master in Varna, White Brotherhood Publishing House, Sofia, 1999)

16. Gina (Angelina) Gumnerova is one of the first students of the Master Beinsa Douno, born in Merichleri, wife of Petko Gumnerov.

17. Mihalaki Georgiev (1854 - 1916) - a famous novelist and a public figure, was one of the first students of the Master Beinsa Douno. He was born in Vidin and ends his earthly life in Sofia. He graduated the agriculture-industrial academy in the Chech Republic, worked as a teacher in the town of Lom, clerk in Sofia and a diplomat in Belgrade, editor of the newspaper Balkan Tribune. He was an author of the stories 'The Yearning of Uncle Dencho', 'With a chalk and a Charcoal', 'Various World', 'Uncle Mitar, the Prophet' and others. The text of the brotherhood song 'Suffering soul' is written by him.

18. Here and further in the records, all the quotations of the Bible are according to the Vienna edition of 1885 which the Master Beinsa Douno has used. It is a modern language version of the so called Constantinopole bible -the first new Bulgarian translation of the Bible.

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: elijoja (Eleonora Petkova)

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