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1917_04_12 The Influence of Music (ELEONORA)


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Готов превод Влиянието на музиката - 12.4.1917-ИБ-163 / .: 12.4.1917-ИБ-163

The Influence of Music

All of you are exposed to the music - all of you can sing and play music.There are few descriptions of the music, it is a feature of the soul. It is located in two centres to the front part of the forehead. Everyone likes to sing but not all people have the same musical talent. It means that the musical centre is not developed to the same extent in every person and those with less developed musical centre, do not like music.

Not to like music is a negative quality and it means that the person lacks something. Some people say 'I do not like anybody' - this is a negative quality, meaning something is missing in you. When you like something - this is a positive quality.

The word 'something' means a materialisation in the world. 'Something' means an idea which came true in the physical world. On the first place, a thought comes to the person and as it is made to happen, the significance becomes double. The speech is music. People, who does not have musical talent, have a rough speech, they are sharp, harsh. People who have got musical talent - their voice is soft and peaceful.

The music is necessary and the love cannot manifest itself without music - it is a dress, which the love has to put on. A girl who can sing is well respected among the Bulgarian people.

There are two essences in the person - one is striving towards the centre of the Earth, it does not have music, only noise. The other essence is the Divine one, whose striving is towards the sun, upwards and there is music in it. Each person who has got music, is a spiritual person. He may not go to church, but he strives towards the sun and according to me, he is a religious man. Every spiritual person could be religious, but not every religious person is spiritual. That's why I say that the music has got two aspects: a real one - non-essential and a real one - essential. The music is necessary for everyone; it can heal the person from various illnesses, for example - the diseases of the nervous system. If you feel nervous, sing a song in a major scale every morning for a period of one, two, three days, weeks, months, every noon and evening time and if your condition does not go away - come to me. What do you do in such cases? You call a doctor - he gives you bromine and other tranquillisers, which numb your nervous system but do not heal you. The musical vibrations are so delicate. They make a good massage, the medicines are toxic substances - an wack with a mallet.

So the music in you will be a certain way to show your feelings and the feelings will be a form to express the mindful aspiration towards God. That is why all religions start the rituals with songs. Take away the songs from people in the world and they will not get married. The wheel of life is turning through the songs. The song is the steam and if the steam stops, the wheel of life would stop. When the people commit a sin, they would stop singing. But there is music in the reading too. There is music in the poetry. There is music in the gradual voice raising, but if you raise your voice immediately - you make a broken line and this has bad results on the ear drum. When a person gets angry, he suddenly raises his voice and he does not have music within anymore or his music does not have a measured rhythm. First place in life holds food and then - the music.

If your hearing is well developed, you will hear what music is there in the eating. The 32 teeth, while chewing, present 32 cords, playing on the bread, and the tongue is the bandmaster, who beats the time. Each meal may consist of several pieces. Do you notice upon eating how many pieces have got your concert? Each bite is a new piece. So, eating is the first concert in life. I, when I observe people, can see how many of them, when they get together, a develop a good appetite and become singers. He, who does not know how to play well with his month i.e. does not know how to eat correctly, he would feel sick and the internal listener - the stomach - would say: 'You do not play well.'

The second stage of the music is the feeding of the heart i.e. the chewing of that food, which is useful for the heart. So the first music is the eating, its centre phrenologically is under the eye. Second music is the singing - its centre is under the forehead. Third music is the prayer, praying - its centre is on the upper part of the head.

The minor scales have got more moisture and the major scales are drier. When a wind comes - these are the major scales, a dust is rising and after that - the minor scales are coming, it starts raining. If you could hear what great minor music is the falling of the raindrops! Only the grass can understand that music. I would recommend, when it is raining, you to go out in the rain and to let yourself about 15 min to get wet and then go back home, but do not change your clothes - notice what you will feel. You will get the best massage ever. People can heal themselves because warmth is forming within yourself. But when the wind comes, a strong draught comes and those are the major scales. If you expose yourself in the rain at that time, you will catch cold.

Explanation of some words in 'The Song Of Love' ('The Love is a Spring'). In that song, the word 'mother' has a different meaning than the usual one. The word 'spring' is used because it means something that bubbles from top to bottom, it comes out of the centre, from below. You have to see your soul as that spring.

'It gives birth to life' - a spring cannot give birth to life, but between the spring and life there is something in common, they belong to the same scale. In the astral world the life springs like that, that's why from this love, life springs. Here, on Earth, we call it springing and in the spiritual worlds - it's called giving birth. Under 'giving birth' is meant something which is harmonically organised. Only that, which is well organised, has been born. To give birth means to put the things in correct order. So, in you the love has to exist as water that springs. From the spring, you will go to life which also has to spring in you.

I would like to know how do you imagine that love? Some people say it is a power. What would you say? You are ashamed to say. The shame has to be transformed inто humbleness, because in the spiritual world shame does not exist, there is humbleness. People are not humble. To find out if a person has got shame - give him power, money, feed him. God also tries you. For example to see if a woman has got shame, God gives her much beauty. When she sees herself very beautiful, she starts directing and all around her sing. If the woman is ugly, she will bring herself into humbleness, she is not the bandmaster. So people are either bandmasters or simple singers. In the music, a person always has to keep the tact, there must not exist a disharmony.

In the psalm 'Praise the Lord because he is kind' which word is the most important? First, we have to find the Lord. Verse II: 'Because His kindness is till the end of time.' Verse III: 'Praise the God of the gods.' God and Lord are two different names. The emphasis would fall on God. You in your life put the emphasis on unimportant things. For example you would say: 'I would do that.' - you would not do anything. These words of yours has got no content. You say: 'I do not love.' You have to find the object. Who would you love? The word 'love' should never be pronounced aloud, but quiet. The strong words do not need advertisement, when you whisper it, people will understand you. The strong person do not need support. We do not have to support God, but to work along with Him. Some of you would say: 'He does not love me.'

That is not correct. If he does not love you, then what? - 'He hates me'. You cannot recognise love if you have not been hated. First you have to be hated in order to be loved afterwards. Take for example a statue, for example it is now everybody's favourite, but earlier as a piece of stone, it was forgotten far from all. This piece of rock has to get carved and smoothed in order to become beautiful. Do not think that you have always been what you are now. God has carved you, that's why you are good. When your statue is ready, then you are in the music.

Verse IV: 'Who does great miracles himself.'
On which word you would put the emphasis?

Verse V: 'Who created the Heaven with wisdom.' Here which word is significant?

The music has to be toned in. Your husbands starts a quarrel, then you say: 'Wait to see in which scale he sings.' He directs one song, he is the bandmaster. You must tell your husband: 'You do not take the right tone.' You may think this is an allegory. No, in those contradictory things you will find a very correct answer. When a woman gets cross, she cannot find an answer of that anger. Let the person spring. A man has to spring the anger through music. And the modern Christians say: 'A person has to be kind, humble, virtuous.' What means to be good? It means to be able to sing in tune. When you had your food, then God is good. You had enough sleep, food, God is good, if there is no food, God is not good. You had enough sleep and had enough to eat and then you would say: 'That is good.' You have to apply the new music. Be aware not to be like one American and to say: 'Why I need to eat and drink?' That American becomes Evangelist and said he had learnt everything, then just indulged in meditation. One day his 10 years old son asked him: 'Why do you not sing like others do?' - 'I am established already' , said the father. One day they harnessed the horse to the carriage, but the horse stopped, he would not go. 'Dad,' said the boy, 'the horse has established himself.' Many Christians look like those horses, so be aware not to establish yourselves. To establish is not music. Some people want only to be happy, but the happiness and unhappiness are two blessings in the world. If you are only happy, everyone will attack you. But if you make the smallest good to an unhappy person, they will become happy. I want you to understand the happiness and unhappiness and to know how to sing them. You have to be patient with everything. What opposite word can you use to 'patience'? The opposite one is the compassion. The opposite of white is black. Dark - light. But to the red? To the truth - lawlessness. How would you interpret the word 'virtuous'? On the physical plane, the truth is tact. When you are not in accord with the bandmaster, he gets angry - it means the divine justice is in action. They say: 'The rod has come out of heaven.' You must think about the truth and justice as a rod, which guides you. A sinful soul could go in the right path through the rod.

12th April 1917

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