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1922_01_08 You did not give Me a kiss/You gave Me no kiss (Proletina)


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Готов превод Целувание не Ми даде / Целувание ми не даде - 8.1.1922-НБ-410 / .: 8.1.1922-НБ-410

You did not give Me a kiss/You gave Me no kiss

"You gave Me no kiss, but from the time I came in she has not ceased to kiss My feet.”(Luke 7:45)

I will now touch on the origin of the kiss, i.e. I will consider in principle what a kiss is. If this had happened to a chaste girl in a secret room or to a guy, you know what all modern journalists would write about your daughter if she were your daughter, of course. This is an episode - that's what I call it - or an incident or an event that happened 2,000 years ago with one of the great sinners and wantonnesses the world knows. Debauchery from love, debauchery of love, because there is debauchery without love. Now I move back 2,000 years. This woman approached one of the greatest men who had ever descended to Earth; the purest man who has ever appeared on Earth; the most exalted soul who has ever visited this world; the greatest spirit that has ever illuminated human thought.

If Christ had decided to come to the modern world today, I do not know what form He would have taken, how He would have appeared, and how He would have been received by modern cultural people. "Like then?" "Probably much better than then." And there is no doubt! Today there are so many churches built in His honour, in His name, there are more than 500,000 employees of his - a whole army, yet they will give him an excellent reception, at least officially. An official reception is easily done: a fattened turkey, weighing at least 12 kilograms is slaughtered. When the Bulgarian, weighs it and sees it is weighing 12 kilograms, says: This turkey is fattened, a good soup would come out of it and you know what thing the oily soup of turkey is, with a little drained lemon and its liver and gizzard so finely cut into the soup, and when you come across such a small liver.. ... ”Then this turkey is filled inside with rice, raisins, peanuts, this or that, roasted, reddened, so when they cut off such a reddened piece for you, you will say: "Come on, for prosperity, Christ has come to Earth." Or at least they will roast one of these little pigs, 10-12 kg each, which are slaughtering now for Christmas, nicely roasted, put it on the table with a little wine, all to eat because Christ has visited us. This is the official reception - then there will be speeches and thanks for His willingness to come. And He will answer that He was received well. I guess so, I'm not saying de facto. And here, in Simon's house, there is another reception. They received him without roasting a piglet, neither were there any kisses, nor washing of his feet, but a simple reception as the Jews could give him.

This woman enters, you will call her impudent, shameless, utterly shameless, in order to approach the purest man.

Imagine what courage, what audacity, what thickness she had! I don't know a more brazen woman than her! I use modern language. You will say, "How could there be such insolence!" However, here it is that this great insolence is chronicled in the Gospel and serves as an excellent example. Do you know what this woman said when she kissed Christ's feet? I will explain now. She said, "Lord, for Your sake I have committed all these crimes as I searched for You. Here I thought it was You, there I thought it was You - I have committed all crimes for You. I did this not out of evil will, but I did not have this Wisdom to know You, and now, now I have found You". I present this woman as an ideal of Love: there is no ceremony on her side to express her Love to the whole world. She says: "Whatever happens. I'm already dirty, let them say what they want, I will kiss in public, I do not give five bucks for people's opinion.

Now, why the kiss is sometimes considered illegal? I have here a mathematical solution to the kiss, expressed in geometric form: what does it mean by the rules of the higher, transcendental mathematics? - The letter means the origin of the kiss. The letter represents a square that was previously closed, because all crimes, all struggles in the world take always place in a limited space, which the square encompasses, ie. there is a desire to be free in every living thing, which is limited in any form, and this desire for freedom produces a crime. Therefore, the kiss is a direct way to get rid of evil. So the kiss is a straight line that is placed at the bottom of the square and forms the letter„Ц“ ("C"). This in Nature I call flowering (цъфтене). Therefore, he who wants in Nature to be properly freed from evil, from restriction, which is over him must necessarily remove the upper, closed line in order to absorb the sun's rays, and has to be an open square.There must be flowering (цъфтене) in nature. And in humans, flowering (цъфтенето) coincides with kissing (целуването). When we kiss someone, we tell them, "The way to your salvation is to blossom (цъфнеш)" That means the kiss. Who should kiss? We say that the sun's rays kiss the flower. No, the one who has come home is kissed. When a guest comes home, the owner of the house will kiss him. If you are the owner, you, your daughter, your son, will line up to kiss him. If the guest kisses, this is not correct.

Therefore, I can tell you that Christ visited this woman. She had rented a room in Simon's house, who was giving a banquet to Christ, and when He came, she kept constantly kissing him. She acted according to the laws of Nature, according to the law of flowering (цъфтенето), to show that salvation is there. Therefore, she opened her soul, she opened her heart, mind and spirit to receive these Divine rays, and transformed into a flower. Christ says, "Because she has acted so wisely, all the sins she has committed in the past are forgiven."

Another time, I will stop to interpret what "sin" and "error" mean.I will leave you now with your old ideas about sin. When a man does not know how to bloom (цъфти) and kiss (целува), he is always in the square, his neck is like the one of that ox with horns. The ox once made its horns to defend itself, but the man, by holding it by the horns, created the letter V ("B") and formed a yoke from it in which he harnessed it. We say a "great man" (велик човек). Who is a great man? - Great is the man who can harness and unharness himself. A happy man is one who has a yoke and is harnessed. They are both happy. Then what is the point of untying an ox? This unit on top of the letter V ("B"), must be removed to keep the ox free. Because you can be tied and untied not only with a rope, but you can be conscious as a person. A headband is put on an ox, and a man binds himself with his word, with his consciousness. Therefore, the reasonable tying takes place according to the law of freedom.

Therefore, the kiss, according to its origin, is the way we can save ourselves from the evil that now exists in the world. What is a mouth? - The lower lip means Love, the forces that create - they have one origin - and the upper lip means Wisdom. Love and Wisdom in the Divine world form the foundation on which all living, great beings live. Therefore, when I kiss someone, it means that I commit myself to serve and live in accordance with this great Wisdom and Love that make up the Divine world.

So, you are a guest to the one who kisses you. To kiss someone, the Lord must be in him. This is the real kiss.

Who lived inside Christ? "God Himself." This woman understood the law — she kissed Christ, not he. Therefore, we can only kiss the Divine. Someone says, "Why don't you kiss me?" - Does God live in you, is S/He in you? If S/He is not in you, I shouldn't get my mouth dirty. The only being you can kiss and that can bring your salvation is the light. Flowers open for whom? "For the light." If there is light, they imbibe it. These sunbeams, this sunlight kisses the flowers, it produces their wonderful growth. So, the issue is resolved. When you are asked, "Can two people kiss at the same time?" No, it's unthinkable. Either the man will kiss or the woman; either the brother or the sister; either the master or the servant. Such is the law. Two people who kiss at the same time do not understand this law and there can be no good results from such a kiss. Two people who are kissing eachother are like two bankers, operating with their capital in the same house; there will definitely be a kick there.

Now this gives you a misunderstanding. The question is not about who kissed you, it's about who you kissed - that's the question. I'm not talking about who kissed you, but the question is - who did you kiss. The devil kisses. When someone asks who kissed you, I mean evil, and who you kissed - I mean the Lord. Therefore, there are two kisses. If you kiss a woman, she tells her husband that you have kissed her. She has the right. This kiss is not divine. However, if this woman kisses Christ, it's different. Who did she kiss? If you ask this flower who it has kissed, it will tell you: "The sun, I kissed the sun. The sun has made me as beautiful as I am. As I kissed the sun, all my sins were forgiven, the sun lifted me up. Christ turned to Simon and said, "You did not give me a kiss." This Simon was a cultured man like us, the modern ones.He said to himself when he saw this woman kissing Christ's feet, "This man is a prophet, a teacher who knows everything, who is pure and holy, and here a woman has been kissing his feet for so long, doesn't he know what she is? If I were him, I would have driven her away 10 times so far! ”And then Christ turned to him,“ Simon, I have something to tell you. ” And he says: "Teacher, speak!" - "A lender had two debtors: one owed him 500 dinars, and the other - 50." The number 5 is what prevails here. One number means the spiritual man, and the other - the secular, carnal man; one who understands things only forever, and the other who understands things temporarily.

In studying the teachings of Christ, we should not make the mistake of St. Anthony's servant. We need to understand this teaching correctly, because it is based on great laws, on living laws that we, today's people, can apply. What is the mistake of St. Anthony's servant? This is an anecdote, I don't know how true it is. I am taking it to clarify the principle. St. Anthony was invited somewhere to visit and took off with his servant. He rode a horse and his servant a donkey. However, St. Anthony had opponents who wanted to stop him in his path. In the evening they stopped at an inn. His opponents came, cut off the head of the horse and the donkey, saying to themselves, "He must not visit, that's it." In the morning, the servant comes, wishing to take out and prepare the horse and the donkey for the journey, but he sees that their heads have been cut off.He reported this to St. Anthony. St Antony tells him: "It doesn't matter, stick them and we will go!" The servant, in a hurry, exchanged the heads, by putting the donkey's head on the horse and the horse's one on the donkey. St. Anthony got on a horse with a donkey's head, and his servant - on a donkey with a horse's head, and off they went. The heads of modern people are shifted. Men think like women and women think like men. You say, "Then how will the matter be resolved?" - The horse's head - on the horse, the donkey's head - on the donkey! Things must be as they were originally created, and not interpreted. I say: Take this horse's head off the donkey and take the donkey's head off the horse! This means interpretation - to give a correct explanation of the great law on which our current laws are built. What Christ said was that this doctrine with its basic principles can be applied now. It will be the same in thousands and millions of years. Love will be the same until the end of the century and after the end of the century. When I say the same Love, I mean the same substance and essence, not in form. Have you seen how the sun rises in the morning? So it is with Love. It will intensify, intensify to its zenith, then it will set, and at the new dawn it will intensify again. Therefore, Love is intensified in all its manifestations. That is why, we must be prepared to bring out, first, the great thing - God's Love. You have not felt that Love yet. If people would apply this Divine Love, which the woman who kissed Christ's feet was enthusiastic with, the world would have been saved today. And if we take this position, and ask ourselves why are we learning, why do we need knowledge in the world, I am answering: knowledge - this is knowing of God. All philosophy in the world is contained in this - to know God in His essential manifestation, as He Himself knows Himself, to know Him in His substantial manifestation, to know Him in all His manifestations in the world. This is the great science in the world.

And so, all the modern struggles that now exist are nothing else but knowing of the true God who will bring in the Great Love, which serves for growing, blossoming, binding and ripening of this fruit. I will not dwell on the inner meaning of Love, because this is a great task that you must study. To speak of Love is as meaningless to me as to speak to you of this transcendental mathematics, of the higher Divine mathematics. All numbers have their ratios. Numbers from 1 to 10 have their ratios. You say, "I know what the number 1 means." This number has countless ratios. It can have thousands of manifestations with thousands of qualities. Do you know it in all its qualities? It can mean one kilogram of water, it can mean one kilogram of air, and so on. And what other ratios the unit has!When we come to the number 2, we need to know its ratios too. We need to know what the numbers : 1, 2, 3-10 mean. This is a manifestation of the primordial Divine world. Therefore, the first kiss formed the unit: the kiss took out the first unit: When you want to be the first, it means that only the person who can open the square can be the first. Someone says, "I want to be first." I ask: Do you know the science of opening the square, do you know the science of kissing? - "Oh, how many I have kissed !" - Do you know, like that sinner, how to kiss the feet of Christ, the greatest man, ie. has your mouth dealt with the essence and substance of the Divine Love and Wisdom? Have you tasted them like fruit? Because, when you taste Love and Wisdom, it is as pleasant as when you take a fruit and say: “Oh, how beautiful it is!"This is the substance of these foundations on which the Divine world rests. That is why Christ says, "I am the living bread that came down from Heaven, and he who eats me will have eternal life." How? "With your mouth." The word "eating" always means reproduction. And he who (целува) kisses me - (цъфтенето) the flowering means opening this square. Now I ask you: You are unhappy, aren't you? What causes your misfortunes? All for Christ's sake. You are looking for Love and in the name of this Love you can commit thousands of crimes. You can see a beautiful woman and say, "Oh, love is there." You kiss her, but when you kiss her, you say it's not her. Then a disgust, a hatred appear in you. First the devil lied to you to kiss her, then the Lord came and said, "It is not her." "If it's not her, I'll take the knife and will stab her." The Lord says again, "You will not stab her."

Imagine now a modern woman or man who have committed such a crime as this prostitute. You would excuse me but I have no shadow of intent to take any of you. To imagine for a moment such a woman who has committed a crime, and who is kissing her husband's feet and says, "For your sake, I have committed all sins." What would a modern man do?

He will say: "Get out of here, you disgraced me!" And if a man is found who forgives his wife and says: "Come on, let pass from me", all the newspapers will write - a valiant man! But Christ treated her differently, there was something else - so is it written in the Gospel. He said, "Simon, I went down to your house, you neither gave me a kiss, nor did you give me water for my feet, and this great sinner hasn't stopped kissing my feet since I came in." And the feet, this is the great, these are the Divine virtues. He who seeks the virtues and who seeks the righteousness is the one that kisses these feet. What thirsts and is hungry represents the mouth. Therefore, this state of the human heart, and this expression of the human mouth we call a kiss . This kiss is found not only in humans, but also between birds and other animals, and even between flowers.However, people today have ruined it, they have lost the meaning, and instead of being kissed by someone when they get drunk, they say, "here you are one fist, to know that my hand is strong." And now, we the modern people are at war. Why? - Because people have lost the meaning of the kiss, the way to kiss, they do not know how to kiss, and start fighting, there is hitting of heads, breaking of legs. The orthodox then begin: “Lord, we pray that you will bless our weapons, so that with our great army and heroes we may win and be greeted with pies and wine, for we have won; so that all nations may know that you alone are the Lord and that there is no one like You. " And then they say, "Blessed be the Lord, in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, amen." No, no, no, all priests must preach to the modern world and kiss the feet of this harlot.Whose feet ? - the ones of the poor widows, the poor orphans; the suffering ones, and the unjust ones. This is what is required. You will say, "Kiss!" Yes, a kiss; you need to warm your heart to give a kiss. Kissing requires great heroism. And in Bulgaria I have met few who know how to kiss. I have met some who adjust their lips and blush. Heart, heart! I do not want you to take anything from me, but to realize that your life has been meaningless so far, a life of delusions in thoughts, desires and feelings, and great thought to be born in you that from now on you will live a pure life, you will kiss those rays of the sun that create the growth of your soul. Therefore, he who kisses must be in the place of this sinner, and when he is kissed, he must be in the place of Christ. So when no one comes to kiss you, you will say, "Wait, brother, wait, do you think you can get anything from me? ”“ No. ”A monk told me the following case:“ I went to church, he says. A rich man came out and I took his hand and kissed it. He gave me 100 leva. Then a rich woman came out, I grabbed her hand and kissed her. She gave me 200 leva. Our bishop finally came out, and I kissed his hand. He gave me 1 lev. I said to myself, "Poof, If I knew that my kiss went in vain!" This man was selling his kiss for money. "That rich man gave me 100 leva, the rich woman 200 leva, and the bishop, he got annoyed, and not only did he give me a lev, but he took it out with displeasure and said: "Come on, go away!" However, a kiss for 100 leva, for 200 leva and for 1 lev should not be sold. The bishop was the first to tell the truth. He said, "Listen, don't be stupid, I am a bishop, I am not Christ. While you kiss my hand, you will still have this head and you will not see good. " And the rich man who gives 100 leva says: “As long as you kiss my hand, there will be wooden stick. I am not Christ. This means 100 leva. And the woman who gave 200 leva says: "As long as you kiss women for money, you will never thrive." The kiss must be perfect, absolutely selfless.

Here you have a woman who is rejected by the whole world and seeks salvation. She is the woman who drowns and clings to Christ and says, "Only you, Lord, only your Love, only your Wisdom can deliver me from this situation I have fallen into."

And you women - I will turn to you and the men - I do not have your experience, you have all kissed and been kissed, what did you feel after the kiss? "You've been turning and tossing on the bed all night." Why? - You did not kiss Christ, but the devil. There is the torture. Where the devil is kissed, an ulcer appears, and evil is born. There is everything. Note, this is a fact. The face of a woman who has kissed a corrupt man turns black. A man's face who has kissed a woman who is not in the place of Christ, and his face is spoiled. If he was clean, his face will necessarily change. A kiss always produces transformation either for good or for evil. If you have kissed Christ, your face will surely shine, but if you have made a mistake in the kiss, you will always walk bent over like that sinner. You will say, "There is no meaning in life for me." Then, what is the cure?"You will come to Christ." You can find Christ today. Take the Gospel, go back 2,000 years, or go 2,000 years ahead, you will find and kiss Christ. And there is no living being that can put itself in the position of this woman and that Christ does not manifest to. Then Christ will say, "Your sins are forgiven, and now your new development begins."

Christ says, "I came down to your house, you did not give Me a kiss." A noble thought entered you. This thought is Christ. Sometimes Christ passes into this world. I see Him. He often passes. Now I'm not going to talk about myself, I'm going to talk about a clairvoyant who told me the following: I look - he said-Christ has stood up by a beautiful woman who is very beautiful from the outside but not from within
- and is talking while I see on the other side, someone else is talking. " Christ says, "Woman, turn to God, you need more Love to be saved." Then the devil whispers something. In the place where Christ speaks, she constantly waves her hand near her ear, because Christ says, "Love!" And it means, "To love is to kiss." What will my husband say? She carnally understands Love. An inner self-denial is a process of the soul, not a process of the body, of the mind.This is a relationship that exists between my soul and my original source, God whom I came from.

And whenever these thoughts of Christ are whispered, we criticise them. When someone comes and whispers such thoughts to us, for example: "Open a trade, you will have big profits" - you do not wave your hand near your ear. You start trading. When Christ comes, He said to the woman: "Woman, you are rich, there are so many poor children there, give 2000 levs to help them." The devil says, "Don't listen!" She waves at her ear. I watch people waving all the time. Christ speaks to a woman, she waves in her ear, "This is not for me." When someone else comes and whispers something, she says, "I'm ready!"

And then they ask me: "How can we know Christ's voice, so many voices speak to us?" Christ speaks like no other. He says, "Give all your possessions to the poor!" And you wave. "Go to a hospital to serve the sick!" You wave again. "Wash your husband's feet, reconcile with your friend!" You wave again. And when you are told, "Rub your friend's nose," you accept. "Take him to court, you have 20,000 leva to take", - "I understand that, I have so much money to take". When Christ speaks, there is no soul in the world who does not understand His voice. Every thought that makes a person ready for self-sacrifice is a Divine thought. There is no exception in this. Accept it, it comes from Christ. If you stop to think about whether he is the Christ who was 2,000 years ago, you lose everything. Listen, my friend, if you are waiting for this Christ who was 2000 years ago, you will go to the bottom of hell. This Christ has grown up now, 2000 years ago He was a little child. He was a baby when He was 2 years old, and He is now mature, He is now old, He is strong. Therefore, you will not look for Him like a little child and say: “Ah, to have a little baby like Christ and to stroke him! Then He could not save the world. He fled to Egypt, He was beaten, and crucified. That was the will of God. He said to himself, "Well, you are weak, that is how it will be!" When he was resurrected, He said, "All authority has been given to me in Heaven and on Earth, and it will not be so in the future: I will not be beaten. Go and preach this Word, I will be with you until the end of the age. They preach to us about the crucified Christ. I am not preaching to you about the crucified Christ, I am preaching to you about that Christ's resurrection of God's Love, of God's Wisdom, of God's Truth, Righteousness and Virtue and also for that Christ who brings life in Himself, who brings Wisdom, knowledge of the world; for that Christ who bears the Truth, who comes to give us this inner light, to build our homes, to give us the Righteousness and to measure with its measure, to give us the Virtue too. Christ also brings those great methods which we will be able to build our homes by. This is the great Christ. You will say, "Where is He?" "I see Him now," He whispers in your ears. Here, I see Christ, I see him. Do you see Him? I see Him, I see Him, Christ whispers. Now I determine who will do what: someone will wave his hand to his ear, and another will listen.

Many people think that I want to enchant people. No, Christ is speaking to you. And do you know what Christ is saying to you? Here is what I am listening to: “Your hearts are cold, there is snow outside, therefore you have no ventilation, there is opposition there; You need Love, Love, which to overcome everything with; Love that warms these icy hearts, tio warm them with a temperature of 100,000,000, so that your hearts may shine. Christ speaks to you again. Do you know what He is telling you?

"Knowledge, knowledge is what you need. You do not need knowledge of how to cook beans, how to cook the turkey, how to chop the cabbage and make kebabs. It is not this you need, but knowledge, knowledge, to pass on this wisdom to your daughters, sons, your husbands, your servants, friends and enemies. I see Christ, He speaks to you now, and you are sitting. I see a great picture: it's as if a girl is sitting waiting for the guy who's coming now and proposing to get engaged. She is very serious. I see her in a serious pose. You have taken such a pose and I say: everything is ready, just do not move your right hand to your ear. The girl says, “Now that the boy has come, wait for me to think whether to take him or not; to take him, but I have another richer, more learned one, he will create more conveniences for me, but he has not yet proposed to me. She decides and thinks, how seriously she thinks! She is thinking seriously, but about "that one"! She has nothing to think about: "Are you taking me or not?" - "I'm with you, Lord!" Done! If you keep thinking a lot, nothing will come out. There are times when a man should not think much. He must decide immediately. And we have to be like that Napoleon's engineer to whom Napoleon said, "You have to build a bridge for the army to cross." "I have no tools." "I'm telling you, if you don't build the bridge in 20 minutes, I'll shoot you." The engineer pays tribute, goes away, his brain starts working immediately
and builds the bridge for 20 minutes.There is no time, there is nothing to solve with tools, we must work quickly. When a person makes a mistake, he wants a long term, prolongs, procrastinates in court. Sinners want a long time when their deeds are considered. When we steal, we want time to be long, and when we want to have results - to the contrary - time to be short. When it comes to rewarding us for our actions, we should not procrastinate for years, but like Napoleon, an order should be issued to us to build this bridge in 20 minutes to pass from one shore to another, from one world to another. Therefore, we must apply these principles in our homes, in our lives.

Christ says, "I came to your house, you did not give me a kiss, and this woman, since I entered, has not stopped kissing, not my mouth, but my feet." She says, "I am unworthy to kiss your mouth, but I will kiss your feet, those dusty feet that walk on the earth." To kiss Christ on the mouth requires an angelic life. Someone says, "Let me kiss you on the mouth!" Angelic life is required for this, purity is required! If we would appreciate these kisses! ... Bulgarians who have been to Russia say that on Easter everyone kisses eachother - "kiss-kiss" - until they defile it: "Ну, поцелуемся: цап цап (let's kiss eachother- kiss-kiss)". Now Christ tells them what a kiss should be. This square must be opened, and these delusions must be discarded, they must cease in Russia. You say, "The Orthodox Church was like that." I will give you an anecdote. One of the Russian emperors wrote confidential letters to all Russian monasteries, asking whichever monastery held the head of St. John the Baptist to send to him. He received one head from all the monasteries! He put them in separate rooms - 40 heads in 40 rooms. Then he goes to the Russian Synod and asks: "How many heads does St. John the Baptist have?" - "Your Imperial Majesty - only one head!" - "No," he said, "there are 40 heads." He takes these old men to all rooms: "40 heads, 40 documented heads!" They are right: if we take the rebirth, we can say that John the Baptist had 40 heads, but the emperor told them: "Do not deceive the people with these superstitions!"This is why the Russian church is suffering today because John the Baptist had 40 heads! God should not be insulted. There must be no lies in His name. If I want to deceive you, in the name of Christ, the karma of this people is heavy. No one can succeed if they have lied. Someone says, "It's worth lying." Not never! Sometimes you can save the truth, you can avoid the answer, or you can keep quiet, but never tell a lie. You can't tell the truth - be quiet; you can't tell the truth - run, no one is forcing you to talk.

So, two things are needed: humility like this woman, to know our delusions. This woman knew that the path she had taken, the life she had led, the knowledge she had had, had all yielded the worst results. And after all that, she says, "Lord, I'm changing all this now." I know that this woman, as an individual, is not alone. This woman changed her life, then she became an excellent worker of Christ's work. She has completely changed her life. Her life was changed by the kiss. Therefore, if this Divine light enters us, and we receive this light and kiss it, it will produce all these good results. So when someone comes to your home, what should you do with them? After all, when you have a jour fix, a friend of yours comes to you, a lover of yours that you love, you put her to sit in your place. One comes, you kiss her; another comes and you kiss her; a third comes, you kiss her; when up to 10 come, you kiss them. The other 10 that come, you don't kiss them. Then you kissed 10 but 10 - not. I determine: 10 are from the Lord, and 10 - from the devil. Your rendezvous, this jour fix of yours will always be a jour fix. When they leave your home, they will start criticising you. You will kiss all of them! If you start with a kiss, you will kiss everyone. If you don't kiss, you should not kiss anyone. Then your jour fix will be successful. You will say, "I don't like this woman." What did you like about the one you kissed? Was that woman charming to Christ? That what you like is the devil. You have two girls: one is cheeky, with wounds, and the other is not, she is beautiful. Which one will you kiss? - The beautiful one. The devil is in her. Christ is in this one, the cheeky one. The devil is in the handsome guy with the moustache. When you kiss him, your face will turn black. And Christ is in this one, the ugly boy. In the name of Christ you will kiss him. The principle of Christ is in him.

And this woman chose to kiss the dusty feet of Christ, and not the clean ones of that bourgeois, because Christ walked in leather sandals and without socks, barefoot. His feet were dusty. This woman did not kiss Simon's feet, but Christ's. She said, "Lord, you are dusty and unclean, and so am I." I will wash your feet, and you will wash my heart. And Christ answered, "Woman, said and done." And she did it. Today's scholars say: "He gathered them, all such ignorant people, don't we know who they are?" That I did not come to Bulgaria to gather the beautiful girls and boys, I leave them for the church, while those who have no shelter, the cheekbone ones, they have come to me. So there's no reason to be in a misunderstanding, but once a sheep of mine healed in such a way, I don't let it go anymore. What do I mean by the word "church"? - By "church" I mean a living being, that thinks and feels, has a will, while all these stone buildings are shelters, these are not churches. And now the priests are asking, "Are you going to church?" I would come to you, you are an open door. I see that the doors of the hearts of the priests and bishops are still closed, there is no key to them. I ask the cleric: where are the keys? "Grandpa bishop is not serving today, come to the other church." This is not a church. When someone wants to come to my church, I open the doors to the worshipers at 4 o'clock before the sun rises. Thus, the doors must be opened to all people who want to serve God, and all the chandeliers in this church must be lit and light and kindness must pour out of them. And whoever enters it, must leave out all his burden. This is a church, so it must be understood. You will say, "What about the common people?" They are not ordinary people, we are talking about all scientists - they have graduated from high schools, universities - will we keep them entertained? We will allow them to enter the church, to serve. But how will they serve? - When the bishop comes, let him put on the garment of Love, it is the inner garment. Then there is a felon, it is the garment of Wisdom. When they put on these clothes, then let them put on crowns and other things, and then let them serve. When he comes like this, I will give him the first place, but if he comes with his current clothes, I will drive him out. You, who sold the name of Christ, go out, you come to serve for money, to collect it in your rissoles! Christ did not die for money, Christ came to serve in the name of God's Love and Wisdom to resurrect people. This is not only with our priests and bishops. When I speak the truth, I speak it in the name of Christ. Woe to those who oppose these Divine truths! In the name of Christ, in the Divine name, there is no delusion.

Let the Bulgarians sow their fields. I am ready to give the Bulgarians 100 times more wheat and corn, in abundance, let them sow , and let the priest sow, but not with the cross and a cauldron in hand. There should be nothing in the church: no money, no discussion. This is an outrage! All this must be thrown away, so says Christ. Now someone comes and asks me: "Do you light a candle in a church?" I say: My candle is always burning, my lamp has been lit since time immemorial, it has never gone out. - "Do you believe in the church?" - I believe in this one, the church of Christ, in the church of Love, Christ is in it, all the saints and good people are in it. - "Why don't you come to us?" - I came to you, but your churches are closed. "How?" "They're closed, and now I can't kiss them." They want me to kiss the bishop's hand. I'm not one of them to kiss the hand of the bishop. Sometimes I don't want my hand to be kissed either. A few days ago a man came who beared the Spirit. After I invited him to stay at the table, he said no one should kiss my hand. I say to myself: Well, that tempted him: "And he is one of the bishops," thought the guest. Half an hour later he got up, went out, wanted to shake hands, I stopped him - not to shake hands, and I told him: "Good luck, you think well." I am for that inner kiss of Love, of our kindred souls. Some ask, "How do we find our kindred souls?" This is the easiest job! There is no easier job than this. Even the youngest children will tell you that. By the age of 5-6, children will tell you how. From the age of seven upwards, they will deceive you. In the Ruse region, a father told me that one day he asked his young child: “Son, where did you come from? ”This child replied,“ Don't disturb me. ” - "Who are you, where did you come from?" If you have Love in you, you will not ask him where he came from. You know that Love knows where you came from. When we love people, we came from God, and when we do not love them, we came from the devil.

The first thing: when Christ comes to your home, you will wash His feet with your mouth, and this, translated into your language, means: you will serve him with Wisdom and Love, you will carry his Word without any impurity. This is the kiss. When I apply all my mind and all my heart to serve Him so that I can carry his Word without any impurity, this is a kiss. If you can serve Christ in this way, He will tell you, "Your sins are forgiven, and your names are written in heaven before the angels, and in the future you will become citizens of this great kingdom."

So, I now congratulate you all to serve Christ with Wisdom, to serve with Love, to put them in your minds and hearts. I see this Christ, I am talking to Him now. After you go home, He will talk to you again. Be careful, don't keep thinking, but say, "Let's decide!" Not where the deadline is, decide now! Said and done - no waving of the hand. You will tell me, "Are you telling the truth that Christ is with us now?" Christ is with you, with your souls, understand inwardly. I am telling you a great truth. Great is this Christ, and when people one day realize this truth, do you know what kind of culture there will be? In Europe we will travel freely, without any obstacles, and then everything will be cheaper, and wheat, and butter and everything. How? - When people begin to serve God with Love and Wisdom.

This teaching must be accepted by all clergy. And they still get offended, but Christ will force them not to get offended. Both teachers and all others in the future must serve Christ with Love and Wisdom.

Now I am preaching to you not as Bulgarians, or as Englishmen, or as Frenchmen. I preach to you as to my brothers and sisters in the name of Christ. I will never distort the Truth. I speak to you as my brothers and sisters, as friends, as students, who I keep on an equal footing with me, I give you my best thoughts, even though these people tremble outside, in the cold. I give you the best of myself, I introduce you to these truths that no one else has told you about for 2,000 years. Why? - Because I love God, because I serve Him with Love and Wisdom. And you can all serve Him. You can all serve God with Love and Wisdom. We can all be brothers, no matter what our level of development. We will go to work to the best of our ability. So we can give this kiss to Christ, because Christ is everywhere, in all of Nature. Christ is everywhere! And we can give Him that kiss; once we give it, we will blossom, bind, and become strong. My words are a bit symbolic, but their truth is inside. Every thought, every kiss must be imbued with Love, and when you kiss, do not regret, but know that you have done a duty, that you have given something from yourself, and then you will hear this voice of Christ: "Your sins are forgiven. "they are forgiven" is an excellent word. If today the Antanta says to the Bulgarians: "Your debt is forgiven", what will happen? - Drums will be beating around the city, announcements will be posted in all cities, in all municipalities that the Antanta has forgiven Bulgaria 2 and a half billion levs of debt. What Christ bears is much more than these two and a half billion levs.

We all need Love and Wisdom now. Love and Wisdom! Some say, "One of your sisters is sour." I say: she has not yet kissed the feet of Christ. "This one criticises a little." I say: She did not kiss the feet of Christ. "Someone is ignorant" - she has not kissed the feet of Christ. Those men and women, whose hearts are imbued with this Love and their mind - with this Wisdom, they have kissed the feet of Christ. A person who has once experienced this Love, who has once touched it, has already risen in a way that the world does not suspect.

So, serve with Love, serve with Wisdom. This teaching must be applied. There is the strength and salvation in the future.

Speech given on January 8, 1922, the second day of Christmas, in Sofia.

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