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1921_06_19 Come after Me/and He said unto him "Come after Me" (Proletina)


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Готов превод Дойди след Мене / И рече му: „Дойди слѣдъ мене!“ - 19.6.1921-НБ-365 / ...: 19.6.1921-НБ-365

Come after Me/and He said unto him "Come after Me"

And He said unto him: "Come after Me"(Matthew, ch. 9, v. 9)

“And as Jesus passed by from thence, he saw a certain man sitting on the receipt of custom, named Matthew; and said to him, “Come after me!” And he arose and went after Him.

There are two important positions in this verse: Jesus, who passed by, and Matthew, who was sitting in his customs house. I see the whole world as one customs house, where all people sit and work. They are officials of this big customs house. Whatever they are, whatever position they occupy, everyone handles certain materials. There is taking and giving in the whole customs house. And what does the customs house represent? - An institution in which various goods enter and leave. In this way, they bring some revenue to the customs house. This is the external work of the customs house. And man is a tax collector for himself. And something is constantly coming in and out of him. The door of this customs house is the human mouth, from which sometimes very good things come out, and sometimes very bad things.

"Jesus was passing by" - an ordinary man, without any social status, without any title. He said to the publican, "Come after me!" Matthew left the customs house and followed Jesus. From the point of view of modern cultured people, only the secured person can do so. Only he can leave his job and without expecting any good to follow Jesus - a man who preaches some teaching. It is not known why and what for he left the customs house. You say, "Both our daughters and sons are leaving their homes like this." - Indeed, both your sons and daughters are leaving their homes, but officially. In order to take your daughter, godparents and wedding guests will come, they will call you, they will talk to you, they will bargain - one down, one up, they will make contracts and finally you will agree to let go of your tax collector who has sat in your home for years as an already unnecessary clerk. You will say to yourself:"There are younger people than her who will replace her. The old clerk has been working for 20 years, we will replace her with a younger one. " When a country girl marries, wedding guests and brothers-in-law with a car adorned with flowers, bagpipes, drums come and pick up the girl - the old tax collector. "Where is she going?" To another customs house. Music and whistles can be heard from one customs house to another. When the tax collector leaves the customs house it is in place. And when the girl leaves home, it's in place. Both situations show what a person's external understanding of life is. One is easily attracted when one is interested in external forms only, in one's temporary experiences and feelings. This is natural. External things always have a strong influence on man. However, there are things in life that have an inner effect on a person.

I say: In life you meet a girl and boys who fall in love with each other. "Why?" - Because their eyes, nose, forehead and hair are beautiful. It is natural. for a man to be attracted to beauty. What would you say, however, when boys fall in love with ugly girls and girls fall in love with ugly boys. There are ugly girls and boys who one is afraid to look at, but they are also fallen in love with. What is the reason for this? The girl says, "People find my beloved ugly, but I don't see it. He is beautiful to me. They don't see in him what I see. " And the boy is told that his beloved is not with all her mind, but he sees something else in her. "Which mind is it talked about?" - About the objective mind. From the point of view of this mind, all people get carried away, but from the point of view of the inner, subjective mind, both the boy and the girl are right. This mind deals with abstract things. That's why,by looking at things through the objective and subjective minds, you evaluate them in two ways. Imagine that you have a book with excellent content, with gold pages, with gold covers, decorated on top with precious stones. If this book falls into the hands of a person who pays attention to the material side of things, he will say, "This book is good!" Then he will take the gold and precious stones from it and sell them, and use the money to eat and for drinking. Anyone who pays attention to the inner side of things will open the book and start reading. Whatever he learns from it, he will use for the good of his fellow men. Therefore, people view life from two points of view: as an external good that brings conditions only for eating and drinking, and as an internal good that brings conditions for internal growth and development of man. The publican understood the inner meaning of life, therefore he left the tax office and followed Christ. "What did he learn?" - We have to call him in front of us, to tell all by himself about his experiences. If he himself does not tell us what he has learned from Christ, we will make a series of conjectures and assumptions. If the publican was the only one who accepted Christ's teaching, I would have called him before you to say what he had learned, but since you also accepted this teaching, I call you here to say what Christ has said to the publican.

I ask: What made the publican leave his customs house? If an official allows himself to leave the customs house without permission, he will immediately be asked, "Who gave you the right to leave your job without the knowledge of your superiors?" At least one month before leaving his job, he must inform his supervisor. Otherwise they will hold him responsible. The publican, without any explanation, left the customs house and followed Christ. What made him do that? Since you are silent, I will call one of the current maidens to answer the question. If you ask her why she left the customs house and followed her beloved, she will say, "I love him." "Here's the solution to the question." If you wish, deny this solution. In my opinion, this love costs more than all the customs houses in the world. The girl says, "Once I have love in my soul, no customs house can hold me back."When people come across love, they start arguing about whether they have to sacrifice for it. The love of today's people cannot stand the test - it always fails. Today, at the turn of the century, all men and women will hold a test about their love. If you ask me why there are so many contradictions, I say: The contradictions are due to the failed test of love. A commission has already been appointed to test you.

Future love will be radically different from the present. The new love will be distinguished by two essential qualities: The good of one will be good for all; the good of all is good for one. And now they say so, but in words. When it comes to application, the work does not turn out that way. You say, "Help me to get up, to arrange my material affairs, and then I will arrange yours." However, it doesn't happen this way. You put your own affairs in order and forget the others. You have tried people's promises and you see that when it comes to implementation, the work is not going well. The man says to his wife, “Give me your love! You'll see what happens. And the woman says to her husband: “Give me your love! You'll see what happens. They both entrust their love to each other and then see what happens. They have applied only the preface of love. To apply love in its fullness,it takes faith. The basis of faith is Love as a principle that sustains everything in the world.

The word "love" is made up of five letters. The Bulgarian letter „Л“ (" L") is made up of two straight lines that form an acute angle pointing upwards. "How many degrees is this angle equal to?" - Around 30 degrees. This letter indicates that two forces are coming from the Earth from different directions. They aspire to the Heaven, but there is no balance between them yet. From the point of view of geometry, straight lines are dead, but from a psychical point of view they are living lines. These are two living, rational beings who, proceeding from their own personal interests, strive for a common point - the ideal of their soul. They strive for one ideal, but, in fact, they do not touch at one point. Indeed, when two people love each other, even though they strive for a common center, they cannot yet touch the center of true love until another straight line comes between them to unite them. I call this straight line an equal force.It is a living, rational force that reconciles all contradictions. This is the perfect man - neither man nor woman - called in the Scriptures the Son of Man or the Son of God. Now, when I am speaking in this way, you find that this is not for you and that these are deep philosophical questions. You say, "Life is real, there is no philosophy in it." "You'll excuse me if I tell you that you haven't stepped on the edge of real life yet." When you enter real, unchanging life, suffering will disappear. Even if you have suffering, it will bring you joy. Now that you are still in transient, even your joys turn into suffering. When a girl is born into a family while she is still young, her parents rejoice. As soon as she grows older, their joy becomes sorrow. They say to themselves, “Why did God give us this child? We have to make sure we get her married, while money is needed for that. What will happen to her if she takes the wrong path? ”- Why do parents worry about their children, especially for the girls? - Because people have not yet entered the real life, where the Divine laws work.

Remember: Good, like life, comes by law. In general, all positive things come by law, and negative - death, hatred, envy, are without law. You say that crimes are punishable by law. - This is not a law. To live, there is a law for that. Therefore, we live because of God's will. There is no law that determines the death of a person. Therefore, suffering is without law, and joy is with law. There is a law for that to be happy, rejoice, and eat.

And he went after Him. Who? "The Publican." He left the transient, apparent forms, and followed Christ. You ask, "Why the hatred and misunderstanding exist between people?" - Because they live in a world of lawlessness. When you know this, strive to establish the Divine laws on the Earth. Then you have the right to talk about both life and love. Only he can speak of a life that understands its basic laws. Only he can speak of Love, who understands its laws; only he can speak of Wisdom who understands its laws; only he can speak the Truth who understands its laws. Because you descend from top to bottom, you do not understand the truth outside its laws. When I talk about laws, I do not mean those laws that have been established by scholars. The laws I am talking about are alive and unchanging. I'm talking about the reasonable world, in which everything is alive and reasonable. "And as Jesus passed forth from thence, he saw a man, named Matthew." What "митарят" (the Bulgarian equivalent to "the publican") was like can be seen from his name. The letter "M", which his name begins with, shows that after going through the philosophy of the material world, he realized that all this is empty work. He came to the conclusion that the material life is a mill that constantly grinds. He found no point in grinding and thought for a long time how to get rid of this life. The letter "M" also represents a bottle turned upside down to get emptied. The second letter„И“ ("I") shows that this man's mind was free from all contradictions, from all sophism. He came to an insight, to the awakening of the higher mind in him, which is why he began to deal with small mathematical quantities. I consider the letter "M" as a symbol of the small quantities.That is why, 'Мъдростта' (Wisdom), which begins with the letter "M", is a science of the small quantities. To be a mathematician is to deal with the small quantities. In large quantities there are whole units. There it all comes down to the unit, ie. to the whole. You cannot understand the unit until you have studied its parts. Man himself is a great unit. Therefore, until you study the parts that make up the whole person, you cannot know and understand him. The human brain is made up of about three billion and 600 million cells, ie. little sweethearts. The respiratory system is made up of about ten billion cells, and the stomach is made up of about ten million cells. I will stop here, I will not talk about how many millions of cells the other organs are made of. These are huge numbers. It is important to know that the human body is made up of countless living cells: some of them form the outer,the physical body of man; others form its etheric counterpart; others form the sensual soul of man, i.e. his astral body; fourths form the lower and higher minds of man. All cells together form the whole person. Thus,it is required from the present man to have a deep knowledge of the occult sciences, to know how he was created and how far he has come in his development. By studying the external aspirations of the human body, he will understand why some things in his life happen in one way and others in another. Only in this way will one understand that there are no coincidences in his life, that all things are defined strictly mathematically. And when a person is in harmony with the sublime world, which regulates all worlds, his life flows smoothly, naturally. Once he comes into conflict with this world, his life becomes disharmonious, full of contradictions and suffering.Suffering, therefore, shows that man has entered into violation of the laws of living reasonable nature. "Follow me!" This is not about the physical person. This appeal is not addressed to him. Did you conjugate the verb "I'm going, I go"? "And he went after Him." This verse refers only to a man who can think. Only he can perceive the Divine teaching who has sublime thoughts; his mind is well developed, capable of right thinking. He who does not think right lives only in the sensual world, ie. in the world of feelings. Knowing this, work on your mind to develop properly. Do not deal with the trifles of life, with the mathematics of onions, garlic, meat, shoes and clothes. Today's man is more concerned with these things. As an excuse, he says, "If I don't think for myself, there is no one else to think." I ask:Who takes care of the child's diapers - the mother or just he, himself? You say, "What will I do if I go on the Divine Way?" - Ask the child who takes care of the diapers, the food and his clothes. Once born, he finds everything ready: food, diapers, and clothes. His mother provided for him. She tells him: "I want only one thing from you - to learn. If you do not study, I will regret that I gave you all the conditions for growth and development: food, diapers, clothes. The Lord has called us in this world only to learn. He thought of everything else. Unaware of this, we say, "God has not thought of us." When we say so, we begin to take care of diapers, food, housing, and, from hard work, we gradually become idiotic. Our task is strictly defined: just to learn. Once we learn, everything will be given to us.

And he went after him. Where did he go? - To study. The publican realized that everything in the world was provided for, that human life was insured, and said, "I don't want to think about insurance anymore. I have been wandering in this customs house for so many years. I will go after Christ to study. He left the customs office and went to study. The third letter "T" in the word 'митар' (publican) shows why the publican followed Christ. He followed Christ to understand the two great laws of Love and Wisdom. The horizontal line in the letter "T" shows man's striving for God. It is the great diameter in which all the lines are concentrated. The vertical line, which forms a perpendicular with the first one, stops him from time to time in the way and asks him: "When you go to the Lord, what do you want: money, food, or knowledge?" And wisdom stops the man in the way and asks him: "Why are you getting married, to study? ”The woman says:"Until now, I was a slave to my mother. I'm not going to study, but to live a little. I'm looking for a lavish life. " Wisdom answers, "You will see what a lavish life means that you will remember it for years." Indeed, once you get married, suffering and hardship come, and you begin to repent and say, "Why did I have to get married?" Then the horizontal line of Wisdom answers, “Marriage is a school. Every school makes sense. If you look at marriage as a condition for an easy life, you are on the wrong path.

You say, "I will marry and live with my beloved as angels": - Yes, they are both angels, but without wings. Both are without law. The man says to his wife, "Do you see this staff? If you don't cook well and on time, a stick will play on your back. "Is that possible?" The woman asked in surprise. Before marrying, the man calls his wife "my angel." When he got married, he gave her other names. He shows her the stick. She asks, "Where did this stick come from?" "From heaven," he replies. According to the man, it is legal to beat the woman's bottom to listen to what she is told. This is what teachers used to do once upon a time with their students.

A teacher from Varna used to beat pupils who did not like to study. He took a stick and hit them on the bottom. One day he took his staff and hit one of the lazy pupils. The teacher beats and asks the pupil, "Will you study?" - I will study. The next day the pupil did not go to school. His mother asked him, "Why don't you go to school?" "My bottom doesn't want to study anymore." - And today's people, like the old ones, want to present their nonsense as something sacred. It is time for people to give up their sacred nonsense. Nonsense is nonsense, it cannot be sacred. All people whose Divine consciousness is awakened serve one law. They represent the unit that is a living, conscious, rational value. To lift and place this value on the back of a person shows a misunderstanding of the great Divine law. When God created the world, two angels visited paradise and hell, and as good mathematicians, made their calculations on the creation of the Lord. One of them found that God had made only one mistake, and the other said that he did not find any mistake in God. However, both did not speak aloud about the Lord's creation. When He understood their thoughts, God sent them to the Earth on a special mission to work until they learned their lessons well. Each year God sent them 360 walnuts - the budget provided for them by the Garden of Eden. While they were in Heaven, the angels thought well, but when they came to Earth, they became entangled, because of which their thoughts became confused. He who thought that God had made a mistake in the creation of the world, when he met the woman, he immediately fell in love with her and said, "And God has made a mistake, and I can make a mistake. I will marry, and though I will go astray,I will always rectify myself someday. " Because his food came ready from Heaven, he and his wife ate walnuts, drank, talked, and philosophised. The second angel, seeing that the world was well and infallibly created, instead of eating the walnuts he received, he planted them in order to turn the Earth into a garden of Paradise. Both angels lived 120 years on Earth. The married angel had two sons and two daughters. As he left for the other world, he sighed calmly and said, "I have left a generation on Earth. There is someone to eat the walnuts from the Garden of Eden. However, young people's lives were not going well. They started arguing and fighting over who to take more walnuts. As soon as the walnuts arrived, the struggle between them began. The angel who planted the walnuts turned a large area into a paradise garden.When they saw each other in the other world, they both began to look at their deeds, to see which of them had done better. The first angel who said that the Lord had made a mistake realized that he was thinking wrongly and had not solved his task on the Earth correctly. His heirs were in a constant fight for the walnuts. Each of them wanted to eat more. They said to themselves, "We are nobles of high origin. We don't have to work. Our food is provided. We will eat and drink and have fun. I say: The two generations of the world came from these two angels of the distant past: one generation is working, loves to build and create, and the other thinks only of eating and drinking, it doesn't work anything, neither does it create.

"And when he saw a certain man at the customs house, He said unto him: 'Come after me!" You say, 'If Christ comes now to the Earth and calls us, we will follow Him.' Others say, "Why didn't we live in the time of Christ and follow Him?" In my opinion, this is a pity only in words, nothing more. And I can say like you: Why didn't I live in the time of Christ, to follow Him? It is a pity that we did not live in that time, to follow Christ! We are late. What matters is what we, the latecomers, have to do. Two thousand years have passed since then. The historical Christ cannot illuminate all people. How many people can Christ see if He came in flesh to the Earth today? Today, Christ has more than 500 million followers. How long would it take until all His worshipers line up to greet Him and kiss His hand.If it takes five minutes for each person, calculate how long it will take in order for all followers of Christ to see and greet Him. Everyone must see Him up close, say two or three words to Him and hear His voice, so that he has the right to say: "I heard Him and I saw Him!" The prominent people such as patriarchs, and bishops will be on the first line ; then the common people will come. Where will you be? - On the queue. Have you ever asked yourself this question? Everyone thought that he would be the first to see Christ, the first to visit Him. This is a fantasy. You are partly right, but in fact you are not. You can be first in spirit, but not in flesh. The publican had the privilege of being invited by Christ to follow Him, and he responded to that invitation. This is one of the exceptions in Genesis. Christ began with the publican, the man who spent his life in meaninglessness and whose bottle was absolutely empty. Christ said to him:"Come after me!" And the publican followed Christ. He was a brave and determined man, without any doubt or hesitation. He was a smart man! In order to be a publican, you have to be a smart person. The publican cannot be lied. He has studied ancient mathematics and knows what he gives and what he takes. Therefore, Christ called a smart man, with great life experience, who understands the weaknesses of people, as well as the good they carry in themselves. He who wants to follow Christ must carry the experiences of life in himself, to be smart, brave and determined, not to hesitate before anything.

Today, many people want to see Christ. "Why?" - To make them happy, to eat. By saying this, I am not affecting your life. Your desire to eat and dress well is natural. This desire is honest and noble. Another question is if a person is provided for and aims at insurance. This desire is unnatural, illegal. What does a person gain if his mind is occupied all day with thoughts of money, houses, of eating and drinking, of bringing one or the other to justice? This is a meaningless life. Human life is ordered in a human way, in its own system. The life of today's people is not absolutely divine.It is Divine in form and content, while it is human in manifestation. It is said in Scripture, "The image of this world is passing away." "Why?" - Because Father did not plant it. It is said, "Every tree that my Father has not planted will be uprooted." It follows the human world will be uprooted while the Divine will remain.

"And he went after Him." The publican realised that the human world was going away, and left the publican house earlier to understand and learn the inner meaning of life. This means knowing that one is insured. One thing is required of you: to love your brothers and sisters. If you love as you should, there will be no brother or sister in the world who will not open their hearts to you and help you. If you knock on a heart and it does not open to you, you do not have Love in you. Whoever you go to, as soon as you want to help, everyone will open up to you. If you want the world to be right, apply Love. To apply the law of Love is to serve for free. Mothers and fathers, students and teachers, clergy and pastors, rulers and ruled, serve for free. As there is a law of Love, so there is a law of gifts and virtues. These are methods, which are studied in the Divine school, and their results are seen on the Earth. "Come after me!" Now I speak of the publican in principle, as a single and as a collective life. This publican lived two thousand years ago, but he still lives today. Many of you are in great contradiction and afraid of life, you do not know how you will spend it. "You'll spend it well." "Then why do we suffer?" - Because you do not apply the living laws of Love, Wisdom and Truth. People suffer because they do not know the Lord. I met someone and I asked him: Do you know the Lord? - I do not know him. I say, "If a person does not know the Lord, from Whom he receives all the benefits, what can he expect from his fellow man?" It is asked in one verse of the book of Ezekiel "Can these dead bones come to life?"The bones represent the physical world. Only God knows if these bones can come to life. When the flesh came, it clothed the bones, connected them, and shaped them. Then life began to manifest. Finally, the Spirit came. Today's people are in the position of bones, clothed in flesh and blood. They think that when the Spirit comes, they will be resurrected. As bones, muscles, and the Spirit come together, so must the physical, spiritual, and mental worlds come together. The physical world is the basis of the astral or spiritual world. The astral world is the world of the senses. The Divine world determines what man's feelings and actions should be. In order to be in harmony with the spiritual world, your feelings must be right. If they are not right, the thoughts are distorted. Then, when you go to visit and see that the host is in a bad mood, you will conclude that he also has something against you.If your leg is broken and a doctor comes to fix it, you will conclude that he is not a good doctor. "Why isn't he a good doctor?" "Because you feel pain." These are wrong conclusions. Neither the host has anything against you, nor is the doctor bad. When the girl has to keep her good impression of her beloved, she closes her eyes. This does not indicate that she is dissatisfied with him. If the girl has her eyes open to the world, she will sell her beloved the next day. I say: During the day be with your eyes closed, and in the evening with your eyes open; in light with eyes closed, and in darkness with eyes open.

And so, every frown indicates that a person is thinking. By squeezing his eyebrows, he releases himself from the outside light and immerses himself in himself. Thus he begins to manifest the good. If one does not think, one is like the moon, which is constantly filling and emptying. He is an empty bottle with no contents. So the eyebrows placed above the eyes have the task of regulating human's thought. By frowning or raising one's eyebrows, one has a certain thought. Otherwise, it is pointless to frown or raise your eyebrows.

Now, let's come back to the publican. The fourth letter of the word „митар“ (publican) is "A". This letter shows man's desire to help his neighbour. One descends from above in order to help. The letter "P" indicates that by living on the Earth, man has learned to distinguish good from evil. He knows the reasons for the existence of evil and good. The publican is a person who deals with the mathematics of Wisdom and Love, he has applied this knowledge for his own benefit, as well as for the benefit of his fellow men. Once he decided to do God's will, he was ready to follow Christ. I ask: When Christ passes by your customs house, will He find your publican there? If He doesn't find him, it's all over with the customs house. The publican says, "I don't want to serve a publican house without laws. I will follow Christ. I say: As long as you sit at the customs house and take more duties than you should, your work has failed. Say, like the publican, "I no longer want to serve such a customs house!" I don't want to obey the wolf laws. I am going to serve the law of Christ, where the relations of taking and giving are harmonious". Then Christ said to him, "Come after me!" And he followed Him.

Today all people want to see the physical Christ. Married people have the physical Jesus, but they do not acknowledge Him. Your beloved is your Jesus. Why don't you acknowledge Him? You are like the Pharisees and Sadducees, who saw Christ but denied Him. How will the man and the woman prove that they are your chosen ones? The man says to the woman, "I am your chosen one." The woman does not recognise him and is looking for another man. The woman says to the man, "I am your chosen one." The man does not recognise her and is looking for another woman. I say: Jesus has already come for you, but you do not acknowledge Him, you are looking for Him elsewhere: sometimes in the face of a priest, sometimes as a man or a woman. When you don't find Him, you say, "He's not here." A clairvoyant comes, you say "He is here!" Then you see that He is not here either. You are looking for Him in one, in another, in a third church, but He is not there either. You say, "He will come from Heaven." And He doesn't come from there. Finally, when He doesn't come from anywhere, you say, "This is an empty job, nothing will come of it. At least, let us hit on eating and drinking.' If you expect people to show you where Christ is, your job is failed. Christ will come from within. He is already inside you. Your soul and spirit must know Him. Your soul and spirit must reveal to you who Christ is. Someone says, "I think this one is Christ." This issue is not solved by assumptions. Everyone must know exactly who Christ is, where He lives, and how she should serve Him.

Christ tells His disciples, “Flesh and blood have not revealed this to you, but my Father who dwells in you. No one can come to me unless my Father attracts him." You say, "Someone drew me to you." - "You are not right". Only the Father can draw man to Himself. - Why does only the Father attract people? - Because He is Love. Only Love brings life. Christ says, "I have come to give them life in abundance." "What life?" - Life that carries Love. Who is not looking for this life? He who accepts this life and understands Christ will have a radical change in himself. Most people are far from this life and therefore are dissatisfied with each other and see only eachother's mistakes. People often come to me to test me, to see if I really am what they think I am. They test me, but I test them too. They say, "We thought you were a saint, and you were an ordinary person."It is better to think I'm an ordinary person than praising me today and scolding me tomorrow." This shouldn't be done. He who can rebuke a man can beat him too. In this respect, he is like that peasant who went to the city to see a doctor for medicine for his sick wife. Without thinking much, he went straight into the room of the doctor who was doing something and said, "Doctor, give me some medicine for my wife." The doctor became angry at the trouble the peasant had caused him, and slapped him in anger. "Here's a cure for your wife." Then he slapped him again and said, "Here's another medicine." The peasant was astonished by the doctor's action and said to himself: "The current doctors are odd! What special medicines they give to the sick? He returned to the village and his wife immediately asked him:"Are you carrying any medicine?" "I'm carrying it." "Give it soon." The peasant approached his wife and slapped her. "Enough!" Said the woman. "I have another medicine." "Keep the second medicine for yourself." "Smart woman!" Said the peasant. His wife went into her room and began to cry, but two days later she was perfectly healthy. Satisfied that his wife had recovered, the peasant took two geese and went to the doctor to thank him. - What do you want? The doctor asked him. - A few days ago I came to ask for medicine for my wife. You gave me two medicines, but she healed only from one, I give you back the second. The doctor began to ask him about his family, but without answering, the peasant slapped him and left.Said the woman. "I have another medicine." "Keep the second medicine for yourself." "Smart woman!" Said the peasant. His wife went into her room and began to cry, but two days later she was perfectly healthy. Satisfied that his wife had recovered, the peasant took two geese and went to the doctor to thank him. - What do you want? The doctor asked him. - A few days ago I came to ask for medicine for my wife. You gave me two medicines, but she healed only from one, I am giving you back the second. The doctor began to ask him about his family, but without answering, the peasant slapped him and left.

This is the law that Christ expressed through the verse: "With what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again." Therefore, when we seek the Divine, we must proceed with all our sincerity. Absolute sincerity, absolute purity and absolute knowledge are required of you. If you believe that there is a law that regulates relations in the world, it will lead you to the Great Source of life. To find the Divine in yourself is to find Christ. When you find Him, your life will be meaningful. Christ will bring peace between man and woman, between children and parents in whichever's house He enters. This home will be an example for everyone. Where there is peace and harmony, there is Love. God draws all people to the Son, Who is a manifestation of His Love. So, get rid of the delusions and do not ask where Christ is and how you can find Him. The woman can find Christ in the man,and the man in his wife. The brother can find Christ in his sister, and the sister in her brother. However, he who has lost his Love will also lose Christ. - "I'm looking for Love." - You will look for it, of course. Love is God who gives meaning to life. When you find the Lord, i.e. Love, your superconsciousness will awaken and you will pass from the physical world to the spiritual and from the spiritual one to the Divine. The passage from one world to another cannot be described in words. Only seeing will show what these worlds are. Seeing has to do with the perception of Love. However, you are still in the preface of Love. What you call love is, according to the Bulgarians, "blind Saturday". Today, blind love works between people. The great Love, which will work for the unification of all souls into one whole - servants of God - will come in unification. Men, women, children, these are objects,through which the law of Love is manifested. Thousands of beings have worked on Earth and in the invisible world to create the conditions for the manifestation of the Great Lord as Love. What is coming into the world now is so great that all the angels are peering from heaven to see what is coming and what is happening on Earth. The whole Heaven, the whole Genesis is interested in this. A great moment is coming! The manifestation of the Great Lord is awaited with interest by all good, intelligent, and exalted beings. Those in whom the consciousness is awakened will receive God's ray and will be resurrected. The others, whose consciousness is not awakened, will sleep. It is said in the Scripture, "Be vigilant, for you do not know at what hour or on which day God will come." This is the solemn hour in which Christ will pass by your customs house and say, "Follow me!" Will your mind be awake or will you say, "Lord, wait a minute, I have some accounts to settle with the customs house. ' If the Lord calls you, immediately follow Him. No settling of accounts, no waiting! You will immediately liquidate with all accounts, you will immediately resolve the issue. No philosophy! That it was written that way, that it was written differently. What is written will be interpreted by our vigilant soul. Only she knows the truth. This is meant by the verse, "We will all be taught by the Lord." You will not learn from men, but from the Lord. And I will not teach you, but I want to free you from all the delusions that are embedded in your minds. There will be no remembrance of injustice. There will be no remembrance of the old beliefs either.

What are the beliefs of today's religious people? Some believe they will be resurrected with their old bodies, while others believe otherwise. I say: In the future you will have other faces, not like the current ones. You will have other bodies in the future too. Then which bodies will you be resurrected with? The physical ones will remain on the Earth. Therefore, you will be resurrected with other bodies. It is said, "We will not die, but we will change." By freeing yourself from the temporary shell of the body, you will then penetrate into the beauty of the spirit and the soul, the mind and the heart, and you will understand what man represents. Do you know what light and warmth comes from the heart and mind of the one who has Love in himself? You say to someone, "I love you." By measuring the warmth of your heart and the light of your mind, I know how much you can love. "I'm wise." "By measuring the intensity of the light coming out of your mind, I'll know how wise you are."This is a literal expression, not a figurative one. The most pleasant and beautiful flame that the human eye can see is the flame of Love. Life is meaningful only in this flame. Whom is the young boy sacrificing for: for the girl or for the flame that burns in her? "For the flame." So far as the flame burns in her, she is his beloved; as soon as it goes out, his love goes out too. So far as the flame burns in the boy, he is her beloved; as soon as it goes out, love goes out too. While the flame burns, this is Christ in you. As soon as it goes out, Christ also disappears. The flame must burn!

"Do not quench the Spirit." The Spirit is the Divine in man that burns. Do not extinguish this flame. While it burns, you will have such an aura that will protect you from all bad conditions. He who carries the Spirit in himself has the flame. If there is no Spirit in him, there is no flame and he begins to philosophize that things can be achieved in many ways. No, there is only one way to live properly. Each word must have only one meaning. All your thoughts, feelings and actions should have only one meaning. One should not be divided and give a reason for his actions to be misinterpreted. All our manifestations must be measured and absolutely pure, not to judge one other.

Therefore, in order to properly understand the teachings of Christ and apply them, absolute purity of heart and light of mind are required of you. The teachings of Christ will reform the world. It is the only one that has the power to fix human life. Just as light, air, water, and food, as external forces, reform human life, so does the teaching of Christ, as a Divine force, reform it from within. This teaching frees man from all lies and delusions. Wherever freedom comes from, it is a Divine force. Everyone who comes to you with a desire to set you free is sent by God.

And Christ said to him: "Come after me!" The publican left the customs house and followed Christ. You too could leave the customs house, but that is not enough - you must apply the teachings of Christ internally, not externally, as it is applied today. You say, "The time has not yet come to apply the teachings of Christ." - He whose time has come should apply It. For whom the time has not come yet should wait. If a woman is three months pregnant, she has to wait, there is still time until the baby is born. If she is nine months pregnant, she does not have to wait. If the child is not yet born, this indicates that he/she is dead. If she waits for more than nine months both she and the child are lost. That is why I say: The time has come for some of you to accept and apply the teachings of Christ in order to make your life meaningful.

"Follow me!" With his readiness to follow Christ, the publican set an excellent example for mankind. What example have you set so far? You get together, sing a little, get excited and go home. Then you say, "The teaching of Christ cannot be applied." Once the week is over, you wait for another, to hear something new, to cook a delicious meal. However, one day I will close my inn and say, "I do not accept anyone." "Why?" - Because it is written that there is food only for those who study. A loan is granted only for them. There are diapers and food for every child who is ready to listen to his mother. If the child is not ready to listen to his mother, no diapers and food are released. While things happen through violence, nothing can be expected. This is the reason why people's lives are not settled. They wonder why they pay a fine for everything.When you pay a fine, your work is sorted. You say, "We're fine." - Yes, because you pay fines.

Religious people often say, "We are righteous people." - Yes, we are righteous because you are forced to be Orthodox, Catholic, Evangelical or Muslim. This means living outside the law of freedom. - Why are some people free and others not ? - Quite simple. A free man is the one through whom the wide, great Love of God flows. It is a spring that has no tap and is constantly flowing. You say, "I want to be free." "As long as you have a tap and run from time to time, you can't be free." - "When will I be free?" - When you unite with the great Divine law and Christ orders from above that the tap is turned off and that more water flows through you. When he comes down to Earth, Christ will open all the taps and a roar will be heard everywhere: "Boo-boo, boo-boo!" Then everyone will say, "What's going on? It's very noisy. " - It is preferable to have noise than silence.He who wants to be silent should go to the cemetery. There is as much silence there as you want. However, while you are in life, silence cannot exist. When your hearing develops and you get into the wake of life, in the great humming, you will get to the great harmony of life and understand the meaning of "Bu-U, Bu-U". What you perceive as disharmony, the Heavens perceive as harmony. While viewing life as a disharmony, you will always suffer and break God's laws.

Now let us return to the great law of life - to faith, and apply it. It has been said in the Scripture, "Believe and you will be saved!" Faith is based on the two great laws of Love and Wisdom. These laws must penetrate your minds, hearts and souls and work there. In this situation, you will not be preached that God exists, but you will know and talk to each other in another language. If you were believers, I would have given you another talk, not like the current one. I would have told you about the changes that are taking place in the Heavens; about the letters sent to you by your mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. Now you are doing ordinary things and saying, “Either God exists or He does not exist; it is either so or not. We'd better stick to the old in order not to lose it. " - The old represents the sacred human nonsense, and the new - Love, which is now coming to transform people, to reform their lives and set them free. By liberating people, it will liberate all animals and plants. Love will bring order to the Earth, as well as to all Genesis. Love. This is the Divine teaching. - "It is inapplicable." - Love will not come without sacrifices. I honour all people who have fallen victim to the truth of Love, ie. for their ideal. All who have suffered and are suffering for the upliftment of humanity, enjoy the respect and esteem of good and righteous people. Today, Christ passes by your publican house and shouts: "Matthew!" - Who is Matthew? The first one? When you hear the word "Matthew," say, "I am coming, Lord!" When the man hears the Lord is calling him, say, "I am coming, Lord!"If the woman hears she is called to say" I am coming Lord!" "What will Christ say?" - He will tell both of them:"Go home to apply my teaching." He will call both the daughter and the son and tell them, "Go home and apply my teaching." As you apply this teaching, talk about it everywhere - in society, in the family. It will improve the lives of all people.

"Matthew!" "Where are you, Matthew?" Are you alive? Your voice is not heard yet. I see that in some this Matthew has woken up from sleep, rubbing his eyes. In others, he has already got up and started working. Matthew must be resurrected today. This is the great teaching of Christ. As the day is good today, this awaits you in the future. If you accept Love and Wisdom and apply them, from today on your life will be the same as the day you are enjoying now. Everything will be so clear and fresh. Do not erase your old life, but erase your old and crooked understandings and misunderstandings. Erase your old embarrassments and worries and write on them: "Matthew, leave the publican house and follow me!" - "I am coming, Lord!" This is the new inscription you need to put. When someone comes and reads the inscription, he will say, "Matthew is not here." He has done the work with his customs house. And so, you will go after Christ, return and bring the new teaching. Then Christ will speak through thousands and millions of mouths and there will be glory and praise everywhere. People will know each other as brothers and sisters. This is the future teaching. "Matthew!"

A talk by the Master, held on June 19, 1921 in Sofia

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