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1900_07_18 Fifth conversation, Ascension Soul and Spirit (Filip)


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Готов превод Разговор пети , Въздигане Душа и Дух - 18.7.1900-ИБ-12 / .: 18.7.1900-ИБ-12

Fifth conversation, Ascension Soul and Spirit

Ever since I started talking to you, I see that there are many things that disturb your soul. Your heart goes through a transitional state. Your mind seems tense. The thoughts and feelings that excite your soul have produced a temporary darkness in the judgment of your mind. The contradictions that are constantly encountered in your soul have produced painful feelings. You feel as if you are not master of yourself. But here the struggle arises between the lower and higher feelings of your soul. You are put between two camps of active forces - the forces of Good and evil, who compete to have their own championship in the country of your Spirit. On the one hand, the world with its lures and polishes draws you to itself, imposing on you its demands that it is much more exportable to live like everyone else. And it warns you that with any deviation from its decrees you will be considered a man out of time, stupid and unreasonable, not to be able to derive your benefits from this very life. On the other hand, your conscience, your inner self-consciousness of the heart, which is obsessed with the higher impulses of Love and Goodness, they call you to fulfill your duty. Isn't this the voice of your Lord, who calls you to start doing His work? Yes. And you already know that He is great and glorious in everything. The limits of His Kingdom are vast. It is not just this world that is a grain in the midst of the ocean of His vast realms. Can they, your mighty Spirit, who yearns and desires to spread his wings and fly to Heaven, to satisfy you with temporary things and benefits. No, I say, they are a lie. There is no food in them, what you are looking for is not there. They appear only visually to have decency and nobility. But can you see at least one who has accepted them and has become better, or has approached Heaven? No, the things sin has penetrated cannot enter Heavenly home. No, no soul will be able to enter Heaven until it is purified of every sin, of every stain, no matter how small. This is a truth that God Himself has pronounced some time ago. Do you know where are those glorious Beings who once filled the vestibules of the glorious Heaven and who, for only one sin of disobedience, for one vice of slander only, for only one stain of impurity, were expelled into eternal exile from the Heavenly abode. There is no predilection in Heaven, no preference for one over the other. Everyone, young and old, lives in the continuous bonds of Love. There are all sons, all are priests, all are kings and servants of God - Chosen genus, royal seed.

But the test is here, below, where everyone who is born is destined to go through all the tests of Life, to get closer to the path of perfection, to the path of holiness. "Be holy, says the Lord, for I am holy." These are the important things of Life - the knowledge of the Truth, which has a greater price than anything else. The truth is God Himself, and he who receives Him will be free and blissful. The Lord Himself is living water and true bread, and he who receives this bread will be alive, as He is. In your life, as I told you previously, it has to happen that great change I told you about in my last conversation. It is impossible to advance upwards without this inner change. Without it, you will be like a blind man who wants to see the beauty of God's world. Without it, you will be like a fool, who wants to understand the ways of Wisdom and the decrees of Light. Here is the main condition - to be free from all sin. It is said by the Lord that everyone who is born of God does not sin because the Spirit of God dwells in him.

But you ask yourself internally how can anyone know when is born of God. I'm answering you: when he sees in himself the distinctive features which are peculiar to God, when Love, Truth, Virtue dwell in him in their fullness; when there is in him peace and harmony between every thought, between every feeling, when the contradictions of life cease to disturb his mind; when dissatisfaction leaves his heart; when malice and lust cease to cast a shadow over his soul's life, and he, with a new self-consciousness, as a newborn, newly delivered man, is seen to stand in one world, quite different in nature, and to be excited by things and thoughts of a very different kind; when kindness, mercy, sincerity, benevolence, compassion, and complete inner self-forgetfulness give their lives as a living and holy sacrifice pleasing to God for the good and glory of His work, without seeking their own will or their own desires. This is what it means to be born of God and to be like Him in life. This is a condition, this is a great need for a soul like yours, who seeks God everywhere. You know from your experience in this life that every seed must have the qualities of its kind, and you know that only through these qualities it can be distinguished to which kind the seed belongs. Here is a great Truth that distinguishes people, animals, trees. But this Truth itself also distinguishes man in himself. The flesh-born man, in whom flesh and blood reign, cannot manifest in his heart and soul the qualities, feelings, and thoughts of a man born of God, in whom the Spirit has the Lordship. Because these two souls are of two opposite natures, incompatible in themselves. Where flesh and blood prevail, the Spirit cannot manifest his beneficent deeds, nor can the consciousness of such a soul grasp and comprehend the spiritual things of a soul living in a very different environment, in a position much higher than its. And therefore it is said that the natural man cannot understand the things which are of the Spirit, because they are spiritually understood. And this is right and true. It is true, for it is truthful, and the words of the Lord are continually confirmed daily.

All who approach the Lord must undergo an inner change as a general basis. This is a general and inexorable law of Life. The same rule applies throughout his kingdom. All beings, from the smallest to the greatest, are subject to the same internal change. No living soul can ascend a step higher unless it changes internally and prepares for the higher environment, for the higher position to which it aspires. This is the general establishment in this temporary life, in whom change, modification are inherent to it as a beginner's life. However, improvement, inner self-consciousness, raising the soul life, purity of heart, nobility of mind, dignity of soul, the sanctity of the will are belonging and advantage only of the spiritual man, born not of a decomposed seed of a son of man, but of God, of a holy seed.

The things that God has created and commanded must always follow their order. First - the natural, then - the spiritual; first - the visible, then - the invisible; as in a school, where learning begins with subject teaching and then leads to pure thinking of the mind. First, the eye, ear, and any other feeling must be aroused and exercised by touch and sensing and then to move on to the inner notion of things. The comparison here is appropriate. In such a simple and tangible way every undeveloped soul must begin, in which the natural has precedence over the spiritual - because the conditions are such in every beginning. However, the one created for Heaven, irresistibly, must one day go beyond all obstacles beyond the realm of the natural and temporary, and enter the boundaries of the eternal; for only here are all the necessities for the improvement and complete perfection of the soul. It must go back to where it came from.

"And God breathed into Adam from His breath, and he became a living soul." However, the second Adam, who is from Heaven, is the Lord Himself, who became the life-giving Spirit. As for the first it was so easy and natural to sin and not keep the promise and the commandment, so for the second it was the opposite - who was in power himself, by His Spirit to restore what was lost, and to reconcile the unity of Life. For in the very beginning, when God created Adam, He created him alone, protecting him from every fall and every slip, so that there is no evil place to nest in his soul. But because he had found by experience that his condition was not suitable for him and did not give him pleasure, he asked God for a companion, similar and suitable for him. All this showed that he was not yet able to appreciate God's fellowship with himself. He was not yet spiritual to understand the spiritual regulations - he was a living soul, but not a living Spirit. He preferred soulful feelings and benefits to spiritual ones. He saw in the natural world, that the creatures below him walk two by two, and that there was some connection between them. And he seemed to have some pleasure in this hidden communion. He asked God, for the same motives, to have a comrade similar to himself, but in this particular comrade he did not see that the door of his fall was opening. This comrade, who was the woman, had to provoke all the passions that slept in his soul. And God knew that he would not be able to become master of himself and that he himself condemns himself to suffering. For, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was the woman, from whom it was forbidden to taste after - because on the day he tastes, he will die. But could he stand in front of such a tree, so pleasant to the eye, without tasting its pleasant fruits? No, it was impossible in the very essence of Adam. And the woman persuaded him at last to taste this fruit, by giving him an example, by offering him the seductive reward that he will become like God to know all things and to be able to create his own offspring and to rejoice and receive from him all future honors. That is more, she confirmed, than to be two and to move on and on in this garden forever, than to become possessors of the whole Earth and its riches. God foresaw the future, and when yet He gave His command to test Adam, He told him: "Be fruitful now; multiply, possess the Earth and fill it."

But could he fill the Earth and possess it, without breaking the commandment, without tasting the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil and without understanding this inner meaning of Life? No, it was impossible within the very things of life itself, which he had adopted. There was already a living soul in him, awakened, endowed with judgments, who wanted to taste and experience everything, be it good or bad - it was not harmful to him, as long as he achieved his wish. Here is the inevitable moment of the fall and the unfortunate path on which evil crept in and entered life with all its consequences and horrors. The face of the earth was to be ignited by the fire of hell and to be washed one day with all its sins and crimes.

But because of Adam's inability (because he was carnal) to do the Righteousness, the Lord predestined Himself to incarnate and bring Adam's suffering descendants out of the land of bondage. And therefore the Lord says that those who become like the future age and the life of the Resurrection from the dead will not marry and will not follow a man, but they will be equal-angels. Evil will no longer have a place, for all who are already redeemed by the power of the Word of the Lord, having tried and tasted everything and have learned from deep inner experience, and already know the consequences that arise from every desire, from every act, will reject the burden of sin and the crime which may entangle them and which may again produce their downfall. But the spiritual man cannot commit sin, because sin itself is something unfeatured to him. Sin and deception cannot find any soil in his soul to grow. He is free from their influence and bait, just as God himself is free. For, says in one place the Spirit of the Lord, that everyone is deceived by his own lust, by his own desire, which, when conceived, gives birth to sin, and sin, when committed, gives birth to death. These internal accidents of the soul are true. But you will ask on what basis. Here is what: every power or every grace, given without bearing fruit worthy of food for the soul, is an irreparable loss for itself; and it is known to you that every soul that spends without earning is convicted to suffering, to temporary and eternal deprivation. This is such a truth for who knows it that does not carry any contradiction in itself. Not everyone who says to me, "Lord, Lord," will enter the Kingdom of God, but he who does the Will of My Father. And do you think that when the Lord speaks, His words will not be established? No, Heaven and Earth will pass, but not My words.

Beware, therefore, of any teaching that decomposes, that challenges God's Truth. Everything will pass, all that men have said will be forgotten, but the Truth of the Lord your God will stand forever as an unshakable pillar, as the foundation on which all Heaven is built.

He cannot be born of the Spirit of Truth who commits sin, in which temptation and lust rule and reign. Such a person can never enter the Kingdom of God. Such a soul can never develop and reach its perfection and bear worthy fruit. Such a soul, such a man is similar to a stalk of wheat in a grain-free class. Can such a class continue its life or the life of its kind? No, by any means. That is why it is said that the wicked will perish, sinners will be cut off from the land of the righteous. Here in it the Lord Himself acts, applying Himself and keeping His commandments. No one will escape His punishment. He is righteous and holy and makes judgement over every act, over every deed, and He will pronounce His judgment one day. If His mercy is great, then His righteousness is similar. If His Love is great, then His holiness is equally the same. God is the One pure and holy. For Him there is no merits of differences. In everything, He fulfills the intentions of His Spirit of His supreme Will. As kind and condescending He is to have mercy on a repentant soul, so strict and righteous He is, and holy to condemn an old sinner hardened in evil.

But these things are not the most important for you - to know in what way God can have mercy and forgive, and in what way He can condemn and destroy. The important thing is your salvation, your revival, your renewal and improvement in the Lord's path. The important thing is your dedication to know the Truth, which is God Himself. You have to look for this inner knowledge, you have to dress in it yourself. Then, surely, your service will be pleasing to God, the work of your hands will be pleasant before His face. For, if you are worth His Will as Lord Himself, then you will be obeyed always and at all times. And there will be nothing impossible for you. You will call on and you will be answered, you will ask and you will receive. Here it is the great blessing of God - to be always favorable to Him. Isn't this the greatest good to be able to always be worth what the Spirit always desires? Yes, this is the ministry of the Spirit. Yes, the ministry of Spirit is precisely this.

Here I have enlightened you on an object so important and necessary for your spiritual life. What I have told you is not for the world, but for yourself. Because for a long time I have seen your difficulties, the hopeless circle of your efforts. Your constant falling and rising produced mercy and pity in my Spirit. I said to myself: "Here is a soul that seeks me, that wanders in the darkness of ignorance, that constantly seeks Light аnd a starting point in a hopeless situation of this temporary life." Then I stretched out my hand as an intercessor, a father, as a brother, as a friend, and I caught you without knowing me, and I led you to the place of salvation to be delivered. I have paved your way, prepared all the means you need to learn and educate under my guidance. Step by step I had to walk with you and keep you from slipping and falling, and in everything that your soul wanted for this world to acquire, I made it possible for you to try all the goods and bitter things. I have preserved you with all the receptions of knowledge and given flight to your mind to ascend and descend to the highest places that man is forgiven. And yet, I watch with amazement that this does not thank you either. Your inner Spirit is restless. You are seeking for what is neither in this world nor in this life.

Today is the last day of your course that you will complete, and you will take an exam in front of Me. And when you pass successfully, I will introduce you to a new field, to a new life, unknown to you so far, and there I will teach you everything and show you how you should act and work. If you understand the meaning and spirit of these words, you have achieved my path, you have approached Me, and the action of faith will produce that inner change. Because without faith it is impossible to please God. Аnd so, knowing the Truth, it remains to receive it. And when you receive, the day of your birth in God will be noted. And when you are born and enter into the new frames of God's Life, you will be known as you are known.

July 5, 1900

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