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1919_08_22 Sequel to Methods of healing–questions and answers (Tania)


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Готов превод Продължение на въпросите и отговорите (Методи за лекуване) - 22.8.1919-СБ-245 / .: 22.8.1919-СБ-245

Title: Sequel to Methods of healing–questions and answers

When you lean on trees in order to heal yourselves, you should do it from 5 to 30 minutes, leaning with your back while your head should be slightly tilted. When you stand on a stone, it should be for about 1–2 hours. Good places for healing are the stony ones because while standing on the stones , you become magnetised. There are such stones in Arbanasi, for example. They should be angular because the magnetic powers will flow though their edges. Stones are particularly healing during September. Red horses have a lot of magnetism, too. That's why riding them is good.

When you bask in the sun, you should be dressed in white or bright green clothes. These colours are beautiful. Sweating is important. If you are in the open, wrap up in a thin raincoat. When you heal yourself like this, you should be focused as to cure yourself straight from Nature.

If you need to call a doctor, he should be in harmony with your powers. The injections doctors give are not so useful.

If you catch a disease, it is a test. That's why, despite your suffering, you should go through it to make you character stronger. Suffering from a disease is something natural–a matter of course. If you do not overcome it, you will get another suffering.

– What ought our relations with each other to be? And what ought they to be with the people who are less well-off?

– Why isn't it possible for us to have a commune today?

– I won't answer these two questions, because you don't want to solve them.

– What ought parents to do if they see that their son or daughter have some vice, for example, they steal, gamble and others? Aren't they due to obsession?

–This problem is difficult to solve because mothers and fathers search for easier methods to make their children better. In this case, from the mere occult point of view as to heal your son or daughter, they will catch a serious disease which will threaten their life greatly. Parents will get scared at the first illness, they will start praying for their child to be spared from death, which will spoil everything. An extreme process should affect your son or daughter, which to cause a certain change, a physical or moral shock. So that if your son becomes ill, do not get scared and do not be quick at curing them but leave them until their body becomes exhausted. The parents with their strong wish to improve their son's condition, stop them in the middle of their healing. You stop the disease with medicines, and the ill child heals physically but not spiritually.

A sister said:

– I know about a case when the son of a family became seriously ill, and the doctor expressed an opinion that he will not recover. That's why he received Holy Communion. But he recovered with strong prayers because he promised that when he recovered, he would be obedient, have faith in God and so on. When he recovered, he forgot about his promise. He became rude to his parents and even told his father: '' You are a donkey because you could not cure me.''

– Of course, he had not recovered spiritually, and had not learned the lesson from his suffering.

–Isn't there an occult method though which to reach to the man who he had become obsessed by?

–There is. You should hypnotise him one or two times and to persuade him.

–Won't this stop his karma?

– Absolutely.

– Does illness come at one's parents will or for some other reasons?

–No, it does not.It is a result of laws which stimulate his karma. There are many ways, but it's prohibited to share them.These things are sacred and if you violate them, they will affect you badly. The only method, when your son steals, robs, sells things and causes you troubles or when your daughter lives a dissolute life, is the followinf one: look back to your past life, realise what you have sinned according to God, make a clean breast of it. If your son steals or causes harm, you will promise that you will pay off all he will do and help the poor. This might cost you 20-30 thousand leva, but be sure to promise to pay them, or otherwise you will spend the money and experience the harm, too, and your son will steal more in future again

– The reason your son to steal and ravish is due to obsession. Isn't there a supreme power to place him where he belongs?

–The father and mother should have this power as to free their son or daughter from the one who they are obsessed by. If there was a good society, it could influence them, but now at this manner of dealing, it would not be easy.

– What will happen if the parents refuse to pay?

–The son will steal more in future.

–Which is the mildest method to free a man when one of the participants at a session is obsessed, starts raging and their life is endangered?

–A prayer and reverse passes.

–Which is the easiest and safest method a spiritual man can use to connect with the spiritual world and to get a revelation or a message?

– Pure heart. To achieve purity of heart, a man should firstly be extremely patient, merciful, they should a firm faith so that it wil not be shattered by any misfortune, suffering. Moreover, they should to be equally fair towards themselves and others, unselfish and dedicated.

– These are qualities everyone should have, but we want to know some methods.

–When you succeed in focusing your mind and cheering up, here come the methods.

–What is the meaning and content of the cross, baptism, marriage ceremony, lighting of candles and icon-lamps-of the religious symbols and rituals in general, if you can tell us?

–The ring and the wreath are the most important things for the marriage ceremony. Generally speaking,they do not have any practical merit; they are absolutely mystical and will not be of any use to you.

–How can you tell that a man lies?

–You can tell this by their eyes. There are infallible signs that cannot be mistaken, If a man has them- no doubt, they lie. If they do not have them, you should be reserved. If I explain the signs to you, you shall begin to suspect all people. This is a delicate matter. You can pray for the one you suspect, and if there are crimes in them, they will turn into an animal. If you know how to interpret these signs, you will have solved the problem. The invisible world is very careful and sometimes doe not want to expose people's crimes but keeps them secret. It is safe for the ones who get rid of them but it is dangerous for the others.

Often you consider some actions of yours sins, while in the spiritual world they are not sins but virtue and vice versa. For example, when a young man kisses a girl, it is considered a sin here, but in the spiritual world it is considered a virtue. This young girl could have become debauched, but when the young man kisses her, he becomes her idol and saves her. Motives are what matters in the spiritual world. For example, somebody steals some money from you–this is considered good in the spiritual world, and if you are given money sometimes–this is considered evil due to the result of the deed. However, there are certain crimes which cannot be forgiven in the spiritual world such as the moral crimes. A moral crime is if you persuade someone that there is no God. Thus you put their soul in darkness from which it cannot free itself and you deprive them from the greatest good in their life. If you pervert a man's heart, will and mind, these are also moral crimes. These crimes are severely punished in the spiritual world. The Jewish prophets spoke against them, too.

The law of tithe has been enforced since 9(22) September. You will strengthen your heart, mind and will through enforcing this law. The results of enforcing this law, you will see in thousands of years

From our point of view, Saint Mother of God is Love, Christ is Wisdom and religion –this is us. Christ is the Divine Wisdom, which is manifested through Love. Religion is the connection–Love and Wisdom unite as to create us. When Christ came to Earth, Jesus took the form of a man to show us that Love bears humans. Men should love women always through God, and women should respect them through God. Women or men, who do not have any Love and Wisdom, are not religious. In the White Brotherhood women and men are equal-when a man fills a woman's place, he is a woman and vice versa.

Those great peoples, who solve important problems, if do not obey God's will, will become smaller than the Bulgarian people and will be punished.

What is important now is the moral degradation and ascent of man. Those who degrade morally will remain behind for thousands of years. Everything that is happening now is of God's will. Bolsheviks do that which is predicted–neither more nor less.

If the Bulgarian people welcomes you, all will be well, but otherwise all will be bad. If the Bulgarian people accepts The Teaching, you bring, God will bless them. If the Bulgarians do not accept it, they will be punished. If they accept you, they will not pay contributions and vice versa.

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

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Превеждали: Tanya_Denova (Таня Илиева)

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