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1900_07_13 Second conversation, Heart and God (Filip)


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Готов превод Разговор втори , Сърцето и Бог - 13.7.1900-ИБ-10 / .: 13.7.1900-ИБ-10

Second conversation, Heart and God

I told you in my previous conversation that the heart must be under the guidance of God's Spirit, because the destinies of Life depend on it. And this is a truth. The heart, which is the center of the soul's life, if not well managed, can destroy the soul itself, expending all its vital forces and producing that inner destruction which is called despair, bitterness, hatred of every life. The heart, which has spent everything and has not saved and acquired anything in return, will inevitably, according to the conditions of life itself, find itself in scarcity and deprivation of every inner good, and since it has not been taught to endure such deprivations, it is decided to self-destruct rather than endure hardships. Here is that in such a case, man after himself gives room to evil spirits to take him over and lead him away from the place of true Freedom. This is the misfortune of today's world that it spends more in mental attitude than it gains. And here comes a crisis in their lives. Morality weakens, good habits lose their purpose, bright thoughts disappear, good feelings are spoiled and and the good seed that was to bear fruit was lost among the thorns and thistles that grew around the man. This is the reason that destroys man himself - his unwillingness to know the good of his soul. But I don't think it should be the case for you. You have to strive for the Good in everything, to do it every day, every hour - never, even under whatever conditions you put yourself in, you shouldn't spare yourself to do this.

You must always walk in the path of Light. No sin should seduce you, no bad feeling should deceive you, because such things are destructive to your improvement. Do you know that even the smallest sin and the slightest crime can entail the destruction of your life. Do not doubt. You've tried this and you know, and I don't need to convince you. The job is to speak the Truth, not to cover it up. And that's why I came - to talk to you about the Truth to understand it and have it always as a guide in your life. Doubts that constantly penetrate your soul and mind temporarily hinder your success. I have told you so many times that you are not alone in this world and that your life depends on God and He arranges it constantly. Your salvation was worked out long before you knew it. You are only required to accept what is given to you as a gift. Above all, you must know that God always accompanies you in one way or another in this world. It does not matter to know in what way, the only important thing is to know that He is a companion in your way with you. And believe in it, it is the supreme grace for your heart. Because it must be attached to God and always belong to Him. No secondary thoughts should distract your mind into anything. Whatever you have in this world is temporary, and the essential and good things are eternal. They are the things of the future life. They are the eternal wealth that belongs to your soul.

I, who dictate these things to you, tell you that ambiguity, inner indecision and indecision are the weakness and disability of a life like yours. Understand me, Love wants sacrifices and self-sacrifices. If you do not completely deny yourself, you cannot be a disciple of your Lord. Behold, I see there are many things in your heart that you have to throw away. Do you know how many empty thoughts and desires you have! Give up, Life does not sit in them. I want to speak to you clearly and without detours. Do you know why you suffered so much from trouble and why you suffered so much? To learn that everything is from God. You know very well that you have dreamed many things and they have not come true; you decided to do a lot of things and you couldn't do them. And why? Here it is - because they were empty and vain and God did not want you to waste your time in Life in vain. He forbade them, because He loved you and wanted your good like no one else. You considered all this a blow of failure, a misfortune of your heart, but think - if you were allowed to do anything, where would you be now. No thanks! Your life has a higher purpose. Your destiny is determined by God for something better. You have nothing in common with the enemies of God and their folly, even if they have tried to weave you into their nets and deprive you of the reward you deserve. But God has thwarted their plans and intentions. He has always protected you and has been close to your soul in the most dangerous moments of your life.

I am talking to you - a friend of yours, that has come on purpose to tell you about the things you asked God for and prayed for. And I am glad today that I am with you, that I can speak to you face to face. And do you know why? For, your soul is now free and you are patiently waiting for the gifts and blessings of God. I have been watching how many times the devil has planted some weeds in your life, but thou hast known them in time, and hast trodden them down with thy Spirit. But God, who has seen all your good efforts, He has blessed them, He has struck evil in its place and left it like a beast without teeth and claws to serve You for Good. And now I am present in this place to help you, to strengthen you constantly. The days that come for you are days of grace and blessing.

May the Lord be blessed for his much mercy and goodness! Get up and lie down with the thought that God is near. I tell you not to tire your heart. Now is the time for cheerfulness. The Lord will do His work. All his means are prepared. Тhere is not something impossible in Him that I am telling you. He will fulfill. Behold, I will overcome for you with My Spirit, which is incomprehensible to the world. My strength will be in my Word and my grace will be in mercy. And now put these words of mine in your heart and do not negotiate for the future. Put them on and look at them until they come to life. For man will not live only by bread, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

You are good, O Lord my God, and to You only suits all to praise You, to pray and worship You in Spirit and Truth, which You have put in the heart and spirits of all. Praise be to Your name, glory to You, who delivered us from our enemies and put us in a safe place! And we will look on your face and rejoice in you forever, and we will sing You a new song; and we will exclaim with a great exclamation, that You has redeemed Zion, and you have affirmed the new city of Jerusalem as our abode, where to serve You forever.

June 30, 1900

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: Filip22 (Филип Костадинов)

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