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1900_07_14 Third conversation, Food and the Word (Filip)


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Готов превод Разговор трети , Храната и Словото - 14.7.1900-ИБ-11 / .: 14.7.1900-ИБ-11

Third conversation, Food and the Word

In the last conversation I told you that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. This is a Truth. Every soul needs to feed on the verbal milk of Truth, which is the life-giving fire. This food is as necessary for the inner life as the food for the temporary one. With its life-giving action the soul acquires Fullness, which leads to perfection - just as food of the body is intended not only to support and strengthen the body, but also to help heal ailments that accidentally or unintentionally enter the body. Healthy food has a purpose if the body itself is not spoiled to expel unhealthy substances by replacing them with healthy ones. So it is with the Word of God. It means to free the soul from everything false and deceptive and to fill it with the sound teaching of Life, which is the Light and Joy of the living heart. As with temporary food, one must feel the need before eating, so with spiritual food. But he not only has to feel the need, but at the same time he has to choose his food so that in some unforeseen way he does not eat certain foods that may harm him. Just as in the taking of material food the Providence, by means of its established laws of the world, has placed protective means in the people themselves, so also in the soul there are such measures taken, and even better ones, so that anyone who wants to can protect himself from a deceptive teaching, from a feigned truth, which has the form of Truth, but not the essence.

There are many teachings in the world, but only one of them is essential, constitutes food for the soul. Others are completely deceptive or they constitute only a kind of entertainment of the mind, not giving it time to take care of itself, of the good of its soul. Here is the danger of human life - people think they have the Truth and learn from it, but what do we really see? Their life is weakened, it is infected with vices from head to toe. It is an obvious truth that there is some deception involved here. Otherwise it would not be noticed. Appropriate medications should be used to heal wounds. These medicines are the Truths of God, which are given in the form of commandments: not to do this, not to do that - just not to do any evil deed or to think a bad thought, because in these things lies the poison of hell. And when He commands what should not be done, God, who knows everything and is omniscient, says in positive commandments what should be done according to His Will. He said very briefly: to love the Lord your God and your neighbor as yourself. And when you accept Love as a supreme commandment, it has this power in itself, that it can dissolve all good paths for us and show us in what sits the supreme Virtue, which is the core of our heart life. And do you know why I am talking about ours? Because as soon as Love is accepted as a law and as a supreme Virtue, it becomes a common connection for all of us and we are no longer strangers to each other, but neighbors.

And let it not seem strange to you - this Love of your Lord has led me to speak to you and to exchange the Lord's thoughts with your soul, to strengthen you, to lift you up in spirit to look and see what you have not seen before, and to understand what you did not understand. And do you understand what a great secret still lies before you? This Love, this presence of mine, this speech of mine with your soul. I see and know that you still hesitate, some doubt penetrates into your soul - whether it is true or not. You are afraid of me, lest I be some ghost of your soul or of your imagination. But the Truth that I lay before you is this: try me, and you shall know me, that I am good, and fruitful; call me, and I will answer you, and you will know me. May the child who has taken food from his mother so many times and who has listened to her voice so many times, to doubt her? No, I say, that's impossible. But here, you, who have received so many goods from God and have listened to His voice so many times, still doubt His presence and all the thoughts of your heart seduce you. And let me tell you purely and clearly so that you know that I know because your love for God is imperfect. You talk about Him, but you are not ready to do everything for Him. This is what confuses you - your ambiguity. Today you think one thing, tomorrow another; today you feel one thing, tomorrow another. Your faith is weak. If it were that big, even as much as a mustard seed, it would work miracles.

Do you remember the words that I have said elsewhere in the Word of God, that perfect Love drives out all fear. This is what I have told the disciples of Christ, this is what I am telling you as well. You are all disciples of Christ, the difference between you is only a difference of time. Here again I see that your heart is troubled; as if you feel some inner pain. What do you care what people think, isn't it more important for you what God thinks of you? Or do you still want to be under the burden of human legends and delusions? Don't get fooled, God's Word doesn't change from human interpretations. He who understands the Word of God must also do it, if not is exposed to fall victim to cunning deceptions. Because the one who has understood the Word and does not want to fulfill it, since he doubts that it is inapplicable and unenforceable, as his conscience begins to bite him, he will compose thousands of interpretations, which are nothing but an excuse to rape the Truth and to reassure himself again, that this is not the way to understand one verse, but something else. And why - only to get rid of the Truth, which forces him to do this as he has understood from the Spirit of God. Here is the evil of the church, its interpretations and twists of the Word of God. As Jesus walked the earth, He spoke the Word of God so clearly, for he who was hearing them could not say that he did not understand them. And that is why He came from heaven, from the bosom of God - He, the Lord Himself, who was the Truth itself, - to speak and bear witness to the Truth itself, that He Himself was, the hidden and innermost Lord of Peace. What better testimony can be given to you or to another, moreover, when the Sun of Life came. What better than this testimony can be given to someone who does not believe. Isn't Light and Heat itself what everyone sense and feels as the best testimony of the Truth? Undoubtedly. When one begins to feel the Light of God and to feel His Love in his soul, is it not a testimony that God has visited this soul, that He has already revealed His presence in an immediate inner way. Is there already room for doubt and hesitation about God's presence? No.

I who am present and who am speaking to you now, am I not the best testimony God gives you personally? I know you have read the Word of God many times and said: "Well, this is Truth that is being spoken here, but it was spoken and written so many thousands of years ago from people similar to me in many regards, who knows." Doubt once again penetrates your heart and you tell yourself secretly so that someone will not hear you, if these are not their inventions, attributed to God. Oh, my friend, why do you deceive yourself and why do you overdo the spirit of unbelief. This is a secret sin, a very secret one that no one sees. You think that you have done nothing wrong with this, you have done no harm to anyone by allowing this thought to nestle and become an obstacle in your life. By this, you have embittered God, by not trusting Him, by constantly driving Him away from your soul with these secret sins of yours. Wait, you - I'm telling you, don't do this anymore!

It is better to believe than not to believe. Do you find it strange? Isn't it more pleasant to watch than to close your eyes? Isn't it more convenient for you to listen than to cover your ears? You with your slightest doubt, no matter how small it is, haven't you closed your heart's eyes against God? And you say, "He may not be here." With your hesitation you cover your ears and say to yourself: "He does not speak in secret, I do not hear Him and I cannot be positively convinced." Here that is it "wisdom". You have closed your eyes as a man and you say to yourself: "I don't see anyone anymore." You cover your ears and say again: "I can't hear anyone anymore." And that is it, as if you were solving an important issue. But do you prove anything by doing it? Nothing positive. You are simply committing a cunning deception over yourself and your soul by internal bad suggestions. You may close your eyes and cover your ears when you go to a pit, and to think in yourself that it is not there, but when you fall into it, you will finally be forced, willy-nilly, to open your eyes and unplug your ears - to see and hear where you are when you feel this inner incurable pain of your fall. I tell you as a friend that whatever you do and however you act, God is near and watching what you do. You cannot hide anything from Him. Be careful, therefore. I'm telling you, this is an indisputable truth for you I am present I am going to repeat to you what I have said before to many: "He who follows Me will not walk in darkness." Do you know where these words are? I have come to teach you to understand them and to walk in them. Do you know that darkness spoils everything? It is the dangerous place of life. Someone to walk in darkness means to have lost all that the good world of God has. Someone to walk in the Light means to have acquired all that this world owns.

Do you understand what I tell you? I know you understand me. If you were one of those who do not want to understand, I would not come to talk to you. But you want to understand, and therefore I have come to talk to you in order to understand me. And I know you will. Therefore, turn your face to God and pray to him, and you will receive an inner grace of knowledge. Because it is said: "Whom God has taught, they will not need another to teach them to know the Truth." But God will teach them in His law every day. He has thousands of ways in which He can convey His Truth. Open your heart and give place to the Lord to enter and fully instill in your soul. The time that has passed in negligence, doubt, hesitation, ambiguity and thousands of other excuses is enough. Now is an auspicious time, a day chosen and dedicated to the Lord. A day you must serve Him thus, as He pleases. This is what I will teach you and will open a wide path for you - to walk and do the Will of the Lord. I see, words bother you a lot, you are very afraid of meanings. Keep your conscience clear so that nothing bothers you. The earth is the Lord's and all that is on it. Then, whom God does not condemn, no one else can condemn. I talk to you today to know it and to keep it in your heart. The power is from God and it is shown in your weakness.

Behold, I am He that quickeneth the word of God in every heart that receiveth it - This True One, who speaks to you and who dictates to you the secrets of the Kingdom of God, so that you may understand them. I follow you everywhere and guide you and keep you in everything and I give you my grace to grow and improve in the knowledge of My Word. And I wish you to be like the One who is always Light and Virtue. Then the Lord shall dwell, and will make His abode in you, and will live forever. Earth and Heaven will pass away, but my words will not, because I Am the Living God. My Word always abides and I bring it to life in genus and genus, so that everyone may know me and fear me. "I have not deceived you, nor have I lied to you, says the Lord, but I have tried you to know you if you are faithful and whether you will walk in my counsel, and whether you will keep my commandments which I offer you."

Walk in my path and do not be afraid - fulfill my words and you will know that I am good and of a good womb, and you will try my faithfulness that it is unchanging. Put patience in your soul and wait for me until I put on my strength and stand on to judge for my righteousness. Hey, I tell you, I will repay everyone according to their deeds, I will not delay my journey in which you are waiting for me, I will appear and help you in time.

July 1, 1900

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Превеждали: Filip22 (Филип Костадинов)

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