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1900_07_21 Sixth conversation, The Path and the Truth (Filip)


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Готов превод Разговор шести , Пътят и Истината - 21.7.1900-ИБ-14 / .: 21.7.1900-ИБ-14

Sixth conversation, The Path and the Truth

Put into your heart all that I have told you so far, for time will justify my words and confirm the Truth that I spoke to you by my heart, because I am truthful today and tomorrow. Here, the inner renewal that is taking place in your soul, you will see with your own eye. I will correct your thoughts and restore the powers of your soul, and I will clothe your heart in Wisdom and Knowledge, and you will rejoice in my presence, and your life will pass from death to Life. The unbelief of every soul is the main obstacle to the salvation of each of you and it is strange this condition of yours, which you impose on yourself out of negligence and laziness. Many times when I knock on your heart, the doors are closed and everything shows that the doors are rusty on their handles. How many times in my life as I passed by, I found you sleeping in the neglect of spirit. Your body and soul were cheerful, but not your Spirit and the interior of your heart. And here it is one main reason for the delay in your rebirth.

There is no doubt that what I am telling you now, you feel it yourself. Your mind has been busy with many things so far, but not with the Truth. You wished a lot of things, but not anything special. You wished everything, but in fact nothing came out. Where are your thoughts and desires - where have they flown now, what happened to them? What changes do you see in your life today than before? Isn't this a whole deception of your own? Yes, without a doubt. But be grateful and thankful to God that he did not allow you to lose your soul. And this is the greatest good He has done to you. When a man in this world loses all his wealth, but saves his Life, it can be said that he has lost nothing, but on the contrary - he has won. What good would it be for him if he lost his Life and gained his wealth? It would be of no use, it would be nonsense. That is why the Lord says about the rich man: "You foolish, tonight I will demand your soul and to whom will you leave all that you have earned?" This will happen to anyone who does not get rich in the Lord, but in the world. Wealth is the soul, and if one is saving his soul, he becomes rich both in another world and in this world that sacrifices his wealth for the salvation of his Life. Because Life can regain the wealth it has lost, but wealth itself cannot regain Life. In the story of righteous Job, the Lord gives a good and wonderful example for you. Therefore, understand the content of these words and do not be ungrateful, but grateful. Your soul, which the Lord has preserved and loved is the greatest gift the Lord has ever given you. Isn't it true - what is the use for a man if he wins the world and loses his soul? This is a terrible evil that can befall a man: to sell, to ruin the best and most valuable creation - his soul. Isn't this the greatest folly a sinner can do against himself? Doesn't this show the culmination of a decomposition, of a supreme iniquity against God and his own Spirit - to destroy that which is most holy and intimate in itself. Isn't such a behavior for condemnation, isn't such of an act worthy of hell?

Yes, this is the incurable evil of life that a person can inflict on himself, that no one else can do to him. No one can destroy the Life of one soul except man alone. Be thankful that God Himself has ordained you for salvation, and therefore work and act to accomplish His purpose. He has determined you - this is an innermost secret, which only God knows why he does this. He who hears the voice of the Lord must listen to His words, and in this listening that beneficent action of God's renewal of the soul takes place. As the spring sun and the spring rain have a beneficial effect on plant life, so does the coming of the Spirit of God and his voice. And how good the Spirit of the Lord explains, by saying: "Those who hear His voice will come to life." And now you yourself, who listen to my voice and receive it, are alive and living a life that you do not know where it comes from. But this life is the Lord of Life himself. But this life is the Lord of Life himself. His Holy Spirit enlivens you by speaking to you, for he is in constant communion with your soul, which breathes and receives His Spirit.

Here is a great and intimate secret of the Kingdom of God, which is realized and perceived. The Spirit is the Life - this is what the Lord says and you must believe in His words. He who listens to the words of God and turns his face to Him in prayer, everything becomes clear to him. Knowledge and Wisdom come into his soul as immediately as Light. And the Lord reigns and life takes on meaning. What is this reign of the Lord? It is similar, as the reign of the Sun over the day. Such a reign is pleasant, isn't it, the heart that awaits the day, isn't it, when seeing the crack of dawn and the approach of the Sun of day, that joy fills the whole interior of man? Such a similar and related state is acquired spiritually by every soul when the Lord reigns. What I am telling you is clear to you.

The true Light is God. These natural things that you see are only signs, emblems and clarifications of the spiritual. Because the visible world in its main features is created in the image of the Spiritual - order, orderliness are occupied from above. The essence as a whole is the personification of the Invisible Peace. Nature expresses the life and actions of all сritters and creatures that God has created. These regulations, this great stage, these actions of the visible world are elevated for your training. To whom of you are predestine to inherit Heaven, God created it all for you to bring you closer to Himself. And all together it serves as an aid for the above and the more perfect. It is not the signs, syllables and words that give its pleasantness and beauty - it is the content that seeps into them, the Spirit that blows. All other things are means, steps, aids, conveniences, facilities, one by one more adaptable, to bring the Divine thought that goes to you. And when this Divine thought penetrates and enters the most innermost stations of the soul and transmits its message to the Spirit, it forms that inner connection, which is an expression of the visible Lord's Love. And what is this guarantee that a messenger of God brings from Him to your soul, apart from testifying that His mercy, His kindness for you has not been shortened. Is it not He who constantly sends His assurances to your heart that the misfortunes that have befallen you are not some signs and prophecies, that the bonds of union have been broken between you and Him, and that God has turned His face against you as an enemy. No, on the contrary, He comes to give you a testimony that the storm of this world, which has broken some branch of your life, the torrent that has exposed the roots of your tree, or the frost that has scorched one or another leaf will turn for your good. "The broken branch," He says, "will be transplanted with a much better branch." He will cover the bare roots with much better soil and put much better marl around them, which he will surround and preserve. And in the place of the withered leaves He will grow new ones, much better than the previous ones, which will be for the healing of all your pains.

And now, when He Himself, who holds the reins of everything in this world, promises You His cooperation and His blessing, I ask if there is room for doubt. No, this is as true as the Earth stands on its foundations and Heaven covers it like a garment with its blessings. What can you or anyone else doubt about God's grace? In nothing. Isn't your very life a constant testimony that God is always merciful and good? If He were not omniscient, would He allow you to think, watch, listen, act and do whatever you want? Would He allow you to look freely upward and call on Him as a friend for help? Which of the earthly rulers has ever given such freedom to his subjects and such indulgence that they may always have access to Him? He is the Lord Himself, who has done this, who is everywhere, whose eye is all-seeing, who weighs and evaluates all deeds.
But you are mistaken, trying to hasten God's work. May a woman give birth to her child prematurely or may she give birth to several children at once? No, this is impossible. If for earthworks, as birth, it requires a certain number of days and months to fill the number of time that conception requires, how much more God's work requires this full observance. But I say: a woman can give birth before time and after time, but both cases are fatal for the child - in the first death awaits the child, in the second death engulfs the child yet within. Here it is why observations must be kept. "If you understand the content of My words now, the thoughts of My Spirit, you will be able to do My Will" - so says the Lord.

If you knew all the signs of this book, which is written and unfolded before you, which contains the whole Heaven and the whole Earth, you would read quite clearly and read the whole past and the whole future that is printed and written on it for this world and for that. You would understand the language of things, who speak and testify of themselves and of the Truth.

Ask that worm why he is dragging and he will answer you why. But will you understand this riddle - why does he crawl and drag constantly, and what benefit does he find in this? No, but it seems to you its dragging and crawling without content, meaningless. But, I tell you that it has in itself as much content and as much importance as the circulation of the Earth to the Sun. Yes, he does a decent job, even though he is humiliated to the ground. Ask him why he is doing it and he will answer. But will you, who doubt the words of God, believe his words? He can sometimes bite you off one or another leaf of a tree or bite one or another root of one of your trees, but you have to apologize it for that, because that's his job. And thank yourself, that he, by his apparent negligence, has taught you many lessons. And look, it never grumbles, it is always grateful. If you crush and grind it, it patiently accepts its fate and does not carry any hatred for the evil done to it. Even if you throw it out of its place, it gratefully goes to another, telling you: "Man, I have not done you harm, the earth is the Lord's, and I am doing my duty, even if it is unpleasant. I may look like a criminal to you, but not to my creator. I want to tell you, my food is soil and as you can see, it is not very rich, but I am grateful. But I want to remind you that if you serve the world, I will eat you and remember - don't be mad at me if one day I find myself and start chewing on your fat. Know from now on that this is my position from God - to do so with all who hide in this land. If you like and are disgusted by this terrible presence of mine in the darkness of the night, when you lie down on the ground to sleep and rest, thinking, I say to you from now on: man of God, even if you consider me an enemy, take the wings of your Holy Spirit, which God gives you, and fly to the home of Heaven, because there is the best and blessed place, where neither worm, nor moth, nor thief approaching."

July 8, 1900

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Превеждали: Filip22 (Филип Костадинов)

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