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1903_08_27 Annual Meeting of the Chain, Varna, 1903 (ELEONORA)


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Готов превод Годишна среща на Веригата , Варна 1903 - 27.8.1903-СБ-22 / .: 1903 - 27.8.1903-СБ-22

Annual Meeting of the Chain, Varna, 1903

Varna, 1903

Todor Stoyanova came on 9th August and he went away with the Doctor.

On 17th August, Sunday, we had a Secret Dinner and on 14 - 17th August the meeting took place and the following record was taken.

Protocol No:1

city of Varna, 14th August 1903, evening

The members of the Society for lifting the religious spirit of the Bulgarian people, by the calling of God, has gathered together for the annual meeting in the city of Varna, Boulevard hotel, room No 4. The chairperson Mr Dr Mirkovich from the city of Sliven and the members: Mrs Dr A. Zheliazkova from the city of Varna, Mrs Maria Kazakova, a teacher from the city of Veliko Tarnovo and Mr P.K. Danov from the city of Varna, Penyo Kirov, Todor Stoyanov and Milkon Partomiyan from the city of Bourgas decided as follows:

I. The meeting by majority chose P. K. Danov for a clerk and Mrs Maria Kazakova - for a cashier.

II. The members' fees are voluntary and will be paid throughout the whole year from 14th August 1903 to 14th August 1904 as follows:

Mr Dr G. Mirkovich - 150 BG levs.

Mrs M. Kazakova - 50 BG levs.

Mr. T. Stoyanov - 30 BG levs.

Mr. M. Partomiyan - 30 BG levs.

Mr. P. Kirov - 40 BG levs.

Mr. P. K. Danov - 40 BG levs.

Mrs. A. Dr Zhelezkova - 40 BG levs.

III. During the second year, let the printing and the interpretation of the Gospel in the Videlina (Light) magazine.

The meeting obliges the members to collect various spiritual experiences and to send them to the editor of Videlina (Light) Magazine .

The current amount of the Society, which has been collected since 1897, was 200 BG levs and was handed in to the cashier, Maria Kazakova, who was obliged to put them on her name into a saving deposit.

The current record was signed by all who were present

The original of the current record would be kept by the clerk.

19 th August, 1903

1. All the dates in the records are given according to the old chronology by the Julian calendar, which was used in Bulgaria until 31st March 1916. It is necessary to add 12 days in order to be adapted to the new style.

2. Todor Stoyanov (1872-1952) is one of the first students of the Master Beinsa Douno. He was born in the town of Pazardzhik and completed his earthly journey in the city of Sofia. He works as a clerk in the Pazardzhik municipality and as a secretary of the Regional Court in Bourgas. He serves long years as a cashier of the Society of the World White Brotherhood after its establishment.

3. The Doctor or Dr Georgi Mirkovich 91826-1905) is a distinguished Bulgarian revival leader and one of the first disciples of Master Beinsa Douno. He was born and ended his earthly journey in the city of Sliven. He has graduated from a French Catholic school in Constantinople and medicine in Montpelier, France. He worked as a doctor and took part in the Uniate movement for Church independency, set up a project for Bulgarian schools and contributed to the revolutionary movement. After eight years hard labour in Diarbekir, he worked in a newly liberated Bulgaria as a director of a secondary school and established a spiritual society called 'Mercy'. He was an active figure in the Red Cross and a deputy in the Regional assembly. He publishes the magazines 'New Light' and 'Videlina' (light), where he publishes the first articles of Master Beinsa Douno. He is considered to be the founder of the classical homeopathic medicine.

4. The records and the notes from 1903 are taken by Penio Kirov.

5. Anastasia Dr Zhelezkova (1845-1931) - one of the first followers of Master Beinsa Douno, a distinguished figure of the Bulgarian women charitable movement. She was born in Edrine and finished her earthly path in Varna. She was a sister of the notable revolutionary Atanas Uzunov and a wife of Dr Mladen Zhelezkov. She graduated a Greek and French school in Constantinople and was a translator of spiritualistic and theosophic literature from French. Since 1890 she lives in Varna along with Dr G. Mirkovich and was a member of the spiritual society 'Mercy'. For long years she was a chairwoman of the Varna charity women association 'Mother' and was a founder of the charity association 'Mercy'.

Maria Kazakova (1852 - 1908) is one of the first disciples of Master Beinsa Douno. She was born in Sliven and ends her earthly journey in Veliko Tarnovo. She has graduated the American college in Stara Zagora, then studied in Russia and practised spiritualism. Long years she was a deputy head teacher of the Girls' High School in the city of Veliko Tarnovo. She has left a rich correspondence with Master Beinsa Douno (see Petar Danov, 'Letters to the first disciples', Astrala Publishing House, Sofia, 1999).

7. Penyo Kirov (1868-1918) was one of the first disciples of Master Beinsa Douno. He was born in Karnobat and ended his earthly path in the city of Bourgas. He has worked as a teacher and a commissioner and was a chairman of the Bourgas brotherhood for many years. He left a rich correspondence with Master Beinsa Douno. (see Petar Danov, 'Letters to the first disciples', Astrala Publishing House, Sofia, 1999).

8. Milkon Partomiyan was one of the first disciples of Master Beinsa Douno. During the above recorded events, he was living in Bourgas. In the correspondence between Master Beinsa Douno with Penyo Kirov and Todor Stoyanov, his name was mentioned several times.

9. The text win brackets (...) is an editor's note.

10. 'Videlina' (Light) magazine was an esoteric magazine issued in 1902 in Sliven from Dr Georgi Mirkovich as a continuation of 'New Light' magazine. Master Beinsa Douno has published his first articles there: 'The Secrets of the Spirit' (Hio-Eli-Meli-Mesail), 'Thoughts and Guidance', 'Good timing and the Waywardness' (See Master Beinsa Douno, 'He is Coming', White Brotherhood Publishing House, Sofia, 2004).

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: elijoja (Eleonora Petkova)

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