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1904_09_04 The Word, 1904, Varna (ELEONORA)


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Готов превод Слово 1904, Варна - 4.9.1904-ИБ-24 / .: 4.9.1904-ИБ-24

The Word, 1904, Varna

Psalm 75:8.

'For the LORD holds a cup in his hand that is full of foaming wine (*His wreath) mixed with spices. He pours out the wine, and all the wicked must drink it, draining it to the dregs.

Hence be watchful of all your deeds and do not deviate from your path, because my justice cannot be delayed. Sooner or later everyone will take what they deserve.

If I am patient for a long time, it is for your own good, for you can all come to know the truth. Do not take advantage of that virtue of mine because for each misuse, you will endure what you deserve. Do not try through exercising your freedom, to deprive me from mine. Your desires will always be met, but your whimsies will always be punished.

'The good wishes come from the God's will and the whimsies come from the human's will.'

Proverbs 10:11

'The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life.'

The good desires are one's beauty.

'The mouth of the wicked will conceal the injustice.'

The whimsies of the human's arbitrariness, would be paid by shame and disgrace.

Gospel of John 16:16

‘In a little while you will see me no more, and then after a little while you will see me.’

'In a little while' - this is the temporary life of the flesh, which prevents you from seeing me and to be in a direct communication with me. Everyone had experienced such minutes in their lives. They were minutes of total blackout, spiritual downfall and sorrows. 'After a little while' - this is the rise of your spirit, disengaging from the bonds of the flesh; the self-denial and the consciousness of the good and the love towards God. I have always showed up in front of you in those minutes.

Gospel of Matthew 12:12

'How much more valuable is a person than a sheep!'

If God takes care of the birds in the sky and the beasts on the earth, will He forget you? - No, he will not. But you are tempted by the smallest contradictions in life. You have not learnt to serve God. You are always looking for what is yours - 'the bread and the fish'. You want miracles, you want omens. They will be given to you but not those that you are expecting. I will do that in a way that there will not be a slightest doubt in your heart. And when your eyes got opened like those of a blind man, you will see the nice Heaven.

Before three years are gone from today, the truth will shine more clearly. Faith is what I want from you. Your weak faith suppresses the power of my spirit. What omens can I make to you when you are blind? What can I do to lead you to truth when your mind is darkened? You think I am similar to you (when you are blind), a person who says one day one thing, on the next day - another; and that the tiniest obstacles can divert me from my will. You distort my words. When I talk, you do not listen to me well. If I am talking about the spiritual bread, you would understand the bread of flesh.

When God wants your hearts, to serve Him, you think that he wants a tax for you to pay. God wants something more, He wants the dedication of all your life to Him.

Do not let my words deceive you, nor to scare you. You are afraid, as I see, that they may take hold of your life and to deprive you from your freedom.

I have not come to look for life, but to give life. I did not come to deprive people from freedom, but to set them free. Each one of you are depriving yourselves from life and freedom voluntarily.

The one who does not love God, do not love me either, he has not got neither freedom, nor vitality in oneself.

If you love me, keep my law and my Father will send you His blessing for your obedience. Fulfil all I have said in the beginning and the Spirit will outlive in you. I know you have obstacles in your life, but I had such as well when I was on the earth.

To the question: 'Is the given from S. true?', the answer is: 'All good giving is from the Father of the light.'

'Do you understand why I am translating these words?'
'Why, Lord?'
'All the inspired goodness comes through the same Spirit. Everyone gets according to their needs - the milk is for the children and the general food is for the adults.'
'Are the dreams of the God's Mother truth - the Holy message of Patriarch Ioannicius?'
'I will answer your question through 12:12 from the Proverbs: 'The wicked seeks material goodness, but only the roots of the righteous give fruits.' - Each tree could be distinguished by the fruit - is it delicious or not. The faith is the one that saves the man, not the knowledge. There - where you are - they doubt not only the dreams, but they question me too. And the one who has doubts in me - he can neither believe in the truth, nor to find it. It is like to sieve the mosquito and to swallow the camel. What is the benefit of having the pharisee's truth and the pharisee's beliefs?

Stay close to the God's law and you will never stumble, because each of you who wants to be loved, close as a brother, sister and a mother, will have to follow the will of my Father.

You are stumbled by many desires, you want it all, but give nothing in return.

I know the sorrows of your sisters: one is seeking the good position of her son, the other one - the security in life. They have put words in my mouth which I have not said. In many cases they have treated me wrongly. Have I not said 'Ask and you will be given, seek and you will find, knock and it would open'?

Don't they have to present their desires in front of me through prayer and fasting, in their secret room? - Yes, that should be their behaviour. And that way, you should not tempt neither yourself, nor me.

And now, among the good seeds, the evil one has planted his seed too, when you were napping. You start to sink in the sea with your doubt. In the sea, the waves from inside threaten you and you are in a position of a drowning man. Look up towards me and I will lay my hand and will rescue you. The coast is close and the storm will end soon. I am watchful for your lives and always guide you. I have put everything in order and if you are attentive to my words, you will not be deprived of anything, you will have all my blessings.

You owe your life to heaven, which has done a lot of goodness to you. Do you know how many misfortunes would befall you If I was not your protector? But now many of them have been removed.

The one who creates the home, who makes the family relationships, who raises the love of the children and the parents, brothers, sisters and friends, He is your Heavenly Father. And if you do not listen to his voice, if you constantly doubt him and show disbelief and ungratefulness - you will lose what you have got. I have prayed for you as for Peter, so your faith do not break down in time of testing. And if you have full faith and belief in me, all would be for your own good. Now, strengthen yourself in faith and do not constantly doubt - do not pull out the wheat because of the weeds, do not reject the truth because of the lie. And if you have lied yourselves, do not assume I will lie to you too. In one moment you are ready in front of a maidservant to disown me. As the old pharisees you are ready to shout out in your soul: 'We know that God has talked to Moises, but we do not know if He has talked to that one.' You believe that I have talked to the others but do not believe that I have talked to you too. You trust others and do not trust me. That is the reason you have lost your peace, that is the reason for your sorrows.

When I was talking, you did not pay attention, when I was advising you, you did not listen and when I ordered you - you did not fulfil.

If you leave the thorns to grow and cover you - who is to blame? If I am talking and you are ruining, who will win?

Turn your eyes towards this world, look at everything around you, look at the crowd moving around you, who is thinking of their needs? Doesn't it say it all, everything is credited according to their merits? Will it be right to prefer the unworthy in front of the worthy, the ill in front of the healthy one, the wicked in front of the good one, the blasphemous in front of the righteous? - No, the heaven and the earth are to be inherited by the kindhearted and the gentle. Who has mind to listen, let him listen. Do not call only: 'God, God, God', but keep the will of my Father.

It is not the words that ask in heaven, but also the good and pure heart. It is the only pledge which is valid. And if your hearts belong to the world, with what can you attract me towards you? - With nothing. You will be outsider forever - you neither will own the world, nor heaven. It is difficult to serve two masters. But you say you have faith. Ok, let me see the fruits of your faith and then I can bless you. If you are looking for me with all your heart - there will not be anything impossible. When you call me, there should not be doubt in your heart. Your mind have to be quiet and peaceful, to be able to accept the truth and not to impose the desires of the flesh, which grow naturally and reflect within your soul. When they grow as mushrooms, you would pick them up and would say: 'Here are the promises of God.' Yes, the promises of your heart. When I speak to a soul, enlivenment of the soul will occur. Such a person will be planted as a tree around the water - his leaves will never wither and the fruit will never fall. Each heart that withers and mind that darkens indicates that my light does not exist in their souls. I would like to follow the example of the disobedient son who refused his father to go to the field, but then he regretted and went, rather than the example of the one who promised and did not keep his word. I would like you to be consistent as the widow who did not despair but required what she deserved. I would like you to follow that poor person who donated in the temple the most than all the rich men and whose name I gave as an example to you. Yes, she gave all she had without thinking of the future. You can see her example is still preached to you

Here I am talking through the mouth of your brother and if you believe, you will try the truth of my words because the truthfulness of my words could be experienced in life. Stay at peace!

The GOD JESUS CHRIST is talking through the mouth of his servant P. Danov

22 August, 1904, Varna

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
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Превеждали: elijoja (Eleonora Petkova)

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