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1921_03_27 The Sower (Proletina)


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Готов превод Сеятелят / Сѣятельтъ - 27.3.1921-НБ-352 / ...: 27.3.1921-НБ-352

The Sower

And he spoke many things unto them in parables, saying: "Behold, a sower went forth to sow".(Matthew 13: 3)

There are two essential elements in the parable read: the sower and the seed. Christ partly clarified this parable, leaving its deep meaning undisclosed. Modern people replace the word sower with culture. Sowing is a sublime state of activity of the human spirit. There are certain processes that precede sowing. The land must first be plowed and then sown. One crop cannot be sown and cultivated until the land is plowed. By "earth", in a broad sense, we mean something reasonable. In this case, it means man. So before the sower comes, the plow will turn the earth, change its original appearance, and it will lose its beauty. In modern language, this means the onset of anarchy. In my opinion, the decline in modern society is nothing but the result of a temporary anarchy in it.Moralists attribute this anarchy to the decline of the manners, customs, and morals of society. - Was society more moral before? - Not at all.

Don't be misled by the appearance of things. Can you say that a 21-year-old girl who has been beautiful and intelligent will be less intelligent at 40-50? As an adult, she loses her beauty, but her intelligence cannot be diminished. There are often more cultured people between the ugly and old ones than between the beautiful and young people. So to think that a society that lives seemingly in peace and harmony is more cultural than others is a delusion. This can only be 50% true. The beauty of the girl is an expression of a preceding culture. When she reaches her greatest beauty, the girl is considered mature and is thinking of getting married. As soon as she gets married, she begins to lose her beauty. The same thing happens with the field. Beauty is a symbol of maturation. It is a sign of a culture that has matured and borne fruit. Old people need to be plowed again.The Divine plow must pass over them again in order for them to become beautiful in the future. Thus, youth represents a culture that has reached its highest point of development and maturity, and old age is a culture that prepares for that point. If you are old, pray that the Divine Plow goes deep through you, that it plows you, that when the sower comes, He could find ready soil for sowing. Everyone is waiting for the sower. He is the ideal of our souls. He is a Divine element that awakens the human soul from sleep and elevates it. If the sower does not shed his seed, the soul remains barren. Isn't it the same with the earth? If the sower does not throw the seed on the plowed soil, it remains barren. The barren land turns into a desert. The sower of the Earth has come many times! "Who is the sower?" - Christ. Some say that Christ came down to Earth only once.Christ has descended to Earth many times, but His last descent was marked by His crucifixion and resurrection, so it became known to the whole world. And theologians claim that Christ came only once on Earth. This means to think that the sun only rises once. The sun has risen countless times and continues to rise. Therefore, many times will Christ come down to the Earth in the future. Everyone interprets things freely, but these interpretations must be tried. - How will they be tried? - In two ways. Keep in mind throughout the year the thought that Christ came only once on Earth and observe what your state will be. Next year, keep in mind the thought that Christ has come to earth many times and will continue to come, and observe your condition again. Whichever thought bears better fruit, is the right one.Wrong interpretations and thoughts have stifled society, which is why few people think properly. As in the past, so today, people think about everything, but for he truth, for the essential in life.

What is essential in life? The freedom of the human spirit. In order to acquire this freedom, one must study the laws of life. Only in this way will he remove the restrictions that hinder his spirit. Only in this way will he restore his inner harmony. You put the idea of freedom of the spirit close to your heart and mix it with the thought of your salvation. You say, "Christ came to earth to save mankind from sin." Now I am not talking about your salvation, but about the sower. I believe that you are among the saved, so I preach to you, and the drowning person is not preached to. He needs salvation. They ask me why I do not preach about salvation. It is ridiculous to preach to the saved one about salvation. It's funny to preach to a drowning man about a sower. If you could grasp the idea of the sower, you would know your origin.The most important thing for man is his origin: to know what his origin is, where he came from, what his purpose in life and in nature is . The path that man now walks through is transitory.

The world we live in is a great school for training of the human spirit. All objects, all bodies, all that surrounds us, these are tools for the great school. These tools must be studied because they contain Divine ideas. Man is born as a small, helpless child. His mother bathes him, feeds him, cleans him, puts him to sleep, but he cries, grumbles and is dissatisfied with the living conditions. As a child, a person is immoral, his mother cleans him several times a day. When he grows up, his mother dresses him, gives him books and sends him to school. Here one learns, acquires knowledge and begins to think that s/he is a learned, cultured and moral person. Thank your mother who constantly cleans you. If she doesn't clean you, the stench will spread around you.

The sower is this Divine Mother who descends to earth to purify and sow sublime and noble seeds in the human soul. I do not deny the present life with its daily manifestations. In one form or another, one way or another, it must be experienced. It is important, after all, what will be gained from this life. Many people think lightly and say, like a Turk: "Ya aht, ja baht!" This means: "Let it be what it will be!" - It is not so. Only the fool does think so. If you act sensibly, you will never say "Ya aht, ja baht."

"The sower went out to sow." The sower came among the people to sow the wise word and thus to improve their character. The contradiction that appears in this parable is interesting. Why did the sower, who was so prudent, let one seed fall on the road, another on the stony ground, a third one between the thorns, and a fourth one on the good ground? - This is inevitable. The path represents physical life. Therefore, when the sower comes, some grains will inevitably fall into unfavourable conditions and will rot. They will support the physical body of man. They will support the temporary physical life. The birds gnawed the seeds that fell on the road. So the birds took advantage of them, not man. In modern language, the energy of wheat grains was used in compulsory labour: to build houses, streets, roads, railways. The seed that fell on the road,gave the birds a boost to work. Christ says nothing about the other seeds that fell on the stony ground and among the thorns. It is not known who used these seeds. I compare the thorns to the mental life of men, because the mind is occupied with resolving only material matters. This seed can germinate, grow, but still can not give the expected result. See how many definitions scientists give, for example, about the concept of God. Some define Him as an absolute value, others - as the Source of things. Finally, one gets confused by concepts and says, "This issue will be resolved in the future. The philosophers can't solve it, will I, the common man, solve it? Don't trust philosophers. Do not expect them to solve this great problem. Your mind must solve it on its own.

So, work to develop your mind. If left undeveloped, whatever idea comes into it will surely fade away. Sublime ideas must fall on good ground, in well-prepared minds. Otherwise, they will give the opposite results. Ideas, that have fallen in raw minds create a culture like the current one: people will dress nicely, will slaughter chickens, lambs and pigs; they will know how to cook and preserve food. They will cut down forests and make planks and beams out of trees, they will build schools and churches, study, go abroad to specialise, but they will not achieve the essential. This culture originates from the seed that fell between the thorns. The whole world is full of boards and beams, with canned meat and fish. You see a well dressed gentleman who enters a carnage or the butchers, looks eagerly at the hanging thigh and says to himself:"Having such a thigh will make me solve one of the great tasks of life. Then, let me have a little wine! ”He eats, drinks, and if he's Bulgarian, he'll say," Long live Bulgaria! "If he's English, he'll say," Long live England! ". However, the thigh and glass of wine do not resolve issues.

In this regard, people look like a negro preacher who spoke to a congregation of scholars about how God created the world and man.He said, "God made man out of good quality soil, in His own image and likeness, by putting him on a hedge to dry and breathing life into his nostrils, and three days after which he became a living soul." They asked him, "Who made the hedge?" - "It's none of your business." One of the current scientists solves the same question. He says that man came from a cell that gradually evolved until it became human, in the image and likeness of God. He dried himself on the hedge for three days, and finally became a living, intelligent soul. If he is asked what the laws are that regulate these phenomena, he will answer: "This is not your job, you should not deal with this issue." The scientist stops here, he is not interested any further. The seed that fell among the thorns, created this culture, which corresponds to the current mental development of man.

A seed has fallen on stony ground." I liken this ground to the human heart - in occult language - to the astral world. The seed soon sprouted, but soon withered. We see this in people's current lives as well. One example: Several people come together to form a Spiritual Awakening Society. The newspapers immediately begin to write that a new society with a special program and activity has been formed and invite all citizens to join it. The future of Bulgaria depends on the activity of this society. From day to day the members increase, they pay their contributions and intensive activity develops. Less than two or three years pass and the life of the Spiritual Awakening Society falls asleep. Its members are scattered and its voice is no longer heard.

Another example. A young man fell in love with a girl, met her family, relatives and friends. Everyone invites and entertains him. He brings the girl bouquets, gifts, the work is going well. At one point, the boy begins to withdraw, no longer looking for the girl and no one invites him to a feast. - What happened? "It's a broken job." The seed fell on stony ground. The boy and the girl tried to form a society for the education of the Bulgarian people, but failed to enlighten them. "One seed fell on good soil and bore fruit 100, 60, 30." This process is the opposite of the first three. The number 100 means the growth of the seed in the human heart; the number 60 - the growth of the seed in the mental world of man, and the number 30 - the growth of the seed in the causal world, i.e. in the spiritual body of man. It is said in the Old Testament that God will take away the stony heart of man and replace it with a new one, of flesh. He will write his law on the new heart. Then all people, from small to big, will know the Lord. All people will go through this process. The new heart will not be of ordinary flesh, but of matter taken from the angelic worlds - of the finest matter. The present heart has passed through the hands of scientists and doctors. How many times have they cut it while studying its device! Its valves often break. Many complain of palpitations, heart disease and others. The new heart will always be healthy, life will come out of it. It will be an altar on which the Divine fire will burn forever.The highest ideals of mankind will be sacrificed on this alter. When the seed falls on this heart, it will soon grow and bear fruit.

And so, the seed, which fell on good soil, bore fruit 100, 60 and 30. When you add the numbers 100 + 60 + 30 = 190. By reducing this number to 19, the number 10 will be obtained. This means: when the seed passes through the physical and spiritual world, it will enter the Divine one. Also, every idea must go through these worlds. "Why?" - To draw energy for its existence. As it passes through the human soul, it becomes a feeling. Apart from a feeling, the idea must turn into a force, i.e. to enter the mind in order to acquire a certain form. Finally, the idea must enter the causal world and become a principle. Just as at least two elements are needed to develop any idea, so does the seed sown in the ground need two elements: soil to give it food and light to grow it. Fish need water, birds need air.And human thought also needs conditions in order to develop. In general, even more conditions are needed for the manifestation of a human.

I say: Man can manifest in his fullness only when he realises that God lives both in him and in his neighbour. You will realise this only when you are in hardship and suffering. If you seek God in your affluence, you will never find Him. I am not talking about this Lord, whom today's people know. I speak of that Lord, Who reveals Himself to you when you are forsaken by all men, when you are in conflict, when you are on your deathbed. Only the dying one can know God. Only he who passes from death to life can know God. To pass from death to life means to be cleansed of all old understandings and delusions. Death says, "Down with any property!" It deprives man of health, property, of all that he has on Earth. She says, "Only he can know the true God who follows my laws." That one cannot know God, who thinks only of his well-being. You will fill your stomach with ducks, chickens, lambs and pigs and you will think about God! It is impossible. This means loading your car with dirt. Get rid of all impurities. Get rid of the lie. There should be no memory of it in you. Your mind must be penetrated absolutely by the idea of God. Once you find God, you will return to the world again, but now as masters of yourselves, as people who can help the weak and suffering.

Many come to me and tell me, "We doubt about what you are telling us." "How can you not doubt?" I'm a young, handsome guy. I walk into your house and start talking to your wife and daughter. You begin to doubt, you want to get rid of me. Finally you tell me that you have promised to go somewhere and offer me to go out together. When the rich man wants to count his money, he likes to be alone, not to be disturbed. What kind of culture is it that sustains doubt and suspicion? The sower comes to remove all delusions, all old and distorted understandings. The birds will gnaw the seeds that have fallen on the road. In other words, the divine birds will devour the wealth that people have accumulated for centuries. Everything old will fall apart. The seed that has fallen among the thorns will wither, and what has fallen on the stony ground will dry out. Everything old, uncertain and false must disappear. Death will come and take it away.

A new epoch in life is coming - the epoch of that seed which has fallen on good soil. Humanity needs a new system, new reforms. Under the old understandings, no development, no progress can be expected. Mankind has already reached the end of its understanding. A new impetus is needed. No matter how the wheel of the old world turns, nothing can move it. Regardless of how they patch the old one, more holes will open. The current world is a bankrupt merchant who constantly repairs his house, but it still flows: from one place you patch it, from another it starts to flow. Day after day, year after year, you patch it until the whole house finally collapses. I want you to be free, not to put a barrier to your thoughts, feelings and actions. Think, feel free. Know that every action meets counteraction. That's why ,if your actions are not in harmony with nature, you will encounter counteraction. - Why do the contradictions come? - They are allowed as conditions for development. Without contradictions, without good and evil, the human mind cannot develop. If you were clairvoyants, you would see good and evil as opposing forces in all of nature; you would see how beings live in hell and heaven. Only in this way will man understand both worlds - hell and heaven. Only then will he understand why evil and good exist. Until he understands these things, he will always encounter contradictions. Until you understand the laws of all life, you will always encounter contradictions.you would see good and evil as opposing forces in all nature; you would see how beings live in hell and heaven. Only in this way will man understand both worlds - hell and heaven. Only then will he understand why evil and good exist. Until he understands these things, he will always encounter contradictions. Until you understand the laws of all life, you will always encounter contradictions.

You say, "I love the Lord, I am ready for all sacrifices for Him." - You love the Lord, but when He takes your husband with Himself, you cry and grumble. You love the Lord, but when He takes your daughter or your son, you murmur again. Do you not believe in Him? You love Him, don't you? Why are you crying and grumbling? Here is a contradiction that you have to resolve by yourself. When you cry, God says to your loved one, “Come on, return to earth among your loved ones. You are not for this world. When he returns to earth, everyone is happy that their loved one is among them again. They say, "We have a baby." However, this is not a solution to the problem. The man of the new culture must enjoy death and life equally. He should rejoice both when his child is born and when the child dies. This is heroism!

"The sower went out to sow." Everyone, like the sower, has tasks to accomplish. The task of the human spirit is to achieve freedom, knowledge and wealth. Knowledge is power, and wealth is a condition for development. Wealth is the soil, and knowledge is the sum of the forces of nature that contribute to the growth of the seed.

Now I turn to the mothers with the question: What do you do when your child is born? I have watched how the mother enjoy her child. She bathes him, caresses him, pats him on the cheeks, kisses him, swings him and sings to him: “Danduri, dund-diri. To become a rich man, to become a rich merchant, a strong man. What does the mother not wish for her child, but she forgets to wish him the essential. The child grows up, becomes a great merchant, but begins to lie, to get richer. He becomes a scientist and begins to fabricate poisons to destroy humans. He becomes a strong man and begins to blackmail the weak. The mother only knows "dan-duri, dun-duri", and then she wonders what kind of person came out of him. "Is that what I expected?" She says. Whatever she sang to him, he became. While the child is small, his mother sings whatever she wants from him and pats him on the back side. Don't slap your child on the back side but touch it on the head and say: "Let the bright Divine thoughts enter your head, bring light to humanity, help your weaker brothers." Put your hand on your child's head and say, "Let the noble and sublime Divine feelings enter into you, mother." A mother hugs her child, holds him in her arms, but with that she develops selfishness in him. She says, "When you catch someone, hold them tight, and take their last strength." She does this subconsciously, but one day she sees the result of her love. And the serpent, when it catches its prey, squeezes it until it breaks its ribs. Is this love? This is not a reproach. Understand your urges. The mother is happy that her child is healthy, but she must penetrate deep into his soul and sow the real seeds there. If she does not sow in the soul of the child, every seed sown by her falls on stony ground and dries up.

The sower went out to sow. This sensible sower understood the laws of nature and knew in advance that three of his seeds would not fall on good soil, so he did not expect anything from them. Only one seed fell on good soil and bore abundant fruit. This seed has fallen into the human soul. Therefore, open your souls wide to this sower, to sow in you His sublime thoughts and feelings. "Who is the sower?" - The Divine Beginning in man. Once He sows His seeds in you, you become strong and start a new life. Now you feel weak. "Why?" - The seed that has landed on good soil has not yet grown. You have faith, but you have not yet seen its results. You have love, but it has not manifested too. Christ says, "There are strict laws for the creation of man." When a child learns to read, he must go through all the rules.When one studies music, one must know the rules of music. Once he learns the rules and laws of music and becomes a prominent musician, he has the right to express himself freely, to express his idea. The great musician is his own master, he has space and freedom to play. While studying things, man is subject to the laws and rules. Once he studies them and becomes a master, he has the right to change them. Then the idea determines the situation. One is the law that can change all laws. This is the law of God's great Love. And then, when I say that you must love, I mean the one who has completed his study. He is free and has a wide swing in his actions. He has the right to change human laws and to present his idea in a new, complete and perfect form.

What does the life of the present man represent? - Musical play. It depends on the person how he will play this play, what performance and feeling he will bring to it. He who has risen above the ordinary conditions could easily cope with his difficulties. Every difficulty is an exam that must be passed. The man, the woman, the children, your friends, the family, the society, these are trials that one has to go through. If he does not deal with them, he will be limited, he will not be able to manifest himself as he wants. These are laws you must obey. "How long will I obey?" "Until you understand the law of great Love and begin to serve it." When the mother obeys this law and determines her relationship to it, she becomes the mistress of temporary human laws and is freed from the limitations of life.

I say: Today's society cannot recover until people learn to obey the internal laws of life. If a person does not obey these laws, he can ruin the work of a hundred people who obey them. For example, a company is formed. After a while, an ambitious man joined the company. He launches some intrigue between its members and, not long after, the company breaks down. This man is an uninvited guest. You need to know how to deal with uninvited guests. The devil is an uninvited guest. Beware of him. By "devil" I mean people's false misconceptions . Be vigilant, do not deceive yourself. You say, "This man is my benefactor." "Why?" "He Lent me money and built me a house." "You still don't know how much this man is your benefactor." There are two types of benefactors:one takes your purse and empties it. The other takes your purse and fills it. The more money the first one takes from you, the more the second one gives you. Which of the two is a true benefactor? - The second one. Imagine that another person takes your empty purse and fills it with small bombs that explode easily. Another one meets you, takes your purse and empties it. Who of the two is a true benefactor? - The second one. So there are benefactors who take something from man; there are benefactors who give. It is important, both by giving and taking something from the person, to make him happy. I would never want to inherit a fortune acquired in a dishonest way. An English billionaire in Africa, who called his son-in-law, Stead, to tell him that he would make him the heir of about BGN 360 billion, our money. Stead replied, "I will not become and inheritor of such wealth." When they found out that he renounces the inheritance, his relatives called him a fool. And the Bulgarians would call him a fool. Stead is not stupid, he carries a high idea in himself and serves it.

So, until people decide to make a living in an honest way, God's blessing will be far from them. I would rather go to a poor house where everything is earned by honest work than go to a rich home where everything is acquired on the backs of others. The world will be better when people give up inheritances acquired in a dishonest way. You say, “Let us distribute this money in the name of the Lord. It doesn't matter how they are earned. " "It's not like that." God does not need people's stolen money or their houses acquired through injustice. All He wants is to find people with bright minds and pure hearts, ready for any sacrifice. Now, speaking of the sacrifice, I do not mean the ordinary sacrifice, but that readiness to give up all that is old and impure, to unite with the One who created you; to serve the Great with all your heart, mind and soul. Christ's words, "Except ye eat my flesh, and drink my blood, ye have no life in you," meaning: Unless you enter into fellowship with the pure spirits, you have no life in yourself. If you eat in this way, you will come into contact with all pure and righteous souls. That means to self-sacrifice yourself. - "How can we save ourselves?" - Through the sacrifice- "How does this happen? When we leave the world? ”“ I am not saying that you should leave the world, because you will encounter noble and ignoble manifestations, essential and insignificant things in it. When you separate the noble from the ignoble and the essential from the insignificant, you will learn many things. I am not saying that society is corrupt, but it has many unnecessary manners, traditions and etiquettes that have nothing to do with high morals. The sower went out to sow. What? - The new seed, which brings joy and gladness to all people. Can you rejoice and be merry when you are robbed and run out of money in your pocket? If you can, you are a great hero. Can you show the heroism of the Alexandrian saint? After enduring 20 years in the spiritual path, in order to ever be able to help people, he had to go through the last temptation that was deciding for his fate. One day, while walking in the woods, deep in thought about life, he unexpectedly came across a pot of gold. A hole, in which the gold shone from the sun's rays opened in front of him. Closing his eyes so as not to look at the glitter of the gold, he jumped up and ran away from it. His fellow saw him jump and became interested in finding out the reason for this. He approached the hole and looked: a pot of gold! Strange thing, he said to himself, why should one run away from gold? ”He bent down, took the pot of gold, and immediately went down to Alexandria to think of how to use it. After much thought, he decided to build churches, schools and hospitals. He said to himself, "Here, I put the gold into work. In this way, many people will benefit. " When he had finished his work, he asked the Lord to tell him if he was satisfied with his work. God sent an angel to answer his request. The angel told him, "If we put everything you did with the gold on one of the scales, it will still weigh less than your fellow's jumping."

What does this example show? - Be rich in mind and heart. Don't get attached to external wealth. The real wealth is in the virtues of man. Only he who leads a pure and holy life is rich. This applies to the individual as well as to each nation. The well-being of a nation is determined by its spiritual and moral life. This is a truth that must be preached in silence, without words. Only life can preach it. When does the wheat preach ? - When it is grinded into flour and enters the stomach like bread. The fruits preach in silence too. Every silent sermon gives good results. If you want to preach, preach with your life. True doctrine is that which is preached in silence. Purity and holiness, this is the true sermon. "Can purity and holiness preach?" They can. This is the only force, which does not defile the heart and mind of man. If one violates the purity and holiness of one's soul, one defiles oneself. No force can defile him outside of him. - "Very strictly speaking. Strict morality! ”This is a law, not a morality. The fruit of the sown seed also depends on the soil. Whatever the conditions for the fruits that ripen in you are, so will your virtues be. "A seed fell on good ground and bore abundant fruit." If your life is selfish, its fruit will be like it. This life is like the seed that fell on the road. Greedy life is like a seed that has fallen on stony ground and among thorns. You say, "I believe in God, I'm ready to do anything for Him." "Shall I try you?" "Try me, I'm ready for anything." Without expecting, I write him a letter in which I throw an insulting word. He reads the letter, throws it aside, and says:"I no longer believe in God or in the teachings of this man." I tell him: You are not a hero, my friend, you act very fast. With my letter I wanted to tell you: Give me your purse! He gives his purse and doesn't know what I will do. I want to fill it, but he doubts it and immediately gives up both God and the teaching. I have many such examples. You say, "Because I've suffered, I don't trust people." - You have been hurt, but you have not suffered. He who has suffered much is soft and noble. Without suffering you can acquire neither softness nor nobility. Someone is said to be a scientist. - He is a scientist because he has studied a lot. If he had not studied, he would have become stupid and ignorant. Without work, nothing is gained.

Many quote the verse, "When the Spirit comes, He will teach us all things." - How will the Spirit come? You think that by waving a stick up and down, everything will be fine. You will say: "Aller - passer - hop!" When you take the stick, you will wave in the air and move mountains! You will wave with the stick and fix Bulgaria. - How will you fix Bulgaria? With prisons and gallows? This one guilty, that one guilty, come to the gibbet! Is there anything ingenious about this?

In Varna, before Mithad Pasha, there was a governor who issued an order to plant the Varna and Silistra districts with fruit trees. The order was carried out. The trees grew and began to bear fruit. They noticed that many of the fruits were gradually missing - someone was stealing them. They put a guard to watch who was stealing - the fruit was missing even more. They put two guards - the fruits were constantly missing. So they both stole. The governor was informed that fruit thefts were taking place. He issued a law: "Whoever gets caught stealing fruit, let him be hanged!" One hot summer day, a Turk passed by the orchards and, as the weather was very stuffy, he stopped his car under a tree and fell asleep. The oxen, defending themselves from the flies, waved their heads and tails and hung a pear that fell to the ground. One of the oxen ate it.The governor was immediately informed that a theft had taken place. He ordered the Turk to be imprisoned and the oxen to be hanged. Did the Turkish state recover in this way? "It didn't work out." It is already time for your consciousness to be awaken, for a radical change to take place in you, so that when the sower comes you may open your souls for His seed.

"Test everything, keep the good." The disciple is not allowed to doubt. He has to check things out. The new teaching is a teaching of experience. It does not deal with the questions of whether there is a soul or not; whether God exists or not. He is not concerned with the question of whether the world will be put right. We know positively that God exists, that man has a soul, that the world is right. Only people are difficult to be put right because of their waywardness. You will say that these are statements that need to be proven. - That's right, these are misunderstood things for you. There is a world where life is unlimited. Death does not exist there. There the human soul manifests itself in its infinity and immortality. The beings who inhabit that world are extremely intelligent. Their lives flow in musical tones. Whoever wants can go to that world. "How?" - By fasting nine times for 40 days, in the course of 20 years. When he returns from that world, he will tell what he saw. Whoever is a hero, let him fast. He will go to that world and will see it. He who is not a hero, let him not fast. He will live on earth, give birth to children, eat and drink, dress nicely. If you fast, you must obey the laws of fasting. Fasting does not mean starving and suffering. If you are hungry, do not fast. Only the one who is full can fast. Once he has eaten, the food keeps him warm for 40 days. You will go to heaven full, without any luggage. One day you will all enter the other world, but you must be relieved. You will leave private property on the earth; you will give it to the one who will replace you. As you prepare for Heaven, you must set an example for humanity and carry with you only the Divine seeds of the sower, and sow these wherever you go. As they grow up, the seeds will bring the necessary energy into people for new life.

"The sower went out to sow." To understand the sower, you must have an enlightened mind, an enlightened heart, and an enlightened will. Therefore, the new teaching is difficult to understand. Many of you are like the sick man whose blood is impure. He understands with difficulty whatever is said to him, his whole body hurts, nothing can comfort him. Take the impurities out of his blood and see how he will begin to understand. And I say to you: Purify your blood! It must be clean. This means: change your lifestyle. I'm not saying you have to leave the world and go to the forests. We do not need monks and fasting people. They mattered in the past. Then they lived in the woods, walked around the trees, cried, prayed, but the trees did not answer them. Animals - bears, wolves, tigers roamed them and lived like them. Today there is no place for fasting people and saints in the forests.They have to go between people, among bears, wolves and tigers. You say you don't want to deal with people.Then how do you deal with the domestication of different animals?

You are now in the second phase of life, with great disappointments. Someone says: “I want to go to the forest, to hide from people, so that no one sees me. I will go where my eyes see! ”It is a heroism to live in the big city with all the difficulties and contradictions. Yesterday, a preacher peasant came, who complained that he had gone to speak to the priests, but no one wanted to hear him; he came between us, and here they do not want to listen to him. I ask: How will they listen to him? He says he was John the Baptist, he had a body but no head. We invited him to eat with us, but he refused: he had a belly and no head. The next day he came again and said, "You must all repent." "How will they repent when he has no head?" As you can see, it is clear why no one wants to listen to this man's sermons. This is a vain man, whose vanity is seen even through torn clothes.We don't need eccentric people. We do not allow any lies or exaggerations. Everything must be tested. Some religious people say they are chosen. How do you know who is the chosen one? Is there a head that thinks right? The head has to do with Wisdom. To say that you have a body and no head shows that you live physically and you do not have Wisdom. This preacher asks me why he suffers. "If he's wrong, he'll definitely suffer." He turned east, then south, then west, bent down to the ground, kissed it, and left. You will say that the Spirit lives in him. "Nothing lives in him." He has given a place to a foolish spirit in himself that has no head, ie. it has no thought, no conviction. As he has gone into him, the spirit became proud and said, "Listen to what I am saying." "How will they listen to him when he doesn't have a head?" There is only one sower - God.Only one reasonable principle does pervade the whole universe and all human souls.

Christ says, "I did not come to do my will, but the will of the One who sent me." He is the great, the invisible, the whole sky. By "sky" we mean the boundless, the infinite. When the Spirit comes, do not say that you are without a head and a soul. Years ago, I met a religious woman who said she had no heart. I ask: What should be thought of religious people if one of them says he has no head, another - no heart, a third - no stomach. Secular people will say that these are crazy heads. They say of themselves, "We have a head, a heart, and a stomach." The secular man says, “That I have a heart, I know by the pulse that beats; that I have a stomach, I know from the food that enters it; that I have a head, I know from the accounts I make. Open your cash register in front of me to see what I will do. The religious one says:"I have not studied the art of emptying people's coffers. However, I know how to fill empty coffers. The manifestations of the religious man are exactly the opposite of the manifestations of the secular one.

I say: Religious people must beware of delusions. "How do you know they have delusions?" - I see them, I feel them. I feel such things that other people can't - I'm sensitive. For example, someone came to me; he thinks he is alone, but I see a dozen are coming with him, accompanying him. He sits down, while they line up around him and start talking to me. They begin to flatter me: "You are a scientist, a holy man, the Divine spirit is in you, you can do many things." I am silent, I do not answer anything, but I think: Here is a lie. I say to myself: How many people are like me in the world! When everyone comes to talk to me, I ask them: Can I be useful to you in something? Is your purse empty? If it is empty, take it out to fill it for you. If I don't fill your purse, I know what opinion you will have for me. Regardless of how much they flatter me, I'm not mistaken."Why?" - Because if they lift me up today, they will take me down tomorrow; if they kiss me today, they will spit on me tomorrow. I'd rather go naked and barefooted, but tell the truth, than flatter people. I do not flatter anyone, but I do not give in to the caresses of people. One day a young lady came to me who had suffering from love character. She asked me, "Have you suffered?" "I have suffered." "So you've suffered too!" Then we will understand each other. ”“ Yes, but there is a big difference between my suffering and yours. The way she and I suffer is still different. When suffering comes to me, I welcome it politely, entertain it, converse with it, and invite it to visit me another time too. And you run from suffering, you chase it. - "You are a great philosopher then." - No great philosophy is required, this is simple wisdom. Welcome the suffering kindly and feed it.Look at the suffering as a living thing and be grateful that it has visited you. Indeed, every suffering is due to one living being. Who can cause you suffering? - Your wife, husband, children or friends. Aren't they living beings? So behind every suffering lies a living, intelligent being. The dead cannot cause pain and suffering to anyone. When suffering comes to me, I ask it: What is it, my friend? Do you want anything? Here, I give you half of my wealth. Are you happy? "I'm not happy." "I give you three-quarters of my wealth." Are you happy? "I'm not happy yet." "I give you all my wealth." Are you happy? - "I'm happy." - Goodbye! I leave you my heir. You say, "Here's a fool!" - And you are such fools. When you leave your inheritance to your son or daughter, aren't you acting stupidly? - "This is in order. This is a noble deed. ”“ You are right, but when you begin to treat suffering as a father and mother, you will be on the right path. The new teaching requires heroes. And to be barefoot, but to be honest and fair. I'd rather walk barefoot than skin an ox; I'd rather be hungry than take the life of a hen who doesn't want to sacrifice. This means to have freedom of action. This means that the sower of the new seed will come to you. What is happening in the world today? One creates something, another spoils it. They do the same with me: I build, others try to destroy, but fail. This deed is based on a great law. Whoever tries to knock it down will break his head. If the whole world opposes it, the world will not overthrow it. The world will rather collapse soon than ruin this great Divine work. It is sown everywhere, among all societies and nations. You will see what is about to happen in ten years. I do not say what will happen, what you will see, but I say, like the Turks: “And whoever enters inside will repent; and he who does not enter will repent".

Free yourself from delusions, from all ties that hinder you, and serve God. Accept in yourself the living seed of Christ. It was planted two thousand years ago. Some seeds fell in the church, but did not sprout. The church did not understand Christ's Teaching. I wonder at the church that thinks it understands Christ. Secular people who practice labour understand Christ's Teaching more than those who pass for Christians. In England, many realised that there should be no private property. This view was to be applied by the church too, but it was adopted by people who are far from Christ. Therefore, Christ says that the Sons of God will be cast out into the outer darkness, and those who are outside will enter the light. Today God is calling these people. The uncircumcised will apply this great teaching. It brings freedom to all people, for all homes and societies. And we want freedom for all living creatures. Enough of this yoke! We no longer need bishops and priests. We need brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, teachers to teach us.

I wish you all to be mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, teachers and mentors, to free your spirit from slavery. This preaches the great doctrine. "What is required of us?" Should we rise? ”- Be ready for any sacrifice for God. This is the Teaching that Christ carries for all mankind. He says he will uproot all prisons and gallows. There is no going back. God's Righteousness, great harmony and joy for all souls will reign in the new life. Those who say that everything will go back are on the wrong path. The old is gone, it cannot go back.

So, if people accept Christ's Teaching voluntarily, Christ will come among them with peace and love. If they do not accept Him voluntarily, the whole culture will go through fire seven times, but it will be purified and renewed. A wave of fire will pass through the minds of all people, but it will straighten them out. There will be no one left who thinks wrong. Then people will not ask themselves who is what, but they will ask themselves: "Can you manifest Love in your heart, as an aspiration, as a feeling, as a force and as a principle?" Only in this way can people lend eachother a hand. Only in this way can they understand eachother. Then the young will be young, the old - old. The young will show up and the old will sacrifice. The old will prepare the conditions for the new culture, and the young will be the bearers of the new. When I say that the future belongs to the young, I mean that they bear the germs of future seeds,and the old are the soil for these seeds. In the new culture, both old and young will meet. There will be no old people in the new culture, with white heads and wrinkles on their faces. Everyone will be young, 30 years old. The hair turns white from contradictions. When white and black are natural, they are in place. Today's people go through an unnatural life, worrying about nothing ; they think they have done a lot of things, but in fact, they have done nothing. Many think they have come to the position of Christ. Can they carry their cross like Christ? He says, "Take up your cross and follow me!" You say, "I will go with Christ, but I cannot carry my cross on my back. I need a cart. "If you follow Christ, you will go on foot." Young and old, who carry their cross and follow Christ, should sing and rejoice.What are today's people doing? They hang their crosses with a gold chain on their necks , put their hands on the well-being, raise their heads and go boldly into life. The cross is the teaching of the mind, the heart, and the will, while sin is the greatest bondage. - "Why did Christ come to Earth?" - To sacrifice for people and free them from sin. Carry this thought in your mind and do not ask if Christ will come to Earth for a second time. Christ has already come. Put the cross on your shoulder, renounce the world and say, "We are ready to work for Christ!" Many people say they are ready, but if they are called to work for Christ today, I do not know how many of them will respond to this invitation. Everyone to give up is indifferent for me. I will do everyone's work. I am as strong as everyone. I will dig, I will plow the land, I will sow the seeds, and then I will invite you and say:You, noble followers of Christ, come to taste the fruits! If you decide to work together, even better. God is able to make Abraham's children out of these stones. So, each of you is a factor. Everyone is strong, they can do God's will. Do not underestimate yourself. When God is in you, you can do everything but without Him nothing is accomplished. When God is in you, your minds will be full of great ideas, nothing will discourage you. He in whom God dwells accepts suffering with joy. He talks to it, entertains it, and then invites it to visit him again. This is the ideal we must all strive for. By working according to the Divine rules, such a society will be created that will never be destroyed. It is time to liquidate with the old life, with your old understanding and morals. Give up all deception and lies, all doubt and violence. "The sower went out to sow." And today this sower goes and sows. One of its seeds fell on good soil and gave: one 100, another 60 and a third - 30 grains. If your minds and hearts are open, you will hear the voice of the angels singing, “Today the Lord reigns in the world! Come, blessed of my Father, and inherit His Kingdom, prepared for you at the beginning of creation! ”

A talk by the Master, held on March 27, 1921 in Sofia

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