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1900_07_18 Fourth conversation, Life and Revival (Filip)


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Готов превод Разговор четвърти , Животът и възраждането - 18.7.1900-ИБ-13 / .: 18.7.1900-ИБ-13

Fourth conversation, Life and Revival

It is said in one place in Scripture: “If you are not born again, you cannot enter the kingdom of God. What is born of the Spirit is spirit, and what is born of the flesh is flesh." He who is born of flesh and blood is mortal; in his heart dwell the temporary things, accompanied by every lust and seduction. He cannot enter the Kingdom of God because flesh and blood cannot inherit it. He who is not born of God cannot perceive the Spiritual life, nor can he understand it, because it is spiritually felt and perceived.

Here is the requirement of God, which He offers to every soul, which before putting on the garment of immortality must accept the Eternal Life, which is the Lord the Savior Himself. This is the necessary need for you to be born of God and of His Spirit. Therefore, I am present to do this work in your soul, which according to God's predestination, who in His eternal discretion has decided to do you this good, to clothe you in the life of immortality and to receive you in His kingdom as a son of Truth, whom He appoints to serve Him. This ministry is a ministry by the action of the Spirit, who speaks to you through me and who works himself your heart to produce that act of God's incarnation within you. And this Spirit of complete holiness will perform and work on your salvation and will open to you the way of the Kingdom of God - to enter and receive the innermost gifts of the Lord, which He has ordained for you and which await your presence to receive them. For, only he, who is completely born of God and His Spirit, can receive the mysteries of the Kingdom of God and only he can receive every grace and every fullness of the Spirit and become one with the Lord. Without this inner change and inner unification, God can never and in no other way come into contact with a fallen soul. This is His way, which He Himself laid before eternity and under which He observes His faithfulness of His children. Therefore it is said that everyone who is born of God and who is born of the Spirit hears His voice and comes to the Light because God is Light. And everyone who comes to the Light perceives God in his soul; and everyone who listens to His voice receives the Spirit in his heart, to be sealed and to keep the Truth.

This is why I am present to be a witness to God's grace that works, and to be a mediator of the Spirit who sanctifies you and do the work of the Lord God of all Light, to whom be all glory and honor. Therefore, let your soul have Peace and quiet trust, because there is no appeal in God's decisions. I tell you this, who led you from the beginning and touched you internally with tireless strength in order to read my word, to labour to walk in my steps, to pray and desire the supreme grace from the Lord God, and to indulge and renew in Him constantly. And now I am, who intercede for you and wish you to grow in the knowledge of the Truth that will set you free. I warn you from now on to beware any sin, whether willful or involuntary, manifested or hidden. Sin cannot be excused by anything, and no one can correct it except one God and Lord. Sin, this betrayal of the devil, this creation of his, keep him aside and keep your soul with all your protection that the Spirit can do for you. And now may the Lord of Peace himself keep you in His name from all the wiles of the wicked. These are the words of Life, which I repeat to you and which I carry in my Spirit for you. Strive before my face with that kind, decent faith and holy Love, which God himself gives birth to by the action of his Spirit. And be a creator of the Word, by doing all that is pleasing and auspicious to the One God. Behold, all the evil mouths shall be silenced, and every evil tongue of hell shall cease, and the Lord God of Peace himself shall reign.

Here it is my testimony - to know what I have testified about the Truth. When the Spirit of Truth overshadows you, to know that I have spoken this, your Lord, who was dead and now I am alive and acting for your soul. And in My hands are the keys of hell - I open and I close. And I know everything that is done in the celestial - there is no enemy force that can hide its actions from my eye. Here is what I am telling you to know, that it is not the will of the evil one, where it is fulfilled, but mine. And the sheep I have, no one can snatch them from my hand. Do not let your heart be afraid. Be worth to everything my Holy Spirit tells you. God's works and God's words are tested by deeds in life. Not who wants and who strives by himself, but to whom God has voluntarily given of His gift, to him all things belong. These are my words that I tell you. Seal them in your heart and know that I am close and ready to help you. I will flat and smooth all your ways. From now on, you will always walk in my presence, and I will be pleased in you every day, and all your deeds will grow cold like trees planted by the water currents.

Here is God's Wisdom, here are God's deeds, which proclaim his glory. What you will soon see will make you understand what is hidden in Heaven for you. There, in this life above, you will understand the goodness of God and you will understand His unspoken mercy. There, in this common celebration of all the sons and daughters of God, you will see my Glory, which I had before the creation of the universe. There, in my presence, you will be as merry as all my chosen ones. This is the voice of your God and Lord, who is so condescending to you, that he gives his life as a living sacrifice to the one who sits on the throne, so that you may know Him Himself, who has attracted you with threads of Love. This is Him, The one and true God of Life, who speaks to you through the goodness of his Spirit. And all His words are living food. They are words of Life and whoever hears and perceives them is taught by God. He is the True One who speaks from the beginning. He is thе True One, who has descended from above and ascended, who fills the world with His glory, which is a reflection of His power with the Father of Light, in whom all Divine fullness dwells.

All these grains and good seeds that I have thrown into your soul today will grow one day. Then, you will understand and check for yourself my words through my Spirit, that they are true and holy and that indeed I have spoken to you with my words of Love. You will then fully know the Spirit of your Good Lord, who, though you do not yet see with your eyes, but the time will come when your eyes will be opened, you will know me with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your strength and soul. This one will be your day when you receive all my blessings.

All this is surprising for you, all this makes you wonder. But be true, you will know that these are my words. Truth is the Spirit of the Word. It is the Spirit who gives Life, the letter is useless. What I tell you is Spirit and Truth. The truth is I, your Lord, and Life is I, your God, and my Spirit is your guide, who guides you, who teaches you, and who brings my Word to life every day in your heart, that you may know me. You have listened my Word every day. Here I picked you up early and spoke to you like a friend. I have opened my Word to you and I have taught you the truths of the Kingdom of God. I have persuaded you inwardly by revealing before your eyes to contemplate my deeds and to know my truths of Life. I have told you clearly in any case how to proceed. You have always heard and been aware of my voice. It has been clearer, more intelligible to your soul, the closer you were to me. There have been minutes in your life when you were mistaken, but you know and there is a witness that I never let you fall. I have always been close - always to correct the confused and turn everything around to help you for Good.

July 5, 1900

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: Filip22 (Филип Костадинов)

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